Who Eiram, Sephany, Leuka
What Sephany spies on Eiram. Leuka spies on Sephany. There is DISCUSSION and then LUNCH to be had.
When Autumn - Day 17 of Month 9 of Turn 2714
Where Crafter's Cavern & then Living Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Crafter's Cavern

The Crafter's Cavern is quite stunning to behold. A high vaulted ceiling arches overhead, ornately sculpted sconces along the walls, once having held glows, are now fitted with the electric lights, casting a gentle glow over the area. On the walls around the caverns edge hang beautiful old tapestries, which depict various aspects of craft life.

All around the cavern the tapestries extend, representative of every craft. The door next to each leads to the quarters of the WeyrCrafter, while the large area in the center is divided into smaller work spaces, numerous desks and chairs, terminals and sandtables clutter the space.

It is midday at Fort Weyr and most of the weyr's residents are probably eating away in the Living cavern. Eiram might be too if he wasn't here and quite caught up in his work. He is standing at a workbench with a woodcrafter looking over thin sheets of wood. The woodcrafter is going through the various qualities and grains each sheet of wood. It is a rare moment to see Eiram, with serious crafter face. Even despite his size it does make him look more his age when he has this serious face on. The dark haired lad looks from each piece of wood to a drawing off to the side and back, letting his fingers run along the grain of each piece.

Sephany is, perhaps, coming from such a lunch in the Living Caverns. At least, she has a mug of something warm in her hands. At least she is now dressed for the weather of Fort now, long, rust red dress and fur-linned slippers protecting from the chill of stone caverns. She walks with confidence through the crafter's cavern, and why not? She's a crafter, afterall. There is an absentmindedness to her steps, leading her in the general direction of the Weaver's area though she's distracted by serious-faced Eiram bent over his work. There is only a moment of hesitation before she changes direction and heads towards him, light steps confident and purposeful as she closes the distance. But she does not immediately speak up or announce her presence; rather she uses her current height advantage (what little she has) to step on her tip toes and peer over his shoulder to spy on whatever it is he's doing. And really, words should not be necessary to announce her presence, unless he's so engaged in his work that he does not notice the LOOMING WEAVER showing little regard for personal space.

The notebook in his hand has a drawing for his next project. A technical drawing of a new Lyre, this one less boxy and simple then his first. There are some curved lines that will take some extra skills to produce, but such is the nature of his course. Each piece to be more of a challenge than the last. Still it is nowhere near technically difficult as some of the real fancy pieces of the Masters. "I think I want to try the cherry wood this time." He finally says laying his hand on the piece he has chosen with a firm nod. The looming weaver is finally noticed once the choice is made and he looks over his shoulder at her. The serious face is replaced with his more typical youthful grin, "Hey there..I was hoping to see you!" He shows her the drawing of the lyre in question, "I don't suppose you could make a padded bag for this?" He asks with such a hopeful look on his face.

As the nature of the project becomes clear, Sephany settles back onto her feet and gives Eiram a bit more of his space back; really she was just being a bit playful, and not intending to interrupt him at such an important task. "Hmm," and grey eyes descend upon the notebook with interest, studying the drawing in question. "I suppose I could… though I am much more adept at clothes than totes. What sort of bag are you interested in? How padded would it need to be? Does the outside need to be rigid?" A thoughtful frown. "Maybe leather would do, on the outside." Full-on project mode.

Leuka hasn't had lunch yet, but seems to be heading that way. Heading out of his room, his steps slow as he gives a full body stretch. A familar pale head catches his attention so his feet veer that way. Before he can greet, he notices that she's pering over Eiram's shoulder. So, he'll try to sneak up and peer over both their shoulders. "So, what're we looking at here?"

"Well I suppose think of it as clothes for the Lyre. I need something to keep the soundboard warm in the fort regions. It will end up pretty solid but perhaps some leather would not go astray for trips between." Eiram says thoughtfully as he looks over his notes then up to the weaver. "I would very much like it if you could come up with something. I could pay you or trade you in something." He looks up at her with those big wide puppy dog eyes of his which then causes him to lift head higher to look at Leuka. "My next project. Maybe a bit ambitious but might get a woodcrafter to show me how to do the fancy cutwork on the soundboard." He looks around the craft room and all the stations then back up, "Figured I could make use of the crafters in residence while I am here."

Is Sephany startled at the sudden voice behind her? If she is, she's going to pretend she is TOTALLY NOT even if she just sort of jumped in place and grey eyes went saucer wide, and hands around Klah mugs went briefly white-knuckled. Certainly there are other reasons for these things. Right? Sure. At least she recovers quick enough, motioning toward Eiram's drawing, "A new instrument that Eiram is crafting, that is apparently in need of clothes." There's a grin threatening the corners of her mouth, and definitely amusement in her eyes. "Hm, in that case, I am not sure a bag is going to help you," she informs the younger Harper apologetically. "Clothes only keep us warm because of our body heat. Unless you have a way of warming the bag, simply keeping it wrapped is not going to help with that. It will protect from the elements; I can certainly make you something that is water resistant." One hand lifts from the mug, and she waves off the offer of payment. "Don't worry about it. I need practice; consider that payment enough."

