Fort Weyr - Weyrleader's Office
Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort just as its counterparts have. But unlike the Weyrsecond and Junior Weyrwomen offices, this cavern is spacious and formed in a rough semicircle of three conjoined caves that were carved and modified Turns ago. The middle portion acts as a waiting room of sorts, holding only a few modest chairs and a simple tapestry to otherwise brighten up the plain stone walls. There are no windows here and the only light comes from well placed glow baskets.
To the right, the smaller of the two adjoining caverns has been set aside for the Weyrwoman, a large desk situated in the middle and a bookshelf pressed against the wall. A small hearth allows for some warmth in the colder months and another cabinet rests across the room to hold various supplies, as well as several books, reports and records. More tapestries have been hung there, lending some color to room.
On the left, the larger cavern belongs to the Weyrleader's office and the walls here are littered with a vast array of maps, as well as a tapestry hung behind where he would sit. The desk is large and the wood aged, looking old and a bit worn, but well tended too. Shelves and a bookshelf line one wall, crammed with rolled hides, other maps, books, reports and records and all arranged in an organized chaos. A small hearth has been built in here as well and various well placed glow baskets are hung to offer just the right amount of light in this windowless office.
Both offices have stout wooden doors that have been carefully worked into the stone. They can be closed and locked if privacy is needed but are often left open.

Fort is caught between the seasons of summer and autumn, though on this particular late morning, it feels more like autumn. Clouds hang overhead, broken up from time to time by bursts of sunlight and blue, autumnal skies. When the winds to pick up, they come in powerful and chilly gusts that catch a few weyrfolk off guard and more than one important item has been blown away or over much to the dismay of its owners.

Tucked away in his office, Th'ero is seated behind his desk and busily scrawling away on some paper. A fire has been set in the hearth and emits a comfortable warmth to the room and a small tray rests on a side table, the breakfast on it long since gone cold and mostly untouched. The Weyrleader looks to be in a pensive and troubled mood as lately the atmosphere in Fort Weyr has been a tense one. A severe blunder by a new Wingleader to the transport Wing has left the Weyr in political strains with a few of it's Holds — necessary ones. So here Th'ero sits, trying to slog his way through a headache enduring mess or sort out someway to undo the damage. Despite this, the door does remain cracked open just enough for anyone passing by or come to visit to see that he is within.

How long has it been since Zi'on and Th'ero seen each other? It seems like it's been forever. It's not that Zi'on has been avoiding the other bronzer… at least not really. He's just been preoccupied. Th'ero is generally in a pensive mood, isn't he? Zi'on looks like Zi'on. He might be a bit more on the muscled side than Th'ero remembers. And his hair is a little longer. But he's stuff sporting a scruff-beard thing and looks like he might cause trouble. The bronzer's caught wind of something going on at Fort, and was fixed with extra orders heading their way to make up for the disgruntled holders. Other than the bumpiness in his personal life, Zi'on's life has been pretty standard lately. When he approaches the door, he peeks in through the crack. Then he knocks, sort of. Which probably makes the door creep open a little more. "I have thirteen boxes of pink mens underwear here for delivery." He says in a serious if fake-deep voice.

It's been far too long and it's not a case of avoidance at all. They're both Weyrleaders and they've their own lives to attend to. Fort has always been good at throwing curveballs to keep Th'ero on his toes and it's not often he has the chance to escape and when he does, it's usually spent trying to catch up on everything else that has sat neglected. Even so, like Zi'on he hasn't changed much. His hair is still a shaggy mess of curls, still in fit and lean shape and while he doesn't sport a beard, he goes keep some facial hair but always trimmed short and neatly. He does not look up even as the door creeks open and answers in an equally as reserved and low tone that could be him being serious or mock-serious to play along. "And if I didn't know you better, Zi'on, I'd fall for that trick. But seeing as I do, you know exactly where those thirteen boxes can be shoved." Th'ero drawls as he finishes with the last few lines of the letter he was writing. Setting the pen down, he leans back heavily into his chair and smirks at Zi'on while gesturing for him to come inside. "Been a long time."

