Fort Weyr - Shadowed Wilderness
Deep in the heart of Fort's wilderness lies a stretch of untamed and untouched forests. Here the trees and brush grow tall and thick and the further one ventures in and off the narrow paths, the less and less light filters through the canopy of leaves above. The scents of the forest all around, lulling and peaceful. Sounds of wildlife rise and fall, their calls echoing through the dense space. There is a sense of timelessness here, as these forests have stood for Faranth knows how many generations. Old as time, they are welcoming and yet hidden within are the dangers usually found in any wilderness and despite the peaceful air there is a subtler undercurrent of warning to those unwary enough to heed the unpredictable chaos of nature.
Eventually the forests thin in various 'pockets' of open meadows or groves, all of which vary in size but are too small to house even the smallest of greens. Brooks and streams criss cross through the undergrowth, but there is one location where the ground opens up to a narrow river, the waters deep and the undertows deadly if one does not have the sense to avoid them. Further downstream, the waters expand into rapids and onwards to a small waterfall before disappearing again to wind along the banks with the ancient forest towering over it on either side. Both Fort Weyr and Fort Hold are well far away in the distance, as are most cotholds and there is no sign of previous human habitation, new or old.

Gone is the humidity and instead it is replaced by a dry heat as summer begins to wind it's way down slowly towards autumn. Some respite comes when a few wayward clouds drift across a clear blue sky to cover the sun but it is brief at best. There is no moisture in the air, so there is no hope of relief from the heat in the form of rain and perhaps a reassurance than no storm will blow in — but knowing the area, that could swiftly change. Back in Fort Weyr, many many miles in the distance, life goes on as it usually does. Riders go about their sweeps and duties, weyrfolk on their various tasks and the Weyr hums with activity. The Holds are alive with work too, as the harvests begin to yield their bounty. Deeper into the wilderness, where few (if any) have trekked something has just begun. The Weyrlings all know of their tests by now and some of the Games have already gone underway. A few days before saw some of the Weyrlings venturing out, alone, on their 'tasks' as set and known only by them. For So'l, it meant S&R scenarios that gradually increased in difficulty to see how well he would do under pressure and especially when faced with certain elements. In his (unfortunate?) case, that meant water. Lots and lots of water. He must have done something right under the hidden but watchful eyes of the Wingleader of Thunderbird, the Weyrlingmaster and the Weyrleaders because today he is led out far, far away on what could only be his final test.

Flying straight, Sharuth would have been summoned along with So'l to follow Aycheth out of the Weyr, with M'icha only instructing to dress in his riding gear and to also bring with him the tools and supplies usually carried by full S&R riders. He's also requested to arm himself. Test or no test, precautions are sought and expected to be followed. "Even though we're monitorin' ya, it's the shardin' wilds, lad. Faranth knows what will come of it though we've made sure to make it a heck of a challenge." he would have drawled to the Weyrling before signalling him to mount up once a cursory inspection proved satisfactory. Not the greatest of reassurances, but it's too late now too turn back. « You are to land and allow So'l to dismount, Sharuth. » Aycheth instructs as they near the shadowed forest and the last stretch of land before it that would allow a bronze of his size to land. « Then you return with us. He must face this alone. » No room for argument there and there are no soft spoken words of comfort. It is how it is and the blue is expecting things to progress accordingly. « Do not linger. Though it is morning, he will need time. » Oh joy.

« Alone? » the bronze rears back in slight alarm, having already let his rider dismount. "I'll be alright, Shar," So'l reaches up to comfortingly reassure his lifemate with a pat. "I've got my sword, after all," the brawny weyrling smirks, hand moving to the hilt of the weapon strapped to his waist. "It's no replacement for you but I've learned a lot. Should be able to handle whatever comes my way." « You have become skilled in your way but I am your partner. We should be doing this together! » the bronze bugles unhappily. "I know, but this is the way it is. Besides, you can still help me, remember?" So'l points to his eyes and says, "See through me. Help me keep a look out for anything that wants to eat me, alright?" Sharuth gives this several long moments of thought before lowering his head in defeat. « I understand. And yes, » he stiffens with pride, « I will be the best look out you could ask for. » With that, Sharuth prepares to take off after Aycheth while So'l nods up to M'icha. "I'm ready. I'll see you when this is done." Offering a crisp salute, the young man turns towards the forest…

