Stonehaven Cothold - Ezra's Office
Cotholder Ezra's office is small but tidy, longer than it is wide. Stone walls are smoothed by hand and small tapestries and maps hang in wooden frames. A precious glass window looks out over the gardens outside, casting evening sun onto his desk, which is usually littered with papers and other stacks of things he needs to get to eventually. He's not in here often, but when he is he takes his boots off.

It's the day of the wedding, mid-afternoon, and Ezra is pacing in his office. He's mostly dressed, but a few things need tying, his hair needs smoothing, his boots need lacing… So he's almost ready. And pacing, looking a bit nervous, hands clasping and unclasping.

"I swear, Ezra, I'll tie you down to the chair if you don't stop pacing! You'll wear a track into the floor," Rayathess grumbles, half-teasing from the chair he's flopped into in the corner. He's dressed in his best finery, which is well tailored but not too flashy. The shade of blue he wears marks him as a Harper but that's half his role today. In his lap, he's calmly (yeah right) flipping through a thin paged book filled with his cramped writing. Right now he seems so calm and collected in comparison to his brother.

He also needs his friend, who comes bearing gifts. Well, gift. After a light tap-tap on the door, D'ani lets himself in and holds out a small package to Ezra. "I was asked to deliver this." Don't ask him what it is - he's just the messenger! "It's-" He eyes his best friend's untied laces, hair and nervousness before finishing, "-yeah, crazier out there than in here. Hi Rayathess." They both get a grin from the weyrsecond of Fort, who is dressed in a suit, dress shirt and tie - all black on black.

Ezra shoots his brother a look, but he stops pacing, instead fidgeting until D'ani comes in and gives him something to hold. "Hey, D'ani. Who is this from?" Then he peers towards the door. "It's crazy?" Frown. "Is everything okay though? People getting what they need, relaxing, finding their seats?" Fidget. FRET.

Rayathess returns D'ani's grin with a crooked smirk and a slightly exasperated look that's clearly meant to be joking. "Good to see you, Weyrsecond. Maybe you can get him to sit at least for a minute?" No, he understands his brother's nerves. But it's making him twitchy just watching him! And no one likes Rayathess when he gets twitchy. "Relax, Ezra. They have everything under control." Or he'd have heard by now (yay firelizards?). "It'll be fine." He closes his book with a gentle 'thump' and sits up a little straighter to peer at the gift D'ani brought. Yes, what is it?

"I have no clue - one of the women bustling about importantly shoved it at me and sternly told me to make sure that you open it. Said you need that for the wedding," replies D'ani, while nodding to that little box. What's in it? Probably cuff links or a tie chain - maybe both. Or a boutineer for his lapel. Maybe it's tranquilizers? He's not the least bit nervous, in fact, he's somewhat amused by Ezra. He sinks into a chair, stretches long legs out and observes his friend. "Everything's fine. I happened to go in the wrong door, ended up in the kitchens. The women. You know how they are about events." He rolls his eyes, smirking at the both of them before eyeing Ezra again, "Can we give him a shot of vodka or something? Sheesh!" This to Rayathess, but with fond exasperation for Ezra.

Ezra looks at the package curiously, and then opens it to reveal a pair of cufflinks. He blinks at them in shocked surprise, and then tilts the box towards Rayathess. "Dad's," he says quietly, voice suddenly thick. Slowly he removes them, setting the box on his desk, but his hands are trembling a bit and he can't get them through the loops. "Hey," he says with a smirk at D'ani, "I'm allowed to be nervous. It's not every day you marry the woman you're gonna spend the rest of your life with." FOR-EV-ER.

Could Rayathess get one of those tranquilizers? "You're lucky to have escaped alive," he remarks dryly, mouth curved up in amusement for D'ani's tale of a wrong turn in the kitchens. "That'd be up to him," he flicks his fingers to his brother while he's busy opening that gift. "One shot ought not to hurt?" Then the box is open and Rayathess' curiosity is answered by Ezra's thick spoken explanation. "Fitting," Is all he trusts himself to say steadily and seeing his brother struggle he pushes to his feet and comes to his "rescue" before all chaos erupts if one cufflink should drop. "Still doesn't mean you should work yourself up into a frenzy…" Or is it worth it?

Somehow the wedding coordinator (or whoever's in charge of running this shindig) got a-hold of Ezra's dad's cufflinks. D'ani is willing to believe this and keep his mouth shut, thus sparing them both a flippant suggestion of how (or when) she managed it. Perhaps a secret someone out in the guests is a relative. Or Ezra had them and left them lying around. "Is there a note inside?" D'ani asks curiously, craning his neck to see into the box. Brown eyes flick to Rayathess and the grins back at Ezra and his brows lift, silently questioning whether his friend wants the liquid courage. "Were you nervous after she said yes? Or excited and thrilled?" A shrug follows, along with a gentle punch to the shoulder. "Today's no different." Lies - LIES!

