Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

The afternoon certainly feels more like autumn than it does summer. This must be a preview of what is to come in the later months. A chill rain falls in drips and drabs, light enough that it ensures everything outside will eventually be wet if left out long enough. Sometimes the sun manages to break through but the light is weak. Those who have to work outside certainly have the short end of the stick but duty is duty and work has to be done no matter what the weather! In the caverns, the tables are still relatively empty with most of the activity coming from the drudges cleaning and sweeping and the kitchen workers preparing the serving tables for the dinner rush. It's peaceful and quiet but that is soon disrupted by the arrival of one muddy and rain dampened Weyrleader. Not exactly soaked, but he's wet and from his glowering expression he's miserable along with it. If that wasn't bad enough, he seems to be dragging in half the forest with him as he stomps his way over to a prime seat by the hearths. Bits of mud, leaves and other plant debris cover his flight leathers or are left in his wake on the floor, much to the dismay of the drudges. He settles heavily into a chair and promptly signals one of the kitchen workers over (though they linger as far as is possibly polite) and puts in an order for drink and food.

Yhri is lucky enough to be cooped up indoors due to her own duties as the primary attache of the Computer Craft at Fort Weyr. She makes her way up from the bowels of the Weyr, carrying her portable system with her and a chunk scrolls in the other, trundling into the living caverns with much more confidence than her miniature stature might otherwise convey. Thanks to the sparsely populated confines, she's able to spot the sodden Weyrleader by the heath and slides that direction, soon parking her baggage on the table with a soft whump and nodding to him. "Do I even dare ask what you were up to?" A beat. "Sir." Just in case it matters to him.

Abigail peers up as she hears Yhri, a curious glance is sent towards Th'ero and she watches for a few moments. "I wouldn't if I was ye Yhri." This said with an amused tone. She has been inside most of the day of herself and is sitting next to the hearth that the weyrleader happens to wander over too. She just got a new mug of hot klah in hand, and without a thought offers it to Th'ero. "Want something warm to drink sir?"

It's not from the direction of the outside that brings Anique into the caverns but instead she's coming in from the lower caverns. From the braided wet hair that trails down her back she's evidently been soaking in the hot springs. Black boot lace up mid-way up her calf and tucked into the boots are sleek, yet tight brown pants. Clearly custom made the pants hug tight to her legs, showing off all the muscles that have come with weyrlinghood. A flashy bright gold tunic has embroidered across the back an outline of a green dragon, the buttons along her front are also bright green. Tieing back the braided hair is a gold ribbon. Upon her expression she's…flirting? Possibly. Passing by a Wingrider from Roc she leans over his table with a bat of her lashes. "If this seat is still empty after I get some food maybe I'll join you!" uh…weird. She saunters away with her steps leading up towards where the food is laid out.

Is Yhri so certain about placing her baggage on the table so close to the Weyrleader? In his state, who knows how much of… whatever it is coating him may find its way over. Th'ero levels the brownrider with a look and then smirks. Not so much for the lack of 'sir', as that formality does not quite matter to him. This is more along the lines of a 'casual' gathering in his mind. "S'alright, Abigail." he mutters to Thunderbird's Wingsecond. "Simply put, Yhri, I was out in the wilds for one of the Weyrling's tests — N'an's, actually." Judging from his tone, it didn't go well. Who needs his tone though to put two and two together? Just one look at him says enough. He waves off Abigail's offer of klah and smiles vaguely and crookedly. "No thanks. I had one of the kitchen workers go fetch some cider and food." Which should be arriving shortly! But when he goes to sneak a glance, his dark eyes fall on something else entirely. A certain Weyrling who almost has the Weyrleader downright staring in blank incredulousness. Uh. "… is that Anique?" he mutters to Yhri and Abigail.

"Maybe not," Yhri acknowledges Abigail with a certain lilt of amusement. "But clearly I live dangerously." Anique gets a long look, the brownrider blinking slowly. "Uh-huh…" she drawls out with a hint of that 'oh, stones and shards' air to it. Well, back to the Weyrleader and all with her attention span. "Ouch." She winces in sympathy as her mind's eye paints a clear picture, perhaps with some help from Cikitsakath. "My condolences." A second glance at Anique gains her nod. "Or a very sultry double."

