Weavercraft Hall - Show Room
/A high roof looms above, a spectrum of light fluttering down from the heart where a small circle of glass has been embedded into the whitewash.//
A pattern of roses blushes over the clear surface, pale against their bed of blurred greenery, an exotic blend of grass, chartreuse and forest entwining in the glowing display. The colours are reflected on the floor below, dancing blithely over the pale marble surface. A woven kaleidoscope bedecks the walls, tapestries of every size and description hung between tall, thin windows.
Pale figures stand stiffly on marble pedestals, carefully arranged from the doorways; alabaster faces gleam stonily, painted with a drab impersonation of life. On each mannequin, different clothing flows; one wears a sheath of sisal, dyed the burning tones of sunset that shift.
Furthest from the double doors, the floor is raised in a stage; a walkway juts out at the stage center, ending under the beam of the skylight. Crimson curtains hang heavily, rustling over a doorway on either side of the platform.

Never say that Inri does not keep a promise or that she doesn't seize any opportunity to make something pretty. All it took was one simple request from Ezra, and Inri was practically bouncing on her heels to take Laurali shopping. She'd never bought a wedding dress before, but of course they weren't just going to buy one — she'd find something nice and have it customzied and make the Stonehaven wedding absolutely perfect. The goldrider's enthusiasm is probably doing a lot to counteract whatever apprehension the Healer has, and when Kouzevelth touched down at Weaver Hall, while she wasn't exactly expected, she was welcomed. Inri's presence here isn't all that uncommon. Once they actually make it into the showroom, a convenient apprentice is leading the pair toward where all the newer dresses are on display — something that might suit a wedding, something that could be modified, of course, ma'am — and then leaves them to discuss, Inri carefully reaching out to roll the edging on a skirt between two fingers. "This is way too short, of course, but it's a nice navy," she says, "and a nice fabric."

Laurali is perfectly fine with Inri taking on most of the enthusiasm. Not that she isn't enthusiastic herself! Give her a moment to settle and she may be just as bad as the goldrider by the time they're done here. She's been polite and quiet for most of the trip (partly due to riding on a dragon — no offence meant to Kouzevelth — but the girl rarely travels by dragon and never by gold) and to say she's a little wide eyed and intimidated is an understatement. She's just finished watching the Apprentice Weaver leave before she's shuffling closer to Inri and peering down at the fabric. "Um." How does she put it nicely? "It's a pretty colour." Says the one who never wears anything other than neutral. "Don't know if navy suits though. Too…" Harper-ish? "Dark." Yeah, that's it. She being dark haired and with more of an olive complexion. Daring to step away, she seems drawn to a white dress but hastily lets it go when it shows to have far to much sparkle. Nope!

"Nooooo, you're right," Inri agrees, after a moment's contemplation, "I was thinking the deeper color would highlight your hair, but it probably does more to wash it out, so. Contrast. Not too pale, but not overwhelmingly dark, either." Her attention is grabbed by the white piece, and then she laughs. "That might be a little too flashy, Stonehaven not being Benden or anything, but you're probably on to something. This is a Holder wedding, it might be a small hold but it's got to be —" She hesitates, holds her hand up in the air, trying to find the right word. "Outstanding. How do you feel about lilac?"

Her hair? Laurali's hands reach up to touch one of her braids and she lifts it enough to peer down at it. Her hair can determine the colour of her dress? All this fashion stuff is confusing! She'll duck her head a bit too when Inri laughs, smiling sheepishly. "Didn't see the detailing," she mutters and is reminded again of how half (if not more) of the dresses here may be well out of her range. Hopefully Ezra didn't just say 'buy whatever'? Oustanding seems to be the right word, as Laurali nods to it and then tilts her head. "Lilac? It's a pretty flower, nice scent—" Wait, she's talking about the colour? Blushing, she clears her throat. "I… don't want to look like a flower." So that's a no. She's… just going to walk over there for a moment and try not to look as overwhelmed as she feels! Though Inri may finally get some insight of which direction to go when Laurali's voice pipes up: "What about red? Dark red."

Ezra told her to buy whatever she wanted, and he gave Inri the budget. But…it's a pretty big budget.

