Fort Weyr - Th'ero and Velokraeth's Weyr

A warm gray overcast drifts slowly above for most of the day, muggy for the season but as the afternoon rolls in, so does another autumn storm. It’s a fierce, swift one and with little warning it breaks into short bursts of pea sized hail which sends most of those caught outside scrambling for cover. Even the dragons are huddling inside their wallows or under any overhang and sheltered ledge big enough to house them. Once the storm has passed, their is still an advisory for flight risks as more storms still hover in the distance.

Th’ero for once wasn’t outside when the first storm hit. The Weyrleader heard plenty about it though through Velokraeth and through the bronze he’s had the restrictions set in place. Tucked away in his office, he does not move from where he sits behind his desk. A fire crackles in the hearth, keeping the room comfortably warm. His dinner sits neglected and uneaten on the side table as he focuses on the papers before him. All of them blank and the writing tool he holds seems frozen where he holds it suspended just above one of the pages. Judging from the intense frown of concentration, he’s trying to write a formal letter but is… failing.

Kimmila and Varmiroth were caught in the storm, and a swift between had them hovering and then landing on their ledge, moving inside the rarely used space to wait out the storm. When it abates, Varmiroth glides down with his rider to the Weyrleader’s ledge - their true home - and settles. Crouching, he lets his rider slide free from his glistening hide and then the blue moves into Velokraeth’s wallow, asking silent permission to join the bronze. Assuming the pale dragon agrees, Varmiroth will snuggle close against the dampness. Kimmila makes her way inside, calling out, “Wingmate?” as she sheds her damp boots and riding leathers, down to her sweater and the thin pants she wears beneath her thick leathers. Then she meanders into the office, pausing briefly near the fire to warm herself.

Velokraeth would never turn away Varmiroth! Silent permission is granted and the pale bronze shuffles over in the wallow to make room for the blue to snuggle close. Blunted muzzle will lift and gently nose the blue. Checking perhaps for any sore spots as any concerned friend would do! Hail is a nasty thing. Th’ero has been well informed by Velokraeth that Varmiroth and Kimmila have returned home and he’s already up and out of his chair to greet her. “You’re soaked.” he states with a faint grimace and his fingers plucking at the wet sleeve of her sweater. “Want me to grab you something warm to change into? Or a towel, at least?” Before she catches a chill! “Are you and Varmiroth alright? Velokraeth told me that they were reporting hail and then I could hear it outside…” he murmurs, giving her a concerned look over.

Varmiroth is a little sore, twinges where the hail pelted against his hide, but no skin is broken. Just shallow bruising that will abate by the morning. Still, he’s tired and with a grateful rumble to his friend’s concern, he begins to doze. Chuckling, Kimmila nods as she lifts her arms, heavy with the sodden wool of her sweater. “That’d be great,” she says to both. “I’ll be out by the fire though. How are you?” she asks as she drifts back into the living room and over to the hearth, steam rising from her wet and chilly clothes as she peels them off with a shiver. “We’re fine. My helmet got some dents but we betweened really quickly to just outside our ledge and sheltered in there until it passed. He’s got some sore spots but nothing major. Really swept up on us without any warning. Went from a light rain to hail in no time,” she says with a grimace, wringing out her hair over the fire and watching the drops fall and sizzle on the hot hearth stones.

Th’ero grunts some muttered curse when Kimmila recounts her experience and following her out into the main living area, he will continue on into the back to fetch her a change of clothes. When he returns, he has what looks to be comfortable lounging clothes. Clearly he does not expect her to leave anywhere anytime soon — or implies that he doesn’t want her to. “I’m glad that you’re both alright.” he murmurs and smiles, relieved when Velokraeth confirms the truth behind Varmiroth’s well being too. The pale bronze has settled to doze now as well, snuggled with his ledgemate and companion. “Are you hungry at all?” Th’ero will ask then, only to look back towards his office with a sudden realization that his meal is there and forgotten. Oops? “I’ve… I can send for some dinner.” Since his is likely inedible by now.

