Fort Weyr - Weyrleader's Office

Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort just as its counterparts have. But unlike the Weyrsecond and Junior Weyrwomen offices, this cavern is spacious and formed in a rough semicircle of three conjoined caves that were carved and modified Turns ago. The middle portion acts as a waiting room of sorts, holding only a few modest chairs and a simple tapestry to otherwise brighten up the plain stone walls. There are no windows here and the only light comes from well placed glow baskets.
To the right, the smaller of the two adjoining caverns has been set aside for the Weyrwoman, a large desk situated in the middle and a bookshelf pressed against the wall. A small hearth allows for some warmth in the colder months and another cabinet rests across the room to hold various supplies, as well as several books, reports and records. More tapestries have been hung there, lending some color to room.
On the left, the larger cavern belongs to the Weyrleader's office and the walls here are littered with a vast array of maps, as well as a tapestry hung behind where he would sit. The desk is large and the wood aged, looking old and a bit worn, but well tended too. Shelves and a bookshelf line one wall, crammed with rolled hides, other maps, books, reports and records and all arranged in an organized chaos. A small hearth has been built in here as well and various well placed glow baskets are hung to offer just the right amount of light in this windowless office.
Both offices have stout wooden doors that have been carefully worked into the stone. They can be closed and locked if privacy is needed but are often left open.

A light rain has been falling constantly since late in the night but by morning it has tapered off and the rising sun makes an appearance through the dispersing clouds. The Weyr has still had a very good soaking, but with the skies clearing there is promise of the ground and stone below drying out. Eventually. Those who have to walk through the bowls may have to do so carefully and with mincing steps to avoid the puddles, mire and mud.

Some however haven't had to even set foot down on the ground quite yet, one slight perk of having your weyr built off the administration complex. Th'ero had been out on the first patrols but on his return he stopped in his weyr to change and likely wake another occupant within. Word had come back from High Reaches Weyr that their expected visitor would be arriving and Velokraeth confirms it. Stepping back out onto the ledge, the Weyrleader will stride briskly down the stairs and to the council chambers on his way to his offices. "Should we get food? Drinks?" he murmurs to Kimmila. While they're setting the office to order, Velokraeth's mind will reach out to brush against Dremkoth's. « Good morning! » he greets in a mellow, amused and almost too brightly cheery voice. « Would yours be available? Our guest, the young golden Kayeth and her rider from High Reaches will be here soon. Mine would appreciate it if he could be present too in welcoming her on her visit. »

Kimmila awoke and dressed in her regular riding leathers, adding her knot to her shoulder as she follows after Th'ero. "I think so, yes. Some food and drinks, the little hospitality touches would be nice to offer her." The bluerider looks curious and eager to meet the goldrider as she sets a fire in the hearth, banking it so it doesn't burn too hot or too high.

Dremkoth's reply to Velokraeth is the quietly sleepy song of night insects under evening stars that perks dawnlike, curious. « He is within his office. I will tell him. » Any thoughts of going back to sleep in the sun hitting his ledge are discarded in favor of stretching indolently, then dropping off his ledge to glide to the starstones to witness the arrival about this young visiting gold. D'ani knocks upon the office door within a few minutes of the summons. He's not scheduled for anything out of the Weyr today and thus is dressed more casually than if he'd been heading for hall or hold visitation. His black jeans are stuffed into his boots, his loose-fitting white shirt has one button undone, the sleeves rolled up to his forearms. He's probably planning on stopping out by the barns later. Aaaand so not the best thing to wear for this formal occasion but at least he has his Weyrsecond's knot in place. "Morning," he says upon entering.

"I'll have a drudge sent then," Th'ero murmurs as he agrees with Kimmila's decision for hospitality and leaving her to tend to setting the fire in the hearth. By the time D'ani arrives, the Weyrleader has almost everything in order now after the drudge returns from his task. A small side table holds the tray of food, all light fare and finger foods and with it is some water, klah, tea and wine. Always wine. That about covers it? At the knock on the door, Th'ero steps forwards to open it but the Weyrsecond beats him to it by entering first. "D'ani! Good morning. Were… you in your office?" Velokraeth must have fed him that tidbit. "Shells, if I'd known I'd just have come to ask you personally." he muses and then gestures for him to make himself comfortable. As for the casual wear the Weyrsecond sports, Th'ero doesn't seem to mind. The Weyrleader isn't dressed as formally as he could be, but he is wearing some of his nicer everyday wear. A deep maroon tunic is tucked into his dark slate grey pants and his knee high boots are none other than the ones he wears for riding. Th'ero's mood just seems to be his usual one: reserved. Truthfully, he's just as curious as Kimmila is. "Klah?" he asks, first to the bluerider and extended then to D'ani. May as well settle in before their guest arrives?

Velokraeth sends his thanks to Dremkoth as he waddles out onto his ledge to also stretch out his body and his wings before gliding up to join the younger bronze on the Star Stones, should he not mind the company.

