Fort Weyr - Trailhead
The forests around Fort Weyr are tall and lush, filled with evergreen pines which tower above the floor and into the sky. This large clearing is one end of a pleasure riding trail which stretches from Fort Weyr to Fort Seahold. Although the majority of the trail is still under construction, this bit of the road has been completed. Tucked up close against the tree line, a small booth where runners, carriages or sleighs, among other things, can be rented is till unfinished. Several paths go off in different directions here, perfect for meandering. To the west the Amethysts in the Pines children's camp can be found, to the northeast is the weyr's beasthold, stables and indoor runnerbeast complex. The Weyr proper is to the east and to the south, the riding trail continues

It isn't winter yet…but that hardly matters at night in the midst of a Fort autumn. While the day may be milder, the nights have gotten biting - and Br'enn loves it. The cold isn't fazing him right now, either; he's far too preoccupied with other things. It's good that Tovihasuth decided to stay on the Sands with Kouzevelth for the time being, or else he'd probably be pacing with the Br'enn's current state of energetic thought. The walk out to the clearing - a very familiar place - did him a lot of good on that count. There's a small fire burning in the midst of it - one he had to get permission to burn, what with all the arson going on lately. Most every rider in the Weyr knows he's the one who's got this one burning by now. He also has his crossbow with him and has even taken some shots at a familiar knot on an old tree used to the abuse. It's nearly deja-vu, this entire setup, save for Br'enn not being injured this time and fully expecting company. He'd sent Viridis, his green firelizard, to seek Rynn out, a message tied to her leg for the brownrider to meet him here - an old-fashioned way of getting the word to Rynn, perhaps, but something done with a definite purpose.

Rynn couldn't have been more excited to receive Br'enn's message and hurriedly got ready, despite Mazzolyth's pre-winter grumbling. While the oaf of a brown (okay, he's a stud, but he's getting back in to that hibernation phase so oaf is justified, right?) took some convincing, the pair have followed instructions to return to this very specific clearing - one the humans know well. The large brown descends smoothly in a wide circle as they narrow in on the fire below. Landing a safe distance away, Rynn unstraps, dismounts and heads straight towards her love. A billowing white cloak is worn over leathers, hood up and the softest material one could imagine. The under attire matches in shades of white and khaki. Her paces are long for a shorty - perhaps something also done with a definite purpose. Stalking over to him she calls out in a sing-song voice, "Hello, loverman. How's my Br'enn?" She's apparently in very high spirits and projecting nothing less than positivity and happiness, a wide smile on her face as she approaches.

Br'enn cranes his neck to see how well he can spy Mazzolyth dark form passing overhead in the dark, smirking at being able to feel and even hear more than actually see anything until the brown pair is on the ground. He folds up his crossbow and sets it against the log that still sits near the fire, creating a good backrest whenever someone is of a mind to sit there. Turning, he stills as he watches Rynn approach. How does she do that? Some riders wear leathers well no matter what (he might be one of them), but she manages to look amazing in them. To him. Especially when she adds something like that cloak to them. He grins, chuckling softly as he saunters slowly over to meet her. "'My Br'enn,'" he echoes, reaching up to finger that incredibly soft material at her hood. "I like the sound of that. 'm happy y're here," he replies, pushing the hood back to see her face better and wrapping his arms around her shoulders. "My Rynn." His spirits are just as high, his eyes dancing down at her with more than just the flicker of the firelight. "You seem in a good mood," he notes. "I like it when y'are. What about him?" He jerks his chin at Mazzolyth. "Some of that grumblin' 'cos of me, or just 'cos it's gettin' cold again?"

Rynn's eyes sparkle as they settle on the sight of Br'enn. She takes a deep breath, because it's as if it escapes her every time he is near. The curl to the corner of her lips is especially beaming, dimples creasing in as she opens her arms to welcome the sauntering bronzer. "I mean… umm…." Her smile drops a little. She hadn't even realized she'd used the word my and instantly frets that it may have been a slight overstep, all things considered. Fortunately, Br'enn seems to be okay with it and the pangs of anxiety stealthily slip away. That grin returns and she responds, "Me too, darling. Thanks for the surprise note. Everything okay?" Everything seems okay. Her hood flops down with Br'enn's help, and a gust of wind sends hair sexily spiraling about as she falls in to his arms, wraps her own around and squeezes tightly. Her head is rested on his chest, and she's lulled by the sound of his heart beating in its cage. There's a soft giggle as he emphasizes the my in his words. When their embrace softens slightly, she'll pull her head up towards his to steal a kiss. "I like the sounds of that too…" She gets lost in the icy blues, as per usual, and she nods. "Ayyup… s'been a great day. For him too - until we got back from Ista, that is. It's like the season changes and all he wantsta do is cuddle and stay in. We almost missed our sweeps that last snow because he was just snoring away and I had to forcefully rouse him - which was a funny sight, by the way, considering he trumps my size by like a bazillion." Speaking of the Mazzolyth, he's already curled up nearby and dozing away. "Just cold grumbling…gonna be a long weekend."

