There is no room description for this scene, as it involves multiple locations and most of which are roughly described in the poses!

Dawn rises over Fort Weyr and out across its vast spread of land in all directions. Summer is fading into Autumn and even as the sunlight brightens the sky it already proves to share little warmth. In some areas, low level fog still clings and rolls across the ground and weaves itself through the trees whose leaves are caught in the first stages of changing colors as nature prepares for the winter. Brisk and chilly, the wind is down but the air is left with a crisp and sharp scent. It is a good day for flying and already some of the first morning patrols and sweeps have left the Weyr.

Also preparing to leave are several Roc Wingriders, all of them Messengers in their 'ranks' within the Wings. They're checking their manifests and routes, having picked up their folders and assignments earlier in the Wing Lounge. There are still lingering tensions within the Weyr, especially among the Roc Wing despite a new interim Wingleader named to replace the disgraced bronzerider N'hon. The damages done are still having a widespread ripple effect, both in the Weyr and stronger outside of it. As some riders can be heard muttering, it's a: "real trick to do business with the holders…" Which only means that the news has spread among them too and some are already forming biased opinions — ones that may not put Fort dragonriders in a favorable light.

Despite that, duties must be upheld and work continues on. Typriaeth and Anique are summoned early by M'icha and Aycheth and their orders are brief: get dressed, geared up and prepared and head to the northern bowl. There she will meet with two riders, both of which are dressed in heavier riding gear against the chill of the morning air. Neither seem to hold rank above Wingrider and there is no sign of the Weyrleader and Velokraeth is absent from his ledge. The two riders wait patiently, both greenriders and roughly middle aged. The eldest is known as Berra, rider of green Shyzuth and the younger one is Sao, rider of green Ziasath.

Perhaps subdued by all the rumors swirling around about Roc wing these days, Anique has been paying attention to all of them. After all it is the wing of her choice that she's hoping to get tapped into though she's not actually shared this with anyone. Not that it's kept Typriaeth from spreading the word to anyone who will listen since the green is a terrible gossip! The summons from M'cha is met and mounted upon Typriaeth they emerge quickly into the northern bowl. Anique's dressed in riding gear, a dark brown jacket thrown over warmer clothes as well as gloves and goggles ready to be slipped on. Unsure of who she is to meet out here she flicks her gaze around and then up, perhaps looking to see if Velokraeth is upon his ledge as normal. Is that a look of relief when it appears only to be two other green riders and not the Weyrleader? Most likely! Snapping off a salute she greets. "Weyrling Anique reporting as instructed!"

With the worry that Typriaeth was nearing her time to rise, it was decided among those behind her "assignment" that it may be best that she is paired with female riders of female dragons. Even though after careful examination of Typriaeth deemed her safe for flight outside of the Weyr bowl, precautions were taken none the less to keep the green from triggering from the presence of males. When the pair arrive, the two older greenriders watch attentively and then return her salute. Sao seems brightly welcoming, though Berra also smile's it's clear she's a little more on the reserved side but she also looks to be tired. Could be that she has felt the recent turmoil within Roc more personally than Sao has, but she's holding up well. "Morning Anique! I'm Berra, rider of green Shyzuth and this is Sao, green Ziasath's rider." She holds up a very thick, bound folder. "This is yours for today." she explains, holding it out for the Weyrling to take. "It's got your expected routes and manifests. We'll be flying with you to the closer holds first but then you're on your own…" Berra seems to falter a bit there and even Sao glances to the elder greenrider before clearing her throat. "You'll both do fine, I'm sure! Just remember to check for priority tags and other key markers. You should be able to complete all of this, both by straight flight and Between. You're just going to have to figure out when and where." She offers Anique a reassuring smile then. "Go on and review your lists. When you're ready, we'll get going!"

