Who Re'a, S'ndri, M'eo, Sephany, Sohzen, Fioreyla, Riohra
What A spontaneous Beach Bonfire Party at Ierne Weyrhold!
When Summer Night
Where Southern Beaches, Ierne Weyrhold


Ierne Weyrhold - Southern Beaches

Grasses blow in the gentle breezes on the small rolling sand dunes of the southern and southwestern shores. The beaches themselves are narrow strips that give way first to the dunes and then to a mixture of sandy ground and tropical plants. Scattered within this transition are pockets of civilization where Ierne dragons and riders reside. The private enclaves differ in size and style to reflect their resident, from dragonhold to tiny hut, but all are large enough to house at least a blue. Right at the tip of the island, a spar of sand jets out into the waters of the bay. Here is where the dragons and riders come to swim and bath. Just passed the dunes, a clearing contains a firepit, tables and chairs, and even a small stone supply building. The crushed gravel path back to weyrhold starts here as well as the many shell lined paths to individual dwellings.

By the time the sky is going all colorful from the sun heading for the horizon, the impromptu beach party has been set up. There's a large stack of wood gathered by dragons on the beach half way between the lick of waves and the plants that's now going well, sparks of flames disappearing up into the hair. Tables are set up to the side with drinks on one, and various finger foods on the other. A few harpers are set up to provide music, often changing out here and there to keep it constant. People have claimed beach for themselves with the laying of blankets upon the sand. It's an evening meant to be fun for one and all.

Re'a, a local greenrider, has just finished laying out a large blanket on the beach, the sarong she wears covering up a bikini beneath. Ready for a swim, or whatever the evening might bring. Nearby, is the crowned princess green, her lifemate, who seems a little uncertain about being there tonight. Caught in that spot of wanting to see people, and yet not wanting to be around anyone either of proddiness. Turning to her lifemate, the rider reaches up to brush fingers against her snout, "If you don't want to stay, just go back home, hmm? You don't have to remain here, if you don't want too." A soft thrum of acceptance is given in return before the green goes back to looking around, judging the crowd for herself.

And where is S'ndri? That rascal of a bluerider who haunts these shores. He's right there with Re'a of course! Much like the greenrider he's dressed in his swimtrunks and ready to go swimming if that is where the evening takes him. His towel rests on the blanket so that it does't get all sandy before he has to use it. As she speaks back and forth with the proddy green he can only smile. He knows full well that she is shy around this time and doesn't blame her one bit. His blue is also nearby, unsurprisingly, his attention completely on his mate. He refrains from staring but his mental presence is constant and as reassuring as he can manage, « If you want to go home at any time just say the word and I'll go with you. » He's going to make sure that she is safe and comfortable throughout this rather trying time for both of them.

Bonfire! M'eo is in desperate need of a party. Truthfully, M'eo is always in desperate need of a party. But today especially so. He's already ready for beach fun, decked out in black swimtrunks. When he sees the fire he grins and makes his way right over, waving to the first familiar people he sees. In this case, that's Re'a and S'ndri. "Re'a! S'ndri!" He greets. "This is the party, huh? Perfect timing, I just got back." His grin turns sheepish. "Contrary to any rumors you might have heard, I did survive Monaco."

Why is Sephany here? Who knows. But she is, of that it is certain. The Fortian Weaver has found herself on the Ierne Beach at the most opportune moment, and she is not about to miss out on free food and a lovely bonfire! And is that music? It is! There is a curious expression on her face as she heads towards the gathering, a clear question present that is voiced as soon as she is within earshot. "Is this a private affair?" And with the way she is eyeing all of the festivities to be had, it is clear that she hopes to join. Her own attire may not be ocean worthy, but the fluttering dress that brushes just before her knees, and the sandals in her hand (so that she can walk barefoot through the sand) are appropriate enough for a beach party.

Ailaeth shifts a little, thrumming once more to Re'a before going silent. While other males might make themselves known to her, whirling eyes no doubt picking up on the glow to her hide, she ignores them for the most part, her interest currently upon the party itself. She's seen many of these before in her turns, but never one on a beach, on an ocean. No doubt that will make a difference in some way. As for Cenvath's reassurances, the blue earns himself a brief look, a meeting of eyes before she glances away. He is the only male presence she seems to tolerate right now.

Re'a nudges S'ndri once she turns away from her lifemate, leaving the green to enjoy the party in her own way. When the harper greenrider's gaze settles upon him, she smiles, her impish nature to show in that curl that spreads upon her lips. Her movement closer to him is sensually graceful, though she's soon distracted by M'eo's arrival and the call of her name. Hand lifts, a wave offered, and once his comment heard, she quirks a brow, "Oh? I hadn't heard rumors, but haven't been paying much attention to them lately… what happened?"

