Who Nyalle, Thautseruck, Leuka, Sephany
What Thautseruck and Leuka arrive at Fort Weyr and meet Nyalle and Sephany.
When Autumn - Day 1 of Month 9 of Turn 2714
Where Living Caverns - Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's autumn, which is Kayeth's best season. The senior queen practically glows, causing many newcomers to whisper about her being proddy…but longer residents know it's just a sign that fall is here. Nyalle is in better spirits too, the Weyrwoman smiling more often, and even *gasp* laughing. As the dinner hour drags on, she's seated at the leadership table, sipping her tea and scanning the area.

Having just newly arrived, and finally having gotten everything settled into his new quarters and thing set just so. Not to mention new clothes on after having them aired and pressed. Thautseruck strides purposefully into the living caverns. At the entry way he pauses and then takes a deep inhale and savors the scents that that mingle in the air. He then casts a glance around, noting groups, pairings and even people sitting off on their own. Then there's a glance up and around listening to how the voices catch and drift. And then horror of horrors. His stomach picks that moment to be sooo gauche. It lets out a rather loud growl.

Sephany is, perhaps impractically, dressed in her light-weight attire; clinging to summer as though by sheer willpower alone she can stretch it out another month or so, whether or not it would displease the Weyrwoman's gold to do so. So despite a persistent tapping of her foot, a rubbing of her arms, a long and lingering look at warm Klah pots that eventually leads her to drift over to seek out that liquid comfort, she will tell any who ask that she is not cold thank-you-very-much. But it does mean that she picks a table towards the back of the room, away from the door and drafts and anything remotely Autumnal in nature. And so it happens to be that she is near enough that rumbling tummy when it happens to go off, inspiring pale brows to lift and grey eyes to peek and a little giggle to emit as she offers a friendly enough, "Dinner's that way," coupled with a lift of her hand and a point of her delicate finger. "And it was fantastic." Though a Fortian for nearly a Turn now (has it really been so long?) she is new enough not to recognize that laughter from the Senior is something to be marked or appreciated as unusual; it is simply a jovial and welcome tone to add to the rest of the pleasantness that is a busy and bustling Living Caverns.

Leuka finished storing all the instruments safely away and makes his way towards the caverns, what better place to meet people when you're a stranger? He'll worry about his own things later, right now, food is the order of business. And look, Hauser's already here, and blocking the path to the food. Bad move. His friend's growling stomach gets a smirk that he smooths away. "You sound a bit flat. At the very least, a sour note." He deadpans for a moment before cracking a grin and peering around the caverns. He'll quickly sidestep his fellow Harper and start towards the food. Better get some of the bacon before the finds it. As some already seated peer his way, Leuka will give a friendly enough smile and polite headtip. "Hello." is offer here or there, then he's grabbing aplate and tossing steaming food on it.

Nyalle rises from the table and steps down off the slightly raised dais, drifting through the gathered groups to stand in line behind the others, a plate in hand as she waits for her turn for second helpings. Quiet, the young woman tilts her head slightly to listen in. Public space = public conversations, after all. Right?

There is a bright and beautiful smile for Sephany "Thank you my dear, and don't you look lovely. A bright touch of sunlight to warm even the coldest." Hauser gives her a wink and then he heads after Leuka "Well, if you hadn't held us up, I wouldn't be quite so starving." he states with a grin and then he's in line as well, side-stepping in front of Leuka to come up behind Nyalle, quick eyes taking in face and then knot. "My dear, let me get a plate for you, it would be no trouble at all. "

Another quirk of pale eyebrow, this time in amusement and mirth for the interesting compliment. "Hm. Wait until it snows and then feed me that line. I'll be much more apt to entertain it," is her quick and playful response, coupled with a quick drift of fingers to nip a bit of fruit off her plate; a slice of redfruit that is quickly nibbled and used to occupy her as she follows the pair with her gaze. There is no need for second helpings, but after a moment's consideration Sephany stands and drifts that-a-way regardless, steps light and quick as she slips through the crowd of warm bodies with ease. It is just as offers are being made to 'my dears' that she happens upon them once again, where batting eyes and subtle smiles produce the desired result (namely, getting to cut the line a fair bit) and she slips in just behind the Harper-Weyrwoman group forming.

