** Fort Weyr - Lower Caverns **
This volcanic bubble is smaller than the Living Cavern, but no less well crafted. The walls are smooth, with electric lights placed into niches that used to hold glowbaskets. Another hearth burns here, with a pot on always keeping water hot for making tea or cider. Worn but comfortable couches and chairs are arranged by the hearth around a few tables where game boards and a few packages of dragon poker cards are laying.
From this cavern you can get to many other places - the tunnels of Fort Weyr having been dug far back into the caldera where the Dragons make their home.

Leuka has claimed one of the couches by the fire. Well, not really claimed it, but with his height and how he's sitting, he easily takes up half the space. Feet are stretched out toward the heat and a little pad is splayed across his lap. A pen dangles loosely between his fingers on the end of the armrest. He seems to be tapping out a rhythm while watching a couple of guys across the room who seem to be playing a few rounds of cards. Every so often his head nods at some odd beat and he'll smirk at something he sees.

Blanket. Mug of Klah. Book. Sephany appears ready to curl up and spend her rest day on a cozy couch with a cozy fire. Only her chosen location has already been 'claimed' by a finger-tapping and entirely too-tall Harper. No matter. It does not stop the blond from slipping right over and dropping herself into the available space, kicking off her slippers and curling her legs beneath her. Mug down, blanket thrown, it is a matter of seconds before she looks cozy-as-can-be. "What are you plotting?" she wonders curiously, book set in her lap for 'later' as she turns her attention to Leuka.

Leuka watches the old dudes across the way a moment longer til he feels the couch dip next to him. A grin coming easy Sephany settles in. "Hello you." He watches her settle and chuckles at her question, offering head shake. "I've done my plotting for the day." And he isn't volunteering what he plotted it seems. Turning a bit so he faces the weaver a bit, he casually lifts a finger from it's resting place, causing the pen to point towards the guys playing cards further away. He does have sense enough to lower his voice to a whisper so it doesn't carry across. "That old dude's cheatin'. Been watching for a good half candlemark."

Grey eyes flash in the direction indicated, pale eyebrows drawn into a curious expression. "Oh?" for the cheating. "Um. Which old guy?" because they apparently are both old. "And does the other guy know?" All, of course, is said in a hushed and conspiratorial tone of voice, a mischievous twitch threatening the corner of her mouth as she glances from 'old dudes' to couch-Harper. Klah is taken once again, cold fingers wrapped around the warm clay as she lets the contents cool a bit before sipping at it.

Leuka tilts his head towards Sephany as they have their whispered conversation. The pen shifts to the left, gesturing which old dude is cheating and he gives his head a little shake "I don't think so, guy's already lost three pots in a row. Two looked like a nice pile of marks from here." He glances back to the game and his fingers begin absentmindedly tapping or twirling the pen again. After a moment, he grabs the pad so it doesn't fall when he recrosses his feet. He seems to have stretched a couple more inches toward the heat /AND/ narrowed the gap between him and Sephany on the couch in the process.

"Oh?" repeated, this time in a curious but also distinctly impish tone of voice. There is a hard look at the players of cards over yonder, and a brief consideration seems to be given to joining them. "Wonder if I should enlighten him…" but alas, Sephany does not give into the temptation, and rather settles herself more firmly into her couch position. Klah is finally lifted, a small sip taken as her gaze returns to Leuka and his gap-narrowing repositioning. "Other than remaining a bystander as innocent old men get taken advantage of, what have you been up to, Leuka?"

Leuka slouches deeper into the couch flicking his gaze back to Sephany, his expression clearly says /you're kidding right?/ "You really wanna be the reason those two old dudes start trying to whack each other on the head?" He tries to stifle his humor as the image in his head seems to amuse him very much. gaze drifts about, while he checks to see if the old guys were distracted from their hand. Keeping his voice low he goes on "Nah. He's the one who took the chance of throwing his money away. Not me." 'Sides, neither would appreciate it very much if I went over and pointed things out. Then where would I be." He gives a little shrug. "This and that. Some work in the playroom. Did a couple of errands."

"Throwing his money away, hm?" repeats Sephany, grin growing all the more. "Does that mean you're not a card-playing man, Leuka?" But despite the look she's casting the gentleman at their game, there is no attempt to interrupt or the old guy as his coup, far too amused to be sympathetic to the loss. "Errands," she repeats, reaching for her book. "That sounds… not at all thrilling," she admits.

Leuka cants a smile toward Sephany "I got nothing against a few friendly hands to pass the time and have a few drinks. I've just got better things to spend my marks on. Like the pup I'm getting when the Trader woman makes it back here. Hope it's sooner rather than later." Another slight shrug. "Yea normally, but these weren't so bad. Picked up a few things I needed and dropped a couple things off." He holds two fingers together and makes a secretive and conspiratory face "Little bit of sneaking about."

"Hmm. Alright then. We will need to play a game or two, someday," decides Sephany, a wicked gleam in those grey eyes that certainly spells DOOM and DESTRUCTION and TOTAL ANNIHILATION for Leuka unless he proves to be a phenomenal card player. Mwahaha? Her eyes are traveling toward her book; hand following soon after as she lifts it up and flips it open, Klah balanced in the other. "Puppy?" but she's only half listening at this point, attention clearly pulled towards the novel and away from the conversation. But perhaps in apology, she scoots her blanket-wrapped self over, closing the gap completely and tucking her body under an arm, snuggling against Leuka as she sets about reading. And there she will stay for as long as he tolerates her, lost into a world of make-believe come alive through black and white text.

Leuka looks more fully at Sephany, his expression is definitely intrigued by the idea. That or the oddly wicked gleam in her eye when she said it. Nodding "That's a game I wouldn't wanna miss." An amused chuckle from him then, but calming as he fills her in about the pup he's getting. "Yea. One of those mountain breeds, big enough to handle the cold around here." He had glances over to the old dudes that are still cheating/losing, but peers down to Sephany quickly enough when she wiggles closer to snuggle in. A grin slips onto his face as he moves his arm to accommodate the pale haired weaver and lets his arm rest back down once she's all settled. Glancing down to see what she's reading, he adds in just to fill the gap. "And she's looking around for a couple other things I wanna get to." Shifting his own self a bit to keep his feet warm, he settles in to be reading perch while watching the game across the room.

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