Who Eiram, Leuka, Riohra, Sephany, Yulise
What Sephany and Eiram go ice skating, Riohra lifeguards, Yulise brings Leuka a new pet.
When Winter - Month 11 of Turn 2714
Where Lake Shore & Living Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Late afternoon, a time when chores and apprentice lessons are finished but there's enough sunlight and time before dinner that Sephany has spirited herself down to the lake in the hopes that the ice is thick enough for skating. She's bundled up well; black scarf coiled up and over her head to cover ears as well as neck, nose, and mouth. Cloak hood pulled up, gloves on, skates over her shoulder; tracks laid in the fresh snow lead straight from the bowl to the Lake.

Riohra is already out checking the ice, long pole with a spike on the end being used to test the thickness. Seems the hunter is in good spirits today, clean shaven, bundled warm and whistling happily as he works. The ice seems good so far as he is quite a ways out before he has to stop when it starts cracking and retreat back to the thicker area.

Leuka checked all the normal spots inside the Weyr before grudgingly bundling up in a couple of layers and braving Fortian Winter. Grabbing up the borrowed skates he headed out to follow a path to the lake. A few people are already going about. Sephony is spotted and he turns his steps her way. "Hmm. You sure this is safe? That.." He pauses and peers towards the lake "Who's that? Rio?"

"Leuka!" Oh yes, that is definitely surprise in Sephany's voice, the bundled-up weaver turning to flash him a smile that is completely hidden by the scarf around her face. But it shows in her eyes, perhaps; the soft crinkling around the edges that indicates amusement and joy. "Braved the elements, I see," and she turns back toward the lake, squinting against the sun as she nods in agreement. "I believe it is Riohra, yes." She lifts a gloved hand and yanks her scarf away from her nose and mouth so that she can shout effectively across the distance. "Riohra! Is it safe?" To skate, presumably.

Riohra bends down to plant a little flag in the ice and points at it calling back "The Shore to here! Anything passed this and someone gets to fish you out." On better inspection now there are a lot of little flags about making a semi-circle big enough for decent skating. He walks easily on the ice as he is wearing boots designed for walking on snow and ice, as he gets to the shore he grins "Don't freeze out There"

Leuka squints across the distance in the growing frigid bleakness to see Riohra poking at hte ice. "Is he 'trying' to make it crack and dump us all in there?" He gives a nervous laugh, "Perhaps it could use a few more days to freeze up?" Any attempt to put this off a couple of days maybe? He nods back nudges his hood back a little, still up enough to keep him warm. "Yea, didn't see ya around anywhere so figured.." A flick of his hands toward the lake, then to the borrowed things be brought. Ice skates. And so much for putting this off as Riohra declares it safe. He eyes the hunter "You sure about that? Swear I heard it cracking..alot." He's mostly kidding as he Looks back to Sephany "I'm more used to being in the water, not walking on it."

Sephany is all smiles and delight; no frigid bleakness here! Her cheeks are already rosy and her nose is pink from the chill of the air, but that doesn't stop her in the least. There's a quick laugh, a little giggling sound, for Leuka's concern of Rio cracking the ice. "No, he's testing the thickness. And marking the boundaries," she notes. A gloved hand lifts, one finger pointing towards the semi-circle of flags. "Outside of that, the ice is too thin. Inside, it's fine." A twist of her head, a yank of her hood down so that she can see Leuka properly. "Hm," for not finding her inside and the assumption that she would be here. "Good guess. Oh! You brought skates?" surprised and impressed; that is the tone in her voice. "You don't have to, you know," and she reaches out as if to grasp his arm; a friendly gesture of reassurance. "Really. You do not need to ice skate if you do not want to." But her? She's back to eyeing the marked-out patch of eyes with anticipation, moving to close the distance between herself and the edge of the lake.

Riohra grins at Leuka and does a little jig on the ice before he makes it back to shore and will grab his thermos of Klah and pouring some in the cup part. "Good and safe, just stick with the teacher there mistro and she will have you gliding around just fine." he says motioning to Sephany with his cup. He moves to sit down on a blanket seems he is the all so been nominated as life guard for the day.

