Who Thautseruck, Sephany, Eiram, Leuka, S'ndri, Risali, D'lei
What Deviant Harpers inspire LOTS OF DANCING.
When Autumn - Day 21 of Month 9 of Turn 2714
Where Shenanigan's Lounge


Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge

The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.

//Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe. //

Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

It's a quiet evening. Not. Though there's not a lot of people in Shenanigan's at the moment, it certainly isn't quiet. Hauser is currently tuning his Cello and playing little diddies on it, while some people sit around and drink or play games.All sorts. Nothing serious being played pretty much. Least not yet by any means.

How long Sephany has been lurking over there, on a sofa, curled up with a mug of something warm, is debatable. She certainly looks as though she hasn't moved in a while. There's a small sketchbook in one hand, a pencil in the other, a few papers scattered around within easy reach and close enough not to be invading anyone else's space. At the moment, she's chewing on the end of that pencil in a thoughtful manner, brows furrowed as she considers whatever it is she's working on.

Leuka isn't playing at the moment. Instead, the Journeyman is stuffing his face. Gotta rebuild his energy if he's gonna entertain the masses afterall. Bite by bite the man works on devouring a nice thick juicy steak while his fellow Harper tunes his cello and fills the tavern with lively tunes. He's sitting near the other celloist, his own instrument not too far, still stowed in the hardcase while Leuka finishes his meal.

So perhaps Eiram is not supposed to drink here, but noone said anything about performing here. The little harper comes into the tavern with his instrument bag hanging from one shoulder. He at least ate before he arrived, well mostly to avoid odd looks at the bar. Especially one he can barely see over. He gives a wave to the Journeymen harpers but pauses by the more familiar weaver first. "What you working on Seph?" he asks in a curious tone.

Thautseruck segues into a soft ballad, but not one of the more traditional scores. No this one is fraught with a thousand variations. Okay, maybe not quite that many. But it's an intrivate piece non the less. There's a mischievous grin tossed Leuka's way. He's not played this particular score out in public yet. He's waiting for Leuka to step up his A game. Course, as he plays there's a glance out towards the two apprentices.Perhaps that's why he ends up merging into a little love tune as well. He's mixing the ballads!Gasp!

A murmur, a mutter, a little mark to the page… and then Sephany lifts her head at the familiar voice, flashing a quick grin towards Eiram. "Your bag," she tells him, twisting her sketchbook around to show him the progress she's made. It's not much, but there are several little sketches of various designs. She sets it to the side, unwinding her legs from the seat so that she can stretch; arms over her head, shoulders rolling. The kind of stretch that says she's been sitting still for far too long. "What time is it?" she wonders, glancing around at the already-crowded lounge as if just realizing she's not alone. And with this new awareness, the melody catches her ear; a quick glance finds the Harpers at play (well, the one anyways), head tilted as she tries to ascertain the tune.

Leuka doesn't take forever in eating, just long enough to actually enjoy each bit of the perfectly seasoned and cook slab o meat. He does slide his eyes over to the other Journeyman when he recognizes the untried tune. Well in public anyway. An amused snort as he pushes his plate away and scooches his chair from the table. A few minutes and he is settled with his own cello, very little retuning needed. He'll let Thautseruck finish the current melody he was already playing and scans the growing crowd. Notcing a few friendly faces, he lifts his bow in greeting, mainly to Sephany and Eiram if they happen to peer his way. A 'get over here' gesture towards the young apprentice musician. When the currant tune draws to an end, he gives an eye roll and smirks to his friend "Remember when I first played a variation of that? Sada followed me around for a whole sevenday." Smirking rather smugly, Leuka quickly draws bow over the strings and launches into something alot more lively.

S'ndri is a free man baby! And what does S'ndri do with his newfound freedom but head off toward Fort. After landing and getting the straps off of his blue and storing them someplace safe and sending Cenvath off to socialize with the other dragons he made his way into the living caverns, and found them mostly deserted. Huh. Though he did hear sounds coming from the pub that is usually busy enough. The computercrafter pokes his head inside and finds PEOPLE! And MUSIC! YES!!! Party party party! Being as he doesn't spend all that much time at snowy Fort he doesn't know all that many people sitting around the tables, but that has never stopped him from socializing before and it won't stop him tonight either. As his gaze swings round the room he stops on the two musicans. He hasn't heard them before but the tunes they are playing sound good. Then it shifts to Eiram. Nope not met the young man before, though the gal he is talking to he has seen before. She came to the bonfire not all that long ago. He'll start his party there. He strides over toward Eiram and Sephany and speaks up, "How is the evening treating you both?"

Eiram sits on the arm of the couch and looks over the sketches as she shows them to him. "I knew I could count on you for this. To say I have a Sephany original once you get all famous will make people all jealous of me." He says with a grin at his friend. The change in tone of the musicians is not lost the lad and he looks up and rolls his eyes. "We ain't like that." He says with a wave of his hand at Thautseruck but notices the gesture from Leuka and nods, "Just a moment." He looks back to Sephany, "But seriously thanks for doing this.." Then there is a bluerider talking to him and he grins at the man, "Musically!" He responds and bows before heading over to where the others are playing. He finds himself a stool and pulls a lyre out of his bag and sets to tuning it.

