Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Not every day is a busy one for a Fortian junior weyrwoman; even they get days off! And today would seem to be one of downtime for Thys, who's meandering along the northern shore of the lake, scooping down occasionally to pick up a pebble or two. They're kept, tucked into a little bag she has strapped around her waist as she continues walking. Her booted toes kick at the ground, flicking up sand as she goes - and she even whistles a soft tune. Someone, it would seem, is in a good mood.

One of the great joys of living off of the southern bowl is that you are near the lake. C'rus comes here often with Jai and sometimes by himself. Today the blue dragon is soaking in the water, even if the weather is cooling off…someone will be slowing down again soon. C'rus sits on the shore with a cup of tea in his hand, occasionally sipping as he watches the dragon. He turns his head when he hears the footsteps and spots Thys. He raises a hand to offer her a wave but goes right back to sipping tea. The dragon's reaction is different though. He lifts himself out of the water and begins to make his way to shore. Once there he gives a little shake sending water droplets flying everywhere. He lowers his head to regard Thys closely.

Thys greets C'rus with a cheery, casual salute and a smile, but it's Jaicoureth's closeness that surprises her into laughter. "Jaicoureth! Hello to you, too… may I?" She holds out her hand, ready to give him a nose-rub if he'll allow it. "Hello, Cy - you're both looking well! Are you? How're you doing?" Her pebble quest is abandoned for the moment - because isn't it far more fun to talk to friends?

Jaicoureth does not remove his head from her presence so it can certainly be assumed that he is giving her permission to do so. The human half of the pair gets to his feet, careful not to spill any of his tea as he does so, "Oh you know me. Same as always." he says with just a hint of a smile on his face. Jaicoureth shifts his head just for a moment to look at C'rus, who gives a slight shake of his head in response, and so the dragon once more points his head in Thys's direction, "How are you?"

If Jaicoureth wants nose-rubbing he'll certainly get it. Thys settles her hand on his muzzle to give it some thorough attention, leaning in a little towards him as she does. The blue's look, though, has her curious. "I'm very well, thank you. It's almost tempting to say glowing, but that's Rhenesath, not me. She's thrilled, and it's sort of been… flowing over into me, if you know what I mean?" She grins, looking from C'rus to his dragon. "Is everything alright with Jaicoureth?"

C'rus had more or less figured that would be her response, he had even told Jaicoureth so in advance. He takes a few steps closer to Thys and Jai and after taking another sip of his tea speaks up, "I'm pleased you are well." Though the answer to her question takes a bit longer for him to formulate in his mind, "He's not himself right now. The leaves are all turning and its getting colder. He doens't like the cold." Though really that is only the tip of the iceburg, "He's worried about Rhenesath and feels terrible regret that he was unable to be there for her." C'rus takes another sip of tea.

"Oh, Jaicoureth, it's only a bit of cold weather, nothing to dislike about that!" Thys laughs affectionately at the blue, stroking along his jaw. "Have C'rus take you to Igen for a bit of warming up, hrm?" Though the rest of what C'rus says has her frowning, looking confused. "I'm… sorry, I don't, um, understand. Why on Pern is he worried about Rhenesath, and what does he regret?" She looks from Jai to his rider, head canted slightly to the side. "Rhenesath is very well. Very well. She's already imagining what it might feel like to be egg-heavy."

"He worries about everyone." C'rus explains. The poor dragon comes by it very honestly, he's had C'rus as an example, "He regrets that he wasn't able to be at her flight and emotionally support her and sing for her." Little things perhaps to a human being, but big to an emotional ball of fluff like Jaicoureth, "In short he feels like a terrible friend." Jaicoureth does appreciate the stroking along his jaw and listens very closely to the conversation a certain relief flowing through him, but not entirely banishing his guilt.