Leuka nods to the pale haired Weaver with a little grin, eyes flicking back over the flags pointed out. "I'll do it, said I would." Then a little huff to himself. "Just working my nerve up a bit." Shifting around to walk next to Sephany, switches the skates to the other hand and offers an arm when she reaches. "Alright then since the expert there says it's safe." He smirks over his shoulder to where Riohra is settling down with a drink. "You better not be 'drinking' over there." Laughing, he looks back to Sephany, gesturing towards the bench a little ways off.

To the bench she goes, moving quickly through the snow with sure but careful steps. "See?" says Sephany, bobbing her head at Riohra's assertion that it is safe. "But really. You don't have to…" but she will! As soon as the bench is met, the young weaver is dropping herself into it and bending over to unlace her boots, gloved fingers working furiously at the laces until she's got them loosened. *YANK* and one comes off, quickly replaced by a skate. It is quickly followed by the second boot, though there's a pause as gloves are removed so bare fingers can do up the laces on her ice skates. "If he is drinking something strong, maybe you can borrow a sip for a little courage, hm?" she teases Leuka, flashing him a grin. "Not skating?" she asks the hunter, glancing his direction as she pushes herself from the bench and begins the awkward duck-walk toward the ice.

Riohra laughs "Just Klah, we had the talk Leuka." he grins over at Sephany "No thank you miss, I am here to make sure none of you go off course and turn into Ice sculptures." He sits there humming a happy tune as he reaches into his coat and pulls out a letter he starts reading.

Yulise is here! The trader is wearing her usual Fort outfit, consisting of a dress with a heavy fur-lined coat wrapped snugly around it. Clearly someone is still adjusting to the cold. More interestingly, she's carrying what looks like a large pet carrier with her. And there's something moving around in it! She squints as she nears the lake, looking for signs of the person she's here to see.

Leuka lifts a brow o Sephany, grinning at a suggestion. "Ya know, that's not a bad idea now that ya mention it." He drops onto the bench next to the Weaver and looks across to distance to the hunter "Got a sip or to two to share?" He calls out with a hopeful tone as he starts fumbling with his boot laces. MOving much more slowly then Sephany, her fingers flying over her skate "I take it you like doing this alot? What do I need to know?" His attention drifts between her and the lake a moment, every so often a hopeful glance to see if Riohra pulls out a flask.

Another busy day working on his lute, polishing , painting of designs and varnishing! With nothing else to do until it dries Eiram finally makes it out to the lake with his new skates in hand. He is as bundled up as the others but at least he looks to be enjoying the weather. Winter brings snow and ice, snowmen and iceskating! "Looks safe out there?" He calls out to Riohra as he approaches and settles his rump on the bench as Sephany rises. There is an eagerness in the expression on his face and looks to his Mentor , "It's fun, just wait and see!" So he sets to switching out boots for skates in short order and makes his way to the ice as well.

"Are you going to jump in after me, if I fall in?" asks Sephany of Riohra, glancing over her shoulder to flash a wide smile at the hunter. It has the added benefit of catching the approach of both Yulise and Eiram, the former getting a curious look from the weaver. "Who's that?" she wonders of Leuka while simultaneously raising her hand in greeting. Before he can answer, she's calling out a bright and cheerful, "Hello!" of greeting to the trader. Eiram's approach gets a much more mischievous smile, an equally bright, "Hi Eiram!" before she's facing forward once more and pushing off onto the ice. As for Leuka's questions? There's a dry and amused, "What do you think?" for her doing this a lot, and a quick, "You're going to fall. A lot," for what he needs to know. "Embrace it, and carry on!" And then off she goes, gliding with ease.

Riohra nods at Sephany first and holds up a safety line he has attached to a quick clip hikers use for repelling "Damn, you bettech your ice loving britches I will." he nods to the others that have shown up, but does pull out a small boot flask and tosses it to Leuka "i want the flask back," Turning to the new arrivals proper says "Stay with in the flags I have set up, if i have to go swimming…" he leaves the threat there, not for lack of imagination but there are ladies present. "Good to see you Yulise, come to skate as well?"

Yulise will be someone Sephany knows very soon, since she seems to be heading right in her direction. Well, Leuka's direction, really. But that's more or less the same direction. "Special delivery!" She calls out, smiling as she sets the pet carrier carefully down near Leuka. There's definitely something in there. Something distinctly puppy like. "I brought someone who's excited to meet you, I think." She shakes her head at Riohra, smiling. "Just here on business today, Rio. If I stay out here too long, I'll freeze solid."

