Fort Weyr - Ezra's Room
Is there anything that smells *quite* like a teenage boy's room? The room that Ezra was given after his rather abrupt arrival at Fort Weyr is one that does not suit his station, but speaks to the sympathy his story brought up in people. One of the larger residential rooms, it actually consists of both a living room and a private bedroom. The rooms are not sparkling clean or spotless, but they are relatively tidy. The boy has been making an effort in trying to get over his hoarding ways. There are still piles of *stuff*, but it's stacked neatly in corners or beneath furniture. The floor is now visible and the couch, table and chairs are usable. There is also a fireplace that is kept very neat and free of ash, the smoke drawn up through a tunnel in the rock.
The bedroom has a large bed with rumpled, messy sheets and lots and lots of blankets and pillows, making a little nest for him to sleep in. The dresser and wardrobe are full of clothes, though he's made some effort to sort through it all. The rooms also have an overabundance of glowbaskets, which are placed on many of the surfaces and kept filled and bright constantly. He might be just a little afraid of the dark.

A crisp bite lingers in the air even with the morning now past and the time edging towards noon. The skies above are filled with clouds and while warm, the day certainly carries the trends and hints of autumn. Through the bowls comes a small group of riders on runner back, all of which promptly dismount and lead their mounts to the stables. A few murmured words are shared and they separate, with the youngest trudging his way through the traffic in the bowls without hesitation. He goes straight for the lower caverns, knowing the way by heart now and once he stops by the door, Rayathess lifts his hand to knock while silently hopng he's caught his brother within and not have to go hunting him down.

The greeting of Zoi's barking should be evidence enough that Ezra is within, as well as the sharp command and the silence that follows. "Who is it?"

Rayathess breathes a sigh of relief when Zoi begins to bark and Ezra's voice drifts through the door. "It's me." he says in a clear tone but just incase he adds, "Rayathess. Can I come in?" Pretty please? Never mind he's dropping in unannounced.

Click, click, click, slide (still all four locks) and then Ezra is flinging open the door, shoving Zoi aside so he can wrap his brother in a fierce embrace. Shards, he grew again didn't he? Closer to Rayathess' height now, the teen just /hugs/ him.

Rayathess grimaces while he waits for all four (really!?) locks to slide back but he's not prepared for Ezra flinging himself out through the door. "Woah!" he says, voice chuckling and startled and the younger teen would have hugged him if Rayathess hadn't twisted his body oddly. Oh, an embrace of sorts still happens but he'll wrap his arm around Ezra and sort've pin him to his side and hip while his other arm cradles the front of his body protectively. Is he hurt? Did Lyreh kick his ass again? Not feeling well? "You're getting to tall to tackle me like that, brother! Happy to see you too but can we go inside?" Pause. "And do you have a container? Something with a handle at least." Interesting request!

Ezra leans back to peer at his brother. Ever alert to change, he sees the change in posture, the different hug, and the odd request. "Come in," he says, tapping his leg to call Zoi back into the room, before he ushers Rayathess inside as well. The rooms are /clean/. Spotless. Immaculate. Zoi pads over to her bed - a new one - and turns twice before flopping down with a sigh. "Are you hurt?" Ezra asks, locking just one lock after Raya is inside, and ushering him towards the couch.

Rayathess will notice the change as well and somewhere hidden inside of him is a slight pang as he realizes how much time has passed. Ezra's growing up, no doubt Anrila is too. How it all flies by! His eyes roam the rooms, noting the differences and he can't help but whistle softly in wonder. "Quite the difference," he notes with a crooked smile and then blinks. Hurt? Looking down at himself, he realizes then how his cradled arms and posture may appear that way. So he laughs dryly. "No. But I do need that container? Please? Mine broke on the way here, stupid thing. I've got it nestled safely between my body and in my jacket but it's shardin' uncomfortable and awkward." Which explains nothing, does it? "Has nothing to do with my visit. Here on Harper business but I said I wanted to visit. The archives can wait."

Ezra blins a few times, eying his brother before he nods and goes to a cabinet where he keeps cleaning supplies, coming out with a small multi-purpose bucket, complete with handle. "What do you have?" he asks curiously, peering at his brother and noticing the changes in him as well. "Long visit?" he asks, and though he tries to phrase it casually there's no denying the longing and hope in his voice.