"Best of luck, So'l." M'icha says gruffly, his expression flat and neutral as he salutes to the Weyrling and will wait until he disappears into the forest before sending Aycheth aloft. The Weyrlingmaster observed Sharuth's reaction and while they do not intervene, the blue will call to the young bronze again. « Follow us home. You know the way. » Yet the image will be given all the same, linked firmly as he is to ensure the bronze is capable of focusing before giving the command to Between. Now the Weyrling is truly alone and the only sounds come from the forest itself. There are no guides, no hints here. Only his earlier briefing back in the training complex by the Thunderbird Wingleader that this would be a "rescue" mission. "Someone" is lost out in those shadowed depths and it's tasked to So'l to find them. Any 'signs' are well hidden even if staged and for each one he does find, the next is likely to be twice as hard. Not to mention some could very well be 'false' and lead him well astray of his target but there is no way of knowing for sure.

Sharuth obeys and, with the image firmly in mind, winks *between.* So'l, meanwhile, has entered the woods and knowing that he's both timed /and/ being observed - not to mention that someone needs 'rescued' - the weyrling wastes no time in beginning the search. Without mud to give a clear footprint path to follow, he's going to have to rely on other means of tracking. His hunting outing with Dtirae springs to mind and, remembering what the woman taught him about human tracks versus animal, So'l ducks into a crouch to study some disturbed underbrush. It appears to have been crunched under foot rather than hoof and, looking further down the way, there are more signs that someone traveled in that direction. Whether it's recent or not, though, is the question. Still, looking around, So'l can find no other visible, man-made tracks and so he begins threading his way through the forest, eyes constantly keeping watch for both threats and clues. « There, » chimes in Sharuth, having landed safely back in the weyrbowl. « Colored cloth. Do you see it? » Sure enough, So'l does and moving towards it, he crouches to finger a slip of torn blue fabric clinging to bristly bush. » Maybe from a girl's dress? Not sure, but someone definitely went this way… « the weyrling replies, continuing to move ever forward.

He is being watched and timed but done so cleverly. At times So'l may feel as though there are eyes following his movements and there very likely are several pairs. Enough that it may raise the hair on the back of the neck, send instincts to tingle with alarm. You're being stalked and followed! Yet any pause will yield nothing. No animal comes crashing through the underbrush, no human either and reassuringly the sounds of the forest continue on which means no predator stalks him. Beware the silence. The cloth is meant to yield little but it's a start. The Weyrling is on the right track now, finding a 'key' clue. Now it's just a matter of figuring out which direction to go. Most lead only to heavier forest, but to his right the ground begins to roll downwards in a steady drop and at the base where the ground levels out and then climbs again a very shallow stream of water runs lazily along and almost too choked with fallen leaves to be discernable. That may be a start?

Hair-raising? Yes. But as long as he's not being hunted by a predator of some kind - and So'l does not believe that's the case - he's not going to stop to ponder who might be observing him out here. Still though, the extra eyes out there give him an idea. » Please have Kon and Brynn join me out here, Sharuth. They're small enough to help, « the weyrling asks his bronze. A bit of jealousy colors Sharuth's tone as he says, « They are coming. » And indeed, both the bronze and the green pop out of *between* and begin circling overhead, excitedly chittering. "Brynn, head that way," So'l points to the left. Some tracks wander off in that direction but they are sparse and shallow, meaning they may not be recent. Still, doesn't hurt to check. "Let me know if you find anyone." The green chirples before zipping further into the woods. "Kon, out there," he gestures now to the right. "Fly ahead, let me know what you see." The bronze bobs his head and zips away too, bypassing the stream and flitting over it entirely. » Make sure they understand what we're looking for, Sharuth. « The dragon signals back with, « They do. Fear not, So'l. And I am still looking too, » he replies, referring to using So'l's own eyes. Sending a smile back through the link, So'l quickly slides down the bank, his boots sinking into the clogged stream. Standing, he figures wet feet might leave tracks if the owner of the blue garment came this way, too. And sure enough, there are some partial prints of mud left on some of the dead leaves and growth down there. Nodding to himself, he follows them until they've disappeared but continues in that direction, keeping his eyes peeled for further signs.