Leuka frowns at the talk of falling in an needing rescue, but then Yulise is pointed out when Eiram arrives. He grins quickly whenhe recognizes who it is. "She's thr trader I was talking about." He turns to tell Sephany he'll catch up, but she's already smiling and gliding away. "I'll catch up!!" He shouts after her and glances to the apprentice "Stay close to her okay?" Then he's trotting acros the crunchy snow, grinning at the woman "You're back sooner than I expected. How'dit go?" He eyes the carrier and crouches down to peer inside. Taking a knee he glances to Yulise "You're hte best! ALright if I let him out?"

Well a beach needs a lifeguard, even if the water is frozen and it looks like Riohra is it. Eiram grins at Riohra's response to Sephany, "We can't her drown, at least not until my lyre is finished!" He calls out with amusement as he makes way out to the ice. Leuka's words at least catch his ears and he turns to walking backwards to wave at her, "Hey there! Join us! First Ice of the season is always the best!" And the middle and the last! There is a salute to Leuka, "Of course, she is my fellow Warrior upon this great battlefield!" And then he turns and sets skates out on the ice and pushes himself to catch up with Sephany. A few wobbles at first but he at least looks like he has done this before!

It has been almost a Turn since Sephany was on the ice, but she seems to have retained some knowledge regarding how to stay upright; even if there are a few wibbly-wobbles now and again, flailing arms employed to steady herself upon each one. Attention hovers between where she's going (making sure to stay within those flags) and the conversation taking place over on the snow-covered beach. "I am not going to fall in!" she boldly declares, grey eyes rolling as if such a thing were utterly impossible anyways. It may be a good thing she is too far away to catch Leuka's command that his apprentice 'stay close' to her; it would almost certainly have earned the Journeyman a rather sour look from the weaver-lass. But Eiram's joining her on the ice gets a grin, and she slides to a quick stop to allow him to catch up. "Much better than the last "first time" hm?" she asks, referring to the original 'first time' on the ice, that ended with the pair a dogpile.

"Absoltuely! Yulise says with a big chipper smile at Leuka. "He's all yours. I left the headwoman with a supply of pet food the breeder recommended. He seems like a friendly pup, I'm sure you are going to get along great." She giggles and rubs her mitten-clad hands together. "Also left her with the bill to give to you, but don't worry about that now. We can settle up later." No need to bring collections into such a special moment.

Riohra grins and is enjoying himself till someone shows up and hands him a note. He is grinning like a fool as the other man takes over his watch of the skaters and is off, those that know the tall hunter will understand why he running at as fast as he can to the Igen blue dragon that waits for him..

Leuka nods with an eager grins as he reaches gloved hands towrds the little door. Fumbling with the latch a bit, it finally jerks free, letting the spactic furrball come darting out. "Helo there." He grabs the pup up and get a secure grasp on the squirming little canine. He grins to Yulise, tilting head back to fend off the puppy kisses. "That works. I'll see to it when we get back." He glances back towards th eice a moment before leaning his head closer to Yulise "Any idea about those other things yet?" He can't help but laugh when the pppy starts trying to chew on his wrist "Nownow, none of that." Leuka distrcts with a few gentle tugs of a paw.

Eiram finally catches up to Sephany after a few wibbles and wobbles on the fresh ice but still he is confident enough. He nods to Sephany and picks up one booted foot than another, "Having my own skates makes it all the better." He declares as he pushes off again to skate a little ahead. He catches sight of the departing hunter and grins, "Well only two things likely to make him run like that and it ain't the time of year to hunt." He declares with a laugh as he takes up to skating next to Sephany. Both better than the last turn for sure.

Yulise beams happily at Leuka and the puppy. Moments like these are what make the job worthwhile, wrist-chewing aside. "Glad you like him. Got a name in mind yet?" She asks with a chuckle. "Come by later, we'll get you all set up. But for now… I think I may have to flee back to klah and warmth. I'm still a southern girl at heart, I can only take so much of the snow. Best of luck!" With that, she waddles off.

