Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.
Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

Humid and warm again, with the sun beating down on the stone of the Weyr below. It's one of those so hot days that one almost feels lazy and zapped of strength if outdoors for the shade and wind offers little respite. As the afternoon wears on, looming clouds roll in and the rumbling begins, giving a scant few minutes of warning before the Weyr is doused in torrential rains, high winds and quite the light and sound show. Most weyrfolk have remained in the upper caverns to partake in an early dinner and laugh at those who jump at each loud clap of thunder. Others have retreated to the Shenanigan's lounge, the Weyrleader included. Th'ero has picked out a seat near the back, one of the larger rounded tables with half the seats lined in a booth and the others as chairs. He's just settling into the cushioned seats when a server comes by with the dark, vicious looking ale that he prefers and with a murmured thanks he takes the mug in hand and while he nurses a small sip, his eyes roam the sparsely filled lounge. Is he waiting for someone?

Despite the heat there were drills done and recently from the looks of Anique as she seeks refuge within the place she's not seen much since before the hatching. Looking tired and beat the Green weyrling was evidently simply told to come here and…wait? Maybe not wait. She spies Th'ero where he is settled upon the cushioned seat and heads that way, a bronze fire lizard perched comfortably upon her shoulder. "Weyrleader, sir." she snaps off a salute. "WLM M'icha told me to meet someone here for a lesson?" she doesn't seem certain of if she actually him correct and that's fairly evident from her expression and confused tone.

Abigail was lucky to get caught in the rain while out on a sweep, though instead of going home to get changed she has come here. A bit wet never bothered anyone right? She at least shed her flight jacket so it's actually dripping wet. Her hair is wet and it is hanging down, an attempt to get it dry seemed to happen as the curls are a bit of a mess from the looks of it. She hasn't had an actually drink in a while, and after dealing with the storm she is ready for one.

Yhri doesn't mind the rain, really, but she is rather damp as she wanders into the tavern, pushing her hair back and letting the raindrops leave a trail of water in her wake. Even in here it's a bit noisy and crowded and she has a hard time making her short way through the crowd that frequently towers over her. None-the-less, she shoves her way through the din as necessary until she happens near Th'ero. "Hey," she greets — or is she simply trying to get his attention? — "The computer checked out," she informs him tersely, spying a nearby stool that's empty and hauling herself up into it.

Th'ero is just beginning to savour his drink and relax against the cushioned booth seat when Anique approaches, with Yhri not far behind. He spies Abigail there too and darts a hasty nod of greeting to the Wingsecond, before his attention turns to the green Weyrling. "Afternoon, Anique. Lesson?" The Weyrleader frowns down at his mug. Give it a second… then it clicks and the bronzerider exhales, muttering words that sound suspiciously like 'damn it' and the Weyrlingmaster's name. "Right. Have a seat, Anique. Would you like a drink?" A drink! Alcoholic? Say it isn't so! "How are you? And Typriaeth?" he asks, hedging around the actual reason for a 'lesson'. To Yhri, Th'ero looks almost relieved to answer her and for more reasons than one. "So it wasn't an error on the part of the tech— the software?" Ooh, he learned a new word!

Kimmila is also one of the dripping ones, but at a boom of thunder she just grins as she squishes her way into Shenanigans. "Someone said the Weyrleader was here," she says to a lounging brownrider, who points her…where else? To the back. She answers him with a smrik and squelches her way towards that table, claiming a seat next to Th'ero. "What's going on?" she asks, glancing around. "Yhri, the computer was fine?" She caught the tail end of that.

Anique slips into a seat with a confused look at the bronze rider's muttered exclamation. She still has no idea what lesson can take place /here/ but she does give a double take when he asks if she wants a drink. "A drink. Sure. Cider please?" she ventures, unbelieving if he would actually offer an alcoholic drink! "We are good!" she smiles brightly. "Typriaeth is just looking so green these days! I did convince her though to stay in the barracks. Even she was a bit worn out from the drills. She's sleeping now." which is a rare treat indeed.

