Who Sephany, Okami
What Okami and Sephany meet. It is not a good first impression
When Autumn - Day 5 of Month 9 of Turn 2714
Where Shenanigan's Lounge


Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge

The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.

Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.

Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

It is late enough that the lounge is becoming more and more crowded as patrons slip seamlessly from dinner into 'after dinner' drinks and games. Comradery is the vibe, and though the din of conversation has not yet risen above an acceptable hum, it is still enough to make the young blonde frustrated. How long Sephany has been here is debatable, though it's clearly been a few hours judging by the numerous mugs scattered around her. There are two on the table, empty and cold, and one on the floor that is warm and still has something left to drink; periodically a pale hand will dip down to nab it and bring it to her lips for a sip. She has claimed a couch for herself, stretched out with a blanket over her lap and, until recently, appears to have been reading rather contentedly. Now, however, the book in her hand is held low and grey eyes are peering around the space in a decidedly disgruntled manner. Grump. Grump-grump. Clearly, reading time is over.

Okami heads into the lounge with a box carried in front of him. He makes his way around those patrons that are in his way with a deftness of someone used to making little impact upon their arrival. He takes himself towards the bar, moving to the back of the area to deliver goods to the current barkeep. There's an argument that transpires, leaving the barkeep waving his arms in frustration in the face of Okami's cold, stony, features. A few clipped words and a hand held out is all Okami offers the man until payment is made. Satsified, he nods curtly to the other man and moves to head out. As he makes his way through the crowd he happens by the couch that Sephany is settled on. He would've kept walking out, but one a bluerider who is clearly ineberiated bumps back into Okami and manages to trip the younger man into Sephany's blanket. "Shit," Okami snarls, "Oaf."

Sephany is doing her level best to ignore the rising chatter that is a crowded bar. Sitting length-wise on the couch with her back against an arm, she goes so far as to press one ear solidly into the side of the couch and employ her free-hand to pressing against the other, all in an effort to continue using at least one hand to hold that book in front of her face. It's a rather ridiculous posture, with all sorts of inherent challenges such as… how is she going to drink her Klah? How will she turn the page of her book? How will she protect herself from stumbling, swearing young men bent on her demise? That last bit becomes a legitimate question all too quickly, and Sephany actually squeaks in surprise at the stumbling, a small sound emitted that she instantly regrets and which has the unfortunate side-effect of making her angry; because squeaking is undignified and now she must pretend that she did not produced such a noise. "Hey!" and her non-book-clutching-hand reaches out as though she means to push him away from her, only to quickly jerk back and turn into a wince-cringe-curl of protection around her head, as if to brace for inevitable impact. But just the one arm; the other is firmly attached to her book as if loath to lose her page. "I'm down here!" on the couch, she means. "And look out for my Klah!"

"There is simply no reason for you to be squealing in my face about your book," Okami's reply is sharp as he shoves himself off of her - what his hands may touch he doesn't know, he just wants up and off. He straightens his shirt and glares behind him at the bluerider who has since moved on, unaware of the accident he's caused. Okami looks back to the girl with a frown, his brows puckering closer together as his eyes take a moment to notice her book and blanket. "Would it not make more sense to read somewhere more quiet?"

OK, now there is touching, and this is clearly unacceptable. "Geoff geoff geoff geOFF!" comes as a string of words so quickly spoken they almost lose all meaning. Sephany's hands and even (bare) feet are employed in the assistance of just that, and will be used in pushing and shoving and working as mightily as her tiny frame can (which is to say, not very much at all. She's skinny and has no muscle). But at least there is no attempt at bodily harm, or even threats of such. And then a huff of indignation, a determined set to her jaw, and a resounding, "I did not squeal in your face." Her voice at least has the grace to be a low, stubborn mutter rather than an outright attempt at an argument. Once he is up, there is a quick collection of her blanket, pulling all four corners onto the couch to avoid any future tripping incidents, and then a quick dive for her mug of Klah to ascertain whether it has suffered any damages. A scowl, though her anger is ebbing now that the danger has passed. "It was quiet," she insists. "Until about an hour ago."

Okami finds himself shoved and pushed enough that he has no intention of staying near the girl. "I see," he replies with a barely contained sneer that so desperately wants to show. There's a tic in his jaw as he works himself to composure. His mask descends and he looks down his nose at Sephany. "Perhaps you should find somewhere else to read." He gives the klah a glance, the book, and the bare feet. "This is not your bedroom. Unless you solicit attention this way?" A brow lifts as he finishes adjusting his clothes and prepares to leave. He gives a glance to the crowd, looking away from her.

"I have every right to be here," insists Sephany. And though there is a subtle lift to her chin, a small challenge that dares anyone to tell her otherwise, there is no outright challenge in her tone. It is simply what it is. The appraisal of her far-too-casual recline on the couch has grey eyes glancing away in a manner that may be attributed to brief embarrassment, but the stubborn crossing her of her arms says she will not be deterred. "I… do you mean to imply…" but briefly she is speechless, staring at him with a mixture of shock and horror. "You are the one that fell onto ME!" and it may just be her incredible love of books that saves him from having her current read thrown at him, pale fingers going even paler with the fierce grip she suddenly has around that particular item, muscles tensed as if ready to move.

"And yet you're the one who keeps yelling at me when you're dressed for bed in a public space," Okami jabs right back at Sephany with a snort. "Defend your choice all you want to me. You're the one who was in the way." He isn't going to stay around to argue more, he shakes his head and lifts his shoulders into a square. He turns on his heel and makes his way back out the way he came. This time - no one bumps into him as he goes.

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