Kimmila smiles as she hangs her clothing up to dry and pulls on the comfortable clothes he brought out for her. “Thank you,” she says, even offering him a little kiss. SHe’s happy to stay here for a while, where she won’t be hailed on! “I’m starving,” she admits with a pause and then a dawning realization, tucking herself into a corner of the couch with a blanket pulled around her.

Th’ero will return the little kiss and then gesture for her to make herself comfortable. Seeing her settle herself on the couch, he chuckles softly as he calls for his bronze firelizard. Holding his arm up for Boromir to land, he gives the little creature it’s orders and with a flurry of wings the small bronze is gone. “Food is on its away,” he reassures Kimmila before sitting down heavily next to her on the couch. Another glance given to his office, where the blank paper still waits for him but he stubbornly remains where he is. That will have to wait. Setting his hand against one of her legs and over the blanket, he turns his head to regard her with a warm and loving look that soon sobers to seriousness. Whatever is nagging the back of his mind, he’s now seeking her council. “Do you remember V’sev and Cari from High Reaches Weyr?”

Kimmila scoots over when he joins her, nestling in close to his broad warmth with a contented sound. “Thank you,” she murmurs. Shifting her leg beneath his, she glances at him with lifted brows. “V’sev and Cari…” It takes a moment for it to register, and then she nods. “Oh, yes. THe winter festival and that whole…thing. She rides gold, yes? And he…Weyrsecond? Though I’ve heard some odd rumors from High Reaches…never thought to give much credit to them but you never know.” And she waits for him to clarify, since he clearly knows something she doesn’t.

Th’ero is all too happy to welcome her next to him and promptly slips an arm around her shoulders as he leans against her. He nods his head, “Mhm. And you’ve heard right about the rumors…” he admits and here his expression falls a little. “Neither did I put much credit it any of it but I was visited by V’sev recently. He’s…” He pauses. “…not Weyrleader anymore. Not even Weyrsecond. Briari is in power again and Tiaburith was caught by R’lor’s bronze again. They hold sway, so V’sev tells me. He also brought troubling news of Cari. Briari’s broken the poor girl, part of the reason why she stepped down.” By then his voice has taken on a hardened edge, his anger simmering low. “The clutch from Cari’s Esereth yielded a gold. A young pair. Nyalle and gold Kayeth and Kayeth has already risen for her maiden and clutched. V’sev is concerned for her as Briari is already looking to make trouble for this junior too. He’s looking to transfer Nyalle out…” he stops there, letting the rest of the sentence hang. He knows Kimmila is smart enough to finish the rest.

Kimmila snuggles beneath his arm, tucking her legs tighter beneath her body as she leans in and soaks in his warmth. Then her brows furrow, concern etched there. “I liked V’sev,” she admits. “Level headed bronzerider. Cari…” She never cared for the ditzy goldrider, personally, but then her frown deepens. “Broken how?” Then there is another moment of pause as she glances at him. “Can Fort take another queen? Would Briari allow it? Is…I assume V’sev is not acting with the leadership’s knowledge.”

“V’sev was and still is a good rider,” Th’ero agrees as he leans down enough to rest his head close to hers. “Emotionally and mentally.” he says in a saddened and disgusted tone. “Briari bullied her so badly that V’sev said that Cari is just broken by it. Badly too, he seemed quite upset and concerned for his weyrmate. I… even suggested Torince Hold to V’sev for Cari. In hopes that she can recover.” Ditzy or not, Th’ero felt sympathetic enough for the poor young goldrider. Lifting his head, he peers down at Kimmila and his eyes are uncertain. “Brari is likely to welcome us taking Nyalle on, if I understood V’sev correctly and if she can spin it someway to her favor. As for Fort taking another Queen… I don’t know. I already warned V’sev that the decision is not mine or even Dtirae’s, really. Zuvaleyuth may not take to Kayeth, though honestly she only has Iaverulth and Kouzevelth as viable golds. Wiyaneth and Zuhth have not risen for Turns.” He shakes his head and then chuckles dryly. “No, he’s not. Our meeting I believe was done without Briari and R’lor’s blessing. Part of the reason why Briari is eying Nyalle is because R’lor is apparently sniffing too close. Just as he tried with Cari.”

