Fort Weyr - Forge of Tir na nOg
Located in the administration complex, this ledge is reached by walking up stone stairs carved into the bowl wall, passing several other ledges before reaching the wide tongue of stone that shapes this one. Worn smooth by centuries of time, wind, rain and dragon hide, its finish is almost glossy, shimmering with minerals deep within the basalt. The ledge transitions into a massive cave that shelters the queen's wallow, and from there there is a sturdy wooden door that leads to the inner weyr.

Step inside, and you'll find that, as with any of Fort's leadership weyrs, this one is spacious and well appointed. Already furnished with fine hardwood furnishings, the new occupant is of course welcome to alter things. A sitting area cozies up to the large fireplace, stones from the mountains creating the facade and the hearth. There is a small kitchenette with simple storage and workspace, and further back is a nook that could easily be used as an office, complete with a rod for hanging a curtain. The far back of the cave has a small hallway, through which the modest bedroom and precious bathing chamber are located, the bath carved into the floor itself with running hot and cold water.

All that being said, this weyr is /cramped/. Not that it's full of furniture, but it's full of /stuff/. There's a bookshelf overflowing with old books and records, half of them nearly disintegrated and most of them being based in poetry. Shelves are crammed full of knick-knacks and various other *things*, stuff piled upon stuff piled upon stuff. No doubt there are treasures hidden within, but it'll take a lot of time to sort through it all and find things worth keeping. Might be easier just to chuck the lot.

It's dinnertime, when most people should have finished work for the day to be free to do their own thing. Anyone in the northeastern bowl is able to follow their nose up to Thys' weyr; the scent of smoke and cooking meats wafts down from the goldrider's ledge, from the barbecue that's being carefully tended by a group of candidates. Poor Rhenesath's been given the boot for the night, as her ledge has been turned into a space for people to have fun in - in addition to the barbecue there's a table covered with a spread of dishes, which is set up beside a bar, behind which more candidates are assisting to pour drinks and act as waiters alongside a couple of roped-in lower caverns staff, who are serving drinks and little nibbly food bits from trays to the gathering guests. There's even a trio of Harpers playing tunes beside an area that's free of chairs and cocktail tables, an ideal, if small, space for dancing. The gathering crowd is mingling, with guests having to pass Thys as they enter since she's positioned herself at the entrance to the ledge to greet them as they come by.

As a "neighbour" for lack of a better term, it would be odd if Th'ero hadn't dropped by Thys' ledge to at least say hello. He's even left his Weyrleader's knot behind, dressed in more casual clothing. Off duty for the night? You bet he is (not really, he never can be). He's of course brought a date with him and it's to her that he murmurs, "I think she got the Candidates in on helping. Clever!" Now why didn't he think of that? "Evening Thys!" he greets quietly, lifting one hand up in a slight wave. "You've gone all out, haven't you?"

It would be strange, wouldn't it? Which is why Kimmila is here too, and she's even wearing a skirt! "Very clever. Goldrider through and through," she teases, amused. "Evening!" she calls, smiling widely. "This looks - smells - fantastic."

What sort of friend doesn't come to a party? R'yal is there of course, slipping his way through from the ledge with a grin for Thys. "Look at all this!" At least he's quiet about his exclamation, offering a small squeeze to the goldrider's arm. "You even have" There's a quick look behind him though, and the greenrider shuffles to the side quickly as some other guests come in. "I'll find you in a bit, okay? Once you're done with..with all this." He waves a bit at the incoming people, throwing another quick smile at Thys before he hurries away again. Toward the food.

Ralik had to wait until he'd finished up some work to show up, but that doesn't mean he looks completely tossed for once. He's cleaned himself up good, hair tied back neatly, and is wearing flattering, casual type of clothes that are super fancy: a white button-up and some jeans. Classic. Ahem. He arrives not long after his brother, pausing as he takes in the amount of people starting to pick up and moving slowly towards Thys, "This is… impressive." He'll reach out to put a hand on her side and give her a kiss by way of greeting, if she lets him, and will linger near the door rather than rushing on in to the actual party.

Very goldrider. Very much meeting Inri's standards for what a party should look like, too, so she looks immensely satisfied. If maybe a little concerned about where Rhenesath's gone off to — but who knows, she might be with Kouzevelth. Who is all about sharing the love, when it comes to fussing about at eggs. Rhenesath can learn how it's done, and Kainaesyth tells stories. Inri, though, is doing her best to put in an appearance, in a knee-length swingy-skirted dress despite the cold, wrapped in a shawl otherwise. "This. Looks. Incredible," she coos at Thys as soon as she gets close enough to, "Excellent use of candidate resources. Totally not what you're supposed to do with them. Good job."

