Who Aignes, F'inn, K'zre
What Czarduinath and Yasminath finally hunt for themselves.
When Autumn - Month 9 of Turn 2718
Where Feeding Grounds, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Feeding Grounds
Milling herdbeasts dot this lightly grassy section of the southern end of the bowl. Fences keep them neatly secured on all sides, even extending into the lake, allowing the beasts ample drinking water without granting them an escape. Dragons young and old come here to hunt on a fairly regular basis, though not all come at once of course. From here you can easily make out the entirety of the Weyr's lake as it spreads out south and southwest to the tumbled rubble of the far shore, while the rest of the bowl lies beyond the fences to the southeast, east and northeast.

It is not Yasminath's first trip to the feeding grounds. Probably not even her second, or her third. But Kez (and Yas, to some degree) is determined to make it happen this time. After fleeing in terror (really, it was more heartbreak than fear, but whatevs) the first time, Yasminath has been slowly working up to being able to hunt for herself. It's just so hard! Those herdbeasts look so innocent and CUTE, grazing on their lush green pasture, moo'ing cutely at each other. Big brown eyes and twitch ears and… *sigh* « I don't know if I can do this… » she admits, tucking her head into K'zre's side and waffling sadly. « But I'm hungry… »

« You can do this, Yasminath, » Nymionth assures. He's there, of course, with F'inn, the pair watching Yasminath and K'zre with no small measure of concern. Course, Nymionth has been thinking hard on how to make this palatable for Yasminath with hurting her heart. And, he's struck on something that while it might not make it easy? Might make it a bit better. « This is what they are for, princess, » he assures. « If we do not thin the herd there will be to many of them and they will all get sick and unhealthy. » It still doesn't make it any easier, he's sure, but hopefully it helps some. For his part, F'inn reaches up to smooth a hand over Nymionth's flank, his expression concerned. "How's she feeling," he asks Kez quietly.

Aignes and Czarduinath haven't managed to have much more success in the whole hunting department, although fleeing hasn't been involved here. That's not the dainty green's style. She's currently sitting on a fairly large, flat rock to get a better view of those beasties mulling about in the pens, with the added bonus of avoiding any possible muddy spots leftover from a not-so-recent rainstorm. At least… hopefully that's mud. Czarduinath doesn't appear to be leaving her perch any time soon, even though there are some faint flecks of hungry orange blending into her whirling eyes. Aignes is standing on the firm ground, arms crossed and foot tapping. "We've been here all day. And I'm NOT going to be cutting any more meat for you!" The exasperated weyrling turns her back momentarily to her lifemate as she starts rubbing at her temple. "F'inn, don't let them sucker Nymionth into helping. They can do it themselves." Those green rhinestone encrusted ribbons that were about to reach out to tickle at the bronze are abruptly pulled back in as Czarduinath gives a little bit of a huff. « I don't argue that I can do it. Just why should I? When there are others so much more capable at hunting than I am? » If dragons had eyelashes, she'd totally be trying to flutter them at the moment.

"Uncomfortable," decides K'zre, not bothering to mince words. "She's hungry, but…" She doesn't want to kill things! Staying clean is a very distant second to all of that, though she's avoiding those suspicious piles of "mud" as well. She has not abandoned her human for the stone ledges however, because she needs all the moral support she can get. And Kez? He's pretty good about dishing out physical affection, even if the cheerleading will have to come from Nymionth. « There are more of us than them, » she argues, meaning 'dragons' vs 'herdbeasts'. But she knows what he means. This is why they are here, and this is what she's supposed to do… she's a dragon, after all. *sigh*. A lift of her head, and she considers Czarduinath on her ledge before stating, « I will go first. » Why? Because she /knows/ (and Kez knows, too) that if she sees her sister (or anyone) kill something first, she'll not be able to do it. The announcement has Kez sliding away from her to give her room to launch up into the air. "Aignes," comes in acknowledgement, once Yasminath has ascended and left Kez with the ability to perceive something other than his dragon.