S'ndri watches as Re'a comes closer and closer with that graceful stride of hers, "I think this is going to be alot of fun." he says just as he's ready to reach out and pull her into a hug. He doesn't though since he hears M'eo's greeting and turns toward the sound of his voice, "Hello." he greets amiably enough though when he mentions Monaco the blueriders eyebrows shoot up, "You went back?" he asks with a certain amount of incredulousness creeping into his tone. He shakes his head, no small amount of disappointment to hear that. Advice was not followed, "Please tell me you didn't invite her." Because if they went to the trouble to get this together and M'eo decides to ruin it he's going to be unhappy. He musters up a warm smile for the young lady who seems to be wandering it. Someone he doesn't recognize is a rarity round these parts, "No. It's completely open. You are most welcome." he says. Cenvath catches his mates gaze, but only holds it for a moment. He won't stare and he won't do much of anything other than just be here.

M'eo looks over in Sephany's direction. He has no idea who the girl is, but as far as he's concerned, the more the merrier. "Nope! All are welcome!" Nevermind that he had nothing to do with putting this together. He feels like he's in a fine position to decide the guest list. He offers his hand. "M'eo, rider of bronze Skorototh. Welcome to Ierne." With that out of the way, he can answer Re'a and S'ndri's questions. S'ndri first. "Nope. Promised I wouldn't, right? I'm a man of my word." This may only technically be because he didn't get the chance to ask, but why go into that right now? "Anyways, yeah. Couldn't keep Skor away. He… uh…" How to explain this quickly. "Caught the lifemate of a greenrider that the Weyrleader seems very possessive of. And it turns out Monaco's Weyrleader is a very, very angry fellow. So, long story short, I probably won't be going back to Monaco for a while." With that somewhat embarassing story told, it's time to move on. "There's alcohol here, right?"

"Wonderful!" is the prompt and delighted response from Sephany as soon as it has been confirmed that she is, indeed, welcome to join. "Fort's duties to you and your bronze. I am Sephany," is her polite response, and one delicate hand is given for that shake. "Forgive me, but I am rather hungry…" and grey eyes go wandering towards the food that has been set out. The moment it is polite enough to do so, she makes a beeline for the food tables; whatever has brought her to Ierne for the day, it clearly did not include lunch. Whatever appears good is selected, and it is only after a sampling of literally everything that is not shellfish is on her plate, that she wanders back to mingle with the crowd, already nibbling on something distinctly unhealthy looking. Her return brings her back to the S'ndri, Re'a and M'eo conversation in time to catch the tail end of it, a curious look spared between them. "I believe so," for the alcohol, and she points one slender finger toward the beverage table. "What party does not have alcohol?"

Re'a is quick to offer Sephany a smile and wave, the men around her speaking up before she's got a chance to do so. "All are welcome. Visitors and residents alike!" What more could entice someone new to the Weyrhold in staying when seeing the fun they can have, right? Right. As Me'o explains what all happened, she shakes her head, laughing a little, "Well, you've learned one lesson a little late, is all. Beware those the Weyrleaders protect in any weyr. " But as long as he's good, she finally gestures to the table holding the drinks, "Yep. Plenty to drink, both alcoholic, and not. Trader somewhere has other stuff you can buy if you don't find what you're looking for there." Hearing Sephany's comment when the weaver returns, draws a husky laugh from the greenrider, "Indeed. Unless it's a kid's party, but even then, you know the adults have something hidden away for them to partake." A wink offered to Sephany before she wonders, "What brought you here today? Not that I'm complaining. The more the merrier.." Attention bopping from one person to another.

And the story gets worse, just fantastic. What can a person say to that mess of a story? "Cool story bro. Glad you didn't die. Stick with that last thought." The one that has him steering clear of the mess that he made for himself. There may come a time sooner rather than later when he takes this man aside and really makes sure that he has learned his lesson as the old saying goes, but for now he's distracted by R'ea and Sephany and their discussion of alcohol, "Ooo drinks!" and he's off in the direction of the drinks, picking himself out a bottle of something that is brownish red. He never was too particular when it came to drinking. He returns in short order to Re'a's side, "I agree the more the merrier." he says commenting way way later than he should.