Is that disappointment whirling in those large faucted orbs of Typriaeth? Certainly the green would have liked the chance to flirt with more males but then when doesn't she? Still though it's likely good that females have been chosen for this task. Anique though seems to be relaxed now that perhaps there is no risk of Th'ero popping out from somewhere hidden as part of her assignment. Not that she expects him to voluntarily come anywhere near her after the last time she saw him! Her heads bobs along with each name as they are introduced, comfortable smiles for both. Rumors abound for certain though this former assistant head woman is wise enough to keep any of her own feelings towards the situation in check for now. The packet is taken with just a bit of wide-eyed surprise. Routes and manifests? On their own? The words swirl in her mind quickly, easily read on the expression that starts to border on panic. "Yes ma'am." she manages to utter her reply after a moment's pause. She opens the packet, taking a moment to skim through them with a nervous gulp. She then moves to mount up Typriaeth who is chomping at the bit so to speak in readiness to go. Her tail swishes behind her with impatience. "Ready then ma'am."

Never say never! Th'ero may yet pop out from the woodwork at some point, though the Weyrling tests were designed to see how they respond to situations under pressure and more or less independently. Berra hands over the folder with a nod and while Anique reviews it, she will murmur a few quiet words to Sao. Both greenriders have their own assignments and as if to reassure the older greenrider, Sao pats the inner pocket of her jacket. Shyzuth and Ziasath are quietly waiting, their eyes whirling calmly. They've done this plenty of times and while eager to go, they are not so impatient. "Good! Mount up then, Anique. We'll be flying straight to Fort Hold, but your first stop is a little further north and east of there. So we'll be parting ways with you then." Again, they both smile reassuringly. "Oh," Sao goes on to add. "And just… remember to keep a calm and level head, alright? Some of the holders are prickly. But I'm sure you already know that! But if you need to, just have Typriaeth call Shyzuth or Ziasath and we'll come. If it's real bad though, you must call a Phoenix rider, alright? Don't let 'em bully you." So that may not be the most reassuring of speeches, but Sao gives the 'good luck' signal and promptly turns to mount up on Ziasath while Berra does the same with Shyzuth. « Echelon formation. » Come the orders, no doubt from the elder green to judge by the timbre of her mental voice. Together they shift into position, waiting on Typriaeth to take the end before springing aloft.

There's a pause, Anique's head tilting sideways in thought as she goes over the information in her head. The normally tanned weyrling is looking a little pale but she puts forward an expression of determination. She will do this and she will do it right! In her mind there is clearly no room for errors.

« We will have no problems! » assures Typriaeth to her rider on a private thread. Drawing on her confidence Anique pulls down the goggles. Scanning over the manifest for her first stop she seeks out the name of exactly where they are going. Briefly she panics before once more Typriaeth assures her. « We have flown there straight. Remember the image? » and then Anique calms.

"Thank you ma'am!" she calls out to Berra. Mounted up she's ready as Typriaeth moves into the end spot and leaps up with smooth wing beats against the air.

Off they go! Shyzuth and Ziasath set a good pace and the ground below rolls by beneath them. The view is stunning and beautiful, something to admire briefly before focusing back on the task at hand. All too soon, Fort Hold and the two Halls are in sight and both greens reach out to brush up against Typriaeth's mind in a parting farewell, though it is only Shyzuth who speaks. « Farewell, little sister. This is where we part ways. Mine says that the cothold you go to first between here and Fort Sea Hold is a good start. The family there are prideful but kind. Good luck! » The two greens begin to veer sharply away, dropping down a few feet while Typriaeth continues on course alone. There is no turning back now! Shyzuth's rider wasn't wrong either. A small cothold, it's nestled in a low valley in the forests between Fort Hold and Fort Sea Hold and looks to be primarily a family of herders and farmers. Smoke rises from the biggest of the structures and luckily for all the herds seem to be out to pasture somewhere or safely within the stone barn, making Typriaeth's arrival an easier one. This will be one of the easier and quicker of her huge list of messages to run. Just some letters, most bearing Fort Hold's insignia.

Here already? Typriaeth's glide is smooth as the vibrant green keeps pace with the two other greens. No doubt she's smaller than them but the energy of youth fuels her. « Farwell! Wind to thy wings. » one can only wonder where she picked up that phrase from. She is confident enough in her task as the swoop down to a landing before the small cot hold. She thumps the green hide as she slides down and raises her voice to call out. "Hello!?" there is uncertainty in her steps now as she approaches the bigger structure that bears smoke from it. She's all alone now! The letters are still sealed and in one hand.

