Who Sephany, Riohra
What Sephany asks Riohra some hard questions; he doesn't want to answer.
When Autumn-Winter - Day 13 of Month 10 of Turn 2714
Where Sheltered Cavern, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Scenic Overlook * Sheltered Cavern

To get to this room first you must walk up a long and perilous staircase, and move through a sturdy wooden door. Once you do that, however…

Distinct bands of deep brown and black work their way across the low ceiling, and act almost like columns along the sides of this room. The stone has been polished to a high sheen, perfectly smooth as it follows the natural contours of this cavern. Thin gauzy panels of fabric have been hung from ceiling to floor in cascading complementary colors. The fabrics roll and flutter beneath the invisible air currents which occasionally push their way into the cavern. Nestled coves of curving benches and pillow piles can be found stashed in the semi-private coves between the waving fabrics. Light filters through the thin fabrics, creating a surreal if peaceful daytime scene while lit from a few spots unobtrusive along the ceiling at night. At the back of the cavern are two heavy wooden doors while farther forward it looks like there is a larger opening.

It is a crisp near-winter day at Fort Weyr. The morning finds Sephany hidden away in the sheltered cavern, snuggled into a pile of pillows and blankets, gazing absently out one of the windows toward the sky. There's a distant look to her, but a smile plays around the edges of her mouth; she is not sullen or sad. Thimble has curled her little green body around her human's neck, awake but silent, cuddling for warmth as Sephany relaxes. Near at hand, but not opened, is her sketchbook and pencil.

There are those soft foot steps again as Riohra comes walking into the little hideaway. He will spy his friend but leave her to the musings she has while he settles in with paper and pen to do some writing, probably to a red headed dragonhealer now weyrling.

It is some time before Sephany lets her thoughts drift away and her concentration return, fingers moving automatically to the discarded sketchbook, collecting it easily without turning her head. She settles it into her lap, flips it open, and then drops her gaze to peruse the pages. It's Thimble that notices Riohra, little green head lifted from Sephany's neck to peer in his direction. The rustle of green wings as Thimble shifts position is what makes the weaver lift her head and gaze around the cavern, grey eyes eventually coming to rest on Riohra at his work. A small frown, a little tap-tap of her fingers, and she seems to settle herself. With quick, agile movements she stands and closes the distance between them, sketchbook closed and carried with her. "Riohra," she greets quietly. "How are you?"

Riohra looks up at Sephany and nods "I am well, sorry wasn't trying to disturb you just needed a place to collect my thoughts." he nods to the sketch book and says "That Journeyman is good with words isn't he." Yup keep the attention off him and onto things that obvousily make her happy.

"You didn't disturb me," says Sephany earnestly, dropping to the seat near Riohra. A glance at her sketchbook and a quick smile at its mention. "He is," she concedes, "Though it was a bit… arrogant for him to simply start using my sketchbook for his musical ramblings." But something about the way she says it may lead one to believe that she was not truly upset by the gesture. Careful fingers run over the cover of her book before she looks back at the hunter. "Are you really 'well'?" she asks. Good try, but Seph is not that easily distracted. "Or are you just saying that, because you do not want to talk about it?"

Riohra looks at Sephany, he is clean shaven, hair is cut and combed, but there are bags under his eyes that even a good shower can't hide. "I am well enough to be up here and not trip down a cavern and break my fool neck as it were." Yeah he remembers words said the other night, though they may not be exact. "What did you get Eiram for his Turnday today?"

Grey eyes examine every inch of that clean-shaven face, focused intent in their pursuit of information. Sephany exhales low before turning her gaze away, neither content nor satisfied by the answers she has gleaned. "You ought to put yourself out of your misery and just move down to Igen already," she says flatly, ignoring the question of Eiram's turnday. She will not be dissuaded or distracted on this matter. "Before you do something you regret."

Riohra looks at her and plainly asks "When was the last time you had a nightmare?" it is a simple question, he will put his letter aside for now and fold his hands in his lap.

The unexpected question has Sephany looking surprised and briefly confused. Pale eyebrows furrow as she glances back toward Riohra, head tilted to the side as she tries to ascertain whether or not he is trying to change the subject again. "I… can't say," she admits. "I don't often dream, and when I do it is usually pleasant enough."

