Who Kierdanyu, Sephany, Leuka
What Kierdanyu, Sephany and Leuka talk hair, instrument abuse, and coming-winter prep.
When Autumn - Day 9 of Month 9 of Turn 2714
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

There's a swirl of crisp autumn air that follows Kierdanyu in from the out of doors. A hand is run through the hair, knocking out a leaf and settling the locks haphazardly across green eyes. It's sometime after the lunch rush and some hours yet before dinner, so getting some food doesn't take too long, though there's not a large choice. Not that it matters much since Dani goes for the hot and bubbling stew and a pot of klah. Oh yeah, that'll hit the spot indeed. Kismet is absent for the moment so there's no companion tagging along with.

The remnants of her dinner are littered across her plate, though fruit still remains; small pieces picked up one at a time to be nibbled and eaten at leisure. Sephany has claimed a table far enough from the door that the chill, autumnal air does not touch her. Despite this, she has still chosen to wear her winter cloak, a dark blue affair that drapes across shoulders and around her small frame, pale hands peeking out as one seeks out those bits of fruit and the other props up a book. Her little green firelizard is curled around her neck, a living necklace that is awake and alert, jeweled eyes peering out from behind long, blond hair.

"My dear, you look positively chilled." Kierdanyu observes as pot of klah is set down on the table and then plate and then Dani sits down. "Would you care from some klah? Or maybe some mulled wine would be better." Liking that idea, Dani doesn't wait for an answer and instead heads back and omes back with two steaming mugs of mulled wine, the spices scent the air around Kierdanyu. "Here you go. That should warm you up nicely." It's late afternoon, past the lunch rush and before the dinner rush. Crisp windy day that has a poor southern flower, aka Sephany, wrapped up in a dark blue winter coat.

A glance up, a brief flash of grey eyes toward the hairdresser, and then back at the book. "That would be great," but before it can become clear what it is Sephany is agreeing to, Dani is gone; off to procure warmed something or others. The weaver uses the opportunity to mark her page, a small ribbon placed between the pages of her book as she closes it carefully. This is then set aside, carefully out of the way of plates or mugs or cups of anything that may do it harm. "Thank you," as the mulled wine is offered, pale fingers reaching out to wrap around the mug with an appreciative 'mm' as she pulls it closer, plate of fruit now ignored in favor of the warmth. The green on her shoulder rustles her wings and coils her tail tighter, as if she, too, is chilled. "I just need to acclimate," she decides. "I am trying not to wear a hundred layers this Winter." A little sip, a soft sigh, and a quiet, "How are you, today?"

Leuka has not adapted to the freezing cold that smothers Fort. And it's only Autumn, poor guy's gonna be an ice cube when Winter actually arrives. Ignoring the odd looks he gets from being all bundled up, the Harper makes his way into the cavern, not getting lost this time since he was following his nose. The aroma of bacon led him right where he wanted to go. Shuffling t the side of the path, Leuka lets a couple riders pass while he peers around the cavern. He's not looking for familar faces, since he doesn't really know anyone yet. When the walkway is clear, he continues on and starts putting a little plate together before turning his attention to finding a seat.

"I do admit, it gets pretty cold here, but it's not as bad as Reaches, so that's something. And we have a lake to look forward to freezing over." Dani states with a grin as the mulled wine is enjoyed as is the klah as well. And well, bowl of stew is good too. Nice and well seasoned. Just as Dani likes it. "And well, let yourself get a little cool. Helps. Better than layering and layering because you can only put so much on before you collapse under the weight of it all. Trust me." and Winter /is/ COMING!!! Muhaha! Ahem. And oh look, someone else is coming "Hey!" Dani calls out "Aren't you one of them new Harpers I've been hearing about?"