Kimmila sighs, shaking her head sadly. “That is horrible,” she murmurs, “that a goldrider would break another just to get back into power…and the weyr council did nothing?” It always rankles her that there is not much communication between the weyrs - even now, without Thread. “Torince? Perhaps that can help her…” It helped him. “Hmm. I suppose it’s up to Zuvaleyuth then. Will we get to meet Nyalle and Kayeth? Wiyaneth was always sensitive when she had more than three other queens in the weyr…” Though she’s not Senior any more. Then her brows arch. “Without their blessing?” Then he clarifies and she snorts, clenching her jaw and her fists. “Those people…they should have an island to rule, /not/ a weyr. I can’t stand R’lor.” Then she exhales. “What of a transfer for V’sev and Cari? Though…if they want Nyalle out too…I can’t image we could take two queens…” Still. She clearly feels sorry for them also.

Th’ero shakes his head, “I asked V’sev the very same question and he said nothing could be done. They could not get Briari to leave and who would take a goldrider like her? Tiaburith proved to be fertile again, so it’s not like she could be sent to Ierne Weyrhold or Honshu either. Not now.” he mutters and he too is irked by the lack of communication between the Weyrs. You’d think they’d have learned by now! “I’ve asked that Nyalle come and visit. I’d rather not take a goldrider in sight unseen.” He speaks as though they’re bartering for a prized runnerbeast! Poor girl. Already viewed as a political pawn than a person. “So bringing in Kayeth may push Zuvaleyuth to her limit then. And if she or any of the other golds rise and clutch a gold egg, we’d be facing transfers again…” Or not? Th’ero doesn’t sound so certain. He snorts, “I don’t care for R’lor either and I’ve no idea why he continues to gain Weyrleader. As for V’sev and Cari… I tried, Wingmate. V’sev says Cari is so ill that she’s unfit for travel and he won’t leave without her.” All the pity. He shakes his head, “We couldn’t take Kayeth and Esereth. That’d be asking too much, not to mention we’d rid High Reaches of all their viable golds save for Tiaburith. We’d look to be hoarders.”

Kimmila frowns, quiet for a few moments as she works the situation out in her head, frowning all the more when she can’t come up with an easy solution. In the end she just exhales softly, shaking her head sadly. “That is too bad. I’m glad she’ll come to visit though. We can all meet her and see…and the queens, too. We don’t want another…incompetent goldrider…and I don’t know, is Zuva possessive? It might not. Every queen’s tolerance is different.” She shrugs. “Long ways off, to have another queen. Maybe we should encourage browns to catch.” There’s a wicked little grin for that idea, as taboo as it is. “I hope Briari meets her fate soon, and Cari heals and can either find a nice weyr to be a Junior in for the rest of her days, or she heals strong enough to take over and lead Reaches as it should be led.” Then she nods. “It’s a shame though. But. It is their choice in the end I suppose. Maybe Torince can help her.”

Th’ero is quiet as well as he mulls over his thoughts, listening carefully to Kimmila’s input and slowly piecing her advice and comments into his opinions. Blending, mixing and puzzling out. “Neither do I, but if V’sev vouches for her, she may be worth it.” Worth the investment. “I’ve no idea if Zuvaleyuth is possessive towards queens but I know she is of Velokraeth.” He snorts again but gives her a playful grin for her wicked one, nudging at her. “You and your revolutionary suggestions!” he teases in a low voice. Sobering, he exhales again. “Briari’s time may yet come. Tiaburith’s risen but it guarantees nothing of her fertility. She could go barren again in the next Turn or clutch dud eggs and if she remains in that state long enough that time, then High Reaches will not hold her, no matter how much she protests. Her behavior will not be tolerated.” he murmurs. “Perhaps. We can only see, Wingmate but I share much the same views as you do.” Just then there is a knock at the door and Th’ero smiles. “Dinner.” he murmurs softly and leans over to lightly kiss her forehead before pushing to his feet to answer the door.

