Who Sephany, Eiram, Leuka, Yulise, Riohra
What Friends meet up at breakfast; Eiram gets some Turnday gifts.
When Autumn-Winter
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It is morning, but not so awfully early that Sephany is the only person awake. Indeed, the Living Caverns is teeming with life as hungry weyrfolk descend upon the serving tables with ravenous appetites, and then flock to empty chairs in the quest to consume their meals. The young weaver has already claimed a space for herself, near the hearth with a view of the Living Caverns, her breakfast laid out before her in meager portions; fruit, a roll, a glass of juice and a mug of something that steams. At the moment, her interest seems to be alternating between people watching and her sketchbook, which sits open on the table near her.

Leuka is still mostly asleep as he makes his way from the crafter cavern. A severe case of bedhead that looks to have had fingers run through it a few times, but doesn't look like it did much more than send his hair sticking out in every direction. In fact, it looks like he almost missed putting his t'shirt on, the back seem stuck high on his upper back like it rolled in on itself. Leuka yawns and scrubs at his face after joining the line for klah, looks like he skipped shaving this morning as well.

It is in the midst of the 'people watching' portion of her morning that Sephany spots the illustrious Harper and his very 'I am not a morning person' fashion statement that he has going on. Is that a laugh? Yes. Yes it is. Stifled behind her hand and covered up quickly with a bite of fruit. Grey eyes follow his progress and, well, maybe she takes pity on him because before he has managed to make it too far, she's out of her seat and closing the distance quickly. A few quick steps (Fairly skipping) and one delicate hand reaches out to *YANK* that shirt of his down and into place. And then a little *pat-pat* of consolation, if he should remain within reach. Mission accomplished, she scoots on back to her table looking only a little smug.

Leuka is just there, minding his own business, shuffling forward as fast as this groggy line will move. He reaches up to scratch a spot on his head when he's suddenly being attacked. Glancing around suddenly, he's about to lay into whoever is trying to rip his clothes off, but stop short when eyes finally decide to focus. He's suddeny not that opposed to the idea. "Mornin." He gets out before the Weaver is weaving her way back acoss to her seat. Another yawn slips out and he makes more an effort to wake up, finger comb his hair and adjust his short more. Soon, he's got mugs of klah in each hand and shuffling over to where Sephany has settled.

Sephany is just a helpful morning-person who took pity on a night-owl Harper, with no thought to reward or thanksgiving. But his appearance at her table is welcomed with a wide smile, and she motions needlessly to a vacant seat if he should feel so inclined. "Good morning, Leuka. You look…" and there's a press of lips together, a twinkling of grey eyes as she lets her gaze roam from bed-head down. "Rested."

Well there is at least one person who is bright eyed and bushy tailed today, when normally he is not always a good morning person either. He comes into the cavern with his old Lute bag slung over a shoulder. He is nearly skipping as he heads towards the food line to gather up his morning meal before moving to sit across from his mentor and smiles up at him and Seph, "Isn't it just a grand day?"

Leuka drops into the seat next to Sephany, ofering her one of th emugs if she wants. If not, he'll have no trouble draining both himself before heading up for refills in a bit. He gives a half hearted snort at her thoughts of how he looks. "Barely. Was up late last night setting up my.." He fights off another yawn and slurps some klah. Eiram's suddenly too chipper face and bouncing attitude gets a mock glare. "You look guilty of something…" His eyes narrow slightly over the rim of his mug "You found my baby didn't you."

"Hm, clearly," is offered dryly for Leuka's comment that he is not 'rested'. "Considering I was teasing you…" but she takes pity on him, and a much softer and prettier smile is given the poor bedraggled Harper just as Eiram joins them. "Good morning!" she offers her today-only bright-eyed and bushy-tailed friend. There's amusement and a grin for him, along with a question of, "Is it?" for his declaration of the grandness for the day. "And why is that?" And yes, thank you Leuka, Sephany will help herself to that second mug of Klah because you can never have too many! But wait, what? "Baby?" And now Leuka gets a look because Sephany is clearly thinking REAL LIFE BABY and not drum set. "You have a baby?"

