Fort Weyr - Galleries
The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

Early Autumn is here and yet one could complain its still summer. The weather, it seems, doesn't want to behave and continues chugging along at higher temperatures and lack of rain for most of the Fort region. Here in the Hatching Grounds though, it's always constant — temperature wise anyways. At this hour of the day the Galleries remain sparsely occupied with most of the Weyr's inhabitants busy with the daily grind of work and duties. All save the Weyrleader, who's managed to score himself a moment of reprieve (it just means he'll be at it later into the night now). Th'ero sits somewhere midway up the tiers, gazing at the fourteen eggs distractedly and occasionally looking down to where a dark curly haired boy is leaning as far as he can manage on the railing without toppling down onto the Sands. "Kyzen…" Comes the quiet but firm warning and the boy leans back — for now.

Abigail has some time off it seems, though not by choice, and not from what many think. It mostly deals with the fact that she inhaled a far bit too much smoke out dealing with the fires of the forest. The healers warned she might have issues after getting sick months before and seems they were right. She does have a slight bandage around her right forearm but it isn't anything serious by any means. She's had serious in the past after all! At the moment she makes her way along the steps of the Galleries, a mug of klah in hand while her pale gaze drifts over the room. She soon catches sight of Th'ero and moves on towards where the weyrleader happens to be sitting. A nod seen along with a slight smile. "Afternoon Weyrleader." She says while glancing over the seats that are free pondering sitting down it seems.

Those reports concerning the injuries sustained from that forest fire were all long read by Th'ero and the Weyrleader has already vented his displeasure to (or more like on) a certain bronzerider. Hearing Abigail's voice, he looks up with brows raised in mild surprise. "Abigail," he greets and his mouth draws up into a faint smile. "Afternoon. Care to sit? Afraid there is nothing too exciting at the moment which… means it's peaceful." Which is so desirable right now. The Weyrleader is NEVER going to complain about a quiet Turn ever again. Ever. "How are you doing? And Niumdreoth? Is he — Kyzen, what'd I say about the railings! Quit it, before you upset Kouzevelth." Th'ero chides his son as the boy has gone back to leaning a bit too much on the railings for the Weyrleader's comfort.

"You really don't want to upset her," inserts a calm, quiet voice that's obviously hiding a wicked grin (to an adult ear, at least). Looming out of the shadows, dressed in black as always, comes Zhirayr, waggling his eyebrows at the Weyrleader's son for a moment. "She might nibble on you. And then you'll be covered in dragon drool." His tone of voice makes it plain, if the words themselves don't, that to any right-thinking person this is a fate worse than death!!! He glances up, places Th'ero, nods cordially, murmurs "Weyrleader," glances at Abigail, nods cordially, murmurs "Wingleader," and flips a small coin-shaped token at Th'ero without further explanation.

"That's alright, was looking for a quiet place to be honestly." Abigail offers while she settles down upon a seat, holding onto that cup within her left hand. "Honestly? I'm fine, just dealing with a linger cough from all the smoke. Niumdreoth is fine, it was just a few slight burns that was enough to cause him discomfort." Well dragon skin can be tricky after all. "An more oiling for a few days." This said with a touch of an amused tone. Her gaze drifts to Kyzen and she smiles a bit. As for herself she's not spoken much to a certain bronzer, she needed time to cool off and think of ways to actually help then make the matter worse. She looks to Zhirayr and offers a nod to him while taking a sip from her mug.

C'rus has been absent from Fort for a good many days, but earlier today arrived back home. After checking back in with Mirinda to let her know he was ready to resume his duties, he went about the grind. The grind has come to and end for the day though and he had heard that some new eggs had been laid. The healer made his way to the sands and made his way into the gallery expecting perhaps a small crowd. He offers salute to the wingleader and weyrleader and takes a peek himself over the railing to see what he can see.

