Who Riohra, Eiram, Leuka, Sephany
What Riohra invites his friends to a questionable location.
When Autumn-Winter - Day 9 of Month 10 of Turn 2714
Where Ancient Workshop, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Ancient Workshop
Nearly lost in the fact that this room is half buried by rocks already, the room seems to have been a valuable mechanics workshop. There are instruments in this room that have not yet been shattered by falling rock. Devices and tools of foreign creation seem to scattered now haphazardly due to a table and a shelf that have been destroyed due to the collapse of the ceiling. Most of the tools and items in this workshop would be rendered useless for the era of the present day folk; yet, some are still listed on the AVIAS machine in landing. Covered in rust, dust, and rock in the far back corner is a machine that looks rather bulky and startling similar to the image of 'sleds' that AVIAS has reportedly never rendered designs for or given access to. Yet, here one is. Rusted and practically dismantled, but here nevertheless.

There is never a moment in time when people say "Lets go to a half wrecked work shop", but then life can surprise you. Riohra has mananged to clear out enough space for a few people to hang out there. He has a couple bottles of drink and and what looks like the kitchens first two full trays of dinner in a warming basket. He is munching on a meatroll reclined seeing if people will join him.

Messages were past and food was promised. Exploring a cavern of great mystery! Of course Eiram will be in on that! Eiram arrives in the cavern with some casual clothes he don't mind getting a bit dirty. No yellow vests and purple pants today. As he enters the cavern there is a look of open curiousity as he looks around. Places like this he might sneak into, but to be invited to explore it? Best present ever.

Leuka was sure he took a wrong turn and got lost, but continued on anyway. The further he goes, the cooler it gets, good thing he didn't bother taking his coat off. After one last twist, he ducks and steps into a room that immediately has him wanting to visit the infirmary. He's bout to be due for some sorta check up, right? Spotting his Apprentice first then the hunter when he peers around, he pauses, as if wary to step closer to the man for some reason. "Evening Riohra." Eyes flick to Eiram curiously "You're well this evening Eiram?" Perhaps giving the lad a chance to pass him some secret messege that he needs help. Afterall, with what happen with Sephany last evening, she was not happy camper with either of them…

Riohra grins as the two music makers as the enter saying "evening gents" in a loud enough tone that shows of the reason he wanted to show them this place. The acoustics in the cavern are amazing bounding the sound but not mixing or garbling it.

Leuka might think he is offering Eiram an escape, but clearly he misses the opportunity. Eiram nods his head emphatically, "Yessir. Isn't this amazing…look at all these relics of the past just waiting for us to make the discovery of the ages." Hands are spread expressively as he looks around the room. Not a dirty room, but a window into the past! Ah the excitement of youth. He waves at Riohra as he moves into the room and starts up to one pile of debris with an openly curious look.

Leuka seems to forget his wariness of the hunter for the moment, instead, brow lifting as he examines the walls and ceiling. Turning in a slow circle, he claps a few times, head canting at the sound that returns and nods approvingly. "Nice little hideout you got here Riohra." Turning back towards the others, he can't help but grin as Eiram gets caught up on exploring. For his part, Leuka will simply pick his way over to a spot to sit and drop down. "How about you look for both of us. Careful that you don't stab yourself on something though. You've already done enough damage to your hand as is."

Riohra is lounging in a very very beat up chair he found and having a bottle of something while snacking on pilfered pastry and grinning at the music makers saying "just waiting on one more to get this party started"

The hunter gave the harpers a tip to come visit the room and while Leuka marvels in the accoustics of the place Eiram can't help be drawn by the detritis that is scattered here and there. A treasure trove of trash, collapsed ceiling bits revealing caverns above should someone be brave enough to climb the pile. "Yeah yeah.." he calls out to the warning given to him by the Journeyman as…he starts to climb the pile, feet slipping occasionaly on the unsettled mass of stuff.

Leuka peers over to where Eiram is rifling through some old treasure/junk, and slipping down the pile as he does. With a little shake of his head "Don't yeayea me. I'm still irked about that stunt you pulled the other night." Which reminds him, reaching behind him, he tugs out the sketchpad he found and absentmindedly flips through a few pages. Not really studying them, simply looking for a clean one to scribble on. "You got a pen?" He ask Riohra after a moment of patting down hi pockets.

