Who Leuka, Thautseruck, Eiram, Sephany, Riohra, Abigail, K'yan, Zhirayr, Inri, Risali, Syn, Taimri
What Karaoke Night at Shenanigan's Lounge gets Cray-Cray
When Autumn-Winter - Day 1 of Month 10 of Turn 2714
Where Shenanigan's Lounge, Fort Weyr

Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge

The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.

Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.

Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

Leuka is standing by the little bar, swirling the last of his drink around the bottom of the glass while peering around. He's quietly observing some others already there, sometimes chuckling to himself before his attention drifts on to someone else.

Sephany moves into the lounge from the Living Caverns, curious and observant as she slips through the slight crowd that already permeates the lounge. She is sans sketchbook night, hands twisted together into the length of her dress to keep her hem from dragging along the floor as she moves; pale hair wrapped into a loose knot at the back of her head. To the bar she goes, finding an open spot to lean, arms laid across the smooth surface as she flashes her most charming smile at the bar tender to catch his attention. A drink is ordered and, satisfied that her mission has been accomplished, she goes back to considering the room. "Hm. Going to sing tonight?" she wonders of Leuka, who just so happens to be near enough at the bar to speak with.

Leuka spots the paled haired weaver quickly when his gaze drifts around again. After her drink is ordered, his head shake a couple fo times "Oh, I don't think so, I'm here to play for those that will though." Drinking the last of his drink, he orders another and cants his head to Sephany "How're about you? Got any tunes just bubbling up trying to get out?"

Eiram steps through the entryway of the pub and well it is hard not to notice him. He is wearing a bright yellow vest over a purple shirt and pants. Going for colour tonight it seems. He has a bongo drum under one arm as requested, one borrowed from the instrument room. His left thumb has a heavy bandage on it, but it looks like whatever happened will not stop him from playing tonight.

"Me? Oh no," and there's a vehement shake of her head, a hand lifted in a 'stop right there' motion. "No. No, I don't… sing in public," says Sephany carefully, the corner of her mouth twitching up just slightly in some sort of private amusement. "Nice of you to contribute your talents to the event," she tells him, turning briefly toward the barkeep as he slides her drink over. He gets another flash of a smile before she picks up her glass and turns, leaning her back against the bar in an awkward sort of way. Whatever she ordered looks dangerously toxic; something sort of blue, maybe green, lightly fizzing… and she's just taken a sip of it from her straw when she gets an eyeful of Eiram and promptly chokes on it. Her hand flies to her mouth in an effort not to spit out her drink. She's just surprised, right? Sure.

Leuka lifts his fresh drink to Sephany in a silent 'You're Welcome' then takes a small sip. He's intent on stretching this one out since he'll be playing shortly. Her reaction has his gaze following the Weaver's and does a double take at his apprentice. "He's, um, easy to spot in this crowd." Good save there. Shifting his stance and pushing away from the bar "I should head on over. Catch you later for a chat?" He ask a bit curiously and gives a smiling tip of his head before slipping off into the crowd towards the stage area.

It is evening time here at Fort Weyr, and the current rumor lately has been some harpers and one resident got together and thought up a Karaoke night. So naturally they go to the bar at Fort Weyr, because where else could this take place other than a place called Shenanigans ! The usual bar area has been transformed tonight. The tables have been moved about to clear a spot under some lights, where a small stage as been set up. On that stage are a few chairs set up for the musical accompaniment for the evenings events. There is a younger harper apprentice that sits on a stool near the stage taking the request from people and relaying it to those on stage.

The young looking Eiram may be considered a fashion disaster with his bright yellow vest over his purple shirt and pants. He shakes out his shoulder length locks as he comes up to Sephany, does a twirl on the spot then bows, "What do you think?" he asks of the Weaver apprentice at the bar. "I picked it out special for tonight." His left thumb has a big bandage on it and he is carrying a small bongo drum under that arm. "I hope you join in the singing! Its all in good fun." He gives her his best smile before following Leuka to the stage and finding his middle seat and setting the drum between his knees.

Sephany, somehow, miraculously, manages to neither choke nor spit out her drink. Recovery is rather quick, all things considered, though she spends a moment or two coughing trying not to die. "Yes," she manages to say, breathless and raspy. A quick nod-nod of her head to show she heard him, and agrees to the 'talk later' as he heads for the stage. "Go do your… thing." At least this time it's a bit less deathly sounding. Back against the bar, she takes a few more breaths to ensure she's not about to die of drink-inhalation before attempting another sip of her crazy mix. Which is a great way to stall for time as Eiram asks for her (professional) opinion. I mean… she's a weaver so… "Er, uh. Hm…" speechless. MORE SIPPING OF ALCOHOL. "You will certainly wow the crowd!" Is that encouragement? Maybe. At least she flashes him a wide and amused grin. "Knock 'em dead, Harper!" with a lift of her glass in a pseudo toast to Eiram's retreating back.

Abigail is not here for the singing, oh no she is her for the drinking and the watching of the ones that do the singing. She'll pause near the door of the Lounge a brow lifting at thet akes in the room and the people here. "Few more showed up then I figure what might." This said with an amused tone and faint glance sent around as she moves on towards the bar undoing her flightjacket as she goes. Yeah don't expect the Weyrsecond to sing, she would most likely laugh if someone brought up the idea.

Riohra steps in from behind the bar, not dressed up like the young Eiram but still dressed nice. He has his new guitar with the dark stain finish and his name in gold filigree on the back of the neck, slung on his back as he carries a tray of drinks for the other performers setting on a small table behind the stage. He looks a the other musicians and says with a grin, "good crowd tonight" he takes a last minute to adjust the tuning of his guitar.

K'yan ambles in after Abbey, with his thumbs tucked into his belt. "…heh. I mean, who doesn't like the excuse to be loud?" he asks her in a question to answer her question, then… yeah, he's making for the bar. Because he needs a drink! Two drinks, apparently. Oh wait, no, that's actually because Abigail also needs a drink, so he gets… one of rum, one of beer, and brings the both to her with a grin. "Take your pick."

Leuka edges towards the side of the stage and crouches down, fumbling with a few hard cases. A moment passes and he steps up to his seat, nodding to Eiram and frowning. Though not at the eye stabbing brightness from his shirt "What happen to you?" A gesture of his bow to the boy's hand while he drops into his seat. Cello is leaned against his leg while he leans some towards the apprentice to hear him without causing the other to raise his voice. The Journeyman reches to adjust the cello, tuning and drawing ht bow over strings lightly before readjusting.

Zhirayr isn't here to sing. He isn't here at all. Pay no attention to the shadowy figure lurking off against the wall, judgmentally scowling at everyone who's failing to vocally express their delighted awe at how exceptionally splendid the room looks, what with how there's a stage that has been built out of nothing and it's sturdy enough to withstand drunk people and seriously does anyone appreciate how it is, in fact, still reasonably difficult to produce this sort of thing on such short notice? At least nobody's going to (over)charge the Steward for his drink; there's the distinct risk of alcohol import shortages.

The shadowy figure is definitely going to be noticed by one person wearing Harper knots: but it's an apprentice, and she's also his stepdaughter. Taimri shoots a distinctly thirteen-turn-old eyeroll in his general direction. "Really?"

Eiram looks down at the bandaged thumb and gives a little shrug, "Just nearly sawed it off, but the healer put it back on right as you please. I think she even put it on the right way but I haven't checked yet." He says with a grin and a wink for his mentor. So maybe slight exageration on his part. "It shouldn't effect my playing I don't reckon." To give proof of that he plays out a complicated beat on the drum. Well maybe a little because he uses his whole hand on the right but just the four unbandaged fingers of the left, but it surely will be good enough for Karoke night.

There's a wild Risali loose in the bar! Speaking of bars (the actual bar where there's a bartender, not Shenanigans as a whole), the once-harper stops there to order something decidedly alcoholic and strong to go with her being here. Zhirayr is getting a curious glance as the goldrider passes his judgmentally shadow-lurking presence, but she doesn't stop to say, 'Hello!' because she doesn't have enough alcohol in her to people yet. And so - "Sephany!" Here Risa comes, smol not-so-furious-at-the-moment fury descending on the weaver with a sideways hug where she remains, leaning her insubstantial weight against the equally insubstantial weight of the younger teenager with a smile. "No falling asleep at the tables this time, okay?"