Sephany flashes a wide grin in Eiram's direction, followed by a quick, "I am glad you're enjoying them," for the skates. Once he's near enough that conversation is possible, she pushes off once more to glide on the ice. "Hm. Indeed," for Riohra's rapid departure, a knowing glint in her grey eyes. "Glad he is spending time with Kassala, though. I was worried about them…" but she leaves off there, her attention back on the ice and attempting to skate on it. "Watch, watch," she tells him, flapping a hand his direction as though to seek his attention. Whether she has it or not, Sephany's moving once more, a quick spin that has her facing the other direction as she demonstrates her ability to skate backwards. "Ha, yes! Still got it!" she declares triumphantly, twisting her head around to see where she's going. It's PURE LUCK she's missed the fact that there is now a puppy on the shore with Leuka, otherwise she would likely be over there in a heartbeat to oooh and aww over him. The puppy, that is.

Leuka grins at the puppy, playing as it gets used to him and nodding to Yulise as they work out him picking up the other things they talked about. "Sure thing." Chuckling at the woman's eagerness to get warm" I don't blame you. I'm still trying to adapt, slowly. Thanks again." He'll wave as the Trader rushes off to seek warmer climates. "Well now little dude. You're stuck with me now. Whatcha think bout tha…Owe!" He shakes a few fingers, "Yea okiw, I get your point." He laughs "Food as soon as we get back." Heading back to the bench, he watches the skaters while petting the playful pup.

Eiram watches Sephany do a spin on the ice and then gives a muffled applause. "The ice will not win the battle against us this year with moves like that!" He declares and pushes off to get speed. Confident enough on the ice but no major tricks other than moving feet out and together to make diamond shapes as he moves then finishes with a simple turning stop. The turn does turn his attention towards the shore and he points out the pupper to Sephany, "He must be really cold, he got a real life hand warmer!"

Sephany is far too confident for her own good. Really. It is only a matter of time that she hits a patch of ice wrong and lands on her rump. But before trouble can be caused, Eiram is catching her attention and she decides to face forward and skate properly once again. "I should hope not," for the epic ice battle. There is further consideration given to where she is going, and she carefully turns away from the flags before coming anywhere near 'too close' to the out of bounds zone. A mischievous look is spreading across her face as she circles once again, something dangerous and wild and likely good for no one, so perhaps it is a good thing that her attention is stolen by comments of real life hand warmers, the devilish expression fading into one of mild confusion as she looks up, first to Eiram and then over to Leuka. "What?" but she it does not take her long to catch sight of the wiggling ball of fur, and gloved hands come up to her mouth in a quick "Oh!". A quick turn nearly sends her down, but she recovers quickly a she makes a hasty trip toward the Harper and his dog. "Leuka! What…? You…? There's a dog!" So very eloquent.

Leuka drops onto the bench, easing the pup to his lap while managing to contain the poofy bundle of energy. Evry so often he points towards the lake as if telling the canine something or tugging his paw or snout playfully. He cringes at a few near tumbles the skaters seem to take from his point of view. "He grins at their approach, nodding to Sephany then staring in shock to the canine in his lap "Oh Shell you're right. You here that. You're a dog!" Leuka laugs as the puppy tries swatting hsi nose then tries for a nip when he misses. Looking back to Sephany as she and Eiram glide closer "I thuoght I mentioned it..Ah. Nevermind. You were well into your book by then." He shrugs it off "Oh yea, I'm getting a pup."

Eiram watches that look upon Sephany's face and is quite eager to hear what devilish plan is going through her mind. There is a look of ..resignation as she gets drawn to the pup he pointed out instead. He can't resist following Sephany to inspect the ball of fur though he skates a little slower as to not get in the way of pursuit of fluff that the Weaver is now in!

Leuka laughs as he watches Sephany a moment after she lobs snow at him for being a smartass. He shakes it out of his hair and off his coat with a grin "Yea. I mean no, he's not a loan." He reaches to ruffle the big little guys neck. "Hmm. Pondering what to call him. He sorta looks fizzy with all the furry going everywhere. What do you two think of Fizgig?" A nod to the Weaver. "Yea, he's a male." as he peers to Eiram "What do you think? Is he a Fizgig kinda guy Eiram?" He reaches to let the pup down on the show and playa nd bounce around.

