Who Leuka, Sephany, Eiram
What Leuka tries to play blindfolded; Sephany turns different shades of red; Eiram reveals Harper Secrets.
When Autumn-Winter - Day 5 of Month 10 of Turn 2714
Where Crafter's Cavern, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Crafter's Cavern

The Crafter's Cavern is quite stunning to behold. A high vaulted ceiling arches overhead, ornately sculpted sconces along the walls, once having held glows, are now fitted with the electric lights, casting a gentle glow over the area. On the walls around the caverns edge hang beautiful old tapestries, which depict various aspects of craft life.

All around the cavern the tapestries extend, representative of every craft. The door next to each leads to the quarters of the WeyrCrafter, while the large area in the center is divided into smaller work spaces, numerous desks and chairs, terminals and sandtables clutter the space.

Leuka is sitting towards the edge of the cavern, not too far from the Journey hallway. With his back towards the main room, he's swaying gently in the seat as he practices something new, both the song and the manner he plays it. The manner he's trying to play involves the blindfold tied loosely around his head. Notes blend together, filling the large cavern with a melody that should be delivered at a faster temp, but he's just trying to work through it slowly for the moment. Frowning as he draws bow over the wrong string, the melody stops instantly. With a grumble, Leuka starts again from the beginning. After a moment, he seems to work through the part that was causing him trouble and the tempo increases.

There is a very tired look about the young weaver, and indeed Sephany is stifling a yawn as she walks into the Crafters Cavern from the lower caverns hallways. There is a sketchbook tucked under one arm, a mug of something hot, probably Klah, in the other. Although she may look a bit sleep deprived, she is not at all disheveled; hair coiled into a neat twist at the back of her head, black scarf wrapped around her neck, winter-appropriate dress of wine-red, and thick and warm slippers. Definitely ready for the coming cold. Her destination is likely a workstation, though she pauses as she spots the blindfolded Harper at his task. A curious little frown, but there is hesitation before she finally alters her steps from their intended course and heads toward him instead. And while she doesn't speak up, she's not trying to be quiet; slippered feet rustling gently on the stone floor as she comes to a stop near Leuka.

Leuka becomes more confident with the piece after a time, even though it cuts off abruptly. It's not what he normally likes to play, a rather sedate tune that the older Harpers would approve of, but everyone has to do things they don't really like sometimes and music is no exception. Stretching his legs a moment, he also flexes fingers to keep them limber before laying the bow aross strings once more. And begins the song from the beginning. A few bars in, his head cants just a little, then turns a few degrees as if he somehow senses someone close by. Fingers continue pressing strings and the bow slides smoothly along without stopping though and after another moment, he resumes his former posture like he dismisses whatever he thought he sensed.

Oh… the choices. There's a faint gleam in grey eyes as Sephany considers Leuka at his work; a consideration of whether or not she is going to announce herself or remain a silent spy. But it is a half-hearted thing, tired mind not up to the task of truly drawing out the suspense. So with a soft exhale she sinks into a nearby chair, settles her sketchbook on her lap, and offers a half-heartedly teasing, "Is this some sort of new technique they're teaching these days?" And then a sip of her Klah, chilled fingers coiling around the clay mug for the warmth.

Eiram appears in the caverns finally, a fresh bandage on his thumb perhaps giving his indication for his the belated arrival. In his right hand he is holding onto the battered case of an old fiddle or violin from the looks at it. No doubt borrowed from the instrument library. He does pause at the entrance as he hears the sound of the Cello fill the cavern that makes this such an interesting share workplace for the crafters. To Sephany he offers a silent finger wave not wanting to disrupt the harper's concentration and he goes instead to his assigned workstation to look over the current mess of partially cut wood, pegged drawings and the like. After a few passes of the tune, Eiram might be heard to humming along. Just too much temptation for the harper, he may not even be doing it consciously.

Leuka leans into the cello a times, other times, pulling away and swaying with the notes he sends into the massive cavern. head turns towards Eiram just a bit when the apprentice's humming reaches his ears. He continues on, oblivious to Sephany's close proximity, until she is suddenly speaking nearby. Bow still suddenly, causing a string to screech as if in pain. The grin comes easily to his features and he turns his head to center on where the voice came from with a nod. " What can I say, I'm trying something new." A little smirk before he reaches up to tug the blindfold off, blinking at he sudden brightness til his eyes readjust.

With the benefit of free sight, it is easy enough for Sephany to catch Eiram's entrance into the crafter's domain. Grey eyes track his progress as he moves through the space, a flicker of a smile and a brief lift of her hand so that she can return that finger-wiggle greeting before she's curled around her mug once more, eyes on Leuka as he progresses through his piece. There's a much more mischievious grin for that painful-screech of bow on string, but it's schooled back into something much more civil when the blindfold is removed. "Hm," and she lifts her mug for a slow, lingering sip of hot Klah. "Breaking all of the traditional Harper rules is not enough for you? Now you must invent new challenges?"

Eiram looks up from his station as he hears the screech from the instrument and winces slightly himself. Then the music stops and the blindfold's off. "What is a harper if not to see the world as it is and not just what it was..to flow with the challenges and enable change that needs happen." He says this in his best stuffy master voice he can master. No doubt he was not invision rock celloists when he said it. Eiram comes out from his workstation and moves around to lean on the edge of the table nearest them. "So how are you after the show?" He says starts to dance in place maybe incorporating a couple of her moves into the dance.

Leuka slouches a little in the seat, letting the cello shift and rest against his leg. Snorting in amusement, he shrugs to the weaver. "Well, some sights just can't be unseen, even if you drink til you passout." He lifts a near accusing brow to Sephany and goes on "So, I'm simply trying to adapt. You've only yourself to blame really." Eiram earns a groan with his antics and Leuka just closes his eyes and scrubs at his face "Speaking of things that can't be unseen…" He pointedly looks at the apprentice's face "How long of you been practicing your Master Moyrel impersonation Eiram?"