Kimmila nods slightly, and then she just shrugs. “Well, no way to know until we meet her I guess. SHe might be worth it, yes. Hopefully she’s competent.” Then she chuckles. “Faranth help us if Velokraeth ever catches another gold, hmm? Not sure how Zuva would handle that.” Then she grins, giving him a return nudge. “Well…that’s true. THen I wonder if Reaches would ask for Nyalle back. This might be temporary…and are we prepared to do that? House a queen for a while?” Then she quiets when the knock comes, leaning back from him and snuggling more deeply beneath the blankets while he goes to answer the door.

“I don’t think V’sev would give us an incompetent goldrider,” Th’ero drawls but it does give him pause. Would the High Reachian bronzerider be that conniving? He grimaces at Kimmila and nudges her again, “Zuvaleyuth was upset enough for him going after Iaverulth. You remember? At least she didn’t get as possessive when he chased Kouzevelth.” He considers her words and then smirks. “Could be something we can add to the agreement?” he suggests before their dinner arrives. Taking the tray from the drudge delivering it, he locks to the door and returns to the couch to set it down on the table before her. Fresh bread and butter, thick and hearty stew and all freshly made from the smell and sight of it. There’s even a few fruit like pastry desserts on another dish.

Kimmila shakes her head slowly. “I would certainly hope not, but it’s so hard to tell.” Leaning forward, she silences herself so she can focus on her food. Which she eats voraciously. Cleary she was starving just as she said. As she slows down she finally speaks again. “We could put it into the agreement I suppose. If High Reaches has need of her again, they can not recall her until after we’ve had two viable clutches or something along those lines.”

Th’ero will allow her to have her share of the food before helping himself and he eats with a reasonably good appetite as well, though not quite as voracious as Kimmila. At least he’s eating and likely all because she’s keeping him calm and his thoughts are balanced. He chuckles a bit around a mouthful of bread and once swallowed, he drawls. “Mhm, a hard bargain to drive! But I like it. That would… give her considerable amount of time here if we were to go with two clutches. And what is to keep them from taking her back say… if Tiaburith retires and Cari is still too ill to resume as Senior? Unless Tiaburith clutches a gold, they will have none. Do we send Nyalle back then or… dare we give them say — Jajen?”

Kimmila slows down even more and snuggles back against him. “Well…yes. I mean, if we even care that it might be temporary? Be kind of bad form if we didn’t have something in there to protect ourselves, right? If Tiaburith retires and Cari is too ill…then I don’ tknow. I can’t imagine us not giving a queen back to her home weyr, especially when we have a few extras and plenty of clutches each turn. Or…Jajen…” She grimaces. “That girl should never be Senior though. It’d be Nyalle, if she’s Senior material. Or another queen from another place. But it’d seem only right to give them back Nyalle if there was a need.” Then she stops, shrugging. “I don’t know, wingmate. Don’t think there’s a good answer to it.”

Th’ero leans back against her, turning his body on the couch in a way to cradle her against him and also support himself comfortably and still be able to eat. “Mhm. I think you have a very good point there.” he admits softly and then snorts. “Shards no, she doesn’t. Scratch that idea entirely. There may be no good answer to it, other than to hope Nyalle fits and can stay. It’s a risk but… if it’ll keep her from being warped by Briari as well or at least keep that vile woman happy then it’s all we can do, right?”

Kimmila finishes her meal and chuckles, turning to snuggle against him - and she doesn’t seem to care if she gets in the way of his eating or not. Snuggling and warmth are top priorities. “Yeah. Well at least we don’t have to take her. If she doesn’t fit, she doesn’t fit, and I’m sure another weyr would be happy to have a young, proven gold in their ranks.” Then she snorts. “I can’t wait until her and that skeevy Weyrleader keel over. Preferably together.”