Zi'on has spent his turns building up a support network throughout his underlings. Mainly Ila'den and at least some of his wingleaders. Not to say that he doesn't work long hours. But he manages to make time for things. Not having a weyrmate or kids at home helped. Zi'on laughs a bit at the response. "I don't actually have thirteen boxes. Just ten." He opens up the door and lets himself in. "Kidding. I don't have any. But you if you want some I'm sure I can get them. I know a weaver or two." Zi'on hands over a folder full of the paperwork he was set to deliver. "For you to double-check. The order was bigger than usual, so we wanted to make sure some wires hadn't been crossed." There's a nod about it being a long time. "Mm. You can say that again. How's things going?"

Th'ero has a support network set in place too, but sometimes things just pile up or are of a situation too great that his absence would be a severe hinderance. Long hours are a must it seems for any Weyrleader. "I stand by my previous statement! Ten or thirteen. And I know." He's grown wise to Zi'on's ways and jokes, though he only really cracks a faint smile for this one as he may just not be in the mood for laughter. Always the rigid one, this one. "I'm sure Kimmila would be thrilled if I began to wear pink underclothes." he drawls in heavy sarcasm, followed by a smirk. Okay, so maybe he'll joke a //little/ bit! The paperwork is given a narrowed and suspicious and as he reaches forwards to pull back the top cover to quickly glance, his dark eyes dart up to fix Zi'on with a long and level look. "How long ago was this delivery made? Do you remember?" Th'ero doesn't seem too pleased by this news, letting the folder cover slip back into place as he sinks into his chair and shrugs. "It's been… busy." he says in a slight hesitant way as if carefully picking his words. "We've had some shuffling in the Wings and the Weyrlings from Kouzevelth and Dremkoth's clutch are about to Graduate. Aside from the usual troubles, it's been a good Turn." Never mind the current politics in the Fort coverage area. Nope. "Have a seat, Zi'on. Make yourself comfortable." Th'ero gestures to one of the chairs. "How've you been?"

"Pink is the new black, I heard." Zi'on explains to Th'ero, clearly joking. "Kimmila I'm sure would just be glad to see you in underclothes. You seem like the type of guy that just lounges around the weyr naked." Sure he is. Actually that was more likely to be true of Zi'on. "Negative three days ago. Meaning it hasn't been made. I'm not looking for returns, I just want you to check the numbers. Otherwise you might end up with thirteen boxes of men's pink underwear. S'rorn brought the order to my attention." Zi'on raises a brow at him. "Busy. I bet. Our golds tend to like to all rise at the same time. So thankfully we have been in a bit of a lull. Weyr-wise things are good though. Settled. At least at the moment." The bronzer smooths out his shirt a bit. "Personally things have been a bit bumpy for me. I'm assuming Kiena has at least filled you in on some of that. But I'm surviving."

Th'ero's smirk only broadens and joke or not, he shakes his head. "That is none of your business what I do in my weyr!" he drawls in a dry tone. Fun time is over already? Zi'on's killed the mood with that folder, as the Fortian Weyrleader is looking at it again as though the words DOOM are scrawled across it. He sighs, looking away. "Fantastic. I'll look through it and then have Roc's new Wingleader review the paperwork." There's a pause and he just stares at Zi'on with a flat expression. "It better not be underwear." Or else. "Mhm. Good on S'rorn for catching it. I'm embarrassed that the problem seeped beyond Fort's coverage area. Here I had hoped we got it contained swiftly enough…" Apparently not and that just irks Th'ero to whole new levels, not that it takes much to set his temper off. "No clutches of late for you either? We're about due… Kouzevelth has flown, but Zuvaleyuth and Iaverulth have not. Those two are too close if you ask me for their cycles." he murmurs, rambling until he is silent to listen to Zi'on speak. Brows lift and that should be plenty of indication that the news-to-come is not known to Th'ero at all. "I've not spoken to Kiena much either over the last Turn or so. Why?" He'll hold back grilling him for answers — for now.

