Fort Weyr - Guest Weyr and Flight Room
The guest weyr at Fort has been given as many convienences as possible. A large, comfortable-looking bed rests against the back wall, the linens changed on a regular basis to keep them fresh. For temporary storage of personal belongings a sturdy footlocker can be found at its foot, and a table and a quartet of chairs provide a place for visitors to entertain guests if they so wish. The floor has been covered with a large rug and the walls are draped in tapestries depicting various scenes from Pern's grand history, all to help ward off the chill of the stone in the winter months. There's even a small icechest with an attached cupboard for storage of cool drinks and energizing snacks for the weyr's occupants.

A finale has been reached in the skies with Typriaeth snared and won by Velokraeth. Driven by the onslaught of those heightened flight emotions, Th'ero "caught" Anique and dragged her with him to the ground level weyr suited exactly for this purpose. What occurs then is nothing but the natural outcome to any mating flight, fed by raw and primal emotions and needs and little else. As the moment ebbs, Th'ero will sag and collapse, barely aware of his surroundings and the events that unfolded before exhausted sleep claims him. Not that that lasts for long either, dozing for only half a candlemark or so before some twinge or another pulls him from the fuzzy warmth of his unconscious state. He's aware that he's laying curled on his side, tangled with sheets and tangled with… yes, that's definitely someone else's body. Not Kimmila's. This isn't his weyr. Opening one eye barely a crack, he rolls it to survey the guest weyr. Ah, yes. So it is. He ignores the glimpse of discarded clothing too. No need to guess what's happened, he's far too seasoned a rider now to be surprised. Doesn't help with the awkwardness though and awkward he is as his mind sluggishly struggles it's way back to coherency. Slowly he begins to stir, careful not to disrupt the one beside him and to keep quiet — for now. He'd be a fool if he expected to escape without at least some form of acknowledgement of what was done.

Still within the confines of sleep, Anique shifts a bit with the first stirring of the body she's entangled up with. It's not a wakeful one though as she seems to be denying waking up and trying to dive further into the darkness of sleep. Accustomed to sleeping alone one might discover she's a bit of a covers hog in claiming more than her fair share. Sprawled across the bed her legs are draped heavily over Th'ero's. A mumbled name in her sleep that might sound a bit like M'ta is heard as she turns over to her side. Something though is prodding her subconscious as slowly the fight is lost. Her light blue eyes open slowly to focus on the moving form of…Th'ero? Suddenly the feel of the unfamiliar room is felt…this isn't the barracks. Certainly this isn't her small cot. Eyes widening the sudden memory of the after effects of the mating flight comes crashing down into her memory. Flashes of what happened after they stumbled to the guest weyr quickly bombard her as a surprise gasp escapes her. Frozen in place she can only peer in stunned shock and her first words are. "You're not M'ta!" evidently some part of her brain was convinced that it would be the Eastern Bronzerider here.

Lack of any cover or blanket seems to least of Th'ero's concern right now and it could have been the chill that woke him too. No fire is laid in here and with autumn in full swing and night now falling, it's getting cold even inside. At least a few glows are kept with the shutters opened and rotated enough that they're fresh enough to lend plenty of light. The Weyrleader has managed to prop himself up on his elbow, only to discover his legs are pinned beneath Anique's. He freezes for a moment, frowning heavily as he tries to cobble enough coherent thought together as to how to free himself when the greenrider begins to wake. Perfect. Without apology, he slips his legs free and shuffles back, sitting up and promptly turning most of his back to her. Th'ero's a modest man, even after Turns of being in a Weyr and a rider and he will keep his eyes lowered and adverted. If he has to glimpse towards her, he does it quickly and only to match her gaze. Which he does and sharply when she fires off those first words. Ouch? "No, I'm not M'ta." he replies dryly and with a smirk. It takes him a moment to pull what shreds of his memory he has left to him. Th'ero remembers little of what has just occurred in the little guest weyr and he remembers snippets from the ground. Snippets can be enough though and his disapproving frown says all. "And he'd be wise to learn some manners and restraint during flights." Or else. Now is not the time to discuss that fallout however. Taking a slow, steading breath, Th'ero scrubs at his face and then runs his hand back through his still damp and curly hair. "You alright?" It's asked after a considerably long pause and almost whispered his voice is so low. Hello Awkward! Th'ero is not gentle when he's swept up into flight lust though he's not rough to the point of brutality either. Vigorous may be a better word but that doesn't mean one may come out entirely unscathed, himself included.