Thys blinks. Her hand drops from the blue's muzzle, though not without a parting caress, and she slips both hands into her pockets as she looks with a thoughtful frown at C'rus. "Um…" She begins awkwardly, dropping her gaze to her dusty boot-toes as she thinks. "That… that really wouldn't have been necessary, C'rus - though the thought is, ah, very kind." She bites down on her bottom lip, cheeks colouring a little. "If I'm honest, and I'd like to think I can be because we're friends, but if Jaicoureth had been there, he would have been… well, a distraction, perhaps? I'm not sure how to put it, but… Rhenesath doesn't need emotional support, either during a flight or any other time. She knows what she's doing, and singing…" Thys just shakes her head, looking apologetic. "I trust it went well with Moncerath's flight? I don't think I've seen you since then to be able to ask you."

Jaicoureth takes a few quick hops back away from Thys and away from his rider and in a less than graceful fashion almost landing himself back into the lake, but his wings unfurl and he is off like a shot apparently somewhere not nearby because he blinks into /between/ and is gone. C'rus can only watch him go and doesn't make a move to stop him, "I'd said much the same thing." he says with a slight shrug, "In any event I'm staying out of it. This is his emotional climb to make. Not mine." Though when the topic shifts he just quickly takes another sip of his tea, "Yes. Just fine."

"Did he just…" Thys blinks some more when Jaicoureth disappears into between on his own. "Aren't you worried about him doing that? What if he gets the reference wrong?" She double-blinks, looking worriedly at C'rus. "Cy, he shouldn't just go between on his own like that, it could be dangerous, you could… oh, Faranth forbid I even think as much, but… it's dangerous. Can Rhenesath call him back? I mean, yes, she can, but can you call him back before she does? Or can we take you to him to bring him back yourself?"

"Yes he did." Is all C'rus can say. "I'd rather he didn't." comes out a sigh, "But I also trust him not to do anything terribly stupid. He has been back and forth to Xanadu enough times that he could probably go there in his sleep. He's never made even the slightest mistake with something as serious as that. He's already there…he's fine." In the physical sense anyway, "I'll hop a ride over there later and pick him up. Probably best to just let him be at the moment. Sometimes a person just needs time to be by themselves."

"But C'rus, a person spending time alone doesn't need to face the risk of going through between… Jaicoureth really shouldn't be doing that. It's putting him at unnecessary risk, and I recommend that he stops doing it. Control him better, for his and your sake, not to mention for ours, too." Thys frowns, shaking her head slightly. "I've never experienced a dragon's death, Cy, and I don't intend to have the first one in my life to be one I'm especially fond of. Please. Stop him from doing it, or I'll have to speak to Nyalle to ask Kayeth to have him stop."

It's C'rus's turn to frown now, and he'd been doing so very well with that of late, "This is the first time he's done it. Would I rather he did't. Yes. But I'm not in the business of 'controlling' anyone. I am so very tired of trying. I'll pick him up later and talk to him about it. I will /ask/ him to not do it again and I'm sure he will be kind enough to oblige me." Because that's what friends do right? "Your input is noted."

Thys's hands come out from her pockets, and she crosses her arms over her chest, hugging her elbows. "C'rus, as a rider it's your responsibility to control Jaicoureth. It's all of our responsibilities to control our dragons, especially to stop them from doing dangerous things. We learnt that as weyrlings, and if you've forgotten it…" She shakes her head, dropping her gaze down to her boots. "I'm not giving input to be noted, C'rus, I'm telling you. As a Fort goldrider I care for the wellbeing of everyone in this Weyr, and you will control your dragon for his own good. If you need a refresher on control, I'm sure M'icha and his assistants will be all too happy oblige."

C'rus straightens up and does the thing that he said he would never ever do. He salutes her. Afterward he sets his teacup down on the ground loveingly making sure it's in a spot where it won't tip or fall before he looks back to Thys, really studying her, "I think both you and I know that I haven't." he responds coldly, "If you care so much about everyone's wellbeing perhaps it would be wise in the future to not give someone the impression you think they are unnecessary distraction. Espcially if they are already feeling like crap. Of course…what do I know? Not really my business."

