Who Eiram, Th'ero
What Th'ero comes across Eiram on the lookout ridge.
When Autumn-Winter, Month 10, Turn 2714
Where Lookout Ridge, Fort Weyr


Lookout Ridge
An open plateau of rock that's nestled on the northern face of the bowl wall, used to provide an ease of access to important parts of the Weyr; traffic here being minimal. Stonecut stairs lead down to the administration complex, while the bridge that adjoins this plateau spans across a gully to get to the central bowl wall, where the wing corridor can be quickly reached. A shortcut is also built up toward the Star Stones, so those without dragon can reach the long since used rocks.
Beyond the pathways and access routes, the view from this terrace is amazing. The eye has a good vantage point of the entire bowl below, from the hatching caverns, to the training complex, to the stretches of the central and southern most bowl. The rise of the mountain and the forest ranges can be glimpsed from here as well, distant images but outlined enough to distinguish where they start and end. Oddly enough there's a bench here, settled back against the bowl wall and angled to give the best view of the world beyond.

Those in offices with a view of the bridge walkway may have noticed this young lad crossing the bridge up to the heights on a regular basis for the last few sevendays. A crossing he does with confidence, often pausing halfway across to look down to the chasm below and across the weyr. Today he sits on the edge of plateau and looks out over the weyr as he eats a meat pastry. It looks about midday and there is a brisk feel to the air that heralds the oncoming winter. At his back and strapped across his body is a large bag.

While not traversed by many, it’s true, there is one who makes a similar trek most days, only at different hours. Not that Eiram’s travels haven’t gone unnoticed. A certain unsightly bronze dragon is fond of watching the scurrying of people when he’s not otherwise occupied in other forms of “entertainment”. So it’s purely by chance that Th’ero is leaving the administration complexes and looking as grim and withdrawn as ever. Little has changed the Weyrleader over time, except for the first glimpses of grey hairs along the temples. No one better point that out, however! By habit, upon spying a person, he at least acknowledges them with a brisk nod. “Good afternoon.” And a slight hint of a ‘what’re you doing here?’ hanging unspoken between them.

One thing is clear this boy seems to have no fear of heights. Feet dangling over the edge as they are as he overlooks the weyr. Between bites can be heard the humming of a tune and the tapping of fingers of his thigh. The arrival of the Weyrleader at least doesn't spook him off the ledge and he looks over his shoulder with the look of wide eyed innocence that no doubt gets him out of trouble on many occasions. "Afternoon Sir." He calls out to the man and gives him a proper salute, perhaps given indication he is not unfamiliar with weyr ways. He has the badge of an apprentice harper on one shoulder of his jacket. "Isn't it a wonderful sight sir, just wonderful."

Whether it be the tune or just Eiram’s nature or the fact that he’s sitting so close to the ledge, something the boy does has drawn enough of Th’ero’s intrigue that the Weyrleader shakes himself out of whatever troubling thoughts had him otherwise preoccupied. “It is. Especially around this time of season. If you’re looking for more of a view of the forests, I’d suggest the overlook. Bit of a climb,” Now his mouth twitches into the vaguest of smirks. “Though I’m going to hazard that’s not an issue for you?”

There is definitly a bright nature to this young man. Someone who looks quick to find the joy in something. He swivels slightly until only one leg is over the edge."No sir, I used to ride the crow's nest on my uncles ships down south, I reckon some might be as tall as this." There is a glance for the view once more before he pushes himself from the edge and up to his feet, "Its no trouble for me being here sir? I met a goldrider the other day and she said it was alright."

Eiram is probably frighteningly close to resembling Kyzen, Th’ero’s firstborn son, for his bright outlook and nature. A passing thought that the bronzerider swiftly dismisses, in favour of giving the poor lad a more searching look. “From a family of sea crafters, then?” he asks, a touch bluntly but all for the sake of idle conversation. As for him being there, the Weyrleader merely shrugs his shoulders. “You’re not causing a disruption, though some may have a fright seeing you on the edge like that. Which goldrider did you meet?”

"Well my parents are riders here, but I fostered with my Ma's family at Rubicon River hold down south." Well even the Hold's banner looks like a ship. Fish being one of their main exports. He shifts the bag to his hip now that he is standing but gives his focus for the weyrleader for now. "Oh I'm alright sir. I am steady as can be." To the question of the rider he grins the wider, "Inri sir and she told me I could sing a song to her dragon's eggs. Isn't that something? That place has great accoustics…I can hardly wait."

“Are they now?” Th’ero is usually good for remembering his riders, but his memory grows unpredictable when it comes to any of their offspring. Can be difficult, given the nature of riders and flights. He scoffs lightly, “That’s what they all say, before they take a good fall from one of the heights here. Just be sure you’re not one of them.” At mention of Inri and Kouzevelth’s clutch, there’s a note of relief to the man’s features. “It’s certainly a once in a lifetime shot. Kouzevelth is a good queen and not to terribly territorial when she broods. Good that you and Inri could come to an arrangement.”

"Eirwyn and Ly'am. Inri even said she was a clutchsib of my Ma." She a dragonhealer and he a craftrider. At the warning about the heights Eiram barely contains an eyeroll, "Thats what my Journeyman tells me too. Got to be careful and not risk the instruments!" Instead of motioning to the bag and he raises hands and wiggles his fingers. There is that excited nod again though at the mention of the gold, "Yeah, can't imagine many golds mind some scamp singing to their eggs."

“Ahh, I do know of them.” Th’ero murmurs, with a faint smile that now comes off as a little more genuine. “And Inri would be right. They’re both from Velokraeth’s first clutch with Zuvaleyuth, if I recall correctly.” And now he’s really going to feel the crunch of time over his head! Chuckling dryly, he shakes his head. “I’ll side with your Journeyman on that! Damaged instruments would be… less than ideal. And you’d be surprised what golds can tolerate. So long as they’re not surprised with anything…” Imparting a bit of wisdom, the Weyrleader will then look back over to the stone bridge. “If you’ll excuse me…?” Introduction can be done then, though the bronzerider will not be insulted if none comes to pass. “I’ve best be on my way. Day is half done and I’ve a few matters to resolve preferably by sundown.”

"That sounds about right. I really should talk to Ma more about it now that I am here right and proper studying." Eiram responds and when the question leads for a name in response, the boy extends a hand to the man, "Eiram sir, Harper Apprentice Extroidinaire…At your service." Of course he is a harper with an introduction like that. "I will try not to play too loud sir." And with that he moves to the bench and pulls out a Lyre and starts to tune to strings.

Th’ero will take that offered hand and shake it, as is the proper thing to do. “Well met, Eiram. Give my regards to your parents.” If he doesn’t end up crossing paths with them before that! Leaving the boy to tune his lyre, the Weyrleader makes a quiet exit, heading off towards the Wingleader offices and Wing lounges.

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