"You have a baby?" Eiram echoes with Sephany blinking at his mentor before shaking his head, "No no…It has just been a good week. The rider of that pregnant gold said I could sing a song to her eggs once they are laid and Rio scored me a trip up to the Yokohama. Have you ever seen Pern from Space? It was…AMAZING!" Hands go up expressively. "Just floating there in the nothingness..there are no words."

Leuka eyes Eiram a moment to see if he's covering or not before finally releanting with a tiny nod "Sorta.." He sips again and turns his attention to Sephany, a hint of a grin starting to grow across his face as he brain wakes up a bit more and starts actually paying attention. "In a way yea. It finally got shipped in. Fully loaded a bronze and took me half the night to set it up." He flashes another grin and sups his mug before continuing. "My drumset was finally shipped to me. I was starting to wonder if it had been lost or something." Sipping mroe klah, he gives a shake of his head back to Eiram "No, never been up there before."

There is a very bemused expression on Sephany's face as she tries really hard to translate 'fully loaded bronze' and 'half the night to set up' from man-speak into woman-speak in conjunction with babies… and is saved from that headache when Leuka finally explains that he is talking about a drum set and not a human infant. Once that information is presented, the confusion becomes an 'oh' and then a roll of her eyes. "I see," even though she really… does not. Boys and their toys. So it is much easier for her to focus on Eiram and his grand-day-ness, which gets a grin and a lean from the weaver, coupled with an honest, "That does sound amazing!" for the sight of Pern from the Yokohama. "Was that for your Turnday?" See? She didn't forget! "I have a gift for you, back in my room."

The lad just seems to be going from excitement to excitement just now, "A drum set? I can't wait to give it a try! Da is like the best with the sticks." And Eiram shows off his level of proficiency by hand drumming on the table. Well he has got the rythem at least. There is a nod to Sephany's question, "Yeah…He arranged it with my parents and he got me a fancy jacket to perform in too. I can't wait to show you and maybe you can make me some pants to go with it." Then there is the offer of gifts and well could this day get better. "Really?"

Leuka grins at his apprentice's excitement but wll burst his bubble a little anyway. "Once you prove yourself on the old set, then maybe, MAYBE I'll consider letting you near mine." Okie, he knocked him down a peg, now to give him a cookie. "But yea, happy Turnday. I got you something as well, but doubt it'll be as nice as what Sephany has." He glances back to pale headd wever with a smile and gives a cheeky wink. Yeup, he seems to be waking up now. "What? Thought I had a whole string of babies scattered about?" He feigns being stabbed in the heart as she seems to confuse him with Hauser, but chuckles into his mug, slurping a bit til he almost needs a refill.

"It would not surprise me," says Sephany of a string of babies, only half teasing. There's a glance for Leuka, teasing and amused, and then a smile for Eiram that is much more genuine. "I shall look forward to hearing you on the drums, then," though she makes no comment regarding which set he will be utilizing; that is for the Journeyman to decide. But of pants, she can comment. "I… maybe," for his commission. "I'm not really doing clothes yet, Eiram. I'm still learning," is offered apologetically. "You'd do much better to have my Journeyman work on them, than me. Especially if this is a set meant for performance." A moment later, she puts her mug down and scoots out from the table, a 'wait here' gesture given with one finger. "I'll be right back; I'll go get your gifts." And if she just so happens to trail her fingers along Leuka's shoulders as she brushes past? Yes. Totally a coincidence.

At the comments Leuka, Eiram rolls his eyes, "Yes sir…I mean I enjoy the sticks but I live for the strings. My da..now that is one to watch." There is a shake of his head at Leuka, "I am sure it will be plenty nice. I didn't expect anything so anything is better than nothing!" Boy logic. Then he looks to Sephany thoughtfully, "But you design good, I have seen your drawings. If I show you the jacket can I at least get your opinions on what would go well with it?" Then she is off to get his present and he looks across to Leuka with a questioning look. "Y'all made up I see.."