"Yeah, and I remember the limp you had for some time afterwards." Thautseruck replies with a grin. Yes, he's all for protecting his sisters virture. Even if accidently knocking over something onto a foot was the means.Hey. It works. Right? Still as new tune is launched, Hauser is quick to join in. Nothing like adding al ittle oomph to things. His eye's track S'ndri as the man comes in and starts fraternizing with teh apprentice. Come on Eiram, show him who's more a man?

Sephany laughs, cheerful and bright. "I don't know about that…" for having a 'sephany original'. "But I am happy to do this for you." But as music plays, and tempos increase, there is no more interest in sketches or projects. Delicate fingers gather up scattered papers, quickly organizing them into some semblance of order before tucking them into her sketchbook and setting said sketchbook aside. A long look at Thautseruck for his little musical backgroup, and then a grin for Eiram once again. But she cannot comment further before S'ndri arrives, requiring attention and greetings, both of which are given cheerfully by the young weaver. "Hello again!" for she does recall his face, if not his name. "A bit far from home, hm?" And then distraction comes in the form of lively music, and grey eyes quickly find Leuka at his cello, watching for a moment as fingers tap idly on her leg in time to the beat. A few seconds later, she's on her feet and headed their direction, because music demands movement so Sephany is going to move. And spin and tap and clap and dance even if she is the only one to do so.

Leuka laughs and continues playing quite vigoriously as he leans to reply to his fellow Harper "Oh I remember alright. Thanks to you injuring my foot, she was propping it up with pillows to help me feel better." He flashes a smug grin. Point to Leuka! And suddenly, he's stomping his feet in rhythm as the song expands, beginning to draw the crowd closer and maybe even have others wandering into the lounge. He weaves in to and fro in the chair and smiles as Sephany dances her way towards the front of the group. Eiram finally makes it over and starts tuning up. "Jump in when you are ready." this to their Apprentice since th etune is already filling the room with energetic vibes.

"Yes indeed." S'ndri says loud enough so that he can be heard over the music to the young man, "Very musically." And then the young musican is gone running off to the stage to tune his lyre and join in the little musical revue that is going on here. His attention is drawn to the others on the stage and the strange sort of music that is emenating from them. He smiles, it's something he could get used too he supposes. But back to fraternizing, which sounds so gosh darn formal, it's called flirting boys! And it's what S'ndri does best. "Far enough." he replies to Sephany before she moves away to dance. Now he's left in a quandry. Does he go up and dance nearby or hang back and wait and see? Choices choices! He decides to go for the dance and moves forward to sway from side to side near Sephany. Time to play it cool!

Eiram finishes tuning his oh so manly Lyre then waits a bar before joining in with the Cellos. The softer more higher pitch notes a counter to the deep base of the cellos. As Sephany gets up and starts to dance he can't help but grin and liven up his own playing. Well what harper does not like a responsive audience. One of his feet is tapping out his own beat and he grins up at the two older Harpers with such a bright look to his face. He is clearly having a great time. This is no staid Harper recital that might be seen up at the hall. Organized chaos, excitement. He loves it.

Ah yes! What harper indeed doesn't like such a vibrant return on their investment of time? Hauser tosses a glower at Leuka, and intensifies his playing, The strings on his bow already flaying, lock up your white tailed runners! And who uses one foot anyways?Not Hauser. He adds in a percussive beat via cello and feet to conterpart the song. He does grin at their apprentice. Sometimes they cannever bring themselves to let loose.

Sephany is lost to the music, feet tapping to the rhythm with steps she makes up on the spot, hands in her skirt to keep it out of her way as she spins and taps, back and forth, round and round, hair flying this way and that with absolutely no consideration for who may be in the way. This is about expression of self through movement, about enjoying the moment and letting loose, and the young Weaver is doing just that. "You have to move more," she insists of S'ndri, who has decided to risk life and limb and join the dancing. "Tap!" she demands, lifting one hand from her skirt to point at his feet. "This music demands you move you feet not your hips!" Because why not make up rules on the spot? And as Eiram joins in, there is bright and unrestrained laughter, and a reach for S'ndri's arm, to hook elbows so that they can spin in a circle with stomping feet.

Leuka eyes his frazzled bow as he flies back and forth across the strings almost viciously. It'll survive a while. At least til the end of the current song. Feet move in time with Thautseruck's and Eiram's stomps. It's at this point when they are normally being glared at by more senior Harpers if they were still at the Hall. Now they've finally got a bit of freedom to play unrestrained, and the pair are doing just that. And LOOK! They are starting young Eiram's corruption as well. Leuka glances over to the Apprentice, Yep. conversion from stuffy tradition teaching ballads is well on the way. While he punishes his, the crowd in front of them becomes more energetic and mobile. For a few seconds, Leuka lifts his bow and shakes it towards the crowd in time with the tempo, perhaps encouraging them to clap and stomp along. Or maybe, he just needs to roll his wrist a few times to loosen up the muscles. Who knows. Soon, he's back back to saw across the strings.

The sound of music lures the savage beast! Or… at the very least, it convinces D'lei to appear. Admittedly, he might have already been on his way. He surely had another reason to be in the general area, at the very least, given he's a continent away from where he usually lives. Even so! Here he is now, peeking his nose into the lounge - rather swiftly followed by the rest of him - and… well, why stop there? He's come this far, and so D'lei continues, stepping his way toward the dancefloor as the percussion leads the way and gives him a beat for his feet to match.