It took… a very long time for Sephany to give in to the invitation and head into the bowels of the Weyr. And it seems that she did heed the warning in the note, and has traded her normal attire for something much more suitable for dusty tunnels and cavern exploration. She's actually wearing pants (GASP) and boots, and a tunic a few sizes too large for her that is probably borrowed, all in a dull brown color that is designed to hide dirt rather than show it. Hair has been pulled back, messily done up to keep it out of her face. The entire ensemble has the effect of making her look more like a fourteen-turn-old boy (oh joy) than a young woman, so it is not exactly a pleased expression that is on her face as she ducks into the abandoned workshop and seeks out Riohra; grey eyes narrowed suspiciously. But when her gaze lands on Leuka first she stops short, halting in the doorway in mid-step. A flicker of a glance for Riohra and Eiram, and then back to Leuka, her expression apprehensive now, instead of annoyed. "Um." Grey eyes flash to the hallway she just came from, as if contemplating a hasty retreat.

Riohra was bending down and retrieves a pen for Leuka, he looks up and grins at Sephany "Hey there, glad you could make it.." He is completely unaware of any tension that might be happening here amongst his friends. "Would you like some cider Sephany?" His voice bounces around the room as the acoustics here are wonderfully amazing.

"What stunt?" Eiram asks with a look over his shoulder with a look of absolute innocence. He turns back to his hazardous explorations for but a moment but it is Sephany's voice that gets his attention. So it is a single syllable. "Oh Hey Seph!" He calls from his mountain of trash, jerking his head to look up at her and well rather surprised at her appearance. The turning and surprise make him lose his footing and slip down the pile and behind it where he can't be seen. Silence. "I'm alright!" He calls out after a few moments.

Leuka leans and stretches out for the pen, nodding "Thanks man." He'll grab one of those hot meatrolls as well. One bite vanishes quickly and he frowns to Eiram, about to tell him just how he irked the Journeyman, but Sephany's arrival changes his plans "We'll discuss it later." Watching the Apprentice slip, he just shakes his head. No point in warning him twice. He flicks a glance to the Weaver, head tipping a greeting "Hello Sephany." Another bite taken and he turns his attention back towards the sketchpad. Pen poised before he scribbles a few words out.

Apprehension gives way to suspicion, grey eyes darting to that sketchbook Leuka is scribbling in, lips pressed into a thin line. "Leuka," in return, polite enough to be a greeting. Eiram's welcome is met with a glance, and a small twitch to the corner of her mouth that was likely a smile but turns into a wince as he vanishes behind that pile. "Are you…" but he answers for her quick enough, and her eyes roll in exasperation. And yet, she remains there at the door, considering her options. But it's Riohra's offer of cider that has Sephany finally moving into the room, steps forced into moving purposefully, but carefully, through the mess. "Thank you," for Riohra, the cider accepted quickly. It's brought to her mouth, cup poised, before she hesitates. Grey eyes flash once more to the harpers before she leans in and whispers a question to Riohra, waiting for his answer before she straightens once more.

Riohra tilts his head and shakes it at Sephany, he reaches down to show her the bottle of cider verse the bottle of rum he has. He notes the tension and the awkwardness between his friends saying "Everything ok?" Riohra is king of the uncomfortable silences but this one is rather pointed.

There is silence from the pile before finally Eiram can be heard scrambling back up the pile and rights himself when he is on top of it. There might even be a hero poise there for a moment. Hands on hips looking off into the distance…and a foot slips again and he goes down on his rump ungloriously. Well at least there is a giggle from the boy and he just sits there for now as it is the safest thing to do, "So you looked like you are dressed for adventure!" He calls out to Sephany before looking between the men. The awkwardness totally missed and well yesterday was a long time ago.

Leuka drags his attention from what he's doing and focuses his gaze on Eiram, watching him slide down again. "Alright, enough of that. Maybe you should work on coordination before trying to climb a mountain." Another bite from the meatroll and he'll nod to Riohra "I'm good." His attention slips to Sephany, a sorta questioning look her way, before he focuses back on the hunter "Pass me a cup will ya?" He might be about to say something else, when he is suddenling scribbling out another line or two, scratching something out and writing something else. When he finishes that bit, he glances back up to the others curiously. He's not being difficult, or tense, simply focused on an idea he has and wants to get it out before he forgets. "How did you stumble into this hideout Riohra?"