Leuka gives a still sleepy huff into his muff at Sephany's teasing "Gee, thanks." He eyes the bottom of his mug with a frown, and listens to Eiram and Sephany discuss clothes. He glances to Sephany when she rises to get grasshopper's gift. His brow lifts at the touch to his shoulder and he can't help but turn to watchher slip out of the cavern, a smile spreading over his face as he turnsback tot he table. Shaking the fuzz from his brain, he focuses back on Eiram "Uh? When were we fighting?" He narrows his gaze just a little on Eiram. "And if we had been, would have been entirely your fault. It was your comments and poor 'dancing' imitation the other day that had her acting odd." He gives that a moment to sink in before adding in a bit of a softer tone. "You should be more careful what you say to people. Doubly so to women." He taps his head with a finger "Think next time before you just shoot your mouth off, kay?"

Eiram just eyes his mentor at the reprimand and arches a brow, "As if you didn't tease her too." What a way to burst his happy bubble. He leans back in his seat and crosses hands over his chest as he looks across to the man. "I just was impressed to see her let loose is all. Didn't think it was anything to be ashamed of." He murmurs.

Leuka sighs and eyes his empty mug, too early for giving gentle lessons. And with an empty mug, impossible. Scrubbing ahand over his face, He gives his head a little shake "I don't think she was embarrassed Eiram. I think it had more to do with she didn't remember doing it to begin with. Perhaps it flustered her a little that she had gotten so drunk." He arches abrow "And you do need to learn a bit of tact and not be soo blunt. More so when speaking with ladies. But you'll figure it out in a couple of turns." He flashes a grin to the apprentice and peers around to see if Sephany is returning wit presents. "When she gets back, I'll go grab mine, plus another mug of klah." But wait, Sephany's is sitting there ungaurded still, right?

It is not a long walk from Living Caverns to her room, but it is enough of a walk that Sephany is not back immediately. Especially considering that gifts must be acquired, balanced, and carried from said room to said Living Caverns. But return she does, laden with a bag and a box. Neither are wrapped and, indeed, Eiram may identify the shape of that bag rather quickly as one being remarkably similar to a particular musical instrument he enjoys strumming from time to time. There is a little bit of a shuffle-shuffle as she carefully deposits her items on a clean part of the table, and then another little shift as she decides which to offer up first. It doesn't take long before she's handing him the bag. "Your commission; I finished it early as a turnday gift. I mean… the finishing it fast is the gift, if that makes sense?" She hopes so, says the bite to her bottom lip. "And this…" coupled with a push of her hands on the box to move it in front of Eiram, "is your other gift. If you already have them, well…" shrug. No take-backs.

"Why should they be any softer about things? I reckon she is stronger than she looks." Eiram says in defence of his friend and snow buddy! "She looked like she was enjoying herself is all." Another sullen teen eyeroll from the lad, "I guess." He concedes finally as he reaches for his own Klah cup. Then Sephany is returning and he at least puts on a smile for Sephany and one that quickly grows more genuine as he sees the presents. The Lute case is admired first as he rises from his seat, hands carressing the outside before opening it up. He looks up to Seph with a bright smile, "Oh…this is…perfect. Now I got to get it finished, eh? At least I know it will have a safe place." Then the other box is opened and he sees the skates and he can't help but laugh, "I should skate all the better for these and may we meet on the great battlefield come midwinter!"

Leuka doesn't seem to be making his point very well with Eiram, so for now, he leaves off when Sephany returns. He stands back, giving her plenty of room to deposit all the presents. "Whoo. Looks like you scored bigtime Eiram." He leans close,r nodding clearly impressed. "You'll have to demosntrate how to stay up on these skates." He flashes a grin to Sephany "I've promised to give it a try when it's cold enough." A fond headtilt to the pale headed weaver, see, he hasn't forgotten or changed his mind "I'll run and get my gift. You'll be disappointed in it though aftr this haul." LEuka flashes a grin to his apprentice and heads off. First to refill his mug, then slink towards the crafters caverns to get Eiram's present. He'll be right back, just running out and in real quick.

Yulise is here! The trader girl was slow to rise this morning, but now she's here. She has the look of someone who has yet to adjust to Fort's chillier climate, wrapped in a heavy fur-lined coat to guard against the chill. As further protection against the cold she hurries to the serving tables and pours herself a big steaming mug of klah, guzzling it down for warmth without even yet bothering to seek out a place to sit.