His would be dancing parter seems to have found her groove. S'ndri watches her as she seems to get really into a groove, so much so that she starts sending critiques his way about what is and is not a solid groove. Oh for shame! "I move my hips just fine." he retorts back toward her. What is this feet moving of which she speaks? Tapping his feet. Puh! Who would have ever guessed that. He spends a moment composing himself ready to try something like she suggestions, and then she's hooking elbows with him and they begin to spin. A surprised look forms on his face as does so. This wasn't in the plan! But hey. It works just fine. "You sure have alot of energy." he says to her. Having seen this display in addition to the one that she put on at the bonfire. The spinning does make it difficult to see what is happening on the stage, but hearing it is allt hat really needs to happen here.

Eiram is certainly not shy in joining with the wild cello players. The times he has gotten in trouble for adding variations and up tempos in the usual standards..he really does feel he can let loose here. As he notes Leuka encouraging the clapping from the crowd he turns his lyre around and places the soundbox like a bit of a drum giving the audience a beat to follow if they dare! It starts out simple but soon is picking up the variations in the music with extra bits and adding some flare to his movements. Yep he is a showman, no wonder the hall was glad to turn them over to this pair of journeymen, if only to get him out of their hair.

And not one to stand on tradition, or sit in this case. Hauser is standing and diving into his cello a he falls into a solo riff, making that Cello sing up into it's upper registers. Swinging it and swaying as he saws on with the frizzy bow. Good thing they aleays have extras on hand.. Eiram is given an approving grin. That's the spirit. Why limit what an instrument can do? Just look at the crowd, they love it.Why disappoint them?For all their bantor here is how Leuka and Thuatseruck really shine together.

SIREN CALL. There's a Risali here because there's music, and where there's music, there's probably a Risali. It's like some kind of ancient summoning technique passed down for generations, the very reason why Risali joined the harpers at so young an age, and so here the goldrider comes now, striding through the doors of Shenanigans on not-quite-long-enough legs with her chin up in that 'Don't mess with me,' kind of confidence that is so very Risali. It's punctuated by the sweep of grey eyes as she takes in the mood of the crowd, the music that bids people move, and the people lost to the pull of bow over strings in a lively beat that's already catching Risali fast. Unfamiliar, unfamiliar, unfamiliar, too familiarjust right (but with the too familiar face). Faranth. "She's right," Risali calls out to be heard - to S'ndri, probably, since she's leaning forward to look at him from around Sephany as she catches the weaver's other arm to hook hers through, smile pulling at her lips as she just CUTS RIGHT ON IN, and pulls Sephany into a circle stomp-twirl-moving in the opposite direction with a laugh. She catches the younger woman's hand and pulls her with her, because look! There's a D'lei! A D'lei who Risali pulls Sephany to and around in a circle with a bright smile. Risali's hiking up the long end of an evening gown (YEP, SHE IN A DRESS) as she goes so that she doesn't trip over it, catching D'lei by the arm so that she can pull him into the fray of quick feet and LADIES. And maybe she feels some pity for S'ndri, because the goldrider is looking at him, raising brows as if to say, 'What are you doing?' and then jerking her chin their-way-wards.

Leuka the glances over to see Thautseruck on his feet and laughs. The man can NEVER stay seated to very long when he's playing. A quick look back to see that Eiram is managing to hold his own and with their style and looks to be enjoying himself quite a bit. The frenzied group dancing around, or in some cases, slamming around in front of them don't seem to be complaining. Soon though, like every sone must, comes to an end. At the sudden hush that comes from the stage, Leuka eyes his bow and rosses it onto the floor behind his chair. He'll need a fresh one to continue. Then again, he's used to that, tis why he carries several when he plays. The musicians take a moment to fan themselves a bit, or grab a few quick slurps of something to drink. With a fresh bow in hand, Leuka glances to Thautseruck and Eiram making sure they are ready to continue before lowering his bow to the strings again. This time, what comes from his instrument is a bit louder and more obnoxious, if that is even possible. And with these musicians, it is definitely possible.

More laughter, bright and unrestrained, as free in her mirth as she is in her body. "And why shouldn't I?" shouts Sephany, fighting to be heard over the din of (AMAZING) music that has inspired such movement in the first place. "Music is for dancing, and dancing requires energy! MOVE YOUR FEET!" she demands again, dissolving into laughter that clearly says she is not at all angry and is simply overwhelmed with DELIGHT and FUN and MUSIC. Spinning-spinning-spinning until she lets go of his arm once again, twirling herself in a circle as hands go up and she claps along with the beat. YES! Sephany will take that beat, Eiram, and will MATCH IT WITH HER MOVEMENT! Clapping hands, stomping and spinning feet, hair flying as she moves, bouncing along in wild-abandon that cares not for who is watching and what they might think. And then a Risali! To claim her arm, and her hand, and more SPINNING that sends her into wild and unrestrained giggles and even a SQUEAL of delight as they go around. Oh look, D'LEI! Sephany is more than happy to ensnare him as well, the weaver caught up by the music as much as the goldrider at her hand. "HA!" Furious movements, swishing skirts, flying hair, tipped back head and LAUGHTER that is free of anything but joy. And then the music stops, and Sephany must stop as well, breathless and flushed, working to catch her breath even as she's glancing eagerly towards the trio to encourage more music and is rewarded with just that.