It's a curious pair that makes their way to the bonfire gathering, a tall, dark, knotless stranger with a tiny redhead trailing in his wake. Sohzen… doesn't look like he wants to be here, or maybe that's just his face, stern and hawkish of visage, thin of mouth, otherwise dark robe-like attire interrupted by stark white bandages that encompass his entire left shoulder. "I find it ironic that this was your idea and yet somehow you are the one dragging your feet." Said in a dry rasp to his companion without looking her way to make sure she's still following. He makes for what was promised of this venture - food - looking Sephany over with stern assessment before more or less approaching the cluster of riders nearby. "Hello, and thank you for the hospitality." Because there are a lot of manners being thrown about, and though it doesn't sound like he's spoken much in his entire life, Zen is nothing if not polite.

"Beautiful." is M'eo's response when Sephany helpfully points out the beverage table. Off he goes to pour himself something with a lot of rum in it. Rum and a tiny paper umbrella. It's not a beach party if the drinks don't have umbrellas in them, right? He's already guzzling his drink as he returns to the Sephany, S'ndri, and Re'a cluster by the fire. "It's not like I did anything wrong." He says to Re'a, shrugging. "She's not even actually his weyrmate. Not that he'd have any justification for the threats his was making if she was. It was a flight! Flights happen." Not super remorseful here. He guzzles more rum drink. "Don't worry." He tells S'ndri quickly. "Like I said, not going back there. Not for a while, at least. Probably not as long as that guy's the Weyrleader." Then there are more unfamiliar faces approaching! Good. Starting to be like a real party. He raises his drink in greeting.

Quiet contemplation from the foreign blond, Sephany's head tilts just-so in a way that says she is listening and only a little bit confused. But bit by bit the conversation becomes clear, and by the time M'eo has returned with his umbrella drink, it appears she has the gist of it. "Indeed," she offers, "Flights do happen," with just a touch of dryness to suggest that, although she is no dragonrider, perhaps she understands from personal experience. A glance and a smile for Re'a for her welcome, flashed briefly to S'ndri for his repetition of the merriment to be had when more join the frey, and a playful answer for the greenrider's inquiry. "Secret craft business," she says with a wink of mischievous grey eyes. Despite her occupation with conversation and food (another bite quickly nibbled off of something that has been roasted over the fire on a stick), she cannot help but to catch the stern assessment bestowed upon her by the bandaged stranger. And as she happens to be in the gathering of resident 'riders that he approaches, she can very easily return that look with a frown, and lingering assessment of her own.

"I told you I'm not very good with people," comes a muffled voice from somewhere behind Sohzen - a squeak of a voice, really, that escapes a tiny woman Sohzen probably doesn't necessarily need to look for in order to confirm she's keeping up because she's holding to the back of his robes and has her face pressed into his back like maybe she doesn't want to be here either. "And I wanted to make sure your shoulder was okay." Timid, those words, lacking confidence either because it's a lie or she's just unusually shy (it's the latter). But she is here, and she's shifting on her feet to blink violet eyes S'ndri, Sephany, M'eo, Re'a-wards when her human shield does the polite thing and addresses them. The healer's face goes flush, she manages a weak smile, and those fingers come up in a waggle of a wave as she stammers, "F-F-Fort's d-duties. Thank you for the h-h-hospitality." And then she's biting down on her bottom lip because she sounds stupid. She didn't even grab a plate for herself. Pity.

Re'a ahs softly, nodding her head before giving Sephany a wink, "Then I shall pry no more, Weaver. Which…" She ohs then, grinning as she comments, "Perhaps sometime you'll let me prick your brain for ideas about a dress.." As if there aren't weavers there in the weyrhold, right? But none are standing just before her with the idea is had, so Sephany is so lucky to get her attention. "But tonight, eat, drink and have some fun!" Sohzen's approach and greeting draws the proddy greenrider attention next, and it is Zen that gets answered next, "Please, enjoy the evening. Everyone can use a little fun."

As a visiting rider's brown gets a little too close to the glowy green, Ailaeth shifts herself, turning away from looking at the brown in a very polite way of saying - leave me alone. Her attention seems to be on those people who gather around her lifemate, each one studied quietly by the green.

Sohzen's expression takes a turn for the sarcastic (yes, the resting stern face can get worse, I know you were all wondering), his dark eyes raising to the sky as though bidding budding stars give him strength. "You make no sense." As though the nervous girl were not aware. "Bonfires always have people." His gaze casts outwards, as though asking the others to weigh in on this concept. "Do they not?" Zen might not have drink to raise in response to M'eo's toasted welcome, but the man returns it with a nod. "My apologies." To Sephany as he finally addresses her return regard. "You look like someone I knew, but I was… mistaken. Or at least, I hope I am. You don't have family from Fort, do you?" Said as he shifts his weight to twist his good arm backwards, offering food to the stammering Healer behind him. "Eat something. My shoulder is fine. You dressed it well."