"Oh good. I'm glad you like it," is the honest response from Sephany, a bit of a nervous tension leaving her shoulders as Eiram opens and reviews the skates. "Also," and she motions back towards the bag just briefly, "I left it undecorated so that you could get it stamped or molded however you'd like. Just as a Tanner, and then can do it for you." She's just reaching over the table to grab her mug of Klah and excuse herself when Leuka is up and off. "Oh, uh…" but too late, he's already vanished. "hm. Well. I am sorry to just drop gifts and run, but I am expected early this morning. So I will have to catch you later to see whatever it is that Leuka has gotten you." A bright grin, a little pat-pat for his shoulder, and then a quick, "Catch you for lunch, maybe…" before she's slipping into the lower caverns toward the weaver's quarters; and alas, she misses the entrance of one visiting trader seeking Klah! Next time, next time…

There looks to be a bit of a gift giving bonanza at one of the toubles. A boy that looks about 12 is admiring some gifts from Sephany. Eyes are dancing between the Lute case and the skates before looking up to Sephany and steps up to offer a hug, "I will never tease you again..this is amazing thank you so much." He says in a flurry of words before she departs.

And so Seph goes and Eiram sits back down at the table and just continues to marvel at the case. It is opened again to admire the innards. It may seem 'basic' but for him its his first Proper Instrument case. He settles back in the seat with a sigh as he is temporally abandoned in his euphoria of the gifts. But the trader gal looking for seats is noticed and he lifts a hand, "We got a seat just opened up here."

Leuka returns a few minutes later and carrying something that will be impossible to figure out. Just cause it looks like a guitar hard case, doesn't mean that's what's in there. Could be anything. Leuka sidles over to refill his mug before heading back to the table. Spotting a new face, there's all new to him still, he nods "Morning." to Yulise and continues making his way towards the table. A hint of a frown that Sephany has headed off already, but he'll track her down shortly. There is plenty of room for Yulise to join them as long as she has no designs on actually using the table surface. Cause it's covered with presents ad about to have more. "Now, you only get three guess grasshopper. If you don't figure it out, you can't have it." He's teasing….right? Leuka laughs and sets the bard case on a cler spot on the table "Happy Turnday."


Ah, klah. It eases the pain of the early mornings. Yulise is finally warm and awake enough to notice that Eiram is inviting her over. Well, it isn't as if she knows anyone else around here! She gives a little wave, quickly refilling her mug before she makes her way over. "Morning!" She calls out, plopping herself into a free seat without bothering to wait for further invitation.

It seems 14 is a good turnday for the lad as another present is given to the lad from Leuka. The guitar case is looked at with eager eyes and then he looks at his mentor as the conditions are set and just grins. "Um…a guitar case full of porridge?" He gives as his first clearly silly answer as he runs his hands over the case , "Or a case full of drumsticks.." He says almost teasingly as he unsnaps the case, "Or maybe a guitar?" He offers as he opens the case and what a guitar it is. Purple from heat to do. Whatever grumpiness he had with Leuka has evaporated completely at the sight of it. "A purple guitar? This…is …awesome." He picks up the guitar from the case, hands sliding down its sides. He lightly strums the strings to hear the sound. "Is this to distract me from the violin?" He says with a grin. Yes the boy showed to be a much better plucker than 'bow-er' that is for sure.

Leuka smirks at Eiram and reaches up to scratch his jaw, he hasn't bothered shaving yet today. Shells, he'd rather be back in his room snoozing, but work won't be put off. "Maybe a little bit." He finally cracks a grin to the apprentice and drops back into his seat. Peering over to the new face he passed by a moment ago "Hello again." He lifts his mug in greeting before taking another drink. "I'm Leuka." One of the newly posted WeyrHarpers, but she wouldn't know that.

"Yulise. Trader." Yulise offers by simple way of introduction as she settles herself. Short introductions mean more time for guzzling klah. She is, however, alert enough to spy the collection of presents gathered around the table. "Somebody's turnday?" Hey, she's observant enough to get that much, at least!

Yes it is best to leave the shredding of bows to the professionals! It doesn't seem Eiram is too upset at that implication. Finally he places the guitar back in the case, one last stroke over the wood before he closes the case. The words of the woman get a grin and a nod from the boy, "Yeah, a few days ago. Fourteen!" He declares trying to stand all of his 5 foot 2 inches. A little short for his age, but maybe he might still catch up. "Eiram." he gives by way of his own introduction and looks over the gifts, "If you will excuse me…I must show My Parents." And so cases are closed and swung over shoulders and the box of skates is grabbed and meal forgotten, "Catch ya laters!" He says with a wave to both and heads off!

