Fort Weyr - Library Archives

Surviving the ages is something that books are known to do, especially if they are left untouched for just as long. In this room, that's exactly what has happened. Put aside as trivial information or simply determined old enough to not impact present day life, these numerous articles stored in ceiling high shelves are the forgotten histories belonging to Fort.
Miraculously, the design of the room itself has prevented any of the books from damage. The rock base of which the room's foundation is actually one of the toughest rock known to man and cannot be surpassed by any creature living, while a layer of tiles of the smoothest stone gives this room a vibrant and mysterious appeal. The door itself on the room was sealed tight and allowed for a minimum amount of circulation, thereby preventing natural decay, although most articles may be brittle despite this. White marble has been used to create an insulating layer wall against the natural rock, giving the room an unnatural brightness and a enchanted atmosphere - while also giving it four distinct walls. The ceiling as well has been made smooth with an arching apex.
As for the books and mounds of information stored in this vault of information, the organization is clear. Books bound with hard covers are kept alphabetical in the towering skybroom wood shelves, where step ladders and scrolling ladders actually attached to the shelves move to assist a person in selecting a volume. The shelves are ornately carved, many crafted with a mastery none have ever seen. Meanwhile, scrolls have a sectional shelf where each scroll based on how they were itemized has a cubical square into which they are kept in. This shelf alone has over a hundred squares in which the scrolls stick out of. As well, any loose bits of information have been assembled in files that are stored in boxes along the back wall. Apparently, recording history takes up vast amounts of space and every where one looks in this room one would find a wealth of information. The ancestors of Fort live here.

With the pouring summer rain, the library is the perfect place to spend the evening and thus D'ani has tucked himself into a corner where several comfortable stuffed-leather chairs form a reading nook. The bronzerier has not been seen in the company of the Weyrwoman of late, but then… he hasn't been seen much. Work, you see. That's what he says to most people who might ask. Tonight? He's apparently giving to craft study, if the book on bovine diseases in his hand is anything to judge. Now if only he'd read the text on the page instead of staring at it.

Ezra hasn't been seen around much either. His own work is to blame as he prepares for Stonehaven, throwing himself into his lessons and his studies, so he is a frequent visitor to the library. Today though, as he comes in with a stack of books (all related to holds and their histories), he pauses when he sees his best friend. Hesitating - work or play? - he chooses play, because Stonehaven will wait and he /misses/ his friend. "D'ani," he says while gently setting the books down on a near table with a muffled thud.

D'ani's eyes haven't left the page he's been on for the past half hour. He's also neglected to scan the room from time to time and it's quite possible his mind is nowhere near the topic of bovine healing. "Mmmnh?" He blinks up owlishly at Ezra, it registers who has called his name and his heavy expression brightens. "Ezra! How've you been?"

Ezra grins widely, walking over to clap his hand on D'ani's shoulder, giving it a squeeze and even a little shake. "Busy, Faranth, but good. You? How have /you/ been?" He peers at his friend as well. There have been rumors… "You doing alright? Not working all the time I hope." Though he can't really talk, can he?

"The same," D'ani says of busy. He claps a hand over Ezra's as his shoulder is gripped. "Can you sit for awhile?" There is no one else in this corner and as long as they keep their voices down, they shouldn't be disturbing anyone. The Weyrsecond is aware that rumors have been floating around and Ezra's question is, perhaps, expected. He grimaces. He has been pretty much working - or studying pretty much all his waking hours. "You know… been alright." His mouth pulls into a ruefully line and he says lowly, "Broke up with Dtirae." Since it's not a secret and Ezra deserves to hear it from him.

Ezra flops into a seat like a teenage boy still growing - bonelessly but awkwardly. "Yeah, I can." Then a sobering expression and a small nod along with a grimace. An understanding look because really…Ezra was never a fan of that pairing, to be honest. Still. "Sorry it didn't work out," he says, and that at least is genuine. "Why didn't it?" Curious teenage minds want to know.