"Wingrider C'rus." He straightens up, and so does Thys, clasping her hands together before her as she acknowledges his salute with a sharp bob of her head. It's not often she gets her serious face on, but right now it's front and centre. "You and I both know there's no place for a blue at a gold flight for his own safety; have you even seen a dragon like, say, Velokraeth in the air? I saw him through Rhenesath, and a smaller dragon would simply be in the way by… singing. If you recall, I said we appreciated the sentiment, but that it was unnecessary, for Jaicoureth's own safety - something that you seem to have little regard for, at present. It would be my suggestion that you spend some more time with the Weyrlingmasters in order to rediscover the value of your dragon, and to learn the importance of control. I will be suggesting this to the Weyrleader and your Wingleader, and leave it in their hands to decide."

Ahh well. Check that friendship off the list. C'rus had expected this for some time and so it comes as little surprise in the end, "We don't disagree. Thats why he wasn't there. I was very much in control." he points out, feeling the need to justify himself, "He, however, is entitled to feel as he feels and I'm not going to stifle that. His feelings are easily hurt. I'm sure you can remember a time or two in your life when same has happened to you. I have already said that I will be talking to him about it, and I will explain the danger to him and I'm certain he won't be doing it again. If you think I don't value him you are quite wrong ma'am. I will resolve this the reporting is unnecessary but I'm unable to stop you doing so."

"In all honesty, C'rus, you're right, you're unable to stop me from reporting my concerns to the necessary people." Thys's shoulders sink, and she shakes her head. "Keep a tighter rein on him. I'm not saying stifle his feelings or stop him being who he is, but keep him safe. This is all for your own good, Cy, not just for the sake of saying it."

C'rus reaches down slowly to pick up the teacup once more, "I am offended that you think that I won't. But you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I've already said that I plan to do just that. I'm going to speak to him in the way that he best understands. I have no wish to see him hurt himself." There really is little else to say at the moment.

Thys sighs, shaking her head again. "Then I'm sorry you're offended, C'rus, and I'm glad to hear that you'll be speaking with Jaicoureth. Please let me know if you need a ride to Xanadu to bring him home; I'll pull someone from transport duty to assist you." She crosses her arms over her chest again, looking down at her feet. "I'm only looking out for your own good, Cy, that's all. Because I care."

C'rus is used to being offended, its nearly his natural state of existance, "I don't think I'll need your help. I'll go find Br'enn and hop a ride with Tovi. He's a friend. He'll understand." If anyone could he'd put his marks on him, "Everyone is entitled to slip up occasionally. Even people like Jaicoureth. They don't need a harsh response they need a gentle one. He won't be doing it again. Your concern is just. May I be dismissed Ma'am?" This conversation isn't going anywhere good and he's learned by now its best to cut losses and just run.

"C'rus, it was your seemingly callous attitude towards the danger your dragon could be facing that caused the 'harsh' response, not Jaicoureth himself. But yes, please, go and see if Br'enn can take you to collect him. If Tovihasuth is busy on the Sands then you're welcome to ask me to find you a ride. I'll be in the forge." Thys sighs again, looking up at C'rus with a concerned frown creasing her forehead beneath the floppy overhang of her cropped hair.

"I'm pleased that I could clear that up then. My attitude is never callous when it comes to someone I love, and care about. It's simply a matter of that I know best how to reach him, that is all." If the look on C'rus's face says anything its a mix of offended, irritable, and sad, "Good day to you weyrwoman. Enjoy your pebbles." he says with a salute before he is wandering off toward the weyr talking to himself, "I told you…I told you to leave it alone. This is precisely why…." The rest of the conversation becomes increasingly unable to be heard as distance is put between them. Metaphorically, metaphysically and literally.

Thys watches her clutchmate go, her expression sinking as much as her shoulders do as he leaves. Then she sighs heavily, waits a few more moments on the beach, and then heads on off to the Weyr's Smithy.