F'inn slants a wry smile at Aignes, a chuckle humming in his throat. "You are way over estimating my ability to tell Nymionth what to do, Aignes." In the wake of the words, Nymionth snorts, chuffing indignantly before bumping F'inn lightly with his snout. "Don't get like that," F'inn snorts back. Nymionth spoils the girls, but Yasminath? He'd do /anything/ for her. "They /have/ to learn to hunt on their own," F'inn murmurs in soothing tones. Smoothing a hand over Nymionth's snout, his expression softens, pale eyes slanting toward the girls. Course, Nymionth? He's watching the girls. « However, Czarduinath, you cannot guarentee that one of us will be here to hunt for you. It is best if you perfect doing it yourself as soon as possible. » "I'm pretty sure Nym won't be able to hunt for them before they rise," F'inn points out in reasonable tones. « You have this, Yasminath, » Nymionth croons in firm tones. « You can absolutely do this. » Course, the bronze stays firmly on the ground, his head watching to track Yasminath's progress intently.

« If someone else isn't around, I can wait. Or my Aignes has gotten very good at cutting up my meat to just the right size so I don't get any stuck in my teeth… » Czarduinath lets out a small shudder at the horror of that possible faux-pas. As Yasminath volunteers (however warily) to go first, the other green inches forward on the stone to get a better vantage point of her sister's hunt. "I feel like I'm going to be here until at least midnight with her. She doesn't want to get blood on her talons, although I've told her I'll scrub her right after." And then she lowers her voice a little so hopefully it's low enough to only reach her fellow weyrlings' ears and not the dragons. "Plus.. I think she's afraid someone will see her mess up."

"She needs to do this herself," echoes Kez, shooting Nymionth a stern look. He adores the bronze; he really does. But right now… Yasminath has to do this herself. She /wants/ to do it herself, if just to prove that she can. She is not a failure! High above (much higher than necessary, in fact) the young green circles the herd, taking her time to work up her courage and pick out her target. And down below, there's an equal mix of concentration and concern etched across K'zre's face. It's the mention of 'rising' that has him stiffening briefly, and this time his look is directed at F'inn. "That… let's not talk about that right now." It is a topic he's been trying, very unsuccessfully, to avoid. A step forward, and he curls his fingers into the top board of the fence, gripping firmly as his attention turns to Yasminath in the air. "She'll be fine," he declares, though whether it's meant for his own green or Aignes, and Czarduinath's fear of failure, is unclear. Yas? Fails on the daily. If anything, having her sister go first should work out in Czarduinath's favor, right? — surely if anyone is going to make a mess of things, it is Yasminath. « Here I go, » she decides, as though saying the words can make it true. A moment of hesitation, and then she's diving. A silent green streak headed for the herd only to squeal and pull out of the dive before her talons can actually snatch anything « I can't I can't I can't! » *sigh* "Try again," encourages Kez.

"She'll do fine," F'inn assures Aignes with a wry smile. Still, his gaze remains on Yasminath, every part of him focusing on urging her (silently) to succeed. « You must do it, Czaduinath, » Nymionth insists. « Aignes can clear your teeth for you later. » He has no problem with volunteering Aignes for extra duty. He does, however, respond to K'zre by exhaling a chuff over dark hair. He knows. He's one hundred percent behind Yasminath doing this herself. Course, F'inn lightly clears his throat at the look, one hand raising to brush over the back of his neck. "Right. Got it." But still, it is a fair point. It's the aborted dive that has Nymionth edging forward, just a hair, just enough to make it clear that he's fighting the urge to go and help. « You can do this, Yasminath, » He encourages. « You can, you can, you /can/ » Course, while she's heading back for the sky? Nymionth's tail might snake and slap one of those beasts to get it charging aggressively amongst the rest. « Go for the one hurting the others, » He calls.

Aignes turns a little pale at the mention of flights, but remains wordless even if her jaw clenches just a bit more as she stares up at the circling Yasminath. Breath is held as the green dives and then… a sigh as she pulls off. Czarduinath was also watching as raptly. She's not about to leave her safety rock, but she does offer a bit of a mental shoulder pat to her sister. « Oh, that was a nice practice run. I'm sure you'll manage it next time! Why don't you go for that ovine it looks… fluffy! » Maybe not the best word choice, but said sheep would definitely be in need of a sheer if it weren't about to be dinner time. She'll also completely ignore the fact that she should also be hunting as well. "All dragons learn to hunt, right?"