Th’ero will have to make do then and eat around her when she takes the snuggling and warmth to top priorities. Not that he’s going to complain, he loves her company, loves her and needs this quiet moment. “Mhm, exactly. I’m sure she’d find a good home elsewhere if Fort doesn’t prove to be a match. Though part of me wonders if it’d not be good for us too. While I don’t see Dtirae’s health failing or Zuvaleyuth’s, Inri is truly our only other available gold. Jajen is far too young yet… She’s, what? Sixteen Turns now? Seventeen?” Not to mention unreliable and many other things! He’s just touching on her age for now. He laughs then, low and soft as he lowers his head to kiss against her damp hair. “That’d almost be an event worth celebrating. Privately, of course. Shame to lose a gold and bronze, but their riders?” Not so much.

Kimmila nods thoughtfully. “It’s true. We have several old queens but only one other gold I’d even consider for Senior…and Jajen is too stupid to lead,” she says with a little shrug. “Unreliable. I think she’ll be a junior forever, and for good reason.” Though there’s a frown. “I feel bad for goldriders. They are so…limited in what they can do. How old is Nyalle though? You’d said she was young?” As for celebrating, she just chuckles softly. They’d celebrate. Privately, yes, but they would celebrate.

“Which gold would that be?” Th’ero asks softly but likely already knows the answer. He snorts softly in agreement about Jajen being too stupid to lead. “There are just some who are more suited to junior.” Forever. “Mhm, you think so? I’d think that they are restricted but they have other freedoms not available to the rest of us.” Power. Which can be so easily abused. “Nyalle? I think she’s around eighteen, nineteen Turns? Young but not very young. She has a few Turns to grow into her rank.”

Kimmila smiles a bit sadly. “Well, Wiyaneth of course. But she can’t. So Inri would be my next choice for Senior.” Then she shrugs. “I think so, yes. They can’t go anywhere, their job is only hidework and only paperwork and those mundane things…they’re not in a true wing, don’t do search and rescue…ugh. I’m so glad I didn’t impress gold, even though I was convinced I would.” Stretching, she smiles. “Hope we get to meet her soon.”

Th’ero nods his head and kisses her forehead lightly. “It’d be nice to see Elara as Senior again. At least we are assured that she is more than capable and experienced with the position.” Fate just will not allow it it seems. He chuckles, “They do get to travel? True, it’s primarily politics and diplomacy but wherever you go you are treated with only respect.” Or so he figures! “There was once a Queen’s Wing.” he points out with a crooked smile. “And we’ve used our golds in S&R rescues. Perhaps we’re not the norm for most Weyrs?” Blinking, he gives her a long look and can’t help but laugh softly. “You were convinced that you would Impress Gold?” he muses. Setting aside his food, he pulls her close and up inbetween his legs, moving the blanket so that it covers them both. “We will, Wingmate. And I’ll make sure you are there to greet her too.”

Kimmila nods. “Fort would do very well with you and Elara leading,” she says, before she sighs. “Alas…” It won’t happen. She shrugs. “Just doesn’t seem like fun at all. And yes, I was. Back then I was different, remember?” She’s told him this. “I was convinced I would get gold, just like my mother. I was /right/ for it. Or so I thought. Turns out…” she laughs. “No. Blue is perfect for me. I would have chafed /fast/ under the restrictions of gold.”

Th’ero chuckles, “I’m glad you would think so. You forgot one detail though,” he drawls and his mouth twitches in a vague grimace. No offence to Elara or anything! “Velokraeth would have to catch Wiyaneth.” And they all know what that would mean. He remembers then and nuzzles against her hair. “Mhm, so you tell me that you were different. You are a stellar bluerider though. Loyal and faithful, hard working but with all the freedom you could want.” Because he’s Weyrleader and can allow her to be.

Kimmila chuckles softly, shaking her head. “I didn’t forget.” Clearly she’d be okay with it. In a…’it’s just a flight so I’m going to IGNORE IT’ sort of way. She smiles, leaning happily into his nuzzling. “Thank you,” she murmurs. “It all worked out in the end. I have no regrets.” And yes, he is, and he does. For now. Muahahaha.