C'rus wouldn't dare miss such a grand event put on by Thys! It is sure to be a fantastic evening. The healer makes his way up the stairs to her weyr the smells already hitting his nose. This is going to be a party for the ages! He grins as he catches sight of Thys and waves, "Hello. You certainly now how to put on a grand show." he motions toward the harpers, food, dancing area and everything! "The evening will be a smash no doubt." He too moves away offering greetings to the other guests.

Dtirae is, of course, arriving to Thys' weyr, having been invited. The goldrider is dressed rather formally, as it is a party. As she enters, she gives Thys a bright smile and waves, cheerfully but aims to slip inside as other gather around her.

"Weyrleader! Kimmila!" Thys greets Th'ero and Kimmila enthusiastically, with a big wave and an even bigger smile. If she's a stressed-out hostess, she's not showing it so far! "I wanted to try and, well, to make sure everyone's needs are met… if there's anything you need, either of you, please let me know?" Then she gestures into the weyr, inviting them in before turning to R'yal to greet him. He gets a big squeezy hug, before she nods and lets him go to get food. And of course she lets Ralik greet her in that way, slipping her arm around his waist and holding him to her side as she greets Inri. "Oh, I do hope you don't mind me using your candidates like this," she chuckles, looking a little sheepish - though not too much so, given the goldrider's compliment of the set-up. "They're all getting a little something on the side in thanks." Then she turns to greet C'rus - so many people, not enough time for them all! "Excuse me, please, Inri - Cy! Where's Kera?" She waves enthusiasticaly at Dtirae, a sweeping gesture welcoming the weyrwoman in to explore.

With the crowd growing the Harpers pick up a cheery tune, that's quick enough to dance to in the little space that's available. Candidates bearing trays of drinks weave in and out of people, offering cocktails of the boozy and non-alcoholic kind, and taking orders to collect drink requests from the bar. There are even a couple of trays of things-on-skewers doing the rounds, so folks can stand and eat, or sit on the beanbags and eat, if they're so inclined.

Zhirayr is here, of course. He may, in fact, have been here for a little while, quietly doing the rounds, long before actually getting in eyesight of Thys — but then, it's a party, so he's dressed formally, in … black … with some black on top. Yep. Pretty much the same as every other day, but with nicer fabric involved. When he circles back out to greet his hostess, he waves one of those things-on-skewers at her in an amiable, laid-back sort of way, neatly dodging past a burly brownrider who might or might not even know Thys, judging by the way he's barging single-mindedly toward the food. "Nice work you've done out here," the Assistant Steward greets. "How many candidates did it take?"

Abigail is wandering in a bit late it seems, though she didn't want to show up after doing a day full of sweeps so took at least a few moments to changes clothing and the like. She peeks on inside curiously, she has on a pale green blouse and dark brown pants, a clean and newish looking flightjacket to help with the cold bit that is outside and the like. As Thys is still at the door she offers her a warm smile and nods to her seeing how she is going about gretting people and the like. "Hello Thys.. Ye knowhow ta throw a party it seems." She says with an amused tone.

"I think you've covered just about everything, Thys — for anyone in this Weyr," Th'ero chuckles as he slips an arm around Kimmila's waist (at least he's quit with checking her out in the skirt?). As they're gestured in, he will dip his head politely before stepping into the crowd. As some of those skewers pass by, Th'ero will snag one (or two) for himself and Kimmila. "Good crowd," he murmurs to her and when he spots Dtirae lurking there as well, he lifts his hand again in a polite wave.

Ralik keeps his own arm tucked loosely around Thys's shoulders so that he won't be in the way if she suddenly has a Hostess Emergency. He doesn't know most of these people all that well, so he is left to smile semi-awkwardly in greeting while she is amiable and social, eventually kissing her by her ear and murmuring something about going to go get a drink, "Do you want one?"

"She got stuck in Xanadu working with some candidates. I'm sure she'll come as soon as she is able." C'rus explains with a grin to the hostess, "I couldn't have pictured a better setting for the party. Great job!" He wanders over to R'yal to offer him a greeting before he moves on toward Dtirae. He offers her a salute and a wide smile, "It's good to see you. How have you been?"

Kimmila takes a skewer as well, flashing Thys a grin but not detaining the hostess as she smiles around at the others. She'll nom that skewer and listen to the Harpers before giving Th'ero a grin. "Dance?"

"Thank you, Zhirayr." Thys seems especially pleased to have such a compliment from the steward, who she grins warmly at. "I think I've got… oh Faranth, how much am I paying out… um…" She does some quick mental maths, finger-counting and all. "There's 15 helping in total, but not all of them are candidates, I've roped in a few folk from the caverns, too." She smiles, then gives Zhi an apolgetic little look before turning to greet Abbey. "Hi! Thank you… come on in, enjoy yourself - and if you want anything, please ask! Have you met Ralik?" This is to both Abbey and Zhirayr, as she turns to look up at the handsome glasscrafter by her side. "This is Journeyman Ralik of the Glasscraft. Ralik, this is Abbey - Wingleader Abigail, brown Niumdreoth's, and Steward Zhirayr."