"Flights happen yes." S'ndri says casting a glance back to the poor proddy green. This party is going to be so trying for her, though she's doing an admirable job so far. "It was probably that you were nosing around before the flight dude." Which is what his whole last conversation had been about with the man where he'd strongly encouraged him to use his head. Ya don't rub another mans ruhbarb! Unless you are considerably more sneaky that it seems happened here. Oh for shame! The horror! And shift! His attention snaps toward the incoming Zen, "Fun and drinks. You're going to love it." Even though he has no idea who he is, or really cares. It's a party and they are going to rock this joint. Then he points over toward Sephany, only really catching her mention of secret business, "No secret business! Only open fun!" S'ndri is a mingler. Deal with it! Then there is the shy one, "Hello to you as well. I'm S'ndri nice to meet you." And he's off once more to take his place beside Re'a again. Mingling is hard work. He opens his bottle and begins to drink.

M'eo gives Sephany a curious look after her response to Re'a. "Secret weaver business? That sounds interesting. Outfits that need to be kept secret must be more exciting than regular outfits." Whatever those could be. Then there are more partygoers approaching. Both of the fortians get greeted with a raised drink. "And Ierne's greetings to the both of you! All the way from Fort, eh? Can't blame you. Ever since I transferred here, I don't know how anyone puts up with northern weather. Anywho, I'm M'eo. Rider of bronze Skorototh. It's nice to meet you all." At S'ndri's little rebuke he shrugs his shoulders. "You're a bluerider. Surely you know we can't always control our lifemates' interests. Unless you can, in which case… well, more power to you. We aren't all so lucky." He goes in for another sip, only to find that his drink is empty already. Fortunately there's a fix for that, and that's at the drinks table. He slides over for a refill before sliding back over to the rest of the group by the fire.

Where there is a bonfire there is a party, and since Riohra was in the area visiting family he figured he would just stop on by. The tall hunter from Fort Weyr isn't empty handed as he brings a couple bottles of rum to add to the drink table. It is always nice to contribute, waving to some of the people he knows he will end up somewhere around the fire with a drink in his hand watching and listening for the moment.

Did Zen just put Fiore on the spot? Did he really just put her on the spot? It's a betrayal, one that maybe registers on her face when those lips part in what might be a protest, but rather than form words simply hang open with the kind of expression that says she wants the ground to swallow her whole. "I…" One, two, three. "Yes, but I meant that I'm not very - " Sohzen is speaking to Sephany now, and she doesn't seem inclined to pursue her own defense so she makes like Elsa and lets it go. S'ndri's greeting is met with a timid smile and a dip of her head (and maybe her eyes dropping back to the ground as if she isn't quite sure what to do), and then M'eo's words are drawing her attention back up as he says a lot of words and Fioreyla looks temporarily like she's found herself in the lion's den. "Ah - I like the cold. I… I came from High Reaches, down to the h-healer hall. So… now… Fort." Breathe, little Fire. "Fioreyla," she offers then on another squeak of sound. "Pleasure to m-meet you both." And thank Faranth for Zen offering her a plate that she takes food from gladly, because it means that she gets to push food in her face and mimic her distant cousins (chipmunks, in case you were wondering) so that she doesn't have to speak. Why did she come? "I'm the healer," she tells Zen belatedly, between face-stuffing. "I'll decide when your shoulder is fine." She aims for stern; she falls painfully short. Riohra gets a wave (meek), and Fiore shuffles closer to Sohzen.

"Oh. I suppose I could," for assisting Re'a with dress-things. Although, despite Sephany's inherent passion for all things Weaver and Dress Designing, tonight she is taking a break, so there is not much attempt to draw out a description of said item, just a pleasant, "we shall have to set a lunch date, to discuss," because she will at least engage later. For now, she is glad for the encouragement to do exactly what she is; eating and having some fun. Drinking shall come later, maybe. To Sohzen, as the apology comes, there is a softening of her expression and a fleeting smile. "No. Unless you count myself. I am from Fort, but my family hails from Igen, and Ista, respectively." Of the shy redhead, there is only curiosity and a small, returned wave with fingers safely devoid of food. "Oh, well… typically yes," she will agree, regarding bonfires and people, though there is an edge of apology in her tone. For M'eo's assessment of her 'secret business' she just smiles, in a way that is distinctly playful and perhaps just a little inappropriate. But no comments or move to explain, just a flick of her gaze and a soft "mmhmm" in affirmation. Secret. Weaver. Business. "Pleasure to meet you," for Fioreyla, who decides to finally speak up. "Sephany," for herself, though she declines the entire, lengthy and polite greeting. That has already been said, so her obligations have been met.