Question answered, there's a brief moment of relief and then… Riohra is showing her bottles and her eyes are rolling because yeah. Pretty much tell the world what Sephany just tried to /keep private/. Thanks Riohra. "Thanks," again, this time dry and a little sarcastic, as she straightens once more. That exasperation continues with Eiram's heroic-pose, suddenly shot down in its prime as he falls once again. "Really Eiram?" which is basically said half a second before Leuka is reprimanding him as well. "I don't know about adventure… this is a bit out of my comfort zone." Clearly. All of that scribbling in a suspiciously familiar sketchbook has Sephany narrowing her eyes once again and, when the request for cider comes, it's her pale hand that snatches a second glass. Those determined strides serve her well a second time, as she closes the distance between them and promptly offers the beverage, eyes on the page and not on his face. "Yes. How did you find this… place," though by her tone, it is clear there is another word she would have liked to use instead. 'Pit', or 'dungeon' or 'trash heap' maybe. Acoustics aside, Seph is looking a bit like a hypochondriac as she ensures no part of her is touching any part of the debris, safe though it might be.

Riohra grins in his wreck of chair, in the pit of this place that seems to scare those with better view of common sense. "Same way I find everything, it found me." He points to a very heavy scrap along a wall "I was half sober, but still all drunk and fell into this place." He shrugs and will pick up a piece of metal that will make any healer reach of the redwort and toss it into a far corner away from the group.

"Alright Alright.." Eiram says as he makes his way down from the pile of detritis and collapsed ceiling. In all of this the bandage has come off his finger, but at least it is looking alright. A few stitches visible as he approaches, but no redness about the healing wound. He wipes his hand clean on his now dusty clothes as he is once more on solid ground. "I am now safe from the disaster that was to come!" He declares and there is definitely a hint that he will end up back here when he doesn't have the 'adults' funstopping.

Leuka just shakes his head at Eiram, The boy may have potential, but he still has a long, LONG way to go. Glancing up, he seems sorta surprised to see Sephany holding a cup out to him, a little grin coming quickly. "Thanks." He doesn't bother trying to hide what's he's doing, it's her book afterall, she'll see if soon enough. Besides, without context, she wouldn't really understand it yet anyway. He takes a sip, and glances back to Riohra, frowning at the infection just waiting to happen piece of rusty metal being slung about. "Remind me to wear extra thick gloves next visit down here." The Harper eyes his hands palms, sides and back scrutinizing for the slightest scratch then glances to Eiram. Frowning quickly when he doesn't see the bandage. "Tell me Eiram, how're you at playing your lyre with your feet?"

There's a weird expression on Sephany's face as she considers Riohra; something between surprise, confusion, apprehension and exasperation. "Riohra… why on Pern were you this far in the caverns, half sober, and /stumbling/ into this cavern?" And better yet, "How did you not kill yourself, doing it? Nevermind. Don't answer that." A sip of her cider taken, another roll of her eyes for Eiram, though there's a more playful smile hinted at by the twitching of her mouth. Boys. And while she certainly recognizes that sketchbook, and there is definitely some disapprovement for his continued scribbling within it, Sephany does not ask for it back just yet. Perhaps it is curiosity. Perhaps it is sheer stubbornness. One booted toe reaches out, nudges at this or that to make a space where she can comfortably drop down near Leuka without endangering her health. "Yes. /YES/," she suddenly agrees vehemently. "Be careful, or you may lose a finger. Or your whole hand. If not your /life/." Dramatic! But oh, so accurate, at the same time. And then Leuka is given a frown, and very quickly Seph is wondering, "You actually plan on returning to this place?" As for her? "Riohra, I may forgive you some day, for dragging me down here," with nothing more than a handwritten note, "but I am never coming back. This place… frightens me."