Rayathess eyes the multi-purpose bucket for a moment and only smirks in a smug 'you'll see' sort of way to his brother before he's finally stepping forwards. His jacket, black with dark blue trim and accents, is carefully unzipped and as if cradling something precious the older teen deposits the item into the bucket. It's bound in cloth but as Rayathess peels it back sand appears and quickly pools to fill in the gaps now that it's held in the container. Buried but now revealed is a large firelizard egg with a curious mottling to it. With ever-gentle fingers, Rayathess turns the egg very slowly to be certain it's unharmed but the shell is hard enough to endure it's odd travelling. "This." he says belatedly and backs up a step. "Was given to me but I've no use for it. Don't want another firelizard. Gren and Cervena are enough. You want it? Should hatch soon." Little does he know! "If you don't, I'll just stuff it by the hearths. Figure it's probably a bronze or brown." As for the length of his visit, Rayathess gives the answer from the expression on his face long before he says the words. There's a sadness to his eyes, which means… "No. Not this time. The day, at most. Unless I can convince them to stay the night or the weather turns. I'm sorry, Ezra."

Two Sides of a Sword Egg
Large for an egg, its mottled shell carries a diluted blue hue to it as if faded and worn by time. Along the wide and curved base, the blue turns to a drab slate grey that curve into impression of mountainous peaks. What truly catches the eye is the swath of greyish-white, also faded into the blue but arranged in a way to mimic clouds. From those clouds more mottled creams and off-whites form the shape of a hand within the clouds, gripping hard to the hilt of an erect sword that points straight up and on its tip rests a dulled crown. Two sprigs of green curve from the crown to frame the sword, one sharp edged and the other rounded with specks of white-like blossoms woven through. To the left is a faded rose of red and to the right is a pure white, as if to symbolize choice. Which side will you choose?

Ezra peers into the bucket and then grunts in surprise. "I've already got two," he says with a little frown. "Who gave it to you? I don't know…" He has two. Brown and bronze. Though he eyes that egg with a childish gleam of desire. "Maybe…" He's waffling, eying the egg. "Nice shell though," he remarks, glancing up at his brother. "Aw. Well. Can we hang out or are you doing work stuff? I have things to show you."

Rayathess shrugs his shoulders and spreads his hands in the classic 'dunno and who cares' sort of gesture. "I just came about it?" he dodges cryptically. Which may mean he won it in a wager or earned it. He's not telling! Yet. Seeing that childish gleam of desire, he snickers. "Maybe? Well… I'll stuff it in the caverns then and you can peek at it there. If it hatches and you want it, then you can nab it and if you don't, someone else will. Or it'll go wild. No harm in that." At least in his mind. "Mhm, we can hang out. At some point I need to go grab the scrolls I was sent for but that's easy work." He peers at Ezra, brow quirking. "What things?" he asks, only to smile. "How've you been anyhow?"

And all while they talk, the sort-of ignored egg gives a little twitch. Settling maybe? Nope, there's another. Followed by a muted tap, tap, tapping. Hope there's food nearby!

Ezra nods, grinning as he goes to the table to gather up some hides, returning to the couch and flopping down, spreading out the hides on the klah table. "Sure," he says, sparing a brief glance for the bucket. "Stonehaven things," he clarifies, as if there were any doubt. "Plans, ideas. These were the beasts we had there when we were kids, but I think this variety of beast would do better up there. Wooly bovines, D'ani called them. He knows a bit about them too. Can help us get good stock."

Rayathess joins Ezra on the couch and settles back against the cushions with no hint of tenseness or edginess to his posture or behaviour. He's relaxed and calm, certainly happy looking though he's thoughtful as he glances to the hides. "Huh. Wooly bovines? So you're looking to start some herds up there as trade? What else?" he asks and sounds genuinely curious. Meanwhile, not much happens in that bucket for a few minutes. Then things really get heated up and there's the tapping sound again but it's louder and much more urgent. Cracking follows and Rayathess looks up and sharply over to where they've left the egg. "Shit." he swears out loud. "Damn thing is hatching now. You got food? Anything?" Just in case?

Ezra nods, "Yeah, well. We need to sustain ourselves and D'ani says they'd do well up there. Not as fragile as what we used to have." Then the egg is rocking and Ezra pushes to his feet with a frown, swearing to echo his older brother. "Yeah," he says, grinning a bit and giving his brother an odd look. "I've always got food." It's just kept properly now, in a cupboard. Opening a cabinet door he pulls out some dried meat from a sealed tin, and walks back over, handing Rayathess a piece. "Here, just in case."