Eiram is not brave enough to get in between Sephany and the pup, not after noticing how quickly she was distracted by him. Instead he moves to sit down on the bench with Leuka and watches them greet each other. "He is the cutest thing I have ever seen." He says in agreement with Sephany. The comments from Leuka cause him to look at the pup with what looks like a contemplative air, gloved fingers going thoughtfully to his chin, "Lord Fizgig of Snow Hill!" He Declares before nodding, "Yes Fizgig works." He says with a laugh.

Sephany gives no consideration to names; she's all about bestowing attention, and having attention bestowed back upon her! Those wiggling fingers do the trick, and soon enough she's got an armful of puppy jumping into her personal space and nipping at her chin. There is only laughter for this, as well as a complete and total abandonment of all sense of dignity as she drops down even further to buy her face against the soft and wiggling mass of fur, not at all minding that she's getting a thorough face-bath from said puppy. "I love him!" she declares boldly, squealing in delight as he goes for her nose. But she is not so distracted that she cannot hear the great name debate, and there's a sharp bark of laughter for Eiram's, "Lord Fizgig of Snow Hill?" coupled with a roll of her eyes. "Fizgig…" she repeats, grabbing the pups muzzle with a gentle hand so that she can look him in the face. "It is very… you," although when she says it, she is not looking at the dog but rather at Leuka. "Boys." Whatever that means.

Leuka roars with laughter as Eiram dubbes the pup Lord Fizgig Of Snowhill, already nodding agreeably "It sounds like the title of a song about a mischevious and curious pup's first Winter." He gives his Apprentice and appreciative smack on is shoulder, peering down to watch Sephany. "See, there there's a vicious mauling if I ever seen one Eiram. We'll have to send for the Healers to tend her wounds for sure!" The Harper snickers a bit and reaches down to give the pup's back paw a gentle stug, double teaming his attention. Sephany's approval of pup and name gets a smile and little nod. Fizgig is more interested in giving puppy kisses right now than worry about Leuka tugging on his paws.

"We shall have to write it for him." Eiram says with a nod to Leuka, no doubt already plotting the lyrics in his head. He watches the viscious mauling and can't help but laugh , lean over and put his own hand at wrist by scratching the scruff of the dogo."He is a handsome fella, and look at those feet! He is going to be huge!" He declares even as he kneels down awkwardly in the snow, squeeks as he sits on blades and straightens up a bit.

"Yes, clearly I am going to need copous medical attention," drawls Sephany dryly, though the tone is ruined by the quick giggles that follow in the wake of more puppy affection. Eventually, Sephany has her hands up and is moving to keep the newly dubbed Fizgig at bay, if just because that cold, wet nose is even colder in the snow. "Why am I not surprised that you would both want to write a song for the dog?" she teases, grey eyes lifting to find Leuka first and then Eiram. The pup is given more ruffling attention before she moves to start undoing the laces on her skates, working to remove them as carefully as possible while fending off the vicious beast. "Please hand me my boots?" she asks, stretching out a hand in anticipation even as her other one gets to work untying her left skate. "I am starting to get a bit cold, sitting in the snow."

Leuka nods agreeably to Eiram. "We can make it one of your assignments if you like." He snaps his fingers "Where's that music I loaned you? Put it in my desk?" He watches Sephany and chuckles, bending down to pass her the requested boots while reching for the scranbling canine "Come on Fizgig. You like that name Fizzy?" Leuka laughs and works to contain the energetic bundle "Lucky I already got you lots of stuff. We do need to get this litlte guy fed though." He smirks at calling the pup little though "Yea, paws nearly as big as his head. Certainly bigger than his muzzle." He stands once the Weaver does manage to get her boots back up and offers her a hand up. "I think we could all do with a nice cup of hot cider. Or a whole pot of klah t put our feet in a while." The Harper laughs at that and smiles down to Sephany.

"I would be honoured!" Eiram says with a little sitted bow to Leuka, "Odes to dragons and puppies…I am will become the Harper for animals everywhere!" He declares and as it looks like skating has finished up for the day he moves back to the bench himself to trade out skates for boots. "The two best things about winter are Snow and Fireplaces!" Eiram declares with a grin as he unlaces, "They fit perfectly by the way and cut through the ice much better than my borrowed skates last winter." He informs Sephany of her gift. Yes he is enjoying all of his gifts of late.