Typriaeth's arrival is enough to spark reaction but Anique's call is what finally draws an old and grizzled looking man out not from the main holding, but the stone barn. He's dressed in thick and roughspun clothing and is currently wiping his hands off on a cloth he keeps tucked in his pocket. "'Lo, Wingrider!" he calls back, heavy brows knit in thoughtful curiosity, some wariness but overall his approach and greeting is warm. Surprise settles in when he glimpses a closer look at Anique's knot. "Beg pardon, Weyrling. They've got you off on the rounds this morn, huh? What have you for me today?" The man's eyes have dropped to those letters and there's no doubting the hope in that glance. Good news?

Relief flickers across Anique's expression as the older man exits the building. So far so good in that she's not lost or anything. Bobbing her head in agreement to his greeting she pauses a moment before her mind starts working and remembers to speak. "G'day sir!" a warm smile eases into her expression. Trying to look like she's done this a thousand times she hands over the letters she bears. "Fort's duties to your home and family. Deliver of letters is all I have today." a pause. "Weyrling Anique at your service this morning." behind the vibrant green warbles a welcome from where she's crouched down, awaiting this first delivery to be done.

The old man will keep it it brief, dipping his head in a polite nod when Anique answers him and also offers over the letters. "Ah, good! My thanks, Weyrling Anique. Letters today are just fine. Anything more usually bodes ill news!" he goes on to say as he quickly checks the insignia's on each of the letters. Muttering a few words under his breath, he gives Anique a reserved but pleasant smile. "I won't keep ya then from your rounds, lass! I've nothing to send with you today. Clear skies!" He seems anxious to get back to his work and tucking the letters into the inside of his shirt, he nods his head respectfully again and begins to walk back towards the barn. So that's how it is, then? Just quick and to the point? Hardly. Anique probably lucked out on her first hold.

Check of the manifest will reveal that her next stop brings her further north and closer to Ruatha Hold. A few small cotholds for messages and then it's off to Tanglewood Downs Hold, located in a hilly area farther north. That one is marked with a time, as are all the other locations on her list. All locations in the south regions of Fort's coverage area: Peyton Hold, the infamous Gold Hill Hold, Hold Gar and Southern Boll Hold being her last stop.

Huh. How easy with that? Anique's smile brightens a touch as confidence builds up. "Thank you sir. G'day to you then." she turns and moves to swiftly mount up on the awaiting green. Settling into the straps she peers over the manifest next. "Looks like next stop is up closer towards Ruatha. Been there a few times." she mutters more to herself than to Typriaeth who waits patiently. Skimming ahead a mental note is made on the one marked with a time. "Alright…got to be there soon so no slowing down now." Typriaeth agrees with a whuff of air before she leaps up skywards.

First it's the stop with messages off to the small cot holds. Anique remembers manners each time and though there is still a trace of nervousness she tries not to let it show. That done she's aboard Typriaeth. "Tanglewood hold next." though she gives pause as she tries to recall exactly where it is. Finally they get going and arrive at Tanglewood at just the right time that is indicated upon the manifest. Barely. Without dismounting she stays up there peering to see what this stop holds for her.

Each cothold she's met with a mixture of reactions to her arrival. Some are as warm in their greetings as the first one she and Typriaeth visited. The others are more reserved and one is just downright cold but still polite enough - barely - to keep from being insulting. Upon arrival in Tanglewood Downs, it's apparent why the Hold bears the name for the entrance to the courtyard bears the intwined trunks of two ancient trees. For a minor hold it is a decent size and spread out among the rolling hills, with farm land and paddocks and forest land and noticeably as well that once Typriaeth lands, a flag on the heights is lowered. Here Anique is met not by Lord Klevan, but his Steward. In a gesture that is both wave and salute, the lean middle aged man calls out to the Weyrling. Tucked under his arm is a large packet of letters and a package. "Morning, Rider! We were worried for a moment that you'd not be here on time. Proved us wrong, you did!" he says with a bare grin. "You've some letters for us? Let's see them then and I'll pass these along to you if you're headed south?" Clearly he already knows this but the man is a stickler for being certain of details.