Re'a is enjoying herself, the greenrider flashing that smile of hers, not to mention, lifting a hand in an occasional wave to someone who passes the group by in favor of food or drink. To those around, she tries to keep track of the current conversation, and would normally do a most splendid of jobs at it, but when proddy brain strikes, it hits hard. Turning to Me'o, her brows furrow a little, her tone dropping it's pleasantness from before, "Telgar is a wonderful weyr. Wonderful. No doubt Fort is just as nice, even if it is cold compared to us down here." Hmmph! Yep, the greenrider is sticking up for the cold north! Go figure. As for other conversations, they seem to fade into the background as she stares at Me'o, to be distracted by S'ndri's arrival with the bottle of alcohol. Oh, alcohol. Yum! The poor bluerider will end up with no bottle as it's stolen by the proddy greenrider.

Ooo la la. Snarky. It brings a smile to S'ndri's face. No one loves snark more than the Sind! He makes an exagerated wink in M'eo's direction, "Your dragons interest, right right." he says with a laugh in his voice. He stands tall and holds a hand to his chest, "I'll have you know my good sir that I have perfect control. All the time. My control has control. My will is iron." Anyone listening should be very clear that he is kidding because he devolves into a fit of laughter afterward. S'ndri is already having a fantastic time. And his drink is stolen! How rude. He shakes his head and makes the shame shame sign with his fingers toward Re'a as he is off to grab another bottle for himself. This causes him to pass by Rio on the way, "Hi Rio. Welcome to the party. We got drinks and food and music and we are going to party till dawn." Until he drops! Which may even be after dawn. And he makes it back just in time to hear conversation about the north. Winter is coming or some silly thing like that, "I got to visit Fort not long ago. Learned how to skate. Had a fantastic time." he annouces.

Riohra grins and nods to S'ndri saying "I know I brough some of my own stock just to not feel like a free loader. Good to see you my friend." Party till dawn, why stop there? The tall man from Fort starts to weave about the little area and will come by Sephany and grin "Hey Seph, anything good?" he looks at her plate before asking.

M'eo does say a lot of words. He seems to be one of those guys that makes his point, and just keeps right on going. "Well, Fioreyla, I don't mean to say there are no charms to colder weather. Snow can be lovely. But here you can go swimming comfortably almost any day of the year. How can you beat that?" Sephany's slightly inappropriate smile is met with great amusement from the bronzerider. "If I didn't know any better, I would suspect you want people to be intensely curious about this secret business of yours." S'ndri is given an amused smile and an arched eyebrow. "Of course. Well, the rest of us mere mortals will have to suffer through the occasional slip-up. At any rate, I think I've talked enough about this. I am here to forget and have fun." The alcohol is helping. "So. We've got fire, food, and drinks. It's an excellent start to a party. What next? Dancing?"

"Finish your sentence." Sohzen lifts his twisted elbow, leaning to look at Fioreyla beneath it. The posture doesn't look comfortable, but he manages. "I want to hear what you have to say." Clarified, because despite impatience, he is interested, despite the attempt to let the conversation drop. He eventually lowers the elbow again, only because M'eo is asking questions of a sort, and it's strange to talk to someone else at such an angle. "Xanadu, currently." Corrected with a ghost of a smile. "I am merely being attended to." By a tiny chipmunk that's going for more spunk than she can back up, assertions that he's fine when Fire says so met with one sharp huff of a laugh she can feel better than hear. "As you say." Dark eyes move to S'ndri, offering the rider a nod. "I am sure you are correct. The food is excellent." And then there's Sephany. "Good." Of her not being Fortian by blood. "Those places are far distant from one another. Did you live there? Before Fort?" Asked of her even as he appraises Riohra, nodding once to the newcomer before twisting his plate back for Fire again. Dancing? No comment. Suddenly the fire is very interesting. Look at it crackle.

