Who Leuka, Sephany
What Sephany tortures Leuka by making him freeze on their first date picnic.
When Autumn-Winter.
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

Leuka is totally bundled up for his the outing, a couple of black tshirts under a dark blue long sleeve, with warm dark pants under. He's got his hodded long coat on, hood pushed back for the moment. In one gloved hand he's carrying the large basket, hopefully stuffed with food. He probably should have checked what was inside rather than trusting the kitchen workers word, but time will tell. The hand, hopefully, he's grasping Sephany's hand…unless she's holding his arm, either or. lol "Are you sure this is the right way?" How would he know, he's knew around here.

"Yes, I am sure," answers Sephany, with an air of 'don't you trust me?' to her tone of voice. She's got his hand; gloved fingers threaded together carefully. Grey eyes glance now and again toward the ground as she minds her step, flashing up in the direction they are going to ensure that yes, she does know where they are. "Do you see the rock slide? The lake is beneath it…" she explains. "That is how I know we are going the right way." And while Leuka may have chosen to wear every piece of clothing he owns, Sephany is much more simply dressed and looks happy as can be in the crisp, wintery air; nose and cheeks already pink from the bite of the breeze. "I wish it would snow," she says wistfully, though there's a playful twinkle in her gaze that says she may just be teasing him.

Leuka manages to keep his feet without sliding all about. Then again, it's no where near as bad as things will get. And he doesn't have EVERY piece of clothing he has, he's got on enough to keep him warm. Glancing towards where hse gestures, he nods. Not too much further then. And of course he trust her, otherwise, he'd assume they were both lost. He cast a skectical look to the fair headed Weaver with a little chuckle. "I was told there's snow and ice on the ground for half the turn here. Why're you trying to rush it. At least give a man a chance to adapt before turning him into an ice cube."

"Mostly, I was teasing," Sephany explains with a grin, though there's a bit of truth there despite that. "I spent almost my entire life in a tropical, or desert, location," she continues. "I am sick to death of sweating, feeling sticky, and swimming through the air," which is definitely an exaggeration. "I love… this. The briskness. The chill. I am not so fond of rain; at least, I am not fond of walking through it. But snow is different." A squeeze of his hand, for reassurance, and a teasing, "And how else do you adjust, but to jump in feet first? Isn't that how they teach you to swim?"

"Yes, feet first. In /warm/ water. Not in freezing water with icey slush floating on the surface." He gestures off to where the water is. "And I was told that wouldn't last too long before it froze completely." He shakes his head and doesn't even attempt to control the shiver that zips through him, Sephany may even feel it in his hand as he gives a litle squeeze right back. "I never minded getting caught out in the rain. Always seems refreshing, and brings differant smells to everything for a while."

"Well. I won't ask you to swim in the frozen lake. But I will make you skate on it," Sephany assures him, flashing a grin that is just a little bit too mischievous to be comforting. "It'll be fun." Sure it will. There's a bit of a hum as she glances over the lake, grey eyes roaming from the rockslide down, over the glossy surface and then the shallow shore. "You don't have long hair that takes, literally, hours to dry after getting wet," she tells him matter-of-factly. "I prefer to stay nice and dry. I will watch my thunderstorms from the safety of a cavern entrance."

Leuka laughs easily to Sephany. "And you think I'm a chicken for be wary of the ice skating you are threatening me with. I could fall and break something. How does that compare to waiting for your air to dry?" He jokes back to her quickly. Stepping further along the uneven ground, Leuka peers about, taking the area in before it all goes white. "So where do I get a pair of these ice skaes anyway?"

"You won't break anything," she assures him, sounding honest with that. "I'll show you how it's done. It's not so difficult once you get the hang of it." There's a flash of a glance up toward his face, an attempt to meet his eyes. Sephany's expression is an honest and open one, bottom lip caught by her teeth briefly before she tells him, "if you really do not want to skate, I won't make you. But I enjoy it and I think you would also." And eyes move away, glancing forward once again as they continue, a slight gesture given as Sephany points out a flat bit of ground suitable for sitting. "I believe the lower caverns has some to spare, that can be borrowed…"

Leuka gives a little headshake after peering down to Sephany "Oh, I'm not saying I won't try it, just fair warning I'm not certain I'll be able to. Yet at least." A little wink then he's glancing to see where his feet are going on the shifty rocks. Also peering ahead. "I'm starting to think I packed to much in the basket, hope I can put it down soon." which could translate to 'are we there yet' in some younger age circles."