"Mm, indeed," agrees Sephany with a grin. "I actually visited High Reaches' Weyr last year, though it was toward the end of winter, so not as harsh," she explains. "And I am very much looking forward to the lake freezing over. I may even try to obtain a pair of ice skates, for myself." Sheer delight! And though she's wrapped in her cloak, there is a little nod-nod of her head in agreement with Kierdanyu about getting cool. "Oh yes. It is why I am not wearing four layers," she explains. "Just the one. Well. And my cloak." But that doesn't count, surely? "No gloves. No scarf. Not yet, at least. Though Thimble does a pretty good job," and her hand uncurls from the mug so that she can lift and pet her firelizard. "Little neck warmer," she teases her affectionately, though it is impossible for her to actually see the little thing giving her position. Another sip is had, and grey eyes lift to search the cavern as Dani calls out her greeting. "Oh," when she spots him. "Hmm. It is," she informs her table companion.

Leuka takes a couple of steps before realizing he didn't get anything to wash his food down with and returns to remedy that before wandering back among the tables. Hearing someone calling out from a couple tables over, he scans for the owner of the voice and spotting Sephany, he nods agreeably. "One of them." A few seconds later he appraoching their table, mind if I join you both? "I'm Leuka." This for Kierdanyu's benefit since he met Sephany a couple days back.

Kierdanyu ohs and then grins "Met them already have ya?" is asked and Leuka is appraised a bit and then as Leuka comes over, Leuka is gesturing to a seat "By all means, sit, sit. Tell me all about yourself." Dani says as green eyes continue to check Leuka over, or well his hair. "I'm Kierdanyu, though you're more than welcome to call me Dani."

"Please," is coupled with a quick motion of her hand, a gesture to indicate the free seat at their table. A warm smile is offered to Leuka, before Sephany's gaze flashes to Kierdanyu with a mischievous grin. "Well… yes. The other night. There were two of them, at that time." And now a grin toward Leuka. "Nice to see you again, though you're not as intimidating without your other half."

Leuka drops onto the offered seat and rubs his hands together to get then warmed back up. Tipping his head to Kierdanyu, he murmurs the name a couple of times before latching quickly onto the offered "Dani it is. Nice to meet you Dani." Peer to Sephany, "And nice seeing you again Sephany." He's surprised by her first impression of himself and his fellow Harper, he laughs out with a quick headshake "He's not so bad, mostly. Thautseruck's just very enthusiastic in everything he does. This is our first posting, so I think he was a little nervous." Posting, unoffical banishment from the Hall…. either or. Taking a slow sip of the hot klah, he gives a slight shrug to Dani. "From Southern Boll Hold, and not used to this kinda cold around here. Not sure how anyone could get used to it. Might get tricky with the instruments."

"Everything?" is asked with a mischievous grin, green eyes twinkling. "Well, nerves can certainly cause one to act in a manner other than normal. First posting, huh?" Dani smiles "Well, I for one say that Fort's a good place to be, and indeed it the weather can get you, though after one winter here, I'm pretty used to it. I myself hail from a warm climate. Grew up in Monaco."

"Nervous?" wonders Sephany, one pale eyebrow arched in speculation. "I will take your word for it." Afterall, he certainly knows the other Harper much better than she does. There's a soft coughing sound that may be laughter, for Kierdanyu's mischievous 'everything' comment, and while her grey eyes may dance with just as much amusement, whatever Sephany thinks is kept to herself as she usesa sip of her mulled wine to expand her moment of pause. "Hm. You didn't stay anywhere while you were an apprentice?" she wonders. "Just the Hall?" As for hailing from warmer places, there is an acknowledging nod of her head; quick agreement and acknowledgement of her own background. "I did enjoy Fort's winter, what I saw of it. But it was over before I could really adjust. Layers are your friend," she offers. A curious tip of her head. "Do they suffer from the cold?" she wonders, of the instruments.

Leuka laughs and nods. "Yea, normally, he's more outgoing." Maybe he's joking? Probably not. A smirk for Dani's mischieviousness. At the mention of Monaco he grins with a nod over his plate, plucking up a still hot baconroll. "I was there for a few sevendays." A glance to Sephany to acknowledge her question "There and a few other areas. But they were short learning assignments. Not real postings." A bite or two make the meatroll shrink drasticaly "Yea. Extreme cold can affect the instruments. They could crack if tapped in a certain way. strings would snap like that." He snaps a couple of fingers to demonstrate his point. Not to mention the quality of sound is poorer." Peering to Dani. "So, what do you do, if you don't mind me asking. If I remember right, Sephany weaves?" He glances back to the pale haired girl for clarification.