Abigail glances back at the sudden boom of thunder, a soft huff escaping her as she is glad to be inside. "Hey Kimmila." This said while she catches sight of the passing bluerider. Once her drink is in hand she takes a sip from it and is soon wandering on towards where the others are. Well there is plenty of seat over there that are free, and others are a bit taken seeing how many are in here at the moment. "Afternoon Weyrleader, Kimmila, Anique, Yhri." There's a rider she doesn't often seen around, though they are on different wings. "How is everyone on this wet day?" The wingsecond questions with a friendly tone and smile.

"Diagnostics came up clean," Yhri confirms, flagging down a server and ordering food and drink with a clap of things as they depart. "I even ran it twice, just to satisfy any lingering doubts. I put the report on N'hon's desk, but I can print you a copy if you'd like, Th'ero." She inclines her head at the Weyrleader as she makes the offer. The rumble of thunder makes her frown. "I hope someone's turned off the computers in this weather." She glances around, as if checking to see whether or not the lights are flickering.

Th'ero would of course choose the seats furthest to the back and well away from the main part of the lounge! Kimmila should know that habit well by now. Smirking as she squelches her way over, he does not seem to protest her sitting next to him even in her soaked state. "Get caught?" he drawls, only to have his smirk replaced by a grimace as he leans in to mutter by her ear. "… apparently… be… one… the mating… to… that." Straightening then, he clears his throat and sips more of that ale. He's going to need it. Anique is going to need that cider too! "Excellent. Kimmila, would you like anything? Yhri? Afternoon, Abigail." he murmurs only to snort softly. "I'm well." For now. "Yourself? And if you wouldn't mind, Yhri? I'd like to keep myself and my staff informed." No lights are flickering, though from a few more who enter looking quite wind tossed and soaked, the storm is still a raging mess of fury outside. Anique's comments have Th'ero's attention drifting back to the Weyrling and he studies her carefully. "Sleeping soundly?" he asks, only to clear his throat and eye the other riders. Ah, how to go about this? Curse M'icha and his peculiar ways (of torture). "Typriaeth is normally a uh, vivid shade isn't she?"

Kimmila leans back in her chair and grins at Anique, nodding a greeting and then she's saluting Abigail as is proper. Then she's ordering a drink and settling into her chair. She grimaces slightly at Yhri's use of the word 'print', and glances around as well. "Who knows," she says with a shrug. "Fort is…not very big on technology." As she's no doubt seen. In reply to Th'ero's question, she flicks water at him. Then she arches a brow, and then she /laughs/. "Oh. I got here just in time then. Tell us all about sex, Th'ero." She's mean. "No, no. I want to be sober for this, thanks."

Anique offers a nod and smile of greeting to the fairly soaked Kimmila though most of her attention is upon Th'ero and the puzzle that today's lesson will be. Then…yeah. First his mutter sinks in along with his question. It has her pausing a moment. "Um..well yeah. I mean she's a fairly bright green normally." which could mean when she does go proddy the first time that Anique will be caught completely off-guard. Then Kimmila's speaks up and it's a good thing Anique doesn't have that cider yet because it would be spluttered all over the table at /that/. "I know how to have sex!" blurts out the greenie weyrling. And…then she promptly turns a shade of red as she realizes /what/ it is she just said with several people listening.

Abigail sends a curious glance to Yhri at the talk of tech stuff, which she is rather well, clueless on unless she needs to do something with it. "I've been alright, glad ta get in from the weather honestly." With not getting told this is a private talk she is settling down upon a seat and another sip is taken from her mug. Though the comment from Kimmila has her sputtering and she soon coughs a bit harshly a few times as a result of the answer. If she was going to comment on something it is stopped once hearing Anique and the brownrider sends a curious glance towards her, blinking twice and she is going to stay quiet now.