D'lei was going to DANCE BY HIMSELF. Maybe he wanted to be all alone… except for the three harpers playing and the people on the dance floor. Okay, so, if that's what he wanted, he did not make the best decisions to get himself there, but still. He was dancing alone, until Risali comes sweeping his way with not just herself but Sephany. The bronzerider from Monaco laughs, with a sweep of his other arm to accompany a bow that is rather fast, let's be honest, because there is dancing to be done and if he doesn't keep pace with Risali she'd probably just going to drag him along the floor face down. So! A very fast bow, and a grin as he comes up, first to Sephany - not so familiar a face! - and then a faster glance to Risali, because he knows what he's in for there. And then? He dances! With Risali, and with Sephany - for he catches her hand as a swirl loses him from Risali's, and then back again, matching feet to the music just as long as it keeps playing - and then catching for his breath, when it pauses, and recovering it enough to laugh just before… the music starts again! And so the laugh's turned to a grin to keep his breath in his lungs, where he's going to need it because more dancing.

S'ndri is doing his thang woman! Dang. Unfortunately for S'ndri he does know that voice and through his spinning he can see Risali neary. Awww cripes. And she's in a dress. It's official: Hell has frozen over at Fort. Though there is absolutely nothing he can do about it though. He is forced to endure the spinning with Sephany, D'lei and Risali. He might have had a little bit of fun if the smile on the face tells the tale. Though he would never admit it to anyone. No. Never. As the music comes to an end and before the next round of music starts he sends a look of greeting in D'lei's direction, "Hello." he says to him and then gives a nod in Risali's direction, "You didn't have to go to so much trouble to dance with me. All you would have had to do was ask." he says to her, "I realize its probably been your dream for a long time though. Glad you could finally get your chance." Sephany gets a sideways glance, "You really do like to move don't you?"

Eiram finishes his drumming up with a flourish and then leans back in his seat with the biggest grin on his young face. Too young to drink here, but he is clearly having a great time all the same. As they play their next song Eiram can help but stand with his lyre and dance between the two men as he plays. Mostly a simple little jig but even he is caught up in the enthusiasm of the crowd. He mixes up between drumming and playing his little instrument. Then he starts to add his voice to the mix which is currently a countertenor that occasionally suffers the cracks of puberty. But such a sweet voice singing…a rather rowdy pub song is quite the counter point and faranth help us if his mother shows up.

With the sweat poring off his face, Thautseruck is more than happy to take a brief break. New bow. Down half a pitcher of water, And then he's ready to go. He is quite pleased with their apprentice. No worries on sending that boy back. He's got massive potential. As the next tune is started he's still on his feet and doing on the song tuning to the cello and then he's diving itno things. And there ain't nothing wrong with swinging them hips and moving those feet. Move over Elvis, Hauser's in the house. He loves watching them dance and enjoying the music Sort of thing that keeps him coming back. He's tap tap tapping at the cello with the bow even as he runs it across the strings. And when Eiram breaks into song, oh yeah. They ain't ever letting that boy go until it's time to walk.

SO MUCH DANCING! Exchanging grips on hands, ducking under arms, spinning as feet move and bodies collude with three talented harpers to match their rhythm. And move they do, dancing with laughter, and gentlemanly bows, and laughter at those bows until the music's over and there they are: afforded a brief respite while the harpers catch their breath and the dancers catch theirs. Risali cheers for Leuka, Thautseruck, and Eiram, clapping as she swallows down air and then reaches out to regain her hold on one of Sephany's hands while the other catches the hem of D'lei's tunic. Risali leans into the bronzerider with grey eyes on S'ndri, brows raised as those words are expressed and decidedly don't steal the smile from her lips despite the undertones. S'ndri's going to have to work a lot harder than that if he wants to manage to steal her fun for the night. Or get murdered. "If you touch me," Risali says, smile intact, mirth as vibrantly vivacious as Leirith's entire existence in her eyes, "I'll kill you where you stand, rider. Gladly." And despite the acidity of acerbic words (and assuredly very real threat in-so-much as a rider can actually threaten another), Risali's tone doesn't lose its hint of pleasantries. Thankfully the next song is starting up, and Risali's laughing as she tilts her chin up to look at D'lei, as she leans back, and into Sephany, catching one of their hands each and jumping for the beginning of this new song. She trusts that S'ndri can find the hand of one of the other should he want to join in on the fun. Hers are occupied!

Leuka 's head is dipping in time withthe beat, energetic playing causes his whole body to move. There's no help for it, no way you can play in such a way and sit as still as a statue. Leaning forward, he uses a short lull in his part to scooch to the edge of his seat, allowing for more freedom of movement. He watches the crowd raging as they shout along withthe song. The mass of bodies swinging about and in some instances even crashing into each other. Some of the collisions cause him to cringe and make a painful face. But not for long, his attention drifts to the other musicians, grinning broadly as Eiram gets more bold and freer with his skills. Too bad the lad's voice will shift downwards soon, but even so, he's got some mad skills to display. A laugh for Thatuseruck, the sometimes too energetic Harper swinging his feet, hips and his cello about with wild abandon, and never missing a note, unless he has to pause to retune. Leuka TOTALLY had nothing to do with that, really.