Kierdanyu hmms, curious and curiouser "You're saying you don't think he seemed nervous?" Kierdanyu asks Sephany. "Interesting. Tell me, how's his hair? Was it mussed and messed up or was tell tended? Hair can say so much about a person. That and how they wear their clothes." ANd then Leuka is stating that Thautseruck is even more outgoing. Interesting. "Ah, well, nothing quite so spectacular as playing an instrument, I'd imagine things can get a little dangerous with one of those wires snapping." Dani muses "But, I am the one to go to when you need your hair taken care of."

"Hm. He seemed rather outgoing already," notes Sephany. "Though perhaps I have a skewed view of what is shy and nervous." And while there is still a touch of amusement in her tone, there is enough solemnity as to suggest she is being serious. "I suppose a true posting would be different than simple learning assignments. This is the longest I have been anywhere since taking the knot." A soft 'oh' for the knowledge of what cold can do to an instrument. "But surely the interior of the Weyr will not be so cold. We do have a heating system in place, I believe. At least, my room stays rather warm." More sips of wine, a nod of her head to indicate that Leuka is correct, she does 'weave', and a glance toward Kierdanyu. "His hair?" and confusion pulls her brows together, a little wrinkle formed between her eyes. "I… hm. Well, to be honest, I don't recall. I wasn't looking at his hair much." Frown. "Or his clothes." Sephany, the weaver does not remember the clothing. FOR SHAME.

Leuka nods with a pleased grin that he remembered Sephany's weaving skills. Thinking amoment, he gestures around his own head as if that would help explain, but it doesn't really. "I guess it's sorta short in the back. But longer up front and on top. It's all over the place when he's really into a song." An amused snort slips out "Honestly, I'm surprised he has managed to rip some out on the cello pegs when he's playing." Wrapping a hand around his mug, he sips and keeps it in his grasps, perhaps keeping his hand warm from it. "Inside seems warm enough. Guess I won't be enjoying playing outside anymore. Not for a while at least."

Kierdanyu blinks at Sephany and then there's a smile "What were you looking at?" Dani asks curiously "Or maybe who?" is also added. Stew is finished off and bowl pushed aside and then a glance at the book "Or perhaps something else entirely?" Is also asked curiously and then Dani is glancing at Leuka "Like mine? Or is the hair a little shorter up front?" There's a thoughtful look and then there's another smile "Oh, we have nice days here at times, even in the winter. Just gotta be out when the sun isn't hiding behind clouds."

That little 'around the world' head-finger thing certainly gets an odd look from the weaver, though Sephany catches on quick enough when Leuka actually verbally explains. "Oh," and a laugh, bright and cheerful, at her brief lack of understanding. "That would be rather vigorous playing, indeed, to get it caught in the… what did you call them? Pegs?" Of musical instruments, she knows nothing, and will not even pretend. She's halfway through a sip of mulled wine when Kierdanyu questions where her attention had previously laid, which causes a brief fit as Sephany accidentally inhales some of it, coughing and sputtering as she does her best not to die. "I… What! Nowhere!" is her super-clever answer, and she dives back into sipping that wine as grey eyes go flitting towards the wall. Cough-cough, nothing to see over here, carry on. "It won't snow for another few months. Certainly you can play outside until then?" she offers, seizing on a change of subject. "And I have heard the leaves turn beautiful colors… think of the backdrop that would make!"