Dun dun DUN! Th’ero will fight tooth and nail if anyone dares try to undo the work he’s been carefully laying down over… seven Turns now? Eight? Who’s keeping count? “Neither do I.” he muses. “About taking the offer to Stand, I mean. Shells, that seems so long ago…” Why must the time always fly by so fast? Leaning forwards but keeping his arm carefully wrapped around her, he grabs the dish holding the desserts. They’re fruit pastries, the crust light and flaky and in a very rare occasion, Th’ero is actually eating something sweet.

Who is keeping count? No one, really. “It was a long time ago,” she teases him with a little wink and a nudge. When he reaches for the pastries she steals one as well. “So then it’s settled? We’ll meet with Nyalle and if she and Kayeth seem to fit in, we’ll take them?” Glancing up at him, she bites into the pastry and then grunts when half of it crumbles all over her blanket.

Th’ero grunts at her nudge and grins, setting the little dish aside after she’s helped herself. “It’s settled. We’ll meet with her, yes. Then she will have to meet with Dtirae as well and the other goldriders. Make sure they mesh as well.” As for taking them in, he nods his head reluctantly. “We’ll have to see, Wingmate.” If he had been paying attention, he’d have used his hand to keep crumbs from falling too when he bit into his pastry. At her grunt, he chuckles which really doesn’t help the situation. She may even feel a few ping off her shoulder. Oops? “Messy.” he mumbles around a mouthful of food. He then gives her a playful little nudge. “As much as I enjoy snuggling with you all but in my lap, if we’re to see our new potential goldrider anytime soon, we best write the letter to V’sev.” Not R’lor or Briari. Sneaky. “Which is what I was doing before you returned. Shards if I can write a damn simple note! Would you help me?”

Kimmila laughs, giving his shoulder another nudge before she’s sitting upright. “Sure, of course I can,” she says, glancing to the office. “‘Dear V’sev. We would like to meet with Nyalle and Kayeth and see to their compatibility. Please send them along as soon as possible. Regards, Weyrleader Th’ero.” Wink. “Yes, hopefully she can stay for the day, have a little tour, meet everyone…and then we’ll see. Are you hopeful at the idea of having another competent goldrider around? Another strong Junior?”

Th’ero sighs as she so easily narrates what to him is the perfect note. Formal but not overly so. “Mind actually writing that down?” he drawls, also turning his head to glance towards the office. “Or I could write it down. Probably better in my handwriting.” No, really? He nods his head as he slips off the couch, though he offers to pull her along with him if she doesn’t protest. “Then we’ll see.” he agrees and he has to mull her question over in his head first. “I won’t lie and say it would be nice. Even if she’s just another junior. As for her being strong… we’d have to see, wouldn’t we?”

Kimmila laughs, pulled to her feet and draping the blanket over her shoulders as she goes. “I’ll dictate it to you,” she teases as she walks with him to the office and then nods. “Yeah. It’d be nice to have one more, I think…” In his office, she hops up onto the edge of his desk, legs swinging and grinning at him. “So. Dear V’sev…”

Th’ero walks slowly into his office, smirking at her when she teases him but he says nothing as he takes his seat in his chair and picks up the writing tool he left abandoned there. A fresh sheet is pulled fowards and he begins to scrawl as she dictates but his eyes drift to her sitting there. Legs swinging. Very nice legs, those legs of hers and… “Damn it!” he swears in a low grumble as his pen scribbles rather than writes. Paper is scrapped and another taken. Dear V’sev…

Kimmila knows /exactly/ what she is doing as she grins, a touch wickedly. “We would like to meet…” She swings her legs again, one of her feet brushing against his leg teasingly. Accidentally, I mean. It was an accident. “With Nyalle…”

Of course she does. Th’ero does not tell her to stop, either. His pen continues to scratch and whisper across the paper. Her little “accidental” brush with his leg has him slowing his writing and the tool seems to quiver a bit in his hand as he pauses between words but he stays focused (barely) this time. “Go on…” he murmurs. Not realizing that could be taking both ways?