Yhri's eyebrow quirks as a smattering of the whispered conversation is overheard. Eyes unfocus as a quick exchange between rider and dragon takes place and then the Journeyman is back in the Tavern mentally. "Oh, I know. That's the whole reason I was stationed here in the future place." She chuckles. "I'm here to maintain and educate people about it." Her food arrives and she thanks the server for his kindness, exchanging some appropriate marks before turning her attention to the now flustered Weyrling. "Well, that's certainly a step in the right direction." She tries to hide her smirk behind the rim of her mug.

Anique's order will arrive and the server will set the cider down with barely a questioning look to the fact that alcohol has been served to a Weyrling. If the Weyrleader and several riders are there as witness, well…? Th'ero grunts when water is flicked at him and he smirks. "What?" he grumbles at her, lifting his mug to his lips only to have it stall midway as he just stares at the bluerider. Mouth works silently for a moment as he flicks his eyes to Anique, then to Abigail and Yhri and when the Weyrling fires back with her hasty remark he all but looks ready to just call it a day then and there. Instead he only swears under his breath and fidgets awkwardly. "Well. I was going to ease into things, but thank you, Kimmila for just opening the discussion." Sarcasm. Th'ero knocks back a good swig of that ale and adds. "Not all about sex, Anique." Pointed look to Kimmila then too. "It's a lot to do with the dragons. Sex is just the side effect." He makes it sound like it's such a bad thing! Yhri is given another glance and the Weyrleader snorts softly. Right direction, indeed!

Kimmila grins with a shrug, beaming at her weyrmate. "I like to get things started," she teases with a wink. Then she settles back into her chair. Because this is going to be awesome. Her left hand? Totally just vanished under the table. Innocent-like.

So it's like marriage? Sex is a mere side effect? Anique is still evidently trying to imitate a tomato and so when the cider is placed before her she takes a fairly large drink and pointedly ignores the server and their looks to her. In fact she's staring hard at the table and not looking up at anyone to see who else may have eyes on her. Guess the secret is out of the bag now. Anique is not a virgin! Of M'ta could have informed people of that as well but thankfully he's not here. As Th'ero continues talking, and lets face it perhaps Anique did think that her admission would mean the end of the talk, Anique nods her head once or twice to show she's listening. So luckily she misses Kimmila's disappearing hand trick cause likely that would cause her jaw to hit the table.

Abigail isn't going to join into this conversation, oh no she is happy to sip at her drink at jus listen. She's been through a few flights by now, each a bit more strange the last. She's just that lucky it seems.

Yhri sets her mug down, staring to carve into her meal. "Definitely not all about sex. Mostly about control." And maybe some whips and chains and stuff. "At least you have one part out of the way. That must be nice." She gnaws at her meal, a pointed look suggesting that just maybe Yhri wasn't so lucky, or at the least has knowledge of someone who wasn't. "Cikitsakath has said a lot about Typriaeth, and that's not exactly usual for him either." Gnash, slurp, swallow. "Then again, it could just be another crazy experiment of his."

Th'ero fights to keep from rolling his eyes to Kimmila's comment though honestly he should be thanking her! If she hadn't done it, they'd all be doing some awkward cryptic talking right about now because the Weyrleader can just up and spit it out what he needs to discuss with Anique. The poor, poor Weyrling! His eyes settle briefly on her, noting how quiet she's gone and he continues to grimace. Oh joy! They spooked her good. "Yes, control." Th'ero agrees with a darted look to Yhri and then one to Kimmila that looks almost startled. Cough. More ale is consumed and then he's setting the mug down, showing some restraint. "And thankfully we do not need to discuss that…" Moving on. "Or it could be a sign that Typriaeth is near to rising. Males usually know." Now he sounds as though he speaks from experience. "She'd begin to act differently too. And why your comment on her brightness caught our ah… interest the other day, Anique. You know about the signs of prodiness?" Do they all have to vacate this table posthaste?