"Odes to eggs and puppies," corrects Sephany with a grin. "Unless you've started serenading the dragons, too?" A grateful look is given Leuka as he hands over her boots, and she makes short work of pulling them on and tying the laces just enough to keep them secure. The laces of her skates are quickly tied together so that she can rest it over her shoulder, allowing her to employ both hands to the process of standing; one into Leuka's offered palm, the other pressed against the ground to assist as she pushes herself upwards. "Thank you," comes along with a squeeze of her hand before she releases Leuka's hand. Snow is brushed from her person with quick strokes as a soft "Mmm," is given for the suggestion of cider. "Yes. Hot cider sounds wonderful. And food for Mr. Fizgig," she agrees. "Good!" for Eiram's skates working better than the borrowed pair. "That was the hope; of course you are likely to outgrow them in record time. So I suggest you put them to use as much as your Journeyman will allow while you can." Hands lift, gloved fingers finding the edge of her hood as she pulls it up and over her head, seeking warmth. "Let's go," she decides, already moving toward the bowl and the waiting Living Cavern, "before something important freezes."

Leuka grins as the idea of the Ode to Fizgig starts to catch on, but keeps his eyes on Sephany a while longer. "Welcome." is offered whens he's back on her feet. He reaches up to ruffle the pup's muzzle "What do ya say Fizzy, you hungry?" He glances to the Weaver, but she's already starting across the beach. "You'd think she was the one eager to get warm again with how quickly she's moving." He smirks down to Eiram. and starts after her "So, how hard was it?" He gestures towards the skates "Standing upin those things?" And off he goes after Sephany.

"Well there are dragons inside eggs…and well I got Taner teasing me at breakfast time to make odes to his scrambled eggs. I do draw the line at food." Eiram says mournfully to explain himself with a sigh. Taner the woodcraft journeyman who has been helping him with the woodworking side of the Lyre making. There is a nod to the suggestion of outgrowing, "I will spend all my spare time on the ice!" He declares to Sephany, "Then find another skater to pass them to next turn!" Hopefully they outlast the season at least. At the question from his mentor he grins, "Easy as learning how to play a cello." I reckon though that is probably not the best analogy given Eiram's lack of talent with a bow. "Just about balance and relaxing. People who worry too much about falling down…fall down a lot."

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Eiram comes into the caverns with skates slung over his shoulder, "I will be back in a bit, just gonna put these away and check to see how the Lyre is drying." And so the lad dashes off to the lower caverns.

Sephany is definitely booking it toward the warmth of the indoors, leaving Leuka and Eiram in the proverbial dust (snow?) as she goes. The afternoon is waning, the sun is in a downward descent, it's winter and she was literally just sitting in the snow, so yeah. She's cold alright! Which means that she's inside and at the serving tables in record time, grabbing herself a huge mug of Klah (so much for the cider) and a plate of food to boot, before securing a table near the hearth. Ice skates are unceremoniously dropped to the floor beside her, and she's making short work of that mug of Klah even before she's sat her butt into a seat. A hand is lifted toward Eiram, but that's all the acknowledgement he gets as he heads down the tunnel to put things away like a responsible human being.

Leuka was a bit slower returning, what with containing the nergetic bundle of fur currently squirming in Leuka's clutches. "Oh calm down you." As he enters the cavern, he uses teeth to start pulling his gloves off, shoving them ina pocket while approaching the plates. Waving to his apprenice whenthe boy rushes off, Leuka scans the cavern quickly, grinning when he spots a pale head by the hearth. Making up a huge plate, more than he can eat alone, he shrugs and will have to return for a mug. "Yeayea." he mutters to the whining canine, trying to wiggle closer tot he plate. "Hold your paws there Fizzy" LEuka weaves through the cavern, trying to navigate with such distractions. Soon he's by Sephany, frowning between dog and plate, finally offering her the huge plate of food "Will ya hold this a minute while I get a mug?"

Sephany has her still-gloved hands wrapped around a clay mug, but it's quickly set aside as Leuka thrusts a plate of food at her. "Um, alright…" and she reaches out with both hands to grab the dish, settling it quickly on the table. "Might need a leash for him," she observes with a grin, mischief clear in her grey eyes. The plate is kept away from curious canines, even as the weaver goes back to sipping at her Klah with all kinds of haste, as if the very substance is all that is keeping her from freezing over. It is only after another few sips, eyes watching the wiggling ball of energy that is Fizgig, that she sets her mug down and works at the layers around her person; gloves removed and shoved into a pocket, cloak finally untied and laid on the seat beside her, scarf pulled until it's hanging loose and allowing air to flow. "I am starting to feel my toes again," which is always a good thing, if one wishes to walk in the future.