And Ezra could trust Inri to take that one seriously. Being besties with the clothes horse of Fort Weyr was bound to eventually come in handy somehow. "It's a nice color, though it might not be the best for weddings, though I've got to agree with you on the fact that it both smells nice and might not make a fantastic outfit." Even if the lilac skirts Inri is looking at don't really, exactly, look like the flower. It's surely close enough. "Is there a red? You'd look incredible in a maroon, or, what is it called. Carmine, I think, a dark carmine." In an instant, the entire purple section is abandoned for arriving at Laurali's side and admiring the reds. "Go for something soft, swingy skirt, low-but-not-pluging neckline, but we can always have it customized. I mean, we will be having it customized, so if you see five things you like I can probably help figure out how to combine them well enough a professional can finish the job?"

"Maybe as an accent but not the whole dress," Laurali feels brave enough to suggest that now, given that Inri agrees with her concerning lilac. As for a red dress? "There's a few… Some too bright. Others…" Too complex. "…too flashy. What's carmine?" By the time Inri joins her, she may have found a maroon hued dress though Laurali doesn't seem entirely sold on it. "How do you know which skirt is which?" Wait, low neckline? "Can it go like this?" She demonstrates by drawing her hand all but straight across and right above her bustline. "And a little lower at the back? Is… strapless frowned upon? Or… no, I suppose sleeves are needed…" Now she's rambling along until she catches herself and smiles sheepishly again to Inri "I'd appreciate your input. I don't… know a thing about this. Or what'd even work… and still be tasteful." And not an eclectic mess either.

"I was thinking just low enough for a good accent necklace, but you can go with a choker instead, low backs are excellent. Sleeves are probably better for a wedding." Strapless sounds great for a vacation dress, but Inri has yet to pry into honeymoon plans or if Laurali is willing to have more than one piece made. Now is not the time! "Oh, swingy's just — you pick it up and move it a little and it, you know, swings, it's how it sounds? I can't remember the technical word. Just most weddings have dancing, so that sort of thing is fun. That's carmine," as she finds a jacket that meets the coloring she wants and reaches out to touch one of its sleeves. "Which I think would go well with your hair and eyes, if not something darker like that one. The maroon. Which also has a nice skirt, I think. I promise to make it tasteful and well-coordinated, and pick the right Weaver for the task, too." There's a journeyman she has her eye on.

Laurali nods her head to Inri's advice and though she isn't looking directly at the goldrider, she IS paying attention! "Since the wedding is for the autumn months… sleeves are probably very wise." Unless she wishes to freeze on the big day? "Ahh! So… easy to move in." She LIKES that idea! Her nose wrinkles a bit as she comes across a dress that is the exact opposite of what they're discussing. She doesn't even have to pull it out for either of them to know it'd be a very poofy frilly thing. "So something fancy but comfortable?" Does such a thing exist? Laurali peers at the carmine jacket. "You don't find it too bright?" she asks, looking up to Inri for her opinion. She looks between the carmine and maroon again, chewing at her lower lip. "Maybe… not something entirely that colour. Can a dress be more than one? Like…" She frowns, lifting her hands up to try and get the point across through gestures. "Red overtop… not an overcoat really but… red panels… cream underneath?"

The frilly disaster gets a face from Inri. It's not a pleased face. It'd a decidedly disapproving face. "Basically the opposite of, you know. That," she says, with a cluck of tongue against teeth. "Usually displays are in boring single shades, but you can have it be whatever you want. Maroon and cream, sure. With gores on the skirt. Flared sleeves. And —" She watches Laurali for a moment, thinking about what she normally wears and how she normally likes to look, and, "An elegant hood. Cream on the inside, red on the outside, with some nice embroidery floss that makes it shine a little. So we can still see you under there, not hidden away by darkness, but you're such a hood person. They suit you."