Leuka chuckles at his apprentice's enthusiasm, and eagerness to go show off his new goods. "When you are done showing it off, there's a cabinet slot already marked for your guitar in the playroom." He grins as Eiram takes a couple minutes loading himself up and waddling off with his hoard. "See you later." Another little smirk, and he reaches over to 'rescue' Eiram's uneaten meal. Stabbing at a couple of egg bits, he glances to Yulise. "Don't take this wrong, but you seem as shell-shocked about the weather here as I have been. Only been here a few sevendays. And i'm told /this/ is the mild season."

"I only ever visit during the 'mild' season." Yulise replies, actually making finger quotes when she says 'mild'. When Eiram makes ready to go, she offers the turnday boy a little wave. "Congratulations! It's a special turn." She has no idea what age he's turning, of course. They're all special, aren't they? She shakes her head and looks back to Leuka. "I don't understand how people live here turn 'round."

Leuka smirks over the remains of Eiram's meal. Leuka's just doing his part to not waste food ya know. A little headshake at Yulise's response. "I don't either, yet. Guess I'll let you know next mild season." Another bite is scraped of the plate and dealt with. "Why do you only visit in the mild time?" It's still early morning time, Leuka has a major case of bedhead still, even if it looks like he attempted to finger comb the hair into submission. Eiram has gotten his turnday presents from Sephany and Leuka, then ran off to show them to mom and dad. Right now, Leuka is meeting Yulise and there ya go.

"Because it's too shardin' cold to visit anytime it isn't mild." Yulise is wrapped in her heavy fur-lined coat, the one she always wears when visiting Fort. She's quickly drinking klah to try to help heat her up.

Riohra steps in and unlike everyone else in this place he has been since way before dawn. Currently he is walking and reading a letter and smiling like the wherry headed love struck man he is. He easily seems to dodge people as he walks, or they just get out of his way as according to some he is 'intimidating'. He will step to the Klah pot and fold the letter for later before pouring himself a mug.

Leuka snorts "Yea, that I get, now tell me something I don't know. You're not posted here it seems. So, what do you do?" He spots Riohra by the klah and lifts his mug calling out "Just bring the whole pot man." He waggles his own mug and takes a couple of deep slurps before finishing off Eiram's food. "Hmm, didn't realize I was hungry til I was eating."

Yulise doesn't find Riohra intimidating in the slightest. She proves this by waving at him and calling out pretty loudly. "Rio! I was wondering where you went after you ran away from the party. Did you run all the way to Fort?" She smirks and slurps more klah, then looks back to Leuka. "Trader, like I said. If you're looking for anything, I can help you out."

Riohra arrives and not only has the Klah pot but fresh treats from the kitchen, SWEET ROLLS, he will place them near is two friends and sit down saying "No I ran to go fishing, and hunting, and possibly shoot a tattooist. But that last one remains to be seen as he has gone missing." Looking to the musician says "She isn't lying though she will be able to get ya a lot of good things, she got a friend of mine some red tattoo ink for her love interest."

Leuka drains his mug as Riohra arrives, extending his now empty for a refill and snagging a sweet in the process. His gaze drifts between them a moment before smiling as if he may be getting a turnday present too. So, if I said I wanted to get a pup. Or maybe I wanted to get a little egg as a present for someone?"

Yulise blinks and tilts her head. "… Which tattooist?" She's made the mistake of assuming before, and she's not going to do that again! But there's a sale to be made! Her attention snaps back to Leuka. "Hrm… eggs are tough to come by. My own little 'lizard isn't quite old enough to be laying any of her own. But canines are another story! I know a reputable breeder."

Riohra nods and will drink his Klah, no interrupting of sales here. In stead he pulls out that letter again and keeps reading grinning like a fool. The thoughts of evil tattooists and one happy healer is put out of his mind.