Abigail ponders still while just peering at Th'ero, a soft ah escaping her and she nods, a soft smile seen. "I take it that N'an didn't do that… Well?" She questions with a curious tone as she ponders what may or may not have happened out on that test. "At least ye all made it back before it got to late." A grin si sent to Yhri and she chuckles a bit. "I'm not to surprised over that actually." This said to the other brownrider. Taking a sip from her mug she looks up and towards Anique, curiously watching her a few moments, a soft ah escapes her and there is a slight pause. "Aye… I do believe so…"

It's Anique and in the flesh? At least it's not a low-cut dress that she sports? It's a tough choice, choosing what to eat. Nibbling on a fingernail as she looks over the selection she seems oblivious to the looks she's getting. Or is she? Finally choosing just a red fruit she turns but isn't heading over to her new friend from Roc wing just yet. Something else has caught her eye. Maybe a few someones. She approaches the small group that's near Th'ero and it's only last second that she remembers to salute. In a sexy, sleek way. However one can do that. "G'evenig…Oh sir…you look all wet!" is said worriedly to the Weyrleader/

"That's what you consider dangerously? Placing… whatever that is," Th'ero flicks a hand towards what could be the portable device and when he does, a leaf dislodges itself to drift to the table. See? "… close to mud?" At the sympathy, the Weyrleader's smirk only broadens and he shifts on the chair, glancing down to only find a clump of burrs latched on to the hem of his jacket. With a sigh, he begins to meticulously pick them off. It also gives him an excuse not to look at Anique or her possible sultry double, as Yhri cleverly puts it. "Oh, N'an passed. But he passed in his style. You know how he and his blue Zleeth are. If they're not trundling along and dragging their asses, they're a chaotic mess of energy. They make it work but…" It's a sight to see, apparently. Was Th'ero in the way or something? "You're not surprised?" he drawls to Abigail and looks up just enough to give her a narrowed look. Some warning would be nice? Pick, pick, pick go his fingers to those burrs and suddenly Anique is there. He starts a bit and the last few burrs he was working are flicked, most going to the floor, the others pinging away somewhere. Someone else's problem now! "Evening, Anique." Th'ero drawls in an even tone as he looks up, his expression completely deadpanned and neutral. Even with that salute. Cough. Eyes dart to the two brownriders as he goes on to add, "Yes, I am. It's raining outside and I was supervising N'an's test."

Grinning, Yhri arranges her portable computer by a chair, opening the lid and deftly brushing away nature's gifts courtesy of Th'ero. "Actually they're fairly durable and liquid resistant, so I don't think a few muddy smudges will ruin them." She chuckles and then takes a good long glance at Anique, lips pursing. "Good afternoon, Anique," the Journeyman offers before shuffling over to the table to fetch something potable for herself, taking her time to scan the table. An excuse to avoid the proddy rider? Maaaaaaaybe.

Abigail sends a curious glance back to Th'ero and she tilts her head. "That.. Yhri likes to live dangerously? Nope not in the least." As for the rest there is a slight shake of her head. "That's too bad with N'an, good that he passed but still." There is a pause and she catches that look from Th'ero, a questionable one is sent back towards him and she blinks twice trying to follow it seems. There is a moment where she goes about sipping from her mug before Anique is there, she sputters slightly, a faint cough escaping her at what is said and she lets her gaze flick to Anique. "Hello Anique." She will let her keep the attention on Th'ero though if at all possible! At the glance from the Weyrleader a slight shrug is caught but that is all. Don't look at her!

"Oh I am so glad to hear that N'an passed his trials!" gushes Anique as she smoothly slides into a chair. What do you mean don't look at her? Isn't she fabulous? Much like the way that Typriaeth seeks to gain attention of males, Anique seems to be subconsciously doing the same. "Don't let me interrupt your conversation though!" she says hastily before she bites into her juicy red fruit. "They should bring you a towel!" she continues to worry over the wet Weyrleader. Lucky him? "You don't want Kimmi to be mad at you do you?" she asks with a bit of a pout to her lips.