Leuka nods about the lead "Yea, I got some in the room. Didn't expect her to be able to deliver him so quickly." He gestures towards the crafters caverns "I'll be right back." He grins as she begins to warm up, and he slips out of th ecavern for a time. When he does reappear a few minutes lt, he's got two mugs clutched in a hand and being sorta drug along by the puppy straining against the lead. Wrapping hte excess lead around his wrist as he gets closer, he reels the dog in so he can plunk th etwo mugs on the short table. Rathr than taking a seat, he drops onto the floor with Fizgig, "Thanks for watching the plate." He reaches up and grabs a couple of juicy meaty bits, offering them to the now starving Lord Fizgig of SnowHill. Alternating his attention between feeding pup, himself and glancing to Sephany "Finally warming up?" He cracks a little grin as she seems very lazy feline like at the moment.

A quick bob of her head shows Sephany's acknowledgement as Leuka leaves to, presumably, go get a collar and lead for his new pet. When he arrives, small progress has been made on the weaver's own plate of food, the mug having been set aside so that she can nibble at some raw fruit and pick apart a roll. "Hmm," and she swallows her food before she continues. "You're welcome. Although any longer and I may have sampled some myself… though your plate does seem to be rather meat heavy…" she teases. There is a curious lift of pale eyebrows for the Harper's choice in seats, but Sephany reaches out to push the plate a little closer to the edge for easier reach. The soft "hmm," may just hold a note of disapproval for the feeding of said food to the pup, but who is Sephany to tell the new dog-owner how to do things? "I am," she answers for warming up, grinning briefly. "I absolutely love being out in the snow, and especially on the ice, but I do not appreciate going numb in my extremities. I will have to see about thicker socks," she muses more or less to herself.

Leuka smirks about the thicker socks and gives a knowing little eyeroll "Tell me about it." He offers a couple more little tidbits and then scarfs down some of the plate himself. "Yea, I figured he could have treats to spoil him tonight. I'll get the ther food Trader Yulise dropped off in the kitchen when I go to settle the bill." He grins an scratches the dogs ear, alternating the spoiling between food and attention. "You'll be getting all sorts of treats woncha." Leuka laughs at the pup's antics and reaches for one of his mugs and turns his attenion back to Sephany, making sure Fizgig doesn't manage to climb up into her chair. "Sorry about the skating being cut short. I know you wer looking forward to it." More so than him obviously. "The ice will be even thicker next time though. Safer for tall Harper to give it a go."

"Sure," for spoiling the pup on his first night. But that is all Sephany will say on the matter, a little grin hidden behind her mug as she swallows the last bit of Klah contained within. And then the food, which is nibbled at between glances and comments with Leuka, the weaver shifting her position slightly so that she can keep an eye on the pup. "It is alright," for the skating being cut short. "I am not acclimated to the cold, so it was probably a good idea that it ended when it did." As for the ice? There is a roll of her eyes and a soft sigh. "It is perfectly safe. Riohra was stomping all over the ice and had no problems," she teases. "You would not have fallen through. But really," had her tone softens a touch, out of playful teasing and into something serious, "If you do not want to skate, then don't. I will not be offended."

Leuka grins and plays with the pup a bit when it's hunger eases. Sitting by the heath, the pup is growing sluggish with a full belly and warm paws. "Oh, I'll do it, I really had intended to do so earlier, but well.." He gives a near boyish grin and gestures to the fizzy looking pup "What could I do?" He takes another draw of the warm cider before putting mug back down and proceeding to rough the pup up, much to Fizgig's joy. He pounces at Leuka's hands, tryin to try them with paws and teeth. He nods at the mention of acclimating "I know what ya mean. I still say I'm much better in the water than I will be on it." He gives a shrug "Maybe I'll just tie some old pillows to my butt." The Harper smirks at his own silliness.