As the cellist slouches, so does Sephany, snuggling into her seat as she pulls her mug close, hunkering down in her scarf and getting cozy. Relaxed. If briefly. His amusement gets a small twitch to the corner of her mouth, then a frown and briefly confused expression for the words… which very quickly vanishes and becomes something else entirely. Her jaw literally/ drops open and she stares at him briefly before grey eyes skip over to Eiram and his little performance. This, at first, is worthy of brief surprise and confusion, and then… well. She may not //look embarrassed, but the flush pink flush creeping up her neck and over her ears says otherwise. There's a very stern sort of expression, a tightness in her jaw, and grey eyes go glancing across the room to focus on something else entirely as her mug is lifted and Klah sipped. It is a long sip, before she moves it just far enough to allow a quiet, "I see," to slip past the rim. Neutral. Clipped. Soft enough to not be scathing but certainly not amused.

Eiram grins at Leuka's comment about the dancing but then the lad looks up at Sephany and notices the embaressment and actually has the presence of mind to stop and takes a different tactic, "You never told us you could sing though.. That was harper quality I would swear it. If you get tired of getting your fingers pricked by needles, we would have ya in a heartbeat." At least he looks earnest as he speaks to show it wasn't /just/ a distraction from his teasing. There is a wide eyed look that he gives her, the hope that she won't hate him forever and ever! As to the 'other impression' he looks back to Leuka. "Since I got to the hall."

Leuka doesn't bother holding in the chuckle when he spots the 'look' Eiram gives Sephany, he seems to be trying to hone those manipulation skills again. Grinning still, he nods to the apprentice. "I hope for your sake that she never caught you doing it." He's still alive, so odds say he was never caught. Leuka peers back to Sephany, studying her a moment and tips his head a few times "I agree. You've a really nice voice. And that was a very…..it was an interesting song choice you made."

Grey eyes are still resolutely looking anywhere but toward Eiram and Leuka as she fights back the rising flush that is slowly but surely creeping up from her neck and onto her cheeks. A little furrow of pale eyebrows precedes a glance toward Eiram, a look that lingers as she tries to ascertain whether or not he is being serious in regards to her singing skills. But before she can reach a conclusion, Leuka is adding his own two cents on the matter, and now she is definitely studying his face, mouth a thin line hidden behind her Klah as she examines every inch of his face for lies or deceit. Eventually, she must decide he is being honest (or is a damn good liar) because she glances away without any sort of threatening expressions. "I don't really sing much," is murmured, and answer to both in regards to her voice, almost indistinguishably against the rim of Sephany's mug. "Blame the alcohol."

"Well if that is you not singing much, then you have a natural gift." Eiram says with concerted agreement with his Journeyman. "Well I hope you drink all the time then, if it means we get to hear you sing." There is a little hip wiggle he can't resist to indicate 'and dance' being what was left unsaid. Finally and blessedly for Seph he looks away and gives his attention to Leuka, "I probably would have been kicked out and the healers next door STILL putting me back together."

When Eiram looks back to Leuka, he should notice the Journeyman is wearing a perplexed sorta frown directed his way. A few long seconds go by and he nods thoughtfully "You may still get kicked, so we'll keep the healers on standby." He lets that sink in a moment and snaps his fingers as he remembers something. "Can you do me a little favor grasshopper? In my room right by the door, there's a pair of gloves right on the edge of the table, can you get those for me?" Perhaps Sephany will know why he's asking for them, if she remembers their prior conversation. He'll peer back to the pale haired Weaver thoughtfully and nods slowly "I wouldn't tell you to keep drinking all the time. Nor would I be stupid enough to tell you to stop. But maybe, pace yourself when you do drink?" He gives a little shrug ."Unless you really do think that our playing is soooo boring that you always 'fall asleep' during the performance?" He wouldn't dare say pass out, not if he hopes to have bits of clothes made from time to time. "I think I'm starting to notice a trend. Granted, it's only been two diferant evenings, but still…" he spreads his hands a bit as if to not know how to finish.

"There is not much occasion for singing," notes Sephany, loud enough to hear but only just, "when you're a weaver. So no, I don't sing much." But there is at least an amused sounding exhale, not quite a snort but definitely audible, for Eiram's concession that she 'drink all the time' to hear her sing. "That won't be necessary," she decides, dropping her mug enough that her words are clearly heard once more. "I may be willing to sing if asked." May being the operative word, there. Eiram's little hip-wiggle has her looking away again, retreating once more behind her little barrier of thick scarf and clay mug, at least until errands and gloves are mentioned. There is a brief flicker of confusion, but memory serves her well and it doesn't take long before understanding dawns. That 'pace yourself' gets a glance, a little tightening of her eyes though it's not a legitimate frown just yet. Assessing. Internalizing. A moment taken to school thoughts and words before she opens her mouth to respond. "It is not your music," she says at least, lifting her mug again for an ACTUAL sip of Klah this time. "And two times is not a trend." Just… don't ask her about that time down at Half Moon Bay, Okay? "Your playing is wonderful. I'm just…" a total lightweight? Unable to adhere to her limits? Easily given to peer pressure when people buy her drinks? Probably all of the above.