"Dragonspit's the worst," grunts another voice, this one coming from where the stairs join this level. It's D'ani, who, thanks to Dremkoth's bruised side was NOT fighting that fire, but he also knows about who got injured doing it. He trudges into view with a large sack on his shoulder, heads towards the small group with it and props it against an odd box-like structure made of plywood in the T space made by an isle and the front rail. "Th'ero, Abbey, Zhirayr, C'rus," the weyrsecond greets amiably before leaning over and searching the sands, smiling only when he does NOT find a certain someone below. Good! Everything goes according to plan!

Kyzen has stepped back entirely from the railing with an upwards look of child-like uncertainty to Zhirayr upon hearing the Assistant Headman's voice, only to pull a face. "Nuh-huh!" he snickers with a mischievous grin. "Dragons don't nibble people! Harper says so, say they don't hurt folk!" He boasts proudly. See how SMART he is? Th'ero dips his head politely to Zhirayr, only to grunt slightly as he quickly snatches that coin-shaped token tossed at him and with only a bit of fumbling! Peering at it, he suddenly has an idea of where it may have come from (or is it when?). Coughing, he tucks it away. "Ah, thank you? I guess… the round was won?" Round of what? The Weyrleader is speaking in Riddles again! Which means he's hiding something. "I'm glad that both you and Niumdreoth have recovered so swiftly. That fire… We are lucky it was put out as swiftly as it was. I've had a few words with Mr'az too. I hope you don't mind that I saw to him before you could speak with him?" he murmurs to Abigail and only then spies C'rus arriving. Offering a wave to the bluerider, his attention then drifts to D'ani. "Afternoon," he greets and though he does not question the Weyrsecond for where he's going or what he's carrying, there is a slightly knowing and amused quirk of his mouth.

Zhirayr just shrugs at the kid, crouching down beside him and the rail (and C'rus, technically). "I never said she'd chew on you," he points out reasonably. "Or crunch your bones into paste the way some of the laundry ladies will if they think you're up to mischief. Just that she'd nibble on you, just a little bit, to tickle you and drown you in dragon slobber." Logical! It's impressive, really, how straight a face he's able to keep while spinning these tales of woe and damnation; but hey, it's not like he's actually been invited into the riders' discussion. (Yet?)

Abigail waves a hand slightly as she hears Th'ero. "That is fine I will speak with him soon enough. I just needed to deal with Niumdreoth first." Along with cooling herself down so she wouldn't take out all her anger on Mr'az. Her gaze flicks between Th'ero and Zhirayr with a pondering look but that is all. "Aye.. It could have been worse that is for certain." It was not a good thing, and they are lucky more were not injured. Her gaze drifts to C'rus and then D'ani with a smile and nods offered to bother of them. "Afternoon D'ani, C'rus." A curious and also amused look is sent towards Zhirayr as she listens in on that conversation.

After a good long peek at the eggs C'rus turns his attention back to the assembled crowd, watching D'ani in particular as he carries the 'whateveritis' along with him. The healer had heard about the fire as gossip from some of the infirmary staff. He does smile as he hears Kyzen chime in about dragons not harming people, "Hey Kyzen." he says with a wave to the young man, "It's true. You wouldn't get nibbled. But you wouldn't want to bother her either. She's got a big job. She's got 14 eggs to look out for. Thats something else don't ya think?" He says almost simultaniously with Zhirayr's comments. That done he offers a smile to Abby, "Afternoon." he greets before adding, "I'm pleased to hear things weren't worse."

D'ani paws the sweat out of one eye while listening to Zhirayr clarify for Kyzen. With a smirk to the assistant steward, "Remind me, if I ever have them, not to let you choose bedtime stories to me kids." And then to Kyzen, after C'rus speaks, and as gravely as Zhriayr, "Dragonspit goes on slimy and winds up sticky. Unpleasant. You don't want to risk it." Anexaggerated shudder follows before he's hefting that sack and dumping over top of that plywood cube. He smiles over to his fellow clutchmate,"Feeling better, Abbey?" He'll wait for her answer before heading back down the stairs, returning shortly with yet another sack.