An avian calls from somewhere in the forest and is answered. There is a rustling of leaves overhead as something leaps from branch to branch and then the breeze stirs up strong enough to move the trees, allowing for some sunlight to filter through. It's cooler down where So'l is standing, as the canopy does a good trick of blocking out the sunlight. No further signs will appear for the Weyrling, though his clever use of his firelizards and Sharuth as the go-between will yield him results at last. Brynn will be the one to come upon the target as the direction she heads in gradually thins out, the trees growing sparser and farther apart until at last it opens to a small clearing. Set in the middle of it by some brush, some of which looks too conveniently placed in the shape of a barrier pen to be "natural" is So'l's first person to rescue. Kyzen. It's no dummy either, it's the full, living and breathing toddler son of Weyrleader Th'ero and Wingrider Kimmila. The child is unharmed and looks to be happy as a clam where he sits, playing with what looks like a small stuffed firelizard and stuffed feline. Brynn may also note the flash of gold, bronze and brown hides within the brush. Hidden guardians no doubt, though they do not call a greeting to the little green. Which probably means their bonded are about but also cleverly hidden and very nearby.

So'l crouches to inspect the ground more thoroughly. Gone are partial prints and there are no further signs of someone having come this way. "Must have been old," he whispers to himself, referring to those muddy boot prints. « Brynn has found something, » Sharuth intones from afar, relaying an image of Kyzen penned in. » Send her back to guide me please, « So'l orders with excitement, turning to head back the other way and scramble up the bank again. He's just in time for the green to pop out of *between* and buzz his head before zipping back in Kyzen's direction. The weyrling follows quickly though attention is given to both his foot and potential predators possibly lurking out here. Eventually, he makes it without difficulty and finds the toddler playing happily. Hardly anyone in distress…though it's not out of the question that the little tyke could become lost and separated from his parents out here. Memories of Candidacy in Landing spring to mind and So'l - though groaning - has an idea. Lowering his backpack, he rifles through it until he finds a coil of strong rope. One end is tied to his wrist while - using his Grandfather's knife - So'l hacks off a length to use as a safety leash. Stowing the items back in his back, the weyrling approaches Kyzen with a smile. "Hey there, little guy," he grins. "Doubt you remember me but I'm supposed to get you out of here. Take your back to your mom and dad. How's that sound?"

There is certainly no distress here! It's a rather nice clearing and would make a great camping spot if anyone ever finds it again. Perhaps sometime in the long and distant past it was but any trace of that has long since vanished. As So'l approaches, the brush behind Kyzen rustles but no danger comes. There is just the soft sound of air being displaced and no doubt those silent guardians are making themselves scarce now that the Weyrling has found his charge. Now they've moved to other vantages to keep watch, though no longer required to hover so close in secrecy. Kyzen looks up from the stuffed toys, blue eyes blinking at So'l and promptly looks shy and uncertain. "Hello." he greets back with a hesitant little smile. No, he doesn't remember the Weyrling at all but he doesn't feel overly threatened either. His brows knit and then ease when understanding dawns. "Time to go home?" That he can grasp and the toys are promptly held up for So'l to take before Kyzen is pushing to his feet and then giving the classic arms raised for the 'pick me up' signal. Maybe that leash won't be required? The Weyrling may notice then that the toddler isn't wearing clothing that matches that scrap of blue earlier and his hint will come when Kyzen goes on to babble excitedly, half his words mumbled in that three-Turn old way. "Gonna find Abi too?" What? "She's in a hole…" Whole lot of trouble? Oh, nope. Kyzen literally means a hole. "I don't think she's supposed to play down in there. Dark and scary in there. Here is much better!" Beam! Wise is this toddler!

