Stonehaven Cothold - Ezra's Room
Ezra's room is the room of the Holder of Stonehaven. Once belonging to his parents, now it belongs to him, and he hasn't changed much. A large four poster bed is carved from hardwood against one wall. Tapestries and drawings of Stonehaven and her people are framed, and there is a hearth with a couch and rug in front of it. There is no carved closet, instead the room has a free standing wardrobe. In the back is the only private bath in the hold.

It's mid-afternoon and there are a few hours left before the ceremony is to start. Outside, the last few finishing touches to the courtyard are being attended to by the few residents of Stonehaven. Inside, the respective "parties" are getting ready. Ezra's locked somewhere in his office, presumedly with D'ani and Rayathess, leaving Laurali to have Ezra's room to herself — and shared with Anrila too. At least it has a private bath? Laurali is seated on the edge of the bed, combing out her long straight black hair. How better to hide her nervousness? And woe to whoever has to braid it all! "How're you, Anrila? Need anything…?" she asks softly. Maybe it's odd for the bride to be asking such things to her future sister-in-law but… that's Laurali for you.

That's probably Anrila. Braids are something she's not completely terrible at — her own hair is in braids, though they're two simple plaits and nothing elaborate. Laurali's will need to be elaborate. "I should be asking you that," she replies in a teasingly chiding tone; here at home, she talks liberally, whereas at the Hall and the Weyr both she tends to still fall silent more often than not. No doubt her instructors are a little frustrated.

"I'd feel awful if you fainted though for lack of my insight to be sure you're okay," Laurali counters with an equally as light and teasing tone. She's usually withdrawn a little as well around strangers but Anrila is no stranger and shouldn't be from now on in. "I'm… fine. Nervous but… fine." In other words: she's not a complete mess. Setting the brush aside, she'll peer sidelong to Anrila. "You sure you're up for all this braiding? Doesn't have to be fancy. I've a hood." And again her eyes settle on the dress that hangs from a hook on the wall and stay lingering there. How often has Laurali just gazed at it? And probably had a moment of 'that's my wedding dress, this is real' sort of crisis.

"I'll manage — especially if you don't want anything really fancy, I can just do one of those braids that starts at the top of your head." A French braid by any other name; if it has a better description, Anrila doesn't know it. "I was going to do something more complex but I might've ruined it and if your head's going to be covered anyway." She looks down at her hands again — not because she's nervous, but because she's making sure her nails are still nice. They are usually caked with mud. Right now they are not.

Unless there is some hidden mud in this room, Anrila should be safe! Laurali chuckles and pushes off the bed to walk over to one of the chairs. "Not sure if I ever wore my hair braided like that before," she admits while smiling to the girl. "I was thinking just a simple knot at the base of the neck with a few small braids twisted in?" Or is that complex? "Did you want me to braid your hair?" Please let her do something! All this idleness is going to get to Laurali.

It's just that phantom mud she keeps expecting to somehow reappear. Anrila almost instinctively starts to stand up, and then stops herself — they aren't going anywhere. "I can … probably do that," Anrila admits with a shy smile. She will most likely not ruin that on the first try. "And mine's a lot shorter, I don't know exactly what you could do with it besides the tiny plaits it's in which are just for keeping it out of my face, but if you've got an idea, by all means." Her braids come out looking the same length as her hair down, of course, because the smooth curls that appear shoulder-length are stretched out.

"Where do you want me to sit?" Laurali asks softly as she again steals a quick look at that dress hanging on the wall. Deep breath; slow exhale and smile. "I think we have time to try? Then I can do yours. I think I know of something I can do." she murmurs and after another brief pause (where yes, she stares at the dress), speaks again. "Hope he isn't fretting too much."

"You're fine right where you are, actually," and because she's recently brushed her hair, Anrila can just hop up and start messing with it. Gently. In a relatively orderly, non-messy way. "He's practical enough. And Raya won't let him."

Laurali settles in comfortably, head bent forwards slightly while Anrila begins to work. No complaints from her! She's just glad to have something to focus on. "And you think Rayathess is calm too?" she murmurs with a smirk. Despite her efforts not to, she begins to fidget and fuss with the slip she's wearing, worrying the fabric between her fingers.