Leuka glances down to his plate, chuckling a bit as the Dani teases Sephany about where she /was/ looking. another shake of his head "No, not really like your. I'm not explaining it very well. You'll just have to see him to know I guess." A few more bites takena nd he nods with an easy grin to Sephany "Yea, that's why I generally keep mine short. We both get tend to move about alot when playing. I don't really like having half my hair ripped out because I play a bit too hard." Looking around at some angry grumbling, he eyes the irate woman dragging a litle with her and demanding Dani fix it now. "Nice meeting you Dani." He waves and calls out to the woman as she rushes off for the emergency. "Poor littleguy. Wouldn't wanna be him." Laughing at what the boy will no ddoubt be going through for the rest of the day, he peers back to the pale haired girl. "You mean, this is considered warm?" He cringes at that before nodding "Yep, gonna turn into an ice cube alright."

Give her a moment, and Sephany will be right as rain; that flush across her cheeks? From the wine, surely. Ahem. Another sip, a little glance between the pair and a frown. Mug down, she considers Leuka carefully for a moment, a curious expression on her face somewhere between distant and discerning. "Hm." And a glance for the more stoic Harper's currently filling the Living Caverns with gentle music, as if contrasting the sedate performance with the kind that may result in hair being yanked out. "I can't see it," she tells him at last, apologetic. "I suppose I shall take your word for it, until a personal demonstration has been given." See? Back to normal, playful grin and all. Her hand stays curled around her mug, though she will lift her fingers to offer Dani a parting gesture as she slips off to do her thing, a sympathetic look mirroring Leuka's spoken words for the poor kiddo. "I wouldn't consider this to be warm," she says carefully. "Just that it is… not as cold as it is going to be. It is crisp. Cool. Not cold." Which may be no comfort at all. "I can knit you a scarf," she offers, attempting to school her expression into something serious when she says it. "Or a pair of fingerless gloves, so you can still play."

Leuka follows Sephany's gaze to the older harper's who's trying to put the cavern to sleep and shakes his head to his table companion. "No, that's not really my style. I'm surprised he doesn't fall asleep while he's playing." Leuka keeps his voice very low then, not wanting to cause any more issues with the 'seasoned' Harpers than he already has. "I tend to be rougher on my instruments, that's why I took up making them, so I'd have something to play on." Finishing off his plate, he nudges it aside, wrapping hands around the remaining klah he has "We both tend to abuse intruments when we play, I couldn't tell you how many bows I've restrung over the turns. And let's not even get into how many I /will/ restring." He gives an exaggerated eyeroll at the thought. Brow raises at Sephany's offer "That..would be quite handy actually. Sorta difficult to play with hide gloves on, not to mention, the finger pads wear down to nothing pretty quickly dragging back and forth along the strings."

"Oh… they aren't so bad," says Sephany politely of the sedate music. "That sort of music has its place." Like in an elevator. That does not exist on Pern. But really, there is a gleam in grey eyes, and she leans forward some on her table, as if conspiring with the deviant Harper in regards to his rough and disapproved of style. "If you, and that friend of yours, keep talking up your skills in such a manner, you are more likely to disappoint me than impress; by the time I finally see, or hear, this in music of yours, it is likely to have been talked-up beyond your actual abilities." There's a grin pulling at the corners of her mouth as she lifts her mug once more, grey eyes crinkled in amusement. It is a short sip, however, before a soft, "Mm," and she puts the mug down in order to turn and fish around beneath her cloak, seeking hidden pocket perhaps. "Like this," and she offers a soft bit of fabric a bit like a glove, a bit like a mitten. "See," and she demonstrates, slipping it onto her left hand; a love in that it covers hands and fingers, but missing the bit at each tip. A small flap able to be pulled over to create a 'mitten'. "I use them to sew," she admits. "A dexterous task made much more difficult when your fingers freeze. And not something at all accomplishable in full gloves." A wiggle of her fingers in the glove-thing and she pulls it back off to tuck away once more. "They aren't terribly difficult to do, though it does help if you already have a pair of gloves I can, um. Modify."