Leuka couldn't help but overhear his friend's flowery words to the young woman. A hot meatroll is tossed onto a some steamed veggies as he peers over to watch the other harper in action before the sneak jumps him in line. He is about to say something, but his friend's at it again. With what appears to be THE Weyrwoman of all people. An amused eyeroll and he gives a little cough "Pace yourself." is murmured to the other man before his gaze quickly drifts back towards the food selection. Glancing to see the young girl, he gestures for her to go ahead of him. "Go right ahead. I'm still looking things over here. What would you recommend?" His question is open to Nyalle and Sephany if they have something of a favorite on the table.

Nyalle hands over her plate without protest, a quick, practiced smile curving her narrow lips. "Nyalle," she does supply, to head off any more "my dear"s. "Are you new?" She tries to remember faces, and over the turns has gotten fairly good. "Good evening, Sephany. How are you?" Tilting her head again, she smiles at Leuka. "It's all good, but if you're looking for the best of tonight's fare, I'd recommend the rolls stuffed with vegetables. Delicious and filling."

Thautseruck gives a grin to Leuka "I am." he says and then his attention is on the Weyrwoman as he takes her plate for her. "Fresh off the dragon this morning, my dear Nyalle. I'm Thautseruck, though you can call me Hauser and this here is my other half, and no not like that, but this is Leuka. We are here to entertain the masses and proved a little extra flavor to this fabulous Weyr. What shall I get for you, my dear?" He just can't help himself. And there's a nudge for Leuka to for him to step up his A game as he nods to Sephany.

"I am partial to seasonal fruits and vegetables," offers Sephany in a voice that clearly says she knows she's not that helpful, though she does offer a conciliatory, "Roast 'beast is always good, too." But soon enough she is nodding her head with Nyalle's suggestion, a casual gesture of agreement to second the opinion on veggie rolls. "Good evening ma'am— Nyalle," she amends quickly, having caught that subtle correction, even if the overly familiar nature of first-names hangs rather heavy on her tongue. "I am very well, thank you for asking! Is your beautiful Kayeth enjoying the change in season?" Politely delivered, but no less sincere in the inquiry. "Oh, no," and a quick lift of delicate hands, a clear 'thanks, no thanks,' gesture for the offer coming from Thautseruck, quickly seconded with her polite, "Thank you, but I have had my fill. I am simply seeking to satisfying my curiosity. And perhaps to help myself to a mug of Klah." But previous words have certainly garnered her attention, and there's a slight tilt to the angle of her head as she repeats, "entertain the masses," in a soft murmuring voice. "Hm…" and something seems to click as grey eyes travel the length of first one, and then the other.

Leuka 's brow arches and he flashes a Hauser a look that clearly says 'Seriously?' to his friend as the other continues with his same ole smooth talking lines. Trying not to laugh at at his antics, Leuka takes an extreme interest in the suggested veggie roll, then the roasted beasty. "Roast beast is always a good choice. Unless it's dry and overcook. Bout the only way to ruin it I think." He'll nod agreeably "And like he said. I'm Leuka, the talented one out of the two of us. It's nice to meet you both." Leuka-one, Hauser-zero. An amused glance to Nyalle and Sephany before he's dropping a thick slice of roasted meat onto the growing pile of food heaped on his plate. A few steps later, he's got a hot mug in hand and peering around for open seats.