<Sands> Kouzevelth isn't eating anyone, no, but she is definitely paying attention — while she doesn't lift a wing from over the few eggs nearest to her, the ones she'd most recently turned, she does raise her head. Her focus is on Kyzen, though, so if she notices whatever D'ani's trying to not have Inri see, she isn't telling on him! She is clearly taking inventory of the galleries, as if thinking perhaps she will find someone she disapproves of in the crowd. Not doing so, she sets to turning another egg. Nothing to see here. Just maintenance.

Poor little Kyzen's eyes widen with each description laid out by Zhirayr. Humorous to an adult; horrific to a seven Turn old boy! "Nooo, they'd not even nibble!" he counters again but doesn't sound so assured this time. Now he's eyeing the gold, only to find her looking their way and he gulps nervously. And then it's C'rus to the rescue! Maybe. Kyzen just looks puzzled. "Wasn't gonna bother her. I know better! Fourteen eggs is a BIG clutch, yeah! More than Kayeth's." So is he calling Kouzevelth the (previously) fat one now? "Maybe there will be more with the next gold?" Eggs EVERYWHERE! Kyzen's nose wrinkles to D'ani, "Eew. I won't then!" But? "What're you doing?" Uh oh. But the Weyrsecond is already gone for another sack! Not that that doesn't keep Kyzen from creeping closer to the plywood cube unless he's stopped!

Th'ero nods to Abigail and then grimaces, "Understandable. We can hope that from now on he will have better control on Zhirazoth." Yeah, right. Wishful thinking there! "Though I'm sure you've already done so, we should see that sweeps are conducted more often — especially in the zones still reporting having record lows in rainfall."

Of course, if C'rus is the only one looking over the railings now, there's little reason for Zhirayr to stay crouching there — so off he goes, towards the Weyrleader and Wingleader, in part because that way he can loom behind Kyzen and attempt in a substantially more subtle fashion to espy just what the heck it is D'ani's doing over there. Belatedly, he gives Th'ero a nod. "You won, yes," he murmurs softly, "and then the last round was won by barstaff who stole your cards." With a marvelous haiku.

Abigail lifts a brow and seems a touch amused at the thought. "Indeed.. I'm working on some lessons that might help with control." Though she isn't sure if they will help at this point in all honesty. "Aye, I have the wing in different teams making sure the forest has a close eye for possible issues. So far so good which I am thankful for." Her gaze drifts to Zhirayr and she lifts a brow at the conversation before she looks to D'ani, a soft smile seen and she nods a touch. "I'm fine, just a lingering cough from the smoke now."

C'rus watches Kou as she moves gently amongst the eggs tending to them, being the good mother that she is. That task finished he heads up to one of the seats and plunks himself down just relaxing after what has been a long day, "It is a realy big clutch I agree Kyzen." he says with a smile, "I suppose we will just have to wait and see what happens hmmm? There's always pleanty of new and exciting things to see. There's always something interesting going on somwhere. The older you get the more you'll get to see." He listens absently to the talk of the fire, "Hopefully we won't be seeing too many more."

Before D'ani departs, he gives Abbey a smile and a firm, "Good to hear!" Kyzen will find that the sides are likely too high for him to see over, not that an adult couldn't. There is, however a square opening measuring three feet by three feet at the bottom of one side, a wooden tunnel leading in, if you will. It's out of sight from the group, on the side facing away from them. Inside, if he enters is a closed chamber, nearly as big as the wooden cube with no sign of whatever it was that D'ani just dumped in. Speaking of, the weyrsecond returns in time to grunt as he passes, "What'd you win Th'ero? Strip poker again?" Hey, it's a guess! A knowing grin is flashed at the Weyrleader. The sack is set down, the string pulled, thus opening it, which is also dumped over the side of the box. And belatedly, he answers Kyzen, wherever he's gotten off to, "Dumping sawdust in a box." Way to be literal D'ani!

Never say never, C'rus. Never say never. When the forests go ablaze again, Th'ero may just lay the blame on the bluerider for jinxing them all. "We need rain, is what we need." the Weyrleader mutters. "Lessons, Abigail?" He frowns as he considers her tactic and then nods. "Suppose it's worth a shot. You'll let me know if there are any difficulties?" And by that, he means more with the rider than the dragon. Zhirayr's belated comment has Th'ero giving him a sidelong look (ixnay on the card game!). "Guess I owe it to this bar staff then?" Cough. Does he want to know? Probably not and certainly not with Kyzen around! "Ah, not quite? It was a card game of… sorts." They'll leave it at that, right?

