** Harpers' Practice Room **

This room has the best acoustics of anywhere in the Weyr, intended for Harpers to have a place to practice when they want and as loud as they want. The thick doors hold back a lot of sound, muffling the more obnoxious of tunes from innocent ears when the Harper's are doing their thing. In general, it's a large open room that has several large storage cabinets along some of the walls. The cubbies vary in size depending on the type of instrument they are meant to hold. Some hold things as small as flutes, while others hold things as large as guitars and cellos. On the wall and corner nearest the doors, a couple of large sturdy desk are reasonably stacked with a few stacks of unruly papers. It looks like they are all trying to escape in a different direction. A mishmash of assorted Harper tools and needed thingamabobs are there somewhere under the pile. A few worn but well-padded benches and stools are scattered about, and a good number of folding chairs are stacked off to one side. All along the wall are racks and instrument stands to keep a few things more readily at hand. Several comfortable couches are arranged here and there, away from the walls where racks store gear. One couch looks to be longer than the other two, a couple of rumpled pillows and a little throw show that someone uses it for naps often. A sign on the walls points to the couch that warns //That's Leuka's spot Taking up a large portion of a far corner of the room, a large drum set has been delivered. This is Leuka's pride and joy. It's adjusted for his size and enthusiastic playing style. Painted on the wall in big clear letters behind the drum set, big enough to read across the room, the wall reads. This is my baby! Touch it, I will KEEL you slowly! Leuka A couple paces off to the side, another drum set waits, ready for Apprentices to practice on. A few paces away, a large well cared for piano sets, ready to be used. Thankfully, it has wheels to move the massive upright where it's needed.//

It is the lunch hour at Fort Weyr, which is likely why the Harper's playroom is deserted. Well. Minus one rather out of place weaver lass, who has boldly and unapologetically sat herself at the brand new drum set. There may have been careful appreciation of the drums, a gentle trail of fingers over hide and metal, until she decided to simply sit and wait. Not even bothering to adjust the seat, Sephany simply spins herself idly with a kick of her legs, feet dangling as she waits (im)patiently.

Leuka heads down the tunnel towards the practice room, balancing a tray in one hand, a little stack of books held with the other. He turns his back on the door and leans against it to open, wasn't latched so swings open easily. Spinning back around to face the room, nudging the door closed with a boot, he takes a couple of steps in before spotting someone sitting boldly behind his set. Rather than start skinning someone's hide though, Leuka grins "Hi Sephany." Moving further in, he settles the tray down, swiping a spot flat on one of the desk and turning his attention back to the Weaver. "You waiting for Eiram? He's off working on his lyre I think." He nudges another stool closer to the drums and drops down on right, right next to Sephany.

Another little kick of her foot sends Sephany spinning once again, thrice around until momentum and physics has her slowing to a stop just as Leuka enters. A grin follows him as he sets down food and books and heads in her direction. "Well, I wouldn't mind seeing Eiram, but I was actually waiting for you," she confesses. As he sits, she hops down and moves a few feet away, dropping down to her discarded bag and rifling through. A moment later and she returns to claim the drum stool, hopping up to let her feet dangle once more. "Here," and she offers him a pair of leather gloves that ought to look rather familiar, as well as rather modified. "You will need to test them, and let me know if they work. I can still make adjustments, if it's not quite right."

Leuka grins when Sephany says she was waiting for him. "Then I'm glad I decided to bring lunch back here." But, seems she's not there for the reason he thought when up she goes and heads over to her pack. "Oh yea, that's where that pair of gloves went." Recalling perfectly now, he reaches for them happily enough. "Thanks." He turns them a few times, looking at the alterations before slipping them and moving his hands about. "I'll let you know how the changes work. May see if you can make me a couple more pair later." Glancing back when she drops back onto the stool, he laughs when her feet don't touch the floor.

Eiram's new lute case is still empty but there has been much progress the last few days on the lute that will go inside it in the crafter workroom. The 'near' finger amputation slowed is progress, but at least now it looks lute shaped! There has been a day of sanding and smoothing down the wood /just/ right. Finally he put aside the project for the day and has headed to the playroom to enjoy his other gift. There may still be a bit of a fine dust of sanded wood on face, hair and clothes, but his hands are clean. As he enters he spots the weaver and the Journeyman and gives a little wave as he strides purposefully to where his guitar case is stored. A man on a mission!

"I took the fingers off entirely," explains Sephany needlessly, leaning over just a touch to watch as he pulls them on. "And put a button and loop on the 'mitten' part so that it won't flap annoyingly when you're playing. I tried to tighten up the palm so that it wouldn't catch when you play but…" a little shrug. "You will need to test it. I had some thoughts regarding materials if the leather doesn't work out. But it would be nice if this worked; I'd hate to make gloves from scratch." A nod-nod for the suggestion that more offers would be requested, and then grey eyes find Eiram as he enters. "Hello Eiram!" is offered, a hand lifted as she greets and acknowledges his presence.