With the brief respite comes the chance for actual greetings, Sephany's smile a bit wider than usual and cheeks flushed pink from exertion. She offers D'lei her hand and a overly bright, "Sephany!" for her name, forgoeing traditional greetings because they totally just went crazy on the dance floor, so traditional is out the window right now. "Nice to meet you!" even if she doesn't get a name, she knows enough. Risali likes him, and that's good enough for Sephany! There is, however, a rather alarmed look for all of that threatening happening, a glance spared between Goldrider and Blue, a question in grey eyes that isn't voiced before music is starting once again, hands are grabbed, and dancing happens in full. There's breathless laughter, and weary muscles, but it does not stop the blond from joining in once again, devoting herself to song and dance, to bouncing feet and bobbing head, one hand extended to invite the foreign bluerider to join if he wants to actually, "MOVE YOUR FEET!" because it is utterly required for this dance. "Just jump around like you're a five-turn-old again!" Colliding bodies? A-OK WITH THIS GIRL! Just be glad there's no alcohol in the mix, or there may be a whole lot more than simple collisions. Trusting her partners to keep her out of trouble, Sephany's gaze goes towards the artists on stage, watching each in turn as they play and create. "WOO! GO EIRAM!" SING IT!

Eiram is indeed boldened by his new mentors. Really the hall will regret giving him over to their care. Crashing bodies, bouncing bodies, dancing bodies. Let the chaos reign! The words of the song seem to be about green riders and oh how the are good to ride. It is more than a little suggestive, some of the older residents may recognize it as his father's song. Whatever the tune it once was he sings it now to the tune the celloists are playing. Surely a boy his age should know nothing of what he is singing but there are a few rude gestures and waggling of brows at the 'correct' moments. As he moves to another verse it becomes about a Gold rider! Each verse about a different colour rider and how fun it is to 'ride' them. This is the song his mother has forbidden him to know but clearer the father passed on the great knowledge to him as all good harpers should.

S'ndri doesn't believe you Risali! All the nopes! With his dance partner stolen away and the threat of murder he raises his brow, "Touchy touchy." he says in a friendly enough tone of voice. Though it might be time to go while the getting is good. Inbetween the songs he makes for the door and slips away into the caverns. There are some things he has to take care of round Fort anyway before heading home to Ierne. Peace out!

Even S'dnri comes over to join the dancing! Which gets him a glance from D'lei, a nod in response to his greeting - and then an arch of brows as S'ndri goes on to address Risali. There's a crooked smile on D'lei's face, a wry sort of amusement that remains in place for both the bluerider's comment and Risali's back to him, but… Sephany? Sephany! "D'lei!" he replies, but then… the music's back! And so he does not delay, despite being D'lei. Risali's back is to Sephany, her front is to him, and… they dance! Their feet are in motion, their hands are together - with each other's, of course, because how else will they go winding through the crowd? Which they do, with Risali and Sephany bouncing around like a chain in an earthquake as D'lei is the anchor that… keeps them in motion, leading them in a bouncing wind amid whoever else dares to come near. Just don't fall! (YET)

Oh no, Leuka /NEVER/ has anything to do with that. Hauser KNOWS better!That he does. And then his eyes are on Eiram. Thank Faranth there is no religion on Pern or he'd surely being going to Hell for encouraging Eiram. And encourage him he does as he gyrates witht he song. Then he's down as he lowers the soudn to let Eriam shine. After all, the next number will rock their socks off. And you know what they say about taking your socks off.. Or maybe not.

Leuka watches the crowd as he plays, abusing his cello and bow to the amusement of the chaotic sweaty crowd. He also seems very amused as Eiram, such a young lad, delivers the lines of the song perfectly, wel, other than a few sqeaky notes here and there. Can't really blame a growing boy for that though. But, as usual the song comes to an end. Again, a moment taken for a bit of cooling off with fanning or a chilled drink. Fingers and wrist are flexed to work out the kinks. He leans and murmurs a few words to the other musicians, probably receiving agreeing nods in return. Leuka will stand, siomply to stretch his legs and probably nudge his chair a little further away from the others. As if they will all be needing a little extra room to manuever. Settling down again, he'll glace to the others, bow resting on the strings before it slides across in the sedate manner of ole school traditional ballads.. A deceptive intro to be sure.

There's a gentle press of Risali's weight into D'lei without a word, as grey eyes jump to find amber and attempt to communicate something without having to vocalize that look. Or maybe she's just looking at him because S'ndri's commenting back at Risali, and Risali's dropping grey eyes from Dash to the bluerider and smiling. She doesn't comment; she doesn't have to: she's watching him go, seemingly unperturbed, until he's disappearing out of the door. Risali even waves at his back before refocusing her attention on Sephany and D'lei. And they dance: Risa's back to Sephany, her front to D'lei as he pulls them along in a little chain of madness! Well, as much as being a chain of bodies that jump can be considered dancing. Okay, we'll say THEY MOVE! Because they do move, like lungs labor in an effort to restore oxygen stores to muscles starved; as they create energy and are energy with every movement of bodies as the harpers play. But that too ends! And Risali's laughing as she leans into D'lei, and pulls Sephany into herself and D'lei both so that the bronzerider is FORCED TO ENDURE THEIR WEIGHT FIGHT HER while they relearn how to breathe. When she can, she's clapping and cheering again, letting Seph and D'lei go before… more music. And yes, there's mischief in the smile she gives D'lei and Sephany - traditional ballad beginning or no - because she intends for there to be more dancing. And she'll join hands with them, pull them into a circle, move feet so that nobody is left out.