Th'ero's gaze drops again but this time it's to curiously inspect that portable computer Yhri has so deftly rid of the leaves left by the Weyrleader. "Liquid resistant, hmm? To what amount?" he asks curiously. Or is he planning to steal it away and toss it into the lake for his own personal observation? Not that he'd ever do anything so cruel, but he knows so very little about technology and isn't ashamed of it. "Oh, no I meant…" Something else. Clearly the Weyrleader misunderstood or misheard Abigail which isn't too big of a surprise, given his mind is a bit preoccupied. Lots of discussion, possible proddy Weyrling focusing her attention on him… yep. Preoccupied. "Be thankful you weren't there, Abigail. Though I know M'icha is still looking for help with S'ki and Marin's. Yhri, you're always welcome to volunteer too…" That he calls to the brownrider, as she's already moving away. Hey! Don't leave them here with Anique! Not fair. Glancing back to the green Weyrling, Th'ero will nod her head when she gushes about her fellow Weyrling. Now she's sliding into a chair and he seems to sink further into his and he's back to inspecting his jacket for more burrs. "I'm fine, thank you, Anique. And Kimmila would not be mad or protest over my damp clothes…" Wait. That sounded bad. Let's try that again? "She won't be mad." Cough. Moving on! "How's the final stretch of your training been?" Safe topics!

Maybe Yhri is just a little too clever to fall for Th'ero's tricks? Or maybe she just has fortunate timing in her wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimey way. Regardless, she returns with a mug of extra strong klah and a sweet-roll to accompany it, not quite ready for dinner just yet. "Well, spills for certain assuming you quickly dry it off. We haven't done any submersion testing yet because we can't really afford to waste the parts." She takes a bite and plops down into the chair, compensating for the beverage sloshing and preventing the practically foretold spill from occurring. "And what are you volunteering me for?" comes the question with a quirked eyebrow.

Abigail glances to the portable computer pondering how wet it could get herself it seems. Seems the idea of dunking it in water is getting shared by a few riders here at the moment! As for Th'ero misunderstanding or, or mishearing her she won't linger on such things, or even comment on them. As for now her gaze flicks up to Anique as the other settles down upon a seat. Well this could get interesting quickly. She is going her best to sip at her drink and ignore what could or could not be about to happen here. That is until Th'ero comments about other tests needing to be done. "No no, ye all already had me out in a hole in the middle of nowhere. So it's Yhri's turn in my book." This said while she grins a bit.

"It is….good." drawls out Anique slowly. Now she notices Yhri as she returns with a mug and a sweet roll. "Oh those are simply the best aren't they?" Anique is simply all over the place tonight! Leaning back in her chair she lets her gaze drift over Th'ero. Oy if she remembers this she's going to be good and embarrassed. "Will you be doing my final test as well?" her fruit finished the juices are licked off slowly from each finger. Abigail's remarks draw a curious look from Anique though. "You were out in a hole? For who's test?"

Well that earns a quirk of a brow from Th'ero. "Can't afford? Just how expensive are the parts to these things?" he asks Yhri upon her return. Things. Not a computer. Thing! Seems his vocabulary is shot for the afternoon too. Just then his meal arrives, the server once again quick in setting in down and careful not to get too close to the Weyrleader. Once she's gone, he goes right for the mug of mulled cider and takes a good long swig of it. Setting it down and swallowing, he will only give Yhri a lingering look and a smirk before he's snagging the bread bowl filled with a hot and hearty looking stew. "Depends if you agree or not. Not necessary, really." he says between bites and then snorts, shooting Abigail a look. "It wasn't that bad, was it? I mean, M'icha did leave out the tunnel snakes." Doesn't that sound pleasant? "It's for the Weyrlings, Yhri. Final tests. Trying something different with this bunch, see if it won't stick for future clutches. Those that pass get their Senior Weyrling rank and are just that much closer to being tapped…" Fun times! Th'ero will eye Anique again when she drawls her reply out slowly and then breathes a sigh of relief when the Weyrling's attention seems to drift only to then come back to him. "It could be?" he drawls and then hastily tucks back into his food.