"You're not going to trade in what we used to as well?" Rayathess asks, gaze shifting away from the egg to Ezra for a moment. He frowns, "Though if the herds can tough it out… That's probably a wise venture." As for the food, the older teen can only shrug his shoulders helplessly. What? How was he to know? He waves off the offer of the dried meat. "Oh no. You keep that, I'm not wanting another firelizard. If you want the thing, you try to lure it. If we both don't want it… uh… I guess we high tail it out of here?" That'll work right? The egg bobs and bounces in it's little nest and Rayathess scoots further away from it on the couch. More of the shell crumbles away and suddenly a wing breaks through, flashing metallic. "Ha! Told you it was bron—" Now the egg splits and the hatchling wobbles out to sprawl flat on it's stomach and creeling in ravenous protest. "Gold?!" Rayathess exclaims and that sets the poor thing to creeling even louder and his eyes dart to Ezra. DO something!

Follow Your Heart Gold Hatchling
'Soft' can be one word to describe her coloring, though some may venture to say she is mellow when it comes to being gold. On the larger size for one of her kind, she is otherwise well proportioned, balanced well between graceful beauty and strength and power. Yellow-gold in pure form coats her evenly over her velvety smooth hide, crisp and clear and yet holds a warmth to it as though spun from the rising dawn. Along her sleek features and sweeping headknobs and ridges and down her lean limbs and slender tail gold gradually fades to take on a near gold-green as if tarnished by age or perhaps not yet ripened and refined. In contrast, her long tapered wings carry an almost rosy blush to them where the gold takes on a paled antiqued hue as it dusts over spars and wingsails alike. The same appears along her cheeks and along the proud curve of her neck and down over her back to fade at the base of her tail, the last of her more eye catching qualities.

Ezra nods, "Well yeah, of course we're going to open the mine again…" Then he's staring at the egg, eyes widening, and then he barks a short laugh, scrambling to his feet and /pushing/ at Rayathess. "Get her!" he hisses. "Get her get her get her!"

Talk of Stonehaven is set aside for now as the gold hatchling makes her appearance. Rayathess can only stare at Ezra, dumbfounded when the youth pushes at him. "Shards and shells, no!" he protests and shoves back at his brother, nudging him sharply. "I don't want another!" he hisses in alarm, because just then the little gold is cocking her head at him before swinging it towards Ezra. She smells food and it comes strongest from him. Wobbly, she takes her first ungainly steps and teetering on the edge of the bucket she fans her wings and utters a melodious cry. Can fire lizards whine? With dignity, of course.

Ezra squeaks at his brother. "But she's yours!" he hisses, food dangling even as he scrambles backwards, trying to push Rayathess in front of him.

Rayathess doesn't budge, digging in his heels and just fighting Ezra in his attempts of pushing him to the front. Breaking free, he dodges around the couch and well out of his sibling's reach and has the furniture between himself and the firelizard. "She's not mine!" he protests again in the same instant that the gold creels again and launches forwards. It's sloppy flying but as a newborn and new hatched baby, she does pretty darn good! Dangling food is too much temptation and she goes right for the source, which makes Ezra's arm a sudden and clawed at perched. He may have to suffer a few light scratches, but she accepts the offering and tugs it free of his grip. Om nom nom! Then she lifts her head up and begins to inspect him, nosing at his clothing and skin. Hmm. "See?" Rayathess hisses again.

Ezra yelps when the gold launches at him, and he instinctively reaches out to catch the newborn, egg wet hatching. He cradles her, not wanting to let her fall from his hold, gazing at her in rapt awe. He even remembers to let the food go, staring at her and offering another piece without thought. "Shards…"

Rayathess hangs back, watching the gold warily until it's obvious she's made her choice and he exhales heavily in relief. The gold hatchling does not protest to being cradled and even seems to welcome that protective gesture and soon begins to croon, her tail wrapping possessively yet lovingly around Ezra's wrist as she stretches up to sweetly headbutt his chin and stare up into his eyes. It's done, Impression sinks in and while not as intense as a dragon it's still felt and known. No turning back now! As for that second offer of food? It's gladly accepted as she practically hums with delight.

Ezra exhales softly, shoulders slumping at impression - the most powerful one yet, and he even groans softly at the sensation of another creature bonding with his mind. Swaying slightly, he sinks into the couch and leans back, eyes half open as he gazes at the gold - the /gold/ - in his arms as he feeds her more.