« Fluffy?? » Definitely the wrong word choice. Because fluffy equals CUTE and CUTE equals NOT EDIBLE. « I could never eat Fluffy! » See? Now he has a name. Definitely can't eat him. Back into the air goes Yasminath, K'zre trying to look more comfortable with this than he really is; fingers grasping the fence rail with enough force that he's likely to come away with splinters. A slide of his eyes toward F'inn, though he refrains from comment beyond what he's already said (regarding flights). Though it does provide a distraction from failed dives and second attempts. A glance to Nymionth, but as soon as he's aware of what the bronze is up too, he's twisting away and blocking it from Yasminath. If it helps her to believe she's rescuing the others from a rampaging 'beast? Kez is all for that little fib (he's not going to think of it as a lie! No way). "They must," decides Kez, in answer to Aignes. "Can you imagine cutting up meat for a full grown dragon?" How messy! « I will get him! » declares Yasminath, determination in her voice as she gracefully twists around and dives once again. This time, she is not thinking about cute cows and their big brown eyes. Or… she is, but she's thinking about /rescuing/ them from that evil, menacing bull! (it's probably a steer, and not a bull). With a roar that is somewhat fierce (for Yasminath), she reaches out and *CRACK* hits her mark. Down goes green, down goes beast, Yasminath victorious even if she's shocked.

The moment that Yasminath has her kill, F'inn is in the air, WHOOPING loudly. "YES! Go, Yasminath!" Course, Nymionth? He's much more sedate about it, exhaling a croon of pride while 'side-eyeing' K'zre. « WELL DONE! » Course, the herd immediately surges to the end of the pen, calming now that the dragon and her prey are away. « You see? You see how you protected them? » Fibs? Absolutely OKAY in Nymionth's book. Course, F'inn, in the wake of his 'whooping', immediately grips K'zre's shoulder, his smile broad. "She did it! Did you see that?" <Czarduinath, you are up! »

« Well, if you don't want fluffy I think I saw a nice, plump… oh… » Czarduinath abruptly cuts off once Yasminath hits the mark. All the firelizards that had been cavorting in her mental street space abruptly vanish as if the wicked witch where spotted. « Are you sure it's my turn, Nymionth? It's been a while since you last ate. Aren't you feeling a bit peckish yourself? Maybe not a whole herdbeast peckish, but surely you could go for a wherry… or that nice plump porcine… » Aignes winces at the idea of cutting meat for a full grown dragon. "I can imagine AND I'M NOT DOING IT!" She isn't actually yelling, but there is a full force glare back at Czarduinath who still isn't in the air. But then she notices Yasminath with her meal and she claps. "She did do it!"

Yasminath is shocked! She's hit her mark, she took down her beast (and managed to kill it at the same time so… yay for no terror-stricken, pain-laced death cries? Phew). But she's just sort of… hovering over it, staring at it with the equivalent of wide-eyed surprise. « I… I did it… » Eep! At the fence, Kez is just relieved, a long exhale coming as he drops his head and sort of slumps against the fence. "Thank Faranth…" It's only in the wake of that shoulder grip that he's lifting his head and managing a bit of a smile, timid though it might be. "She did it," he echoes, flashing a glance (and that sad little smile) at Aignes. "Now she just needs to eat it…" She'll get there! A glance at Nymionth, and then Kez, before she's ducking her head and tearing into the beast at her feet. Hunger is a powerful motivator, and while killing the creature was the first hurdle, and eating it the second, it's coming easier now. Thankfully, Yasminath does not feel the need to share the experience with K'zre.

« Ladies first, Czarduinath.» Nymionth notes in warmly gracious tones. « Besides, I already ate.» He has a few days before he plans to return and whisk Fluffy off to his belly. "She absolutely did it," F'inn notes with a flashing smile. Course, Nymionth's attention remains firmly on Yasminath, his pride in her kill washing out in a brilliant array of red roses filling the air. He's proud as they come. And if he needs to be out there to make sure one of the beasts takes the role of villian? It's a cross he will gladly bear. « Well done, Yasminath! » Course, F'inn casts a reassuring look toward Aignes, his chin dipping in a firm nod as he glances at Czarduinath. "Surely there are a thousand stylish ways to catch and kill your dinner, Czarduinath. I'm /sure/ we would all be grateful for the lesson."