Abigail glances back to K'yan as she hears him, a grin seen. "True… I don't mind it sometimes." She offers with an amused tone. She'll let the other get the drinks though finding them a place to be that isn't in the middle of things. As for which drink she wants out of what she is offered a soft chuckle is heard. "The rum." Is said while she moves to take that glass. Because really, who would choose ber over rum? Well it might depend on he beer honestly. Her pale gaze drifts over the room as more files in, and sorry but she totally spots dear judging-mic-judging Zhirayr over there but doesn't look on him long.

Blue-green-fizzy-drinks that look like they might kill as quickly as the inebriate are sipped on sedately by Sephany. Apparently, it is delicious. Suspiciously lurking figures are ignored; at least the little weaver does not appear to notice him. She's too busy watching Eiram and Leuka over on the stage, having recovered enough from the surprise of such an ensemble to no longer be in immediate threat of choking. The appearance of a smol and fierce Goldrider has the sedate smile spreading into something much more bright and giddy, an arm slug around the waist of her bestie for returning side-hugs and giggles at the admonishment. "No promises!" she decides, looking not at all embarrassed about having actually done such a thing in the past. "But I am going to try to remain on my feet tonight." EVEN IF SHE IS DRINKING A DANGEROUS LOOKING CONCOCTION! "You're going to sing, right?" Because Risa is a Harper, and that is what they do!

Riohra grins at the harpers, "you two want me to start off mellow and let you two warm up? Or did you finish that peace you were working on Leuka?" he glances about nodding to the Steward who is here lurking but then, this is Fort people dont do 'normal'. and speaking of not normal there is Risali who the tall hunter grins and gives a wave, but he say to Eiram "Just pace your self, don't need you opening up the stitches cause you were show boating."

Leuka eyes Eiram almost skeptically, but finally concedes after the youngster's little demonstration. "Fair enough, but it if starts buggin, call it a night." Last thing he needs is some irate mama hunting him down. Reaching down for his glass, he'll take another drink or two before setting it back out of the way. Soon, another Harper joins the stage, instrument in hand and a little more tuning sounds through the lounge. Riohra gets a snort and headshake "I'm not ready to go public with that one quite yet. Hmm. Hold on a sec. LEt's see what sorta crowd we have first." With the crowd growing and chatting, that might not be heard. Leuka's bow rubs slightly over the strings and soft haunting nots echo about "Well come on people. Let's get some tunes going!" He does a short little intro then points his bow towards the crowd "How about you?" Laughing as the person he' pointing towards literally vanishes back into the crowd, he shrugs. "No, how about….you! Get on up here…Yes, you can bring your drink if ya need the help." But Nope, no takers yet so he nods to the hunter. "Go ahead and get them started. Let the brave hunter show them the way."

Risali fixes a playfully stern look on Sephany's face from around that glass of hangovers are imminent concoction she managed to snag at the bar, forgoing words in favor of drink before she drags her attention away from the weaver to Riohra. The hunter's wave is returned with a waggle of fingers that say, 'Hello!' and a brilliant little smile that's certainly a hint of something friendly lurking underneath all those usual bristles she displays to keep the world at bay. But that is not important; important is Risali tucking her head in against Sephany's shoulder and looping her arm loosely around the weaver's hips as she tilts her head up and scrunches her nose in thought for that question, finally pulling away from her drink. "Sing?" A beat. "I'm going to drink until I've forgotten that I have a face, and then I'm going to dance until I've forgotten that I have feet, and then I'm going to hope that somebody remembers I'm here before I fall asleep on a table." Or end up DANCING ON ONE. Details. So, no. She doesn't have any intention of singing, but, "Are you going to sing? I'll accompany you on the piano." BRIGHT SMILES. There's certainly more than one way to be a harper.

At last, enter one Inri — she knew there was something going on, but she was all caught up in what she was working on, and then in falling asleep at her desk, and then in having a headache when she woke up, and … well, it seemed like the ideal time to go get a drink. While she prefers the Gemstone to Shenanigan's, there were a lot of people and there was something important she was supposed to remember! So: here she is, dressed in a swingy party-appropriate getup, getting something strong, fruity and free from the bartender before settling into a seat amongst the crowd. Also with some crunchy bar snacks, which are held out at random to people near her.

Puffed up cheeks before Sephany exhales and goes for her straw again, using that classic 'taking a sip of my drink' procrastination technique. This turns into idly chewing on her straw as she considers the stage with some curiosity now. "Promise I won't let you do something you'd regret," or at least be right there doing it with her for moral support. More straw-chewing and then a quirk of a smile that is probably rather? dangerous. "I wasn't planning on it. But I'm reconsidering… I think inspiration may have struck." Or, it could be the alcohol in her blood making her a little more incline to dangerous activities. "Let me finish this, and maybe one more, and I'll be good." Beat. "What are you drinking? Looks good." She means 'strong'.

Eiram raises a hand defensively as the men give him the advice to take it easy. "I will be fine. I promise not to break it again. Ok ok?" There is a shake of his head before he looks out over the crowd that is gathering. "Lookie ..got people showing up from all over the place." He picks out a few knots from visiting riders amoungs the crowd it seems and starts to casually play his drum as he looks to see who is going to volunteer first.

Abigail can't help but hear what Risail and Sephany are talking about. "It sounds like fun… How much does one have to drink to get to table dancing anymore?" This questioned with an amused tone. She wouldn't know herself, don't mind her while she sips at her rum.

"Depends on the person," Inri tells Abigail with a little grin. She's always miraculously close enough to hear a clutchmate. "Me, it'd probably take all day and I'd pass out before I bothered with the table dancing. Someone who rarely drinks but is a fun-loving type, on the other hand …"

Riohra rolls his eyes at the cellist and says "you asked for it, just no laughing at me" He looks over to one of the extra harpers that have a violin and whispers to them. He will grin and step up saying to the crowd at large saying "ok Folks, going to start this off. This one my grand father tough me he used to love the whiskey, he was vintner and said this was one that was taught to him."

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(Song: Barrels of Whiskey by The O'Reillys and Paddyhats)

Risali laughs for the implication that Sephany wouldn't let her do anything she'd regret, mostly because she knows what the implication is there, and so she gives it a voice: "Not alone, anyway. Things you regret are half the fun." And there's a devious smile on her lips as she returns to her drink, grey eyes on the stage and the harpers there-abouts, waggling fingers at the menfolk with their instruments as she leans sideways to hear Sephany and breathes, "Just do it." And what is her drink? A glance at the glass, a roll of shoulders that say, 'I'm not sure,' and then Risali is passing off that alarmingly strong concoction to Seph. "It's yours, if it gets you on that stage." And then she's tilting her head to glance Abbey-wards, laughing as she points at the drink she just handed off. "Get me two more of those, and point out the table, and I'll be one it." MAYBE. She's certainly disappearing from Sephany's side in order to get another one of those what-in-the-shells-ever that was before returning again, tilting her drink in a quasit toast and tapping the glass against Sephany's before taking another drink. But then Riohra is starting the music! ABANDON DRINKS! Risali's setting hers down and catching Sephany's hand to pull her out for some footwork, quick dances, totally motioning for Abigail and Inri to join them in making fools of themselves because, strangers or no, they're women, and THAT makes them an automatic sisterhood!

Leuka leans over his cello, hand reaching down and back for his glass to get one more drink before he gets busy. Grinning as the hunter steps up into the fire. "I'm the last person to laugh at someone else's singing." That's why he sticks to abusing his intruments. Bow begins to drag lightly over the strings as Riohra starts belting out an old family brewsong. Soon the tempo is lively and many feet are begining to stomp out the beat.

Abigail lifts a finger slightly as she hears Inri and is left grinning. "True… I haven't drank that much in a long time." Not that it would matter she still can drink plenty of people under the table thank you. Well, she thinks so anyway. She looks back to Risali and offers the other a grin. "Maybe wonder what is in the drink now." She lightly taps a finger against her glass in throught before the music starts and when she is getting waved over to dance? Yeah, cute.. Try harder though sweetie! The brownrider finishes her drnk and will order another.