At the comments about his future stay in the healer hall still uncertain, Eiram sheepishly stops dancing and smiles oh so sweetly, "Yes sir." And a salute. Then he is being asked to run an errand and he nods and heads over to the journeyman quarters. After some searching he comes back with the gloves in hand and hands them over to Leuka before glancing up at Sephany, "Well it can make the work go faster I reckon? We would often sing out on the boat and them men couldn't carry a tune to save themselves half the time but we had fun with it all the same." Well he does tend to humm or sing even when doing other tasks like instrument making, even if not performing. Which is either a pleasure or nuisance to the other apprentices and journeyman who share the space with him,

Leuka uses the end of the bow still in hand to scratch the side of his neck as Sephany concedes to possibly singing is asked. He latches onto that thought, peering at the Weaver curiously with a grin growing slowly. "Really now." He nods slowly "I'll keep that in mind." By his too innocent smile, the Harper is most definitely plotting. He considers a moment and then a goes on 'Well, maybe next time, would you at least give some thought to saving most of the drinking til after the performance. Or at least hold off til near the end? It doesn't do our egos very good when people are falling out." Our here is including Thautseruck. Though that one could use his ego deflated a bit. Glancing toi Eiram when he returns "Thanks." The gloves are taken, then promptly passed to Sephany. "How bout these? For the alteration we were discussing the other day." After a moment, he nods agreeably to his apprenticde "That's how some of the best songs start."

Slowly, oh-so slowly, that pink tinge is beginning to leave the weaver's skin, fading back to it's normal pale hue. "Sailors aren't known for much beyond sailing, drinking, and poor pickup-lines," she notes with a bit of amusement. "Be glad you chose to become a Harper first." A deep and steady breath, a half-smile for Eiram as he goes to fetch the gloves. "I said 'may' be willing, Harper," she warns Leuka, though the stern tone is definitely feigned. "So choose your songs carefully. Or I will pick them myself." But the idea of being requested to sing has her looking a little less sullen and a bit more… cheerfully pleased. "I suppose it can," she admits as Eiram returns and offers his work-improving 'hum' observation. "But I am typically focused on ensuring my seams are straight and my pattern correct, than keeping up a tune. I work best in silence." Another one of those deep breaths, and then a quick adjustment of the mug in her hand so that she can quickly accept the gloves. "Hmm," and she leans over, depositing her cup on the floor so that she handle the objects bestowed upon her. "These should do just fine, though it will be hard to completely match the color with something that has already aged a bit," she warns, "but I can either get a material that is really close or… complimentary. Do you have a preference?" Much more comfortable sliding into 'weaver' mode than 'singing' mode.

Leuka gives a little shake of his head "Not really no. They are an old pair, well broken in and comfortable." He takes the cello up from it's propped position amd demonstrates how his hand moves, how fingers stretch to reach and press key sections of the frets and strings, pointing out where his hand rubs over the body of the cello and such. After a few slow examples to show the ranges he goes through, He'll picks up the pace to that of how he normally plays. It would be easy to see where the glove material would catch, drag or snag at times. "Sometimes it sounds like a first turn apprentice who is trying to play for the first time." He certainly seem put out to describe his playing like that, but at least he's honest. "So, no, not really concerned with how they look right now, as long as they keep my hand warm while still letting me play properly. If the alterations do the trick, then perhaps I could commission a couple of new pairs from you later." He'll glance to Eiram to see what the young Harper thinks as he repositions the cello to rest against his leg.

"Hmm…" muses Sephany, nimble fingers running along the material gently as she feels out the spots that are worn the most. There's a glint in her eyes that is much less mischief and much more 'wheels turning' as she manipulates the items. "Alright," and she glances up to focus on his hands as he demonstrates, gaze narrowed as she watches with firm attention to detail. Now and again she'll have him pause to get a better look before motioning on to allow him to proceed. "Hm. That may be challenging. There's not much I can do to reduce the bulk of the item without compromising the integrity… And I think it's the wrinkles when you flex that probably cause the issue… The fingers I can simply remove," she muses once again, murmuring to herself as she peers back at the items, "but it's where the first part of your palm collides that is going to be… hm." Silence reigns as Sephany descends into full-on Creative Weaver mode, gloves tucked close as she pulls out her sketchbook and pencil from wherever she had stashed them. Flipped open, hasty notes written in the "margin" of the page before she forgets whatever it is that has flittered through her brain. "Alright. I will work on this, do not fear. It may be… slow," she warns. "But perhaps I can talk to my Journeyman about making this an apprentice project rather than a side gig." A much more relaxed smile now, as the sketchbook is flipped shut and she tucks it away, claiming her Klah once again. "And I am still working on your bag, never fear," she assures Eiram, just in case. "I am wonderful at multi tasking."

Leuka takes the cello back up, an playful grin sliding across his face as Sephany goes into workmode and the notebook comes out. He watches her hands move across the ppad, while plucking out notes and struming the strings with his fingers. Giving her 'thinking' some sound effects to help her creative juices keep flowing. If she casts annoyed looks his way, she'll be met with passive/neutral looks that clearly say 'what?'. He does lean forward to eek at what she's doing though and nod about it maybe being a project "Hmm, I didn't think it would be quite involved. Seemed like a simple thing at the time."

No annoyed looks find their way to Leuka; Sephany is much too involved in her work to pay much attention to the idle playing and 'thinking music' happening over there. Now, if it was 'nails on a chalk board' bad, maybe there would be an exasperated look and a few audible sighs. But, well. It's Leuka. No First-Turn apprentice screw-ups, right? But the time of design is done, for now at least, and Sephany seems content enough to lean back in her chair with her mug. "I thought so… until I really watched you play. You're very, um. Exuberant," she decides, making it sound like a compliment (because it is one). "And I want to be sure the gloves don't hinder that. But I have some ideas. Though it may take some trial and error." The pursuit of perfection; each Craft has it. "Why did you start playing the cello?"

