Who Leuka, Sephany
What Leuka and Sephany talk; Questions are raised and answered. Sketchbooks are returned.
When Autumn-Winter - Day 9 of Month 10 of Turn 2714 (immediately after Cave Of Wonders log)
Where Sheltered Cavern, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Scenic Overlook * Sheltered Cavern

To get to this room first you must walk up a long and perilous staircase, and move through a sturdy wooden door. Once you do that, however…

Distinct bands of deep brown and black work their way across the low ceiling, and act almost like columns along the sides of this room. The stone has been polished to a high sheen, perfectly smooth as it follows the natural contours of this cavern. Thin gauzy panels of fabric have been hung from ceiling to floor in cascading complementary colors. The fabrics roll and flutter beneath the invisible air currents which occasionally push their way into the cavern. Nestled coves of curving benches and pillow piles can be found stashed in the semi-private coves between the waving fabrics. Light filters through the thin fabrics, creating a surreal if peaceful daytime scene while lit from a few spots unobtrusive along the ceiling at night. At the back of the cavern are two heavy wooden doors while farther forward it looks like there is a larger opening.

The walk from the death-pit known as the Ancient Workshop happens in silence, grey eyes cast down to mind her steps as they head through the tunnels towards the more populated part of the Weyr. At some point, as they near familiar territory, Sephany extracts her hand from his and crosses her arms over her stomach, tucking hands away against the growing chill. "Go to the bowl," she instructs in a murmur, directing with words rather than physically taking the lead. So out to the bowl, headed towards the lake, and then up a rather dangerous looking set of steps before she shoves open the door and welcomes Leuka to the overlook. "I've only ever found one other person here," she admits, stepping into the space with an eye towards the view. "And that was Riohra. Otherwise… I don't think many people know of it."

Leuka seems quite happy enough to hold Sephany's hand, but sorta as soon as they make it back to the Weyr proper, his hand is empty. Well, that sucks. Glancing down at the Weaver, he simply nods and follows the directions she gives. Nodding to a few people they pass along the way, his hands find their way into his warm coat pockets. Outside the breeze is a bit brisker than he expected, and a shiver creeps over him. Carefully managing the stairs, Leuka positions himself to be able to assist Sephany if she needs it. Soon she's shoving through a door and he follows. A couple of steps and his feet still, peering about and taking it all in. Still casting his eyes around, "Is this where you first met the hunter?"

"Riohra?" wonders Sephany at the mention of a hunter. "No. We met in the Living Caverns, when I learned that he had Stood at Half Moon Bay with my brother." She continues further into the room, fingers trailing along the fabric panels absently, letting them drift across her palm as she goes. "No. It was after Kassala was Searched that I found him up here. We were both escaping… some realities we didn't want to face," she admits. "The other times I have been here… it has been empty. I like it. I can read, or sketch, without interruption." A glance over her shoulder. "You can come further in."

Leuka cracks a little grin whens he calls him out on not moving deeper into the room. Feet shuffle ahead and he'll nod at the tidbits he learns.. "I take it he's quite upset over his Kass..ala?" He questions that last bit, not sure if he pronounces the name right. More steps are taken and he nods thoughtfully "Yea, I can see that. Certainly out of the way enough to not have people traisping in and out. You can think comfortably peacefully." After a moment, hands retreat from the warm pocket, one holding the sketchpad. Rifling back through it, he tears out the second page he was working on and shoves that back in his pocket. He'll finish that one after he learns a bit more about his new hunter friend. For now though, he steps over to the small Weaver and offers the book. "I wanna appologize for some of the things I said the other evening. I should have kept my mouth shut." Gesturing to the pad with his chin. "I sorta stole a couple of pages. But, I had had some ideas and needed to get them down." He taps fingers lightly on the outer cover.

"Kassala," repeats Sephany, for Leuka's benefit. "Though 'Kass' is fine. She goes by Kass," even if the name sounds a bit funny in Sephany's tone. She, who rarely uses nicknames for others. "And no, I don't think he is… not in the traditional sense of the word. He is so very… devoted to her. I have never seen someone so inlove, except perhaps my brother. If Riohra is upset, it is likely because he fears he may lose Kassala, not because he is angry she Impressed. He wants only the best for her." They have clearly talked at length about this, for the words come easily as Sephany recounts her friend's emotions. She stops at a window, braving the chill to peek out over the weyr. "Sometimes, I come here when I need to escape my life. I can pretend to be someone else for a little while." It's a murmur, a softly spoken sentiment that does not carry far. But she drops the topic quick enough, turning at his approach and glancing immediately down at the sketchbook as he brings up their previous conversation. "Don't. You didn't… you were nothing but honest. And I appreciate that. I… am the one who needs to apologize for not considering my actions before I took them." Fingers tighten around her book, draw it closer before she opens it to peruse the additions that have been added. "What have you written?" she wonders, moving into a space with more light.

Leuka slips over to peer out the window when Sephany does, not bothering to fight of the shiver at the frigid temp that seeps through the glass. He's still got his warm long coat on so he'll not freeze too quickly. "Must be tough." Referring to Riohra's distane situation "Why does he not put in for a transfer?" Edging around behind Sephany to peek at the view from her other side, he scans the scene before deciding to drop on to one of the padded seats. Peering at Sephany, they are closer to eye level now rather than him peering down. He's actually peering up a bit. He waves off her appology. He's the one who lost his cool when he should have had his mind on the task at hand. When she starts flipping through and is curious about what he added to her book, he absentmindly reaches up to fiddle with one of the fluttering wisp of material, a hint of a grin as he sorta plays things in his head that no one else can hear "Something that I just couldn't get out of my head so wrote some of it down. It's not exactly like what you sang before, but…" He pauses as if deciding on a differant train of thought. "Maybe, once I get the rest finished, you could sing it? I've still work to do, getting the score down and tweaked. But…I think I'd like to hear you sing again."