"Oh, you're volunteering me now?" Yhri twists to stare at Abigail but fails to be particularly intimidating with her quirked eyebrow and half smirking expression. She's trying not to smirk, seriously, but it's too amusing not to! Greenrider gets a bit of her attention, though it's shared with the sweetroll that gets dipped in her klah and then bitten into. "Th' bes'!" the computer-crafter agrees with a small spray of crumbs. Oops. masticating ensues with closed lips now. Om nom nom. Upon swallowing she answers the Weyrleader's question: "It depends on the components you want to use, honestly. On average, a basic machine for your desk will usually cost a handful of marks. The portable ones about double, just due to the tiny components." She shrugs. "I probably could convince them to try but mostly we just can't keep up with the demand, so we can't waste the parts." Another dunk and chomp while she listens to his explanation. "Do I get to pick said test?" This seems important.

"It could have be worse I'm sure with the tunnel snakes. Which I'm rather glad M'icha didn't add them in!" Abigail offers with a slight shake of her head at the idea of such things. She glances back to Yhri and hums softly at the bit on things dealing with the computer. "I don't do well with stuff like that. I don't use 'em unless I have too." Hearing Yhri, a faint grin is sent towards the other brownrider. "Me? I'd never do such a thing." Alright, so maybe she did! Her gaze flicks back to Anique, there is a pause before she smiles. "I helped with So'l's test actually. He passed with flying colors."

There is a knowing smile from Anique as Abigail says whose test it was she helped with. "Ahha! Wonderful." another grin. Then it's back to Th'ero. Poor man. She gives him simpering eyes. "Will you hide down in a hole for my test? I know my and Typriaeth's training will help me find you."

Volunteered or volun-told? Could be both. "I don't have one for my desk. Prefer good old hide or paper and a writing tool. Don't trust machines," Th'ero admits with a shrug of his shoulders. He's a traditionalist, what can he say? At least he's not as insanely strict and behind the times as some may be. "But I am curious as to how smaller parts mean higher price. Small means less material, no?" Please explain this logic? He peers curiously at Yhri and then chuckles dryly. "Yes and no? The tests are a bit of a surprise. You'd not know the details until the morning, maybe the night before. Such in the case of Abigail… since she had to go with Kyzen." To Abigail, Th'ero only grins. "You're welcome. We figured it'd be a bit much…" Just a bit. They're looking to test the Weyrlings, not kill them. He reaches for his mulled cider then, takes a good long sip of it and promptly coughs it back. Choking, he just levels Anique with a look and it's probably not the one she's seeking. "Ah, no?" he manages to say between coughs. "Each test is different Anique. Yours might not have the same elements."

"Kyzen?" comes Kimmila's query as she makes her way in, warm and dry, from the staircase. "What's he done this time?" she asks, claiming a seat at their table and peering at Th'ero. "What dragged you through the woods?" she asks, a little grin on her lips before she glances around at the others with nods of greeting, and a salute for Abigail. The wingsecond gets a salute, but the weyrleader does not. Leaning over, she even reaches up to try and pull a burr out of his curls. Gaze lands on Anique for a moment, brows lift, and then she just grins. "Nice outfit."

"Uh, huh." Abigail gets a slightly suspicious — all thought playful — glance from Yhri. "Riiiight." Anique just gets…. a blink. A long, slow blink with lots of 'what in Faranth's name?' expression thrown in for emphasis. O-kay then. Turning away the Weyrleader gets her attention again. "I don't know why people think machines are so untrustworthy. They just do what they're told without malice or mischief." Headshake and then the sweetroll is in the klah again, soaking up the spicy warmth for her nibbling pleasure. "Well, maybe I can." Her tone attempts to be casual but just sounds a bit off with that hint of dread. "Hi Kimmila." Half-eaten sweetroll is waved at her.

Any talk of that portable computer simply goes over Anique's head as her focus is mainly on Th'ero and only him. A pout is seen as he denies the possibility of him being in a hole waiting to be discovered by her and the green. Too bad! Anything the brown riders say unfortunately goes straight over her head. With a heavy sigh she pushes to her feet. "A shame that I won't be rescuing you but I am sure my tests will be quite the sight to see for my Typriaeth is talented you know.." speaking of whom…her eyes unfocus. "She's awake and needing more oil." Kimmilia's entrance and compliment is noted with a wide smile. "Ah, Kimmila! Thank you so much. It's custom made." she winks as she saunters past. It is with some relieve perhaps that the weyrling is on her way out!