"You okay?" Comes Rayathess' voice but so very softly spoken. Not that it lessens his concern! He saw how his brother had reacted and now he's wondering if he hasn't broken his sibling somehow. "She content? Or do you need me to go get more?" At least now he's edged his way back around from behind the couch and with the firelizard safely bonded to Ezra now he peers a little closer at the creature. Suddenly he begins to chuckle and then that soon turns into gruff laughter. "A gold egg! I can't believe I didn't even clue in! And the fools who gave it out so carelessly! Ah well. Their loss, isn't it?"

Ezra looks up at his brother, awe in his eyes which are a little glassy. "I'm good," he says, a goofy grin tugging on his lips. Alpha and Stone blink in from between, the brown hissing as he finds a perch, the bronze humming in delight at the arrival of a mate. "Can you get more meat?" he asks, nodding to the pantry he keeps. Then he laughs. "Fools indeed…shards and shells, Rayathess. Golds are so /rare/…" Then there's guilt. "She should be yours though," he murmurs, even though he doesn't take his gaze away from the pale golden queen nestled across his forearm.

Rayathess snorts at the goofy look on Ezra's face and would roll his eyes too if the situation wasn't somewhat serious. A rush of air signals the arrival of two more firelizards, brown and green, who settle nearby. Obviously his, though he acknowledges them with only a brisk glance. "Yeah, sure." he mutters and steps over to the pantry and finding what is needed he gathers a generous amount before returning to the couch. Flopping to the cushions, he hands Ezra the dried meat with a smirk. "Not that rare. I'd say they're usually… reserved." At the guilt, Rayathess just frowns. "Don't. Seriously? Don't. I didn't want her. I've enough of a headache with Cervena and Gren." Though there's no mistaking he loves them in his own odd way, otherwise they'd not be faithful. "She's better off with you."

Ezra offers her more of the meat Rayathess brings, stroking his fingers along her pale spine tenderly. "They're rare," he murmurs, though more to himself than his brother at this point. "What should I call her?" he asks softly, glancing at his brother with a little grin. He nods at the acceptance of Rayathess not /wanting/ her, and snuggles her all the closer. /His/.

"Well, now you've the means to make as many little golds as you want?" Rayathess drawls in a completely flat and sarcastic tone, smirking. "Make you're own little army." Chuckling, he eyes Ezra for the slightly possessive snuggling and shaking his head he leans back against the couch. "Mhm. Hard to say? She looks almost like she's blushing or… half ripened. Like a leaf just turning it's colours." he murmurs, peering curiously at the little gold now that she's not a "threat".

Ezra laughs, rubbing his finger against her hide and glancing up at his bronze for a moment. /Hmm/. Then he laughs again. "An army of golds? Impress all of them?" He snickers at that thought. "I'd never get any peace." Looking at his queen, he nods a bit. "Blushing, yeah. Half ripened and blushing? Ha! I could call her Maiden. Or Autumn. Hmm."

"No, you wouldn't! And you'd be labelled a crazy and selfish bastard pretty fast. You do have a bartering tool now though. If she does lay a gold egg that is. They can fetch a good price or you can use it to other gains." Rayathess points out and noting the glance Ezra gives the bronze, he smiles crookedly. "I will almost pity you when she goes proddy. At least with Cervana I can ignore it." Sucks to be you! His nose wrinkles at the suggestion of 'Autumn' for a name. "Too obvious." Then he bursts out laughing. "Maiden? The poor girl. That'd almost be cruel!"

Ezra snickers, grin crooked. "I know, I know. She'll be an asset to Stonehaven, that's for sure." As will her children. Traded or sold like things. But she won't mind, right? She doesn't seem to, as she nestles deeper into Ezra's arm and front, burrowing a bit as she stretches out for her first sleep. Then the boy coughs, blushing a bit. Proddy. Ugh. Dragon queens are bad enough. "Well, what are /your/ ideas, mister Harper?" he teases.

Rayathess chuckles dryly as Ezra catches on, noting the blushing and having to keep from laughing again. See? This is another reason why he wanted nothing to do with the hatchling! "Not my firelizard," he counters back in a wise-ass tone. "I gave my two names I sort've halved and butchered from one's I've heard or read. So if I were to really think of it… I dunno. Iduna? Idun? Ceridwen?" He shrugs. "Or you can name her whatever you want. Why're you asking me anyhow?"