There is definitely mischief dancing in those grey eyes of hers, a wide grin spreading over Sephany's face. "Hm," for things you regret. "Wait until I tell you what happened with—" but she doesn't finish that thought, flashing gaze and attention going to Abigail and her question. A short laugh for Inri's assessment and a quick, "That would be me!" for the 'rarely drinks, fun-loving type'. "But I will leave the table dancing to Risa…" maybe. She's quick enough to abandon the blue-and-fizzy thing for the strong-A-F thing that Risa is passing to her, though there's a suspicious look at it. "Last time I drank something you had I danced with Kohl and woke up with Tanit." Which… sounds worse than it was. And totally DOES NOT STOP her from drinking it, looking all sorts of devilish as she does so. "Woo! GO RIOHRA!" and her drink is lifted in a salute as he takes the sage and gets the party started. And then, "YES!" and strong-drink is abandoned after another quick swig as she lets Risali pull her out for a dance, already moving her feet to the beat. Tap-tap stomp-stomp, with hands in the air and head bobbing even if her long hair is currently pulled back and unable to swish. "Alright!" she concedes, grinning toward the stage with mischief and dangerous intentions as she says, "I'll do it!" that Karaoke thing, she means.

Thautseruck joins in on the strings, diving into the beat, drawing his bow passionately acriss those strings, making them sing along with. It's a rather foot stomping tune and easy enough, though a fun one at that. He's grinning at Leuka, ahh, any excuse to play is a good one for him.

At least things are starting to pick up, even if still nobody is expressing admiration for all Zhirayr's hard work arranging the remodeling. Zhirayr, meanwhile, has a fresh drink and a slightly-more-contorted pose, resting his shoulders comfortably against the wall… even though it looks like he's tied his spine in a knot in order to get them there. Maybe one of his eyebrows is dancing? Maybe he's just making faces back at his stepdaughter. Or at … anyone else who's looking at him.

"Oh, finally, good show!" Inri is clapping with utter delight as Riohra puts on a show, even if she's not familiar with or even a particular fan of the music — just because someone is doing something. Even if it is the hunter who got her an angry note from the Dolphincraft which she hasn't had a chance to speak to him about yet … she might drink enough tonight to forget about it. And then fall asleep at her desk again the next day, repeating a pattern. If there's anything Inri loves more than drinking, though, it's a good dance — which means she's very, very easy for the Xanadu goldrider to tempt into joining her on the dance floor even if they don't know each other at all. They'll be best friends by tomorrow!

As the hunter steps up to sing Eiram can't help but grin and beats out a flourish of introduction on the drum. He then pauses to let Riohra start to sing then he is quick to pick of the beat of the song and starts to play his drum to compliment it. The young lad in the flamboyent clothing looks around with a big grin on his face as he looks out over the crowd and then leans over to Leuka, not skipping a beat on his drum, "How many you reckon will sing before the night is through?"

Leuka taps bow on the strings, sawing sometimes. So far, the bow is holding up rather well, unlike the other evening. But then again, he's playing very tame, for the moment at least. Shifting his weight, he laughs at their apprentice and sorta shrug, scanning the crowd before pering to Hauser and Eiram. "Maybe a quarter of them? Minus those that end up too drunk to stand much less crawl up here. I think the bigger question is how many Thautseruck will disappear with afterwards."A huge grin is flashed before his head start bobbing with the tune once more.

"Didn't ask!" Risali tells Abigail on her way out to the floor. "I just asked for the strongest drink on the menu!" Though there's an appreciative look being fixed on Sephany in regards to drinks and the situations she found herself in after. "And I'll be it was fun, even if you can't remember it!" Because she gets the best drinks. And away they gooooo! Stomp-stomp-tap-tap, hands up! Risali claps her hands, spinning as she moves around Sephany… and Inri! Risa loops one arm through the younger weaver's and then through the older goldrider's, do-si-doing with both before she dips away with another spin and comes back with more of that foot-stomp, hand-clap action until she's grabbing a hand each and trying to get them in a circle. If they cooperate, Risali will pull them skipping, foot-stomping to the left, keeping time with the rhythm as she pulls them in a shift of bodies to go SKIPPING, foot-stomping to the right! "Go, go, go, go!" is shouted in time with the beat, encouraging the song the harpers play life into as bodies move at the behest of the beat (despite Abigail's total shut down of LADY FUN - for NOW!). Risali merely smiles at Fort's weyrsecond as she spins, brows raising in a, 'challenge accepted' kind of way, but her attention is back on Sephany. "Do it!" More encouragement!

Riohra grins and then will start singing the lyrics, it is obviously from the old earth ones as it mentions things not seen on pern. He sings lower that expected of the usual tennor hunter, more of a light bass. as he sings He will finish and grin at the others a little red faced from the song and from doing it but nothing ventured nothing gained.

The song is at an end, and he hasn't even broken out in a sweat yet. But as they are waiting for the next person up, Hauser, lightly draws the bow across the strings a soft sound, banckround noise perhaps but an underscore of the passion he feels for his music. There's a smile for Leuka "Generally only one a night, though I suppose if more wanted to join in, Ishould keep an open mind about it."

Abigail blinks as she watches Risali, Inri and Sephany. "Well then…" Is said with an amused tone. Nope this one will be the stick in the mud and stay happy where she is there at the bar. Well someone needs to keep it up right? Anyway, she has a new drink and can't risk possibly /spilling/ it. "Nice moves!" Is son heard out to the three. She is a good sport, sometimes.

"Come on, Sulktastic McShadowgasm," Taimri sticks her tongue out at Zhirayr, and no, the young teen has NOT been drinking, "Come dance with me or I will go dance with Eiram." Because they are both harper apprentices around the same age, she probably knows him even if her player sucks and hasn't brought her out in too long. But Zhirayr should be wanting to keep her away from the boys her age.

Leuka laughs at Thautserucks antics and reaches down for his drink after Riohra's song wraps up, which is empty by the time he takes another sip or two. "What? And have your sister never chase me down again? I'll pass." He waves his empty glass towards the bar, hoping someone will remedy that before too much longer. He glances to the hunter "Nice job man." Scooching to the edge of his chair, he makes slight adjustments to the cello then eyes his bow. It's not THAT frazzled yet, still got a tune or so left in it. A quick glance to Eiram "How's the hand? Still good?"

There is dancing, and stomping, and clapping, and cheering for Riohra as he totally kills it up on stage. Sephany's more than happy to cheer on her friend as she dances with her other friends, twining elbows and spinning in circles, slippered feet beating out a rhythm that cannot match the clomp and stomp of booted feet but do their best regardless. "Alright, alright!" in breathless laughter because she's had just enough alcohol to make going toward that stage terrifying. So with a final spin, a final laugh, a final *squeeze* of her arms around Risa's shoulders, she abandons her goldriding-dancer-buddies and wiggles her way through the crowd, tiny hand shot into the air as she declares, "Me! Me next!" before someone else might think to steal the show. Not that she seems to have much competition as she fights her way to the stage to arrive, panting and laughing, and flushed already, to where the Harper's are seated. There is a look in her eye, and mirrored in the way the corners of her mouth are drawing upwards, that is sinister, and deadly, and should be taken as a warning (bright, and flashing red) as Sephany leans down to whisper in Harper ears and pat on Harper shoulder's. Leuka and Thautseruck in turn before she considers Eiram and then, "Um. Yeah, I'm just going to ah…" and she takes him gently by the shoulders and TURNS HIM AROUND so that he is no longer facing her. "Just look at the wall, OK?" This doesn't bode well. Nope. Not at ALL folks. And the reason becomes exceptionally clear as music starts and vocals flow and Sephany proves that one-and-a-half drinks is all she really needs before she's totally lost all inhibition and sense of propriety as she sways and dips and moves and does things people ought not to do in a public place. Yes. Well. BLAME THE ALCOHOL OKAY? But beneath all the flash and show of hips and shoulders and dips and sways there is some sound vocals in there. The girl may not be Harper trained, but she can carry a tune.