Leuka gives a little chuckle at her discription of his playing. A little of an understatement. "Well, keep in mind that they are old gloves that can always be replaced. And if you happen to totally redesign them to fit my needs all the better." He gives a little shrug and considers her question. "I play many other instruments, I'm just the best at cello. Violin can be a bit screechy when I play, not to mention it puts a hell of a kink in my neck after a while." he presses a few notes while plucking a few strings "I can draw more sounds from a cello than I can a lyre or guitar. Using a bow on either of those tends to be problematic at times." He plucks a last resounding note that carries throughout the cavern. He glances around the room briefly before peering back to Sephany, lobbing off a question of his own as he lowers his voice a little "Why /that/ song?" Maybe he just wants to see that pretty shade spread across her cheeks again, who knows.

"Oh… I certainly won't destroy them," Sephany assures him, feigning insult at the very notion of such a thing. "I may only be an apprentice, but I am clever enough not to take a pair of perfectly reasonable gloves and butcher them. Have no fear. I simply meant… I may need you to test them a time or two until I can sort out the details." Details. Which she will worry about later, clearly. A considering glance for the Harper, a twitch to the corner of her mouth as she notes, "True. A better question should have been 'why the cello over all the others'," but he has already answered that question, and it seems to be satisfactory. "And you don't sing," she states, a simple fact that she has deduced. "But you could?" There's a shallow tilt of her head, a casual drift of her grey eyes as they follow his fingers and strings that are plucked by them, an idle consideration for the sound they produce. And whether or not it is his intention, that question certainly does have the flush rising back into her cheeks, along with a briefly sour expression that is immediately directed towards a wall (and not a person). And because it is there, and it is convenient, and it has served her so very well in the past, Sephany lifts her mug of Klah as though to take a sip and hides behind it as she debates her answer. "I don't know. It felt like a good option, at the time. Fun, and feisty, and all things… inappropriate. Against the grain. Unpredictable." A bit of an exhale comes in time with a shift of her shoulders that may have been a shrug. "In hindsight… perhaps I ought to have chosen something a little less…" provocative? Deviant? She doesn't finish the sentence, at least not aloud.

As they decided to over glove alterations, Eiram decided to leave them to it and go to gather some peace offerings. He at least knows Sephany enough to know what get her. There took some negotiations with kitchen staff and possibly dropping 'Please miss, my Journeyman will tan me hide if I don't bring back what he wants'. There were big eyes, near to tears. Oh he was good. Why his Mentor would want a plate of sweet things took some explaining. Finally he does return with a platter and it has Sephany's favorite cookies on it amoung other bits and pieces. There is the ever so sweet smile on his face as he sets it down at the end of the bench.

Leuka doesn't seem very worried about Sephany ruining the gloves and nods about testing them. Lifting fingers, he twirl to the room in general, then back towards the Journey rooms. "If I'm not where the food it, or in the lounge, I'm generally around here somewhere." Maybe he also hasn't taken very much time exploring the whole Weyr yet either. The mention of him singing cause Leuka to stir uncomfortably in the seat on the topic. An uncertain shrug lifts his shoulders before they droop back down. "I prefer to play rather than sing. I probably 'could sing if I had no choice. But, my voice isn't that good. Not to mention I can't concentrate on my playing and singing both without my cello work suffering for it." He hugs the instrument to himself loosely and gives it an affectionate couple of smacks. "Much prefer doing what I'm best at, and enjoy, rather than doing something I really don't like doing and give a crappy performance." After a moment, he smiles a little from the color spreading aross the Weaver's skin. Yep, a cute shade for her to wear. When Sephany seems to have trouble finding the right word to end her sentance, he offers one of his own "..frustrating?" One brow lifts marginally but she's saved from having to respond by Eiram well timed return. And look, FOOD! "Good timing Eiram!" The plate may be for Sephany, but after scarfing his whole plate of snacks the other evenng, she sorta owes him a few bites. He'll reach over and drag one of the pstries away for himself, tearing into it quickly before he's denied!

"If I need you, I will find you," says Sephany cryptically, a bit of a smug look to her that speaks of mysterious ways and hidden secrets. "Hm. A Harper who doesn't sing," even though he just said that he did, in fact, sing. "Scandalous." She's clearly teasing, even if it's a rather shallow attempt at the moment. "Don't worry," comes quickly on its heels, voice losing the edge of mischief and softening into something much more sincere. "I won't ask you to sing. Play your cello and I won't complain. Eiram can play his Lyre, and Risali her Piano, and if I've a mind to it… I will supply the vocals." Even if she almost immediately follows it with a much more hesitant, "though I cannot promise the same level of quality." To the way they play their instruments, she means. There's a little pinch of her teeth on her lower lip, something that vanishes quick enough when he supplies his own word for her chosen song, an uncertain furrow of her eyebrows as she considers how to respond and is summarily saved from doing so by the appearance of apprentice Harpers baring delicious treats. "Oh!" and she sits up a touch straighter in her chair, the better to accommodate a plate of sweets if Eiram is so inclined to hand it over in its entirety. Either way, she is certainly going to help herself to a cookie, delicate fingers carefully selecting one from the offering to lift and nibble on. "Well done, indeed." Sephany has no recollection of eating Leuka's entire plate of snacks the other night, so there is certainly a bit of a look his direction for the quick apprehending and devouring of that pastry. "Hungry?"

Even for his part there is some sacrifice in playing the part of the 'all rounder'. He may never play an instrument as well as Leuka, nor sing as well as those that Just focus on singing…but well he has turns yet to learn or decide on A path. He does hear that the talk of singing is still on and he grins, "It ain't about quality except for exams, its about how the audience responds and how it makes ya feel. This old fella at the hall would sing just about every night at the hearth…well he couldn't sing near half as good as you but people still came to listen to him sing. For all his lack of skill he had the passion all the same." He gives as his two cents as he grabs a pasty off the platter for himself and extends it as if toasting wineglasses, "To having fun!"