He wasn't eh? Did D'ani know of this? Heh. "It was her idea to go out, and I thought maybe… it might work but." He drops his eyes to that poor, unread page and hmms. "She wanted more than just hanging out, more than I was ready to give her, to be honest. But she wasn't ready to be open enough for it to happen, either. I can't say it's her fault entirely, but when a person shuts down that leaves the other person out." He lifts his eyes to Ezra. "It takes two," he says and shrugs. "That's what happens with relationships. If people aren't compatible, well." It's complicated?

Ezra nods as he listens, and he listens eagerly. These are things he needs to know, because…well. He's an heir and he'll need to marry and breed at some point and he'd like to find someone /good/ to live forever with. "It takes two," he agrees with a nod. "Still. Sorry it didn't work out. You okay? Or is it like…good that it's over?"

Yes, Ezra is going to need to marry and provide heirs for Stonehaven. So this little chat is something D'ani is taking more seriously than most. "And it takes love," he adds with a rueful pull of lips. "When you're at that point. Don't rush things." The question draws a long look while the bronzerider considers how to answer. "I'm okay and not. I hurt her. I didn't like doing that. But it was best to be honest; my feelings didn't match hers." His lips tug down at the corners, he thinks and finally nods. "It's better this way than to lead her on. So there's a little relief but most times when I think of it I feel like a heel and wonder what's wrong with me that I couldn't reciprocate her feelings." Yeah. Definitely complicated.

Ezra twists in the chair so he's leaning against one corner of it, one leg slung over the other arm. Hopefully no Harper comes to chastise him about it. He's listening though - intently - despite his casual pose. "Well," he says after some thought, "you can't /make/ yourself love someone…so if she loved you but you didn't love her…it wasn't going to work. The longer you tried, the more it'd hurt, right?"

D'ani's hands close that textbook, which is then braced on end across his lap, both hands resting on the spine. He says nothing regarding how Ezra sits on the furniture in here. "You can't. I couldn't." His nod is in agreement, "It wasn't, no. And it was going to hurt her regardless. I just wish…I hadn't." He cares about his Weyrwoman, cares about the person. Regrets having to but he's an honest person so what was done, was necessary. "I'll be fine, Ezra," he assures the boy and then he turns the topic to the other. "What about you, Ezra? Still seeing Inri?" Curious, perhaps, how this is going to work for him taking on Stonehaven.

Ezra nods a bit, with a grimace. "Well sure…" he agrees to the not wanting to hurt her. "But…" It had to happen, and Ezra - though he's a romantic at heart - has learned the hard way that sometimes life sucks. Then he grins a little crookedly. "I know you will be. Inri? Naw. I mean, as a friend, sure, we've had drinks a few times but…nothing…you know. She's a goldrider. And I'm heir. I have other things. I need…I'll need a woman who can be /mine/." Part possessive in his word, the rest of it is pure practicality.

Ezra is growing up! The look D'ani gives him is frankly approving and there's a long breath let out for his best friend's answer. He's been so caught up in his day to day busy-ness that he had no idea how that crush had turned out. "I've been a little concerned about that since you'd told me you planned to be holder of Stonehaven, Ezra. I'm glad for your sake you've worked it out." His mouth quirks in a lopsided grin at the word 'mine'. That's something a goldrider could never be. She belongs to the Weyr first - and all that goes with that next.

Ezra nods, "Yeah, I have. It's okay, too. I'm good with it. Just a crush, and now we're just friends, and so that's good." There's a shrug and he wiggles to sprawl more comfortably. "Got plans for Stonehaven. Theoric is helping with a lot of them…have to see how they all pan out though." He shrugs. "It'll be a lot of work, but…I think we're almost ready to start repairs." And he fidgets again, his tone a bit apprehensive.

Wait, what? D'ani has been so busy that he's missed something: "Who is Theoric?" he asks idly. He's assuming Ezra has been able to hire a steward or crafter or something, and his mind moves on to the restoration of Stonehaven, a keen look given to his friend for that tone. "Having mixed feelings about going back?" He's sympathetic, "Dremkoth and I can stop by often, you know that right? And I'll be helping you every chance I get."