Fioreyla's just thunking her forehead back against Zen's back and slowly chewing on her food because this was a really bad idea. And of course Zen moves, and lifts his elbow, and asks her to complete her sentence. A beat, and she swallows down what was in her mouth before she murmurs a soft mumblemumblemumble that translates into, "I'm bad at talking to them." Sephany! Violet eyes fall on her fellow Fortian from around a renewed mouthful of food and for just a moment Fioreyla looks like a deer caught in headlights: eyes wide, expression surprised, cheeks stuffed to awkward fullness as she stands there and maybe looks like she hopes she's found a friend. Fioreyla tries to smile, but it looks more a grimace in her haste to imitate chipmunks, and the healer tries to speak, but finds herself incapable because she is eating all of Zen's food. Or storing it for Fort's winter. Or both. Cue M'eo, with questions about swimming that draw the healer's gaze his way and she freezes again, having stolen Sohzen's plate the second time it's offered to clutch it to her breast and effectively release the mysterious man's robe-like attire from her grip. "Mmmfmm-um?" Goodluck deciphering that, M'eo (she totally said 'Not swimming?'). There's even a gentle nudge from behind for Sohzen, complete with a look in Sephany's direction like, 'Hey mister, maybe you should ask her to dance,' followed by another my-cheeks-are-too-small-for-this smile at the weaver.

There is definite amusement in Sephany's eyes as she watches Re'a snatches S'ndri's drink without second thought. A laugh, perhaps, for the interplay that leaves her bright-eyed and exuberant in expression when her gaze moves back to M'eo. There is simply an innocent shrug of her shoulders and a smile of pressed lips that says she's not going to confirm nor deny such accusations. Though it is safe to assume, perhaps, that the play on the secret is more fun than the secret itself. "Dancing is certainly the next required element," she agrees, already peeking around to see if a designated area has been determined. "Though the sand will make formal dancing difficult." The third-degree involving ancestry and her own personal residences has the pale Weaver looking at Sohzen as if she might need to seek a restraining order. "I have been a Fortian for less than a full Turn, and have never lived their previously." Beat. "Why?" Cursory glances are spared for little Fiore there, and maybe Sephany is plotting some sort of intervention if she decides that Zen is, in fact, a predatory that needs to be removed. Because wide-eyed chipmunk cheeks inspires some sort of innate protective instinct ala S'van-style, even if petite Weaver apprentices are not as suited to the task of daring rescues.

Re'a merely smiles innocently at S'ndri after stealing his bottle of alcohol, a bat of her mismatched eyes given to the bluerider as he heads off to fetch himself another bottle. Hearing mention of dancing, she ohs, only to chuckle, "No need for formal dancing.. just move as you are inspired to do so!" And she'll go right ahead and demonstrate, bare feet taking her closer to the bonfire where she begins to sway and move, lost briefly in the music by the harpers nearby. There's a sensual note to the way she moves, the roll of hips, the shimmy of shoulders that gains attention from a few guys. Not that she cares!

Riohra sees Sephany is lost in conversation so does the next best thing, just starts eating off her plate. Still grinning waiting for the young Weaver to notice, he will give a nod to the man with the bandaged arm as well as the little healer with him.

S'ndri is already moving on to other things by the time M'eo suggests dancing. "Excellent idea." he says as he breezes by a few party guests listening to conversations but someone has drawn his attention. And it should surprise no one that its Re'a and her dancing. He gives Rio a little nudge and says, "Thats my girl." And he could not be more pleased about that fact. He wanders over toward Re'a and begins to dance with her. Though his moves are not anywhere near as graceful or sensual. In fact they look more like 'hand stuck to livewire' than anything you could really say was a dance move. But no judgement! Brush brush. He's here to have fun and he's going to do it.

M'eo gives Sephany a big grin. "Who said anything about formal dancing? This is a boozy beach party. I was thinking more about the kind of dancing that makes the holders all shocked and scandalized." Meaning no formal steps or anything! So shocking. "Does that mean I can talk you onto the dance floor? Or should I ask S'ndri?" Because he knows that asking S'ndri is the safer option than asking Re'a. Especially with Re'a dancing like that!

Sohzen blinks at Sephany. "I was merely curious. I have never made it to Ista, in my travels. Had you lived there, I would have asked you about it. I've heard it is… beautiful." The word is considered for its quality before decided upon. He is ultimately unperturbed by suspicions on the Fortian Weaver's part, attention again shifting to the mumbler at his back. Another starward glance. A soft sound that might be sigh, or laugh, hard to tell with him. "Swallow before you speak." Though he must understand. "You are doing well enough." That was almost complimentary. It's the same deadpan regard that greets little Fiore for her nudge, following her gaze back to Sephany with that self-same almost-smile. "I dare not ask if she dances." It's… a joke? Sort of. It might be another way to pose an inquiry, talking to Fioreyla about the Sephany without bespeaking her directly. "Formally or otherwise. Besides. She seems to have developed a food-thief of her own." And someone far more suitable to the task of dancing in the form of M'eo, amusement for the rider's words there and gone in an instant. "Come. I will get you a drink that you might speak proper words and then we will see to this dancing." We. That bodes well.