Fruit is rapidly disappearing, vanishing in small bite down the weaver's throat. It's probably the most she's ever eaten in one sitting, given that she almost never finishes a meal. Her roll is pulled apart, small pieces eaten one at a time as she watches Leuka and the pup. "I don't blame you," she tells him, though there's a bit of playful skepticism remaining for statement that he intended to ice skate. As for pillows? That earns a laugh and another eye roll as Sephany tells him, "Now that's just cheating. Take it like a man, bruises and all!" She finishes the last bite of her roll and moves to stand, gathering various clothing articles and collecting her skates from the floor. "Ask Eiram about the first time I was on the ice, and how that ended," of course, that might scare him away from skating forever. "If I survived, you will, too."

Eiram comes up from the caverns and with Oboe perched on his shoulder with a tail wrapped around the boy's neck. He stops by the serving table for a hot mug of klah and a couple of meat pies before rejoining the group. He catches the tail end of Sephany's comment and can't help but grin, "Yeah…it was a fun day. That gold harper and the guard from Igen, Sephany and I were warriors in arms against the Ice that day and we barely survived with our lives. We united in a bulwark force and gathered our resources for survival." That landed in a dogpile and crawled off the ice. Oboe crawls of his shoulder and onto the table flaring out wings briefly before tucking them to his side and looks over the plates for easy pickings.

Leuka grins at Sephany's amusement and jokes back "Is that an order Apprentice?" He tips his head towrds the pale hair girl, still grinning. Notmissing that she seems to be enjoying her meal today, he seems to nod approvingly "Glad to see you're feeling good." He flicks fingers to the thinning plate of food she is snacking on. His distraction lets Fizgig lurch forward, paws leaping up to scrmble at The front to Sephany's seat, trying to get up to her lap. "Fiz no." He pulls the lead back slowly and brings the pup back to settle by the fire. His attention is caught by Eiram filling him on on the previous ice skting escapeds, causing him to laugh and give a headshake up to the weaver. "Fine, I'll take the bruises." He flashes a little wink

"Well, something like that…" says Sephany, on the heels of Eiram's elaborate and rather dramatized reenactment of their first skating adventure, grinning at the younger Harper. "How about I tell you the story, later," she offers Leuka. She settles the tied laces over her shoulder, pushing the skates back so that she can drape her cloak over one arm. "Yes," she decides, grinning widely at the Harper on the floor. "It's an order. You're not a true Fortian until you've fallen on the ice," she decides, making up rules as she goes. A glance is spared for her plate, a small furrowing of pale eyebrows as though she cannot comprehend what has prompted his statement. "I feel fine…" she offers hesitantly, confused. But a pup jumping on her certainly leaves little room for contemplation, and a smile breaks out quick enough. There are pets and cuddles to be had for the little fizzy-pup, though it's awkwardly delivered with one hand as Sephany is using her other arm to hold all of her stuff. "Good," she says for the bruises, shifting back so that Fizgig must drop back to the floor and off of her. "I've got to go. I will see you tomorrow, likely," and a smile is given to both as she heads for the tunnel to the lower caverns.

As Sephany rises it is her plate that gets Oboe's attention and any little remnants are snatched off before flying up to one of the little rocky outcroppings that the lizards favour. Eiram just sighs at his lizard's antics, "He CAN hunt now…and he gets fed enough. He is just being greedy." He looks up to Sephany as she makes to leave, "I will tell him all about it don't you worry!" He declares and with a look of glee on his face that the story will no doubt tend to his usual flair. "Take care Sephany, we should go skating tomorrow!" He calls out to her before he looks back to Leuka, "See we were in this snowman building contest and we went in together. Well we would hardly do anything traditional and so we made a snowlady. She was tall and majestic and Sephany did her dress in such amazing fashion that it did not escape the judges notice. And I worked on her top…she had Huge Boobs and played an instrument." He makes a gesture with his hands of just how big the boobs were!

Leuka snorts and rolls his eyes in amusement, it's then that Sephany makes hr escape, probably from having to hear a much wilder version of what really happen. He nods towards the young weaver as she heads off "See you later." When she's gone, he turns back to Eiram, reaching to pluck a snack from his palte before slurping from his mug, gesturing for Eiram to continue telling his tale. "And did you win best snowmaiden prize for your efforts?" Leuka laughs and scoops Fizgig up, then shifting up himself and claiming Sephany's recently vacated seat. "Still nice and warm." The Harper smirks at claming the cozy chair.

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