And for once, Czarduinath is completely out of excuses. Before her stomachs can start rumbling, she takes a deep breath. « If you insist. » At this point, EVERYBODY probably insists, but she neatly takes off from her perch, making sure the sun hits her hide just right as she circles so she nearly glitters as she dives. She doesn't pull away, but Mr. Porky is a bit more wiley than Yas's unsuspecting herdbeast is. Her claws mark the porcine's back but there's a loud SQUEAL as he wiggles away and Czarduinath is left wheeling away mostly empty clawed. « I meant to do that. It never hurts to be fashionably late for dinner. » Aignes winces at the miss (and the squeals). "That's alright. Just a practice run. Dress rehearsals rarely go smoothly."

Happily (or at least distractedly) nomming away on her meal, Yasminath offers a hearty, « you can do it, Czarduinath! » in her own bid to encourage her sister. And really, now that she's done the thing, and hunger is the predominant emotion (sensation?) experienced, she's much more inclined toward trying again. Next time. For now, she's happy with her one beast. K'zre adds his own smile in return to F'inn's, though it's a much more reserved thing; no flashing teeth from him. "Hopefully it won't be so hard next time." Even if Nymionth is happy to 'assist', there will undoubtedly come times when Yas must hunt without help. He turns to watch Czarduinath go, but when her claws net squeals and air rather than dinner, there's a wince and a quick look to Yasminath. She is… not happy about those distressing sounds but turns her head away and concentrates on her meal lest she get too upset. Even if there's an almost grumpy, « Why would you mean to just injure him?? » "It's fine," he agrees with Aignes. "She'll do it."

Nymionth winces at the squealing porcine, shimmying up to the edge of the fence as he watches more closely. « Do not leave the beast in pain, Czarduinath. Quick, clean kills are the best. » The tones from the young bronze are a bit on the stern side, his displeasure clear in the leeching of color from the roses that color his mind. Still, he's not entirely comfortable with kills that are not particularly quick and tidy. He manages to keep that to himself, and F'inn, however. "She'll be fine," F'inn assures as he casts a reassuring look at Aignes. "And once she's done it, you'll both be relieved." Which really? That's all it is, getting through the first round of messy business.

« You cannot rush perfection! » Czarduinath snips at both her siblings from above. The squeal die down a bit once the pig gets some of the running out of his system. It was really more of a scratch than anything left from the miss, but at least Czarduinath can easily spot which one she's after. And as much as she might be saying perfection cannot be rushed, hunger is the best seasoning and it's a quick dive as tries for attempt two. Her talons don't really get a good hold, but the weight of even a tiny half grown dragon falling from above does it's job. No more squealling and bacon is indeed on the menu. « SEE??? » Aignes nods. "Right, relieved. And the next time shouldn't take two full days of arguing."

K'zre is totally sympathetic to those two days of arguing. Even if his was two days of miserable heartache. But his, "Unless she forgets," is probably not as helpful as he might have wanted it to be. Sad fact of life: dragon memories suck. As Czarduinath is successful, Yasminath twist her head around (bloody muzzle unavoidable) to watch. « Well done! » she declares, happy to dish out the praise now that the poor creature is out of its misery. « This is different than the meat K'zre cuts up, » she decides, dipping her head back to the carcass at her feet. « It's hot, and juicy. »

"YES!" Again, F'inn's triumphant whooping fills the air, his smile broad as he watches Czarduinath with her prize. "You know," he laughs. "If anyone had told me I would be cheering on dragons at the hunt? I'd have probably turned green." And eaten about two dozen donuts to make himself feel better. "Well done," he calls toward Czarduinath. "Tch, now that she has a taste for it," he notes to Aignes. "She'll probably mkae it a show." « It is much better, » Nymionth agrees readily. « Not that K'zre is not very good at cutting up meat, but this is better. » Glancing up at Nymionth, F'inn winks, approving of his words.