Re'a continues to dance as music moves from one song to another. Perhaps it is the fact that she's a harper herself, that lends the extra grace to her steps, or maybe it's the fact her lifemate's hide glows even beneath the evening's light. When joined by the somewhat spastic S'ndri, she peers at him, then laughs, shaking her head. Hands move to his hips, trying to show him what to do, guiding him into something that won't make the healers worry about whether or not they should take him to the infirmary. But soon, it becomes apparant that dancing is both hungry and thirsty work, and the greenrider heads for the nearby tables of food and drink.

"Oh, sorry Riohra," because despite distractions, Sephany had no intention of being rude and ignoring her friend's question. In apology, she will offer him the plate of food, having finished all she wished to partake of and leaving plenty behind. "It is delicious," as he will soon discover. As for dancing? There is a brighter grin and a playful, "It would take very little effort to talk me into such a thing. I happen to enjoy the type of dancing that makes holders blush and flee," and the spark in her eye says she is not at all joking. And though she may not necessarily believe him, there is a softening of her expression toward Sohzen, a sort of shift away from outright suspicion into something more like gentle 'guarding'. "I am sorry, perhaps I misunderstood," (because the player does not do big scenes so I am sorry!). "I have lived in Ista Weyr. It is beautiful. But also very humid, and often raining," though there is no undue biased toward or against the tropical Weyr, just honest observation. "However, I spent minimal time there; my childhood was in Igen, with only a few days each month spent at Ista." And then there is more subject of dancing, and seeing as Sohzen is not going to dare ask her if she dances, Sephany will simply state, "I dance, and I dance quite well, too," and flashing grey eyes move from Sohzen to M'eo, a challenge for the both of them. "And I am more than happy to partake on my own, though you are welcome to join." Little Fiore may get another little peek, but Sephany has clearly decided she is in no immediate danger and so… on your own little duck, there is dancing to be had! So with plate foisted off to Fortian hunters, Sephany will sashay her way towards the bonfire and the, apparent, dancing area, moving seamlessly into a rhythm that matches Re'a in fluidity of motion and sway of hips; demonstrating quite easily that she is a creature of motion just as she is of propriety.

Riohra grins at Sephany's words about her dancing style and says "she isn't lying" see what are friends for. Rio on the other hand has food and will settle and eat and just be a spectator. he grins at the little chipmuck that is Fioreyla and says "food goes better if you breath and drink" yup all kinds of helpful tonight. He gives M'eo a wave as well and points at Sephany to indicate a good dancer.

Erotic dancing greenriders, oh my; you would think that Fioreyla's never seen anybody move their hips before, if the way the healer's attention gravitates to the woman's movements is anything to go by (her lips parted again in shock or awe which is a little awkward because chipmunk cheeks), and then S'ndri's joining her with his 'electrifying' dance and Fioreyla's mouth is closing as she battles to keep the laughter that bubbles up (and threatens to choke her on too much food) at bay. It's not a laugh meant to mock or be cruel; Fiore's enjoying his movement (probably because she'd look the same way trying to imitate Re'a), and then her eyes are on Rio. DEER IN HEADLIGHTS WITH CHIPMUNK CHEEKS. DEERMUNK. "Mmfou," is squeaked (which is 'Hello,' in case you were wondering), and Fiore is edging a little more soundly behind Sohzen. Sohzen who is reprimanding her (she didn't shrink away from him, honest), and who aims for… humor? Plate hugged to her chest, Fiore peeks a curious head full of red hair out from behind Zen to look at Sephany again and - smile - even attempts another finger-waggling wave before brows knit and she throws a startled look at Sohzen this time. Dancing? Fiore stares, swallows, and then breathes out, "I don't… I can't…" Breathe, little Fire. "Did you know that dancing generally uses the quadriceps, hamstrings, hip and gluteal muscles, calves, feet, back, and core the most?" Squeak. WHAT? "It's very good for your body." Squeaksqueak. And yeah, Fioreyla is fleeing like a coward. Trying. She's turning away and - OOF - tripping. FOOD EVERYWHERE. "Faranth, sorry. I'm so sorry," she manages to no one in particular (probably Zen, it was his food) as she pushes herself to her knees, and starts to gather up wayward food to return it to the plate for disposal. Her face is on fire, but they call her little fire for a reason. Stupid. She never should have come.