Riohra nods at there reactions, things he is used to in his friends, and probably the mindhealer they may someday drag him off too, "I completely understand Sephany, but I would feel bad if not showing it to you at least once." He has that bottle of rum out and is sipping on that "and as to the drunkin walking, i was further down sitting in the spot me and Kassala first realized we loved each other, unfortnatly that shine from half moon is a lot faster acting than normal whiskey."

"I haven't really tried sir." Eiram answers quite innocent to the potential intent in the question at first until he notices the loss of bandage and tucks hand in the pocket. See no problem anymore. The drama of Sephany though does finally gets where Leuka might have been heading, "I can still sing at least…Am I supposed to never have fun because I am a harper now?" He says with a sigh in his voice and reaches out with his good hand to grab a meat pie from the basket and settles down next to the chair of Riohra. As the man explains why he was up here Eiram looks up to the man, "Now that is a tale you should go tell her. Very Romantic."

Leuka looks to Eiram a moment, taking anther sip of the cider and setting it down. Oh, and another surpise, Sephany drop down next to him, quite a surprise considering she literally ran out of the room the last time they spoke. Leaving the pad so she can see it, he starts trying a path of logic with the Apprentice. "My point Eiram, is our hands are important tools. Expecially for those of us who depend on them to play our instruments. Or to do any of a hundred differant things thoughout a single day. You should think about taking better care of them and they will take care of you." Besides, no one really wants to see a handless Harper jamming with his feet, even if he has an awesome voice. He looks to Riohra, taking in what the man says and seems to be looking a bit too intently at the hunter a moment. For some reason, he flips to the next free page, and scribbles himself a couple of little notes. These he does try to hide from Sephany. That done, he goes back to the one he was working on and nods agreeably to the Weaver. Thought he does cast a half way skeptical glance aound the cavern. "Perhaps. It's quiet, semi private. Just needs a bit of soap and water, and…" hauling a ton of trash out? a couple of canines to flushout anything slithering and scurrying around? "..disinfectant. And maybe couple of comfortable seats." A little grin is turned to the Weaver before he lowers his head back to the page and scribbles a bit more.

Sephany may be sitting by Leuka, but there is a definite lack of meeting eye contact. Knees are drawn up, chin rested upon them, gaze forward toward either Riohra or Eiram when appropriate. A frown, for the hunter's description of how he came to find the place, concern in her expression and her voice when she asks, "Are you alright, Riohra?" It's such a heavy question, really, laden with the memory of previous talks in quiet places, of private fears shared between them. "Surely you get to visit her often…" And then Eiram, who at least tucks his hand away even if he doesn't look concerned for his health and welfare. "It's not about having fun or not having fun," says Sephany, sounding a heck of a lot more like a parent and a lot less like an accomplice to mischief as she does so. "It's about acceptable versus unacceptable risk. My hands are just as valuable. I am not going to risk my livelihood for… adventure." But that's all the lecturing she is going to do, her attention caught when Leuka offers her a peek at HER OWN sketchbook and whatever it is he's writing there. A curious little frown as grey eyes skim over the words, and then understanding, and a flush of pink across her cheeks as she turns away. But it's a pleased sort of smile that plays across her face as she rests her chin on her knees once more, unconcerned that he's spirited the papers away to write down secrets. "The library is quiet. Private. And does not require redwort," she murmurs. "There is also… there is another place I could show you," she offers, "That is almost always empty. With a view of the lake, and great acoustics."

Riohra listens to them talk he looks around at Eiram and nods with the others, see booze makes you smart, "Here, even i am not dumb enough to not wear gloves" he holds up some heavey gloves for Eiram to come get if he wishes to continue his adventure. And look he doesn't give away the place Sephany speaks of but nods saying "That is want good view they would enjoy it." He doesn't answer the question of his ability to be alright, or even OK because he has his friends here and nothing is better than that for the moment.

Eiram listens quietly to the lesson from the senior harper,followed by the weaver, looking down to the dirty hands in his lap. Old rope callouses replaced by instrument callous and those stitches across his thumb…that he very nearly cut off! Ok only about six stitches but still! There is a look back to the pile, almost forelorn before he gives a big sigh and looks back to Leuka, "Yes sir. Yes Ma'am." He sits quietly for a time as Sephany speaks of other places for quiettude, "Oh and this place up on the heights where you can get a view of the whole weyr." The place reached by a precarious bridge. He looks over to Leuka, "Is the place I wrote that 'Natures Wonders' assignment for. I am not so great at composing, but I think it came out alright in the end." The battle of the weyr against the forest! There is a look up at Rio to see the answer to the question and when he doesn't there is a little sigh from the boy. He won't press but maybe he leans a bit against the hunter's leg. Yep, a friend is here.