Kimmila nods, pushing to her feet once the fire is laid, turning to offer the Weyrsecond a smile of greeting. "Morning. So this should be interesting," she says quietly, glancing at the door. "Please," she says, accepting the mug from Th'ero and making her way to her usual spot on Th'ero's left - leaving the right chair for the Weyrsecond. She's anticipating a more formal gathering. Hence her own odd knot.

Outside, high above the bowl, a gleaming young gold flashes in from *between*. Autumnal in her hue, she is bright, metallic and vibrant. Reddish gold flows into goldenrod and amber, glowing as if lit from within with the magnificence of her color. She is not an understated queen by any means, a direct opposite of her granddam who greets her with a roar from below. Shifting, Kayeth lets the sun gleam across her hide, enjoying the feel of Fort's relative warmth after Reaches chill. The sun's rays highlight the shimmer of her hide, a dusting of glitter, a fiery radiance before she tilts her wings and circles down towards the ground. The mud is ignored, for despite her gleaming brilliance she does not seem to mind a bit of dirt as she settles outside the caverns. Dismounting carefully, Nyalle removes her riding helmet and goggles, taking a moment to smooth out her sleek, dark hair and then twisting it up into a knot at the base of her neck, held in place with a silver clasp pulled from a pocket. Her leathers are understated in black leather with blue dyed wherhide - Reaches colors - and her knot pinned appropriately, her wing patch neatly stitched onto the shoulder. Ready, she spends a moment conversing with her queen before she strides inside, steps slow but purposeful. Softly asking for directions she makes her way to the council chambers and pauses, taking a slow and deep breath. She can do this. She can. Lifting a hand, she knocks softly. Once her rider vanishes inside, Kayeth kicks off from the ground to soar skywards, searching for a place to rest and casting her thoughts out to touch the minds of the golds and bronzes of the weyr. No words are spoken yet, just an offered brush of greeting, a warm presence and images of a vast and foreign sea.

D'ani nods as he crosses the office space to find a seat. He grins at Th'ero, not minding in the slightest to have been poked through Dremkoth, "I was, yes." Another smile and a dip of his head acknowledges Kimmila, a flick of brown eyes to her knot broadens it. What's odd about it? "Thanks, no klah for me. I've had some. Up early today." Aaaand probably forgotten they had this visitor coming or he'd have awaited her down at the foot of the steps. Dammit! So the poor girl is left unattended to flounder. Ack, great first impression.

Dremkoth welcomes the older bronze companionably, rumbling an audible greeting to Velokraeth as he's joined upon the starstones and then cranes his neck to watch for the arrival of their expected visitor. And when she arrives, boy howdy! He's not disappointed! She's lovely! He nudges Velokraeth, get a load of that, eh?! Too bad dragons can't wolf whistle! Heeeee-llo nurse! Don't drool Dremkoth! He doesn't speak to Kayeth just yet, but he answers her brush of seas with a scattering of misty stars. It's much more subtle than the tenor bugle of audible of 'ooh ohh pick me' he wants to do by way of inviting her to alight on the starstones to perch with them.

Th'ero pours a mug for Kimmila and one for himself, nodding as he does. "Interesting is putting it lightly." he says and gives D'ani a curious look. "Up early, huh?" He shouldn't kick himself so much for forgetting or not being there to greet Nyalle at the stairs. The Weyrleader hasn't even thought of such courtesies! Or this part of the poor goldrider's tests? Th'ero will gesture for D'ani to take the other chair when ready, though he prefers to remain standing for now. At least when Nyalle does come knocking, rather than simply call her in, Th'ero will open the door for her and politely step aside while he sweeps his other arm out and low. "Good morning and welcome, Nyalle." he murmurs in a low but warm tone. "Fort's duties to High Reaches and her queens." They're not dressed formally, but he's certainly speaking formal. Complete with all the proper respectful nods and gestures. "Please, make yourself comfortable. Would you like something to drink or eat, perhaps?" Someone will certainly serve her, right? Waiting until Nyalle has stepped inside, he will gently close the door behind her.

Out on the Star Stones, Velokraeth rumbles back to Dremkoth just as amiably and has just made himself comfortable when Kayeth arrives from Between. The pale bronze is stunned to utter silence for a moment and he'd probably be gaping slack jawed right now if dragons did such things. And wolf-whistling. The nudge from Dremkoth seems to snap him out of his spell of watching the young autumn hued gold land and he'll nudge the young bronze right back. Oh, he can see alright! She's lovely, she's absolutely stunning and a sight to behold! And he wants her. Greedy bronze that he is! He'll return the brush of greeting with the mellowing warmth of his own, a bouquet of the sweetest honeyed wine, a breath of late summer and the comforts and safety of home and hearth. « Fair lady! » Velokraeth will call out, the first to reach out in words. « You are most welcome to come here, to the Star Stones, to rest if you so desire? The sun will warm the ledge soon and it provides the most wonderful view of the Weyr below. » Rising to his feet, Velokraeth will pointedly begin shuffling a bit to the side and if his hind leg should "accidentally" nudge-bump Dremkoth's haunch (psst, move over!) he's none the wiser. Should Kayeth choose to land, she'd have the prime spot on the ledge and be wedged between the two bronzes.