"I'll reminder her," Aignes mutters through clenched teeth. She really has no intention of repeating this whole agonizing waiting process again. And taste might be a bit optimistic. Czarduinath also has an equally red muzzle (hard to avoid when you go straight for the belly), but her tail keeps swishing anxiously as she eats. « It's wet. » And while she doesn't sound thrilled about the fact, she isn't completely giving up on eating that pig. It's her's after all, but it will be slow going. Tiny bites mean less likely to get something caught in her teeth.

« K'zre is very good at cutting meat. He is very good at everything he does. » Yasminath? Just a wee bit biased. But don't worry; it hasn't gone to K'zre's head or anything. Carefully uncurling his hands from the boards, there's a minor wince and a subsequent inspection of his palms before he's stepping away from the rail. A shrug for Aignes. A slant of a glance for F'inn. "If she makes it a show, Yasminath will stop hunting," he prophesies. Right now, it is a non-issue because Yas is hungry and sating that hunger with big chunks of herdbeast torn carefully from her kill. She's not worried about stuff in her teeth, but she /is/ worried about being somehow disrespectful. « It is, >. She agrees. « I like it. » And she's just a little bit worried that she shouldn't like it because… complicated feelings about killing things.

F'inn doesn't think they will forget, that much is clear as he steps in to fold his arms over the railing. "It's their nature," he points. "I'm pretty sure that now that they have done it, they will both be fine." Prissy about it, probably, but fine. "Let me see those," F'inn states as he pushes off the railing and reaches for K'zre's hands. "Well then," he continues while holding out his hands. "We'll just have to make sure to stagger their hunting." « Good, » Nymionth croons to Yasminath. « It is very important that you eat regularly so that you can be strong enough to fly fast and far. » At the end of the day, that is one of the most important things. « We will need considerable strength to make it to the moons. » When in doubt, apply liberal helpings of bribery.

Czarduinath is being very careful about her eating now, especially since she's being watched, and biting off tiny morsels that may or may not be just enough to feed a firelizard. Those bites are gradually getting bigger though. « It shouldn't be so wet. It's messy. » Farnath help her when it gets to the blooding practice. And help Aignes for that matter. One of the pair might just have a stroke. But for now, she'll focus on K'zre and his wincing. "Splinters?" Even if it isn't confirmed the issue is splinters, she's stepping away from the fence just in case. "Do you have tweezers, F'inn?"

"Probably…" admits Kez, eyeballing his palms with suspicion. Without hesitation, his hand goes into F'inn's, palm up. "That should not be difficult," he decides, for staggering their hunting. "Yasminath is unlikely to want an audience. Or to be an audience," he muses, eyeing the greens speculatively. Those tiny bites of Czarduinath definitely gets a skeptical look, an arch of an eyebrow as he 'listens in' to the conversation between dragons. « Of course it is wet! It is full of blood. Liters and liters of blood, » supplies Yasminath, happily pulling the facts from K'zre's brain even if she'd be horrified at the thought if she spent even another second really thinking about it. Blooding? Probably not a thing that she will be doing. « I am eating, » she points out in answer to Nymionth, ducking her head to tear out a hunk of innards in demonstration. « See? » There's no malice in that voice, just a desire to show that she IS doing the thing. And doing it well! « I will be the fastest. The strongest… I will fly the farthest! »

"Not on me," F'inn admits. "It doesn't look to bad, though. Do you have a needle?" Of course, he firmly believes that Aignes will have a needle on her. It's /Aignes/. One, however, is easily plucked out and tossed aside. Finding another in K'zre's finger, he brings the hand to lips, the figner deftly drawn into his mouth. A moment later, after a bit of suction, his head turns and the splinter is spat out. Course, there is a twinkle in pale blue eyes and the ever so faintly playful twitch of blond brows. « You are doing /splendidly/ » Nymionth croons in encouraging tones. « You will definately fly the furthest! » Or he'll encourage her to believe that, utterly.