Someone out there will love that frilly train wreck! Not Laurali though and definitely not Inri by the look it receives from her! Poor unloved frilly dress. "Rather awful, isn't it?" Laurali all but whispers to Inri about that dress, having quickly checked to be sure no Weavers were skulking about to overhear her scandalous opinion. "Oh!" Well, that tidbit about having two colours seems to cheer her up considerably. "That sounds lovely and…" Hoods? Her eyes widen a bit and her brows lift. She's not joking right? "A hood would be perfect." Forget the rest of the dress! Hood. She doesn't even catch on that Inri hints on how they suit her. Laurali just loves the idea of having something to block out everyone else and lessen the feel of eyes staring at her the entire ceremony. "So are these the details then that you just… give them?" And voila, a dress is made?

"Essentially, yes. You tell them what you want and give them money, but the more examples the better — hence the looking. We'll have to come back a few times. And they'll get your measurements, of course." Inri scrinches her nose up at that, just for a second. "Which is not the most pleasant ever, but it's over quickly and then you don't have to spend an hour getting pins stuck to you." Clearly she's been on the receiving end of custom clothing for most of her life, though Inri's mother didn't so much stop to measure first. "Now we've seen the fabrics and the colors, and then we sit down and talk to them about what you want and what you saw that you liked, and how much we're willing to spend, which you're not allowed to worry about." Inri can worry about it. Inri's not likely to need to worry about it. Thanks Ezra.

This was only the first step of many? Laurali looks overwhelmed again and almost lifts her hands up to ward Inri off for a moment. Woah, let her poor brain scramble to catch up! Only she doesn't and her hands just clasp in front of her — which is usually what the Healer does when she's nervous. "Oh. I thought that was all done now…" So they'd not be coming back. Poor naive girl. She sighs, "This is why I don't normally like fancy things. Complicated." And the Weaver's will have fun with her measurements! As for not worrying, Laurali just gives Inri a flat look. Yeah, she's going to worry! Too bad. "So you think the maroon and cream won't be too much? I'm… rather fond of it. It works with the season being autumn…"

"At least they only measure you once, unless you look different," Inri tries to find a helpful bright side. "So if you end up needing another piece made, you haven't got to endure it again, at least. I am not a fan of that whole ordeal, though I do like all of the trying on and whatnot once it's mostly done." Maybe they'll only have to come back once! Twice, more likely. Unless they manage to go over every single detail and the journeyman gets it perfect the first time, which would definitely be ideal. Inri will push. Just a little! "I think it suits the season perfectly, and it's a great combination in my head — I'll need to actually see it on you but I don't see any reason why not!"

"Another piece? I'm going to need more than one dress?" Laurali sounds startled and certainly gives Inri a wide eyed look. One dress is enough! The Healer is already starting to feel weirded out picturing herself in something as "lavish" as a wedding dress. She's used to so little… "Ahh. So once for measuring, once for fitting?" Or twice. "That… makes sense." And she'll tolerate it! For now. Inri's little push is all Laurali will need for reassurance and her shoulders drop a little in relief. "Then I'll decide on those two colours then… and a hood." THAT is a must!

Inri tilts her head, momentarily actually confused as she manages to work out, "As in … ever … in your entire life? As a Holder's wife, yes. You'll need more than one piece of formalwear." At least Inri's willing to handle as much as is needed of the finnicky bits, and she'll continue to play that role if need be. "We hope it's once for a fitting. Sometimes it isn't just right the first time, though. Depends on who you get. Which is why I am going to get you one of the best." Without a doubt there's a specific journeyman she has in mind.

Laurali blinks and smirks, "I mean fancy dresses…" she begins and then Inri hits the next point. Right, she'll be Ezra's wife and will need formalwear. "Cotholder," she murmurs in a near whisper, as if that makes any difference and it might! Chances of them being invited to parties in the Major Holds are slim. Minor Hold though? Oh yes, that's a little more probable… and Inri has reminded Laurali that she'll be part of those politics — to some degree. "You know a Journeyman?" She sounds impressed by Inri's connections, turning away from examining the detailing on yet another dress to give the goldrider a lingering look.

"Parties," Inri reiterates, because — regardless of how important your hold is, on a general level of holdness, there are still parties. And looking good is a big proportion of those politics, at least for the women, who some choose to regard more as arm candy than anything else. (While Inri's home hold has the Blood through Melyssra, she's perfectly aware that not everyone is like that.) "And I do. As a business relationship, but. I am here. A lot."