Sweeping out of her eyes a lock of sweaty black hair, Anique moves more still as finally coherency takes its grip on her. Sitting up she yanks the covers without thought to cover her bared self, the covers now pulled up to her chin. Despite her acclimation into Weyrlife so smoothly she is still in fact, hold bred and raised. A blush will touch her tanned cheeks as Th'ero presents his back to her. Realization quickly crashes down after his words confirming he's not that particular bronze rider. Now a deeper flush of embarrassment shows as she stammers over her next words. "I..oh no I didn't mean." wince. IUnsure of what she even meant. "Th'ero." she states. See? She knows his name. Then… "Th'ero?" oh shells and shards. Really? A delightful afternoon post flight romp was with the Weyrleader? Shocked and perhaps immediately concerned if her eyes will be clawed out by a certain blue rider soon she scrambles back and promptly falls over backwards over the edge of the bed. The results is she misses most of his comments regarding her boyfriend's flight manners and restraint. What is heard next is the question regarding if she's alright. Unsure if he means regarding the recent fall or before she shakes her head. "I'm fine." which said reply actually counters the shaking of the head. In essence she's answers both yes and no to the same question. PErhaps not entirely unscathed from the aftereffects of thje flight, small bruises show on her shoulders and Th'ero may be sporting some scratches upon his back. Anique isn't exactly quiet or…rem, laid back it seems when caught up in the storm of emotions felt when Typriaeth was caught. Stunned from the unexpected tumble to the floor she sits there, half covered by the blanket and half not.

Somewhere, wherever the pair ended up after the flight, Typriaeth is content to snuggle up next to the handsome bronze who snared her midair.

Th'ero does not struggle to keep the covers and she can take them all. He's turn himself away on purpose, anything he doesn't want her to see hidden well enough from the angle his body is at. Now she's repeating his name and awkwardly he nods his head. Yes and yes. Unfortunately for her, Velokraeth caught. Could have been worse though? Aycheth could have chased and she'd be waking up to her Weyrlingmaster or any of the other chasers could have caught with similar awkward consequences. He senses rather then sees Anique fall from the bed and giving a startled sound that sounds like a half-grunted snort, nervously amused but surprised he turns his head to peer behind him. Her answer does cover all spectrums, but the Weyrleader can't help but mutter. "Did… you just fall from the bed?" Is he really that scary? Probably. He's not exactly Mr. Warm and Fuzzy either! Shifting, he rolls his shoulders a bit and grimaces when a slight twinge of pain confirms the scratches. Lovely. Scanning the room and the ground, he locates his pants and promptly slides from the bed to gather them as indiscreetly as possible. No need to give the poor Weyrling a show. Once he's slipped them on and buckled them, he goes about finding the rest and at least sets Anique's shirt nearby when he comes across it. Not that he gets close to her at all, it's simply placed in the neutral zone between them and he's back to hovering well away and head still lowered and politely adverted.

Not scary. More like surprised. Not rawr scary but not the fuzziest one around. Though yeah…could have been M'icha? Wouldn't /that/ be even more awkward. Would he critique her performance afterwards? Grade it? Keep her from graduation if it wasn't to par? "No..I didn't." Anique lies. She did. With a wry smirk as the neutral zone is observed she reaches for the shirt and slips it on quickly, tugging it over her head. There. That done…pants. Aha. OVer….there. Past the bed. Her brows furrow briefly in concentration. SLowly her wits are returning as she looks back to the Weyrleader. Yup, it's still him and…well she's not been reacting well as of yet. So she struggles to regain her composure to find the adult inside her that is lurking. Easy as pie right? She was, after all, an assistant headwoman before all this. She can handle this! Shifting her gaze once more to her pants she clears her throat and asks. "Can you grab my pants for me?" Unsure of what else to say she falls silent after that simple question.