Kimmila grins. Innocently. Yeah right. She just nods though, to what the others say, and chuckles. But she doesn't have anything to say. Not yet, now that the conversation is rolling.

Anique is certainly gone very, very quiet indeed. Perhaps he'll talk quicker and be done? But no! He's asking her a question and so she lifts her still somewhat mortified expression upwards towards the Weyrleader. Why did it have to be him? Couldn't it be M'icha? After all it's hard to imagine /him/ as a rider of a male who can catch Typriaeth. But Th'ero on the other hand….she gulps once before replying. "Uh..well they get brighter in color. They get snappy. I think. They change a bit.." oh hey look, lightbulb. "Is she? She.." she stammers with uncertainty. "…still sleeping." she adds after a moment. "But she's always pretty bright." oh the poor weyrling indeed.

Abigail lifts a hand to scratch at her neck a few times, and pushing a bit of still damp hair back. Her gaze flicks from Th'ero then Ahique curiously at the conversation is going. There is a slight pause and a faint oh escapes once more of the comment is well explained. "I guess that explains all the talk…" There is a pause and she glances curiously towards Anique. "They don't always get snappy, sort of just depends on the dragon what moods they take. Sometimes there mood changes, and sometimes it doesn't."

Yhri watches this exchange with amusement, sipping at her klah. "You know, somehow I'm glad that I didn't end up with a gold or green." Her head shakes. "I can't imagine what I'd be like while my dragon was proddy." She is quite content to watch this drama-fest unfold, however, amusing as it is to watch.

Aycheth can still chase and chase well! Though M'icha probably keeps the blue from pursuing greens who's riders are still his weyrlings to save them all the awkwardness of that. Velokraeth chases any flashy hide, as is widely known. The bronze's appetite is no secret, though it is often a source of frustration for his rider. "Don't stress about it, Anique! You will know for certain. It may catch you a bit off guard the first time but…" After that? Maybe not as much. "Abigail is right. Each dragon reacts differently. You know your lifemate best." he murmurs, glancing sidelong to Kimmila and he gives her a gentle nudge. Maybe to see why she's so quiet? Or does it have to do with the 'innocence'? "Blooding is another key too, but that's usually one of the last and green's don't necessarily need as much of it as a gold… so don't rely on that. By then it's probably best you be at the feeding grounds or near enough. Guest weyr." Yep. Where's that ale of his? Th'ero blinks as he eyes Yhri, "Why do you say that? There's a downside to bein' the chaser too." he murmurs and he pointedly does not look at Kimmila, his weyrmate, beside him.

Kimmila watches Anique for a moment, her expression sympathetic. "So do you think she's proddy?" She glances at Th'ero and shrugs. "Varmiroth hardly chases, I'm no expert. Losing sucks though. But I'd rather lose than win all the time." So…good luck with that? This is why M'icha didn't ask Kimmila to give this lesson.

Anique's eyes are slightly glazed over at the conversation at hand. Or perhaps Typriaeth is awake and putting in her own remarks on the subject matter. "Blooding." Anique latches on that. "Always blood and never eat. I remember them telling us that." so long ago perhaps? Then he mentions guest weyr and she's blushing again. Oh my! "Right…cause um, well for the flight. After." she mumbles into her mug. The mug of cider doesn't respond. "So key points then. Blood. Stick close." she shifts her gaze to Kimmila and has the most pathetic expression ever seen. "I…think so." she starts to say I don't know but it changes to I think so. "She says that /now/ is most defiantly not the time because the rain would make it hard for her to tease the boys." Anique stifles a groan at that. At the talking of winning and losing she merely nods. She's a greenie so she wins all the time? She so looks like she's ready for this particular lesson to be over!

Abigail shakes her head slightly at the thought of having a green or gold, she is rather there with Yhri on that idea. A slight shrug is seen before she lets her fingers slide across her mug a moment. "I suppose it goes both ways really, both things to be brought up on reasons and so forth." There is her attempt to offer a helping hand to Yhri for her comment. Hearing the bit about Typriaeth not wanting to go up into the air because of the rain makes her grin a bit, a soft chuckle escapes her. "That is a nice thought… Wish it always worked out that way." Meaning it doesn't!