Kimmila settles into her chair and sips her klah, but she pushes to her feet when the knock comes at the door. Head tilting expectantly, she waits for the young Reaches goldrider to arrive, and then offers her a nod of greeting when she does, adding a gesture for her to take a seat.

Nyalle takes one step inside, her hands clasped in front of her, chin lifted, jade green eyes shifting from one face to the next, and then their knots. Kimmila's knot has a slight flicker of confusion in her eyes, but she doesn't voice anything as her attention returns to the Weyrleader. "Sir," she says, lifting a long fingered hand to offer him a sharp, perfect salute. "Thank you for seeing me. High Reaches' duty to Fort and her queens as well." She holds herself so formally as to almost be rigid, though that could also be nerves. Stepping inside, she waits for Th'ero to close the door before she moves forward, hesitating before she stands behind the chair to D'ani's right. And she waits for him to pull it out for her, too, because that's only proper. It's expected. Perhaps she's testing them as well? "Food and drink would be appreciated, Weyrleader, thank you sir," she says politely, with a small smile touching her lips. The girl is nervous, but structure and formalities help her through this unknown.

Kayeth circles the bowl again, surveying the weyr with a curious and thoughtful gaze, flicking her legs as she flies to try and get rid of some of the mud that now mars her gleaming, fiery hide. Her thoughts focus in on the bronzes on the star stones, those misty stars teasingly touched with ruby lights. Fiery diamonds in the sky before she lets his image return to what it was before. When the two bronzes respond favorably, the queen wings up over the star stones, gliding /just/ over their heads before she rises a bit higher and makes a long, looping turn, giving the sun plenty of time to show off her hide and also making it so that she does not appear fumbling or awkward as she glides in to land neatly between the bronzes. Folding her wings, she then settles, stretching luxuriously between them and not caring at all if hide brushes hide. « Thank you, Velokraeth, » she responds, her voice a soft, throaty purr. « Dremkoth. A pleasure to meet you both, thank you for allowing me to settle here. It is a nice view, and a nice weyr. The warmth is welcomed. » Her thoughts are easy, relaxed, but the view offered is only of a shore and a beach - her distant island is kept apart from them for now. Bending her muzzle, she begins to nose at her dirty forelegs, working at the mud that mars her hide.

D'ani nods simply to Th'ero, including Kimmila in his reply as he sits. "I wanted to get some things finished in the office so I'd have time to get out to the barns. Trying to keep my skills up," he says with a rueful grimace; because busy. It's a thing they all do. And he's been neglecting the beastcraft. The knock on the door brings him respectfully to his feet so when the door is opened to admit Nyalle he's standing. He echoes Th'ero's formal greeting, noting how young and nervous she looks, so offers her a warmly encouraging smile and an easy-going dip of his head to welcome her. When she moves to the chair beside his, he reaches to pull out the chair out for the young goldrider, helps push it in before stepping to the food plate and bringing it to her so she may select something. He'll make the rounds, offering first to Kimmila, then Th'ero before returning it to the side table and reseating himself.

Dremkoth isn't one to miss an opportunity to gawk and so Kayeth's circling of the bowl is followed until the hip nudge recalls him. Oh, right! He sidles over and waits until the gold has made herself comfortable before he sinks to sprawl upon the starstones, his muzzle lazily resting on his forepaws and a puppy-eyed deer-in-the headlights regard for that cleaning process. Does… she need any help? His tail drapes languidly over the side of the precipice and twitches idly from side to side. Not that he's… thinking tail-things, nope, not him!

"Good to hear that you are still finding time to pursue your Craft," Th'ero murmurs to D'ani and genuinely pleased at that. It will have to be a conversation to resume another time perhaps, as their guest has arrived then and predictably all attention focuses to her. "Of course. We're glad to have you here to visit, Nyalle." Th'ero goes on to tell the girl, his dark eyes giving her a curious look over. Swift enough to not be noted, but he is taking in as many little details as he can. He knows that it may not all be nerves to why she is so rigid and the formality being necessary. After having dealt with High Reachian hospitality before, not to mention how their current Senior Weyrwoman and Weyrleader run their Weyr, Th'ero is a little wiser in treading carefully around them. Leaving D'ani to politely see her seated and serve the food (to which he waves off the offer), Th'ero will go on to ask. "Do you have a preference of drink? We have a little of everything." Once she names it, he'll pour it and set it nearby within her reach. Stepping back, he will walk around his desk then and move on to the next formal step. "Nyalle, I'd like you to meet my Weyrsecond, D'ani, rider of bronze Dremkoth and my Wingrider Kimmila, rider of blue Varmiroth. Though rather unofficial, we consider her our Weyrthird." Having lead the stage for greetings to commence, Th'ero will finally take his seat.