"You will have to ask him," Sephany says of Riohra. "I do not understand his reasons, but they must make sense to him." And while grey eyes are definitely pinned to the sketchbook in a clearly intentional avoidance of meeting his gaze, she is certainly aware of him; when he stands still and when he moves, his proximity, and when he sits; The eyes that find her even as she actively avoids meeting them. It's evidenced by the subtle changes in poster; the way her shoulders tighten, or her fingers flex as they hold the sketchbook, the way her gaze has settled into one spot on the page rather than actually reading the text. Distracted. But eventually, she does read what is written, and there's a small tug to the corner of her mouth. "I like it," she admits. "It's… better than what I chose." She turns to settle into a seat as well, the sketchbook still holding her gaze, the shadows hiding whatever color may have found her cheeks. "But you will have to play the melody for me… I don't know how to read music," she admits. There's a moment of hesitation, a small glance up to catch his expression as he says he would like to hear her sing again. "Alright," she agrees carefully.

Leuka's little smile broadens into a full on grin when she agees to sing again. "Awesome!" he nods at the tune playing "I'll play it for you til you're tired of hearing it before you get to sing it most likely. That is once I get it all completely worked out and the scores on paper for the different instruments needed." He seems quite pleased that she agreed. He doesn't comment on her prior song choice, he thought it was a very interesting selection, but he's not about to have her running off again if it were to embarrass her. And since it will take a little time for him to finish the song, he decides to jump on into the freezing lake with both bootclad feet. The worst that could happen is that she'd laugh him off and say no, or so he thinks. "Til then, maybe we could, if you know of a good place that is, go somewhere and have a nice meal..? Not that the cavern doesn't have great food, cause they do. But, it can be quite loud and chaotic." Not at all a setting to get to know anyone better. No, he's not babbling on at all.

"I'm certain I won't," grow tired of hearing it. Sephany certainly seems certain enough of that. She murmurs the words of the song that has been jotted down, glancing from the paper to the Harper once or twice. "I like singing," she admits. "I just… never thought anyone else would appreciate it." It's not false modesty; she honestly did not understand that she had some natural talent. Another peruse of the sketchbook, though fingers and eyes still as he rambles next to her. There's a little tilt of her head, a side-ways glance of her eyes that skips right back to the page, and a smile threatening at the corners of her mouth that is not at all sarcastic or mischievous. "Are you… asking me out?" she wonders, looking for clarification. "Or is this a… friend asking a friend?"

Leuka chuckles softly and shrugs "I think you don't give yourself much credit. People can have more than one skill or talent. Even if they don't know what they are yet." Now that he finally stopped stumbling over his tongue and spit out what was on his mind, he takes a deep breath and soldiers on with a nod "Yes. I'm asking you out. Doesn't have to be evening meal. Could be anything you want. And well…" He turns more towards the weaver. "But if you don't really like that idea, I would like to think we're still friends."

And cue epic silence descending upon the pair in the sheltered cavern as Sephany does not respond in regards to her voice, and Leuka stops rambling. It is not an especially long silence, though it may feel as though it is, given the weight of the question. It is also not an especially uncomfortable silence, at least not for the weaver. There is consideration for the clarification, bottom lip caught in her teeth as she lets her gaze drop away to go distant. "No-" quickly uttered to halt the progress of protests or offering of alternatives. "No, I like the idea. A date," she continues, the faint smile growing. At least she meets his gaze again, flashing that smile his direction rather than at the floor. "Are you sure, though?" and this time it is a bit more playful, a gentle teasing. "Apparently, I can be rather frustrating and distracting."

As the quiet seconds tick by, his eyes drift around, watching invisible currents cause the wispy bits of material to flutter about. His attention seems drawn back to Sephany frequently though. He's pretty much all easy going things couldn't be better smiles,…wait…wha /No?/ That's not how he imagined this would go. 'No!' Denied! Rejected! Go directly to jail no 200 marks for you! YE SHALL NOT PASS!! Oh wait, you can breath again dumbass. She was just clarifying. He barks out a little laugh when she clarifies that No actually means yes…that doesn't quite sound right, but he'll go with it. Laughing and getting rid of a little stress that was trying to knot his shoulders he seems to consider a moment before nodding once more. "Well, I've still got the blindfold if I need to make use of it." He grins and flashes a playful wink. Leaning towards her to try gently bumping her shoulder with his. "So, now that we've established that No, you /will/ go out with me. Where would you like to go?"

No means no… Except when it means yes. Girls are confusing. And Sephany is no exception. There's a playfulness hinting not-so-subtly around the edges, in the glimmer of her grey eyes and the curl of her lips as she smiles. It only grows at the mention of that blindfold and, while there is most certainly a comment lurking behind that mischievous look on her face, she holds her tongue and does not voice it. No. Not in this moment, at least. Instead, she will accept the shoulder bump with a small laugh and a roll of her eyes. "I meant 'no' as in… 'no, I like the idea…' oh never mind," she decides eventually, laughing much more freely. "Hmm," for the question on where. "How do you feel about… a picnic? I don't want to stand on ceremony in some Inn or Tavern. I'd rather… relax. Bundle up, because it'll be cold." And she is not at all apologetic for it.

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