"Mm," is all she says about ice skating, having accepted his answer that he will try it. And Sephany will hold him to it. "Here is fine," she says in surprise. "I just said the lake. I thought you were going to pick the spot to stop." Which begs the question; would they have walked forever? There's a grin for Leuka when she stops walking, allowing the hand trapped in her own to pull him to a stop as well. "Hm. Basket of food too heavy for you?" she teases. "Yet, you haul that cello of yours all over the Weyr as if it were nothing at all." There's a moment of lingering, of fingers twined together and hands held, before she extracts her hand from his, eyes on the ground as she nudges a bit of this or that away to prepare to sit.

Leuka glances down to peer at Sephany a moment before tossing his head back and laughing. Gladly letting her tug him to a stop. "You're the one who's acting as my 'guide' around the Weyr. Remember? I'm the one following you." Another squeeze to her hand before she lets it go. "Hold on a sec before you sit." He sets the basket down, crouching over it inthe process, tuggin gout a couple of blankets to sit on. "These should pad against the rocks some." He flops one down , gives it a few haphazard tugs then tosses the second to be doubley folded for Sephany to sit on. "I didn't know what you would like, so sorta got a little of everything." Explaing for the heavy basket, "And as or my cello, that's normally slung over my shoulder, the weight is balanced differantly." Yea, totally reasonable explanation, til she starts poking holes through it.

There is a roll of grey eyes, a smile offsetting the gesture. "And I guided you to the lake, did I not?" says Sephany, motioning toward the water with an idle lift of her hand. She takes a half-step back as blankets are withdrawn and spread, crouching carefully to assist with the process by tugging a corner and smoothing a wrinkle. Once all is said and done, she carefully lowers herself so that her boots remain off the blankets to avoid bringing dirt and debris into the mix. "Oh sure, yes. Clearly that is the culprit; uneven weight distribution," and she even manages to keep a somewhat straight face as she says it. "Don't worry. I won't tell Hauser you struggled to carry a picnic basket." But she does glance toward the aforementioned item, clearly curious to see what it is that's hidden in there.

Leuka an amused snort slips out and he glances to Sephany with a half grin. "I wasn't struggling. It just, got heavy after all this walking about in circles." He knows there were no circles, but it's amusing to tease her back about something. He starts plucking things out of the basket, lots of things it seems. Several little thermoses "I brought cocoa and mulled wine. You probably won't need the wine but it's there." Rather than empty it completely, he looks back to Sephany curiously. "Let's see, cookies, couple of chocolate muffins, some baconey meatrolls. And fruit, Oranges and cherries." He peers back into the basket for anything he forget. "And I think that's it. So, what do you wanna try first?"

"Mhmm," hums Sephany, a placating smile in place as she glances toward Leuka, though there's mischief in those grey eyes. "Such a heavy basket." But that is the last she will tease him on it, happy enough to put him out of his misery. She picks a small leaf from the blanket, twirls it in her fingers, and then promptly flicks it at him for his 'circle's comment, a look of feigned insult on her face. "I would never! If we were going to be walking in circles, I would have taken you the wrong way." There's a little scoot-scoot on the blanket, and she leans as though to peer into the basket at whatever he's got there. "Oh," for the mulled wine, and very quickly she decides, "I'll drink the cocoa," because wine is not something they need to add to this equation. "And… oranges, to start."

Leuka is still rifling though the basket, pausing long enough to reach up and pluck something from his hair. A leaf. Hmm. Peering up, eyes drift here and there "I think the breeze must be picking up or something." Shrugging, he tosses the leaf away and resumes his hunt for snackables. "Cocoa and orange it is then. For now." He flashes a grin and offers over the plump fruit. "I brought a couple of little towels if the orangefruit starts going all squirty. I find they like to aim for the eyes." He rolls the thermos around in his hands a moment before passing it over as well, gotta mix all the good chocolate bits up right?

"Oh yes. A breeze," decides Sephany, stifling a laugh with the press of her fingers against her mouth, though she can't keep it out of her eyes. But a moment later she's composed herself, enough that she can accept the orange casually enough, pulling it towards her to examine briefly. "Hm, yes…" for aiming for the eyes. "I will be careful," she determines, already working that the peel with nimble and practiced fingers, bits of rind collected in her palm to be set aside somewhere out of the way. "I haven't had an orange in quite a while," she admits. "Probably since… I was at the Hall. Hm." A bit more rind joins the first batch, and soon enough there is a peeled fruit ready to be segmented. "What is your favorite food? Other than bacon."