Leuka perks up a bit and sips at the mug, more slowly now that he's down two full mugs reasonably quickly. "That turns out to be quite helpful. I've been wanting to get pup. Probably one of the mountain breeds. Something that's better adapted for the area than I seem to be." He smirks over his mug and glances to Riohra, brow lifting curiously but he won't intrude on his friend's smiling time, he hasn't done that much lately.

Yulise gives Riohra a troubled look. "Was it the sexy and free spirited one with the hot dragonhealer girlfriend, or the sexy and free spirited one with the hot dolphineer girlfriend?" Way to narrow it down, Yulise. Still, much of her focus remains on the potential sale. "I can do that. Can you wait a month or so? I can swing by the crafthall and pick up a healthy and loyal pup for you."

Leuka is disappointed he has to wait so long, but hides it well enough. "Sure, I suppose that'll give me time to get a few things for the guy. I want a male by the way." He adds before he forgets to mention that bit. "And maybe, keep an ear out for an egg if you can. I'ld appreciate that alot. Who knows, if it all happens fast enough, I may be inspired to immortalize you in a song. Or at the very least, roast you in a limerick." He chuckles at the last bit. But many people seem to like the idea.

Riohra grins still as he reads the letter, and will finish it and put it away. The problem is once he does that grin goes from 'ahh happy' to the more 'ahh revenge' grin. "Well I don't know if little Triven has a girl friend or not but me and him are going to be having a talk about what is and what isn't appropriate…" with sharp things probably. He sips his Klah and looks over at Leuka "you wouldn't happen to have and extra cello case would you?"

Leuka is disappointed he has to wait so long, but hides it well enough. "Sure, I suppose that'll give me time to get a few things for the guy. I want a male by the way." He adds before he forgets to mention that bit. "And maybe, keep an ear out for an egg if you can. I'd appreciate that a lot. Who knows, if it all happens fast enough, I may be inspired to immortalize you in a song. Or at the very least, roast you in a limerick." He chuckles at the last bit. But many people seem to like the idea. He gives his friend a wary look "Depends, you plan on shoving my ink guy into it?" Seems Triven is his goto tattoo dude.

Yulise pouts at Riohra, confused. "Triven? What did Triven do?" She asks, sounding a little worried now. "He's a good guy, I think. Maybe this is a misunderstanding?" She hopes, anyways. She looks to Leuka and gives a little nod. "I'll pick out a good one for you. And I'll see what I can do about an egg, but no promises there?"

Riohra looks to consider Yulise "it could be, then let me ask you two world travelers, how does one tattoo between and on a breast of a woman when her hands are at her sides?" this is said with a little gleam before adding to Leuka " No it is for an injured friend in Monaco seems he got a lot closer to the final adventure." he will sip his Klah and wait patently for them to explain away his fears.

Leuka relents and nods when he doesn't plan on shoving Triven into the case, but frowns at the scenario. "Depends, did she want her hands or breasts inked?" He sighs at the news of Monaco. Even someone who's head is stuck in music all the time heard about the incident. Though, the telling may be off kilter "Yea. I heard a whole pod of dolphin were hit and bobbing along the surface with all the other dead fish." He shakes his head. Leuka may be an ass, but he's not completely heartless. An agreeable nod to Yulise as they come to an understanding. Then something else crosses his mind and he snaps his fingers "Fruit!" He regards the trader almost intently for a moment "Do you happen to have any decent strawberries? I couldn't find any around here when I checked."

Yulise blinks and tilts her head. "… You're getting mad at a tattooist for tattooing a woman?" She seems baffled by the very concept. "… Look, I don't know what's going on here exactly. Was this your girlfriend or something? Don't worry too much, Triven's a professional. She probably just wanted to look good for you." She gives Leuka a smile. "No fresh strawberries, I'm afraid. They don't travel well. But! I do have some delicious strawberry-flavored candies from Bakercraft. You won't be sorry if you try them, I promise."

Riohra chuckles and shakes his head "my little sister, not my girl. But maybe i am being brash…" he is in a good enough mood to be talked out of things today. "What ya want strawberries for going to add them to some champagne?"