Relief! This whole thing could easily have gone the other way. Kyzen could have went all 'Stranger Danger!' and then this /really/ would have been difficult. "Yes, Kyzen," So'l replies, remembering the name and hoping its usage reinforces that he's a friend. "Time to go home," he smiles, taking first the toys - which he packs away in his backpack - before bending down to pick up Kyzen. Before he does, though, he'll slip that rope around the toddler's waist and tie a strong knot. "Just to make sure we don't get separated," So'l reassures before lifting the boy up. Of course, Abbey's mentioned then and, with the bit about being in a hole, the weyrling is suddenly worried. That is, of course, until he remembers this is all a test. She's obviously fine, no doubt being looked after by firelizards or maybe Th'ero or Kimmila - whichever one isn't in the trees watching him right now, of course. Even so, the thought of Abigail crammed down some dirty hole is an unpleasant one. "Let's not keep her waiting, then. Show me, Kyzen. Which way?" he asks, watching for the toddler to point. » As a backup, please have Kon join us here. Then send he and Brynn to scout around and look for holes? « It might be a complicated direction for firelizards be Sharuth is good at getting them to understand. « They will help, » comes Sharuth's reply. « Should I bespeak Niumdreoth? » So'l gives this several moments of thought before nodding. » If this weren't a test, that's exactly what we'd do so yes…ask him if he's allowed to share any images of her location with you. « Sharuth acknowledges before reaching out to Niumdreoth, wherever he might be…

Kyzen looks down at the rope now tied around his waist and tugs at it as he frowns. What's this? So'l explains and the toddler cants his head to the side as he ponders the reason. "Okay!" he agrees cheerfully. "So we don't get separated." he says, stumbling over the last word. Blinking up at the Weyrling, he settles swiftly for being held and his eyes drift to look out at the trees. "I dunno?" he answers honestly and his expression looks a little crestfallen. Did he do bad? "Not far cuz I walked here by myself!" Kyzen sounds proud of that little feat but it's doubtful he was ever alone. Just that he was likely instructed to go from Point A to Point B and did so, probably earning his toys as a praise and also for being so quiet and not panicking. See? He's a big boy. Though So'l has probably figured the trick out all by himself too by having Sharuth speak to Niumdreoth. The brown likely knows where Abigail is or can have Abigail relay snippets of where she is (or was prior to being in the hole).

Abigail is indeed down a hole, a hole that is very well covered over and would almost be missed if someone wasn't looking well that is. A brown firelizard is perched upon a branch within a tree near the hole, holding onto a bit of blue fabric, along with him watching and checking the area out to see if there is any movement coming this way, a bronze lizard is actually with the brownrider down in the hole. She didn't' have a problem helping out with this 'test', and it's a good thing she doesn't mind being down in the cramped space either. Her clothing matches the area where she is at, dark browns, her hair pulled back while she is eyeing the top of the hole that is a good distance from her, it won't be easy to get her own perhaps another bit of the test? As for Niumdreoth he is at the edge of this all, knowing that if his presence was picked up by Sharuth it could bring questions to the bronze. « Yes Sharuth? » The large brown will play clueless until asked it seems. For all the young bronze knows he could be anywhere with his rider at the moment.

« Abigail is lost in the forest. The Weyrleader's son believes she is down a hole of some kind. So'l is attempting to locate her. Are you allowed to help us? » Sharuth asks, his mental touch so much like the pines both riders are surrounded by. So'l, meanwhile, smiles at the little boy. "All by yourself? You're growing into a fine young man then," he says, hugging Kyzen to himself while looking about the clearing. Brynn and Kon have zipped off in opposite directions, beginning their search in earnest and relaying images back to Sharuth, who is 'reviewing' them for clues. So far, nothing has stuck out at the little flitters. For his part, So'l is looking too. If Kyzen walked here, then Abigail can't be far away. And since So'l /knows/ Kyzen walked…yep, there they are. Tracks. Disturbed leaves and brush… "Dtirae, I could kiss you right now," he grins to himself, very thankful for the hunting and tracking lesson she'd given him recently. He'll follow those tracks back until he spots the firelizard holding the blue cloth; the covered hole isn't hard to discern this close. "Will you help me rescue Abbey? You're a big boy now. Help me dig?" he asks, lowering Kyzen to the ground near the hole. So'l starts pulling aside broken branches and dead leaves, encouraging Kyzen to help if he's so inclined. "Abbey? You alright down there?" So'l asks, figuring the answer to be 'Yes.' » I've got her, Sharuth. Let Niumdreoth know he doesn't have to break any rules, « So'l sends and Sharuth then relays.