Velokraeth's oversized and misshapen head will crane and turn to follow Kayeth's flight above them and he rumbles low and deep in his chest. Now there is a gold! He will protest no hide-to-hide contact, not a single peep from him! Though it does make it harder for him to be a gentleman. Dremkoth isn't the only one thinking tail-things and while Kayeth settles herself, Velokraeth will pretend to stretch as well to gain a comfortable position. Just ignore how he cranes his head just-so to sneak another peek at the young gold's physical form before holding it forwards again. Polite and respectful! That is (so not) what he is! « You are most welcome, dear Kayeth. Here to our ledge and to the weyr too! And Dremkoth and I certainly do not mind the company. » Right? Velokraeth seems to pointedly look at the young bronze then until he's distracted by Kayeth once more. « Oh dear. Would you like some assistance with that mud? The autumn-rains here do make a mess of things. »

Kimmila lifts her brows at how stiff and formal the young goldrider seems, though…the bluerider is soon shifting her posture as well. The confusion at her knot is noted, but also not commented on. She does offer a smile though. "Welcome to Fort, Goldrider Nyalle," Kimmila says quietly. "And congratulations, belatedly, on your impression." When D'ani brings the tray she picks a muffin with a nod of thanks, and begins to pick at it.

Nyalle glances back at Kimmila and smiles politely, with a nod. "Thank you, bluerider," she murmurs, glancing again at the knot. Smiling gratefully when D'ani helps her sit, she waits until he returns and she makes a few selections - all small things, healthy, and easy to eat without making a mess. She also chooses some hot tea and once everyone is settled she just sits, quiet, waiting, after a softly murmured 'thank you, sir' to D'ani for serving her. Proper and polite. And a thank you for Th'ero as well, hands circling her mug. "Weyrsecond. Wingrider," she greets both with little nods, though the term 'weyrthird' gives her pause as she studies Kimmila for a long moment. "A bluerider?" she asks, giving Th'ero a quizzical look for that choice. "Forgive me," she is swift to add to Kimmila, a light blush touching her cheeks, "but it is unusual. In High Reaches…" and she trails off, hesitating and then abandoning the thought. "Thank you for seeing me," she adds again.

Kayeth either doesn't notice or ignores Dremkoth's deer-in-headlights gaze as she runs her muzzle along her proportioned limbs, making a soft sound in her chest as she does so. Her wings shift, her body constantly in some sort of slow, languid motion so her hide ripples as the light gleams across her fiery luminescence. Lifting her head for a moment, flecks of mud speckle the side of her muzzle until they're licked clean. « How would you assist? » she asks, her voice multi-layered and musical, like harmonious chimes in the distance as the wind blows over sea grasses along the shore. She studies Velokraeth's form for a long moment and then turns her head to look at Dremkoth instead because he is, frankly, nicer to look at.

"I've missed it," D'ani says simply to Th'ero before the attention turns to greeting and attending to their guest. The Weyrsecond isn't aware of undercurrents regarding High Reaches - save for the odd bits he caught with the inordinate interest that Weyr's rider's seemed to have over Fort Weyr's candidates after the ill-fated trip and subsequent rescue. He bows formally and murmurs, "Pleasure to meet you Nyalle." Nothing but proper and polite in return, though an underlying warmth and easy-going escapes his smile. Relax, kid. They don't bite. Much. He will leave Kimmila and Th'ero to explain Weyrthird. Hell if he knows what it means! Perhaps the meant-to-be-overheard-whisper to Nyalle, "She's his sidekick," will help explain? That's his take on it. He waits for Kimmila to make her choice, is waves off by Th'ero and then he's sitting, present and accounted for, attentive to this meeting and somber before he blinks, chokes back a chuckle and sends an apologetic look 'round. "Dremkoth," he mutters, lifting a hand to rub the back of his neck. Is it hot in here or is it just him?

Dremkoth lifts his head at the pointed look from Velokraeth. Hm? Oh right! « We're happy to shelter you from the stray bronz- breezes that might trouble you! » Back to mooning over Kayeth, his head returns to his paws. It takes him a moment to reply to Kayeth because he's sought his rider's mind. His answer is drenched in night dew, redolent of fresh-cut sweet meadow grasses, « Frost…ing? Tastes better…than…mud? » What?! The young bronze lifts his head to peer down in the direction to the administration complex. Thanks a lot D'ani! « I could…lick the spots you can't reach? » What color do a dragon's eyes whirl when they're hopeful?

Th'ero keeps his expression carefully schooled and neutral, though his eyes flick from face to face as the conversation continues on around him. Taking mental notes and details, marking a few for later review. So when Nyalle's question is voiced out in the open, rather than bristle, the Weyrleader only nods his head as he looks over to where Kimmila has settled herself. "Do not apologize, Nyalle." he murmurs. It's an honest mistake? "We do things here a little," A lot! "differently here at Fort Weyr. Kimmila is a very skilled rider, a hard worker, devoted as any of us…" Or as D'ani puts it: his sidekick. Th'ero's mouth twitches up into a vague grin. Aptly put? "Sidekick would be one way to label it. Assistant another." Not much of an elaboration, but hopefully suitable for now. Dipping his head in a respectful nod, he smiles warmly to Nyalle. "We're glad to be able to have you visit us! Now that we've finished with the greetings…" Time to get to the real reason of this little get together! "We're curious as to why you'd be interested in transferring here to Fort Weyr?" He knows why, but lets go through the motions, shall we? "What skills do you have that you could offer us? You've been a junior now for… how many Turns?" Poor girl. Already being grilled! While waiting for her answers, he'll slide his gaze to D'ani when he mutters. What? A quick check with Velokraeth and now it's Th'ero's turn to sit a bit more tensely in his chair. Oh. Great. Wonderful.