Leuka nod and continues to flex and bend his hand this way and that. He catches sight of Eiram coming in, and flicks fingers up in a wave to the apprentice before his attention goes back to Sephany. Nodding with a slow grin, he calls out to his Apprentice. "Eiram, grab mine to. Time to teach you how to play your new toy." Not that it's a toy, but no doubt Eiram's eager to play his gift. "No time like the present to test them right?"

At the instruction from Leuka, Eiram gives a nod and grabs out Leuka's case as well and sets them both on the table. He opens up Leuka's first and passes the guitar over to him before going back to his own to get his purple guitar out. "Oh Sephany my lute is almost finished. Just need to polish and decorate it and string it up. Your case inspired me to get a move on." He says with a grin and moves over to a stool with his guitar and sets to tuning it. Eiram looks up to Leuka with a half grin, "I didn't reckon you could play strings without a bow in your hand." But there is a teasing note to his voice at least.

Sephany looks pleased enough that her gloves are going to get a test-drive immediately. Grey eyes follow Eiram as he grabs his case and Leuka's too, and there's a soft 'Oh,' at the reveal of that purple guitar. "Was that a Turnday gift?" she wonders because, sadly for her, she missed it's unveiling the other night. "How nice!" As for her gift inspiring him to hustle? She just grins all the more. "Well. I am glad I have inspired you to be productive. I hope it will play as good as it looks."

Leuka laughs to Eiram's little tease about his skills, sticking his tongue out at the boy, rather than send off a rude gesture had it been Riohra who said it. "For that, you /will/ be learning how to make bows first thing tomorrow. Starting with unbraiding and combing out the hairs." He flashes a smug grin to the Apprentice and starts pushing up from the stool. Looking back to Sephany he leans forward a bit, canting his head to whisper something to the pale haired weaver, before stretching up to his full height.

Eiram nods to Sephany and gives his purple guitar a little spin with a grin, "Yeah, though I reckon he gave it to me soI would stop torturing his ears with my violin playing." And the boy doesn't look at all unhappy with that. He starts to strum some chords on the guitar to make sure it is in tune before looking up at Leuka and grins, "Yes sir…I will unbraid and comb all day tomorrow..yes yes."

Instruments and musicians; Sephany is totally out of her element. Give her a good bolt of cloth any day. But she's got smiles to spare for both Leuka and Eiram, nodding along when appropriate for all this talk of bows and strings and braiding of things. "It's rather… festive," she decides of Eiram's purple guitar, "And it will match that… unique ensemble you debuted at the Karaoke event." Festive and Unique. Safe words, right? But her attention is quick enough caught by the leaning and whispering Leuka, a mischievous little smile playing at the corner of her mouth as he stands again. "Sure," is his answer, before she's waving him off to go show Eiram had to do the thing. "I am on an extended break. Do you mind if I stay and, um, listen?" to the practice session, she means.

Leuka nods to Sephany, smiling as he steps away from drums, moving a couple more paces to take up his own guitar before dropping into a seat. "I don't mind it." Though he does eye Eiram in amusement for his flippant concession to his work assignment. Slouching on the edge of the seat, he strums the strings a couple of times, fine tuning the already tuned instrument. "Okie Eiram. Let's break in that guitar in right." He chuckles to Sephany's comparison to the color of the Apprentice's prior lounge outfit. "Thought he might like it." An amused wink to the Weave before Eiram has his full attention for a bit. Hovering fingers over the strings, he holds the cords with the other, making sure he does it slow enough to keep up. "This is an easy one to learn." He'll just leave out it got him in a lot of trouble back at the Hall. He plays out the first few bars, trails off then starts again. He'll play through a few times as Eiram joins in and slowly gets more confident in what he's doing.


"Won't it just? I can't wait to perform with it..maybe even wear my new jacket over it all. I will look amazing!" And this is why he is not a weaver. He really think he is the height of style in that outfit! "Of course not, we harpers love an audience." He winks at Sephany and looks over to his mentor to see what he has in mind. As the lesson begins Eiram sets down to business at least. Guitar is held, fingers are being positioned as he leans over the guitar so slightly to watch Leuka play the first few notes. The lad looks at least confident with the instrument but a new song with new challenges do breed some hesitation as he works through the fingering.

A little hop down, and Sephany moves toward her bag once more, rummaging around while Eiram and Leuka set about fine-tuning already tuned instruments and discussing Harper-related business. A moment later, she's got her sketchbook in hand, a pencil hastily tucked behind her hear, and she's moving for a more comfortable place to sit. While she is sans comfy throw blanket, Sephany still manages to curl herself into a corner of the couch and get nice and cozy, settling sketchbook in her lap as an option. For now, grey eyes turn towards prepared and ready Harpers, ears tuned to plucked strings as she settles in to observe a lesson.