It's a box! Of course that's going to draw Kyzen to it like a moth to flame. Firstly because it's a box where a box should not be and second… well, he's always getting into things! "Why?" he questions D'ani, watching as the sawdust is dumped in and daring to step closer. He'll find that opening and crouch down by it, peering over his shoulder as he does. Anyone watching? Kicking up a fuss and telling him no?

Abigail glances over to Th'ero. "Just something for them to work with one another honestly. I won't force it, mere suggestions to see if it will help." Though if it doesn't help, or they decide not to take such hints well shell have to figure out something then. "I just worry they will get themselves hurt at this point." Or worse. Though she doesn't comment on that. Instead she is peeking at D'ani and the items he is working with. "I have to admit I'm rather curious to what yer up too at the moment meself D'ani."

C'rus is also rather curious to see what D'ani is up to, but thankfully doesn't have to voice his curiosity as Abby seems to have gotten there first. He sits forward in his chair to see if he can peek at just what D'ani is constructing. All this talk of wing training doesn't concern him directly so he lets it pass without comment and while the comment about cards does cause him to glance upwards to Th'ero and them over to Zhi for a moment before he lets that go too. He /so/ does not want to know.

"The Weyrleader was showing his irreverent side," Zhirayr informs all parties present in a remarkably mild, matter-of-fact sort of voice. Because of course that doesn't have any hidden meanings or further explanations in it, about that card-game-of-sorts, right? Of course not! And: "D'ani, why are you filling a box with sawdust?"

D'ani nearly chokes, that happens right when Th'ero says 'we need rain'. It's the sawdust, must be. He coughs a couple of times and it's over. Carry on! He spots Kyzen, doesn't say anything to prevent the lad from crawling inside if he wants to. There's nothing in there yet. Just wood flooring, sides and ceiling, but it's still pretty neat. "To insulate it," is the logical answer he gives Kyzen — and then Zhirayr as why he's to adding sawdust to a box. D'ani gambles from time to time, enjoys fun games… "What sorts?" asks he of Th'ero, perhaps because he's curious, most likely to deflect interest from his box. He follows that up with a question to Zhirayr (since he was there and D'ani wasn't), "What'd he win?" But no,
Abigail asks and he hesitates, then with a flourish at the creation says grandly, "This is an igloo for Inri!" A forefinger presses to his lips, "Keep it quiet until I finish it and show her, yeah?"

<Sands> Kouzevelth of course did not hear D'ani at all. She can't hear that far, can she? The egg turning is getting pretty intense out there — she's dug a big hole and is rolling two at once in there now.

"Might be best if you do, Abigail." Th'ero replies grimly to the Wingleader and giving her a lingering look. Maybe a heavier hand is needed in the case of Zhirazoth and Mr'az — or so the Weyrleader is assuming. He won't step any further on her toes though. "That's my concern as well. So we'll see, won't we, if they improve." And he leaves it at that, glancing back to C'rus and speaking up at last to the bluerider. "And how have you been, C'rus?" he asks just before clearing his throat. "That — Irreverent. I think?" He peers (or is it a slight glare) to Zhirayr. "That's the name, isn't it? I wasn't playing long, I was called away." But apparently still won the round! Go figure. And what did he win? He glances down to the pocket he so hastily shoved that token into. Th'ero does not, however, look surprised in the least by D'ani's announcement to his creation. From the faint grin the Weyrleader is sporting, it's easy enough to assume that he was aware of it looong before the Weyrsecond started on its construction.

"Neat!" Is the input from Kyzen just before he dives down that tunnel and crawls inside. Bare though it may be, an 'igloo' is strange and fascinating and it's no surprise either that his voice can be heard, probably quite muffled, from within. "So an igloo is an empty wooden box with sawdust?" he asks. Maybe he should have clarified that before entering inside?