Velokraeth whuffles softly to Dremkoth. That's better! Sort of. Tilting his head down, he is not shy in his admiration of Kayeth's hide and colour too, even when she studies him and then favours Dremkoth. Ouch! But it's a familiar hurt and sting, one the pale bronze lets slide with nary a flinch. « Why, there are many ways! We'd be happy to show you the lake, where you may bathe the mud off in the clear waters. The ledges there are plentiful though do not hold as quite a nice view. Then there are the weyrbrats. Always eager to help, if you do not mind younglings approaching. And lastly… » Dremkoth beats him to it, but Velokraeth's mind ripples with rich laughter. « There is that too, though I was hoping not to be so bold so soon. »

Kimmila lifts her brows, stiffening a bit when Nyalle questions her position and her dragon's color. Forgiveness or not, that's one strike against this goldrider as far as Kimmila is concerned. Then she flicks a gaze to D'ani, and there's a frown for his whisper too. She's a lot more than that! Huff. It's all subtle though, behind a vaneer of politeness. And the rim of her klah mug. And then Th'ero is agreeing, so the bluerider just keeps quiet. She's here more to observe, honestly.

Nyalle tilts her head slightly at D'ani's explanation, studying Kimmila for a brief moment before she drops her gaze. "I meant no disrespect ma'am," she murmurs. Then the girl is giggling softly, darting a look at D'ani - a knowing look. She knows what her dragon is up to. But it's quickly squashed in favor of politeness and control. A brief view into a light hearted Nyalle before it's pushed away and her attention focuses once more on the Weyrleader. "Sir?" she queries, a bit confused at his question until she's had a moment to mull it over. "Wingsecond V'sev thinks it is best if I am not in High Reaches right now." She can't speak poorly of her weyrleaders. It wouldn't be right, but there's some strain around her lips, around her eyes. "The Wingleader is…" How can she phrase this delicately? "Easily distracted from his work. And I have been a Junior for a little over a turn, sir. I am good with organization and paperwork, and tending to the needs of the men of the weyr. Kayeth is a fine queen," and here she has far more confidence, speaking about her beloved dragon, "and her last flight and clutch were strong and those riders serve the weyr well. Two bronzes in her first clutch." Of that she is proud.

Kayeth rumbles softly, amusement chiming through the breezes of her mind as they tickle Dremkoth's meadow and swirls the scents around them both. « Little troubles me, » she says lightly. « Certainly not breezes. Or bronzes. » Yeah, she caught that, with a teasing lilt to her voice and a slight shift of her weight to give the young bronze a little nudge. « What is frost…ing? » she asks curiously, shifting her muddied paws. « I would not want you eating dirt, » she adds a moment later. « But I do have an itch here, » and she shifts, tilting her neck towards the bronze and sharing the location with him. Right /there/, between the neckridges, if he'd be so kind? Her attention then shifts to Velokraeth and his list of options, and she shifts, muscles tensing and both males can feel it, as they are pressed hide to hide. « I would love to see your lake. If we are to reside here I would like to test the waters. » Was that a joke?

D'ani nods firm agreement with Th'ero about Kimmila being a skilled and hard worker. "She's tough too and has your back in a fight." They…heh… seem to have been in a few of those together. And it's been… too long? He flicks a rakish grin at Kimmila for that huff. Of course she's more than that but he's not about to tell Nyalle she's Th'ero's weyrmate. He quiets, turns his attention back to Th'ero only to turn to look at Nyalle in surprise. Transfer? He eyes the so-proper young goldrider only to see her giggle. And yeah, he knows what she's amused with. "Don't encourage him," he says under his breath but he's got a rueful smile while making that request. His mouth forms a faint frown at not her words but the strain he's seeing. He flicks a concerned, questioning look at Th'ero. Nothing is put into words but he's clearly asking what's going on at High Reaches Weyr.