There was an offer extended, a smile as wide as the desert sky to accompany it, and yet, Sephany's hand is left empty and alone as S'ndri bows out and makes a break for it. Oh well. There is not much time to dwell on such things, as D'lei leads the chain, and Sephany brings up the rear, bouncing along with hips that sway to the beat, head bobbing in rhythm, so that what she is doing can vaguely be called dancing if one was so inclined. There's much jostling of people, laughter and nearly-tripping feet before the song ends once more and Sephany is left to recover. "Whee!" for the pull in, the lean against gold- and bronzerider alike as they collectively sort out this whole 'breathing' thing that has become necessary. Sephany extracts herself just enough to double over, hands on knees as she sucks in air and tries not to laught it all right back out again. "Oh my…" and there is definitely new appreciation for the pair of Harpers on stage, a sort of 'alright then' acknowledgement that maybe they do have some skill afterall. Eiram, well… he just gets a devilish look and a little mimic of locked-mouth. She won't tell his parents about that little song, no fear. When the music starts again, there's a good-natured groan and then enthusiasm once more; happy to let Risali pull her into a circle, happy to dance with a stranger she only just met (D'lei), happy to let loose and be FREE once again as the temp increases and life becomes movement and thrumming beats. So what if Seph is probably going to collapse in a heap and be unable to move for a week? TOTALLY WORTH IT!

So many things to communicate, so little time! Because there's music playing, and D'lei is getting his arm pulled out of its socket, but not quite. Because for all of Risali's efforts, for all Sephany tugged after, for all the twine they make and the way D'lei tightens the whip before swaying back out again… nobody loses an arm! Or a hand, exactly, though Sephany's hope for S'ndri's hand turns into an empty one. It might be for the best, because if D'lei were trying to lead three people he might actually have a dislocated shoulder. But! The song comes to an end, and D'lei laughs with panted half-voiced breaths (or maybe just pants) as he lifts his free hand to his head to give the harpers on stage a salute before… they begin again! D'lei takes Sephany's hand in that once-free one without hesitation, both hands now occupied… and yet for all that they are free, and he grins as he lifts both of those hands joined with his, arms up into the air to raise the roof - and lift up in celebration of, well, the fact that they are here and the music is playing as they spin around in time to it, slow… at first. But. When does calm ever actually last?

Eiram settles back into his seat after the bit of rest. He smooths back his hair and straightens up his shirt. Yes this is serious business now. He looks between the older men and nods and starts to pluck out the sedate tune on his Lyre. Just like the Master's taught him. A simple plucking in counterpoint to the two celloists who are slowly picking up the speed of their playing. As it gets lowder and rougher in the playing he switches to the drumbeat on the back of the Lyre again. The little instrument can't compete in sound on the strings but he can get enthusiastic in his playing. He catches the looks from Sephany and grins with a waggle of brows. Each seem to be having the utmost fun.

Thautseruck is downing the second half of the pitcher and then part of another. If he's not sloshing while walking, it'll be amazing. But walking is not what he's doing now. He's down,, sitting, the model of a good harper. Bow is moved as it should, bringing out the tune and then things speed up, and so much fpr propriety. Out the window like it should be. Oh they are very good, just another bone of contention back at the hall. If they weren't so good it would be one thing, but oh they are. And they know it. Hauser starts rocking his head in time with the beat, the jair on his head flinging forward and all over as he does. It's a wonder it doesn't get caught in the strings. But it doesnt. He's just that good.

Leuka brings soothing, almost haunting tones from his cello, casting glances to ther others on stage frequently. Subtle nods to Thautseruck seem to be subtle signals. These two have played together long enough to have whole conversations with the smallest of gestures or twitches. Eiram is doing a gret job of holding his own next to the older Journeymen. Earning approving nods from both of them. The tempo increases gradually til it would be impossible for anyone to not at least be nodding their head with the beat. Indeed the whole crowd seems to be a chaotic mass, churning in front of the stage. Suddenly Leuka leans forward, drops his bow while spinning his cello around. With little warning, he begins smacking the back of it enthusiastically,gaze keeping track of Eiram and Thautseruck in case the song timing needs to be slowed. But not, everyone is keeping in sync. Watching the other's hair swinging wildly, now you know why Leuka keeps his short. Maybe once he did get tangled in his tuning pegs, and did not like it one bit. With a shift inhis weight, he reaches down to take his bow back up and begins sawing across the strings after righting his cello. Poor little bow, will have to be given a proper send off. Cause there's no way it will survive through another sing what with it's dozen or so hair's left intact.

The calm never lasts, not when there's a Risali, and a D'lei, and a Sephany to dance up a storm; not when there's three harpers who move as lively as they make music that does pick up in tempo until Risali's moving to spin Sephany, then D'lei, then herself! She brings them back into that circle, hops to one side, pulls their hands so that they know to move forward and close in on each other in that circle. Hands raise with D'lei's until chests touch, and then OUT THEY DUCK with feet and hips and bodies keeping time! There's laughter, and the struggle to catch breath, but Risali keeps moving because the music bids she do so! SO MUCH DANCE, SO LITTLE TIME! And two of the arguably best dance partners she could ask for.