Give some credit to M'icha! He may be a gruff and tough Weyrlingmaster but he'd not be so cruel as that! Not that Th'ero is proving to be stellar company either. Long silences, awkward tension and clipped conversation? Oh yeah, definitely not the best but it could be worse too. The Weyrleader could have just got up, dressed and stalked out. In fact, there is little reason for him to be lingering here now. Flight is done, they've uh… recovered and he has a bath to take. And a weyrmate to see to. He's going to be a mature adult here too and at her request, rather than laugh or balk at the idea of fetching her pants (though his mind does twitch a bit), he does as is requested. Because it's a kind thing to do and perhaps the only gesture he can make that isn't overtly awkward or taken the wrong way. Gathering them in his hand, he will again venture close enough and still with his body half turned away he will hold them out. Here you go! "So if you didn't fall from them bed, I'll just assume you find the freezing stone floor more comfortable then?" he drawls, attempting some humour no matter how misplaced it may be. What else is there to say?

Perhaps she does! Not that she would find the freezing cold stone floor better, especially with a bared tush touching it. Pants grabbed she scoot-slides into them then pops up to her feet. Ah..warmth to her rear. By now her lower half is probably cold enough that she barely feels the cold stone through her bare feet. Clearing her throat again she looks around. Well…no furniture broken. They both appear relatively unscathed. Still…akwarkd really and it leaves her with an uncertainty. What now? Obviously there won't be any cuddling afterwards especially with them both dressed. The now sr. Weyrling watches the Weyrleader out of the corner of her eye as she searches for shoes. Her rumpled clothing still bears the dust and odor of firestone dust which brings her mind back to the interrupted session that afternoon out in the bowl. Taking a deep breath she turns to face Th'ero. Instead of answering his attempt at humor she merely asks. "Where's Kimmila?"

What now, indeed? There will be no cuddling and certainly no contact. Th'ero is making that clear enough by keeping his distance and cool, reserved behaviour to Anique. Harsh, perhaps, to simply set her aside but that is how it is. He respects her as the young woman and weyrling that she is, perhaps a bit beyond acquaintance, but beyond that he holds nothing more. By now he's found his tunic and slipped it back on over his head and is setting everything to right. Why couldn't she had just stuck with the humour? She had to go there? Th'ero starts and then turns his head slowly to just stare at Anique. At her eyes, of course. "Out." he grunts, frown knitting his brows. No help comes from Velokraeth, as the bronze is still snuggling with Typriaeth and so long as the green is content to have the "handsome" (yeah right) bronze as company he will be there and focused entirely on her for she is his for the time being. "If not, she's wai— back at our weyr." He clears his throat. "I should go." he adds.

Anique shuffles her feet. She didn't stick with humor because for once she couldn't find anything humorous to say? As he grunts the single word of out she actually starts for the door before realizing that he's not ordering her out! Pausing she looks back to him. Her gaze though doesn't go directly to his eyes. Somewhat guiltily though after realizing that's she is checking out her Weyrleader in *that* way, she does look to his eyes and then at a point just over his head. Safer that way? A blush colors her cheeks as she struggles not to sound like a teenage girl after her first time with a man. They are both adults here and Th'ero is only 10 years her senior. "I um..yeah." cue another long silence in which she shuffles her feet side to side. "It's almost supper time I guess?" she says as he adds about him going. Suddenly though she blurts out the real concern floating on the top of her mind. "She won't be mad will she cause I don't want to cause no trouble between you and her and you didn't cover /this/ scenario in your flight talk!" she says in a burt of words that nearly have no breaths in between each word. "I mean cause uh…yeah. I just..uh.." she stammers then closes her mouth with a snap.