Riohra nods, and says in a straight face, which is probably closest to a frown Rio has ever gotten, "Well i have waking ones, they drive me to keep going. How do you think i got so good at guitar? yes i have some talent for it. But I also do it for hours on end, for days." He looks at his young friend who is still full of her own life and happiness and waits to hear her response.

There are a few traits that S'van and Sephany share. Grey eyes. The way the corner of their mouth will twitch upward in dry or playful amusement. And the way they can listen and comprehend a situation without feeling the need to interject or 'actively' listen. There is no bobbing of her head. No 'mmhmm' in the back of her throat. No attempt to make Riohra know that she hears him. She simply listens with her full and complete attention, and then remains silent as she works to understand what it is he is going through. When she does speak, it is a simple and low-toned question designed to assist in her quest for comprehension. "Why?" Why does he have nightmares.

Riohra looks at her and says honestly "I do not know… They are always different, sometimes it is fly with Kass on Xero and the dragon drops me. Or i between with one of my friends and left there floating in the dark cold." He looks out over the view saying "sometimes I just fall over and vanish into the floor forgotten. Once i had a dream your brother drown me glitter. the mind healers say I am fine."

Sephany is no mindhealer, and can give no answers for Riohra and his nightmares. But what she can give is understanding and support; a listening ear that does not downplay the situation. She does not shift uncomfortably; there is no attempt at wiggling out of the conversation, but rather serious thought given to the content of the message. "When did they start?" she wonders, of the nightmares. "Before or after Kass was Impressed by Xerosaeth?"

Riohra looks out the windows still saying "I used to get bad ones after I drowned, but i had been them before getting searched." He looks at her and says "The night of the hatching when i said good by to Catwin, your brother, and Baylee, after they just impressed."

Her frown only grows, and Sephany shifts in her position to draw her legs close. Arms wrap around, and she rests her cheek on her knees as she looks toward Riohra. "That long?" she whispers in surprise, slightly shocked. "Riohra, you should… see someone…" but he already said that a mindhealer said he was fine, so Sephany lets that thought trail off, worrying her bottom lip gently. "I am not a mindhleaer," is murmured in an apologetic tone, "but maybe you're worried about being… forgotten? Lost Between. Dropped. Vanished." A frown.

Riohra nods "could be, if they were the only things, then I can just say it was that I am scared. Some times I dream of people I care about dieing. Eiram, Kass, Catwin…you" his shoulders sag under the weight of admission.

Once more, there is just silence from the pale weaver, grey eyes alternating between distant as she thinks, or focused as she listens. There is a persistent wrinkle in her forehead, an etched line of worry that is mirrored in the downward slant of her mouth as she frowns. "I don't know what to say, or do," she admits mournfully. "What can I do?"

Riohra looks over at Sephany not fully a woman but not a little girl anymore, "You are doing it. Checking on me, being my friend. just being you." he tries to smile but he just seems tired to. "Some times people don't need saving. Catwin used to say that and i understand now. sometime we just need to experience it."

"Alright," she murmurs, her voice low but easily able to be heard in the silent cavern. "But if you ever do need something…" Sephany lets the sentence fade away, the unspoken sentiment clear enough that she need not voice it. There is a final moment of silence, a lingering study of his face, before she permits the subject to change as she says, "I am giving Eiram a pair of ice skates, for his Turnday," she says finally. "I hope he likes them…"

Riohra nods and says "I will come find you and you can yell at me all the way to getting Kass" he finishes her statement but it actually makes him smile. "Ice skates huh? Going to take him around with you this time?" he asks teasing only slightly

A bit of a grin for the mention of Kass and yelling. "By your ear," Sephany tells him. "I'll drag you all the way to Igen by your ear." And she's only half-joking. But the subject is changed, and she is happy to discuss her reasons for this gift. "He is welcome to come, if he wants. I need to visit Telgar once the lake freezes," she recalls, though the memory makes her smile falter slightly. "I ought to invest in my own pair of skates," she notes. "It's getting close to the time the lake will freeze, and I want to practice."