Propriety? WHAT EVEN IS THAT, THAUTSERUCK?! THERE IS NO PROPRIETY, THERE IS ONLY ZUUL? OR DANCING as the case may be… And so they dance; Risali and Sephany and D'lei, a twisting and writhing creature that ceases to be three and becomes one instead. Laughter and grinning and deep breaths because breathing is life and oxygen is important. Lifted hands, drawing in, squeals and giggling before there is just too much of everything. "I think they're trying to kill us!" she shouts over the music, all wide-grin and flashing teeth, bright eyes and pink cheeks. And despite the words, there is only encouragement to continue with the way she moves and grooves and totally owns the music with her friends (BECAUSE WE ARE FRIENDS NOW, D'LEI!). By the time it ends, (because it must end at some point, right?) Sephany is very pink, and very out of breath, and probably a bit sweaty and gross despite looking pleased as can be.

Because there's hands, connecting them, and there's the music that gives them the same intention, the same spirit that comes from fingers and bows, that fills the dancers three with a beat as they spin and come in, go out, lift and dance, as the beats go faster and they keep dancing, as their feet pound on the ground and slide as the beats are too fast, and yet they keep dancing. D'lei grins, with sweat down his face and a broad grin to Sephany. "Let them try!" he shouts back, turning that toothy grin on the harpers for the brief moment that he's facing them before the three are spinning onward, dancing because they may fall down before this song is through, but they haven't yet and that means they are going to keep on dancing. Who will give in first? Dancers' feet, or harpers' hands?

Such wonderful rolemoderls for the young apprentice harper. The headbanging of Hauser makes Eiram grin. He has the hair for it surely. Shoulder length, dark and curly. He has to join in for sure and rises from his seat holding the Lyre by one arm and banging the back with the other as he dances in place tossing his hair around. It has no practiced 'grace' of Thautseruck's movements but it is not lacking in youthful enthusiasm. Young rock god in training here that is for sure!

The tempo increases, it goes wild, or is that Hauser going wild? He's up and standing with that cello, hugging it too him like a feline with a catnipped tpy. Bow is going crazy fast and then he's spinning around with it. Twirling it slowly before dropping to the ground with it and clutching it close. It could almost be obscene in the way he's clenching that celoo. Oh yes, he is such a wonedrful rolemodel. He'll show you how to leave an audience of Masters stunned. And when those final notes are struck, his head lays back and then he's grinning at the audience. Nope, no shame in being down on the deck holding his Cello for all he's worth.

Leuka manages to coax another minute of play from his dying bow, grinning as Hauser begins to behave like a madman. Glancing to the crowd, they see to eat it up, encouraing him with their stomping and cheering. Thankfully it's loud enough to cover the last bad note Leuka's bow twangs out. Yep! It's officially dead, no more hairs to saw over the cello strings. So, he'll drop the carcuss twirl the cello around til back is facing front and smack out the beat as the toher's keep strumming the notes. Hopefully everyone's enjoying themselves well enough that no complaints will be delivered over Thautseruck's near obscene antics. That pair are absolutely /not/ teaching that to their Apprentice. When the last note strums and the stage is suddenly very quiet, Leuka seems to collapse into his seat. Yeup! He's done for the moment. Food, drink and perhaps an artic breeze is what's needed now to cool off and regain the lost energy.

All good things must come to an end, even this. The bows of harpers give before the bodies of dancers, and when the sweeping tide of music has ebbed with that last note pulled from instruments at the behest of skilled hands, Risali laughs with what little breath she has left. Her body goes sideways into Sephany, who she loops one arm through and leans into with her tiny body in some kind of quasi-hug, because these are definitely those defining kind of moments that create memories and friendships. Risa's sweating too (how could she not be?), but it doesn't seem to bother her; the tiny goldrider is a woman in constant motion, and this is no different! Except that it is. So Risali draws away from Sephany; Risa claps, and she cheers, and then she turns to face D'lei with a vibrant smile and a tilt of her head that's maybe all the warning he'll get before the once-harper rocks back on her heels (get ready!), swings her arms back (brace yourself!), and JUMPS! She trusts D'lei to catch her, but even if he doesn't, she utilizing upper and lower body strength to hold tight, to shift herself higher so that lips can find his ear as she breathes, "Table!" And then she's totally motioning for Sephany to jump on his back behind his back. TOTALLY DOING IT. D'LEI CARRIAGE RIDES HAPPENING. It's probably why Risali tries to… delay D'lei by drawing back from that too-tight hug of holding on, to catch his face between her hands and kiss him. It's an arguably chaste kiss, one that lasts, one, two, three heartbeats before she draws back with another laugh accompanying a wicked look and a smile that speaks to trouble as she breathes, "Brace, bronzerider." Because he's about to be burdened with two SWEATY, NOT-SO-HEAVY LADIES. DO ALL THE WORK. FIND ALL THE TABLES. DO ALL THE WALKING.

Sephany is breathing! Or, at least she is trying to breathe! It is hard to do, when she's also laughing, and cheering, and clapping, and enthusiastically letting the trio of Harpers know just how appreciated their efforts were. There's a lean into Risali, a sharing of space with no qualms whatsoever. But then Risa is going at D'lei like a hurricane, and Sephany just laughs as she launches herself at the bronzerider. HE can totally handle it! And then… oh but that's a devilish look on the blond's face, a wicked gleam in her eye as she's beckoned forward and she is totally willing. Poor D'lei. At least she warns him? That 'brace it' comes just as Sephany launches herself at his back, skirts and hair flying as she jumps him. And hey, she's got some pretty good height because IT IS A FAIR BET THAT SHE'S DONE THIS A TIME OR TWO ON HER BIG BROTHER SEV (who is 6'5" for those that do not know. D'lei is a MUCH easier pounce). At least she's not so heavy? Like a puff of air, all skin and bone and long blonde hair and laughter, squeezing arms and legs to secure her hold and encourage (or maybe console?) her new bestie-best friend. "You're the best!" and she'll even press a kiss to his cheek because WHY THE HELL NOT?!