It is Aignes and true to form, she does have a needle which is quickly fished out from her pocket and the nice little case she has for a few needles and some spare thread. Never know when a fashion disaster might strike. The needle is handed over to F'inn. "You can keep that…" She won't watch the actual extraction, but she knows she doesn't want that back. « Yes. Liters and liters. I had just gotten my talons as polished as I like them and now look at them?" Czarduinath holds out one set of talons for dramatic effect, which might be spoiled by the fact that she's still eating. « It'll take forever to get them clean again. FOR-EV-ER! »

Good thing Kez is a healer and, therefore, does not balk at the request for a needle. But having his finger in F'inn's mouth? That definitely gets a reaction. A sudden stiffening of his back and a stricken look, tense jaw and somewhat fierce gaze that pins on the other weyrling and likely doesn't need to have words accompany it for his meaning to be clear. And then he's finding both Yasminath and Czarduinath in the field to be exceedingly interesting, throat cleared as he watches the greens at their task. Needles produced and handed over? Might be a relief. Lifting her head, Yasminath cranes her neck over to peer politely at Czarduinath's talons, a low croon of sympathy accompanying the gesture. « I am sure it will be fine. Aignes can wash them for you. She can use one of those little brushes, » she declares. « It will be perfect again. » Crunching on the bones, she peeks over at F'inn and K'zre on the rail, chewing pause for brief confusion. « Why is F'inn sucking on K'zre's finger? »

To say that F'inn's expression is smug? Understatement. Course, he holds that gaze until K'zre looks pointedly away. THAT? Definately a challenge. That Nymionth is aware of that? Clear in the low croon of amusement from the bronze. ""It's not to bad," F'inn murmurs before drawing another digit into his mouth. That he lingers for just a little longer then is absolutely necessary? Well, challenge accepted, clearly. Still, there is another splinter spat to the ground before the needle is employed to carefully remove those in K'zre's palm. "You're going to want to probably but some redwort on these," he murmurs as he moves that needle with a surprising measure of gentleness. It is only when he is certain that the splinters are gone that he reaches for the other hand and repeats the process. « She can paint them! » Nymionth's observation is plucked right out of F'inn's mind. « F'inn's sisters paint their talons /all/ the time. »

Czarduinath will take any distraction from just how wet and moist and ugh this whole eating your own kill business might be and happily peers over towards the weyrling riders once Yasminath points them out. « Well, when one rider likes another rider a whole bunch…» That's all she's got, but it's enough to make Aignes turn bright red as she overhears. It's with a splutter she turns back to the splinter-sucking out bronze-riding fellow. "F'inn! You're being a bad influence!" Words she hasn't actually uttered in quite some time. And Czarduinath's attention is abruptly distracted again at the mention of painting talons and she actually coos at the thought. « She CAN and it'll be just wonderful! Should I ask for blue or purple or pink… »

K'zre is just going to resolutely stare at the dragons. Or, at least, stare in the vague direction of the dragons without actually seeing anything that they are doing. He's not going to say a damn thing, but does he really need too? F'inn has definitely won this round, and Kez is trying very hard not to be obvious about it. But his relief is almost comical when it is a needle that begins to dig around (gently) to remove the other splinters. A snort, and he slants a hard look at the bronze-weyrling. "Yes. Thank you," comes for that sage advice from potter to healer about the application of redwort. But there is gratitude there, hidden beneath some other rather potent feelings, as Kez watches F'inn de-splinter his hand. « Yes but, it's not usually his finger— oh. Nevermind. » because APPARENTLY such topics are not appropriate for discussion, as Yasminath has just been very firmly reminded. Cough-cough. Back to eating things now. « All of them? » she suggests, for the selection of a color. « You have a lot of talons, » she points out. "He is a terrible influence," agrees K'zre with Aignes. But he might like it.

"I suggest to the court that I am, in actuality, very, very good at being a very, very bad influence." F'inn's words are coupled with a broad smile for Aignes, pale blue eyes crinkling at the corners. "It's just first aide, Aignes. The needle could actually have hurt his fingers." And they can't have that, clearly. « Purple. Sparkly purple. » Nymionth's vote is definately for purple. « It will flatter your hide nicely. » At the thanks, F'inn winks at K'zre, the warmth in his eyes undeniable. "You are welcome." In the wake of the words, he very carefully smooths his fingers over K'zre's palm (checking for more splinters, of course). "There. All set."