Leuka laughs before he can stop himself and glances around to see if anyone happens to be staring. Thankfully not, and he peers back to Sephany "Well then I'll say no more about my craft til after you've heard us play." When she starts fumbling under her cloak, he'll politely look elsewhere. Gaze scans the nearby tables, tipping his head to a few people before focusing on the Weave again. A quick smile offered as he nods "Yea, that would work nicely I think. I left my gloves in the room, but I'll bring them to you later in the evening." Draining the last of his klah, he frowns into his mug "This mug is obviously broken." Pushing to his feet "You need a refill while I'm up?"

It is not as though she was doing anything immodest beneath that bit of blue fabric; certainly nothing that would cause those around them to blush. Once that pocket is found, and her glove tucked away, she pulls her cloak around her once more to stave off the chill. "Good," decides Sephany, hands once more settling around her mug. "Though I hope you have more than one pair of gloves! I wouldn't want to damage the only pair you have." A frown, and a tilt of her head, "Do tell me that you at least packed for the weather before you came here." As for a refill, she shakes her head with a quick, "I think one mug of wine is enough for me," but follows it quickly with, "but would you mind getting me some Klah?" And assuming he goes, and returns, he will find her absently nibbling the last of her fruit, a little piece of redfruit quickly vanishing as she makes short work of it. "What do you do, when you are not damaging musical instruments and badgering your friend?" she wonders curiously.

Leuka nods "Oh, I packed pretty much all my stuff for the trip. But, I think I'll be making a few purchases before too much longer anyway. Better than than to be wearing five layers and still be cold." He laughs at that and grabs her mug "One klah coming right up." He saunters off between the tables, glancing towards the sedate Harper when the two make eye contact and gives the man an agreeable nod. After a moment, he returns, setting the steaming mug in front of the weaver. Dropping back down, he pretend to be insulted by her comment "Damage? Certainly not." He darts an amused gaze about and shrugs as if busted "Alright. I guess there is a little bit of damaging going on." He holds two fingers close together to show a tiny amount and grins. "Oh, I would never badger. I simply keep him on his toes. His head wouldn't fit in the door if he wasn't taken down a peg or two, frequently." Giving the steaming liquid a few seconds of blowing, he'll sip it cautiously. "I do a bit of teaching, a little writing, swimming, but I doubt I'll be doing much swimming around here any time soon." Or like, ever! "An occasional hand of cards is never turned down." Another sip taken "How about yourself? Can't always be weaving something up."

A finger points in his direction, an accusing gesture made more gentle by the smile and tone of voice. "You, yourself, stated that you took up the task of instrument crafting because of your, hmm, let's say 'exuberant' manner of playing is rough on your instruments," recalls Sephany, teasing him. But accusing fingers are quickly removed, and mirth joins in the general pleasantness of expression and tone as he acquiesces. While she claims her mug with quick movements, fingers coiling around it possessively, it is not immediately sipped. For now, it is an accessory. "Teaching music," she presumes. "Or do you have another talent aside from that?" A steady gaze as she listens to the rest, a small nod of her head at appropriate intervals. "What do you write? Well… other than music. If there is something other than music…" and she just stops, before she can carry on attempting to explain something. "Cards hm. Careful around here; you could lose your marks like that," and she lifts her hand to snap her fingers before quickly replacing it around her mug. As for herself? "Oh, well. It depends upon the situation I suppose. Reading for when it's quiet and relaxed. Dancing when it's lively and festive. Ice skating in the winter," she notes. "I enjoy writing letters, though they seem to vanish into the ether for all the response I get," is followed with a roll of her eyes. "And designing, when I am not actually creating."

Leuka gives a mock insulted look "I would never.. Okay, I would." Grinning over his mug, both hands wrapped around it to leech its warmth. "I teach music, sometimes I write a song here and there. Try to teach some to play, but it's not very often that a student actually has some talent for instruments. Many times I wish I had earplugs." He drops his voice for that one, no need to offend anyone who actually makes genuine efforts with little to show for it, anf flashes a conspiratory wink to the Weaver. "And that's good to know, I'll be sure to keep all marks in my pocket." Perking up at the mention of dancing, he cast a skeptical glance and head nod towards the current playing Harper "Surely not to that..?" Lifting his mg and slurping a bit, "Oh? What do you design?"