Kyzen wriggles a bit in So'l's grip but not because he wants to escape. The toddler is positively beaming for the praise he got even if the Weyrling is all but a stranger to him. "I am and all by myself! Can do lots by myself now!" It seems to mean a lot to the child that he's told he's done well! While So'l searches, the toddler observes but also casts his glance about the forest they're wandering through. "Pretty!" he chimes in, likely thinking this is all a grand adventure and game. Even more so when he's asked to 'rescue' Abigail. "Yeah! I can dig! I'm good with that!" Kyzen boasts and the moment So'l puts him down on the ground, the toddler is tearing away in earnest, though not with the fineness and caution of the Weyrling. Poor Abigail may have some dirt and leaves showered on her head thanks to the toddlers enthusiasm. "We SEE you, Abi!" Kyzen crows in a very loud voice, enough that the forest echoes with it afterwards.

« He needs to look for blue, and make sure to look over the area carefully. » Niumdreoth offers with a helpful tone. « Mine is certain that he can find her without any more clues then that. » Indeed with Kyzen giving away the part that he walked it would be easy for So'l to find out just where the hole is. The brown firelizard lets his person know that here is movement coming towards them before disappearing, and the bit of blue cloth drifts down to the ground a few dozen feet from the hole. Abigail tilts her head while looking upwards, she is amused, and a soft chuckle soon escapes her. "Aye I'm alright So'l." She offers with an amused tone while brushing a bit of dirt off of her as she watches while things are slowly but surely pulled off. "Hello Kyzen.." There is a pause as she ducks down to try and escape the showering of bits and pieces that fall upon her head now.

« Thank you, Niumdreoth, » Sharuth replies, his gratitude filtering through the link. « So'l has found her. » And indeed, with Kyzen's help, the weyrling has quickly uncovered the Wingsecond's hiding place. "Good job, Kyzen! Your parents are going to be /very/ proud of you. I know I am," he grins at the boy before peeking down into the hole. "Hey Abbey," So'l smirks, reaching down with his free hand - the one /not/ tethered to Kyzen - to help pull the woman up. He'll help her out as much as needed before standing up again. "Well, looks like that's two rescues. Should I be expecting a third?" he asks, smiling at the brownrider. This outing was definitely a test of skill, patience, and wit but hardly was there any real danger. But then, danger wasn't so much the point was it?

No, danger wasn't so much the point of it. They're not looking to actually kill the Weyrlings with their tests or injure them. So they push the line as far as they safely can go without putting them into actual threat of harm. In a real situation, this would have played out different but it was close enough to allow some sense of what could occur. It won't be as easy, but at least it won't be entirely new. "Do I get a sweetstick candy?" Kyzen asks innocently, still beaming and pleased. "Kimm gives me one when I do good things." So So'l better pay up? Apparently that's the toddlers price for his "help". Thankfully the child doesn't try to interfere when the "rescue" begins and just watches with wide eyes as Abigail is hauled up. "You're strong!" Kyzen remarks in awe while giving a little wave to the brownrider. "Why were you in the hole? Not suppose to play in there." It's hard to say if this is the end of the test. No more surprises, but So'l DOES have to get the brownrider and toddler back to the edge of the forest so they can return home. Does he remember how to get back?

Abigail chuckles softly and shakes her head while grinning to So'l, she takes hold of his hand and helps as best she can to get herself out of the hole. "Nice." Is offered while standing on soild ground and brushing herself off. "No more rescues. But I have 'no' idea how to get back to the edge of the forest. Do you?" IF she doesn't know then she must have hit her head on the way into that hole, she use to wander the forest on her own after all! A wink is sent to So'l while she grins, hearing Kyzen she ohs and pats her pockets before pulling out a piece of candy and offers it to him while smiling. "There ye go Kyzen." Was that planned? Perhaps! Though it is too late to take it from him now. « We are glad that you both did. She was starting to get antsy in the hole. » Niumdreoth offers with an amused like tone back to Sharuth.

So'l's is glad Abbey has candy on her; all he has is meatrolls and those are pretty boring to kids. To Kyzen's comment about being strong, the weyrling crouches and smiles at the boy. "I got strong from chopping trees and carrying lumber. Looks like it came in handy today," he chuckles, returning to a standing position and nodding to Abigail. "I've got the general direction down. And we can always follow my tracks back, too, if needed." » Go ahead and send Brynn and Kon home. Tell them I have treats when I get back, « So'l sends to Sharuth. » And thank /you/ for your help, Sharuth. « The dragon responds that he didn't do much but appreciates the praise nonetheless. Pointing back the way he came, So'l leads the group back towards the edge of the woods, walking slowly so that Kyzen can keep up. When the boy grows tired, though, he'll gladly carry him the rest of the way.