Leuka doesn't miss the puppy dog eyes directed to Sephany and tries to hide his amusement, mostly "Oh, you're good boy. That skill will get you far." He doesn't seem to be talking of the Apprentice's crafting skills though. Going more serious, he glances to the sketch and notes while listening to them both. After a momenthe nods "I think Sephany is right. A bag or hardcase will protect it from getting wet or banged about. But not a thing for controlling its temperature." He gives a little shrug "Don't let that stop you from your creation though. Everyone we make makes us that much better. I still have the fist violin I made. Sounds horrible, but it holds a special meaning for me in that it was the first instrument I made. And each one after that has been better than the last. Though, I stick mainly to replacing cellos now." He flashes an amused wink and looks to Sephany. Are you alright? You seem jumpy."

"Well mostly the bags are to protect it from some of the cold. Too many extreme changes in temperature can effect the tuning and I travel between alot too visit my cousins down at Rubicon. I don't mean warm warm, but like not freezing cold." Eiram looks up hopefully at Sephany and then smiles as she seems to take the job. "Thank you!" He declares and steps in for a quick embrace. "I will write a song about your great deeds!" Blessing or curse? He looks up to the Journeyman and grins, "I know." He says with a cheeky smile and a wink. "Reckon will need to talk to the metal crafters about the pins and wires or can still get from Harper supplies?" What level will be expected from him at this point. "Yeah, this will be my third..the last one was a box lyre and the first one a simple board lyre. It sounded alright, but no…resonance." He comments and looks between the pair rubbing at his nose to hide a amused smirk at the question.

Clearly, Leuka likes being on Sephany's dark side. That is what his comment suggests, at least. Though the death-glare that may be leveled upon him is decidedly lacking in intensity. There's a stupid twitching to the corner of her mouth that totally ruins the look, even if she's doing her best to harden her gaze and furrow her brows and look as intimidating as possible. "Rude. Eavesdropping on people." NEVERMIND that she was basically doing the same thing. She will ignore this fact, and turn back to the topic at hand. "I am so glad I do not have to actually weave my own cloth," she confesses, eyeing the two Harpers. "Hm. I suppose some insulation will help with that," she decides, for protection from extreme cold. "Though it will depend on you keeping both the bag and the instrument in a warmer place before you travel. But… eventually the warmth will leach out and you will be left with a cold instrument— how does Between affect things?" But really, who can protect against that? There's a short laugh for his offer to write a song, and she lifts her hand once again in a 'stop' motion. "No, please. Don't. I do not need any songs. One is quite enough." Referring, of course, to the Ballad of the Four Warriors who totally owned the ice (not). But Sephany does not know anything about board lyres, box lyres, or how they affect the resonance of sound. Or even what resonance is, let's be real here. She's a weaver. So she will simply nod politely and offer an encouraging, "Mmhm. Sounds like a good idea."

Leuka nods to Eiram, grinning as he can hear the pride for his prior creations, even if their quality may not have been what he wanted. Sephany is given a surprised look at her outburst before she turns her back to him and seems to shut him out. Fair enough. Shrugging, he'll look back to Eiram. "When you finish up here, come find me in the instrument room. Maybe in a couple of candlemarks?" Will give the Journeyman time to fill his belly and maybe do a little exploring before he teaches a bit more. "See you later apprentice." A friendly enough wave to the pair before he wanders off in search of food.

Eiram looks between the older crafters thoughtfully. He is amused by the pair it is clear. Then the conversation goes back to the project at hand and nods, "Yeah, sounds good. I just want to protect it best I can. This one will likely see me out my apprenticeship if I do it well enough." He grins again as she declines another song, "Ok one written for you and not about you." he changes the offer with a firm nod of his head. There is a look up to the Journeyman again and nods, "Yes sir, I will. There are a few other crafters I need to talk to first.." The words interupted by a stomach rumble, "And maybe some lunch…" Yep he might well have forgotten all about that in his distraction for finding the right wood.

Sephany was not especially loud, but perhaps misunderstood. It was certainly not her intention to exclude Leuka, though she is rather deep into 'creative Weaver mode', with her head tilted just slightly to the side, grey eyes pinned on the sketch once more, and mouth a thin line of concentration. There is certainly no lasting ire, feigned or otherwise. "Hm…" and she taps the drawing with a single finger, leaving one hand coiled around her mug though it's all but forgotten in this moment. "Can you make me a copy of the dimensions? Then I can get to work…" but Leuka's comment on an instrument room has her attention, and a very curious, "Instrument room" follows him. "There's an instrument room? Would it have something similar?" Question is posed to both, glancing between Journeyman and Apprentice. But Leuka is leaving, and there's a bit of a frown to follow him before Eiram is talking about food as well. "I could eat," she offers. "Do you want to get some lunch?" and just a little lift of her voice, enough to carry to the retreating ears of a certain cellist. "I hear they made twice as much bacon today…" and a glance to see if the bait has been taken.