Dtirae is gathering a plate of food when C'rus comes into her field of vision. At the salute, she offers a friendly smile and nods her agreement. "It's good to see you, as well. I've been busy, mostly. I can't say too much has happened with me in the time we last spoke. And how about you? Things are going well?"

"I completely endorse using candidates for this sort of thing," Inri calls back, because why would she mind? No, she thinks it is perfect and she might have to have some of them help redecorate her weyr later. They've apparently got talent. She snatches herself up a drink and then descends upon Dtirae and C'rus, simply intruding into their space like: hi, I am here. You can also talk to me, but I'm drinking this, so I'm not saying anything at the moment.

Zhirayr scoops a flute of more-or-less-champagne off a passing totally-overwhelmed-looking candidate's tray, thereby theoretically lightening the kid's load — physically, if not psychologically, at least. Actually, make that two, and he'll offer one of them to Thys, or whoever takes it if she doesn't. "Did you keep everyone who started out with helping decorate, to serve?" he asks thoughtfully. Is he planning his own party? — No. Not so much. But he'll look and sound thoughtful anyway, just because he can, and also because he's getting fed tasty things.

Th'ero will enjoy the skewer of food he snagged first before he offers Kimmila his hand, "Of course." he murmurs back with a grin and he will lead her into the area cleared for dancing. Why not get it out of the way now? Hopefully the Harpers don't play too lively a tune! The Weyrleader's dancing skills only go so far… or what he'd be willing to show in such a public setting.

Nyalle is also here, the Senior mingling and keeping to herself for the most part, drifting in and out of conversations as she pleases.

There's an unfamiliar greenrider here! How X'ndr heard about the party is anyone's guess, but he's here and he's got a plate full of the first stuff of the barbecue, and he's mingling. Up he comes to Inri as she ends up beside Dtirae and C'rus, giving them all a slightly greasy-fingered salute. Hey, he's holding a sausage and a plate - it's not easy to manage them all at once! "Ierne's greetings, weyrwomen, bluerider."

Kimmila finishes the food as well, because…food before dancing, yes. Then she takes Th'ero's hand eagerly and happily, swept up into the dance with a soft laugh. She's not a great dancer either, but the two of them make it work without injury.

C'rus nods his head as he lets his hand drop to his side for a moment before Inri swoops upon them. He raises it once more to salute her and then continues, "Life has been wonderful. Can't complain one bit. Work is good. Home is wonderful." he shrugs with a grin, "I think fantastic is just a great way of putting it." He then turns to Inri, "I trust you have been well also. The eggs are wonderful." He then offers a quick glance to the unfamiliar man, "Hello."

Abigail looks to Ralik and offers a warm smile and nod to him. "I haven't. Nice to meet ye Journeyman Ralik." A glance is sent over to Zhirayr and nods to him before looking to Thyrs and smiles to her once more. "Thanks for having us all over." She offers while moving on to let Thys greet others it seems.

A candidate waiter brings a tray of bite-sized barbecued meats and vegetables over to Dtirae, Inri, C'rus and X'ndr, followed by a lower caverns woman carrying a tray with plates and forks. There's all sorts on the food tray, from sausages through to wherry, corn on the and peppers. "Can I serve you anything, ma'ams, sirs?" The poor candidate holds his tray out towards them, looking nervous.

"You're welcome, Abbey! Thank you for coming." Thys smiles at the brownrider as she moves off, then nods at Zhirayr. "Oh, yes, the same people serving now helped me to set everything up earlier on. I did try to do as much of it myself as possible, but…" She shrugs, surveying the scene with a satisfied smile. "It looks alright, doesn't it? And such a good turn-out."

However X'ndr got there, Inri isn't going to begrudge him, because he's brought food. Which inspires her to obtain food from the passing candidate, met with a smile. "One of those, and one of those, and two of those," careful manicured nails make very precise pointing. She wants that specific one of those. "The eggs are, indeed, fantastic, though a couple of them are a little small — guess it makes sense with the size, she's not used to that many. I'd offer you a bite to eat, Iernian, but I think you've got some already."

Dtirae looks to Inri and grins as she joins them, nodding once before popping a bit of food into her mouth as she looks back to C'rus. "Mm. Sounds like you're really in high spirits. That's wonderful to hear." The greenrider that approaches is given a pleasant smile and an incline of her head. "Greetings, Fort's duties as well. I'm surprised that someone from Ierne has heard of the party. Gossip travels far." The woman grins widely before grey eyes shift to the candidate that approaches. "Thank you." She does reach over to pick a few sausages from the tray offered. Once settled, she looks back to Inri. "Isn't this her largest yet? It's decent for the first clutch from a young bronze."