Laurali does her best not to grimace but it's hard not to miss the way she swallows nervously. Parties? Oh… joy. She'll take comfort in figuring there will be nothing elaborate or huge in Stonehaven and she doesn't think it as a bad thing. "Guess I'll have to… brush up how to be a hostess," she manages to say and actually phrases it a bit like a joke (it really isn't, she hasn't a clue!). "Business?" How'd she manage that?

"I can — no, I really can't help with that as well as I think I can, but I'm sure I know people who can." Inri could recommend Nyalle if no one else, which of course a) the Weyrwoman has time for, and b) Laurali wouldn't be intimidated at all. "And — yes, I have been buying things from him since he got his knot, so you could say I have an old friend of a business relationship Weaver Journeyman, if you wanted to. Hopefully he'll turn up in a little bit, or we'll have to go hunt him down in his office." Inri will just barge in, but she will at least barge in politely.

Laurali would be extremely intimidated by Nyalle and that plan would quickly falter and die as the Healer would clam up entirely. Inri's earned her trust because a) she's a good friend of Ezra and b) a wee bit more approachable (sorry Nyalle! It's the Weyrwoman's curse!). That and there was the whole jewelry event too. "For that long?" He MUST be good then and Laurali relaxes a little more, assured now that the goldrider knows what she is doing. "What is this Journeyman's name?" She doesn't even imagine for a second they'd be barging into offices!

"Seilan. He should be here, or around here someplace nearby," Inri mutters, as if complaining is going to summon the poor man. Coincidentally, it kind of does — there are voices coming from the hallway heading in their general direction and one of them belongs to the journeyman in question — but Inri doesn't know that and is going to continue to act as if she is not being catered to quite enough for her desires. "You haven't got a writing implement on you? I have something to write on, but —"

Laurali murmurs the name quietly under her breath. Seilan. She'll have to remember him, depending on whether or not she ends up liking the Journeyman by the time the day is done. As voices approach, she starts a bit as if being reminded that they're not alone in the Hall. "A writing what…?" she mutters apologetically to Inri, jolted out of her worried and apprehensive thoughts. "No, I don't. Didn't think to… Usually I keep everything here." She points to her head before she turns it to glance around hastily. "Surely there's one about though?"

Inri shrugs, musing, "Maybe you'll be able to recite it all, then, I was just planning on giving an itemized list to whoever came to help us, which is why a pencil or something might come in han—" That's when she cuts herself off because a tall, thin man with glasses and shaggy hair has come up and put a pencil in her midair-hovering hand. "… never mind," she finishes with a tiny smile. "Journeyman Laurali, Journeyman Seilan." The Weaver offers a crooked grin, and a "How can I help you?" that is clearly directed at Healer and not weyrwoman.

Wait! She's suppose to give an itemized list? Just as Laurali is fretting over that and if she HAD caught every detail, Inri's suddenly supplied with a pencil and the young woman has a moment or two to look relieved. Then come the introductions and she manages a polite, if not slightly shy smile. "Well met, Journeyman Seilan." she murmurs and then hesitates, glancing briefly to Inri. "Um." Right. "I'm interested in commissioning a wedding dress." That's the right way to phrase it, isn't it?

It is, and Seilan looks — pleased, most likely? He is a narrow-expressioned man, the smile just about all in eyebrows and eyes, but it's there in his demeanor, nonetheless. "Yes? I would be delighted to help you. I suspect as you have this lovely goldrider here, and have been in this room, you have some idea of what you would like?" Inri is just offering a nod and supportive smile; she starts to open her mouth, then stops. No, let Laurali do it herself, if she needs help she'll be able to signal it.

Does Laurali blush? Just a little. And the compliment wasn't even for her but for Inri! Can the signal be furtive glances? Because the Healer does that almost immediately but she'll gradually gain her confidence so long as Seilan isn't too blunt. "Oh, yes… we— I mean, I do. I had a chance to look over some of the dresses and decided on a possible maroon and cream combination…" Which she then begins to describe the design. Hood? Check. Corset? Check. Laurali will take over but when she falters, she'll rely on Inri to step in and hopefully Seilan is left with a clear idea of what to do and not completely at a loss.

She only has to come back for one fitting, too.