Leuka glances back up to Eiram after Sephany add her own guilt trip, backing up his point from a differant angle. Her words seem to have done the trick though and he glances down to the weaver and flashes a quick wink. Together they just may keep the Apprentice's hands from rotting off. His attention goes back to the pad, scribbling a few more words then reaching for his cider. He'll miss the pink cheeks this time, but glances back her way, nodding after a moment "I'ld like that, will give me a chance to explore the Weyr a bit more. And better yet with a guide who won't get lost." Though he probably could manage to stumble across the library, but, where's the fun in that. Sephany's offering to show him around, he'd be an idjit to refuse. He nods, his broad smile there for all to see before his attention slips over to the hunter and Eiram, who each seem to offer suggestions for nice quiet places to think and write. "The heights, that sounds very…cold." The heat loving Harper will no doubt start grumbling about the plunging temps soon, might as well get that started. Gaze settling across to Riohra as he lifts his cider again "Should I find me a rope and safety harness?"

Concerned grey eyes rest on Riohra for some time, not at all convinced despite his apparent disposition towards cheer. "Mm." from Sephany, though she does not press the issue, allowing Riohra's silence to stand in answer to her questions. "Oh, yes…" for Eiram's place on the heights. "Hm. Certainly has a view though… rather precarious to get to. But oh, the sunrise!" There's a soft exhale, a distant look as she thinks back in fondness of that moment. "No, I will not get lost going to either of those locations," she assures him. "Though I make no such promises in regards to getting back home from /this/ location." She shifts ever so slightly, moving away from the pile of debris on her right. "It is worth it. The view makes you feel… small. In a good way," she assures Leuka, for the cold. "Just wear five layers, and you will be fine," and though it is extremely fleeting, there is a flash of grey eyes towards him, meeting his gaze ever-so-briefly with a quick smile before she looks away. "And just wait until the lake freezes over. Then the fun begins."

Riohra nods as talk of other places he chuckles at the weavers warning of cold "Maybe after you all can climb the glacier with me for a view that will actually take your breath away" he looks over at the musicians and knows Eiram could but will add for Leuka and the mighty weaver woman "And if you don't want the climb then I got a pair of dragons that will between you to the top." He reaches down and patpats Eiram's shoulder as he is leaned on he knows you all are there for him. The tall fortain hunter is grateful for his friends but is sitting happy with what he has about him, no not the mess, the friends.

"Well it is getting a bit cold up there but the view is worth it. Yeah precarious, but not like this. As long as you aren't afraid of heights the bridge isn't any worse than climbing the rigging on a tall mast." There is a nod towards the pile of rubbish, "And doesn't have shifting unsettled bits in it. I bounced on it, its solid as." He assures his harper Mentor. The mention of the glacier perks his interest that is for sure. A glance to the harper and weaver and back, "Yeah, I could get my Da to take us up too I am sure. Shard even Xuci would I reckon."

Leuka seems to have forgotten what he was writing for the moment, his attention on Sephany for a time, a little smile finding it's way to his face easily. He nods slowly her way, though doubt she notices since she's peering off elsehwere. Riohra's offer of a dragon escort is acknowledged "I just may take you up on that. I'll have to check if I have enough layers of clothes to survive the trip first." He most likely does, but you can never have too many layers when the temps get as low as what he's been told to expect. Another side glance to the Weaver and Leuka seems to nod to himself, perhaps working up a little courage as he shuts the sketch book and pushes to his feet. Hands swipe at this pants, trying to dislodge some of the grundge off. A gaze shifted up to Eiram "I don't think I met this Xuci yet, but I'll look forward to it." A smile and glance back down to the Weaver. "Well, I don't know my way towards the locations you want to show me, but I'm sure I could find my way back to the crafter's cavern from here. I'd be glad to escort you back..?" He sorta extends his hand, offering to help her up if she's willing.