Leuka gives a nod about the candies. "Well if that's all there is, they'll have to due. I'll take some of them too. But could you keep me on your short list as soon as you come across some fresh berries?" He goes to take a sip from his mug when Riohra's question has him pausing, as if considering it, but disregarding the idea "It's a thought, but nah, maybe next time." He finishes taking the sip "Strawberries are her favorite. Only took freezing my ass off at the lake to learn that little pearl of information."

Yulise raises her eyebrow. "What's your sister's name? And how old is she?" Important questions to ask in figuring out whether or not the accused is actually guilty of something or not. Business takes priority though, and she nods to Leuka. "I will see what I can do. But the candies are great, I promise." She grins lopsidedly. "I can blame at least five of my extra pounds on them."

Riohra grins and says "Kelani, is her name and she is just older than sixteen." he runs his hands through his hair saying "I know she is a big girl, and at least i am not like S'van, Sephany;s older brother." He will look over at Yulise and smile "So it is plan that you know him, do you vouch for him?" the hunter as learned to trust his friends.

Leuka nods agreeably to Yulise "Then double the candy order, she could use a couple more pounds." Hopefully Riohra will never repeat what he just said, else he'll know how ratted him out, again. Then the conversation takes another interesting turn, causing Leuka to lean back in his chair and study the hunter's face a moment "I don't think Triven would do anything that was UNwanted. And I don't think he would take advantage of a situation like that." But perhaps he and Riohra are having two conversations at once since he used the S'van card. "And I'm sure you sister, Kelani, is old enough to make her own choices. Good or bad, they are hers to make."

"T'ana's daughter?" Evidently Yulise is familiar with Kelani. She grins a little. "She got a tattoo? Woah. This I've gotta see." Probably not going to endear her to Riohra any more. "Look, I know Triven pretty well. He's a good guy. Professional. Lots of self-control. I'm sure nothing went on other than tattooing." She looks to Leuka, then grins and nods. "Candy coming right up, then. The pup will take a bit, but I have that right now." She gets to her feet, getting ready to go fetch the goods.

Riohra nods and will take both of there advice in, when Yulise gets up to leave he will stand and wrap her in a hug showing he still loves her in that friend way before he sits back down and looks over at Leuka with a raised eyebrow. "I would suggest not saying that in the room her firelizard hangs out in hidden under the coats" he nods to where they hang and was that a green tail sliding behind a thick winter jacket?

Leuka had to now, agreeing with Yulise about Triven "Matches what I think about him pretty much." He nods to Yulise when she goes to get the goods "Thanks." Canting his head to Riohra when the man comes back to the table, he follows the hunter's gaze to the coats. Not seeing anything lizardy, he shrugs back to Riohra, but concedes the point as valid. "I get what ya saying. About that at least."

Yulise returns the hug from Riohra. "Go easy on him, yeah? He's a good guy." Since she already has her coat on, she doesn't need to worry about rogue lizards lurking. "Okay. Gonna get some candy. Back in a bit!" And she's off.

Riohra nods and grins saying "so what did you get little Eiram?" he askes sipping his drink.

Leuka chuckles "I took a new guitar I had made but not used yet, lacquered it purple and gave with a new hard case. Sephany got him a pair of ice skates and some other things."

Riohra nods and grins "well I see you won't need me around to play" he reaches out and takes a sweet roll before saying "Thanks again for the other day you really made my friends happy."

Leuka snorts. "Of course you'll be needed to play. My skins came in today so I'll be switching up from my cello sometimes now." He nods "No problem. Glad they enjoyed it. Thanks for grabbing a bunch of those wild straws for me." He laughs and pushes up from the table. "I should go clean myself up and do some work. Make sure that sneaky grasshopper hasn't attacked my drums." He spots Yulise returning with the candies and thanks her for them before she vanishes back into the crowd." Eyeing the bundle of treats, he grins and slips them into his large coat pocket "And it looks as if I've a delivery to make."

Riohra grins "Of course my friend, maybe when your done going though my lady friends we can get another jam session going." Waves to his two friends and will say just before Leuka is out of earshot "They sound fine but the high hat could use a little tightening"

Leuka sooooo heard that Rio! He turns quickly and lifts his hand, but rather than wave, he's sending a specific signal with a certain digit. All in good natured fun yea. "Better be just as I left it or you're first on my list bud. Later!" Then he's hurrying off no doubt to check on his precious gear.

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