Ezra blinks a bit. "Faranth, D'ani, we can't let things go this long without talking. I…Theoric…he's from Stonehaven. A survivor, kind of. He wasn't there when Laris came. I thought he died on the road or something. He's like…a great uncle or something. Family. And he's back, and he's got…ideas. Plans. And /marks/, D'ani. Marks enough to /fix/ Stonehaven." He's still awed at it, truth be told. "I know you will," he says with a smile. "I just…yeah. It's scary." Something he'd only admit to his friend.

Ezra has more family than Rayathess and Anrila? A great uncle! This is great news! D'ani actually forgets where he is and lets out a resounding whoop for that, earning not only scowls and stern shushes from the archivists manning the help desk, but glares from those browsing the books. He quiets, but his face is nearly split into a grin. "That's great Ezra!" It also gives him hope that if Theoric re-appeared for Ezra after all this time, it is possible he might yet find his sisters. "Marks and ideas will help the restoration go that much faster." He approves, but caution is something he's learned. "Can you trust him?" Ezra will owe Theoric. Will that create a power-struggle for Stonehaven? At the admission that restoring his former home is scary, the bronzerider studies his best friend thoughtfully, and truth be told, understandingly; Maiona still lies in ruins, after all. "What scares you about it," he asks quietly.

Ezra laughs at the whoop, reaching out to try and clamp down on D'ani's arm. "You're gonna get us in trouble!" he hisses. Never mind that D'ani is the weyrsecond. Then he sobers a bit. "I could. I mean…he's family. He helped raise us, he was always around. But…I mean. Stuff has changed. So. I don't know yet. It seems almost…almost too good to be true." Ezra is cynical now. "But. I'm going to take him in of course. He's old, but he /knows/ things, D'ani. He knows things I never learned and Raya has forgotten." Then he shrugs, lounging again in the chair. "Just…don't want to mess it up."

Yeah, he's going get them in trouble. D'ani doesn't seem to care; he does hush, but he doesn't stop grinning. A single nod is given when he hears the old man helped raise Ezra and Rayathess. It does sound too good to be true, but, "You could use a break," he observes. Ezra will have Fort Weyr at his back. One old man will not be easily able to take Stonehaven from Ezra. To his best friend's confession, "Yeah, That's understandable. You won't be on your own though," he reassures. He hasn't much experience raising crops in a temperate climate, but, "I can help you with your herdbeasts. Other holders will consult with you, you'll see. But you will make some mistakes. That's how we learn."

Ezra nods his head, pushing hair off of his forehead. "He's got marks, and plans, and /skills/…" he murmurs softly, both awed and a little envious. "And he…he loves us, and Stonehaven. He's…passionate." Then he smiles. "Not sure herdbeasts will do well in those mountains. We never had any. Llamas, mostly, up there. Hardy stock. Mountain goats too."

Of Theoric, "I'd love to meet him," D'ani murmurs eyeing the emotion in his friend. He's happy for him, but he's reserving judgment until he's had a chance to look the man in the eye. "Ah, not much level ground, eh?" The Weyrsecond considers the breeds he knows. "Wooly bovine do well in steep, mountainous terrain. They're hardy to cold weather. You can use them for hide, meat, milk and the fiber is very soft and warm." Not that he's trying to talk him into anything, just tossing out a few options for him.

Ezra nods, "Absolutely. I want you to." Needs him to, really. "That might be a possibility. I need to look at our records, see what we used to have. See if that was the best choice or just what we had on hand, so that's what we used…"

"Wise man!" Says D'ani of checking those records. He opens his mouth to say more when he catches movement over by the exit. There's a rider who appears to be wearing a Roc wing badge on his jacket making hand-motions at the Weyrsecond. D'ani half-frowns, but nods to the man. His brown eyes are apologetic as they return to his friend. "This visit has been far too short, but I'm being hailed." He rises as he says that, pauses as he steps past the seat where his friend is lounging to clap Ezra on the shoulder. "I'll catch you later." The book goes with him to the desk; he checks it out and then departs with the rider.