"Sure," Yhri acknowledges, taking a break from her noshing. "But at least as a chaser I have something akin to a choice. You cannot prevent a gold or green from flying just because you don't want them to." Practical, she is. "Still, from what I hear you can either go with it and enjoy the ride, or fight it the whole way and be miserable." She slurps her cup. "I'd rather have a good time than fight Cikitsakath, but I'm lucky. He doesn't chase many greens, and I usually know beforehand if he's going to. Gives me time to mentally prepare." Considerate, isn't he?
Th'ero nods his head as Anique covers the basic points. Honestly, most of it is common sense and knowledge though the Weyrlingmaster is likely about to lecture them further on it later. Lectures with lectures! He sighs then when Kimmila's question is confirmed then by the Weyrling, "You'll have to speak with M'icha then after all if that is the case, Anique. Even if she does not rise for another sevenday, at least you are prepared…" There is a look given to Abigail then and for a moment the Weyrleader smirks in an almost amused way. "Lets hope it rains for awhile?" he drawls, glancing to the other riders present too. Eh, eh? No? Kimmila is given another sharp look and Th'ero is glancing down at his mug, frowning and mouth set in a tight line until Yhri's comments seem to snap him out of his thoughts. "This is true too, though there is something said for the golds and greens 'choosing' their mates as well. Some influence… though I don't know how proven this is. Well. Zuvaleyuth seems to prefer Velokraeth…" Grimace. "But that isn't a guarantee. And consider yourself shardin' lucky, Yhri. Velokraeth chases every flashy hide. Each dragon is different, be it the female or male chaser." Point made, he gives a look that lingers towards sympathetic to Anique. "Storm is letting up." Hint: it's safe to escape!

Kimmila senses "Th'ero's leg shifts beneath her earlier caresses and at the grope she will feel him twitch and tense. He cannot move less he alert everyone but damn if his body isn't responding!"

Anique drains any remaining dredges of her cider. Not strong enough! As her escape is givenshe takes it, hastily getting to her feet. She's a little pale when she realizes that perhaps in the next seven day or so her green will rise. Oh joy? "Thank you sir..I'll um. Go now." to do something. Anything. With the barest of farewells to the others the weyrling escapes!

Kimmila chuckles softly, giving Anique a warm smile. "I'm sure you'll be fine. But it's good to be prepared, so do give it some thought." Glancing around at the others, she grins. "Varmiroth hardly ever chases. I'm fortunate in that." Poor Th'ero.

Abigail sends a curious look back to Th'ero, a slight shrug is seen and she grins a bit. "I hope so too." Well she was only stating the truth, at the bit about dragons chasing there is a slight roll of her eyes while she leans back in her seat. "Even everything that what happened with Niumdreoth he still has his gaze on anything that glitters." Which she wishes he didn't. A glance is sent after Anique and she nods, a soft smile seen. "Take care Anique, it'll be work out don't worry nor stress over it now."

"Oh, I do consider myself sharding lucky," Yhri acknowledges Th'ero with a hoisted mug. "I'm not sure if he takes his queue from me, or if I take mine from him, or some combination in between." She chuckles at her slight pun, sipping the cup and then setting it down to resume slicing her up wherry. "I think she'll be fine after her first one," the brownrider comments as the greenrider makes a mad dash for the door. "The first one is always the hardest." And time to shut up and chew.