"G… Glacier?" asks Sephany, stumbling a bit on that word as if she's not sure she heard Riohra correctly. "Did you just say… climb a glacier?" Yes. He did. "Oh. Um. Hm." And a frown, a little pull of her eyebrows as she considers how best to respond. Even with the offer of a dragonflight, there is hesitation. "I don't know… it doesn't sound especially safe, standing on a giant block of ice." But then. "Maybe." Which is a lot better than a flat-out 'no'. There's another smile for Eiram, silent agreement that the view is worth the climb. "It seemed stable enough… though I sometimes question the integrity after… well…" but she won't talk about cave-ins while currently sitting in a cave. "It is safe," she says firmly, as though to assure herself. "Who is Xuci?" she wonders curiously. And while Sephany may have missed the smile, she doesn't miss the shifting around and standing up, head tipped back to glance at him from where he stands. Quiet for the spoken words, then a flicker of glances from face to hand, then face, then hand again, lingering there as she considers her response. A heartbeat. Two. And then slowly she unwraps her arms from her legs and extends her hand, placing it firmly in his to allow him to help her to her feet. "Alright," she agrees. She finishes the rest of her cider quickly, stepping over to place the glass back in Riohra's vicinity. "I am sorry, Riohra, but this place is really… uncomfortable for me. I feel like I need a bath just standing in it. But… the library…" she offers as an alternative, a quiet refuge for quiet talks, in the future. "We should talk. About Igen." Even if he doesn't want to right now. "No mischief, Eiram. I don't want to hear that you've gone and cracked your head open. Or that you've legitimately severed a finger." Yes. She heard about that stunt. "Lead on," for Leuka, a bit softer and without actually looking his direction.

Riohra nods and grins to those who wish to leave "By all means, Thank you for at least making the effort." He is comfy as he snacks on food and has enough booze to last him a while. "Just watch your step down that tunnel it gets really slick sometimes and well" he points again to the scuff mark on the wall.

Its still a wonder how the the most sensible and stoic of bronzes managed to catch the wild and crazy Xucieth, but Eiram is proof to the fact that at least their riders managed to get together for the flight. Oh such a balance that Xucieth is impressed to the sensible dragonhealer and Odryth to the wild Harper, between the four of them there was balance. "Xucieth is my mom's dragon." Eiram responds to the question of that name drop and there is a sparkle in his eyes as he says so. "It would certainly be a memorable flight. The…views would be amazing." Perhaps missed as they may have to survive the green's flying first. He smiles and starts to get up as the Mentor does but pauses looks between the weaver and senior harper, arches a brow and sits back down. "Don't break her." He says finally to Leuka with a firm nod. Seems like he is serious and being all big…younger brother like. The comments of his finger manage a smile at least, "Remember to breath." He shoots back. He watches them silently for a moment before looking back up to Riohra, "So which glacier?"

Leuka's little grin grows more confident when Sephany reaches for his hand. Grasping hers gently, he helps her up as if she weighs nothing, which isn't far from the truth. Tucking the book away, he will get around to returning it eventually, but it's probably the only thing getting her talking to him right now, so it can wait. He looks around and offers the pen back, "Thanks for the loan, I seem to have misplaced mine." though his mug of cider is empty where he was sitting. He gives Sephany's hand a little squeeze and nods to Riohra and Eiram's advice, "I'll make sure she doesn't slip and fall." The Apprenice gets a raised brow but he simply smirks and shakes his head at the boys silly antics "You be careful. Don't wanna see a bandage on the other hand tomorrow." Head tipped to each "Nice hanging with you both." Hand wave to each, but the Journeyman is clearly distracted, much as he's been since a few evenings ago. At her orders, he simply chuckles and starts leading her out "Watch your step here." He gestures to an iffy looking section of the wall and floor, then after another moment, they are shuffling out and heading through the dark, musky maze.

Lingering looks for Riohra, concern in her gaze. "Riohra… be careful. Don't overdo it." That is definitely a reference to the rum he's got going there. Eiram just gets a perplexed look and then a roll of her eyes. "I'm not a porcelain doll…" she mutters. But arguments are left behind as they head out, Stephany careful about where she places her feet until they are clear of the debris and into the tunnels.

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