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(song: Guys My Age by Hey Violet)

There's a snort for Leuka "Wasn't inviting you along, though if it got my sister to stop seeing you, I'll extend the invatation."The thing one does for the protection of little sisters, right?And speaking of sisters, though not is. There's a fascinated look for Sephany once she starts singing. Again, more a beat than wild playing is needed here, something to higlight the vocals, passionate undertones that reverberate through the body, to intensify and amplify the lyrics. As she sings, his opnion of her goes up several notches."

Eiram is really getting into the beat of the song as he plays the drum. While he has mostly chosen stringed instruments, it is clear someone taught him the drums. Anyone who knows his father would know that is likely where he learned it. Speaking of Ly'am is sitting at the bar, looking perhaps like an older version of the young apprentice, there is no denying they are related. While Eiram is here to support the singers it seems his dad is here to support his son's performance. When Sephany comes up to the stage Eiram grins all the wider and beats out a drum roll for the weaver apprentice. Then she is turning him around much to his surprise and then laughs, "Ok ok.." He calls out in surrender and lets himself be turned on his stool. Once she starts singing he joins in to the drum beat but eyebrows do raise as he hears the song from his friend and maybe he looks over his shoulder eyes brows raising all the higher. "Wow she can sing…" He murmurs and tilts his head slightly at the dancing, "And..wow." And back right around before he could be caught peeking. "I didn't think she could move like that.." he murmurs to Leuka, any question about his thumb ignored.

Inri is an amazing dancer, thankyouverymuch, she can move like ANYTHING. She has incredible moves. Between dancing for fun, and ice skating for fun and as much athletic seriousness as she can fit in her days, she's got it together. Of course, right now she's do-si-do-ing and swinging around and leg kicking all for fun, letting out a delighted woop and laughing. This … is not serious dancing. This is just serious fun. She will most definitely not be singing, although she does turn to clap for Sephany! And not laugh at Eiram's teenage awakening there, not at all.

Riohra grins and will try to stear clear of the dancers while he goes to get a refill of his drink before the next song starts. He will move back up to sit with the musicians and laugh as poor Eiram is getting an education in bar room music.

Leuka smiles when Sephany brazes the masses and rushes up onto the stage. He'll lean his head toward her when she bends to whisper something to him and Thautseruck. When she spin Eiram around to face the wall, he flicks his eye to Hauser, brows lifting in a silent question, 'she serious?' Resting the bow lightly over the strings, the soft sounds fill the lounge as Sephany's voice adds to the mix. After a few seconds poor Leuka glances to Thautseruck, then rolls his eyes when he knows /that/ look from his old friend very well. He plays on, foot tapping mainly for timing rather than creating more sound. Soon though, his attention wanders and he's paying closer attention to the weave than his own playing. He hasn't messed 'that' many notes. And well, if he has, tis Sephany's fault. Eiram's voice draws him from his musing and he'll snort "Don't think any of us did." And well, Leuka will go back to admiring the singer's…voice!

SEPHANY! You little minx. Risali cheers for Riohra when his song comes to an end, laughing as Sephany gives her one last hug and heads for the stage (Risali giving her a gentle push towards the limelight). And then the music starts (after innocent eyes have been averted, of course), leaving Risali looking momentarily surprised before she cheers. Alright, Seph. GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF. Risali's going to give Inri a wicked little smile because she's about to get on with her bad self - and Inri's gonna be the victim. They were stomping feet and clapping hands, but now? Now Risali's swinging her hips in time to the beat, pressing tight to Inri with a laugh as she moves her body in a way that's certainly just as not-for-public inappropriate as Sephany's show on the stage. She grabs hips, mimics that sway, and moves in time with the music, lost to a beat that bids she let all that unruly hair loose so that it can sway with her.

There is triumphant victory as the last note is sung and the last pose is, well, posed; body still as the song finishes. Grinning wide, out of breath and hair flying because there is NO WAY her pins were able to keep it in place with all of that… whatever it was she was doing up on stage, and Sephany takes a bow and blows a kiss to the crowd because she feels like it and achohol, that's why! "Thank you!" for Leuka and Thautseruk, presumably for putting up with very not-string-friendly music. And "Thank you, too," for Eiram, who she pokes in the side as she descends from the stage, a low, "I told you to look at the wall," admonishment as she leaves. Huff. But down she goes, looking a bit more flushed than previously and maybe just a *little* embarrassed as she tries to duck her head and vanish into the crowd, retreating to the bar to snag her long-forgotten drink that might not even be her drink anymore but who cares, it's a drink! There's a very ' I can't believe I did that' sort of chugging happening now, along with laughter and giddiness that comes from the high of doing something fun and exciting.

Is that an empty stage? This cannot stand! Enter Syn, stage left! She is the very picture of chaotic elegance, all black lace and leather boots and too-many layers that hint at a figure while offering nothing at all. Her hair is savage, her smile savageer, and she looks like she just might rock you. Except that, you know, she's going in the entirely wrong direction. Cross to bar. Order drink. See Sephany. Make it two. "That was delightful," the greenrider compliments as she slides the weaver a chaser for her gulped drink. "Only caught the tail end, but." Thumbs-up, only on one hand, because the other's busy putting the alcohol in the thing the alcohol goes in: her face. The tiny woman leans against the bar to consider the crowd, the musicans on stage, the dancers with an especially amused laugh and a whooping catcall for goldrider-on-goldrider action. "Save some hotness for the rest of us!," shouted because she's audacious like that, though there's no move to join them or claim any of said hotness, at present. SOON.

Who's a minx again? Would that be everyone? Perhaps it is mostly Sephany, but Inri's definitely getting into the attitude now, since she is enjoying the shells out of Risali's dancing style. She's a good mimic, so she can step into the motions and follow the improvisation, but Risa is taking the lead and Inri has noooo problem with it. Her hair's pinned up, so at least only one person is producing enough of it to smack nearby people in the face. Which is what long hair with sexy drunk (or even not so drunk) fun times groove is all about! While Inri's no singer, she's definitely letting all of her laugh out. "I — really needed a break," she admits, between giggles, even if she is also happily grinding with another goldrider in front of an audience.

Everyone pardon the fact that Inri's poses are blah because her player is already asleep and has been since before the scene started. YES, LEAVE THIS IN THE LOG.

Zhirayr has buried his face in his hands, because that is not what goldriders are supposed to do. They're supposed to save that for, you know, the days before someone takes flight, right? Surely? "I could have sworn," he mutters to anyone who's close enough to his nook to hear, without actually looking to see who that might be, "there was only alcohol in what they were serving tonight, and not anything … else." In the suggestive-and-suggestible-and-also-please-pet-me-while-I-make-poor-life-choices school of illicit substances, no doubt.

Inri just did that, Zhirayr. Did we mention Risali's dad was the one who caught?

Eiram is surely the youngest person here tonight and only by virtue of being one of the entertainers. Yep he is getting quite the education tonight on various dance forms and the dance form of a certain weaver apprentice. "She is very flexible." He finally gives as his analysis with a nod. When he is poked in the side he looks back over his shoulder and smiles innocently. "Your singing was amazing." He says sweetly and swivels back around on his still and plays a slow drumbeat as she walks away. As noone else seems to come up to the stage he looks around for a moment and catches the glance of his father at the bar and makes a gesture before moving from the musicians area to climb up on a nearby table. With his bright yellow vest and purple clothing…well he is quite hard to miss. "Look at me…" He starts to sing in his young voice that is just occasionally starting to she the crack of changing with puberty. And so the lad performs and from the Bar his father joins in halfway in to sing the counterpoint to the song. There is a theatrical quality to the song that both harpers play up on, almost a duel of words.