Smart planning! Kyzen makes a delighted sound that's more yelled than politely spoken as Abigail reveals the candy and he happily takes his 'reward' for being so good. He's munching down on it while So'l crouches and smiles at him and this time the toddler isn't so shy in returning a smile back. "So all I gots to do is chop trees to be strong? Do you use that," he points at the sword So'l is armed with. "For it? Th'ero has one and more on the walls. I'm not allowed to touch." That brings on a pout but as they walk back along the forest, he is too distracted to really focus on that long. Kyzen will grow tired by the time they near the thinning trees and sleepy to boot. Nothing comes to disturb them, though they may end up disturbing a small wherry from its nest. Luckily for them, it runs away rather than go on the defensive. Aside from that, no boogeyman or monsters come jumping out from the shadows. So'l will know the test is done when they all reach the clearing he first started in and in the skies above Aycheth appears from Between, along with Velokraeth and Wingleader Nishka's brown Azath.

Abigail has a few such things with her every now and then, like at the moment, candy! She chuckles and soon grins before nodding as she hears So'l. "Well I'd like ta think it came in handy." She gives So'l arm a soft pat. "Ye did good by the way. We're follow along after ye then." With that said she follows along back, making sure they are on the right trail at the moment while they go. Just in case someone got a bit confused on the trip out to find them! Though she doesn't think it will happen. A soft chuckle escapes her as she hears Kyzen. "I can imagine that ye are not allowed to touch them Kyzen, perhaps when ye are a bit older though." The startled wherry causes her to pause before it takes off the other way, which is alright with her! Niumdreoth has followed the others in and is making his way down to the clearing, soft bugles offered to the other dragons as he goes. "There we are, I knew ye could get us out of there So'l." Abbey offers as her gaze turns towards the approaching dragons.

"I use an ax, actually," So'l smiles down at the boy. "Maybe when you're a little holder, you can help me. I'd like that," he grins at Kyzen before focusing on the walk ahead. The sudden flight of the wherry is indeed worrying and So'l's hand drifts towards the hilt of his sword in anticipation. Thankfully, however, it seems a confrontation is not to be had today as the wherry flits away. Whew! They continue to walk towards the edge, stopping now and then for So'l to check for his own tracks just to be sure they're going the right way, and when Kyzen grows tired, the weyrling lifts the boy into his arms and carries him out of the woods. "We made it," So'l grins over to Abigail, taking care not to jostle the Sleepy Kyzen as he steps over a rather large rock in the grass. There's suddenly activity in the sky and, looking up, he spots Aycheth, Velokraeth, and Azath. With his free hand, he salutes the riders respectfully while maintaining his grip on Kyzen. "Hello again," he offers up to M'icha. "Weyrleader, Wingleader," So'l nods up to the other two. "Sharuth wonders if he might return?"

There is a flurry of wings and a rush of hair as the dragons come in to land and Kyzen wakes from his light nap to peer curiously from where he's nestled against So'l. Almost immediately upon recognizing Velokraeth, the toddler begins to squirm and wriggle and do everything in his power to get out of the Weyrling's grip, all the while babbling about his toys and it being time to go home. Aycheth and Azath rumble back to Niumdreoth, while Velokraeth whuffles from where he's settled, looking well pleased. Th'ero dismounts, with M'icha and Nishka following suit but keeping behind the Weyrleader. "Of course you can, So'l. The test is over with and you did well, given that this was your first time being separated over distance from Sharuth." Th'ero murmurs while he helps unburden Kyzen from the Weyrling. There's a glance given to Abigail and a crooked smile. "Sorry we had to shove you in that cramped hole." Who owes the Wingsecond for that anyhow?
"Course we did." Abigail offers with an amused tone to So'l. "No reason why we couldn't have found our way out with yer help." This said while she grins. Her gaze turns to the dragons, a warm smile and salute is offered to the others. "Weyrleader, Wingleader, M'icha" As for So'l she glances to him, soon is grinning once more. "I had no doubt that he would do well with such things." Hearing Th'ero she chuckles. "No problem, at least I didn't find any tunnelsnakes in there so I'm pleased." Niumdreoth settles himself down, soft rumble escaping him as he curiously watches, eyes a swirl.