Leuka settles back with one of the thermoses giving it a rolling shake before cracking it open and taking a little sip. Steam rises from the container to vanish in the cold breeze. Another sip is taken before he closes it again to keep it hot. He watches as she peels and explains when the last time she had an orange was. Trying to remember he latches onto a portion of a previous conversation "So, about a turn then?" He considers her question and laughs easily as he reaches for some of the cherries "That's easy. Since bacon has been removed from the choices.." He gestures her way as he concedes to the rule. "Cherries." An amused snort slips out "After you eat them, you're left with a little pile of tiny ammo. "Hauser and I used to have little wars in class when the Master's and Journeys weren't paying very close attention." He plops the fruit in his mouth shakes off the amusing memory. "What about you? You must have a favorite too." Yes, please tell so it will be in the next basket!

There is definitely a flicker of surprise when Leuka tosses out that date, and Sephany offers a quick affirmation in the pleased, "Yes, about that." The peeled orange is given a brief inspection, though grey eyes flicker to the cherry collection briefly. "I arrive toward the tail end of winter, last Turn," she explains. "So you see? This is my first autumn in Fort." Which may explain her request for an outdoor picnic as something more than simply a test of Leuka's will and perseverance. "The leaves changing colors… the crisp air… it's exhilarating." Attention is returned to the fruit in her hand, and with exceptional care she slides fingers between segments and deftly separates them; halves. Then fourths, and finally individual slices that are easily consumed. A pale eyebrow lifts, curiosity displayed at the confession of his favorite fruit, only to give way quickly to amusement and humor. "Of course you would select a fruit for its trouble-making potential," she chides him, rolling her eyes. When the question of her own favorite is raised, she cleverly pops a wedge of orange into her mouth and smiles mischievously, using the momentary necessity of chewing to allow for silence.

Leuka pretends to take a VERY slight offense at her amused mocking "Well they taste good too. But yea, mostly the ammo." He finishes eating the tiny fruit head turning away and spits the pit out. It lands a few feet away and he just chuckles and turns his attention back to Sephany, nodding about the leaves and crisp air. "So how much longer will this last? Can't be that long of a window left before all the trees are frigid skeletons." Maybe that's a safer question for her to answer since the fruit one seems to have stumped her for some reason.

Not stumped. Just playing hard to get. Or rather, hard to learn? Either way, it is only until she has finished her slice of orange that Sephany delays her answer. "Strawberries," she says simply. "That is my favorite fruit. Though my favorite food… I suppose if 'fruit' counts, it would simply be fruit. I don't think I have a particular item… I am not very fond of meat." Another sliver of orange is peeled apart, considered for seeds, and then bitten. "Mm," and a glance around for the bare trees and fallen leaves. "Not much longer," she admits. "It will likely snow within the next month or so," or so she can hope. "And while it may be cold, it is also beautiful…" and there is a briefly distant look, a glance toward the Weyr behind them as she sinks briefly into memory. "When I first arrived, I met Riohra. The next morning he offered to show me the sunset over the bridge, so I went with him, and Kassala, up there at dawn. It was amazing; the entire Weyr laid out before us, fresh snow on the ground without a footprint to be seen… the colors of dawn…" Sigh.

Leuka nods when she speaks up in favor of strawberries. He's definitely tucking that prized bit of info away. But then she goes and tries to shoot him in the heart with her next sentance "Oh no! Say it ain't so! No meat?! No nice juicey steak, or sliced roasted wherry…" He feigns a round of sniffles "Who's gonna tell the bacon such horrible news?" He chuckles a bit "Just please don't tell me you have anything against chocolate, that may be a dealbreaker." He's obviously joking, and reaches for one of the meatrolls, since he seems to have brought too many with the hater of meat sitting next to him. Listening while he nibbles, and cast glances Sephany's way, he'll give a little shrug "I won't say it wouldn't be a nice sight, but I think I could find prettier things to admire." And they wouldn't HAVE to involve racing the sun and freezing to do it. Well, they could, but that's a differant box of trouble.

"My brother was a butcher," explains the almost-vegetarian-weaver, "so I certainly appreciate a well done steak. But perhaps I am spoiled," decides Sephany, "because no one can cook them like Sev, and anything less is… well. Less." She flashes a grin, and not at all apologetic look for the heartbreak her confession has caused. But she does offer some empathy in the form of, "Bacon is nice… in moderation. You ought to look on the bright side," she tells him, peeling another slice of orange in preparation, "the less bacon I consume, the more there is for you." See? Bright side! "Oh, have no fear, I adore chocolate," she assures him. "Hot cocoa is perhaps just slightly more favored than Klah, in the winter." Another wedge of orange vanishes, and she chews thoughtfully, pausing when she catches his gaze in one of those glances, a brief 'what' sort of expression. A moment later, once it is safe to speak again, she wonders, "Oh?" for his declaration. "And just what would those things be?"