"And the harpers will find you one hundred percent guilty, you… you… unrepentant scallywag!" Aignes huffs a bit but if she wants Czarduinath to actually finish that meal, she can't really storm off. So she simmers over there and attempts to throw out insults. As she gets an earful of the benefits of purple sparkling talon-polish she groans. "And now even Nymionth is being a bad influence! K'zre, make him stop!" Czarduinath is too busy twisting her head this way and that as she evaluates her talons and potential colors. « Purple will be just perfect! You have a good eye, Nymionth! » As for the suggestion painting them all the colors doesn't get her clutching her non-existant pearls, but she does let out a mental tsk to her sister. « Oh, no. All the colors would clash something awful, darling. »

There might be a flush to K'zre's cheeks. There might be a particular brightness to his eyes, his palm returned to him and immediately tucked against his chest as though sore. But the tossing of attempted insults by Aignes has him suddenly bursting into laughter, bright and spontaneous. "Scallywag…" he repeats, the amusement clear as he glances between weyrlings. "Hm. Suitable." As for Nymionth's influence? There's a quick look of surprise and a startled, "Me? I can't make him do anything…" argues Kez, shooting the bronze a quick glance before he's looking at the weyrling attached to him. "Or did you mean F'inn?" Not that it's likely to help; the damage seems to have been done. « They… they would? » Yasminath is utterly ignorant on the clashing of colors and the merits of polish. But she's curious, peeking up from her meal to peer briefly at her own talons. « I like pink. And blue. And orange… » And probably every other color in the rainbow.

"Guilty as charged," F'inn notes with a laugh that is most assuredly unrepentant. "Tch, Nymionth is just helping, Aignes." He's tickled pink at having managed to tweak Aignes' nose again. "Ahhhhh.. I missed your righteous indignation," he sighs. « I like to think so,» Nymionth affords in a low croon to Czarduinath. « You could even have Aignes dye your straps in different colors so can be fashionably on point at all times. » Course, K'zre's laughter has F'inn flashing a wink in his direction, his smile light as he settles back into a lean against the railing. "Oh, I think you have way more influence with me then you realize," he admits in warm tones. « Pink and orange go well together, » Nymionth provides. « A very bold, very, I am here and you must notice me, combination. »

Aignes seethes a little under the laughing, evident in the straightening of her shoulders and clenching of her jaw. She takes a deep breath before responding. "You're just as bad as he is. I mean make F'inn stop. Clearly." Even if the ordering of her order-requests wasn't so clear. Czarduinath will happily distractedly munch on her dinner as she now has a lecture to give. « They can go together if you're very, very careful. You don't want to have a blueish pink with a very red orange but a warm pink can totally go with a warm orange if you want to make that dramatic of a statement. Oh, and my straps will be more than dyed. Kouzevelth has jewels on some of hers and they sparkle so much! »

"I'm not trying to be…" argues K'zre, who has at least gotten that laughter under control. "I don't know what you want me to make him stop doing…" he admits, shooting a look from Aignes to F'inn. "or how I am meant to make him stop…" A moment of consideration for the pair, and then a reach for F'inn with a murmured, "be careful of the fence," as the bronze-weyrling goes to lean against it. Considering Kez just had a handful of splinters, he likely has good reason to give that advice. Dangerous railing, that. « Pink and orange! » declares Yasminath, delighted. « K'zre loves orange. » And she loves pink. It's perfect! Within the bounds of the pen, Yasminath is listening intently, thoroughly distracted from her own meal as she does her best to learn these curious rules about colors. « Blueish pink? Warm pink? Red-orange? » It's all so very confusing! Good thing dragons don't wear cosmetics. Yas would undoubtedly get the wrong undertones. « How pretty… » for the idea of straps with inlaid jewels. But it is said in that wistful, dreamy manner of one who would love to behold such things, but does not believe that it will happen. « I don't think that is me, » she adds, to that very bold, 'I am here' statement that might be made.