Leuka nods encouragingly to Eiram as he works the notes, slowly for a few times then gradually picking up speed. At first the new melody is uncertain, Eiram's fingerwork is a little stiff, stretching fingers out properly in the proper timing, then just as quickly reaching back quickly for the next note without fumbling the notes. "You're doing good." Soon Leuka begins increasing the tempo, tapping it out with his foot as the tune begins to actually sound like a song when they are both strumming in sync with each other. "Now you continue, transitioning to the beginning and running through the melody til I tell ya otherwise. k?" That said, the Journeyman stops playing, instead swings his guitar back to front and rest his hands along the flat surface. He then starts gently drumming out the rhythm for Eiram to follow. Every so often he glances around, having noticed Sephany moved, and grins her way. But then his attention is back to his Apprentice.

He might be a showboat when performing, but as a student he looks to be serious. Perhaps it just took a teacher he looked up to get the work out of him, despite the complaints that some of the teachers might have shared with Leuka about him. Though mostly they complained about the 'prankster' side of him and causing scenes in class, hardly they could complain about his practice and skill level. He fumbles a bit with the transitions at first but before long he is getting through the melody without faulting. Perhaps not as good as Leuka but defiantly adequately to untrained ears. There is a nod to the teacher as he switches from strumming to drumming. As he gets more confident with the melody his body once more relaxes and he glances up to Sephany with a grin but doesn't make comment just yet, just following the variations that Leuka encourages.

There is quiet contemplation from the weaver on the couch, Sephany's gaze resting casually upon Leuka and Eiram in turn as she follows along with the lesson without really… following the lesson. It's all fingers and strings to her; and notes plucked from instruments that sounds more or less the same to her 'untrained' ears. That she has chosen to remain in the room through the practice session should say well enough that Eiram is not making any eardrums bleed. Leuka's gaze gets a smile, an acknowledgement from the blond, before she flips open her sketch book to casually peruse. The pencil remains behind her ear, not yet ready to work but simply to review, and to perhaps linger on words of songs not penned by her hand.

Leuka peers over to watch Sephany a moment, chuckling as she settles right into the couch as she would in the lower caverns, watching old dudes cheat each other at cards. Shaking his head in amusement, the Journeyman's attention goes back to his Apprentice, nodding with a growing grin as Eiram is relaxing into the tune now. They both seem to be getting more into the song, even if only half of it is currently being heard, weaving with the music on the edges of their seats. Anyone pushing through the doors would be met with sudden music that might be quite muffled from outside. Eiram seems to have the melody well in hand now, after running through it several times, so Leuka spin his guitar back around with strings forward. He'll takes the strumming back up, "Pretty repetitious melody, easy to learn and commit to memory once you have it down." He'll grin and add. "I expect you to know it perfectly in a couple of sevenday, when we add the words."

Kaitlyn's kind of practicing needs a bigger place than this one, but she's done with her rigorous, 5 day a seven workout, the dancing Harper now clean and dry after her bath. A ride over to the Weyr with a friend first saw her visiting with said friend, a greenrider for a couple hours. And now that her buddy is busy again, Kait's on the prowl for some fun or relaxing times, it doesn't make a difference to her, at this moment. Upon her back is saddled her seven-string guitar, and grey eyes look around sharply, her ears following the sounds of playing to their origin. Quietly, the tall woman enters the room, bobbing her head to those here if they look up or around, then looking for a place to crash. She'll not interrupt, though Kait *does* cant her head, listening intently to what's being played.

Eiram is sitting next to Leuka strumming out a melody on a purple guitar. The young looking apprentice seeming to have a confidence with the task and not providing too much ear torture. Eiram looks at the mention of words and his eyes brighten all the more, "Can I get the sheet music for it now to start practicing?" He asks even as he continues to play through the melody, occasionally adding a variation, though for the most part keeping to the base tune. He starts to hum to the tune for the lack of any words. When he looks up again he sees his audience has doubled and he gives a nod to Kaitlyn, "Welcome to our Domain!" He declares with a flourish of notes before setting back to the lesson again.

"And hello to you, too. All of you…" Kaitlyn murmurs in her jazz-singer's voice to Eiram, her grey eyes glinting with enjoyment, lips touched with a half-smile. If there's a comfy chair, she'll settle her rump into it after settling her more-traditionally colored guitar to one side, nearby. "Leuka…" is noted to the young man. "Congratulations on your posting," she notes to the new Weyrharper. Harpers tend to at least recognize one another beyond a certain point in their training.

Sephany is very much not a Harper, though it has not stopped her from claiming the couch as her own (though there is still plenty of room to spare, as she is coiled up and snuggled into a corner of it). The entrance of another person into the otherwise deserted room has her head lifting, gaze flashing toward Kaitlyn as she enters. Curiosity follows the visitor, though Eiram's greeting has her briefly turning back to the pair with the guitars. "Domain?" she questions, a grin tugging at the corner of her mouth. "Hm." But rather than offer additional commentary, she simply plucks the pencil from behind her ear and puts it to paper, absently starting a new sketch of something or other. A glance is spared for the visiting harper once more, grey eyes going between her and Leuka as she wonders, "Do you know each other?"