Only ten Turns her senior! Best not tell Th'ero that, though he either knows and chooses not to reflect on that much or doesn't and doesn't want to know how young she may be. He shifts a bit, uncomfortable when her eyes drift though relaxes when she stares past his head. Ahem. "Just about." he confirms and was about to continue when Anique suddenly blurts out the rest. For a moment, he just stands there and startled again to utter silence. Part of him wants to burst out laughing and the other just wants to turn and walk out that door. Thankfully he does neither, but his mouth does twist into a strained smile. "Anique…" he says, exhaling heavily and shaking his head. "No. She won't be mad. This…" And he gestures with his hand to point between them and then sweep across the room to indicate what occurred here. "…means nothing." He flinches. Okay, bad choice of words. Grimacing, he presses on. "It's was a flight and nothing more. Kimmila and I have been weyrmated for many Turns now and we've come to accept that from time to time either Velokraeth or Varmiroth," Though far more on Velokraeth's part. "will chase and catch on occasion." Th'ero explains gently though his voice is a little firm. She didn't know this part? "I know it may be an issue with other couples who are insecure, but we are not. You've nothing to worry about concerning Kimmila and I."

Anique can't completely hide the wince that his harsh words explaining this means nothing comes out. Boots found she shoves them onto her feet suddenly, her head ducking down low quickly to avoid looking up at him. Her cheeks are heated up in a sure sign she's blushing now against her tanned skin. "Nothing more.." she says in a strangled voice. She knows it means nothing but..but emotions batter against her mind as clearly she has absolutely no idea what to expect. The aftermath is still really only coming in flashes of memory with no solid fix on exact details. "Dinner's nearly ready I guess. And I should report to M'icha." report? Report what? PErhaps that she's unscathed and able to do any evening lessons planned. "I'll…um, see you later then?" after all graduation is coming up, tests will happen. It's not improbably that they won't run into each other again at some point!

It's a brutal and harsh truth and it's not that it means entirely nothing, just that Th'ero harbours no emotions or sentimental value to it. How could he? His heart belongs to another and that is evident enough even now. He'd have been content to leave it at that, but Anique's strangled reply has him closing his eyes for a moment as he silently curses himself for his bluntness. "You have to understand, Anique. This is how some flights will end. I am committed to another…" And so he will not do anything that will otherwise make him feel as though lines are crossed. Even his conversation is kept to a bare minimum. He asked if she was alright and when confirmed, he saw no reason to ask further. He may regret that now. "Report? WHy?" Th'ero asks, confused. "M'icha won't expect you back at the barracks. No one will expect you to resume your duties until tomorrow. So…" Awkward. "… you may do as you wish." He does not acknowledge about seeing her again. She already knows the answer to that! "Why not see if M'ta has stayed or returned to Eastern?" He suggests though with great reluctance. His opinion of the bronzerider is quite low, but clearly he and Anique share some sort of relationship.

"I know." Anique's words are quiet but she turns pale blue eyes towards Th'ero. "I know!" she repeats again for emphasize. "I would never come between you and Kimmi. I just never imagined….this." a hand gestures across the room weakly. One hand rakes across her hair to pull it back away from her face. Though his confusion brings the first hint of a smile to her face. "He won't? They don't?" this could be good. Especially as he mentions finding M'ta. The reluctance in which it is offered isn't even noticed as suddenly her expression is lit up once more. "Yeah, I'll go find him. Maybe he'll be in the caverns." with that she turns and simply walks out the door without a single look back.

Th'ero shakes his head and this time he does chuckle. "Never had a single worry that you would, Anique." he murmurs and then smirks when she waves weakly about the room. Neither did he, but done is done. "No, they don't." he confirms and reassures her, which is the last words he'll speak as she's taking his suggestion to heart and is out the door before he can even begin to ponder what more to say. Well… that went alright? Th'ero does not linger and promptly grabs his jacket and slips it on. No need for him to be here now and he's got a few routines of his own to tend to before he climbs the stairs to his ledge. Velokraeth however will remain with Typriaeth for the night if the green allows it.
Typriaeth will certainly allow it as she's one to enjoy the company of the one who captured her. She's a cuddly sort!