<OOC> Eiram says, "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxQCHmwIU6g But Eiram's voice is higher"

Drinking does not fix everything! But it's definitely a start? But maybe Sephany knows her limits by now (no. No she really does not) because she's putting her stolen drink down and… picking up the greenrider offering (told ya) with a wide-smile and twinkling eyes and general OMG THANK YOU look that says she is MUCH appreciating the gesture. "Thank you!" even if her cheeks color a bit more for the compliment that thumbs-up implies. And then there is a shout about hotness and saving some, and she simply must turn and figure out what is causing such a ruckus… and of course it is Risali! "HA! Yes! Move those hips, Risa!" because why not encourage nefarious and deviant behavior? I mean… Seph kinda-sorta started it and she's kinda-sorta-not-at-all sorry about it, either. More breathless laughing, and then dangerous-drink sipping because this is a bar, and the drink is in her hand and… well. Limits are not a thing that Sephany is currently observing.

That's probably considered sinful, Inri, even at a weyr.

Risali's head dips back when she laughs, pure delight on her features as she moves with Inri, against Inri, and Inri confides the need for a break. Luckily, the music is coming to an end, and Risali is stepping back and sinking into a curtsey as she breathes out, "Thank you for the dance," around a devious smile. But she leaves the Fortian goldrider to her giggling - kind of. She's pulling Inri along as she moves to join Sephany and Syn. The weaver's given a shoulder bump as grey eyes look her up and then down as if she's never seen her before, and there's more laughter as she makes a grab for her own drink. "Your brother is going to kill you," Risali informs her, tone and expression saying that she very much approves even if there's a Weyrleader lurking somewhere in the back there with a WHOLE LOT OF DISAPPROVAL (HE GAVE ME PERMISSION, FIGHT ME). AND THERE IS SYN. Risali bites down on her bottom lip when regardling the black-and-lace greenrider, who emerged with thumbs and booze and catcalls that Risali only addresses now. "You know there's always hotness to spare for you and the girls." But then Risali is taking a sip of her drink and pointing between Sephany and Syn. "If Sephany goes for a table, make sure it's to dance and not fall asleep on it." A beat, and Eiram is taking over! Risali catcalls for the young harper as she sets her drink down, links arms with the ladies and sways. SING IT, EIRAAAAM! LOOK AT YOOOOU! SO DEBONAIR!

Who says goldriders aren't supposed to have fun? Certainly not Thautseruck. Pull them down from those pedastels that people put them and really let them glow. Obviously, there are two goldies here who can certainly let loose, and he can certainly appreciate it. Oh, man does he appreciate it. As singing commences once more, Hauser is once again playing and there is a grin for the singing of their little bird. Way to go Eiram, you're spearin' em! He plays as he always does, with all his heart, but again the tune is simple and thus is eyes are on the dancers. Yes, there's a long slow smile there.

Inri, The Fun Weyrwoman, lets herself be ushered along as the song ends, because socializing, and GOOD THINGS THAT MAKE UP A GOOD BREAK. "This has been a most certainly excellent one. Break, I mean. More active than I'd been counting on," and there has been a lot more touching and catcalling. Very little of which involved her, but some of it did, and who can deny Syn? "Yes, there is plenty of hotness available all around for everyone." And whistling for Eiram! Thankfully not into any of the ears of the people she's standing and talking to! Also, Th'ero would never disapprove of her having fun, would he? Really? She's being nice and entertaining relations with foreign golds! "If said brother isn't here … who are we to mention it to him?" Whoever he is? She knows he's a bronzerider, uh, somewhere.

Wait, wait wait wait, you mean that Zhirayr isn't the only one lurking in the back, filled with disapproval?! Surely this means that he and Th'ero are stuck commiserating together. Or at least it means that he gave up on expressing his disapproval — in theory, all the catcalling is a form of expressing appreciation for his efforts, right? — in order to get the poor Weyrleader a drink. Probably a strong one.

Leuka drags eyes away from Sephany's performance with some effort, scanning the crowd. Eyes widen a bit at a few spots in the crowd. Yea, that's helpful, NOT! Naughty NAUGHTY weyrwomen! Might as well turn his attentin back to Sephany, so he does. But just in time for her to finish and wrap up her song it seems. Head dips her way "Very…enlightening song choice." Among other things. Watching her go for a moment, he smirks towards Eiram "And how many cracks are in that wall hmm?" A glance to the other journeyman and Leuka just gives his friend a /look/ before Eiram is pushing towards the front of the stage. Only a few seconds are needed before he's picking up the tune, countering to Thautseruck's playing for their voice cracking apprentice.

Alas, Sephany does not have enough hands to both hold her drink and clap for her friends, so she takes to stomping her foot instead, offering a high-pitched and distinctly giggly cat-call for Risa and Inri and their exuberant dancing. Mid-sip when she's joined by devious goldriders, there's a flush that races down her neck for the comment and then a rather devilish, "You don't know the half of it," that hints at something more that she hasn't confided yet. And… maybe won't confide, because there's a slide of grey eyes towards the wall that hints at, perhaps, not as much devilish mischief and amusement at the memory as one might expect. Whatever the memory might be. But the admonishment that Syn keep an eye out for Sephany claiming a table makes her laugh, loud and free and full of good spirits as she declares, "I am not going to fall asleep at a table! That was ONE TIME!" A huff, meant to be exasperated but without any weight behind it. "And somehow I survived and found my way home, so it's fine. I am fine." (famous last words). A flash of a grin, white teeth and wide-eyes, for Inri. "Nicely done!" is offered, with just a hint of playful insinuation there, a little tease toward the goldrider she doesn't really know but totally knows because they have danced together. Briefly. But her attention is quickly caught by the stage once more, a quick shout of"Oh, oh! Eiram is going!" and then a lot of excited pat-pat-pats on Risa's arm as Sephany bounces on her toes for her friend. "OOH! EIRAM! KILL IT!" There is only friendly support and total enthusiasm; she'll just ignore those little breaks in vocal cords.

Though the question bears asking, who helped Sephany home? Hmm.


As the duet finishes, Ly'am gives his song a salute from the bar and the lad salutes back before giving a bow to his adoring fans. There are bows to the ladies and the lads in the crowd and a cheeky salute for any fancy knot types he sees. Oh yes Eiram can get used to this. One last bow to his weaver friend Sephany and a wink before he looks up to the crowd again. "I will be here all sevenday!" He declares before hopping down from the able and sauntering back to the musicians corner. Well as much as young teenage boy can saunter. Looks like the boy has a bit of the showman in him that is for sure. He looks up between Hauser and Leuka as he draws his drum back into position. "I know we weren't supposed to sing but ..I couldn't resist when Da gave the signal." He admits with a nod to the bronzerider. Whatever may be said of his mother, it seems his father is in full support of his harpering ways.

Despite her player's fade-out, Inri remains here. She is part of all the fun. Until she gets sleepy-drunk and needs an escort home; at least her weyr isn't far.

"You're most welcome. Always happy to properly reward those willing to make our steward look like that," Syn trills back the weaver's way, impishness in the greenie's every inch. She doesn't look at Zhirayr, but she can feel his disapproval from here, and it very visibly delights her. Sephany is in good company, you see; Syn wouldn't much know limits if they bit her in the butt, as evidenced by the purchase of another round from the willing bartender. One for her, one for Seph, one for Risali, whom Syn is favoring with a slashing sideways smile and a wink for her rapid, goldrider-laden approach. "Brother not a fan of your," wobbly, loose-wrist hand gesture to imitate her dancing, phrase turned into a question in tone alone. There's tinkly laughter for there being hotness to spare, tiny rider biting out a quick, "I dunno, I think you pretty well monopolized it all" with a playful clack of her teeth. Inri's agreement earns the woman a sideways hug and a, "You always were my favorite goldrider." RIGHT IN FRONT OF RISA. RUDE. There's browraising and a swift survey of Sephany's entire person (what, it's clearly the cool thing to do, Risa started it) before she offers a droll, "Very well, prove it then. If the next dance's fast enough, you, me, tables." Gauntlet thrown! But then there's another performance, and Syn applauds with gusto while still retaining her drink because magic that's how.

(Syn is also EASILY Inri's favorite greenrider, let's not forget that.)

Thautseruck laughs and shakes his head "far be for us to say no you can't sing."Why stop at thumbing your nose at some traditions and not others? Bow draws lazily across the cello as he awaits the next signer up onthe stage.What wonders may be next? He's itching to be playing, but one must work with the crowd for these numbers.