Zi'on laughs. "Fair enough. I'll let you keep your underwear information to yourself. For now." This last bit is said with a suspicious squint of the eyes. "He can coordinate with S'rorn or Ir'e directly. There's no need for us to muddy the waters. We'll get you whatever you need. They may be correct. They're just not normal." Zi'on shrugs. "Flights make me nervous anyways. At least Miraneith's. I don't intend to be put out of a job yet, but I know it's bound to happen eventually. Though sometimes I think it might be nice to just be weyrsecond and be able to go on the prowl at will. Not that I intend to follow that closely in my father's footsteps." Zi'on gives Th'ero a rather suspicious look. "No? You hadn't heard your sister moved to Xanadu? It's been more than a turn since then I think… So maybe you did know that much? Then about a month or so ago she told me she wants to move the twins there, too."

"Thank you," Th'ero says with actual sincerity. If there is one thing he's never quite understood about Zi'on, it's the man's obsession with underpants or underthings. "He? Yhri is a woman. Brownrider." As if that makes all the difference. "But I'll let her know that she is to speak with S'rorn or Ir'e." Nodding his head, he casts one last grim look at the folder and then folds his hands, fingers laced together, in his lap as he leans back in his chair. "Mhm. Flights make me nervous as well. Any flight does. Seems though that Velokraeth's luck holds out… we've been Weyrleader for some time now." Much longer than Th'ero ever imagined! There's a faint snort given at Zi'on's remark about his father's footsteps and then he's peering back. What? "Oh. Yes, I knew of that. I suggested it." Nice. He just lays it right out on the table, like that for Zi'on to absorb. Silent for a moment, Th'ero frowns over the last piece of news. THAT is new to him. "Is she seeking to take them full time or simply split the time? I… could almost see her reasoning for it. The time zone shift between Western and Xanadu is great. Maybe it's been stressing her to try and find the time?" Ever the logical one!

It's mostly the way that talking about them seems to make people uncomfortable. Plus… they're just funny. Tiny clothes for your uglies. "She then. Have her coordinate with them. S'rorn is a man who knows how to get things." Which means that even if the holds are holding out on Th'ero or the weyrs in general (no pun intended) S'rorn could probably get the things they needed through other means. "Without a weyrmate I don't much stress over the small ones. And Suldith doesn't fly golds outside of Western for obvious reasons." Zi'on frowns then. "You -suggested- she move to Xanadu? Please tell me you're kidding." Zi'on crosses his arms. "So I'm to try and find the time then? Anyways, obviously the conversation didn't go over very well. Even though I'm not necessarily opposed to the twins moving or for Kiena to spend more time with them. It's mostly that I hate to have them switch foster families."

Th'ero frowns. "Get things?" It's been a long, long time since he last saw S'rorn or spoke with him and his memory of the brown rider's past or skills is shoddy at best. Yet something stirs the Fortian Weyrleader to be a touch suspicious. "Legally, I hope?" he adds, with just enough of a smile to make it seem like he's joking when truly he's dead serious. "Yes. I did," Th'ero admits again and without a shred of guilt or regret for it as he simply stares back at Zi'on. "She is my sister and she came here in obvious upset and turmoil. The decision wasn't easy for her but she had had already made up her mind to leave. I just gave her a where. You're lucky she just didn't vanish on all of us. Not that'd she'd be able to hide." he points out, only to smirk. "Obviously it doesn't quite work for either side. And of course it didn't go well." What's that supposed to mean? Th'ero likely chalks up half of this mess to be Kiena's doing. "Why does it bother you? So she is planning to take them full time? Or is she trying to negotiate rotating visits?"

Zi'on looks to Th'ero. "He was a trader. His family are traders. He still has connections amongst them is what I mean." Actually it was more of a don't-ask-don't-tell kind of situation for some things. But since Western was a major port, it was easy to come by just about anything anyway. "Well it was nice of her to talk it out with me. Anyway it's water under the bridge. She doesn't love me and we're not together anymore. It bothers me because I spent the time to find the girls a good foster family in Western. And bouncing them around doesn't exactly make for a stable childhood. That's sort of the point of fostering. I don't really want them on a rotating schedule. If she's that adamant she can take them. I've got four other kids I need to make time for."