Ezra gives his big brother a grateful and relieved smile for the help, holding still until the cufflinks are fastened. "I know, I know. But…" Fret. "What if she changes her mind? She hates big crowds…" Even though this wedding is /tiny/. "She doesn't like attention. Raya, it's gotta go /fast/ okay?" As for shots…someone will have to put a glass into his hand for anything to happen, his mind is all over the place. "No, no note…" Ezra says, puzzled but…he just doesn't have the brain power to puzzle it out right now. "Excited and thrilled…" He shoots D'ani a look. "It's not, today is different. And tonight…" His cheeks flare with color. "Uh. Tonight…"

Rayathess will fasten the cufflink on before he lifts a hand in a firm 'stop' gesture. "She won't change her mind and I doubt this falls under 'big crowds'. What? Fast? I can't, the ceremony is short enough as it is! Half a candlemark. Any faster and no one would make a lick of sense from it," he chuckles, shaking his head and reaching to clasp his brother's shoulder. Pat, pat. "Don't you dare start fretting about that too," he grumbles in passing as he steps aside to go rummaging through the office. Surely Ezra keeps some form of alcohol about?

"She'd be crazy to change her mind!" snorts D'ani. He… doesn't know Laurali. But, on the other hand, he knows Ezra. Tonight, Ezra says and before his best friend can make a smart remark, there's Rayathess being…big brother-ish and making more practical sense than the thought that just popped into D'ani's head. He says it anyway, with a dimpled drawl, "I guess imaging her in her underwear during the ceremony is out then, eh?" You know, to ah, keep from being nervous. Helpful, isn't he? (no, no he's not)

Ezra blushes /crimson/ and shoots D'ani a look. "I don't have to imagine /that/!" Uh. What? COUGH. He looks imploringly up at his big brother. "This is going to go fine, right? Everything's good?"

There's chuckling coming from Ezra's desk but it's only Rayathess crouched behind it as he rummages through the larger drawers near the bottom. Nope, no alcohol! Sigh. "Uh huh. Well. Just be sure to keep yourself in check when you see her," he muses, taking his turn to tease his brother now that D'ani started it. A roll of his eyes follows and he taps his fingers on the thin book he left resting on the edge of the desk. "For the last time, yes." he says with a hint of a laugh. "It'll be fine. You'll be fine. Right, D'ani?"

Gah! Raya's asking him?! D'ani gives Ezra an exaggeratedly doubtful look. "I dunno…" he says, before he cracks a big ol grin and relents with, "Yeah, he's going to live. Just think, Ez. You could've been saddled with Zapallie." Now THAT would have been something to fret about, there. Stuff of nightmares, right there, boy howdy! D'ani might've gotten along with the oft-explosive young woman, but Ezra? Uh no. "Find anything?" he tosses the question to Rayathess before he grows a touch (JUST a touch) more serious and smiles kindly. "Everything's going to be fine. You're both perfect for each other." They must be. Ezra picked her and she said yes. Simple as that.

Ezra huffs, and looks at his brother before he looks at D'ani. Then he blinks. "Oh! Shards! She doesn't have anyone to walk her down the isle. Her father…" Is exiled. She has no family. She has /no/ one. "D'ani. Would you….would…could you walk her down the aisle?"

"Who's Zapallie?" Rayathess asks curiously. Ooh, do tell? As for finding anything, he just spreads his hands out. Nothing! "Drinks will be for later, I guess." he smirks and then looks shocked. Wait, what? "How'd we… Damn it! She's really got to stop not bringing up these things!" That's right. Blame Laurali for not bringing up the painful reminder that she's essentially an orphan.

D'ani blinks at Ezra. Could he? "I cooould…" He sounds uncertain. Have a stranger walk her down the isle. Will he? Who else is going to do it? "Not Th'ero, huh?" Which one of them will be the most awkward, now? To Rayathess, vaguely, "Huh? Oh Zap? Uh, she was trouble waiting to happen, that's what she was." His brain is ticking and then he brightens at a certain thought. "I'll do it, Ezra. But first I'd better go actually meet the bride, hm? If you'll both excuse me." He gives them both a two-fingered salute and rises, striding towards the door and steps out. He needs to make a connection before this thing gets off the ground.

Ezra is pacing again, giving D'ani a grateful look. "Thank you…" he says with relief in his voice before he looks to Rayathess and hastily combs his hair. "We should probably get out there…"

Rayathess quirks a brow but there will be later times (or never) for him to pry a bit more out about this 'trouble causing Zapallie'. Now that D'ani has agreed to walk Laurali down the aisle, he's taking that as his cue too to go out and finalize things. "Just about time now. They'll know what to do, D'ani." As far as cues and timing go, so the Weyrsecond won't have to worry about that! "Let's get you tidied up and outside, brother. Time to meet your guests," And not fall apart from nerves!