Leuka nods with a grin to Eiram "I'll get it before ya leave." He'll keeps the words to himself for now. No need to stress the boy, or have his mother find the sheet and skin both their hides. Glancing back down to his own fingerwork, he grins and slips in hiw own variation to counter, or perhaps to challenge his apprentice. The greeting has him peering up, and spotting the visitor. Surprise briefly flashes across his face before it settles into a friendly grin. "Hey there Kaitlyn. Thanks, been quite an interesting posting so far." His attention drifts towards the Weaver curled up on the couch with a little grin before shaking out of some thoughts and focusing back on Kaitlyn. Noticing she came ready to play, he gestures for her to join in if she wishes." He gives Sephany a nod "Yea. We know each other from the Hall. Some lessons together over the Turns, and just in general."

The question of the Domain elicits a grin from Eiram, "You are welcome of course! You are the Maker of the very Best Lute case in all of pern!" He declares giving a flourish on the strings and a wink for his friend. The congratulations offered to the man has him grinning all the more, "And he has the honor of teaching me as his apprentice." Yes the hall finally got rid of the prankster and saddled him on the Journeyman but they seem to have made a good pairing of student and Teacher that he just never found at the hall. As the variations are added he turns his attention back to the strings and works to keep up with varying levels of success.

"It's a fine thing, to be a WeyrHarper," Kait notes with some obvious pride in a fellow Harper back to Leuka, her mouth touched by its characteristic half-smile for a bit longer. When playing is mentioned, the flamehead notes to all here, "Only if I'm not interrupting practicing. That's extremely important." The knot on Sephany's shoulder is her next point of eye contact, the other female in the room receiving an alto, "Weaver…" in recognition and greeting. Head-bob. As for Eiram's ebulliant theatrics, well, they earn him a small smirk, followed by a casual neck-swivel so she can peer at Leuka once more. "Should I congratulate you or offer my condolences on your new Apprentice?" Those lightly tinted lips twitch a little.

"Ah," is Sephany's acceptance of Leuka's answer, another glance spared between the two, a lingering look for the visiting Harper that is assessing in nature but not unkind. It is simple observation and study of a new person; curious and innocent. "Thank you, Eiram," for his acknowledgement of her presence being 'welcome', as well as the praise for her craftsmanship, which has her looking rather pleased indeed. At Kaitlyn's acknowledgement, there is a quick and friendly, "Harper," in return, the smile threatening her expression blossoming in full. "I am Sephany," she offers, though she does not stand on ceremony. Or stand at all actually, preferring to remain curled up where she is for the time being. This is definitely out of her element, with questions of practice and joining being left for Leuka to answer. She will offer a quick, "I believe congratulations are appropriate; Leuka seems to approve of Eiram's disregard for firmly established rules and is clearly seeking to encourage the further breaking of them."

Leuka plays through the song a bit longer before leaning down to the case and shuffling through a little pocket slot on the bottom. Plucking a few folded pages out, he shuffles through a few before sliding one out and refolding the rest. They go right back in the hidden pocket before he passes over the written score. "Make a copy and return this to me tomorrow." He leans back in the chair, not resuming play, but simply slouching lazily a Eiram continues on. /He's/ the one learning a new song afterall, not Leuka. Laughing at his fellow Harper's question, he pretends to have to think hard on Kaitlyn's question, then Sephany goes and totally rats him out. This just sets his humor off even more, and he feigns hurt feelings "But Sephany… the boy seems to enjoy being corrupted soooo much. Who am I to deny his spongelike brain of my mad skills?" He takes guitar back up and slips in a sneaky variation to try and trip Eiram up, while continuing to the dancer. "He's been doing great so far. If I can keep him from cutting his fingers off, and sticking his foot in that mouth of his."

All good things must come to an end and so must tonight's jam session, well at least Eiram's part in it. The tune comes to an end and he spins the guitar with a flourish before rising and giving a roll of his shoulders. As he is handed the score, there is a quick glance over it and a nod "I promise I will keep practicing it. I promised Ma I would show up for dinner this time." As opposed the several times he Has missed because of jamming or Lute making or any number of distractions that teen boy gets up to. He makes his way to guitar case and places his gently inside, taking a cloth to wipe off any finger smudges. Yep he loves his new toy. He can't help but laugh at Sephany's response but there is no argument at her assessment, "See… he is not without rules…I mean he won't let me hurt my fingers!" He says with dramatic dismay. He gives a flourish of salute after putting away his guitar, "Farewell sweet maidens, may the stars light your night and the sun rival for the brightness of your fair skin." A bow and the boy is off.