Th'ero nods his head in understanding, "Ahh, that would explain it then." It's logical and sound enough and he does not question it any further than that. Western does have it's connections, certainly a perk for their location. Fort is so reliant on it's trade for that reason. Not many options when you're far into the mainland. "Zi'on… She wasn't exactly thinking straight. It's how she is or was. Faranth if I know if she's changed or if she'll run again, but the fact she talked at all was shocking enough. Just try to be happy you at least KNOW where she is." Water under the bridge. Th'ero grimaces, some sympathy showing in his eyes to the other Weyrleader. Did he know that too? "I'm sorry it didn't work out between you two." he murmurs only to frown heavily. "Seems to me as though she's trying to undo her mistakes concerning them. Maybe not in the best of ways…" That he does have to admit. "How is it not stable if it's routine? Half the Turn one and the other. The point of fostering is to offer a stable family environment yes but does it matter where? They're young enough to adapt to a organized routine."

Zi'on grumbles a bit about Kiena's lack of discussion. He knew how she was, and he had half expected her to get bored and run out on him. But that didn't make it hurt less. And lately it's just been rubbing salt in the wound. "Sorry, but knowing where she is really isn't doing much for me right now. You might be happy about that, but it's little consolation to me." There's a grunt. "Well, good for her. Anyways it's no longer an issue. I already told her to take the kids. They're her problem now. I found them a foster family once already, the rest is on her." There's a pause as the bronzer tries to change subjects. "So how's your little guy doing? Have you and Kimmila added to the brood yet?"

Somehow Th'ero doubts that Kiena ever got bored. She ran but who knows why and they may never know the whole details. He can also understand how hurt Zi'on must feel, but it does not lessen some of the words he speaks or the tone used. Frown still well in place, his eyes linger on the other bronzerider as if trying to gauge his true mood. "You do know you're speaking of my nieces as though they're nothing but a problem to be foisted on my sister, right?" he drawls and though his voice remains level there is a subtle undertone to it as well. Tread carefully? "What I don't understand is you're stubborn refusal to even try to go with what she is proposing." Now there is a subject change and Th'ero exhales, shaking his head. "Kyzen has been well. Growing fast and a mischievous but bright child. Usually he visits with us some mornings and he's almost of age now that Kimmila and I can take him on small trips." he murmurs. As for the addition to the brood? "No, not yet."

She ran out because she had stuff to do. And Zi'on took it personally and now is just taking it badly. "All I'm saying is that if Kiena wants to uproot them, then Kiena has to be the one to deal with what that means. She's the one doing the foisting." Though if she were to ask nice, Zi'on might stop seething about it for a while enough to help. "I don't really see the point. I'll make plans to see them when I can. It will just be less now. That's just the way it is. I am going along with what she proposed. She wants the girls, I told her to take them." Of course it wasn't quite as civil as that. But it's probably not worth discussing further. The damage was more or less done. "Heh. He's about the twins' age, right? Over three turns?" He grins. "Yet, eh? Does Kimmila know about this 'yet'?"

There is a lot more to it than that, but Th'ero is oblivious and clueless when it comes to his sister's inner secrets and reasonings. Something has him troubled even now, but rather than wrestle it from Zi'on he simply shakes his head and allows the discussion to slip away and in doing so shows that he agrees to disagree with the Western Weyrleader. "Just about, yes, now that I think of it." Th'ero murmurs after a thoughtful pause. He smirks crookedly, "She does. Though we'll see." Looking back to the surface of his desk, he picks up the letter he was writing previously and folds it to slip it into the inner pocket of his jacket where it hangs nearby. Standing, he also takes the folder Zi'on brought him in hand. "Sorry to cut this short, Zi'on, but I best get to my duties. There is much I need to address…" Lots and lots of headache inducing things. "It was good to see you." Even if not all the news was good.

Well, that and the fact that she clearly viewed her time with Zi'on as over. Unfortunately Zi'on is not likely to change stance on his daughters without intervention from Kiena. Or until they were older and could voice their opinions themselves. "I suppose we don't often get to make the decisions on when the children come. At least I don't, it seems." Zi'on has never been involved in the planning of his children. They've all more or less been 'oops' babies. He nods as Th'ero gets up, getting up himself. "Of course. I didn't mean to keep you. It was good to catch up." Zi'on gives Th'ero a nod, then lets himself out.