Abigail catches that looks form Th'ero, a nod is seen. "Aye.." She offers as she honestly does agree with him on the matter. It is something for her to deal with during another time at least. She just peeks at D'ani, a brow lifting. "Why for did you make her an igloo?" Someone is a bit confused at the idea of such a thing.

C'rus sends a big thumbs up in the direction of the weyrleader, "I've been absolutely marvelous. Fantastic even. Life is amazing. Work, life, more work, then more life. You know the usual. Always something exciting around every corner. Absolutely magical out there." he says with a grin on his face. Apparently life has been treating the the blue pair well enough, either that or he accidentially got into something in the infirmary, "I trust the same has been true with you?" he asks in kind. He raises a brow ever so slightly at the stewards comment. Nope. Still not taking that bait. His attention is then drawn to D'ani as he finally lets the feline out of the bag about what he is building. The grin widens into a smile, "My lips are sealed. I think its a very sweet thing to do. I'm sure she'll love it." He could see why someone would want it if they had to stay in that heat all the time.

"Of course you're building an igloo," Zhirayr replies with a long-drawn-out sigh of suffering. Long-drawn-out suffering, obviously. "With sawdust, which is going to get in your clothes and hair, and in her clothes and hair — did you ever think about using a different sort of insulation? Cloth, maybe? There are actually a few kinds that can be used to keep heat out just as easily as they keep cold in," he points out, and then adds in a somewhat louder voice, "along with keeping the gremlins fully encased inside the inner sanctum of the igloo, naturally."

Dremkoth's listening in, hopefully to intercept any queries Kouzevelth might begin to form. The bronze will give her it straight up, but also ask that she keep her rider distracted so the surprise can be finished without Inri's knowledge. To Th'ero, D'ani ahs neutrally. "That game." Lucky him for missing that? He says nothing more of it, his attention re-directed by Kyzen. "Well no. There'll be an ice hut inside of that box." And then to Abby, he explains, "Because the sands are hot. And her dragon is on them." Which really only partially explains why, but that's all the reason he gives. C'rus gets a crooked smile and a half shrug before D'ani bends down to collect the two empty sacks. "Sawdust is the best insulation," he tells Zhirayr firmly. "And there'll be ice between it and her." He smirks as the assistant steward raises his voice and mentions gremlins. He'd love to stay and see Kyzen's reaction to that. But he has more sawdust to haul up here. "Be right back," he says and off he goes while they chat, someone on the stairs gets a cheerful greeting in passing.

Th'ero peers almost suspiciously at C'rus for the cheerful response he receives. "… I'll take that as a 'I'm doing very well', then." The Weyrleader drawls with just a hint of a chuckle to his voice. "You seem to be in an awfully good mood. And… yes and no but such is the way of things." he replies cryptically again, only to smirk as Zhirayr comments on D'ani's choice of insulation. "Yes, that —- wait, you've played it?" Now that he wasn't expecting from D'ani and yet, really, should he be surprised?

Kyzen can be heard moving about inside the unfinished igloo but for Zhirayr's comments, he'll come down that tunnel again and poke his head out. "What're gremlins?" he asks with a furrowed brow and slight concern. If the kid gets nightmare's… Zhirayr's going to have to answer to his foster parents (and Th'ero and Kimmila)!

Rhenesath's big dusky head peeps in through the tunnel into the hatching grounds before Thys can be seen, the young gold cluck-crooning happily to Kouzevelth, and settling herself down to watch with an approving whirl in her eyes. Thys follows shortly after, standing by her dragon for just a moment before diverting up into the galleries, drawn in by all the folks up there. "Unusual place for a party." Th'ero gets an easy salute, and she eyes the ice structure being built with a good deal of curiosity. "That looks… cold."

"Well, potentially cold, at least," Zhirayr answers dubiously, giving Thys a broad, semi-conspiratorial smile. "Far from finished, admittedly, but he shows points for initiative, if not for much ability at keeping secrets. And gremlins," to Kyzen, "are little monsters that are sized just right for fitting inside igloos and abducting small boys who misbehave." He's been telling a lot of stories to poor Kyzen today.