"Sephany…" Kaitlyn murmurs in acknowledgement of the Weaver, her mouth finding that half-smile again when the girl speaks of the Journeyman/Apprentice relationship going on. "Still slouching, I see?" she notes in an almost-purr to the WeyrHarper, grey eyes laughing just a little. "And now corrupting, as well. Ah, what times these are." Smirk. "Good luck." Eiram's assessment of his new 'boss' brings Kait's lazy sounding, "A Harper needs their hands, feet, brains, eyes." Does he have all of those? Another smirk is hers. A bob of head in farewell for him soon sees the journeyman stretching like a cat.

"Hm. Yes indeed, who would you be to deny him?" echoes Sephany, voice dry but expression amused. "And who am I to tell the teacher how to teach?" is offered a moment later, a bit of a sigh that comes on the heels of her flipping her sketchbook closed. There's a quirk of an eyebrow for Eiram's flowery exit, a small huff of laughter and a roll of her eyes. "Flirt," she teases, waving off the young harper. "Mm, and on that note," says the weaver, as she tucks her pencil back behind her ear, pushes up from the couch and heads back to the drums to collect her bag, "I ought to be on my way as well." It's apologetic, a quick explanation coming with, "my own Journeyman is expecting me back after lunch, and I feel I have taken just a touch longer than he would prefer. I will find you later," for Leuka, and a quick, "It was a pleasure to meet you. I am sorry I could not linger longer," for Kaitlyn as she moves to the doorway. "Don't cause too much trouble," is likely for the pair of them as she slips out and vanishes down the hall.

"You have learning, work to tend to. Thank you for the apology, no matter. Have a good day…" Kait murmurs to the departing Sephany. Trouble? Moi? The redhead's fingertips touch her upper chest, her features a moue of disbelief.

Leuka nods to Eiram's assurance he'll commit the song to memory as he was told. "And I expect those runner braids ready to be turned into bows by the time I check in tomorrow." The apprentice's 'extra' work assignment, earned for a flippant remark earlier. Shaking his head in amusement of the boy's exit, he slides his own guitar back into the case. Any thoughts he had of flopping down on the couch with Sephany are short lived when his favorite Fortian has to go. "Awww, you're always running off." He flashes a cheeky wink but nods "Thanks for bringing the altered gloves by. He wiggles and flexes his hands, reminding that he's been testing them the whole time. "Work great, should be fine with the cello as well." As she starts off he tosses out "See you a little later!" Hopefully the door didn't close too quickly. He does have to laugh at Kaitlyn seeming shocked about getting in trouble.

When the pair of Apprentices leave, Kaitlyn drops the faux surprised thing, now looking like a warm and happy feline in her overstuffed chair. "I heard about your promotion a couple sevens ago. Seemed proper to see if you were around, since I was already here for the day…" is noted low to Leuka. "That boy of yours is a sassy one. Hope you've got him well in hand." Smirk.

Leuka humors calms mostly and he pushes up from the chair and wanders over to his now cold tray of food. Taking up the room temp meatroll and tearing into it eagerly. He did sorta play through the lunch he intended to have when he came back. "He gestures around the room with his half eaten food "Yea. Can't say I like the cold that gets worse each day, but I'm liking it around here. I have to say, Fortians are nuts though." Which means he seems to fit right in. "They really let go when the mood strikes them. Tabledancing of all things." That has him tossing his head back and laughing, but that's all he shares about the topic. "And now that ya know where the practice room is I expect you to be stopping by and joining in if there's teaching to be done when you are around." He conceded with a slight bow and flourish of his food "When you're not already busy that is."

"That's a Weyr for you. You should have said you were allergic to high mountain peaks, or something," Kaitlyn notes around lazy smirk. "Toss a few more blankets on your bed at night, wear layers. I still do it, even at the 'Hall." She's a southerner, if he remembers. A Blooded southerner, since Leuka's been around her and the Hall long enough to learn some interesting factoids. Of Fortians being crazy, well, the woman snickers a little, shaking her head. "You only just *now* assessed that? The whole Fort area is looney as a toon. Weyrfolk the most." She doesn't sound accusing, more darkly humored. Teaching?!? "Oh *reeaaally*?" Snert. "You should've remembered I'm not the teaching type. As my Master said," and here she adopts a slightly more nasal voice, her features purposely pinched a bit, "'You are too demanding of the young ones; and your temper is exceptional. We want them trained, not crushed.'" Phoo-phoo goes her negligent hand wave, a roll of grey eyes. "Any klah leftover that's not cool, over there?" the flamehead inquires from her languid perch. "Weyrharper… I am almost *always* busy." Siigh. How put-upon she is! "I have performances scheduled at least once or twice a sevenday for the next three months." Groan. It *is* a grueling schedule for a dancer. "Always practicing, performing, dragonriding all over Pern." Woe is her! Smirk.