Zhirayr grins back at Thys before foisting the champagne off on her; greeting people is thirsty work, doesn't she know? (Or whoever. Maybe she can pass it off to someone else, if she doesn't want it; either way, his arm is going to get tired if he keeps holding it out, and it doesn't end up on the floor, so someone must take it! Thys, Abbey — well, whoever.) "It looks lovely," the Assistant Steward assures the goldrider. "And I have no idea if you know everyone here, but I'm sure that I don't." Some of the people he doesn't know are, at least, from another Weyr, and now lurking in the vicinity of the Other Goldriders, it seems. Others are traumatizing candidates who are holding food trays by attempting to use them as tables.

It'd be a shame if an injury happened this early on into the party and even before anyone got into the drinks! Th'ero does, however, lead Kimmila through a dance (or two) without harm to her or anyone else. By the end of it though, he's laughing softly and tugging her away. "Come on. Let's see if we can't find some drinks and mingle a bit." he muses.

When the food carrying candidate comes by C'rus eyes the food for a moment as he ponders just what he should take. He ends up taking some corn and a few sausages and offers the candidate a kind smile. No reason to be nervous. Much. He nods in agreement with Dtirae's assessment of his mood, "Yep. High spirits indeed." He then falls silent to work on the food that he took and listen politely to the conversation.

Kimmila grins, cheeks flushed and happy. "Drinks!" she proclaims. "I feel like getting a little tipsy and maybe doing something I shouldn't."

Ralik inhales slowly, taking the champagne off Zhirayr as he tries to offer it over to Thys and taking a deep, deep drink before he clears his throat and smiles at Abigail, the smile a bit crooked and wry, "Nice to meet you too, Abigail. Ah. Enjoy the party?" His brows knit momentarily before he exhales roughly and looks to Zhirayr as well, listening to him with a vaguely quirked eyebrow.

"Gossip does travel far," X'ndr agrees with Dtirae. "X'ndr, by the way. Green Ffyldwrth's." That's pronounced fil-doorth. "Actually I was just happened to bump into Thys earlier today, and she invited me, so… here I am." Despite already having food, he still nabs some of the candidate's tray, adding it to his plate. "Ffyl and I have made it a habit to check out clutches when they happen, and our compliments to Kouzevelth and yourself, weyrwoman Inri, on a fine set of eggs… I think I overheard you talking about that?"

Abigail doesn't plan on dancing so she isn't planning on finding an injury that way. At the moment though yes she does get a drink and is sipping it while she mingles.. Minglingmingles and the like.

Thys laughs and shrugs at Zhi - "I think I know… maybe half? Honestly, it just seems there are… people. Though everyone's welcome, of course." She takes the champagne that Ralik took from the Steward, and holds the glass's stem delicately between thumb and forefinger. "Ral, do you not want a drink? Here, let me wave someone over for you…" And she does, beckoning a candidate over who's carrying a tray of drinks - and she's followed by one carrying food, too! Yay, barbecued deliciousness. "Zhirayr," she leans in towards the black-clad man, grinning, "my deck of Irreverence cards is on the table in my living room, if you fancy a round later, when people are a little more sauced?"

"Why thank you," Inri says with a low nod of her head — or is that a polite, head-only bow? before taking another sip of her wine. She's managing to balance it and the food okay so far. "Those are indeed ours, and yes," because Dtirae asked, "it's her largest clutch, she's never done double-digits before and suddenly there are fourteen of them. The clutching took an eon." It took three hours. "Your lifemate's welcome to linger on the sands ledges as long as she wants, Kouzevelth never minds an audience. Rhenesath's there now, since she doesn't fit on her own at the moment."

"So long as you can still walk back down the stairs to our weyr…" Th'ero drawls with a smirk to Kimmila and maybe he's feeling a little on the reckless side. Last time he finally thawed enough to have fun was back in Ista during the Weyr Games — granted, if you ask him about that night… he doesn't really remember it much save that Cenlia was right to warn him about Istan booze. "What's your poison for tonight, Wingmate?" he asks Kimmila, while offering a nod of greeting to Inri, C'rus and Dtirae as they approach. X'ndr receives a polite smile, "Welcome to Fort!" He can be a little lax on formality, right? No knot.

"Not rum," is Kimmila's quick answer, so perhaps she's also remembering that Istan evening? She lifts a hand to finger wiggle a happy wave at the others when they walk up.

Zhirayr just starts laughing at that, and isn't actually entirely certain when to stop. End result: quiet bouts of half-chuckles scattered throughout his speech. "Well — heh — that would certainly be something, wouldn't it," he answers, hiding a small portion of his grin behind his champagne before getting a refill. "Not that one particularly needs to be drunk to play, obviously, but — well, we might actually be able to keep the Weyrleader for more than one round, this time," he realizes, brightening up a little. "Do you have any tokens for the winners of each round, here, or should I see about figuring something out?"