Anique is a bit tense by the time she's here, perhaps from the various reactions from previous stops that leaves her uncertain on what the reception will be here. Upon landing she admits the two intertwined trunks of ancient trees for a moment before dismounting down from the green. As the Steward approaches she snaps off a salute of her own, a tentative smile touching her expression. "Morning sir! Got here just in the lick of time we did." she assures him. "Weyrling Anique delivering letters, yes." she passes over the items in question. Surprise flickers but is quickly covered up. "Headed south, yes. Last stop will actually be Southern Boll hold where I was raised. I'll be glad to take along anything you've got for me." she adds. "Where they headed?" once more she tries hard to make this look like she's done this before!

"Ahh, Weyrling Anique! So the Weyrleaders have you practicing out in the field, hmm? Good to see, good to see." The Steward goes on to say. Tanglewood Downs Hold has always held a very good political status with Fort Weyr, mainly due to Lord Klevan's 'live and let live' philosophy. "Heard of the tragedy with Breakwater Hold. Downright pity, really. Likely why you've got your hands full this morning! Never mind that though…" He'll make the exchange then, reaching first for the letters she's brought for their Hold. "Holderbred then? Southern Boll Hold is a fine hold, indeed. As for these?" The package is handed over first and it's marked for the very hold that is her home. The letters are marked with Peyton, Gold Hill and Gar, a few of the cotholds between, as well as Fort Weyr and the additional insignia of Phoenix Wing. More work tacked onto the work she already has. Lovely! "Hopefully they're all headed along your current path."

Anique hides a grimace as he mentioned the tragedy at the Breakwater hold but she simply nods. "Fort is working hard to ensure no such thing is repeated." she says to assure him of that. As a package and letters are given she makes mental notes of where they go first. More work being added…she draws a deep breath to steady her already on edge nerves. Behind her Typriaeth stamps once with thinly veiled impatience. Time schedule here! No time to dally. "Thank you sir. I'll get these delivered this morning." she is saying as she's edging backwards towards the green. "Pass along my well wishes to Lord Klevan and his family." there's only a slight pause as she searches her memory for the name of the holder. She is soon mounted up and storing the package and letters before grabbing her manifest to make notes on where these go and to check on time stamps for other stopping points. With a wave they are launching upwards and then the flicker between once the image of Peyton is given. They emerge from between there to deliver the letters from Tanglewood as well as anything brought from Fort. She remembers to be respectful towards them no matter the reception that is gotten. Keeping this stop brief it's Between again, this time to Gar. Another brief stop and then within the hour they are arriving at Gold Hill, Typriaeth's wings snapping out to glide smoothly to a landing.

The Steward dips his head low, a smile quirking his lips for Anique's response. Played well, her behaviour is well received and accepted. "Of course!" he murmurs neutrally of the reassurance. "Fort Weyr can be reassured of Tanglewood Downs support in all times." Letters in hand, he half-bows and salutes again before taking his leave. "Clear skies and good flying!" he'll call before striding back into the heart of the Hold. With the weather holding clear in all regions, save for some overcast in the south, it ail make for good and fast flying. Peyton's reception is neutral to Anique's arrival but it seems the further she goes south, the holders become cold to her presence. Even with Breakwater Hold lying northwest of Fort Hold, it seems Lord Tellan's influence has spread southward or simply the Holds share in Breakwater's grief.

Whatever the reason, Gold Hill is one of the more aloof Holds she's visit yet and that should come as no surprise at all given the history of grief and turmoil it's had with the Weyr (and surrounding Holds). After it's previous Lord and heir were found to have been corrupted by Laris and his men, the Hold was ransacked from the inside out when heir Unevyr double crossed his own father. Fort Weyr was called in for support with Weyr Guards, Fort Hold Guards and Peyton Hold Guards. When all was said and done, both Lord and heir were exiled and Lady Lleynn now runs Gold Hill Hold with her daughter.