Leuka shoves another bite into his mouth, trying not to spit it back out when Kaitlyn mimics a well known, even annoying, Master from the Hall. He does manage to keep it from reappearing and get it down before nodding at her impersonation "Okie, that was too scary at well you did that." He gives a little cringe for it and gestures around the room as moves back to the desk "Well it's not like I had spent any actual time around here huh? Only a few short trips over the turns when assisting Journeymen and Masters." He takes up the klah pitcher, giving it a shake and refilling his own mug. "Er, fraid not, been sitting here for a couple of candlemarks." He takes a slurp anyway, shrugging to the dancer before setting his mug back down. "Seems fine to me." He'll gesture to a fresh mug though before smirking, "Oh boohoo for you." and rolling his eyes at ALL of the other Harper's troubles, playing an imaginary violin for all her woes.

"I practiced that in secret for Turns to get it just right…" Kait admits stoically, finally smirking broadly and tucking long legs beneath her. Boots on fabric be damned. "Well, you must've done *something* right…" For here he is now, with a shiny new title. Of cool klah, there's a disdainful wrinkle of nose, a shake of her fiery head. "It tastes different when cool, cold. I much prefer heated." Oh well. "Oh fuck you, Leuka…" is noted mostly good-naturedly. Still, a hint of fire lies within the words, Kaitlyn a teensie tetch aggravated.

Leuka doesn't bother hiding his snickering from the irked dancer, sliding into a full on snort when she snaps at him. That just sets him completely off for another minute. "What?! Expect me to feel sorry for you cause of all the work you got lined up? Months in advance no less. Pfft!" Turning back to the desk and swiping at his eyes from laughing so hard. "And here I was thinking it was the Fortian's who're nuts. Maybe it's us." Taking up his plate, he goes to flip back onto the sofa, chomping into a mostly cold fried tubor. A brief blah face for the not too good snack, but going for a second anyway. "Thanks though. I do think this will be an interesting posting though. If we don't get shipped back when the higher ups realize just what they now have lurking about. Don't think the Hall was too clear to the Weyrfolk just what they were passing off, and cleaning their own hands of in the process."

"Up yours, you slouch!" Kait grumbles darkly at the other journeyman, flipping him the bird. "I bust my ass, and you know it. But does the Hall see fit to give me even a couple sevendays off in a row to do things *I* want to? Oh, Shells no, Kaitlyn! 'They want you down at Ista next week. Igen in a few days. How can we or you deny what the people want? You're our very best dancer, and we have so pitifully few.'" The woman puts one hand up to her forehead, rubs there for some moments. "I've done so much for our Craft. Why can't they see fit to give me a vacation back, after 3 Turns of near-solid performances?" She sounds sour, tired. Word of his own woes gets her to climb up some out of her own, Kait sighing some. "Well then… here's to blissful ignorance." Eyeroll.

Leuka he puffs up a bit as if being complimented. "Why thank you. I happen to excel in Slouching too. I'm honored to finally get my due respect for such hard work. Took turns to perfect, let me tell you." He grins and then resumes his former slouch, wiggling into the poofy cushion as he does. He points at her with a cold tubor wedge "It's your own fault Kaitlyn. Always has been. You're too…" he trails off searching for the right words. "..proper. Professional. Maybe even a little obsessed with doing everything to perfect." He shrugs and turns his attention back to the cold plate of food. "That's just my observations over the Turns. You should be more like Hauser and I." He gestures around "He's here too by the way. Somewhere."

She stares at that cold tuber wedge as if it's personally offending her, Kait then shrugging and shaking her head to Leuka's acceptance of his own slouching. "Ass…" is muttered back half-heartedly. As for her list of 'shortcomings' - all of what he says accurate - she can only mutter, "That's how I *am*. I can't be someone else… you, for instance. Or Hauser." Frown. "I'm a perfectionist, I have drive and ambition, and what someone once said was a nearly obsessive love of dance." Siiigh. "What the Shell else can I do? Threaten to give up my rank, the Craft, even, if they don't cave?" The Hall, that is.

Leuka just smirks over his plate, lifting it to serve as a pretend violin and playing for Kaitlyn's benefit once more. Once his point is made once more to the other Harper's gripes he resumes snacking. "Well, what do /you/ expect Kaitlyn?" He's slouching on a couch, snacking from a cold lunch plate, the other Harper is curled up on a mushy chair, I think. "Always gotta be on time, and in step." As if he can talk about perfecting skills and timing when he works. "Seriously though, If you want some time off. I can totally help you with that." The devilish smirk in his eyes could be trouble. "I can just give ya a swift kick in the leg and you can rest up all you want for a couple of sevendays. Say you tripped and twisted it."

"You're a jagoff…" Kait spits out to Leuka, the redhead's temper once again stoked. This time, she swings her feet out from under her, plants boots to the floor, and pushes up into a flowing stand, all 5'11" of her. When Leuka speaks of kicking her in her legs for some time off for her, the dancer actually boggles at him, swings away, as if to shield her dancing assets from possible attack. Glare. "Could always count you *you* to be stupid and inane under pressure." She's already pulling her jacket closed around her in preparation for leave-taking.