Dremkoth nudges Kayeth back while he does the equivalent of mental shrug of shoulders. His reply includes Veelokraeth with scudding clouds barely visible across a dark sky, « Something my rider says goes not on beef but cake. » Is… D'ani toying with him? Signs point to yes! Kayeth presents her neck to him and his head pops up, neck curling to eye the spot critically and then, because paws would just be clumsy, don'tcha know and batting the gold off the starstones on her very first visit would be a HUGE faux pas, he lowers his muzzle to delicately nibble the itchy away, eyes whirling over at Velokraeth while he attends the lady. « What were you saying about bold? »

Th'ero darts a glance towards Kimmila, noticing how she's stiffened a bit and also has gone quiet. That brings a momentary frown, but D'ani is adding more to his earlier compliments on her as a rider and smiling, he nods his head in agreement. Of course she's more than a 'sidekick' to Th'ero, but he doesn't seem to be jumping at the bit to tell Nyalle anything further (for now) concerning the blue rider's unique position. "So V'sev told me when we spoke last," Th'ero reassures the young and proper Nyalle, letting his expression fall neutral again but that same small, warm smile still in place. Neither does he bring up Briari or R'lor's name, at least not while she is in their presence. Later, he'll have to speak more to his Weyrsecond and he tries to impart that in a glance to D'ani. Later, they'll talk and more will be explained. The explanation is accepted with a brisk nod of his head. "So you're not unfamiliar with the duties asked of a goldrider." he confirms gently, sounding… relieved? Hard to say. Leaning back in his chair, he laces his fingers together as he rests his hands on the edge of his desk, eyes still focused on Nyalle. Now a smile that is a touch more genuine curves one corner of his mouth. "Kayeth is indeed a fine queen and that is good yield for a maiden flight!" he agrees, sensing her pride in her gold's first clutch. Silent for a moment, he frowns a bit as he mulls over his next words, glancing between Kimmila and D'ani before addressing the young Reachian gold rider. "You are aware that it is not our decision as to whether or not you and Kayeth may transfer here? Zuvaleyuth may not accept another queen and if that is the case the matter is entirely out of our hands. Would you be willing to meet with Weyrwoman Dtirae? As well as the other juniors, Inri and Jajenelja?" Get to know your possible future team! "There is also Elara and Neyuni you may visit with, they were both Senior here at Fort, with Elara holding the position for many Turns. If there is one who knows Fort well, it would be her." he suggests softly, sliding another quick look to Kimmila as he does.

Velokraeth indulges in the scents that Kayeth shares with them and in kind returns the scent of spice and smoke, the comforting scent of home and the sweetness of wine. « A good trait to have, to not be troubled by the little things or the big things. » he says in a rich and rolling voice, only to cock his head a bit to the side as Dremkoth attends to Kayeth's itch. « Oh, nothing, truly, aside that boldness has it's usefulness. Especially in trying to gain something, hmm? » If Velokraeth could smirk, he'd be doing it right now at the young bronze. Kayeth's tensing has Velokraeth leaning gently against her for a brief moment. Even if it wasn't a joke, Velokraeth is very amused by it but he keeps his mirth to small ripples. « The, whenever you are ready, m'lady, we will go to the lake! So you may test the Fortian waters and see for yourself if they could be 'home' to you. »

Kimmila nods firmly at D'ani's words with a crooked smirk in agreement. "That I do," she agrees quietly. Listening to Th'ero's words, the bluerider finally smiles. "Yes, they would all be good to talk to, and meet with."

Nyalle looks a bit startled, turning to stare at D'ani. "Are there many fights here?" Oh dear. But then she's ducking her head down, blush touching her cheeks again. "She is in a good mood," she murmurs. She doesn't want to take her dragon's fun away - at least /one/ of them should enjoy this visit to Fort, right? "No, sir," she says, meeting Th'ero's gaze. "I was trained very well at High Reaches on the proper duties, traditions and responsibilities of goldriders." Maybe too well. "Yes, sir, I understand. I know not all Seniors are…agreeable to more juniors in their weyr. And Kayeth is…" Here she hesitates, pride waring with modestly. "Eye-catching. I understand that this is entirely out of my hands, sir," she says quietly, spreading said hands, palms up, with a small smile. There is a sadness to her eyes but her posture does not waver. "But I trust V'sev and know he has the best intentions. And I have heard of Elara. Kayeth is Wiyaneth's great granddaughter. So there is Fort in her."

Kayeth thrummmms her delight when Dremkoth tends to that itch, her body shivering in pleasure. Ahhhh, yes. Right there. « Perfect, » she croons, voice low and sultry. « Boldness does have its uses, » she agrees, « and often there is much to be gained. » With that, she beats the bronzes off the stones, moving forward with an uncoiling, feline grace. Kicking free from the ledge she waits for a heart-stopping moment, falling to the bowl before her wings unfurl with a snap and she glides towards the lake, hoping that they will follow.

D'ani catches Th'ero's 'later' look and nods subtly, listening quietly to the rest, keenly noting Nyalle's answers and her demeanor. Something is not right here - not with her but with her situation. He won't press, but he's got a nagging feeling that he should be concerned. It won't be up to him if the young Nyalle transfers but she must want it for a reason. What can he say? Not a whole lot, save to murmur agreement that Elara knows Fort well. He's neutral where the other goldriders are concerned save to say, "Inri is pretty easygoing. Dtirae is sweeter than she lets on." The flicker of sad about his mouth is eased as he returns Kimmila's smirk. "What? Fights? Here? Nono. Heh. No, Nyalle. We had some trouble a turn or so ago with renegades." An gentle smile tugs at his mouth as she speaks about Kayeth. "Dremkoth agrees," he says about eye catching and then falls silent to listen. He'll be there, either meeting with Th'ero or in his office working. Perhaps he'll be able to make an offer to give her a tour of the Weyr after she's had her meetings…

Dremkoth chirrs in response to Kayeth's thrumming. He sends a mental chuckle to the older bronze. « Perfect, she said! » His smug is dispersed as Kayeth is suddenly gone - mid-nibble - leaving his teeth clack-clacking on thin air. Sadness! He scrambles up from his lounging to follow to the lake but is likely last to make it there. He'll be pleased to swim, talk, fawn…and drool for as long as Kayeth's visit lasts.