<OOC> Leuka says, "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EkciLlXGN8"
(song: Joan Jett & Harley Quinn Do You Wanna Touch Me Metal Extreme)

Leuka grins around to Eiram after he's settling back to his drums. "If you feel like singing by all means sing away." He lifts his bow, gesturing to the apprentice's dad and gives a bit of a salute to the older Harper. There's a break in songs and Leuka leans to take up his glass, which thankfully has been refreshed while he was playing. He'll drain half of it easy before setting it aside and adjusting the cello, waiting for the next brave soul.

Sexy dancing, lots of touching, earning catcalls - these are definitely the best possible ways to solidify weyr-relations, even if Risali's probably got a good foot-hold in the Fort Weyr department given who fathered her Cinnamon Roll of a weyrmate. Alas, IRRELEVANT to the here and now, which is Syn, and Sephany, and our dearly departed Inri who is Syn's favorite goldrider (Risali totally gives Syn a look of mock offense, but can't argue because did you see those moves?) but not long for this awake world. Risali laughs when Sephany claims it was one time, giddy-jumps in response to Sephany's excitement, and drinks Syn's drink. Grey eyes rove up the greenrider's body, and then down, and Risali's breathing out, "I can't monopolize it all. You hold the corner market; why else do you think my baby sister is so cute?" It's NOT ILA, that's for sure. But a challenge has been issued, and Risali's laughing as she points between the women again and says, "Find your tables, ladies." Because the goldrider is setting her drink down, walking her way across the floor to pull herself up on that stage and moving among each of the harpers to lean down and whisper against their ears. Why? Because she's going to need their help for this number. Then Risali is moving her way towards the piano, settling herself on the bench and leaning forward to open the top and… start by plucking the chords inside the body of the piano? Yeah, she starts there, and then? Then she plays, of course. She's a harper; she knows what she's doing, and hopefully the men on stage can help add that little bit of umf to her chosen number. DANCE, LADIES! LET THE SEXY BEGIN!

<OOC> Risali says, "Okay, you're going to have to use imaginations, but I bullied Hausen and Leuka into helping me with these:

(song: Despacito (Piano Cover) by Peter Bence)

(Song: Despacito by 2CELLOS)

Eiram joins in with the playing with a simple drum beat that matches the plucking of the Cello and Piano strings. As the song progresses though he starts to add variations to the beat, though his gaze is really caught on the crowd and their dancing. No they do not teach THIS kind of dancing up at Harper Hall. There is a tilt of his head as one young man shows off his flexibility with the dance moves. He is definately going to try to learn that maneuver for sure. Yep, he is going need to come here more often…to play of course.

"Eiram that was awesome!" Shouted to be heard through the noise of the cavern, dissolving into delightful laughter for his little bow and cheeky grin, and general Rock-God-In-Training-Ness. And of course there is a look for Leuka, and Hauser, and a little grin that says good job and keep it up because yes. DO THE THING. Only… Oh geez. Syn is giving Sephany more encouragement (which means more grins and more pink cheeks) and MORE BOOZE which means… someone please rescue the TINY LITTLE WEAVER BEFORE SHE DIES OF ALCOHOL POISONING! Because Sephany does not seem to think anything of taking it, and sipping it, even if she's now got a drink in both hands and this cannot end well. It just… no. No good can come of this. "He probably doesn't know about my dancing," she confides with all sorts of dangerous grinning and mischievous glinting of grey eyes. "But if he did? He'd probably faint!" And it would be SO WORTH IT! "He's suffering from that abominable condition that brothers tend to have; thinking their little sisters are still little!" SO LITTLE. "Oh, oh!" for thrown gauntlets and table-top challenges, and fast songs, because, "Yes! You are on!" and there's a point towards the Harpers, and a shout to carry across the lounge. "PLAY SOMETHING FAST AND STOMPY!" Because that's a thing, right? SURE IT IS! And table-top dancing does require more alcohol, even if it may inhibit things like coordination and balance. DETAILS. Details she is very quickly going to be taking into consideration as Risali goes for the stage and sends her and Syn to their tables! Drinks down, skirt up, Sephany doesn't need to be told twice before she is skittering her way towards the first sturdy table, nevermind the drinks on it, she will dance around them! So up she goes, heedless of things like DECORUM and PROPRIETY and MANNERS or even SANITY at this point because there is music and a rhythm that demands she move and twist, and stomp and clap as she does her best to out do greenriders who are probably going to totally own her but it's OK! Sephany is free, and dizzy, and dancing, and laughing, and probably going to crash in a moment but still, she is alive right now.

Sorry SEPHANY IT IS BETTER TO BURN OUT THAN FADE AWAY…Riohra has been here the whole time, yes seen everything with so many fun stories to share with friends. He has been hiding around the bar safe from gold riders, and one very ALIVE weaver. He drinks his whiskey and makes sure the other musicians get refreshments but his own promise to a red headed Gold rider in Igen has kept him far away form the ACTION.

Well, little sisters will always be little sisters, just ask Hauser. Gotta protect them fromt he deprivations of others, like say /LEUKA!/ There's a look for his friend as he moves slowly across the cello to start. Yeah, there's no animosity there, just playful grinning. That grinning is returned to the crowd and one lass who has slipped out from the damcing and come closer to listen. Oh, he loves them groupies. There's a wink for her and a little tilt of his head. Plans for later maybe?Alas, there's a smile but a shake of her head even has a man walks up and puts his arm around her and leads her back for more dancing. No luck there. Ah, but he has his music and Thautseruck is laying into that cello like he's making love to it.

Leuka switches the bow to his free hand a moment, just so he can wiggle his fingers and shake out the cramp that may have been easing up his arm. But soon Risali's jumping onto the stage and break time is over. Canting his head towards her whisper, he listens while scanning the crowd. And shouting fromt he masses draws his attention towards Sephany encouraging something fast. A little smirk then a blink as he climbs onto a table. Well now, things just got alot more interesting. Acknowledging her demand with a signal of his bow, he peers to Hauser and Eiram after Risali takes her place at the piano. "Well this should…" he trails off, not bothering to finish as notes are plunked from the piano, Leuka begins the a cello part, plucking some strings while the other rubs bow over his, after a moment the parts switched and so on. Eiram adjust the beat and soon everyone's having a foot stomping and hand clapping tine. Leuka's grinning at the energy from the crowd, and probably very much enjoying the show from a certain pale headed weaver and another as they rise above the crowd to move with the grinding of the beat. I said the BEAT Hauser, not the Cello again…get a room you two!

Not entirely irrelevant, given the man is broodily brooding over there somewhere trying not to disown them all in one fell swoop, but Syn knows better - of Tightpants and Risali both, laughing for feigned indignance and swanning away from Inri's side to swallow the bitty goldrider up in a lace-ridden hug. "Aw, you know I'm only jokin'. We all know Cita's best." Bless her stupid probably-proddy heart. There's a grin that's all cheek for continued jest, and an only-too-egotistical, "Yeah, you're right. I'm the kingpin and you lot are my little minions in hotness," said with a sway of shoulders and a flick of haphazard blonde locks. There're hard snorts for Sephany's description of her brother and his potential for fainting, a fey madness in her eyes as she leans in and says, "Best keep it a secret until you can smack 'im in the face with it, then. Always more fun when it's a shock." Which says a lot about the kind of woman Syn is, and if that doesn't, her utterly delighted laugh for the weaver's excitement, for Risali's rise to the stage, for the selection of music with fire and beat juuust might. Where Sephany is freedom and liveliness, Syn is edges and ego, downing the rest of her drink (and maybe one of Sephany's, too) before ascending to a table like a throne, all saunter and agitated elegance. She is not so kind to the table's occupants - drinks are nudged by leatherclad toes until they're retrieved or dropped to the floor (sorry, barmaids) because there's no room for sharing in Sygni's form of dance. It's all spins and twists and hips and shoulders, some dark layer of fabric pulled loose to add a flair of scarf to the dance, energetic and wild and maybe a little calculated in the abscence of nearly enough liquor. And then there's a point right at Sephany, held long enough to hopefully garner the weaver's attention, one that promises trouble as blue eyes calculate a path and - hop, skip, apology given for trodding across someone's lap given in the form of a stooped kiss to a cheek, and then she's there on Seph's table and all up in her business, with the offering of a steadying hand to make things lots less dangerous and also much less a dance-off (because WHO CAN COMPETE WITH SEPHANY? NOBODY OKAY) and much more an invitation to bring down the roof in conjunction with the playing of entirely-too-talented harpers.