The sound of soft guitar picking is heard as the tall hunter with the scared face walks into the room saying "Leuka, where did you say you got these strings? they are super loose." Riohra starts playing and the music sounds good but soon they will loose pitch and tone. "See….." he will look up and see there is a lady in the room saying "Oh I am sorry, I didn't know you had business here" He grins at the woman saying "Excuse my intrusion Journeyman…"

Leuka just grins, very amused at the riled up dancer. Perhaps he's heard her little tirades a time or two over the turns back at the Hall. Or maybe he's heard of the horror stories her tantrums can bring. Either way, he's obviously amused. Feigning a surprised look at her reaction, before cracking and snickering some more. Head shakes her way as he drops the plate on the couch arm as she makes to leave "I see you are still nearly cracking under all the pressure. Pressure you put on yourself mind you." Me.." He shrugs as if he doesn't have a concern in the world. "I just ignore the pressure." A gesture around the practice room of his new posting, "Which of us is really the stupid one?" RUN LEUKA! "If you need time off, which you obviously seem to need. Then just tell them you need a sevenday or two to yourself. Either that, or you WILL crack under the pressure." Riohra's entrance is noted, and welcomed since the dancer is working up to a full blown tantrum it seems. "Hi Riohra. Bring it on over." He does wince at the sour notes and shakes his head "This is Journeywoman Kaitlyn. Dancer from the Hall."

The new person entering the room is no reason for Kaitlyn to stop what she's doing…which is storming out of it. She's too busy being pissed-off to notice the guitar strains Riohra plucks out on the air. The flamehead *does* manage to note to the entering man, unable to keep from looking a few times at his scarred face. "Greetings…" is muttered out as politely as she can muster to the erstwhile introduction. And then the woman acts on impulse… seizing a leftover mug on the table as she passes it, whirling about, and hurling it - cold klah contents and all - at Leuka's smarmy face. "Eat shit, you…" No-no, no more foul words she picked up at the docks bearby Paradise River Hold. And out the door she stalks, a tigress ready to rend if anybody's ever seen one. SLAM!

Riohra stops watches the mug and the only thing he will say when she throws it is "She has a good arm I wonder if I gave her a spear what she could do?" probably a lot… Looking back at Leuka "Why did you make her mad?"

Leuka sees the cup coming and ducks out of the way just in time. Too bad for the wall behind him though. And, being the smartass he is, Leuka straightens back up, shouting to the departing Dancer as she storms off "Ya MISSED!" That was very amusing. Not for the wall and floor so much though. He gives an innocent look to Riohra "I don't know. Just offered to help her get some downtime between dancing jobs. She didn't seem to like my suggestion very much now that I think of it." Reaching over the back of the couch, he stretches and grabs the mug "Waste of a perfectly fine half cup of klah." Never mind it was cold. "Now what's wrong with that guitar. Was fine before."

Riohra looks back and then looks at the musician "Go apologize to her!!" He shakes his head and will show him the strings are just bad as he plays and they are starting to loosen.

Leuka gives Riohra a look like he's nuts, gesturing to his head and the wall behind him "Why? Did you not just see that heavy mug flying towards my head? She could have simply shook off my suggestion and asked for a different one." He brandishes said mug before plonking it down on the floor by the couch. Then turning all business and gesturing to be handed the guitar. Frowning at the strings "What did that crazy hunter do to you?" He seems to be talking to the loose stringed instrument now.

Riohra makes a small voice saying "Treats me better than you do your own gear" Yeah he is in a really good mood today. "And don't blame me, the only person that touches that guitar to work on it is Eiram and by extension you." that is right now he his calling his craft into question.

Leuka rolls his eyes at Riohra, not missing the near implication in what he says. And doesn't say. Getting up, he heads over to the work table, adjusting the strings a moment before starting to remove them all completely. "I'll give you a fresh set. Maybe these had been sitting around here too long." He gestures towards the room in general. There were already stores and supplies stashed away in some of the cabinets before he was posted. Never fear, new supplies have been delivered from the Hall with two Journeyman being recently posted. "You missed it earlier. Eiram learned his first tune on his new guitar."

Riohra grins at the talk of the grasshopper, "Really what did he learn? Anything I should sign him up for next karaoke night?" he looks around the room saying "Good to see you got this place up and running again. Though I am going to miss crashing on that old couch."

Leuka glances over his shoulder as he finishes tugging the strings loose, then sets about replacing them with a new set, moving back and forth across the room. "I'm not sure. He's got the music score tonight. Told him to copy it before he brings back my copy. I expect him to be able to play it perfectly before he learns the words." He cracks a grin. "It isn't one that the Hall approves of." Meaning he may have gotten in trouble with it a while back.

Riohra chuckles and shakes his head as he takes the guitar back "Not surprised" He will start to pick and strum playing saying "So i think would sound better with a drum intro but not sure" he will start playing looking at Leuka to see if the harper will join in.