Fights? How'd that come into the conversation? Th'ero blinks for a moment as he's lost, only to have D'ani swoop in again to explain and the Weyrleader's shoulders relax. "He speaks true, Nyalle." Never mind the incident with Roc Wing and the current tensions between Weyr and Holds. Nope. Nothing to see there. She may also wish to turn a deaf ear to the talk of a brawl almost breaking out in the living caverns after a Wingleader was stripped of his rank. None of which the Weyrleader brings up or even hints at. Talk of the past, however? Safe. "Does the name Laris sound familiar?" he asks Nyalle curiously. "He was the leader of the holdless band of followers he cobbled together. I suppose in the end, he was more of a renegade…" Listening quietly to Nyalle, Th'ero nods his head slowly as he takes a moment to absorb all she's shared, quietly contemplative though he looks up in time to see D'ani's flicker of sadness of mentioning Dtirae. Again, nothing is said or nothing gives in his expression otherwise. "I've no doubt that your training was very…" Strict. "…thorough. I've no concerns, to be honest, in that regard and I am glad to see that you understand that this transfer may not go through and not on any part your fault." Pause and here Th'ero does have to struggle to keep his composure. Velokraeth is certainly feeding his opinion of Kayeth to him and the Weyrleader sneaks another glance to Kimmila. "Kayeth is certainly eye-catching, yes. She is a young, strong and fertile queen. All desirable traits." he says and it sounds like a compliment but it could be barbed as something else. Meant, perhaps, for D'ani and Kimmila? A secret nudge-nudge: hey, why would High Reaches give her up? Something is certainly missing from this but no details come forth. "Ahh! Even better. So Esereth is of Wiyaneth's line too? This should be welcomed news to Elara, wouldn't you say Kimmila?" Not to mention sweeten the deal a little bit.

Velokraeth hums in delight when Kayeth shivers, even if he's not the one behind such a response from the gold and it's Dremkoth's attentions doing it. Why can't he partake a bit, even if on the outside? Though he is enjoying their witty little banter almost as much. « Ahh. Very well spoken, dear Kayeth and there lies an interesting tidbit. For if boldness is to gain, what is to keep boldness from warping to greed? A lust for power, perhaps? » Then she is off and Velokraeth chuffs, his equivalent of actual laughter as Dremkoth is caught mid-nibble. Once the younger bronze has taken wing after the gold, Velokraeth will flare his wings to full length, twin banners of red-gold, copper and bronze in richer hues that his paled, washed out body. At least they are untouched by any marring disfigurement and as he springs powerfully into the air, he will fly past Kayeth, only to dip his wings and circle back around in a steep, banking turn. « This way, m'lady! » With Dremkoth in tow, he's off to guide her towards the lake.

Kimmila grins a bit at D'ani, mostly hidden behind her klah mug. Glancing then to Th'ero, she tries to keep up with his subtle glances, but in the end she chalks it up to 'talk to Th'ero about all this stuff later'. Though she does nod. "Oh yes, Elara will be thrilled at that. She is very…interested in Wiyaneth's bloodline and seeing where it has gone. And when it comes home again."

Nyalle tilts her head as she listens to D'ani, nodding and committing to memory the little tidbits he's given her about the goldriders. "Renegades," she murmurs, concern and curiosity both in her tone. "Laris. I have not heard the name." Reaches isn't exactly big on what happens in other areas. Then she smiles, uncomprehending anything other than a compliment to her beautiful and beloved queen. "Thank you. She is…everything." Unnecessary to state, surely, but the goldrider says it anyway.

Kayeth is amused when she hears the click of Dremkoth's teeth behind her, giggling softly as she glides down to the lake ahead of the bronzes - she can see it just fine. Landing neatly in the shallows, she rumbles in satisfaction, bending her muzzle to wet it and then to drink before she moves through the cold waters, letting the mud be washed from her limbs. Only then will she respond to Velokraeth's questions with a brush of chimes and summer breezes along the shore. « Duty, » she answers. « Honor and restraint. The good of the weyr above all else, even oneself. » Either she has been trained /very/ well at Reaches, or this is part of her personality. « Power is temporary. The leaders change and the weyr prevails. It is the way of things. »