Riohra makes a visual note in his head about the need…"that is a good thing because I think he might be a little peeved that you and his mentor went off" there is a light tease there but also just statemt of facts "I took him to the Yoko…" he says not trying to brag.

"Why would he be annoyed that Leuka and I left?" asks Sephan with a frown. "He seemed perfectly content to be rifling through all of that… junk with you," she notes. But she does look just a little sheepish about wandering off. "He will be fine," she decides of Eiram. "The Yokohama?" she clarifies, looking surprised. "Who did you get to take you there?"

Riohra chuckles "maybe because he is still young enough to want to be around his friends, or more to the point he might have a crush on you!" he shakes his head and then says "A brown rider I know that owes me a favor or five. He was making a run up there for a delivery so we hoped on and i took him to the Rec room there."

There's a quick 'tch' sound of amusement for the idea that Eiram would have a crush on her, Sephany quite plainly stating, "He's like a little brother. He doesn't like me like that." At least, she is rather certain of it. "And I am sorry to exclude him, but we needed to talk," her and Leuka, she means. "And it was best done… privately." As the topic moves away from deep and personal matters, she reaches for her sketchbook once again, flipping it open to where she has started a design, pencil picked up as she gets to work once again. "It sounds terrifying; going into space. That the dragons can just… go there in the blink of an eye is mind boggling."

Riohra nods and grins "you know enough riders maybe they will steal you a long and take you there?" he teases lightly looking down he picks up his own paper and pen to go back to his own letter asking "do you want me to say anything to Kassala from you?"

"I don't think I want to go," says Sephany with a shake of her head. "No thank you. What if I was left behind? Trapped in space? Drifting along…" she shudders gently. "No. No thank you, I will stay right where I am on Pern." Sketch-sketch-pause. "Oh, um." And she lifts her head, tilts it to the side, and considers what to say. "Send my love. And ask her to say hi to Z'ki for me."

Riohra nods and scribbles that down, he then will close it up for mailing later "I wonder how much the box is going to weight when she graduates."

Sketch-sketch. The scratching of her pencil over the paper is audible in the quiet cavern, noticeable when it pauses and she glances over to ask, "Box?" of Riohra. "What are you planning?" wonders Sephany, looking both amused and apprehensive.

Riohra grins and will explain "I have writen kass everyday since she became a candidate. Every morning I send her a letter, she says she keeps them in a box. I am wondering how big a box it could be by now." he looks over at Sephany "Is that stupid that i do that/"

There is an 'oh' shape to her mouth, though Sephany does not voice the words. Next comes a grin, and an amused look as she shakes her head. "No. I think it is romantic," she declares. "And if Kassala likes it, then it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks." A little look back at her sketches, a small tweak to the design. "Does she write you, as well? Do you keep her letters in a box?"

Riohra nods and pulls out a small bundle of maybe fifteen letters saying "I keep them with me on bad days, but yes they stay in a box in our room. Though i guess it is just my room again as she will need a weyr for her dragon how."

"I see," replies the weaver, glancing toward his small bundle of letters. "It is a bad day, then," she muses without expecting an answer. "I keep the letters from my family in a box," she acknowledges. "In the box Thimble arrived in, actually. Under my bed. There are not very many from Sev, but, I keep each one he sends. There is something about letters that just makes me happy." A grin, and she closes her sketchbook once again, settling her hands on the cover. "You didn't answer me before. Why don't you move to Igen to be with her? I know she is a Weyrling, and you cannot really? be together until Xerosaeth has grown, but you could at least eliminate some of the distance."

Riohra smiles and says "because she wants me to stay here, she says Fort is home she says." He starts to get up and Saying "I need to mail this and start my day, but next time we are going to talk about what you and the very handsome musician ran away to discuss."

"Did she say why?" wonders Sephany, peering up curiously toward Riohra as he stands. But she does not expect an answer; not when he is clearly about to be leaving. There's a brief frown, and then a grin that speaks to mischief and secrets. "Hm. If you really want to know," she sing-songs. "But it is not as scandalous as you may imagine in your head," for what they discussed. "Have a good day, Riohra. And good luck." Sephany will remain, working on her projects in the quiet and still of the cavern.

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