Leuka saunters off a few paces and wouldn't dare to listen in any further to their conversation. But oh that tricksey female just /had/ to go and mention bacon. His step slows, and he half turns to reply, but stops himself from speaking. He merely gives a rueful smirk as she catches him listening again and shakes a scolding finger her way and shakes his head. He makes a buttoning his lip motion and continues on towards the living cavern, where he was already heading before he sidetracked to speak with the apprentices to begin with.

Eiram nods to Sephany's request, "Of course, I can make another drawing over lunch iffin you like. Well over what I hope it will end up like anyway." He looks thoughtful at the questions about the instrument room, "I haven't visited the one here so much as the one at the hall, but perhaps. It is a fairly common instrument for kids to play. Anyone can make a half descent noise on a lyre, just takes skill to play proper music on it is all especially the ones with more strings." The mention of extra bacon definitely gets the boy moving to pack up his notebook , rulers and drawing tools. Clearly at least one of the harpers has taken the bacon bait.

The fact that Sephany is looking right at him when he turns toward her is indicative that the comment was meant for his ears. There is definitely mirth in her eyes, laughter held at pay with the press of lips and bite of her cheek. Thoughts of instrument rooms are put on hold, as clearly bacon has become the focus (totally by design). Once it is clear that Eiram is joining, Sephany offers the younger Harper a bright smile. "We can chat about it over lunch," she decides, already moving off toward the door with a skipping step designed to close the distance between herself and the retreating Journeyman, moving as if to take his arm with her own (which she totally will, if he doesn't put a stop to it), casual and nonchalant as she just… invades his personal space and pretends like she has a right to be there. "Come on Eiram!" which is clearly meant to encourage him to run and catch up, "Or I'll feed your share to Thimble!"

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Yea, he saw she was looking right at him, but he still wasn't gonna fall for it. A chuckle does slip out of Leuka though, when Sephany slips her arm around his as if he is her escort. Which he guesses he now is. He will slow his steps, so that the short apprentice can catch up without running to much. A winces crosses his face "OH, that would be a shame, and on double bacon day? Tis gonna be one chubby lizard." He glances down to Sephany and winks in amusement before peering back to watch Eiram a moment. Not too long after, they little group are lined up for some food. The major lunch rush has passed to ther isn't too big of a line.

Eiram runs to catch up with the group and can't help but join in this escort business and steps to Sephany's other side and offers his arm as well! A chain of escortiness! Well he did promise the hunter to look after her after all!"Noone will eat my share of Bacon!" Well except maybe Oboe who has heard the great bacon call and has joined them as they enter the living cavern. He trails up the line as they make it to the buffet, Oboe flying down to perch on his shoulder so he does not miss out on any bacon either. At least there is no long lines.

Sephany is more than happy to take Eiram's arm as well, grinning toward her second escort with undisguised delight and humor. "Indeed, she would be," she agrees with Leuka's assessment of Thimble, adding quickly, "so it is rather good that you caught up," for Eiram. And so the trio continue in this manner, likely garnering more than one look (though really… no one in the Weyr should be surprised, let's be real) until the Living Caverns has been reached. It is only as they are stepping through the door that Sephany unwinds her arms from both her escorts, an apologetic look given to both as she explains, "I forgot something, I'm sorry. I've got to go back. But Leuka can have my share of the bacon," she decides, flashing him a grin and even a freakin' wink because she's just feeling that playful right now. Or maybe it is to make up for the accidental miscommunication. REGARDLESS, he gets the bacon, though Eiram gets a hug. "I will see you both later. Eiram, if you want to drop off the copy at the weaver's area, I'll pick it up; just let them know it's for me and I will get it. Ok… bye!" and with that, she's turning on her heels and dashing down the hallway.

Leuka nods and considers the firelizard a moment longer "Wouldn't take too many double bacon days before she couldn't get off the ground." Grinning to the Apprentices, he gives a nod to Sephany when she has to go back for something she forgot. "We'll save you a seat all the same." Did she just wink at him? As the Weaver heads off, he looks around, mainly behind him, to see who exactly she was winking too then glances down to his Apprentice "You heard that right? I get her share." Leuka grins and grabs a plate, wasting no time to filling half the with a small mountain of crispy porcine strips. "And I don't have to share with a lizard." He gives Eiram's young brown a pointed, and amused look.

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