Th'ero watches quietly as Anique gets to her feet and makes for a hasty exit, nodding his head in a farewell gesture though his mouth quirks up into a smirk. Don't thank him? "Kimmila's right. You'll be fine but… be ready." Yeah, right. Easier said than done! Once the Weyrling is out of sight, the Weyrleader seems to sink back in his seat and slouch a bit. His ale is lifted and he drains the last of it in a few long swigs. "Well," he drawls gruffly as the mug is set down firmly on the table. "That was awkward! Poor girl. Don't know what M'icha is thinking… doin' the lessons like this." Was that even a lesson? The Weyrleader look s to be pondering that, brows knitted and gaze distracted. "Niumdreoth is a spirited chaser too?" Now his gaze lifts to Abigail and there is an unreadable look to Th'ero's eyes. He remembered what happened last flight where both the brown and Velokraeth flew after the same gold. "Fortunate?" That is drawled to Kimmila and the look he gives her is conflicted, of all things. Yhri's hoisted mug earns her another snort from the Weyrleader and then a longer look when the brownrider quiets after the last comment. "Mhm. Yes… the hardest ones are the first ones. Even the first few." Speaks the man who's bronze's second time chasing landed him Weyrleader in a Weyr that was not his home. Good times!

Kimmila shakes her head with a low chuckle. "He's…he can be a mean bastard sometimes," she admits. "No sense coddling them or something like that. Still. Got to be awkward." For who? Not her. She looks like she's having a grand old time. "Interesting how the dragons aren't all randy though. You'd think with as infrequently as they get to do it, they'd be all over it."

Abigail glances to Th'ero curiously at the bit on her brown, a slight smirk is caught. "Aye… Ever since he caught Tzenxineth over at Eastern that once his been interested in anything that glitters." Even though Niumdreoth doesn't remember that fall fully during that last flight after the gold she still does. It's still one of those lingering thoughts on her mind. She chuckles a touch at the bit on M'icha. "He has his reasoning, I'm sure. He wouldn't have allowed it if he felt there was a problem." She still holds a lot of respect for M'icha.

Yhri shakes her head at Th'ero's comment about the lessons. "I've been racking my brain for an answer on that one myself. Doesn't seem right, just throwing them under the avalanche like this. Besides, wouldn't they get more chance to ask questions and be answered if it was done all at once?" The Brownrider shrugs. "I mean, I guess I've only been through one Weyrling class myself, but I think it would make sense to let folks work as a sounding board for each other." She takes another sip. "Just my opinion though." She falls silent to hear the commentary of others. "I suspect there are chemical reasons for it." That's all she can really conclude, going back to poking at her meal quietly.

Awkward for Th'ero! "He is a crotchety bastard most days and I know it's not always because of his leg hurtin' him," he mutters to Kimmila, still frowning heavily in thought. He gives Yhri a nod, seeming to agree with what the brownrider says. "Though I suppose I do see his reasonin' about it. Lectures only go so far, right? May as well get it from the mouths of several riders rather than just readin' from the same texts we all got. Yet this method has it's downsides too." That makes logical sense, right? "Tzenxineth? That's one of Eastern's junior golds, is it not? Etzlix's?" Th'ero asks Abigail curiously and for a moment looks almost sheepish. Did the Weyrleader ever ask after that clutch? How it faired? His memory fails him. Clearing his throat, the Weyrleader glances towards the doors and exhales heavily. "As much as this has been, uh… enlightening, now that the storm has indeed let up I should be going. Weyrleader's work is never done." The last is said with an amused tone and a feigned crooked smile. Work, right. He gives Kimmila a little nudge to the side. "We're needed." he mutters low, and to Abigail and Yhri he gives a respectful dip of his head. "Hope the rest of the afternoon fairs well for you both." And with that he is slipping from his seat, waiting only for the bluerider to follow suit before he is walking briskly away.

Abigail grins a bit at the bit on M'icha being all crotchety. "Well, I won't deny that is true about him." She offers with an amused tone at the idea. "Still, he knows what he does that is for certain." At the bit on Tzenxineth there is a slight nod. "Aye, Etzlix's gold." As for the clutch, it was small though with a gold taking to the sky for the first time and a brown catching her it was to be expected. She doesn't comment on it anymore though. As the two go too leave she smiles an nods after them. "Have a good afternoon, and stay dry if able."