Abigail peers at Anique and chuckles a touch. She ponders for a few moments before there is a slight shrug. "Yeah it wasn' that bad really." There is a pause as she hears that bit about Th'ero helping with Anique's test, and in a hole non the less. No… comment…. She coughs a few moments and sends a glance o Kimmila. There is a smile and nod seen. "Hey Kimmila." A slight wave is sent after Anique. "I hsould get going as well. Need to get a few things done actually." She picks up her mug of klah and with a slight wave she is slipping off herself it seems.

Because the perfectly harmless technology may jump up and bite him! At any moment! Th'ero's dislike of it is mostly just out of sheer ignorance and part preference. At least he hasn't gone completely off his rocker and sought to rip out all technological advances from Fort? Even the Weyrleader has to admit that having lights is a nice thing. "I don't mean to be insulting, Yhri. Just saying that technology and I don't always… agree." At her sort-of agreement, Th'ero grins crookedly. "You can always speak to M'icha about it. S'ki and Marin's tests aren't… too intensive. Maybe you could help with Anique's?" No really, she probably could! That totally wasn't Th'ero trying to pawn the brownrider off. Nope. Another voice has him sitting up to twist, only to flinch slightly when Kimmila pulls a burr out from his curls. "Really?" he grumbles, scowling at the offending thing before looking up at her with a too-happy smile. "Kyzen played a part in So'l's test. So did Abigail. As for what did this?" He gestures to his wet and muddy clothing. "You've N'an and Zleeth to thank for that." Anique is sauntering out then and Th'ero does exhale in obvious relief. "Never have I wished that a green would just rise already." he mutters and grumbles, though manages a polite enough farewell for Abigail as well. "Going to sit?" he drawls to Kimmila. It's safe now!

Kimmila does indeed sit, and pick more burs out of her weyrmate's hair. "He helped with the test? How did that go? Hi, Yhri," she adds with a little smile. "I was big into technology when I was younger," she admits, "but then I found it was more of a hinderance than a help. A distraction…so what part did Kyzen play?" Eyes flick to the exit and she laughs. "Yeah, me too…maybe Velokraeth can coax her into it." That…she's joking, right?

Yhri seems relieved as Anique departs. In fact, it seems to return some focus to her and she finally answers the Weyrleader's earlier question. "Smaller parts means more time has to be invested in making and assembling them, actually, hence the cost being more." Pastry is dipped again into the klah mug, leaving a few crumbs behind to float like lost seamen. She gnaws at it and gives Abigail a parting not, mouth somewhat preoccupied. "Well, have M'icha pass word along to Cikitsakath and we'll see what we can work out." Why the shells not, eh?
She may regret agreeing to volunteer or maybe it will be all good fun! One never, ever knows. Especially with M'icha more or less in charge of things. Th'ero will probably try to keep Yhri from being thrown into a pit or something "dangerous". As the logic of small parts versus cost is explained, he frowns as he tries to grasp the concept. "Suppose that makes sense," he mumbles, only to hiss slightly through his teeth when Kimmila finds more burrs and picks them out. "And I'll let the Weyrlingmaster know." he finishes, only to reach for the bread bowl and the now warm stew. He'll answer Kimmila between mouthfuls, not about to lose all his manners in one afternoon. "We had Abigail put in a hole for So'l to rescue. Kyzen was left in a clearing as a "lost" child. Not that he was ever alone." Th'ero made certain of that. "So'l did well. Most of the Weyrlings have so far." As for Velokraeth, that comment has him snorting and almost choking again. "Kimmila!" he chides with a smirk. One that swiftly changes to a grimace as he sighs. "…he's probably lurking somewhere close by as we speak. Might explain why he's not in his wallow. Faranth help us all, but he probably triggered her. He's been wooing every green he can coax. He even got Ziasath to fawn over Sharuth!" Shaking his head, he peers sidelong at Yhri. "Is Cikitsakath flirty? Shards, some times I wonder if I'm cursed…" Mutter grumble. Fidgeting, he's plucking at his damp clothes irritably and then he's pushing back his chair, rising to his feet and reaching for Kimmila's hand in the process. "I need to get into some dry, clean clothes. If you'll excuse us, Yhri? Ah… hope the rest of your afternoon goes well. And perhaps we will cross paths again, if you do decide to help with the remaining weyrling tests." Th'ero will linger long enough for her reply before dipping his head in a polite farewell and then he's walking briskly away.