Eiram may have the enthusiasm of youth but even his energy wears out eventually as he collapses in his chair and pushes back the sweaty hair from his face. "That…was….so …much….fun." He says between breaths and looks over the audience and gives a thumbs up to Sephany, "Great dancing!" He calls out and with a little nod to the other more unfamiliar dancers as well before looking back to the celloists. "This is going to be the best apprenticeship ever."

Thautseruck lies there on the floor, still cradling the cello, but bow is dropped. He can't help but grin at the antics of a couple of the dancers. More power to them for having the energy to jump the poor bronzer. Or maybe not so poor. One never knows. Then there's Eiram speaking. Oh good, the boy still has a voice left. That's wonderful news. "You're a keeper all right, kid."

Leuka seems to turn to mush after the last song ends, in fact, he doesn't seem that eager to move very much at all as he slouches in the chair. His head does twist to Thautseruck and Eiram, nodding agreeably before chuckling at the apprentice's enthusiasm. "Just don't tell your mother." Once he manages to catch his breath again, he does push himself up a bit and starts stowing away his gear. "So, how long do you think we have before the Weyr's PTB's try shipping us back to the Hall?" As if the Hall would let them back in. Doors probably have new locks by now.

Can it be? Have they danced to the end… and LIVED? So it would see, but D'lei's struggle is not yet over! There's a Risali leaping to him, to cling like a koala and - yeah, he's got arms come up around her, because while she is perfectly capable of keeping herself attached to him, if he actually holds her he can help keep that (fortunately relatively light) weight actually stable. Or at least, making it more likely that he'll notice if she goes and leaps somewhere else! But then she distracts him, with lips that press in the one… two… three - no, wait. Only TWO women for D'lei to carry, one leapt on his front and the other on his back. Which does make them three combined. "…hoof," D'lei breathes in an exhale of breath as Sephany launches into him, which is a suitable-sounding thing for a beast of burden to say. Because APPARENTLY that is what he is tonight, and he lifts his head from Risali's to shake his mane back against Sephany as she clings to his back, with arms and legs that compete with Risali's for space around him - or maybe just make a tangle of limbs as they keep each other in place and keep D'lei captured between them. "Ha," he says in response to Sephany, with a grin at words and cheek-kiss. "I have my moments." And a thump of his foot against the floor, a final drum-beat of boot for the dance that's now finished, and then… off he goes! HE GOT THIS. He's a real search and rescue rider, he can rescue tired dancers and search for a table. One that hasn't already been taken by those who gave up early. WUSSES. D'LEI WILL DANCE ON YOUR TOES. Or he would, but those are under the tables. So he bumps into their backs instead. Or, well, he bumps Risali and Sephany into the backs of those unfortunate people sitting at those tables he heads past on his search for… aha! There's a table with actual room. Hopefully it'll still be there (and have spaces) by the time he bumps their way over!

"You're amazing!" Risali calls out to the harpers, pointing with one finger at the trio each in turn on the stage from somewhere over D'lei's shoulder and around the general vicinity of Sephany's head. Sephany, whose LEAP earns more laughter from Risali as she tries to help keep the weaver in place with arms banding under Seph's arms without effectively cutting off D'lei's air supply. Sephany delivers a kiss to one of D'lei's cheeks, and Risali presses her lips to the other in tandem (because who doesn't love kiss sammiches?), and then Risa's drawing back with more laughter as she shifts her body slightly when D'lei starts to move. Only he doesn't just move, does he? HE MAKES SEPHANY AND RISALI HIS PERSONAL BATTERING RAMS (okay, so it's not nearly so dramatic but SHUT UP D'LEI) which has Risali laughing all the harder even while she sing-songs, "S'cuse us, pardon us, coming through! Bronzerider with a - oof, ow Dash. Now you're just doing it on purpose." WHO KNOWS IF HE REALLY IS? (Dash does, Dash knows). Risali'd punch him if she could, but her arms are occupied (LUCKY BRONZERIDER) with weaver //and said bronzerider as he bumper-car navigates the crowed of wusses whose legs and bodies and lungs couldn't keep up with theirs towards that table (which hopefully will remain unoccupied as he makes his way to it).

"Whee!" Because that is the proper response to being a human battering ram? Sephany is just all smiles and "Oops!" and "SORRY!" for the collisions, not at all sorry, really, because nothing really hurts. Tangled hands and legs, three bodies pretending to be one as they move through the crowd. And then, there is a table, and untangling must occur, which is somehow more difficult than the initial tangling process, but manages to happen. Somehow, Sephany manages to get from Bronzerider to Chair in one smooth, fluid, somehow strangely GRACEFUL movement that ends with her head on the table, pillowed by her arms. "Ugh. Wake me in the morning." And yeah. She's just going to go ahead and fall asleep. RIP SEPH. GOOD NIGHT WORLD! <3

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