It really is all just 'we need to discuss this later, mark it' glances from Th'ero and partly he trying to gauge the mood of the others with him. Kimmila's reply only begins a broader smile from the Weyrleader before his attention drifts back to Nyalle once more. Seeing her concern, he is quick to reassure her and silently chides himself for foolishly forgetting how cut-off High Reaches Weyr is. "They are no longer a threat. Most of his followers are exiled," Or dead, but he need not say that. His heavy frown and the flat edge to his tone may be enough to drive that point. "While Laris himself died in the final confrontation on Drake's Lake in the south." Very much a nutshell of the events, but if Nyalle does transfer in she will likely learn the whole sordid tale in time. Dipping his head to her thanks, he then slowly stands from his chair. "I don't believe we have any further questions for you at this time." Though he'll pause significantly long enough for Kimmila or D'ani to speak up. "Do you have anything you would like to ask us? Otherwise, if you'd like, we can take you on a tour of the Weyr or if you prefer you may explore it on your own as our guest." Meaning she could probably gain access to some places a normal visitor may not tread so easily. Of course, some parts of the Weyr will be barred but Th'ero has all but given her free reign.

Velokraeth will follow in Kayeth's wake, allowing the young gold to land first before he touches down on the shore line and right along the edge of the water. Folding his wings neatly and tightly to his side, he will watch her as she bathes, his mind brushing back against the chimes and summer breezes with another ripple and tickle of bubbly wine and champagne now. « Perhaps. » he counters simply, not holding back how impressed he is by her response. She's cunning and he finds that just as alluring as her hide. « But they are but masks to hide what may be false and corrupted beneath. There is more to it then that, m'lady. Power is also dangerous. A temptation and a desire. But yes, it is the way of things. »

No chance they could offer to 'sacrifice' Jajenelja to High Reaches Weyr for Fort Weyr being willing to bite the bullet in taking Nyalle off their hands?

Kimmila has nothing more to add, just pushing to her feet with a smile and a nod.

Nyalle dips her head down in understanding, and then she smiles. "I would appreciate a tour, sir, if someone would be so kind." Her eyes dart to D'ani, and then back to Th'ero, questioningly. She wouldn't presume to take the Weyrleader away from his own duties, but she will accept a tour from whoever gives her one.

Kayeth dips her muzzle again, nuzzling at difficult to remove bits of mud until they float away. She is quiet, thoughtful for a long moment. « Masks upon masks. How is the truth to be seen through all the haze? » she says, partly a rhetorical question. And partly not. « And have you been corrupted by your turns in power, Velokraeth? » Her tone betrays that she thinks not. « How have you kept true? »

D'ani'll volunteer! He's good for courteous, proper and yet relaxed in tone. Perhaps he can get Nyalle to relax a little. Does she like cows? He'll show her those too!

Th'ero will step closer to Kimmila's side as they all prepare to move from the office, something the Weyrleader is all to happy to see progress further and not awkwardly for once. "We would not mind at all!" he goes on to murmur to Nyalle, offering her yet another warm but reserved smile. Th'ero will end up giving the honours of the tour over to D'ani, as the Weyrleader does have other duties pressing him that morning. No doubt it will include reporting to the Weyrwoman and dealing with anything else that may surface throughout the day. As they all step out of the office, he will by habit slip his arm around Kimmila or at the very least try to link arms with her while he gives his formal farewells to Nyalle. "Enjoy your stay here in Fort, Nyalle and if ever you should wish to visit again while we are determining the outcome of your transfer, do not hesitate to ask." Though who knows if it will be possible. Politics, they're tricky!

Velokraeth does not move from where he stands on the shore, save for the lazy twitch of his tail or the way he turns his head in an almost thoughtful and contemplative gesture. « One has to pull back all the masks to clear the haze before the truth is laid bare. Not always an easy task, but doable. You learn to observe, to see the signs… » Ones he knows well. « Me? » Velokraeth laughs at this before rumbling. « I'd like to think not. I've kept as true as one can. I value honour and duty. I do not outrightly seek power, but it seems to seek me. So I do what I can. »

« A good plan, » is Kayeth's reply as she studies the bronze, giving him more attention than she did earlier. He intrigues her, and that warrants some further looking into. « For good reason. Fort prospers through different weyrwomen and yet you stay the same. It speaks well of you and yours. »

For what serious flaws he has in physical looks and build (and there are many), Velokraeth makes up for it ten fold for his intellect and personality. Kayeth's compliments have the pale bronze lowering his head and unfurling his wings a little as though to 'bow', though when he straightens he looks ready for flight again. « You are too kind, m'lady. We care greatly for Fort and all the folk within it. We may not have been born here, but it is our home. » And both Velokraeth and Th'ero are fiercely protective of it in their own ways. « Would you like to see more of the Weyr or stay here to swim? I can see it that a suitable ledge is secured for you. » Only the best, after all!

Kayeth finishes with her little bath and lifts her head, standing for a moment in the cool lake. « I like these waters, » she admits, though her gaze around implies more than just the /water/. « I would like to see more, » she says with youth's eagerness.

Velokraeth rumbles low and deep in his chest and if he catches that implied hint, he does not let on. That is something he'll smugly keep to himself for now. « Come then! Dremkoth and I will show you all of Fort's splendours. » With that, he will spread his wings full again and leap skywards. At least in the air he has some grace to his movements!