Leuka doesn't seem at all embarassed about being a non singing Harper. "There are Harpers that can't play a tune on any intryment, nor sing a note for any song. They focus mainly on law, agreements, contracts…that sorta thing." He reaches to pluck a few gentle notes from the strings at her command with an obliging grin, and without getting the string sticky from the pastry. "I think I can manage that for you." He stuffs the other half of the pastry in his mouth and peers up to the Weaver at her question with the food still in his mouth "Wha?" He chews a few times before continuing "You scarfed my whole plate the other night. Left me with two bites. Crumbs really!" He grins a little smugly then and peers to Eiram "Then she start talking about my face." He looks back to the Weaver with an amused and almost playful wink. He'll sigh dramatically then "Then she turns her back on me and promptly passed out." He can't help but grin a little before sobering some and nodding with the apprentice's observations. "True, he's still belting out the tunes nerly nightly I think. Just goes to whatI was telling her a little bit ago. If it's somethng you enjoy, you'll give better perforance than trying to do something you really don't enjoy doing."

"You fakes!" teases Sephany, flicking her finger and sending cookie-crumbs in Eiram's direction. "Making the rest of us believe that you Harpers got the lucky straw and were born with all of this innate, natural talent when in fact, it is apparently showmanship and sleight of hand!" She is not at all upset; as evidenced by the smile spreading across her face and the twinkling of mirth in her grey eyes. "You could never get away with that sort of trickery as a Weaver, let me tell you. You would certainly know if my seams were not straight, or my weave not matched properly…" a shake of her head and another bite of her cookie, as if daring them to defend themselves. "To having fun," she agrees, lifting her mug of Klah so that she doesn't get crumbs everywhere. There's an appreciative look for Leuka's continued string-plucking, though she won't begrudge him a break so that he can eat his (stolen) pastry. "Hm. I am certain I have no idea what it is you are referring to," says Sephany quite convincingly, even if she's turning pink. Again. And stuffing that cookie into her mouth so that she can avoid more speaking.

Eiram looks to Sephany all serious and stuff, putting one hand on his hip and pointing at her with the other, "We can't be telling everyone our secrets Seph. You have been given the secret knowledge that only Harpers know. We might have to kill you later. Really. This is serious stuff Sephany. If it gets out that you know we are all Masters of all things…there could be chaos. Chaos I say!" And hands going up in the air in a waving gesture of Chaos. Well at least he does have the Harper flare for the Dramatic. Then she compares to the weaver, "I don't reckon I could unless you pointed it out to me. Like I said, perfection only matters to Masters." He gives a little shrug at that and takes a bite of his food and he leans back against the table before looking at Sephany thoughtfully for a moment, "So something about last night…I mean if anyone…interested needs to know.." He starts and takes a bite of his pastry letting that hang in the air for a moment, "You like girls too? The way you danced with that woman last night and that Kiss…I was quite impressed."

Leuka chuckles at Eiram's dramatic flair and nods approvingly. "Maybe we should put you in some costumes and have yu act out some of the performances." He takes up another pastry and lifts it with in a flakey toast. "It was fun alright." He gives a little snort "Trust me, no one was paying attention to your 'seams'." He leaves that floating out there He glances to Eiram and seems surprised the apprentice would be so bold as the question Sephany outright, but oh my the lad has potential. Not to mention, just earned a little more respect from the Journeyman. He may have been wondering the same thing, but he wouldn't have said it quite so…bluntly. He peers back to Sephany, nodding agreeably and adds "Up on a table no less." He gives a wistful sigh "More than a few of us were quite jealous of Syn for a little while there." He shoves a bite bite of the sticky bun in his mouth and goes on "Some things just can't be unsseen, etched in the brain forever." He grins slightly "Now you see why I was practicing with a blindfold?"

Threats of violence, coming from Eiram, are met with thinly pressed lips as Sephany tries not to let her giggling get out of control. "Hm. I solemnly swear I will tell no one of what I have learned here today," and she even goes so far as to raise her cookie-wielding hand (cookie half gone by now), in oath. "Your secrets are safe with me." A little grin and a roll of her eyes before, "I don't think you would need me to point out that your clothes have fallen off your body," is said dryly. "Because that is exactly what would happen if the weaver attending to your items is not displaying the proper respect for detail and craftsmanship." And while she was certainly in Weaver-Mode for that one, it drops fast enough when attention is brought back to her little song and dance. Grey eyes flick over to stare at Leuka for his comment about her 'seams' and their lack of ability to garner attention during that little escapade. But, lucky for Leuka (and very, very NOT lucky for Sephany) Eiram decides to pose questions that, apparently, enquiring minds want answers to. Questions that have her looking a little less comfortable and a lot more wide-eyed at him, mouth briefly caught between bites as if she's suddenly forgotten she was eating something in the first place. "Wha… you just… really… did you just ask me…" Stuttering. Point, Eiram. But really, the gold star goes to Leuka, who not only manages to turn the stammering weaver into a giant, red tomato-face of solid embarrassment and wide-eyed shock, but also sends her straight on into being completely and utterly speechless. Like… mouth open, jaw working, no words coming out because she has NO BREATH LEFT speechless. Congrats. Ya durn broke her.

Eiram grins at the response to his harperly threats, and looks over to Leuka, "Do you think that is good enough? She can live?" He asks in what sounds like all seriousness except for the twinkle in his eyes as he looks back to Sephany only to see her seeming to explode from his latter comments. The look on his face is one of surprise and maybe regret, "Its ok if you do, My Aunty does. I mean she has a female and a male weyrmate. I didn't mean to upset you." Well ok, so he had to know it would fluster her mightily, then Leuka does jump in for the slam dunk. Poor Sephany. He comes up and pats her on the back, "You need to breath Sephy…you are turning colours." He at least does look worried and looks up to Leuka with wide eyes. HELP!