Ezra huffs. "Because you're my brother and you gave me her egg, idiot," he says without heat. Wise-ass = wise-ass. They're brothers. "Ceridwen? That's an interesting name…hmm. All my name ideas are like real words. I have Stone and Alpha…"

Rayathess's brows lift up high. "Gave you the egg? I didn't. I was all ready to just drop that thing in the caverns. Bet some weyrbrat would've been damn happy if had." he smirks. "You're just lucky I thought of you first cause I figured the creature was bronze." How wrong he was! But in a good way. "So find something real? That isn't… lame. For a gold anyways." Tapping his fingers against the top of the couch, he frowns heavily. "Only other name-like names I can think of are… uh, Lilja," Lily. "Isi," Deer. "Eydis," Good fortune. "and Branwen." Beautiful raven. Not that he'd know any of what the names mean if they hold any meaning to them.

Ezra smirks. "You gave her to me." It means more that way and Ezra is sentimental about many, many things. At least he's gotten rid of most of the cluttering ones. "I like Isi…and Eydis. Isis?"

Rayathess lifts his hands up, palms outwards towards his brother, in a mock display of defeat. "Fine! Fine. I gave her to you as a gift." he mutters with a crooked smirk. Satisfied? "Eh, not sure of Isis? Nice ring to it but… hmm. Predictable sounding, if that even makes any sense." Then he scoffs. "Is firelizard naming really supposed to be this sharding hard?" And is he ever swearing a lot this visit!

Ezra shrugs, "It can be. She's a queen. Queen of Stonehaven, she needs a proper name," he murmurs, rubbing her headknobs gently.

Rayathess goes quiet for a long time, brows knitted together as he mulls over his thoughts but can only shake his head. "You'd probably have to make something up, Ezra if you're looking to fit her with a name befitting a title like that. And you might be on your own for that. I can barely slog my way through composition and lyrics back at Harper Hall for a reason, you know." he muses dryly.

Ezra chuckles, giving his brother a fond look. "I'll think about it," he concludes, staring at the sleeping queen. "So how's things at the Hall? Fitting in okay?"

Rayathess blinks at the fond look and ducks his head a bit. "I'm sure you'll think of something." Sinking back into the corner of the couch, he crosses his one leg over the other and is the picture of just complete and utter casual relaxation. Something he probably hasn't done in months. "Yeah, fitting in fine. Lots to study and some of it I can grasp and others I don't. I'm going to be glad when I can drop voice as a subject. Thankfully Harper Garan is helping me or I'd be a fool for sure…"

Ezra smiles at his brother and nods. "Garan is good, then?" he asks, leaning forward a bit. "I heard a rumor he's Th'ero's dad."

"He's keeping me from failing and being a mockery of an Apprentice Harper? Yeah, I'd say he's good. You should hear some of the songs he writes and composes." Rayathess murmurs and then eyes Ezra as he leans forwards. At that tidbit of gossip, he simply laughs sharply and incredulously. "What? No. No way Garan is related to Th'ero! Where in Faranth's name did you hear that? They're like… Shells, Harper Garan doesn't behave anything like the Weyrleader."

Ezra grins, "I'd like to," he replies, and then he laughs. "Yeah, that's what I heard someone say. And then everyone else had /that/ reaction. But, I dunno. That'd be weird, wouldn't it? I heard it in the caverns. A while back, when Garan had first shown up around here."

Rayathess smirks, "You'd have to come to the Hall then. No way I'd try, I'd probably butcher it. Only things I can sing are the sad attempts I've made and that's cause they're simple." Tilting his head a bit, he frowns. "So it's all gossip then? Shouldn't put so much stock into that." Says the Harper-in-Training. Of course he'd be tsk'ing gossip! "It'd be very weird. And odd that it's not known publicly you know? Why hide that you've a Harper for a father or a son as a Weyrleader, you know? Makes no sense."

Ezra grins again. "I might! I'd like to take a trip. Be nice to get out and take a little ride. It's not that far." Then he shrugs, grin crooked. "Of course it's all gossip. But interesting gossip. Fun to think about it huh?" But then he shrugs, rubbing his queen's back gently. "I'm sure I'll think up the perfect name for her."

"Why don't you come back with me?" Rayathess asks but is careful to keep his tone nonchalant. "The runner I have is a brute of a thing, I don't think he'd mind a second or I'm sure the Weyr would let you take one of their mounts?" Right? As for the fun of gossip, he shakes his head and smirks. "Gossip can be hurtful and damaging too. But… it'd be odd to think I am being instructed by the Weyrleader's father. How do you even broach a topic like that?" Back to the gold firelizard, he chuckles. "Oh, I've no doubt. Just so long as you don't call her Goldie."