Again, it is the Steward here who greets Anique, though the man is not the same Steward as the one previously known. This man is older, shrewd and opinionated. He makes it quite clear that he's not thrilled to be pulled from whatever work he had this morning, but letters are crucial and though they have a drum tower and other means of communication, some news is brought only by certain means. "Weyrling." The man says in a clipped tone, his eyes studying both Anique and Typriaeth with a critical eye. He sniffs, "You've some letters to deliver?" he asks in a tone that is all but implying 'if you don't, then please leave'.

Drawing in a deep breath, Anique pats Typriaeth's hide for some last minute reassurance before she slides down with letters in hand for delivery. Watching the unfamiliar Steward approach she completely blanks on if she knows his name or not. So she settles with a polite word of. "Sir, Weyrling Anique reporting." she pauses though, uncertainty brought on by his clipped tones but she plows on then quickly with a thrust of the letters towards him. "Letters sir from Tanglewoods Hold." she leaves it at that, feeling that he's not going to be the talkative type.

She guessed correctly, the Steward is NOT of the talking variety and neither does he feel it necessary to give his name. A curt and stiff nod is given, though his brows knit at the sight of her knot. A Weyrling? Nose wrinkling slightly, his thin mouth purses into a crooked smirk as the letters are taken. "Good." Is all she'll get and then begins to slowly and purposely inspect each letter as though he expects there to be a mistake. When he finds none, he looks almost disappointed. "That'll be all then, Weyrling Anique. Gold Hill has no other services required from the Weyr at the moment." Be off with you! Turning on his heel, he strides away without further word.

Time's a ticking! Most of the morning has worn on by now and she'd be cutting it close to have the last of her deliveries met before the noon hour. Southern Boll Hold may see more letters given and Faranth knows where those will send her! She has the letter to return to Fort Weyr and hopefully a break before the afternoon circuits begin. IF she is slated for them!

Anique's jaw actually drops open in surprise at the sudden departure and clipped tones of the unnamed steward. Hopefully names aren't needed to be noted down anywhere in a report from her. Closing her mouth turns it into a frown as she whirls on her heels and returns to Typriaeth. Slow, calming, breaths are taken to ensure her rattled nerves are better before they head off to their next stop. There need be no rushing into Between with rattled nerves!? Typriaeth leaps up quickly which makes Anique's head snap back uncomfortably. "Okay's okay." she mutters to herself. Where now…" checking they head off, well aware of the lateness of them morning and her next several stops she's polite but it's sort of clipped as she feels the pressure of time. She dares not linger too long so she tries to quell any unneeded talking as best she can without being outright rude! One the smaller cot holds between Gold Hill and Gar are now gotten she images Southern Boll Hold and they leap Between once more. Landing, even Typriaeth is looking a bit worn from the amount of hopping in and out of Between this morning. Keeping a careful eye upon the sun she strides forward with package in hand to deliver. Package delivered now she takes the letters and quickly mounts up Typriaeth. "Tell my parents I'll write them soon!" she does remember to add in her haste to depart.

Anique's jaw actually drops open in surprise at the sudden departure and clipped tones of the unnamed steward. Hopefully names aren't needed to be noted down anywhere in a report from her. Closing her mouth turns it into a frown as she whirls on her heels and returns to Typriaeth. Slow, calming, breaths are taken to ensure her rattled nerves are better before they head off to their next stop. There need be no rushing into Between with rattled nerves!? Typriaeth leaps up quickly which makes Anique's head snap back uncomfortably. "Okay's okay." she mutters to herself. Where now…" checking they head off, well aware of the lateness of them morning and her next several stops she's polite but it's sort of clipped as she feels the pressure of time. She dares not linger too long so she tries to quell any unneeded talking as best she can without being outright rude! One the smaller cot holds between Gold Hill and Gar are now gotten she images Southern Boll Hold and they leap Between once more. Landing, even Typriaeth is looking a bit worn from the amount of hopping in and out of Between this morning. Keeping a careful eye upon the sun she strides forward with package in hand to deliver. Package delivered now she takes the letters and quickly mounts up Typriaeth. "Tell my parents I'll write them soon!" she does remember to add in her haste to depart. Reviewing the manifest for the hundredth time she now tries to consider the time she has left. More letters to Fort Sea hold and Fort hold! Oy! But…she considers the fact these places are closer and perhaps not as upset with Fort Weyr as the others. So making a choice they lift off and the image is given to go Between.