Ralik looks vaguely surprised when Thys takes the glass from him, laughing quietly and lifting a hand to rub the back of his neck, "Ah, sorry. I do, actually. To be honest, all these people are making me a little nervous. I'm not used to parties." Bars, yes. Parties, no. He will take a drink from the candidate that passes by, skipping on food for now and leaning towards something a little less bubbly than champagne. Sipping quietly, he listens as Thys and Zhirayr talk about playing cards, eventually giving Thys a squeeze and a kiss before he says, "I'm going to go make trouble." And see if he can't at least become amiable with somebody here. If all else fails, of course, he has his brother to pester.

The Harpers pick up the pace a little, playing one of those tunes that's practically guaranteed to get toes tapping, if not bodies on the dancefloor, tiny as it may be. A handful of pairs get up to boogie, and partners are spun around excited… a little too excitedly in the case of one bluerider, who's had a little too much to drink and spins his partner fast enough for her to lose her footing. She stumbles on her dress, trips, and falls onto someone sat on a beanbag. Ooops.

C'rus waves to both Th'ero and Kimm as they make their approach to the group that has gathered, "Good evening!" he says to the pair of them, still listening to Inri talk about the clutching. All kinds of events going on everywhere! The quick movement on the dance floor catches his attention just in time to watch someone fall. Oh dear. Though they look alright so he stays put where he is.

"Ah. Well, that does make sense. Well met, X'ndr." Dtirae grins a touch wider before taking a sausage to nibble on a moment. "It's an impressive clutch. I'm not surprised it took long." There's a nod to the invitation for Zuvaleyuth. "I'll let her know that she is welcome. I'm sure she'd enjoy it. It's been ages since her last clutch…" She leaves that topic alone, however, nibbling on the rest of her sausage. As Th'ero and Kimmila approach, she nods once in return before her gaze is drifting towards the dance floor, watching as the bluerider falls. Oops!

"Ffyl's currently enjoying herself up on the Weyr's rim, but thank you for the invitation. She thanks you." X'ndr grins at Inri, raising his plate to her in cheers, since he doesn't have a glass to do so with. He smiles broadly at Th'ero and Kimmila, raising his plate to them, too. "Hello and thank you! Have you tried the sausage yet? It's the best."

"Bet it's not as good as Th'ero's sausage," is Kimmila's light reply. And she hasn't even started drinking yet! "Nice to meet you, too," she adds to X'ndr.

Th'ero's grimace is almost a wince at the memory of a rum-fuelled night of drunken shenanigan's… what little he has. "No. No rum," he mutters in sincere agreement with Kimmila. "How about this?" He'll snag one of the drinks being toted around by the Candidates (irony, that) and sniff at it curiously before taking a sip. "Not bad!" he muses, handing the rest to Kimmila while snagging another (or swapping out if she mutters about taking a pre-sampled glass). Distracted by the blue rider's fumbling, Th'ero shakes his head. "One down already — Kimmila!" She wasn't joking, was she? At least he still manages a sort of awkward half-smile to X'ndr. "Ah, no… I haven't." Now he has to take some, doesn't he? At least it'll give him the excuse not to say anything else. Ahem.

Inri opens her mouth to say something to Dtirae. Inri closes her mouth, beause she heard Kimmila, and now she has to giggle before she can finish — "Kouzevelth adds that Zuvaleyuth can come down to the sand, if she so desires, being her own dam. Apparently my dragon has a concept of grandparenthood." Who knows if Zuvaleyuth does, but Wiyaneth certainly seemed to, so maybe it passes on … "Ffyldwrth probably doesn't want to chance that, but the ledges are very nice."

When Ralik pulls away, Thys frowns at him, looking a little concerned - has she been neglecting him in her hosting duties? "I'm sorry," she whispers, giving him a little squeeze. "Shall I come find you later? Or you come find me. I'll be here, anyway." He gets a fond, apologetic smile before he can go anywhere, and then she turns her attention to Zhirayr. "I've got some… well, not typical tokens, but some of my supplies up here. My, um… craft supplies." Surely she can't mean gemstones and the like? "Do you think they'd do? They're only cabochons… but maybe they're a little too much? I don't know, what do you think?"

Zhirayr stares, slightly, at Thys, open-mouthed, and then recovers long enough to put alcohol in it before closing it. Once he's swallowed the rest of his drink, he murmurs, "I think I was thinking more along the lines of buttons than gemstones, really. Yes. They'd be a little much. Unless you wanted Kimmila to sell them in order to get her free drinks." Because obviously she's going to win every round she isn't judging, right?