Leuka does give a little wince and nods sorta grudgingly, his expression clearly saying /yea, that must have sucked/. But just as quickly, he's perking back up and grinning "Now that there sounds to me like a challenge! I don't claim to be awesome in the kitchen, but I DO know my way around how to cooking a steak or two." He does seem slightly mollified by having her share of bacon. "Well, okay then." He looks her way again, not bothering to hide his grin and shrugging after a few long seconds "You'll figure it out." Eventually. An icey breeze comes out of no where Leuka tries to be subtle when he sorta shrugs deeper into his coat, not quite pulling ht ehood up, but shifting to help block the little gusts.

"Hmm, you are welcome to try," Sephany sing-songs for Leuka cooking a steak, a smile growing across her face, "But you should know that I am not one of those girls that will lie and tell you it is amazing if it is not. So…" The pressure. She is not afraid to pile it on. The rest of her orange is quickly consumed, and she scoots closer to pull out one of the bacon-and-cheese rolls, as if to console him and prove that, yes, she does eat meat. Even if she's going to start by pulling the pastry off, bit by bit. That curiosity just grows, grey eyes studying his face briefly before her smile turns much more playful. Hm. Small bits of breading vanishing into her mouth piece by piece. There's a moment of consideration for breeze, for the subtle-but-noticed shrug into his coat, and then a decision made. A little more shuffling, a quick push of the basket, and Sephany loops her arm in his and just sorta… snuggles in. For warmth. "Thank you," she offers with a glance up and a softer smile, "For indulging my request for a picnic despite the arctic temperature."

Leuka snorts, a smartass comment trying to leap off his tongue at Sephany's warning, but he bites it back. She must be trying to confuse him with his old friend and fellow Harper. He who slips off with a differant groupie quite often. "Well, just don't turn out to be one of those girls who simply points and laughs when I trip and bust my ass on the ice and we'll get along just fine." A joking smile joins his headnod. He does spot her grabbing a bacon roll, but doesn't point out that she just said….Nevermind. Not important. She does surprise him when she snuggles over though. He's more than cool with that plan and shifts a little closer to make it a real snugglefest. "Anytime." to her Thankyou. "I suppose I'll have to get used to doing everything in freezing temps soon enough." He takes another bite of the still warm baconroll. Yes, still warm, he put hot rocks in the bottom of the basket. Another reason it was quite heavy. He enjoys the comfortable quiet a moment before glancing back to Sephany "So what tortures do you have planned for our next date?"

Sephany said bacon was alright. In moderation. This counts as moderation, surely. Either way, she's not exactly eating the bacon; she is eating the cheese and pastry bits that she is pulling from the entrée in small chunks with nimble fingers. Quiet consideration is given to the lake, but she does reassure him with a quick, "I have no intention of doing either of those things." Pointing. Or laughing. "And I have done my fair share of falling down; just ask Eiram. And Risali. And Z'ki." They were all witness and unwilling participants in her first ice-skating tumble. When Leuka shifts, Sephany shifts in response, until she's more or less leaning against him and can free her hands up for the important work of tearing apart her meal. The bacon, happily, is offered over to the Harper. "Oh, is this torture?" she asks on-so-innocently, glancing up and fixing her absolute best heart-stopping look at him. "Hm. Perhaps I should spare you from future pain, then." And back to pulling apart the roll, a bite of cheese-and-bread vanishing into her mouth with a push of her fingers.

Leuka nods happy enough, never figuring she's be a pointer or a laugher in generally embarrassing situations. "So then you can tell me how to fall properly so I can take the least amount of damage then? Or the others can offer their suggestions before I tackle the ice skating." He already knows she's gonna wanna do that at some point in the near future. Focusing on th eofferd bacon, he leans forward and snatches it with his teeth, "Yeup, more for me then." He grins and chews on that a moment. Her tone sets up a red flag and he blinks down "What? No, I was just referring to the dropping temperature is all." His arm snakes around her waist fully and sorta tries to pull her a bit closer, as if she wasn't already close, he's just trying to keep her from running off again. Least til he can explain himself this time. "I think I'm quite enjoying this particular torture session."

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