Leuka chews his bite while watching those pretty pink shades chase each other across Sephany's face, then to be replaced by some unflattering shades of red that get more vivid. A little headshake at those and he leans forward, elbow bracing in a knee. Her moving jaw with no sound coming out sorta resembles a fish, but he has to agree with the apprentice. "Yea, and those dark red shades are clashing with your outfit." See, he's being helpful! When in doubt, try to get the Weaver's mind back on clothes, right? He does reach forward with a couple of fingers gently pushing her lower jaw back up.

Sephany is not going to die. If just because she absolutely and utterly refuses to die from embarrassment. Can the chair eat her alive now? Can the floor swallow her whole? These would be good and acceptable things to happen. What is not a good and acceptable thing is Leuka reminding her that she is, indeed, still visible to the both of them by touching her //. And her mouth does, indeed, close. With a snap of teeth, in fact. There's a moment. Two. Three, and then a sputtering, "I know it's OK!" for liking girls. "I grew up in a Weyr! I have absolutely no problems with… that sort of thing! My brother is weyrmated to a //man!" Because, apparently, the proper way to respond to such a situation is yelling, even if it's more of a screech and squeak than a real yell. "I just…I can't believe you would even ask me… who the shells wants to know?!" The cookie is gone. It was half finished, on its way to being totally finished, but is now a small pile of dust that has collected in her lap as her hands crushed it to death. There is a very distinct 'kill me now' look about her as she reaches out with both hands to pull the black scarf up, up, up until only the grey of her eyes can be seen, the entire thing wrapped around her head as if she could bury herself alive. "'Ey 'ate ew eyz," she mutters from deep in her cocoon. "Ey chain m' my'd. Ey 'ke 'rls c's min -sk." Yeah. Bonus points if you translate that one. Just give her a moment, guys. Maybe pretend she doesn't exist so she can start breathing like a normal human. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. And she's back at least in part, yanking the bottom of her scarf down so she can be heard again. Even if she's not yet saying anything. Just glaring at things. Everything. "Play a song." The 'right now damnit' is definitely implied.

As she responds to his question finally he looks to her with a surprised look, "Then why did you nearly die when I asked it? Well noone yet, I mean that hunter made silly eyes at you and that girl in the bar made silly eyes and well as your friend it is my duty to ensure you are gonna get only the best. Now I know there are more options." Eiram responds with a nod of his head as if it was all very logical, but at the command for a song he at least has the presence of mind to scramble for the instrument case. He pulls out the battered Violin and places it to his chin and runs the boy over the strings which untuned makes quite the horrid cat death noise. And Yet there is a grin on the boy's face as he cringes and sets the bow down, but keeps the violin up and starts to pluck instead and capering around the room. Pride is not at stake here, but continued friendship it is, so the Fool is what he will be!

Leuka leans back when Sephany becomes a flurry of movement for a few seconds, then tries to hide her head with a scarf. And oh, can she ever glare. That's bout all he can see of her now, those two pissed off eyes. It takes him a moment to translate the muffed words, his lips moving silently as he does. At her command, he reaches to settle his cello in proper position. While reaching for the bow, Eiram's already making his violin screech like a feline getting it's tail stepped on. It causes Leuka to cringe and gesture toward the appentice with his bow "And that is why I prefer my cello over a violin. That's exactly what I was talking about earlier." Nails on a chalk board indeed. When Eiram starts dancing about, he'll join in, filling the cavern with a jaunty melody that is sure to get a few feet tapping soon enough.

(SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDkp7GysvbY)

"It… it's not… it wasn't the question about girls," says Sephany, still stumbling a little there with the whole words, and speaking in sentences thing. "You didn't just ask me, you brought up that whole…" dance. Kiss. Fiasco. THING SHE DID in front of people. "Situation." Glare. "And said you were impressed. Which, I might add, is a little concerning given you are how old?" Narrowed eyes. "Didn't I tell you to stare at the wall?" Yes. Make this about Eiram's refusal to do as told; that's the way to win. Not. "Can we… just move on." Because mention of hunters, and girls, and silly eyes is making her pink again and she was just starting to fade back to normal. But it is helping; the quick acquiescence to her request (demand) for music, with added bonus of Eiram capering around the room. It at least has the desired effect of drawing attention away from herself and toward something else, so that by the time the song is nearing its close, she's laughing a bit at the younger Harper's antics, tapping along with the rhythm of the song, and looking much more amused than flustered. Still a bit flushed, still unable to really meet anyone's gaze for longer than a moment, but she's at least breathing normally and relaxing.

"To be fair you kissed the girl later.." Eiram manages to get in but ducks awy before he could get smack for attitude. "I am very nearly fourteen I will have you know." Easy enough to forget given his size and how he is more than happy to play up the 'I am just a poor little kid' act. But he leaves any other comments to focus on the capering about the room. One might think he had no pride in his craft save she has witnessed the work he put into his first Lyre and the learning of it. As he finishes his part there is a bow for the Weaver and a glance to the Journeyman, "I thought I would give it a go, plucks close enough to a lyre, just got to get the feel of the bow is all." He was not quite ready to take on the mighty Cello, but it seems the two celloists have at least inspired him to try out another instrument.

Leuka actually turns a glare to Eiram for bring it BACK up when they nearly had Sephany calmed back down. The dancing tune ends and he flicks the bow at his Apprentice in what could be taken for as an irritated gesture "Get over her and keep up!" He'll barely give the boy time to move back to where he and Sephany are before he starts plucking his strings with fingers, and soon is brushing the bow across them with purpose, leading into another lively number. No one in the cavern seem to mind, in fact, quite a few have gravitated closer to better hear the song.

(SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-YuSKeFMxY)

This time, there is just a look for the younger Harper, one that is much more in keeping with Sephany's previous looks, and a lot less wide-eyed freak-out. She's calmer. She's breathing. She's looking a lot less bright-red , even if she retains a bit of a flush to her cheeks. But even that is starting to fade as time passes and music plays. There's even a flicker of a smile, a little twitching to the corner of her mouth, for Leuka and his demands for Eiram. As the next song begins, there's a soft 'Oh,' and a look of pleased recognition. Tapping fingers, bobbing head as she catches the beat, and then on the second verse she actually joins in with the lyrics. Her voice is light and hesitant on approach, soft but growing, until she's at least able to be heard by those nearby, if not loud enough to carry across the room. Eyes close, because that helps with confidence (in the absence of alcohol), until she's drawing out the last few lines and fading off to let the Harpers finish the rest.

Eiram is quick to come to heel at the look from the Journeyman. He may be a bit of rascal but well he knows an authoritative look when he sees it. He sits next to Leuka and softly plucks at the strings at first as he watches the mentor at work. As he picks up the tune there is more confidence in the plucking and as Leuka lifts his bow, Eiram keeps to the plucking to add a bit of percussive beat rather than make the cavern suffer through inexpertise use of the bow. There are a few mistakes from the lad at the different instrument, the spacing of the strings different from his Lyre, but certainly makes a passable effort at it. Maybe even a few others who know the song have joined in by the end. There is more concentration on his face then usual as he makes his way through the task set forth but finally there is a smile when the song is done. "I think I am going to like this.."

Leuka smiles and watches Sephany as she relaxes and seems to start enjoying herself. His fingers finds the notes easily as the Weaver's voice seeps out. Softly at first but soon with more confidence. Peering over to Eiram, he nods encouragement to the lad, sometimes murmuring a few changes or instructions. But, the tune draws to a close and he laughs at Eiram's statement, causing him to extend the bow and give the lightest of 'bips' to the Apprentice's nose. "Isn't that the point of playing?" He chuckles and flashes a grin to both, before starting right in on another song. He keeps the tempo manageable for Eiram's lesser skills, at least til the boys shows he an keep up with his Journeyman.

(SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPeo_X7hVe8)

By the end of the song, Sephany is looking much more confident in herself, as well as her voice. That does not mean, however, that she is ready to gloat triumphantly or offer to sing another. But it does mean that she is happy to flash a smile at Eiram in silent agreement with his statement. There is an unspoken, 'me, too' in the glance directed his way, which flickers quickly to Leuka to catch his gaze briefly before she glances away and occupies herself with unwinding the rest of that black scarf from around her head. Normal once again; skin color and all. As the next song begins, she settles into the armchair she occupies, tucking her feet up under her and leaning against the side with her elbow on the arm, chin in her hand. She is content to be a spectator this round, having no need to add her voice though her fingers still tap-tap along with the rhythm as she lets it flow through her; eyes closed and head dipping as she simply enjoys the impromptu display of talent.

Eiram can't help but grin at the tap at the nose from his mentor and nods, "Yessir." And So he joins into the next song, his eyes upon the hands of the Journeyman so that he can work out the fingering. For at least through the last song there has been a woman standing at the cavern entrance who looks perhaps to be in her late 30s or so. Its the dreaded mother! Ok so she isn't so scary as she watches her son play and learning with the other Harper and there is a look of pride upon her face. Then the pride turns to regret as she steps forward as the song ends. "I am sorry Journeyman, I have come to find Eiram. He is overdue for a family dinner, but now I know why." Eiram gives a little sigh then apologetic look to Seph and Leuka, "Sorry I forgot all about it, Uncle Lyerdes was up for Conclave at the Hall.." Well Uncle Lord Holder. Don't want to keep him waiting! He rises to his feet and bow in one hand and violin in the other goes up to Seph to give her a quick hug, "Sorry I made you turn colours." He says quietly before running towards his mom, then back to his station to put the instrument away before running again to follow his Mother down the hall.

And the songs come to a reluctant close, he nods approving to Eiram. "Good job. You getting better at adapting to changes." He flexes his finers a moment, then blinks up to the woman who steps up. He rises, giving a polite tip of his head in greeting, then chuckling when he understands who she is. "I appologize for keeping him working so long. He's showing alot of potential." He will wave the lad off as he runs back and forth storing his instrument away. Rather than sit imediately back down, Leuka will take a moment to rock back and forth on his feet, stretching muscles a bit as he turns back to Sephany. "She's not at all as angry as I expected her to be." Thankfully both are far enough away so Eiram's mother doesn't hear his comment.

And once more, music fades and the soft chatter and din of working crafters begins to fill the cavern. Eiram's hug is returned, brief though it may be, and Sephany offers a quick but earnest, "I forgive you," for making her briefly turn into a tomato. There is a nod of acknowledgement for the 'mother' but Sephany remains in her seat unless required to stand on ceremony. She's tired. Being embarrassed is extremely exhausting. She watches the pair (Eiram and Mama) leaving, letting them drift out the door before her attention returns to Leuka. There's a playful sort of grin for his comment, and a curious, "Now who gave you the impression she would be angry?"

Leuka props the cello agaist the wall, making sure it won't slide either way and then sinks back into the chair. He does peer around casually,just to make sure 'mama' is truly well and gone from earshot. before turning back to Sephany. "He did. Though, I can see why she'd be angry that we have him hanging around the lounge. She'd not like the education he's been getting from us in there." Suuuurrrrre he kept his eyes on the wall. "I doubt she'd approve of him learning from us if she heard Hauser and I playing our preferred style." He smirks a bit and shrugs "Hopefully, by the time word gets to her and she hears, he'll be far too corrupted from traditional way to ever turn back." The Journeyman snickers at that, casting another peek around.