Dtirae is, carefully, glossing over the comment of Th'ero's sausage. Nope. Not commenting on that. Instead, she keeps focus on Inri. "She does have a similar concept. She knows which dragons are her children. I thought it was odd, at first." That the gold would still remember. She beams at Inri before inclining her head to those gathered. "If you'll excuse me?" She doesn't entirely wait for a 'by your leave' before she's venturing off to wander.

Kimmila winks at Th'ero and accepts the drink he offers. And she'll eat a sausage, because…it's delicious. Yum.

Abigail during her wanderings come across Th'ero and Kimmila and pauses there. A smile is sent to both and she nods. "Weyrleader, Kimmila.. Good party aye?" She just so happened to miss all that talk about some sausage, if not it would have be really hard to keep a straight face.

"I'm sure Th'ero's sausage is absolutely the best," X'ndr winks at Kimmila, before smirking at the bronzerider beside her, and grinning in reply to his awkward half-smile. "I'll take her word for it, if you don't mind." The greenrider laughs softly, then shakes his head at Inri. "She says thank you, but she's fine up on the Weyr's rim. Our little peep at the eggs earlier was enough to keep her happy… she's probably already forgotten they're there, to be honest."

"Oh. Right. Yes, I suppose they might be a little too much… and I wonder if we can actually trust half of the people here to not just pocket them and… oh, no, it would actually be a very bad idea." Thys raises her champagne flute to her lips, taking a sip and shaking her head as she lets the bubbles sit on her tongue for a moment before swallowing. "Um… if you could find some buttons, Zhirayr, or… have someone find some for you… ah, the candidates can help with that, I'm sure. I am paying them, after all."

Kimmila grins at Abigail with a nod. "Very good! Try the sausage." She winks back at X'ndr and smiles sweetly up at Th'ero. And takes another bite of sausage.

The tiny dance floor's getting a little cramped by now, as the upbeat music continues and alcohol-fuelled dancing picks up. Watch out, anyone close to the edge of the clear area… there's a lot of fling-dancing and spinning going on, and that earlier girl who tripped isn't the only one struggling with her footing. Has someone over-waxed the floor, perhaps? Footing certainly seems to be a problem as the pace gets faster!

Inri overhears Thys' last comment, and is only a little horrified. "Why would you pay them? Don't be silly — oh well, I suppose it's too late now." She's mostly watching Kimm at this point, anyway.

"So because you're paying them, we can rob them of all their buttons," Zhirayr suggests, still laughing a little, and shakes his head as he salutes Thys with his half-emptied champagne flute. "I'll see what I can turn up, anyway. No gemstones involved." He promises.

Ralik just gives Thys a slight, encouraging smile in response to her quiet apology, bumping his shoulder against her gently before he heads over to find something to go along with his meal. He is sober enough that he is capable of dodging most of the people who seem to be throwing eachother around the weyr. He makes it a point to snag and help up anyone who winds up falling over, otherwise content to watch people lose their damn minds in one collective body. He is particularly forceful about helping people get back into the dancing when a sauced rider tries to feel him up, deciding that he will go a bit further away after that. Ahem.

To his credit, Th'ero doesn't blush or choke once the initial shock has passed by Kimmila's off hand comment. He's been with her long enough to just learn to roll with it rather than bristle every time. Maybe he is getting soft! "You flatter me," he drawls with dripping sarcasm to his weyrmate and maybe a little to the greenrider too before chasing that sample of X'ndr's sausage back with some of his drink. A drink he downs far too quickly and promptly scopes out a second. So, what was that about over indulging? "Don't mind in the least bit!" Is his answer to X'ndr and he just sighs when Kimmila brings up the sausage bit to Abigail. "It's a wonderful party and folks are enjoying themselves! Thys did a great job."

Abigail is sipping ather drink once more, which is her second one if anyone is keeping a tab. Though really she's drank more then this in the past and only started to have a buzz. Hearing the strange rider talk about Th'ero's… something… she is left sputtering and coughing rather harshly. Th'ero doesn't need to worry about choking she is it seems. Well one doesn't expect to hear talk about one's sausage this early in the party! She isn't that far from the crazy little dance floor seeing how the ones she happens to be talking to were just dancing a few moments ago after all.

Thys watches Ralik go, then nods at Zhirayr. "You're a star, thank you. Though… there are a few here," she looks over to a couple of the more buff young male servers, candidates and weyrfolk alike, "who… you could rob of their buttons. I'm sure… I'm sure no-one would mind." If they were walking around with their chests on display. Who'd mind that? She smiles sheepishly at Inri, shrugging as her cheeks colour rosily. "Well, um, they're not all candidates helping out and they have given me so much of their time today, so it only felt right to… offer them something in return. We always used to pay the people who helped us organise our jewellery evenings?" Then she edges a little closer to Inri, leaning in towards her to speak in a lowered voice. "Do you think I should say something? To the people gathered here? Like… a welcome speech or something?"