Nyalle's smile gets a touch fixed. "Just Nyalle, if you please," she says politely. "Or Weyrwoman." How nice, she's giving him a choice! "Two of those filled rolls," since she recommended them so highly! "And the stewed vegetables." She gives Sephany a warm smile. "Ma'am always works." Her smile grows and warms at the mention of her lifemate. "She does. This is her favorite season by far. Perhaps because she's a High Reaches queen…" Or maybe it's not that at all. Who knows. She is about to say more, when an aide darts up and whispers something in her ear. The Senior sighs, and then offers her brief companions a smile. "I'm afraid I must take my leave. It was a pleasure. Welcome to Fort, Thautseruck, Leuka. Sephany, good to see you again." And with that, the Senior takes her leave. And leaves Hauser with her dirty plate. You're welcome?

Well, left holding the bag, or the plate as it were. "Well." Hauser peers at it and then blinks when on of the kitchen workers take it off hi hands with a bit of a smirk. And then his attention is on Sephany "Don't let him fool you, if it wasn't for me carrying him when he hits sour notes, he would never have made it out of apprenticeship. And if you have an intrument, don't let him near it. He's jinxed. He sours their tones." A clean plate is grabbed and he's trying the rolls, the meats and swiping ome bacon off of Leuka's plate as well as grabbing some more. "Well let grab a pot of the klah to go with us." He suggests as it's table bound they go."

"Nice to see you again, Ma'am," offers Sephany quickly, before Nyalle has departed from them. The pair of Harpers get another look, though it's not accusatory in nature. Studious. Apprehensive. And then mischievous. "Ah, rivals. Well, perhaps you ought to face off. Let the general public be the judge of who carries whom," she offers with a grin. "Hm. Only instrument's I've got are these," and she lifts her hands and wiggles her fingers, "though they play a very different tune." A beat later, and she offers, "I'm a Weaver." As her hands are free, she will make herself helpful by securing that pot of Klah, helping herself to a full one and a trio of mugs. There's herculean effort demonstrated in the balancing of all of this, but she manages not to spill, drop or break anything in the process of returning to a seat. "You are both welcome to join me at my table," over there, by the hallway, where her plate of fruit still lingers. "It is empty enough."

Leuka examines his boots a few seconds shakes his head in agravation and frowning. "I should have worn my taller boots." Evidently 'something' is piling up around here. It may be a new location, but it seems the duo are used to passing goodnatured insults back and forth. Plate in hand, he strolls along with the others, snorting at Hauser's latest attack. "You use that excuse every time. Just cause I play enthusiaticaly. I know you sabatoge my gear if I don't watch you constantly." He gives a conspriatory wink to Sephany "It's the only way he can make himself sound better than me."

"And what beautiful hands they are as well, I'm sure they play a most beautiful tune." he murmurs and then a finger is jabbed towards Leuka "Lies! I can't help it if you can barely put an instrument together. Let alone even know how to actually use it?" Oh, yes, easily good natured bantor back and forth. "What is it you do my dear? Design outfits? Weave the cloth? Or perhaps you knit? I do need to get some new socks I think." he murmurs and looks thoughtful. "And the table is perfect, and well my dear, I do think I agree, we shall have to play together against each other!"

There's a shift of hips, a planting of her weight into one leg rather than the other, a tilt of her head and smirk of her mouth; a look that would have been completed with a sassy hand-on-hips gesture were it not for the pot of Klah and three mugs she's currently balancing. "I can make a pattern sing rather well," she offers. "Alas, I am but an apprentice, and a Tailor, at that. So I am afraid I cannot help you with socks. However, I'm happy to design you a saucy little number for the next gather that comes around. Show off the legs and shoulders," and the mug-hand lifts, one finger precariously unwrapping to give a little flick to indicate knee-to-sternum. "This way, then," and a turn on her heel that sends pale hair flying and skirts to swishing before she makes a haste will all grace toward her abandoned seat. A glance for Leuka, a grin and quick, "What is it that you play?" It is likely a question for the pair, though her gaze is quickly put to use ensuring there are no unfortunate accidents. Table found, pot put down, and Sephany settles into her chair with smooth, fluid movements. "The way you two are going at each other, I am beginning to wonder if you are any good at all," she teases, "or if the Hall kicked you out for misbehaving."