Several heartbeats later they emerge above the familiar sight of Fort Weyr, the star stones looming as Typriaeth circles down to make a landing in the center bowl. The green reaches out with her mind to touch those riders from earlier in the morning that they separated from. « We are home once more and my rider says it is just before the noon hour. »

Back in Fort Weyr, the bowls are teeming with activity now as most weyfolk and riders are out and about on their duties. Shyzuth and Ziasath are in the north bowl again, resting but they warble greetings to Typriaeth's return. « Excellent! » the elder Shyzuth calls. « Our riders are waiting. » Indeed, Berra and Sao are standing nearby and they will wave Anique over. "So, how'd it go?" Sao asks with a smile, while Berra is already holding out her hand for the Weyrling's manifest. Hopefully she has all her notes organized and the correct notations in the right spot! "Anything to report?" Berra tacks on to Sao's greeting.

After landing, Anique has spent several minutes making notes here and there on the various stops. Including the nameless Steward at Gold Hill Hold. That done then she closes it up and slides down to dismount from the green. Stifling a yawn she quickly finds the two waiting riders within the now active bowl of people, she strides forward. Passing off the manifest she nods. "Went well. We stayed on schedule and made it to the different stops in time." despite her weariness she is smiling brightly, pleased with herself. "Nothing much to report." now her voice lowers. "Just, um…well some of the holds weren't so receptive really." she doesn't name Gold hill specifically. Her notations should be enough. "Bit of a cold shoulder really at some places."

Berra reviews the manifests Anique hands over and is silent as she does, though she will peer up from the paperwork to give Anique a long look that matches Sao's sympathetic and understanding one. The younger greenrider speaks up, "That's to be expected. You heard of Breakwater Hold, right? Well… now you've seen the start of the ripple effect. Might be awhile before things settle." she points out. If they do, but she's wise enough to not say that. Berra shakes her head, but she folds the manifest and tucks it into her inner jacket pocket. "You've done well, Anique. Everything looks to be in order here. As Sao said, we're not surprised at all if you got a cold shoulder some places. Even without the mess at Breakwater Hold, you'll find that not all the Holds welcome us with open arms. Just the way things work, I'm afraid." Both green riders glance towards the administration complex then and the stone bridge that will lead them to the lounge. "We've got to get going again. I think you're done for the day though! Unless you have deliveries in the Weyr, your name wasn't added to the afternoon runs. Probably means M'icha wants you back for training." Berra informs Anique, giving a vague smile. "Good job though for your first timed run!"

Anique has heard of it yes. It was in the back of her mind the whole time she was out! Anique breaths a sigh of relieve when it appears that she's done for the day. At least with this. Farnath only knows what M'icha has in store. "Hopedfully I'll be able to get a bit of food before more work with M'icha." she adds in a hopeful voice. None the less though she's pleased at their words. "Thank you." her head bobs to each rider. Happy that she's done as well as happy that she did well, she turns to head across the bowl to find out what the WLM has in store for her!

M'icha won't keep her for long, limping out of the barracks to greet her and Typriaeth. No doubt Shyzuth has already reported to Aycheth and the Weyrlingmaster is aware of their success. So he is there to praise them in his usual gruff manner and to also assure them. "Looks like we had nothing to worry about with you two. You've passed your test! And you didn't even cheat." he drawls with a crooked grin. "Most would have been tempted to shave a few minutes here and there." Which would have been obvious enough given the time stamps and notations. "You and Typriaeth should rest. Go eat and recover! I've you slated for the late afternoon patrols, so you've a few candlemarks yet to reorient yourself. Also, are there any letters to deliver within the Weyr? Be sure those are given to the proper people." he points out before giving her a dismissive wave. The letter Anique had received for the Phoenix Wing is addressed to the Headwoman, all of them are. Who knows if they are truly meant for her, but no doubt the woman knows where they need to go beyond that. It'll be the last task for Anique to complete before the afternoon is hers to have!