X'ndr worms his way through people, ducking and diving past the dancefloor without managing to spill anything from his nearly-empty plate. He winds up at one of the cocktail tables where he can set his food down, which frees up his hands for him to call over a waiter with a tray of drinks. The same one who served Ralik, as it happens, since the greenrider's ended up near him. "Hey," he says to him, raising his glass in greeting. "Good party, huh?"

Kimmila nods. "She did indeed. You alright there, Abigail?" she asks, though she's grinning in amusement just the same.

The Harpers wind down from their last song, with the lead announcing they're going to take a little break. Not that means the end of the music, however - it turns out someone's brought a violin along, and he grabs a buddy to drag him up to the area that was occupied by the pros. "And a-one, a-two, a-one two three four!" The slightly tipsy violinist starts off screechily, but quickly corrects as the guy in front begins bellowing out what could best be described as a lewd shanty. It's got certain partygoers laughing - dancing, even, in the case of a pair of couples, while others seem far less impressed. Someone even has the audacity to boo!

Th'ero looks relieved when there's no further comment on 'sausage' though he's still keeping a wary (but amused) eye on Kimmila as she continues to grin. As for himself? He's quite content to enjoy another drink or two and another one of those skewers as well. Midway through finishing, he winces when the violin player begins with a screech. "Shards—! Oh, there we go… so the man can play…" As for the subject? Th'ero just fights the urge to roll his eyes before turning his attention back to Abigail. "How're you, Abigail?"

Inri is caught actually thinking for a minute; she has to finish her drink to do that properly, of course. "If you can get everyone's attention," she suggests, thoughtful, "without actually causing a ruckus, since it's already a bit loud, thanking everyone for coming would probably be a good move. You don't need to improvise a long speech, then people might think they're supposed to pay attention to something besides actually partying. But as far as how long to talk, go with what your gut tells you — people might applaud, also."

Abigail waves a hand slightly as she hears Kimmila. "I'm fine.." Is said after a moment to make sure she isn't going to cough something up. She eyes Kimmila looking a touch amused and shakes her head before her attention is sent over to Th'ero. "I am well, and ye sir?"

Kimmila is happy to be quiet (for now) and enjoy her drink and the food, leaning against Th'ero's side in a rare public display of actually liking him.

"Right!" Thys nods in agreement with Inri's advice, wringing her hands together in front of her for a moment. Is she shy, perhaps? The rosiness of her cheeks suggests as much. She works her way forward, towards the amateur musicians - who she doesn't seem overly keen on, even if she's giving them a nod and a smile. When their song comes to its natural end, she steps in front of them and clears her throat. The real attention-grabbing is done by the singer behind her, who hollers and "OI!" across the room to get people to be quiet. "Oh, um… thanks," Thys says, blushing even more deeply before clearing her throat, standing a little taller, and smiling at everyone. "Thank you all very much for coming! There's plenty of food and drink to go around still, so please, stay a long as you like. Eat, drink, dance and enjoy yourselves!" She closes by raising her glass to the crowd, before taking a little sip and stepping back. The musicians resume with another raucous song… something about a wherry and a woman.

"Good job," Inri tells the singer, with a confident smile and a nod, and then redirects it to Thys: "You too. Well handled. I wish I could stay all night, I'm going to have to get back to the sands eventually." Which won't stop her from enjoying watching the dancing for a bit first. And drinking wine. She will also probably make Zhirayr dance with her, a) in the absence of D'ani and b) because she knows he can actually keep up with her steps.

Seeing as people are being somewhat raucous, Ralik feels inclined to act out a bit himself, making his way over towards where the musicians are so he can reach out and snag Thys's hand. Once captured, the poor goldrider will get hefted up by the burly glasscrafter and carted off towards the dancing area, if only to be set down outside it while Ralik grins easily, "Good job. I'm pretty sure everyone's drinking, eating, and enjoying themselves as it is, of course." This is said with a jerk of his head for the dance floor.

"Thank you for coming, Inri!" Which is about all Thys manages to say before she's scooped up and carried off by Ralik! She laughs when he sits her down, reaching out to give his arm a squeeze. "You brute, stealing me from the spotlight." She teases, of course, taking a moment to just relax beside him. "Do you think everyone's enjoying themselves? I just want to make sure they're having fun and eating and everything…" Teeth sink down into her lip as she looks across the crowd, wincing when another dancing pair spin too fast, leading them both to tumble to the floor awkwardly. She breathes a sigh of relief when they get up, seemingly unharmed since they're straight back into dancing, and laughing as they do so.