There's a low groan as Sephany's head slides into her hands, fingers pressed against her forehead as she covers her face with her hands. "Am I never going to live that down?" she asks aloud, though she is clearly not seeking an actual answer. "He was there for official business," that one time. There's a shake of her head, still in her hands, before she takes a quick breath and rights herself once more. At least this time she's not turning pretty colors. There's a bite to her thumb, an absentminded thing as she tips her head to consider the notion of the duo 'corrupting' Eiram. "He is young," she remarks, "but he is also able to make his own choices regarding what path he wishes to take. And by the look on his face… I feel as though you should not be concerned at all; he is already thoroughly converted to your… interpretive style of playing."

Leuka snickers a little before he can stop himself, head shaking. His answer would clearly be 'no' if her were to voice it. But he dos have to speak his mind a bit "As memorable as that was.." and he /will/ remember that for turns to come "..I was talking about Hauser. His style is more…" He trails off and leans back, legs stretching out for more space. "…physically active." He looks like he may elaborate further but no, Sephany's already gone through the whole spectrum of red this evening, and some of it wasn't as pretty has the lighter shades. He can't help but preen a bit smugly at Sephany's assessment of Eiram's state of corruption. "He does seem to have a talent for it doesn't he? Won't be long before he'll show Hauser and I some variations of his own making."

There is definitely a look cast in Leuka's direction. It is almost certainly for that snicker, and perhaps a little bit for the word-unspoken that she likely guessed. But she doesn't say anything more on it, preferring to it fade away into 'memory' where it belongs. Not here, in reality, where she is currently living and breathing with relative ease now. Even if she can't help but to ask, "are you honestly attempting to learn to play… blindfolded because of that?" Answer carefully. As for Hauser's physically active performance? "Oh well… Yes," a little tip of her head in acknowledgement. "I caught… some of that. Although to be perfectly honest it is all a bit hazy." And perhaps she wishes all of it were hazy, for the look on her face. She is at least her pale and non-pink self once again, fingers twisted together before they come to rest in her lap, knotted up but immobile.

Sephany's question catches the Journeyman off guard. He thought she had disguarded the blindfold from earlier from from her thoughts. He should have known better. He looks to 'blondie' a moment and blindly (harhar) reaches over for the bow he set down, only having to fish around for it a couple of times before wrapping his fingers around it. His attention is drawn right to it, studying it intently, as he starts pulling off frayed and broken hairs. The process of cleaning it up gives him more time to think but he before he finally nods "Yea." gaze flicks t her briefly then right back to the bow. It's no where near as bad as if he was seriously playing, but that doesn't stop him from going over every inch of it, repeatedly. "Between your song, and the moves during the song…" he gives up finding another broken hair to clean off and actually seems to be looking anywhere by the Weaver "It was very, um….distracting." Not that you hear him complaining one bit. "I'm positive I messed up more than a few notes." He finally winds down and turns a sorta reluctant, wary gaze back to the Weaver.

It is OK Leuka, Sephany is doing plenty of looking for the both of them. In fact, she's being downright rude in the way she's staring at the Harper as he goes about those all-important Harper-related tasks of inspecting and cleaning his bow. But honestly, she appears to have her answer before he really deigns to admit it aloud; all of that procrastination and avoidance is seen for exactly what it is, and likely interpreted correctly. When the words finally do come, there is a glance away and a lot of worrying on her bottom lip, fingers curling and twining actively in her lap as though she cannot settle herself properly into sitting still. "I…" but whatever she was going to say in reply is slow in coming, either because she isn't sure exactly what to say, or because she's not sure how to say it. And when reluctant eyes are cast her direction, they will once more find pink cheeks. It's her turn for avoidance, gaze fixed on some distant point across the caverns that she likely doesn't see at all. A breath. A moment in which it appears she may say something, only to have the air catch in her throat before words are actually formed; a little wrinkle between her eyebrows as the only sign of a frown. And then thin fingers untangle and are put to use for other things; for claiming her now-cold mug of Klah from where it had been stashed; for shoving herself up from the chair and into a standing position; for smoothing any wrinkles out of her dress and straightening her scarf. "I should go," is finally spoken, as if in explanation for why she's moving now. Two steps toward the door, a pause, and a quick, "I'm sorry. It wasn't… that wasn't…" A quick inhale. Beat. Exhale. "I'm sorry." And this time when she moves toward the door there is no hesitation, the pale blond vanishing soon vanishing into the lower caverns.

Hmm, they seem to be passing that FlusterBall back and forth now. When the Journeyman fesses up to why he's taking an interest in playing blindfolded, he didn't expect her use of stall tactics. But use them she does. He'll ease out of the seat and begin packing his cello in the case, sliding ht ebow in it's slot and yea that damned blindfold as well. He'll probably be making use of it soon enough. He glances her way when she seems about to say something, but ends up falling quiet again. Ooookay, she needs more stalltime. He'll make a project of gtting things just so before finally latching the case shut. Oh, he finger scoops up the hair he cleaned from his bow, no need to leave it lying about on the floor. "You don't have.." but she's off and he doesn't bother finishing that line. Picking the case up, he gives a quick head shake when she stops and says more "No really, you…" he lifts a hand to try and get her to stop, or at least slow down "Don't be Sor.." but now she's gone, poof, vanished from sight. He stands there a moment, thinking. Probably a bit too long and then a smile stretches across his face "I'm not." He takes a couple of steps and then spots her sketchbook. He starts humming a carefree little tune, and tucks the book under his arm before heading off to store the instrument.

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