Br'enn most willingly returns that stolen kiss, fingers idly slipping into the hair that ends up freed by the wind, and he laughs softly at the mental image of Rynn trying to wake Mazzolyth up. "I'd say he's got the right idea," the bronzerider notes over the matter of cuddling and staying in, his tone matter-of-fact. "Sounds good t'me. Even if it's not really an option a lot of the time." With a sigh that visibly drops his shoulders, as if relieving a weight, he just takes a moment to study her face, something about what he sees widening his grin to a nearly foolish spread. "Everythin's fine. 'cept you managin' to take words outta my mouth. Y're good at that." His lips touch her forehead, and then he steps back, dropping to sit on the log and taking her hands to pull her with him. "You remember here, right? When y'first came across me here, 'n' what happened that night?" As if either of them have forgotten! But he's just preambling. Trying to find the words he's been left without simply because of Rynn's nearness.

Rynn chuckles, lashes batting as she stands there in his arms. "He's a darn good cuddler at that…but duties are duties. We can't just sleep the days away!" There's an unconscious whuff of a grumble from the brown at that; it shows he protests and apparently thinks sleeping the winter away and shunning responsibilities is just fine. Rynn looks Br'enn over at the expression of dropped shoulders and sigh, eyes scanning the micro-expressions and trying to read the undertones of the gesture. The large grin helps put her at ease, brow raising at the mention of her taking the words out of his mouth. She'll lean in to the forehead kiss and say sweetly, "Am I?" Arms wrap back around to the bronzer's back where they softly caress and scratch over his leathers in a massaging fashion. She nods and states, "Of course I do silly! How could I ever forget?"

Well, that confirms that. Br'enn laughs a little again, chin dropping for a moment in a way that could be taken as a little self-deprecating for the question. It really isn't though; it's more self-amused than anything. He relaxes further under the attentions of Rynn's hands at his back, humming contentedly nearly under his breath at the feel of it. "'bout the same way I could, which is to say not ever," he counters lightly. "One of my favorite memories. Could be why I like cold nights more than I used to. Good times for beginnings…" As if he's just remembered something, Br'enn slips from his seat on the log and kneels down to his pack, which happens to he leaning against the log right beside Rynn. "Mayhap," he says, digging into one of the little side pockets, "I'm just talkin' a little too much. 'm not good at just goin' on to get to a point; y'know me." He looks up at her, smiling warmly as he takes her hands - one of which he's pressing whatever he pulled out of his pack into. Whatever it is, it's small, round, hard, cold at the moment…and he's holding it against her palm with his for the moment. "Right? Y'know me pretty shardin' well after over two Turns," he says quietly, and he pulls his palm away to reveal what he's placed in hers. It's a band of deep brown tiger's-eye inlaid with a band of bronze…but a band with a very specific purpose. A ring.

Rynn sends an index finger to perk up that chin with a gentle brushing movement beneath it, finger grazing scruff as it does. "You're a great cuddler too…" she adds. "…Looking forward to much more now that things are all settled." She giggles again and nods in agreement. "Me too." Lips nearly smack with the contented delight of reminiscing. "It was pretty much magical if you ask me." Rynn herself has never been bothered by the cold and seemed to adjust to Fort's below temp fortnights in no time. The pair have settled in to bow backed seats on logs and stay close as can be, Rynn's tiny form curling up to and wrapping around Br'enn however and whenever possible. A quirked brow follows the bronzer as he rummages through his pack. "Talking is good…" she says half questioningly, looking a little confused about exactly what's going on out here. She noticed he was acting a little weird from the get-go, the request itself being a little odd to begin with. Her tiny hands are easily clasped, brows furrowing at the sensation of a small, round, hard, cold item in hand. "Br'enn?" she queries, then nods. "Yes, I'd say we know each other quite well by now." When he removes his hand to reveal what's held between them she gasps, eyes wide as saucers, speechless. Tears attempt to well and make an escape, but she's not about to get carried away with expectations and hopes. "Is that?" she asks before saying or doing anything more.