Th'ero will lift his glass (and who knows which number of drink it is by this point) in a toast to follow Thys' speech as he smiles just a touch crookedly. Here's to a night of partying! "I'm well, thank you, Abigail. Looking forwards to enjoying the evening here. Kind of nice that I've only got a few steps to go until I'm home." Never mind that he may be stumbling along them! Leaning back against Kimmila, he's still reserved with the whole public display of affection though that will change as the night wears on and depending on how well he nurses his drink(s). There will be mingling, maybe a bit more dancing and if the Irreverence cards come out… he'll try another round of it again if he's not completely drunk by that point (or is that a good thing?).

Ralik puts his arm around Thys, tugging her gently against his side now and kissing the side of her neck once, lightly, as if to reassure her, "Are you kidding? If we don't wind up having to dryclean most of your furniture tomorrow, I'm going to die of surprise." Ralik, master of subtlety and tact. He snags a drink from another candidate, then comments aside to Thys while sipping it, "Might be a good idea to send the candidates back to the barracks, though. I feel like this is going to get decidedly not candidate friendly." Only an absentminded suggestion, really. Riding and candidates aren't his thing.

Abigail smiles and nods to Th'ero. "Aye, indeed. It is a very nice thing for everyone to get a chance to relax a spell." She lifts her cup as well to join in the toast after Thys has finished speaking. As for herself she'll hang around for a good while, and will not think to much about the drinks she has, it takes a few to even get her buzzed after all. There is a good chance she will join in a card game, or even a dance if someone was to actually ask her.. If they had enough to drink it is possible!

Zhirayr had gotten very thoughtful, after Thys' suggestion of outright stealing buttons from people, and leaving them partly undressed. And then, of course, she'd had to go and give a speech, which meant that people were distracted — and there's been a good bit of drinking, too — and, well, he is the Assistant Steward, which means that the candidates are about as likely to obey him as they are any of the goldriders, right? Especially when his orders aren't actually contradicting the orders of any of the goldriders present? Which is possibly why at least a few of those candidates — the ones with reputations that led him to think they'd be useful in this little task in the first place — have started stealthily removing buttons from various bits and pieces of clothing, when the buttons have been particularly prominent, from all manner of people, every time someone's been distracted by a tray, or by watching people dance, or by — well, anything, really. As for Zhirayr himself? He's protecting his buttons and setting things up for the eventual inevitable card game of DOOM. Sooner or later, of course, someone's going to try to turn buttons in for free drinks; he might even have to talk to the bartender at Shenanigan's about allowing that. Eventually.

(The really impressive haul, of course, was eighteen gold buttons off a single brownrider, who didn't even seem to notice.)

Kimmila takes her leave when her skirt suddenly falls to her ankles. Good thing she's got on clean underwear, right?

While he was watching Thys give her speech, X'ndr had his buttons snagged! And the nice ones, too, that were holding his weird side-buttoned pants up. It's only when he tries to move that the greenrider notices… because suddenly his leathers are around his ankles. "What the…" Not that he's too bothered by flashing his underthings, but he does have to bend down to scoop his pants up, fumbling with buttons that aren't there. "… what the…?!"

Inri is going to murder Zhirayr when she finds out he is the reason her extremely expensive party dress is missing a button. Just saying.

And anyone brazen enough to sneak a peek at Kimmila's suddenly skirt-less bottom half will have to answer to Th'ero and his GLARE of warning… while he also tries to drunkenly puzzle out where some of his buttons got off too.

"Oh, no, they're fine, they're enjoying it, I think?" Thys grins at Ralik, pointing to one of the candidates who's interacting with a group of people over by the musicians. "It's good for them to get to know the people in the Weyr anyway, and…" She blinks as there's suddenly underwear on display - from Kimmila and X'ndr, no less! "Um…" That wasn't quite what she had in mind for entertainment… and then she feels her own dress loosen at the back. "Oh… oh!" Hands come up to her chest to hold her strapless, now buttonless ensemble in place, and her eyes go wide. "Where are… where are my buttons?"

The lack of buttons is a cue for many folks to make their way out… it's only the hardcore ones who don't care about clothing malfunctions that stick around. X'ndr is amongst those heading out, clutching his pants so they don't fall off again.

Ralik is either going to snap somebody's wrist or shake their hand for that one. He's missing a button or two himself, but a candidate likely rightfully assumed that trying to snatch buttons off a large, sober man's chest was not the way to live a long and prosperous life. He tilts his head back to look at where Thys's dress no longer has a way to button and laughs quietly, "I'm really not sure I care." Ralik moves easily to his feet and leans down, picking Thys up neatly from where she's sitting and carrying her, princess-style, towards her room, "Come on. I'm sure we can solve this problem by going into your empty, darkened bedroom and out of the public eye of your guests…"

And poor Thys is torn by that sweeping off her feet - she looks from Ralik to her party, then back, and then back again, and… "Ok, but… oh this is so bad." The missing buttons, or the leaving to go have, ahem, fun with her man? From the way she blushes and giggles as she's carried through the door into her weyr, it's probably not the former.