"Thanks for your help, Kyzen," So'l replies, handing the boy over and then pulling the toys from his backpack. They, too, are handed over to Th'ero. As both he and Abigail offer praise, So'l dips his head respectfully and says, "Thank you. Sharuth and I will continue working on scenarios like this. While we're fantastic partners, there will be times when we must act independently. This was a good test," the weyrling nods. Speaking of Sharuth, the gleaming bronze suddenly appears from *between*, coming in to land near the group and crooning hellos to the gathered dragons. So'l offers the bronze a big smile before looking again to M'icha and Th'ero. "What comes next, then? Besides dancing," he smirks, pretending to waltz in place for a moment to get a laugh. As for Abigail, he's /very/ glad she didn't encounter any tunnel snakes down there, either. But at least she had a bronze down there to help fight them off?

Nods and greetings are exchanged, as well as salutes to the appropriate ranking people, though M'icha and Niska still remain the most silent of the group. While Th'ero tends to Kyzen, who's begun to fuss a bit, it's the Weyrlingmaster who steps in. "Never had any doubt you'd not be able to handle this test, lad. You and Sharuth are a formidable team. Now we're assured you can work just as well apart as you can together." As for what comes next and the little twirl of a waltz the Weyrling gives, it does bring a chuckle from the riders. "Safe to say it won't be dancing," Comes the gruff but still feminine voice of Wingleader Nishka. She's middle aged, fit and while appears stern her eyes have a gentleness to them. Her eyes dart to Abigail and there is a knowing smile given to the Wingsecond. "In fact, you Weyrlings will be advanced to Senior Weyrlings now. M'icha has it set that you rotate your sweeps and duties with each Wing. You start with Thunderbird tomorrow, dawn patrol. I expect to see you there." With that, she dips her head and returns to Azath, mounting up and the brown is quick to leap into the air and vanish Between. M'icha is still chuckling to himself. "Nah, we'd not risk yer hide too Abigail. Though have to say, it'd be interestin' to see how he'd have reacted if you had been poisoned. Non-fatally of course but he didn't need to know that…" There's a wink given to Abigail and a sly look to So'l. "Consider yourself lucky they had me tone the tests down, lad! Darn pity though. Ah well, you still done us all proud." High praise from the Weyrlingmaster! "Now I've got to get back too. So'l, you're cleared for the rest of the day." And off goes M'icha, joining Aycheth again and they too vanish Between and home.

Abigail smiles and nods at the talk of over what is next for the Weyrling's she grins a bit and gives So'l a slight elbowing. "I'm rather sure I'll see ye in the morning then." She's a bit happy over that idea it seems, finally getting to drag him out on drills, or well perhaps getting to spend more time with him as well. A warms mile and nod is offered back to Nishka. "He'll be there." Even if Abbey has to drag him there most likely. A glance is sent to M'icha and she blinks before a soft laugh escapes her. "Fake poison I'd go for.. Just get them snakes away from me thank ye." Her bronze firelizard may have helped but really she knows how lazy that thing is, she would have most likely been on her own! Another salute is seen while the other's start to leave and she sends a warm smile to So'l. "Good job." Is offered once more, though this time her tone is a bit more sincere, a bit warmer than just the normal congrads one might give someone that has done well.

The end of Weyrlinghood is fast approaching, it seems. Senior Weyrling? That's /damned/ exciting, especially since he and Sharuth will get their own weyr now. « We must fly around and look at what's available! Shall we do this now? » Sharuth bugles, excited as well to have passed into the final phase of their training. » Sure, Sharuth. I'm sure we'll find something we like, « So'l grins over to the bronze before waving after Nishka and nodding to M'icha. "Thank you. Your training has been exceptional, truly," he offers the man a smile before M'icha and Aycheth vanish away. Smiling over at Abigail, So'l can't help but laugh. "Seems you're rather stuck with me! Not that I particularly mind," he smirks before turning lastly to Th'ero and Kyzen. "Thanks for letting Kyzen take part. He's a great kid," he smiles at the little guy, "and if you ever need someone to watch him, maybe Sharuth and I could help out a little." Dangerous offer but there it is. Chuckling, So'l will salute both the Weyrleader and the wingsecond before climbing atop Sharuth and sending the bronze up and *between*. After all, they have a new home to pick out…