Fort Weyr - Thunderbird Wing Lounge
This Living Cavern Annex may not be the biggest room in the weyr but it's comfortable. Wafts of the unmistakeable scent of burning wood and random mugs of klah fill the room. An arrangement of plush chairs and sofas, the majority seeming to be congregated about the large fireplace, each have a small end table nearby to stow what ever refreshments the Thunderbird riders have managed to smuggle in under the Wingleader's nose. The mantle itself is relatively plain. A tapestry depicting the Thunderbird Wing badge hangs above, but that is the only organization based decoration that the room holds. Simplicity. All you really need is a comfortable chair and a foot rest after a long day, right?

It's been a full day since Kayeth's flight and the startling outcome. The Weyr was granted that much leeway to recover but as soon as the dawn broke, Mr'az has been busy. He sat with Nyalle in the living caverns and welcomed all and any who came to speak with them at their table. When it came time for meetings, he left the Weyrwoman to tend to her own, while he immediately turned to the lounges above the cavern. It felt strange. Surreal, even, to be entering the rooms and being treated differently. Now he has rank. Rank above all and it… unsettles him a bit. He does his best to keep a calm, neutral expression as he starts with a meeting with Haast. Next up? Thunderbird. Mr'az pauses outside the door, gathering himself first before knocking and letting himself in.

Abigail was surprized along with many others when the outcome of the flight was seen. She didn't think Th'ero would not be Weyrleader, and here he is /not/ Weyrleader an a rider she actually has had issues with is. Though she has gathered the Thunderbird wing for the meeting, and is busy handing out flight assigments when the knock is heard. She glances over to the along with many others as Mr'az enters the room. Per protocal, and well rank everyone does stand up to greet Mr'az along with salute him, yes including Abbey. "Greetings Weyrleader." Abigail offers, though the look she has is purly one of not being pleased, she nevr was able to hide how she feels over a situation.

Mr'az's mouth twitches into a ghost of a smile at the Wingriders saluting him. Unlike Th'ero, he doesn't bother to entirely mask his emotions. Clearly, the move to traditional greetings meets his approval and he'll return the salute and nod his head to allow them to return to their seats. "Good morning. I'm not interrupting, am I? Please, continue." Formal but that's expected with any change. He's so (painfully) new to this, but he takes care to stay on the neutral side of things. Play the nice guy — for now. His mention to continue is a hint to Abigail that he wants her to dismiss her riders herself. He wishes to speak to her alone and her look of displeasure is not entirely missed.

Abigail isn't one that enjoys the traditional things, how long has that not been done here? How long has it not been an issue? Though she knows very well that Nyalle enjoys such things, and can only figure that Mr'az will be on the same boat. "Not, not at all." As if she would honestly speak her mind in front of her wing, oh let's face it she would if she so felt the need. She waits a moment to see if Mr'az has anthing to say to the group before turning to look at them. "We're be going over new drills tomorrow morning. I want ye all out there bright an early." Nods are seen and with that she lets them leave. "Yer free ta go for now. Clear skies." The riders all gather up there things, a few nodding to Mr'az on the way out an soon enough it is just Mr'az and Abigail left in the lounge.

Mr'az keeps his distance and does not meddle in Abigail's affairs. As the Wingriders file out, he'll return the few nods he's given and will wait until the door is firmly shut behind the last soul to leave. Only then he'll turn to face Abigail and unlike Th'ero and his long silences, Mr'az dives right into things. "It's kind of strange, being on the other side of things now." Given she used to be his Ringleader. Not anymore! "Anything I should know?" That may not be an invitation for her to open up about her true feelings.

Abigail goes about picking up papers and the like as the riders all leave and makes them all neat. Meanwhile she doesn't glance over to Mr'az, waiting to hear what he has to say it seems. "Nothing to report that I know of." Is offered while she sends a glance towards him slightly before the papers are left on the table. "I hope ye've grown to some degree over the last few turns and have some sense about ye now that ye have the whole Weyr basily in yer hands." She never was one to keep quiet when something was bothering her.

Mr'az wasn't quite expecting that answer and he frowns, the smile fading from his lips as his eyes lock on to Abigail. He doesn't keep his displeasure held back either but when he speaks his voice is still calm. "I'm aware of the responsibilities of a Weyrleader and I'll do my best to see us through this Turn. Can't promise it'll be perfect, but I'll try." Now that that has been said, he'll cross his arms and peer at her. "We won't have a problem, you and I, will we?" It's meant to be a harmless question but the way he lays it out it could be taken as a threat. He's so much to learn — if he can even learn at all.

Abigail doesn't look away and lets her gaze settle upon his, nice and calm like really as she listens to him. "Nothing in life is perfect." She says with a faint tone. "No, we won't have a problem. I have never been nothing but civil with ye in the past that won't change now. Unless something happens that affects this Weyr." No she won't hold that back.

Mr'az's brows knit and for a moment he's silent but he can find no reason to argue further with Abigail. She spoke truth and he'll respect that with a nod of his head. "I'm glad we can continue to be civil towards each other. You're a good rider and a good Ringleader. Your riders respect you and I'd hate to have to change that." Maybe there IS a hint of a threat there now or a gentle reminder that he is a different man than Th'ero. He doesn't ask for much, for now, but when the time comes he expects Abigail to stand by his side. Not Th'ero's. "Nothing will happen to this Weyr. I'll see to it and to the events still troubling the region. If there are any changes, report them to me immediately. If I am not within the Weyr, have Niumdreoth bespeak Zhirazoth."

Abigail watches Mr'az slightly for a few moments. A faint smirk is seen. "Don't even start with me Mr'az." Is said with a sudden faint tone. "I will protect this Weyr with my life, but I will always call them as I see them and ye know that very well." Seems she took it as a threat. Though honestly she may be a bit more defensive over some things. Someone did set her up after all to take a fall, and she still is not sure who did the planning to cause such things. While she does not want to think it was someone at the Weyr, any she didn't trust before are not getting any trust now. Depending on what happens when that time comes then he will have her answer. "If there is anything new I will report to ye of course." She does her job well after all.

Mr'az stiffens at Abigail's tone and reply, his eyes subtly narrowing. Thankfully she goes on to elaborate and he'll slowly relax his tense stance. She's defensive for the right reasons, while he is… not so much. "I'll take care to remember that. I won't keep you then, from your work." He's well aware of the events surrounding her framing in Plateau Hold. He won't bring it up but he's got a lot of reports to read up on. Ones that USED to be barred from him. Not any longer! "If you'll excuse me. Clear skies, Wingleader." he politely excuses himself, turning to head for the door of the lounge and let himself out less anymore words be exchanged between them that they may regret.

Abigail was expecting more honestly, though when he doesn't speak more on the matter, or her comments she doesn't push it either. At least not now. A slight nod is seen while she watches Mr'az a few moments as he turns to leave. "Clear skies, Weyrleader." She won't keep him that is for certain.

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