Even C'rus can be cheerful sometimes. It can happen! The man may have a generally anxious and dour demenor most of the time, but even C'rus has to admit that things can be pretty darn amazing sometimes. The smile never leaves his face as he responds, "Yes! But a simple 'I'm doing very well' just seems so totally inadequate to describe life. So much beauty and perfection!" Does the crowd have Jaicoureth to thank for the healers good mood? Very likely, "I hope awesome finds you very soon!" he says giving the weyrleader another thumbs up. D'ani also benefits from his big smile as he passes by on the way to get more sawdust and then Thys arrives! He offers a wave from his seat.

As he's passing Th'ero, D'ani headshakes with a teasing twinkle in his brown eyes. "Heard of it though." And thus far, he's escaped it - hah! He's back not long after, lugging another sack of sawdust, wash, rinse, repeat with the pourings into the space for insulation. "It will be," he assures Thys and Zhirayr of the cold it will provide. "Though I'm told it'll only get down to forty degrees inside." He does suck at keeping secrets. Something about outright lying apparently doesn't sit well with him, unlike Zirhayr. He doesn't spoil the other man's fun, however. "I'm getting the blocks of ice from the Barrier Ranges as soon as I'm finished here."

"Or perfectly normal if said party were looking for some decorum of quiet," Th'ero replies to Thys with a faint smile. No peace here though! At least the Weyrleader hasn't slunk off despite the mention of a certain card game and his involvement with it? "Afternoon, Thys. Is that Rhenesath I hear?" Since he can't quite see her from the angle he sits at if she remains mostly within the tunnel. Glancing back to C'rus, he just blinks and shakes his head. "C'rus, whatever it is you're on…" Share it? Th'ero seems to reconsider his words mid-sentence however and just sighs. "… never mind. Good to see you in such high spirits." Emphasis maybe on high. A smirk is given in passing to D'ani. Heard of it? Is this a game only Th'ero never heard of?

Down at the igloo, Kyzen has crawled out of the tunnel now and is starting to look a bit unsettled. Monsters? No thanks. "There's no such thing! You're making that up to scare me," he fires back at Zhirayr but, again, the boy doesn't quite have heart behind that statement. "Weyrsecond D'ani… does your igloo have gremlins in it?" Kyzen asks point blank and completely serious. Busted?

"It is," Thys replies to Th'ero, and Rhenesath edges forward a little to hopefully be a little more visible to the Weyrleader, without encroaching too much on Kouzevelth's space. She's definitely digging those eggs, though! Her happy cluck-clucking hasn't quite stopped as she watches the clutch. "She's… well, she likes the eggs. To put it mildly." Thys grins, wiggling her fingers back at C'rus and winking at him. "You're terrible, Zhirayr," she laughs at the man for his story about gremlins, though Kyzen's response makes her giggle even more. "I'm quite sure I have gremlins in my weyr, actually. They like to hide things amongst all the clutter."

"Sooner or later, you're going to have to find the answer to that question for yourself," Zhirayr tells the kid solemnly, very much like he's just a miniature adult himself. "All men must, some day. Igloos notwithstanding." Thys gets another smile — this one is maybe trying to suggest that for Th'ero's next turnday, Thys should get him his own set of Irreverence cards — and then the smile gets a little bit blander, more general, as Zhirayr turns it around the crowd in the galleries. "Excuse me, Weyrleader, Weyrsecond, weyrwoman, everyone else," he murmurs, and eels off down the stairs.

C'rus is high on life! No unnatural or natural substances involved beyond pure air! "High spirits! Yes! Thats a good way to describe it." C'rus would totally be dancing if it weren't for the fact that the day has been long and he is tired, "I owe you a game of pool Thys. I haven't forgotten. I bet you thought that I would, but I haven't." he calls over to goldie, "I'm sure that I'll catch you soon." He gives a wave as the steward makes his way down the stairs, "Have a good evening!"