Kimmila leans forward a bit, shifting the blanket around her shoulders. “And Kayeth…” And now her bare foot rests on the top of his thigh, pressing down gently. “and see to their compatibility…”

Th’ero can’t ignore her bare foot resting on his thigh and definitely not when she presses down. Gentle or not, she will feel his leg shift under her foot and while his writting stalls again (barely does he avoid scribbling awry like!) and his other hand reaches down to grip her by the ankle if she doesn’t move away in time. “What was the last line?” he asks in a low and thick voice. His writing has ended at ‘see’ and his mind seems more focused on letting his hand grip and caress her leg.

“To their compatibility. Please send them along as soon as possible. Regards, Weyrleader Th’ero,” Kimmila provides, twisting her foot a bit in his grip. But she doesn’t do anything else yet, because that letter has to go out and she doesn’t want to have to repeat it to him again.

Scribble, scrawl, scribble, scratch. Th’ero hurries through the last of the letter but keeps his writing neat and legible, finishing with his signature. He grunts softly through his teeth when she twists her foot in his grip, his fingers curling to hold her a little more firmly before releasing so they can begin to caress idly and slow up along the curve of the back of her leg. “There. Done.” he murmurs, lifting the sheet carefully to gently fan it to allow the ink to dry. “Mind grabbing the sealing wax?”

Kimmila grins, foot wiggling higher up his leg, teasingly…before he’s asking her to get the sealing wax and she slips her foot away from him, turning so she can do just that. Sealing wax and candle, flint, string… “Where’s the seal?” she asks with a little frown. Not like he’s lost it, but…she likes to know where things are.

Th’ero might be regretting asking her to fetch those things, after she gave him that little tease. Testing the ink carefully on the paper, he rolls it neatly and sets it aside while he waits on Kimmila to find the materials. “Oh. Try the drawers?” he suggests softly. Innocently too, right?

Kimmila gives him a curious look before she bends down to start pulling out the desk drawers, peering into each one in search of the small brass Fortian Weyrleader’s seal. Fort’s emblem with a simple ‘WL’ in the corner.

And if she hears his chair edging back a little bit, she’s nothing to worry about. Th’ero could just be getting comfortable after all. See how he’s resting his chin against his hand as he is lost in thought? Must be why his eyes are lingering on her. Sure, that’s the reason why. “Should be in there somewhere. Don’t know where else I would keep it.” But do keep searching!

Kimmila frowns. “I really hope you haven’t lost it, wingmate. Maybe it’s in your other office? Did you take it in there by mistake?” Rummage, rummage, rattle..

“I wouldn’t lose it!” Th’ero snorts in mild protest. Give him some credit here! “And I do most of my letter writing in this office. Less likely to be ah… interrupted.” Cough. He continues to watch her, still casually leaning back in his chair to do so. “Did you try the bottom drawer? Maybe it rolled to a far corner.”

Kimmila pauses to twist and peer at him, now looking suspicious. “You just want to check out my ass,” she says a moment later, grin crooked as she bends - rather than crouches - to open that bottom drawer and hunt around inside of it for the missing seal.

Th’ero feigns innocence. “I do not! Not that your ass isn’t worth it, because it is, but I honestly did not put the seal purposely in the lower drawer in hopes that someday you’d be in here where I could set this whole scenario up.” he drawls with a lopsided smirk. Of course, that is where she will find it, nudged all the way into the farthest corner. Did he just toss it in there one day in a fit or something? Despite his “innocence” he is giving her a good look over. He’s a hot blooded male, what’d she expect?

Kimmila snorts. “I wouldn’t put it past you,” she teases. “Ah! Here it is,” she says, triumphantly grabbing it and rising, turning to press it firmly against the desk. “There you go, sir, seal away.”