Leuka drops into a seat when they reach Sephany's table, and tears into the veggie roll with a huge bite before he says anything else. "I mainly play cello, some drumwork on the side. And we're both good, I'm just a little better." He gets in another friendly jab at his friend and grins smugly over his plate. Reaching for the pitcher, he'll fill all three mugs and nudge two towards Sephany and Hauser, grinning at the latter. "I bet you'd look cute in a 'saucey' little outfit. Haus." He'll be sure to make a blindfold to protect his eyes from the blindingly white legs. Snickering into his mug, a few sips are taken "Mmm, nice and hot." Glancing between the two, he focuses mainly on Sephany for the moment "What normally keeps Fortians entertained? Besides huddlling in front of hearths with a hot mug warming each hand?"

"You just know I can work any outfit to my benefit, I don't have your chicken legs." Hauser grins "I can do things with a cello that Leuka only dreams about." he adds as he gets a mug as well. "You're such a wimp Leuka. You have yet to begin to know cold. Trying a winter at Reaches, then you will know cold like you wish you would never know cold." He leans conspiratorily towards Seph "He's from Boll, he can be such a baby when it comes to cold." he notes.

"Hmm," and Sephany's head tips back slightly, allowing her to give the pair of Harper's a narrow-eyed look that is less challenge and more impish. "Depends on what kind of Fortian they are, I'd imagine. I am the boring type, I am afraid; give me a good book and a comfortable chair, and I am happy as can be. Though I do enjoy dancing. And I have heard that Shenanigans is good for a drink," with lift of her hand to indicate the bar over yonder with a gesture. "And it is not always cold. In point of fact, it is not at all cold yet," she notes. As cello challenges are laid, the weaver will simply grin and enjoy the banter, sipping on her Klah after she has claimed her mug from Leuka. And while she flashes Thautseruck a grin for his conspiratorial non-whisper Sephany must chime in with, "I would have to agree. The High Reaches is dreadful. But fear not," for Leuka, "I am also descendant of warm-weather climates; Igen by birth, with a little Ista thrown in for flavor. And I spent a Turn at Southern Boll before accompanying my Journeyman to Fort. I have survived." There may even be a consolatory pat on his arm, should it be anywhere within reach of her. But a moment later, she is given to rise, and stretch, and reach out for her mug to curl fingers around. "Alas, I must be going. Seams don't sew themselves, you know."

Leuka just grins as he's insulted some more and peers to Sephany "Yea, I'm such a wuss when it comes to cold. I know many people /from/ High Reaches, but not anyone that actually /lives/ there. Seems everyone is all to eager to get away before they freeze. I wonder why that is?" But he's the cold weather wuss. Right! Glancing to where the bar is pointed out, he nods "I'll have to slide over there and sample a few drinks sometime." A few bites of his plate vanish, before he frowns and starts shoving things around on his plate. "Could have sworn I had grabbed some bacon." Hauser is eyed suspicously but is saved from Leuka's wrath when Sephany speaks up again. "It was nice meeting you Sephany." Mug is lifted towards the departing woman before he takes another slurp.

Bacon? What bacon? There's non on Thautseruck's plate. At least not anymore. "Well, I would suppose seams would not, but that means you get to keep your day job." he states with a grin and then he looks at Leuka "I'd gladly go bacl to Reaches, but you wanted Fort. It'd be fun you said." A pause "And truthfully it has been good, though no one beats Reaches cider. However, it was quite the pleasure to meet you my dear and I do hope to run into you again. Just becareful with him, he might literally run into you."

"I was siding with you," notes Sephany flashing a grin Leuka's way. "Warm-weather bloods unite," or some such. "Indeed I do," agrees the weaver for her day job. "And a lovely job it is. Indoors. Where it is warm and reasonable." Beat "I'll keep that in mind," for him literally running into her. "I suppose it was a pleasure to meet you both, as well. And welcome to Fort Weyr." A glance to both, a smile that is both playful and sincere for the greeting, and then her parting words with a wink; "Play nice," as she heads for the lower caverns.

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