Anrila laughs. "I think he's probably less nervous," she admits, carefully sectioning and arranging hair just so. Laurali's head is not a runner's tail, so there's some pausing for adjustment in methods. "It isn't his wedding. He will be a disaster at his own." She assumes he's getting married eventually.

Laurali is silent a moment as she considers Anrila's answers. "I don't know about that… You know Rayathess is leading the ceremony, right? Wrote it himself." Well, THAT part was sort've sprung on him by accident. Poor guy. She laughs quietly and then coughs apologetically as she may have moved unexpectedly and upset Anrila's work if the girl didn't have a good grip. "Maybe." Which makes it seem as though she's doubtful Rayathess will be getting married anytime soon.

"Which is why he has to be calm, or the entire thing will be a complete wreck." Anrila grins, though Laurali can't see it. Life and death together means Rayathess will simultaneously always be her hero and her favorite person to make fun of. "And he would hate that — I think I fixed it," as far as the fact some of the hair did manage to fall out there. "Tiny braids are just a little uncooperative."

"Awful lot of pressure, don't you think?" Laurali chuckles and while she can't see Anrila's grin she may pick up on it all the same. "Which is why I often can't do them myself," she admits sheepishly, one hand coming up to gingerly touch the work Anrila has done. Next of course comes the mirror check though she'll be certain all is finished before she twists to examine it. "I like this!" she murmurs. Even if it slips out of place, Laurali won't mind. What bride stays perfect through the whole wedding and celebration? "Your turn?"

"Immense." There's actually sympathy in Anrila's voice, at least. "And — okay, I will confess I managed to do that because of having done so many different variations on braids for runner tails." She laughs a little, shy but not nervous, and nods. "You don't look like a runner tail, though. Try not to make me look like one either?"

Laurali smiles and her tone is confident even if for a fleeting moment, "He'll do fine. He'd not dare let Ezra down." That much she trusts in Rayathess! She giggles, "Even if I did, I doubt anyone would notice. Not while I'm wearing that," She nods to the dress. "Alright, you sit here then." Swap places! Once Anrila has settled, Laurali will set to work and manage to tame those short plaits into something simple but elegant enough — even if it may only last for the ceremony. "There. What do you think? And I think it's about time we get you in your dress. Or should it be me first?"

"Mine is simple, so we may want to start with yours, just in —" Anrila's interrupted by a knock at the door, and she stops admiring her hair in the mirror (the expression of happy contentment a key to how well Laurali did) to go poke her head (and only her head, they are not dressed in here) out into the hallway. And then lets Inri in. The goldrider is already in the finery she chose to wear, which is fairly simple — she'd hate to overshadow — but elegant. Plus purple, which matches Laurali's well. "Hi," she chirps, "I just came up to make sure everything was okay, you might need an extra set of hands with some of the ties and all."

Laurali looks quite pleased that Anrila is so happy with her work but when there's a knock on the door and Inri enters, she looks delighted to see the goldrider but surprised too. Is it time, already? Her nerves kick in and she begins to wring her hands. "Y-yes, some help would be best. COuldn't hurt?" Never too many hands with a wedding dress! Which Inri and Anrila may have to guide her through and so long as they take it reasonably slow no major mishaps should occur and she'll be properly fitted and tied into it well within time. Looking down at herself and then in the mirror, Laurali's hands smooth over the deep burgundy and cream fabric. "Is it time?" she asks, glancing to see if Anrila is ready and Inri too. Someone's got to peek out there and see the state of things (and grab the bouquets!). Anrila will likely be going first and a change in plans sees that D'ani will be walking Laurali down the aisle.

Once everyone's dressed and ready, Anrila holds up a finger, then sticks her head out into the hallway again — "Yes," she confirms, with another single nod. "Come on, team." Inri's the one with the encouraging, "Don't worry, I mean, I am sure you're terrified, but you don't need to be, whether or not you can make yourself not be. Relaxing is the most important part." With that, the trio of ladies emerge into the hall, set on bouquet-grabbing and then, for one of them, getting married.