It's certainly high something! "Someone won a particularly wanted flight, looks like," grins D'ani at Th'ero's aborted comment to C'rus. "You cherish that, yeah? Because that's pretty rare." He should know, sigh. "Not yet," twinkles D'ani to Kyzen, but tomorrow it may have an Inri-gremlin-" He cuts a glance to Thys, "-and maybe a Thys-gremlin in it. I'm sure they'd both love to kidnap you inside the cool igloo for a tea party with cookies, cakes and happy stories, if you'd like that?" He nods neutrally to Zhirayr, as the assistant steward takes his leave, "Have a good one." That's to C'rus as well, as he goes also. "I'm out too," he says to Thys and Th'ero. "I'll be flying a few Betweens to the Barriers and back. Dremkoth'll be in touch." And then he too, heads out.

Kyzen just looks completely at a loss at Zhirayr as his answer goes right above his head. Whut? D'ani, however, is given a tentative grin that soon broadens and his eyes dart to Thys. "Really?" he asks, all too enthusiastically before straightening. "Not that I like tea but I do like cakes and cookies and stories! Could Boo come too? She's my feline. If there are gremlins, she'll eat them…" And it goes on and on like that. When Kyzen gets rambling he often doesn't stop, even as he's shadowing D'ani back up the rows and comes to plunk himself down closer to Thys, Th'ero and C'rus.

Th'ero meanwhile just fights not to roll his eyes for his son's behaviour and is just glad the boy didn't quip something about being with two goldriders. Too YOUNG for that! "Safe flying, D'ani. I'll have Velokraeth inform Dremkoth if there are any changes here." Which reads: if there's an emergency, igloo-making goes on hold. As for what D'ani tells C'rus? Th'ero doesn't his best not to crack up laughing. Nope. No one saw the twitch of his mouth as he held back that grin and that was totally a cough, not a snicker of laughter. "Does she always like the eggs?" Th'ero focuses back on Thys now, craning his head a bit and spying Rhenesath below at last. "Maybe it's a case of gremlins in my office then," he mutters but stops there too. THAT would lead to mentioning the missing report and the ill fated downfall of Jajen as a result. Clearing his throat, Th'ero will stand and gesture for Kyzen to do the same. "It's about time you get back to Tlazio's, Kyzen. Speaking of said office… I've some work to catch up on." Suuure he does! "Enjoy the rest of your afternoon, everyone." he murmurs and over Kyzen's whining complaints. TOO BAD! Making sure his son heads off ahead of him, Th'ero will dip his head in farewell before following the boy down the stairs.

"Tea party? Oh, um… well, sure." Thys doesn't seem so sure about all that, but she shrugs and goes along with it anyway. Do little people forget about these things after a nap? She hopes so. "Safe flying, Weysecond D'ani… I'm very intrigued by your project." What she understands of it, anyway. As for Th'ero's comment, she gives a little shrug. "It's the first clutch she's seen, sir. It's difficult to explain how she feels about them, but, ah… actually no, I can't explain it without being a tad… tad inappropriate by mentioning certain, ah… nevermind." She shakes her head, blushing deeply. "She's very keen," she settles on saying, with an embarrassed shrug. "See you later, Weyrleader… and, um, I think… I think I need to go find… Ralik." She bites hard on her lip, her blush deepening to a crimson shade as she turns to flee down the steps and out past Rhenesath… who croons approvingly at her passing rider.

C'rus nods to the weyrsecond and offers him a salute, "I will…" he says softly, the smile never leaving his face for a moment, "You too. Stay warm out there." The igloo mission is a errand of mercy and a worthy task! C'rus watches as D'ani heads out and then shifts as he sees Th'ero get up from his place and begin to shoo the young man away from the 'gremlin box'. He salutes the weyrleader and offers him the same big goofy grin that everyone else has gotten this evening, "Good night weyrleader. I hope the rest of your day is magical!" Even weyrleaders deserve magical sometimes. Thys gets a variation of the grin as she too departs, "Bye Thys! See you later!" he calls after her. C'rus will likely sit here alone for a good long while just enjoying relaxation and the silence, before he too will depart for home.