Br'enn seems a bit frozen in kneeling position here, his body deciding not to cooperate with any ideas of him getting back up once he'd revealed the ring. It works out rather nicely, actually - apt for the situation. None of his words have come out the way he's wanted them to, so he's grateful that Rynn doesn't seem to mind too much. Outside of looking confused. So he'll do his best to remedy that in short order, if he can at least get his mouth and his brain to fire correctly at the same time now. He nods at her question, one hand cupping her that holds the ring while the other drifts up to rest against her cheek. "No one knows me better 'n you, Rynn, outside of Tov. 'm in love with you, 'n' I can't imagine you not bein' in my life. Dunno how y'did it, but y'grabbed hold of my heart 'n' made it yours, 'n' I'm fine with that. Sharin' it all. So it just made sense for me to ask… I've been meanin' to for a while, tryin' to find the right time…" He swallows, glancing down at the ring he's given her and regrouping his words. Keep it simple. "Will you…weyrmate me, Rynn? Be with me, always?" And then his breath freezes along with the rest of him.

Rynn has never loved Br'enn for being a smooth talker and doesn't skip a beat around his fumbled words. Somewhere along the way he gathers his thoughts, and so the stunned brownrider just sits and listens as he works out an eloquent explanation. Confusion and surprise are trending towards ecstatic joy and one of those pesky droplets breaks the crease of lid line and tears down Rynn's cheek. "OH, BR'ENN!" Her squeal and pitch have never been so endearingly girly before. "You mean all of Pern to me…" Minus all of Rynn's Pern that unquestioningly belongs to Mazzolyth. "Yes! Yes! I will most definitely weyrmate you, be with you always, until the day we *between* forever together." Her hand tightens around the ring so that she can hoist herself in to his arms. The momentum knocks Br'enn's frozen legs from their kneeling position and sends them toppling to the ground as she smothers him with kisses.

It's a good thing the fire is over there, or else Br'enn would be a little too close for comfort after Rynn tackles him over. Not that he would likely care under the blanket of all those kisses he's now on the receiving end of. Once on the ground, she's practically on top of him, which helps knock his lungs into drawing breath again. He grins against her lips, laughing breathlessly between kisses until he regains the rhythm of his breathing. Elated, so glad that he feels his heart might burst, he reaches up to cradle her head in his hands and catches one of those kisses, deepening it and making it as full and impassioned as he possibly can in an attempt to convey just how she's made him feel. Granted, he can do a lot better at it elsewhere, but for here and now, he can do this. "Together," he echoes, searching out the hand she has curled around the ring and opening her fingers so that he can get at it. It's a bit strange to do in the position they're in now, but he slips it onto her finger, silently thankful that he managed to guess the size correctly. "Ah, Rynn…" He gathers her close against him, kissing her one more time before grinning down - or from this vantage, up - at her again. "Can't imagine there's a man on Pern happier 'n you've made me right now. I… I love you." Such small words to convey something so huge.

The cold slips away, as does the rest of Pern. Rynn almost wants to pinch herself to make sure this isn't just a dream. It's been a long journey for the lone huntress- the one who used to pretend to be a boy so people would taker her seriously, the one who'd shy away from most anyone to keep to the trees instead. Then Therynn met Brennan…and yes, it just so happened to be at that awkward moment in the shops with Nae who was trying to convince the former tomboy to buy some girly panties by successfully coaxing her to at least try them on. Who would have thought that brooding, stand-offish gent would be bursting with their love right now?! It seems a couple who hunts together stays together, eh? The spirals wisps of cold breath nearly make hearts as they billow between those kisses; there's a whole lotta nuzzling, cuddling, smooching and groping going on (with her free hand, at least). Her lashes flutter excitedly, pupils dilating as they fixate on the heart-melting moment when he slides that ring onto her finger after she contorts slightly to make that possible in this position. "Yes Br'enn?" Her voice is a little shaky with glee, a sniffle at the overwhelming feeling of true love blossoming as the groundwork to the amazing lives they'll have together. "Aye Br'enn. Same as me. At one point in my life I never could've imagined this happening, but now I know I couldn't imagine it not happening. Can't wait to spend our lives together. I love you too, darling." *SMOOOOOCHHHHHHH!* Now back to the groping?