Th’ero just keeps up with his innocent look and air as he takes the seal and goes about heating enough wax to finish the last details on the letter. “You know me too well, Wingmate. It’s getting harder to surprise you. Not that I mind the challenge!” he drawls. Once the task is complete, he will hand the seal back to her, while gathering the other materials in preparation to clear his desk. He’ll call for Boromir, his bronze firelizard and the rolled letter is handed for the little creature to take. “You know where to go.” he murmurs and with a proud chirp, the bronze takes wing and vanishes Between. “There. Now it’s done.”

Kimmila grins, and once the desk is clear and the note is sent, she hops up onto it again, legs swinging once more. “Perfect. Glad I could help,” she says with a smile. “Now we wait for her to come visit us, yes?”

Those legs again! Th’ero’s eyes seem to fixate on them as she swings them back and forth, but his concentration isn’t so entirely shot that he cannot answer her. “I do enjoy having your help.” In so many, many ways. Her smile is echoed by one that is a little more wry on his part. “We wait. I do not think it will be long, Wingmate. V’sev seemed… rushed? Pressured, perhaps. Impatient.” Oh, if he only knew how much! Boromir returns then, swooping down to land on the desk and promptly stick out his foreleg, chest out and head held high and proud. Th’ero praises him, taking the small rolled paper. Much smaller than the letter he sent. Could that mean bad news? From his frown, it’s hard to say as he reads the message and then promptly hands it to Kimmila. “She’ll be here in two days.” he murmurs.

Kimmila smiles, legs swinging as she watches him, expression sobering a bit at the prompt reply. “Wow,” she murmurs. “Two days? Excellent. That gives us some time to prepare…” Though prepare for what? She doesn’t seem to know exactly, trailing off in thought right after she utters those words.

Th’ero slips from his chair to stand, his hands reaching out to press firm against her thighs, rubbing up along them as he comes to stand in front of her. “No, you’re right, Kimmila. It will give us some time to prepare. We still need to bring this to Dtirae’s attention.” he murmurs, only to chuckle dryly. “I told you, V’sev meant every word when we spoke. Whatever is happening in High Reaches, it’s made him almost desperate to see Nyalle away from there.”

Kimmila smiles, sliding her hands along his waist when he moves in front of her. But then she sighs, shaking her head. “It saddens me how low things seem to have gotten for High Reaches, wingmate. I hope we can help V’sev somehow. I think it’s sweet how he’s trying to find a good place for Nyalle.”

Th’ero’s hands have slid up past her hips now and they lower to press against the desk as he stands facing her, his body held close to hers but not quite touching. He shakes his head as well, his brows knitting together in a heavy frown. “It can only go so low for them before something breaks.” he murmurs with a grimace. “And it’s a shame V’sev will not come with. He’s a good bronzerider. There are many good riders in that Weyr. But he’s made his choice to stay with Cari. I cannot fault the man for that.” Since he’d probably do the very same.

Kimmila nods with a soft sigh. “There is something noble in that. Noble and stupid. But at least he knows Fort would welcome him if he ever did need to seek another home. We can always use good bronzeriders. So we’ll have to see how it turns out.”

“I let him know that the offer stands that he can transfer to Fort,” Th’ero reassures her though his expression still remains bleak, convinced that that will never happen so long as V’sev has Cari. And he doesn’t want to think of what may happen to the bronzerider if he lost his weyrmate. “Perhaps some of their other riders will transfer over too.”

Kimmila nods, her thoughts moving along the same lines as his. “Perhaps,” she finally agrees, scooting closer to slip her arms around his waist and give him a hug, smiling up at him. “Is there anything more we can do right now? Or can I start undressing you already?” she teases.

Th’ero hugs her back and even before he’s answering, his fingers are already working on untucking her shirt or plucking impatiently at it. “We’re finished here and I thought you would never ask.” he teases back, leaning in to nibble along her neck as he reaches down to grab her legs and guide them up over his hips. “Shall we?” he drawls and has the full intention of hauling her off the desk and carrying her away to the bedroom. Work is done, time for play!