Clever strings and playful keys, a beat that she can find and own on that table, and Sephany is gone. Who is she? Maybe she is music, and fun, a light, and movement incarnate, because she is certainly not a weaver-lass concerned with things like image, or reputation. Not in this moment! There is only the freedom of swinging bodies and slinging heads, of rolling hips in lascivious ways as hands draw over her face and throat and body in a way that is DEFINITELY not for young eyes (LOOK AWAY EIRAM!). And just when the threat of wobbling, of falling, of succumbing to the dizzy-haze of alcohol becomes a real thing, THERE IS SYN to save the day with hands on hips. And OH but Seph is right there with her business all up in Syn's business until it's a lot less of a dance-off and more of an indecent display of the way two people can move in such a cramped space. So what is a little close contact between friends, right? CERTAINLY there should be no hard feelings when one of Sephany's legs is hiked up and finds Syn's waist, the better to lean in and be pressed up into her personal space (personal body, let's be real here) with laughing voice and too-bright of eyes, flushed cheeks and panting breaths that are probably felt against the greenrider's skin because there is no more space between them when Sephany decides to just go there and kiss her. And DAMN is it a kiss! There is a helluva lot more tongue and teeth going on right now that there probably ought to be. But at least it is short, (if not at all sweet) before the tiny Weaver is leaning on Syn much more for actual support and a lot less for sexy-dancing because… yeah. She's going to fall over now. "Ugh, dizzy…" leeeeeeean. "Hold me up, 'kay?" nevermind tall the draping limbs now, mkay? She doesn't weigh much. Just pass her off to whoever-the-hell got her back to her room last time.

Risali loses herself in the beat she creates at the piano, with the piano, giving up her seat so that she can stand on not-nearly-long-enough legs as she lays into the keys with her entire body. She's enthralled by the harmony they create together, exempt of rules and the impediments propriety dictates in the perennial law of inhibition. Risali is corybantic in the pursuit of tempestuous melody, discarding harper-cultivated pose as she plays. The goldrider sways hips to the rhythm they create: Eiram, Hauser, Leuka, her. Risali's head dips, concentration on her face when she pauses to lean forward and pluck more of those chords inside of the piano, as she turns the piano into another instrument like she is one of the two harpers playing a stringed instrument on stage. But the important part is that she moves, fingers fast, but unwaveringly sure of their next placement; the sound produced by one perfected by her co-harpers as Risali joins in on that foot-stomping fun by kicking the piano to produce a sound not unlike Eiram's drum. But she's still got enough sense to look up, to watch Sephany and Syn on the tables and to laugh as she returns her focus to what she's good at: making music. But it… comes to an end, because all good things must come to an end, with Risali giving up the keys to pluck chords once more and then abandon the piano for Eiram first. She'll give him a hug if he'll allow, pressing her lips to his cheek as she breathes out, "You're amazing," before abandoning him for Hauser and Leuka. The both get a smile from the goldrider, another hug if they allow her into their space, another press of lips to their cheeks in an uncharacteristic show of camaraderie and maybe the alcohol is kicking in friendliness as she breathes, "Thank you!" And she's down off of the stage, to be at the table where tiny women collude to drive the men crazy with hips and a lack personal space; with tongues, and teeth, and kisses that are indecent and all the better for it. And Risa? She's laughing, catcalling, holding out hands for both of the girls to take in the event that they need any help //down now that the music is over.

Riohra seems to have acquired a Sephany, after that kiss he has picked her up to keep her from falling down and damaging the goods. "Oh there little firecracker, lets get you to a better place" He will move her to one of the couches and lay her down so she doesn't end up nose diving off a chair or something. "Your getting better at the dancing though" he teases lightly and will sit on the edge of the couch to keep guard for a while. Risali gets a clap for her show because he is taken not dead, so he can watch some things at least.

Eiram's drumbeats certainly faulter as he sees Sephany dancing with Syn and..well..the Kiss. Wow. Yep. Education tonight. And He is Sober. HE WILL REMEMBER and she will KNOW he remembers. There is a grin as he locks that away and starts to play the drum again as Risali is finishing out the tune. He rises from the seat as Risali leans down to give him a peck on the cheek and the hug and he is returning it, "Thankee, I am having a grand time. I am glad you joined us!" He declares before sitting back down. In the break though he does start to rub at his bandaged thumb. Maybe he has gone a little too much tonight, but from the look on his face. NO REGRETS!

There is nothing in the world like watching someone so in love witht he music they are are playing, at least not in Hauser's line of thinking, and watching Risali is a most tremendous joy, watching as she makes sweet love with that piano . That is something he can understand and appreciate. As the music ends. He's silent. No light playing on the cello. No, he's savoring that song they all worked to create. And as for the hug and kiss? He's be crazy to deny himself that sweet and delectable pleasure. "My dear, I would love to play with you again," he murmurs to her in that quick hug. Oh yes, that was the stuff of dreams man. That's not one you forget. Ever. There's a grin for Leuka, yeah, they did right coming here.

Eiram looks up at the two journeyman, "Just gonna go rest the hand a bit." He motions to his father, "I will just sit over there. I will join back in if its feeling better." Nope , he doesn't want to miss out on the chaos but have to take care of his 'instruments'.

Are we human, or are we dancer? Regardless of answer, it's the we that is important to the moment, when two vastly-different but effectually-similar styles of dance collide with the sort of untamed natural phenomena as is inherent in the meeting of a volcano and a tornado: fire and flame and tempestuousness, smoke encapsulated in the twisted motion of two forms that come together to make one, a vortex of heat in the sinuous collision of slight blonde bodies, none of which reaches Syn's eyes. Those retain their cool blue (if slightly wicked) nature, alight with joy and amusement because it is fun to share in something spiritedly personal but also aggressively public, to cup the backs of raised knees and bend backwards to make it a scandalous lean without the need for it to mean anything other than what it is: two females enjoying the unfettered quality of a moment that the undeniable talents of the harper quartet have created. That it spills over into a kiss - one hell of a kiss that Syn likewise delights in and might just return with a certain lack of reservation - is not minded but rather embraced as a fitting end to an enjoyable performance on both their parts. It, like the music, must end and Syn laughs when it does, small form shifting out of a sultry dancer's embrace into much more of a supportive stance, fitting her shoulder in under Sephany's with a grinned, "Eaaasy there, Hotlips. I've got you, just don't fall. I don't feel like explainin' none of this to that brother of yours if you break your head." She gives Riohra a grateful look and a, "Thank you," for his assistance in getting Seph down off the table, dropping from it herself with a skip and a swagger and an acceptance of Risa's hand, which she uses to pull the goldrider in for a full-bodied collision of a hug. "How've I gone all this time without knowin' you could play like that?" A push of her to arm's length to survey her with pride and admirition. "You are amazing." And lest they be left out: "And so are you gentlemen. Where in Faranth's name did you come from and please say you're staying so I can buy you a drink." Because if they're leaving she won't? Doesn't seem likely, seeing as she's already backing barwards to fetch them up for distribution. "Ain't heard someone play those instruments like that in an age. I approve." There's a hand lifted for the departing Eiram, part-salute, part-wave before she's back to Risa with an arm punch. Probably still for not telling her about talents. Rude.