"Jeweled straps?" F'inn cannot help but arch a brow at that one. "Oh, that is perfect." And it could not happen to nicer weaver, in his opinion. "You are going to be a very, very busy gal. But you know, if you want? I can talk my sister Mena? I'm sure she'd be more then willing to help you with a makeover, as well." Course with K'zre reaching for him, F'inn pushes off the fence, more then happy to sling his arm around the healer-turned-weyrling's shoulder. For his part, Nymionth is delighted to avail Yasminath of all of the colors, letting them rain down on the pair of greens in a riot of colorful roses as each is called out. « There is nothing wrong with letting your natural beauty shine through, princess, » Nymionth assures in warm tones. « You have your bow necklace, that suits you nicely. »

"Straps are supposed to be utilitarian! Not fancy! Only reason why she's not trying now is cause I convinced her M'icha would never allow it…" It's a wonder Aignes has any hair left from those arguments. Maybe that's why it's so carefully wound up in a bun. But the weyrlingmaster not approving fancy straps is true enough. "At least I'll be able to finish the jeweled straps by the time you've finished making a set big enough for your behemoth." She's still giving a distrustful look between K'zre and F'inn as if still not sure the healer wasn't in on all the bad influences. Czarduinath continues to nom-nom-nom, happily crunching some marrow out of those bones now. « Ohhh, if you go for orange and pink, you simply must do a nice plaid… or maybe a paisley. Argyle could possibly work. So many possiblities! » Her ribbons will work into the patterns mentioned and while they're all still varying shades of green, it should be enough to get the picture. And just to play devil's advocate, she can't help but pipe in, « But natural beauty can usually be enhanced. Just a bit. »

K'zre is totally innocent in the bad influence department! Probably. He's certainly not intentionally encouraging such behavior. So, all of that suspiciousness is met with confusion; a little furrow formed between dark brows as Kez frowns right back. "What?" he wants to know, a little indignant. "I can't make him stop if you don't tell me what it is I'm supposed to stop him from doing!" Even if he can't stop F'inn at all, regardless. Unrepentant scallywag that he is. The arm on his shoulders gets a drop of his gaze, a brief consideration for the ground beneath them before he's twisting a look toward Yasminath in the pen. Kez does not have anything to add about bejeweled versus utilitarian straps. But Yasminath is very much invested in this conversation and has just about forgotten her meal. « Paisley? Argyle? » Thank Faranth that Czarduinath brings them to life in green ribbons because Yasminath would be totally lost as to what those patterns actually are. « Oh! » and immediately, she's got visions of fancy straps dancing in her head. « Yes, I do, » she agrees for her necklace, a pleased and grateful tone to her voice in thanks to Nymionth for the gift. « But I do need straps, too. For flying with K'zre. » And her current set, she's beginning to become aware, is terribly dull looking. « This is all very confusing, » she decides at last, huffing just a little before dropping her head to snatch up the last few bites of her meal. « I will think on it later. » Or promptly forget. One of the two.

F'inn tilts his head to glance back at Nymionth, the smile on his lips utterly proud. "I've already finished the latest set. He is huge, isn't he?" And the warmth in his tones, utterly unmistakable. Course, he really has nothing to add on the matter of fancy straps. Nymionth? He's perfectly fine with a nice sturdy set that fits comfortably and is easily cleaned. "Awww, come on Aignes," he laughs. "I've been really good lately." And he has, but he's in a good mood. Heck, he's happy as a clam. G;ancing back at the dragons, his expression softens, a flicker of relief darting through his eyes at the fact that both gals have finally eaten on their own.

Aignes just gives an eyeroll at Kez and F'inn as well, followed by a dismissive hand wave. "You both are horrible. And good does not involve sticking random fingers in your mouth!" She gives a very definitive huff at that. Czarduinath's eating has basically come to a complete stand still as she's completely and totally distracted although she was mostly just down to bones at this point. « Well, you'll have time to decide since apparently they weyrlingmasters won't allow decorated straps until after graduation! » But after graduation, you bet Czardi plans on having a different set for each day, even if Aignes doesn't exactly agree with the plan at the moment. The dainty little green stretches out before rising from her leftovers. « But now, I think I need to go get scrubbed while there's still enough light. Aignes!!! » With a flounce, Czarduinath is taking to the sky and Aignes is giving a sigh of relief when she sees the whole hog was practically consumed. "I guess I'll see you both later." She's off to a very important appointment at the lake now.

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