Ezra perks up a bit. "You think they'd let me? I'm sure I could borrow one of the weyr's runners…they've let me in the past." Then he shrugs. "I wouldn't bring it up. What if it's wrong? What if it's right? No, either way you lose in that scenerio." Then he laughs, pushing to his feet and gently setting the gold on the couch. She stretches out with a sigh and then curls up happily. "Maybe Cala. That's a nice name…"

Rayathess peers at his brother. "You're considered holder to Stonehaven, Ezra. They'd not mind it if you came to visit with me tonight. I've no classes since I'm here today and tomorrow I start later." He shrugs. "Besides, if there is issue we'll just go to Garan to be sure. Maybe you can test your theory." Eyeing the gold, the older teen relaxes once she settles again before looking up curiously at Ezra. "Cala? Cala. Yeah, that suits her. Nice ring too. Simple but unique."

Ezra coughs softly. "Well…yeah, I guess." He continues to forget what his position /means/, even if he never forgets that he has it. "I'm not testing my theory," he says with a laugh, vanishing into the bedroom to throw some clothes into an overnight bag.

Rayathess won't let Ezra forget, at least not for very long. "Why not? You seemed pretty eager about it a moment ago," he mutters as he stretches out on the couch, careful not to disturb little Cala. "You're going to have to come with me to the archives for a bit too. I've still that duty to preform." Judging from his tone, he's not entirely thrilled.

Ezra shrugs, exiting the bedroom with his Stonehaven jacket draped over the bag he holds the handles of. Setting it down on his desk, he opens a few drawers and tosses a few other things into the bag, including jars of oil. "Sure, whatever you need to do. I'm excited for a break and to get out of here for a while. Let me just send a note to D'ani, too…" And for this he uses Alpha. Each of his firelizards carry some of the personality he had at the time of impression. Which is why Stone is reclusive and angry, and Alpha more reliable and compassionate. Faranth only knows how Cala's personality will develop.

Rayathess blinks, "When was the last time you went outside of the Weyr?" he asks curiously and when it seems as though Ezra is coming close to finishing with packing, he pushes to his feet and readjusts his jacket. He notes how well behaved Alpha is on taking commands and nods, though he seems to have more questions for his younger brother. "D'ani could always come too, if you ever wanted to visit and he offered transport."

Ezra has to think for a moment before he chuckles ruefully and shrugs. "It's been sevendays." Hence his fidgiting. Slinging the bag over his shoulder, he bends to gently scoop up Cala into the crook of his arm. "I'll mention that to him," he says. "Zoi, come." The canine moves off her bed and pads over, tail wagging slowly. "She could use the long walk too."

Rayathess adjusts his jacket and sets it to right now that he isn't carrying that egg any longer. Walking to Ezra's side, he frowns briefly when Zoi is called and after careful thought he nods. "She'll have to be kept in the stables… Is that alright?" he asks, gesturing for Ezra to lead on. They both know where the archives are in the Weyr and while Rayathess isn't so eager to get there, he knows it must be done.

Ezra looks a bit surprised. "She will?" But he gazes at his faithful and beloved canine, reaching out to ruffle her ears as they leave and he locks the door behind them. "Sure, she'll be fine in there." He's not going there without her!

"This is the Hall, Ezra. They don't allow the canines in the corridors. In fact, you may be their first guest with a canine in a long, long time." Rayathess muses. "She'll be well tended to though. You've nothing to fear about that." He'll make sure of it. "Come on, lets get this over and done with. The ride isn't long but it's miserable if the weather turns on us." With that, he'll lead his younger brother with him to the archives where in no time at all, he'll find the scrolls he needs and after reassuring the archivist that they will be returned in pristine condition, he leaves to find and meet up with the Journeymen he arrived with. The next surprise may come when Rayathess' runner is led out for him to stow the scrolls in. The stallion is clearly well bred and probably of a quite costly bloodline, but it's his colouring that catches the eye. Steel grey with dark black points and a mottled coat in the reverse dapple pattern, he's a fine mount and probably set Rayathess back a good deal of marks. But it's his and he mounts up, settling comfortably into the saddle. "Ready?" He'll call to his brother and with the Journeymen in the lead, they'll set off towards Harper Hall.