Leuka smirks to his friend as he finishes restringing the guitar and tuning it. He'll gives it back over when he deems it tuned right. Listening to the first few bars, he grins at the mention of an intro, "I do think that can be arranged." Wandering over to his set, he drops on the stool, reaching for his sticks before looking more closely at things, then chuckling to himself as he stands add adjust he seat with a few spins. Plonking back down, he scrutinizes his set up, reaching out to give a few test beats to drums and hi hats. After a moment, he picks out a beat, one that blends nicely with what the hunter is playing. "Sorta like that?"

Riohra nods and keeps playing "Yeah like that, I heard this at the tavern the other day. No lyrics but the tune stuck with me." He will play it well but there are differences and a few bad notes. He will look over at his friend and stop playing before saying "I went to see a mind healer the otherday"

Leuka nods as he plays on a bit longer, til Riohra up the tune. "I've heard this before. Not too hard to tap out. Guitar portion would be harder to teach Eiram. I'll see how he manages his current assignments before getting him to tackle this one." The hunter's mention of a mindhealer is met with a mostly neutral expression, a hint of a curiosity lifted brow. "That going well for you?" Leuka will absentmindedly tap out some rhythm, but not loud enough to be extremely distracting. It's what he does when at a drum set ya now.

Riohra shurgs and goes over his guitar with his hand feeling the grains and curves again "He told me i need to open up to my friends, and maybe cut back on the stunts." he gives a grin over at Leuka. "He says my guitar playing is good though." He chuckles and keeps tapping the rhythm with his foot.

Leuka turns his attention toward the set, head canting a little when something soungs off. To him at least. While still thrumming out the beat with one hand, he leans and reaches down to make small adjustments. "Probably not a bad idea." Easing up on the stunts that is. "About what?"

Riohra shrugs "Been having nightmares, well more like daymares." he says before looking over at the drums "Your top symbol is to high for you" yeah maybe he has been playing with the drums just a tad but mostly playing with the seat. "When you guys came to visit me in the workshop I hadn't slept in like fortyfive hours or so."

Leuka looks from Riohra to his hi hat, reaching out to give it a tap then gives the pedal a light stomp. "You little.." He trails off and glares at the hunter. He hadn't noticed before, since someone else /had/ been sitting in his spot when he brought lunch back earlier. "Keep your mitts off my gear." Another glare and he uses one of the sticks to flip Riohra off a little message as he starts readjusting everything now. "Nightmares about what." He does Pfft, after a moment "Workshop. Nice hideout, but it /IS/ a bit of a Healer's rusty nightmare." He barks out a laugh before sobering himself a bit and a little shrug offered in apology. "Sorry."

Riohra grins and shakes his head "No need for apologizes, it is a nightmare that is why I was there, figured if I was in one I wouldn't have one. Mostly be left between, or dropped from the back of dragons from my friends." He looks around the room saying "They say it was stress induced because I have been going nonstop since he hatching at Halfmoon. But talking to my friends is supposed to help."

Leuka looks up from his adjustment, his expression more than a little skeptical. "That's some messed up dreams man." Soon enough, he settles back on the stool and runs through each instrument, a few taps to drums and couple of stomps to pedals before the Journeyman is satisfied all is put to rights with his drum set again. Shaking his head. "So, you were being an idjit and not sleeping." He clarifies to make sure he's following along, and gestures for Riohra to continue.

Riohra nods and says "And extreme rock climbing, hunting with out the proper gear. I got blacked out drunk, and woke up before I bedded some random bar woman" He looks over at Leuka saying "Don't tell Kassala about that please?" he looks that run down, but at least he looks like he slept good and had some food in him.

Leuka is listening, even though his attention seems to be drifting around the cavern as he continues to work out some rhythm. Head shakes as he hears some truly stupid crap his friend has done. Barely glancing to Riohra "Tell who what?" A little smirk to the hunter then as he continues.

Riohra grins "Thanks man, just I am getting better. slept for like 12 hours or so…" He gets up and walks around a bit saying "So what was the mug throwers story, you two lovers or is she won of your partners burned out flames?"

Leuka shrugs and glances over to where he'll have to clean up the klah mess later. "We both know her from the Hall. Lessons together over the turns." Beyond that, he doesn't seem to be offering details about burned flames, or who they may have belonged to. His attention goes back to Riohra and he gives a couple last hits with the sticks before letting them fall silent "She's still got a hell of temper though."

Riohra nods and grins "Noted, no sticking around her, I got enough problems in my life don't need some crazy woman who throws things around the room." He looks over at the covered wall and points "I mean just look at the Klah wasted man!"

Leuka laughs and rises from behind the drum set "That's exactly what I said!" He jokes referring to the klah waste. "Even if it was cold. Was still drinkable!" He moves to store up his gear, stowing cases in the cabinets and such as he gets ready to head out. "I wonder if she has thought about hiring someone to clean up after her whenever she leaves a room."

Riohra grins "She would have to have a lot of marks to do that, because I have a feeling that she pitches a fit a LOT" he looks over at Leuka "She isn't going to mess with Eiram is she? I heard that you journeyman will trip each other up by messing with apprentices."

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