"I won't tell anyone," Sephany promises, for his wishing of earplugs. "Though you ought to be aware that a friend of mine has recently taken up the guitar and he is… hm. Well. A beginner," she says finally, opting for polite. "So if you happen to hear him… go easy, alright? Or… maybe offer some pointers. For the sake of all of our ears." A little tap of her fingers absently against her mug, and a glance that chases his towards the Harpers at work. "Well. I do know all of the formal dances, both slow and fast. And I am exceptionally good at it, too," she boasts idly, the playful smile softening what could be rather arrogant otherwise. "However, as fun as that sort of dancing is, I do enjoy what one may call 'contemporary' dancing just a bit more. I like to move to the beat, to let the music dictate the motion and let myself get lost in it. Formal dancing is more… an artistic expression with historical meaning." As for designing? A good natured laugh and a quick, "Clothes, of course. Dresses, mostly. It is what I inspire to do with my life. So I doddle, in my free time."

Leuka nods at the information about Sephany's friend. "When I come across, I'll be sure to help him as best I can. But if it comes down to he just plain has no skill for the instrument, there isn't much I can do other than to grin and bare it." A little helpless gesture with his hands then and he listens, tucking bits of info away in his brain. A grin stetches across his face hering what type of music he likes "I've a feeling you'll be doing alot of dancing soon enough." He doesn't seem to be talking about the formal steps though. Canting his head he nods thoughtfully "Do you know Journeywoman Sulic? She specializes in dresses, but that's not to say she doesn't make other things obviously." He doesn't mention that she also happens to be his mother, at least not yet.

"True enough," for the grin-and-bare-it notion, which has Sephany grinning in good humor if nothing else. "Though I don't think he's so terrible. Just… well. A fumbling beginner." A little shake of her head, a good natured roll of her eyes, and she says, "There you go again. You know… if I do not see an instrument in your hand the next time we meet, I am going to start believing it is a clever lie to disguise an ulterior motive for coming to Fort Weyr," she teases. It is, however, followed by a truly enthusiastic expression, a lift of her chin, and a small challenge. "Don't disappoint." As for Journeyman Sulic? A small, apologetic shake of her head. "No… should I have?" she wonders. "Although, I was only at the Hall for a Turn before coming to Fort. If she visits, I should like to meet her. Get her take on my designs," she decides. "My Journeyman specializes in Tailoring, which is what I would like to do, but he tends to lean more towards formal Gather wear, and I am a little less… traditional."

Leuka grins, giving a little shake of his head and holds up a correcting finger "I made no boasting claim, simply speculated you would be doing a good bit of dancing." He waves off the fact she hasn't met the Journeywoman he mentioned "No worries. She'll probably show up at some point. Probably with a bundle of clothes to replace my 'shabby' ones." Never mind any normal person wouldn't call his clothes shabby since most are made by the Journeywoman. "Personally, I think she takes offense when someone keeps the same item for more than a turn." Flashing a grin. "I'm sure she'd be glad to offer some, unless she doesn't feel any are needed." He glances towards the sedating Harper when she mentions tradition and nods agreeably to Sephany. "Yea, sometimes people are too stuck on traditional ways." He takes another sip of his klah and gives a reluctant sigh "It's been really nice speaking with you Sephany. But I really should get to the lesson room. Would be bad to not show for work at the beginning of my post yes?"
A little chuckle slips out as he pushes ot his feet, grabbing his dirty dish as he does. "I'll look forward to chatting with you soon." He gives a wave and polite tip of his head before heading out of the cavern, dropping off his dirty dish before he vanishes.

"True enough," for his lack of boasting, but it does not stop Sephany from grinning all the same. A nod for the mention of the journeywoman, a quirk of an eyebrow for the idea that she would be bringing him close, though she withholds comment. "It was nice speaking with you again, Leuka," she offers as he stands. "I am sure I will see more of you. Hopefully with your instruments next time." And as he goes about her day, she will resume her reading, sipping her Klah happily until such time as she must attend to other matters.

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