Leuka leans forward, plucking, tapping and sawing at the strings, all the while scanning the crowd with a huge grin. Granted his focus centers on certain tables than most others. And oh my shell! That's a vision he'll not be forgetting anytime soon, or ever. The smooch that will certainly inspire Leuka's next writing session. Shoulders lift and drop quite a bit as he sighs loud enough to probably be herd by the other Harpers on stage while giving a rueful little headshake. Poor sweaty Harper. Sometimes, being on the stage can be such a burden. Song comes to an end and he slouches back in the chair to catch his breath. Only briefly though as he stands when Risali approaches from the piana. "That was excellant. Hope we can play again soon." He'll wrap the weyrwomna in a quick hug before letting her go, then drop back into the chair. Eiram's little escape doesn't work as he planned "Hey, go get us some drinks will ya? And something to EAT!" He'll scan the crowd again before smirking over to the other Journeyman. "This is certainly an interesting posting we've wound our way into huh?" Eyeing the too frazzled bow, he drops it next to him and grabs a fresh one, in case someone else wants to brave the stage.

At least this time Tanit is not here to cart her off and try to instill valuable life lessons. No. THIS time, Riohra is the one to come to Sephany's rescue (and Syn's rescue, too, considering it was she that the little weaver decided to use as a prop to keep her upright. Thanks for not dropping her!) to cart her off of tables and toward sofas. Firecracker. Hotlips. So many nicknames tonight. But Sephany just flashes a lopsided grin to both, cheerful and not at all offended. "You're fun! Thanks!" for the dance? For the drinks? For the kiss? All of it? Maybe. "What do you mean 'better'?" she demands of Riohra, still enough in her own mind to register the sort-of-insult that was meant as a tease. But soon enough there is a couch under her, and she's leaning into it, curling up with her legs beneath her as her long skirt goes back to doing what it is SUPPOSED to be doing, cover her legs, as she leans her head against the arm and stares across the room toward the action that she is no longer part of. Oh well. She can still appreciate the view, and the music. "Good show!" This is probably for Risali, though it's debatable whether or not her voice can carry that far in the crowded lounge.

With a number like that that was just played, Hauser gets up his strength and cello is stored for the moment. "This harper is needing to go cool down a little."Or maybe heat things up a little as he jumps off the stage and heads to a sweet young thing that doesn't have a partner waiting nearby to cart her off for a dance. He'll leave Leuka to field Syn and any incoming drinks. And this player is begging off, suddenly not feeling too hot and things more food must be unearthed. Ciao! And gone.

Leuka seems to think Thautseruck's idea of a break has perfect timing. They have lost their little grasshopper for the night anyway, so he stores away his cello, tucking it safely in the hardcase and gives a bit of a stretch, loosening muscles that are complaining about being seated so long. Instead of waiting fro Eiram to bring something to drink and eat, he'll hop off the stage and wind though the crowd. Pausing here and there when he's stopped by an approving clap on the shoulder or some such thing. Hitting the bar a moment, he is soon moving on and then dropping onto the couch with Sephany and Riohra, it there's room. If not, he'll grab the nearest chair and sluch into it. "Nice job getting the crowd going Riohra. Don't think I'd heard that variation before." He takes a tilts back his cold drink and eyes Sephany, silently offering his plate of snacks to the drunk off her feet weaver. As for her song, well, he just doesn't know what to say. Nothing that wouldn't get him slapped, that's for sure.

Hauser's words are met with another smile, a breathy laugh as Risali whispers, "It'd be my pleasure," and abandons him for Leuka. Leuka who Risali responds to with an equally-breathless, "I couldn't have done it without you," before she gets herself lost in the crowd and waves to Eiram one last time as he retreats. TO THE TABLE WITH SCINTILLATING WOMEN DOING TITILLATING DANCES! Riohra saves the day for both not-quite-big-enough women and leaves Risali a Syntimate collision. Risali laughs as she wraps the greenrider in her own arms, leaning her body into the smaller woman before she's being held at arm's length and smiling around words of, "My Dad taught me." But maybe she realizes what she's said a little too late, because she tacks on an almost-hasty, "I have to go!" GO WHERE? Who knows? The punch to her arm earns a laugh, Risali punching Syn back in her arm before she hooks one arm around the greenrider's shoulders and then JUMPS! WAH-LAH! SHE'S ON HER BACK NOW! She's on Syn's back, and pointing towards Sephany and Riohra to call out, "Thank you!" for Sephany, and then, "You make sure she's okay!" For Riohra. But then GIDDY UP, SYN! OFF THE TINY WOMEN GO. Where? WHO KNOWS! Probably to drink more, and party even harder until they've done more than just forgotten their faces - they need to forget their names. Onward!

Sephany is much more stable now that she is curled into a couch and not having to rely upon her own balance to keep her upright. So much better. When Leuka joins, and offers food, well. Now she's even better. "Oh!" Quick and delighted, pushing herself upright with a shove of her hand against the side of the couch that had served as her pillow. "Thank you!" and she will just… take the whole plate. And devour it as quickly as her nimble fingers can manage while still somehow looking graceful in the process. It's a talent. "Uhhhhg," and eyes roll back as she leans against a cushion. "This is sooo good!" because it is food. And she is starving. "Bye!" is called, and coupled with enthusiastic waving of food-holding hand for the departing Risali and her Syn-Beast. An exaggerated roll of her eyes and a shouted, "I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF," which is a lie, really. But one she is going to stick too, thank you. A darker mutter of, "Why's everyone suddenly telling people to take care of me? And to make sure I'm okay? Do I not look Okay?!" GRUMP! And then more eating of Leuka's snacks. Because they are her snacks now.

Riohra grins and shakes his head at Sephany he waves to Risali and her new EPIC mount, bet you that thing has some killer bass, as they make there get away. He looks over at the harpers and calls out "And you thought people wouldn't have a good time Leuka"

Leuka blinks down to his suddenly empty hand. Didn't he have plate of snack thee a moment ago? He's pretty sure he did. Oh well. He'll grab something to eat before he finds his room. "Anytime. And THANK YOU by the way." He just grins over the fond memory he'll have now. "Nearly fell out of my chair earlier." Laughing a bit he leans back, stretching legs out, taking up more space for a few minutes. "Probably cause they thought you were gonna fall off the tables." He glances to each of the table dancers then, lifting his glass in salute and takes another drink. Tilting his head to Riohra, eyeing the man like he's nuts "I knew they would. I just figured we'd have been tossed out of the Weyr by now."

There is still a plate of snacks. It is just no longer Leuka's plate of snacks. It is Sephany's. But only because she misinterpreted his gesture and took… well. All of it, instead of only some of it. At least she is appreciating what he so unwillingly gifted her? But a few bites later, she offers it back because… apparently she is done, and looking a little ill at ease. A slight narrowing of dilated eyes toward the cello-wielding Harper, because she might be drunk but she definitely caught that tone of voice, mister. "I… what… Who says you…!" there was probably something clever in her brain, but it just doesn't seem to make it out of her mouth. So she settles for looking indignant, because it is easier than looking embarrassed, even if her cheeks are turning all sorts of bright shades of pink, creeping down her neck and into her hairline. "You just… yeah well… YOUR FACE!" Default insult. Fail. But rather than attempt any more cleverness (because it's working so well for her) she will just turn into the side of the couch and curl up once more, pouting or hiding or something that is decidedly not looking at Leuka or Riohra. "I'm never drinking again," she lies, grey eyes closing as something much less pleasant than alcohol-induced warm fuzzies washes over her. "Ugh. Just… wake me in the morning." And yup. She's out. At least it's not on a table, this time?

Riohra will laugh, at Leuka "you sir, aren't even the tip of the glacier. Wait till you meet this blue rider named Leia. Sweet girl, more fun than even you could handle I'd wager." He shakes his head when Sephany lies about not drinking but does lay his jacket from a near by peg over her, he will probably be the one to carry her back to her room too but that can be later.

Leuka eyes the plate mournfully when it's returns. Wow, two whole bites left, maybe. He'll scarf them down though, playing is hungry work. A snort to the hunter and nods agreeably. "Probably. Besides, wouldn't surprise me if Hauser's already paid her a visit." Or two or three. Brow lifts to the weaver's stumbling tirade, trying to follow where she's going in her stilted rant with a bit of difficulty. When she declares that she'll no longer drink and turns her back on them, he peers to Riohra after a few seconds and grins almost smugly. "I think she likes my face?" A little chuckle and he'll just relax there a minute before sighing and leaning forward almost grudgingly before standing. "I'm gonna go get some food. See you two later." Or more likely tomorrow or the day after.

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