M'eo looks suitably impressed at Sephany's dancing. He even attempts to applaud a little, which is made rather difficult by his efforts not to spill the drink in his hand. "Well, you can definitely dance. Let me finish this, and I'll have to show you all what I can-" That plan and train of thought is interrupted by the sudden dramatic spilling from Fioreyla. His eyes go wide, and he sets the drink down on the nearest available surface. "Are you okay?" He moves to help gather up the spilled mess. That's dangerous stuff around a dance floor!

S'ndri lets lets Re'a give her best shot at teaching him how to dance properly. It's an something that will end in utter failure. A failure so epic that songs will be sung about it, though perhaps not as epic an embarassment as Fire and her misstep, "Ouch." he says softly, though M'eo is already there helping her so S'ndri doesn't move away from the dancing just yet. He waits until Re'a is ready to stop and move on to the food and drink. He'll follow after like a little puppy sending a thumbs up sign in the direction of Sephany who also has got it going on. This party is epic!

A few catcalls are given towards Re'a's dancing, a few suggestive comments offered some of the riders of mail dragons that have been arriving one by one to give the glowy green a lookover. Ailaeth does her best to ignore them all, but at some point, she finally pulls attention away from the people and barely takes time to announce to Cenvath, «I am going home.» Wings flare as she rises to her feet, soon to spring towards the star-strewn sky above, turning around easily and heading towards the nearby hills where many of the riders live.

It's good the party is down on the beach. It means falls like Fiore's doesn't truly make a mess. Her food will land on the beach, and end up quite sandy, but no worries for any other accidents happening because of it! Back at the tables, Re'a glances to S'ndri, her grin quick for him as she fills a plate with food, and grabs a bottle of something to take with her back towards the blanket she'd spread out for them. Catching Ailaeth's sudden leave-taking, she pauses, watching her lifemate go, a subtle shiver running through her at the green's emotions that leave her suddenly swaying on her feet. A deep breath is taken, released, and those emotions are pushed down - she's not going to let her lifemate's proddiness get to her! "Hey, M'eo… think you can dance?"

Sohzen accepts that answer with a hmmed noise, dark eyes going distant as though picturing the landscape he's been told about in this new light. "Less idyllic than advertised, then. Thank you, for the added observations. And don't be sorry. You are young, and not everyone is good at heart. You are wise to be cautious." The night is dark and full of terrors, but fret not; he is mollified. "I have, however, had the pleasure of visiting Igen. It is colorful, in despite of itself. I like that." In as much as anyone who speaks so dryly might like anything. There is an appraising look for the Weaver's proclamation regarding her dancing ability, a slight tick in one cheek hinting at amusement that doesn't quite hit his eyes this time. "I believe you." He does, and he might also watch for a long moment as he listens to his companion ramble on the various merits of dancing as a form of exercise, but even had the thought entered his head to join in this particular brand of dancing, it is erased by Fioreyla's stumble and fall. Sohzen is crouched by her side in an instant, focused less on the food and more on the scrambling Healer. "Be still." Said with a press of one hand to her shoulder, leaning that dark eyes might seek hers. "There's nothing to be sorry for. It is only food. Allow us." He'll pull the pieces she's already gathered from her hands to set them on the spilled plate before seeking the rest, eyes lifting to M'eo, gratefulness expressed in words if not expression. "Thank you. You didn't have to." The last of the scattered bits of food are gathered, and only then does he look Fire's way again. "Would you like to go back?"

It may be a beach party, but that's no excuse for leaving things all over the place. Only you can prevent beach litter! Once cleanup is complete, M'eo gives Sohzen and Fiore alike a smile and a shake of his head. "No trouble at all, really. Don't even worry about it. It's a party, these things happen." Then, there's a challenge from Re'a! Well, something he takes as a challenge, anyways. "Oh, I don't think I can. I /know/ I can." And over to Re'a he goes! There's wild movements that more or less match the rhythm of the dance in progress, along with exaggerated hip movements and ridiculous arm gestures. All in all, it's pretty ludicrous dancing. But at least he doesn't lack for confidence. He shoots Re'a a wink, as if in answer to her question. "Impressed?" He just can't rein it in.

Is Sephany being complimented? She is unaware of such things. In fact, she is currently unaware of much beside the beat of the drum and the way she keeps time to it. Hands lift to aid in the sway, head tipped back as eyes close and she worships a sun that is no longer in the sky. The drift of feet over sand, the bend and sway of her body that says that she is lost to the world and is fully given to the music. There is no partner to lean up against, no warm hands to support rest upon moving hips and enjoy the sensuality that is the blonde in this moment. But she does not seem to mind; she will dance with herself until someone joins her or, should they not, she will simply let the night and the music be her partner until exhaustion bids her to stop.

And all of a suddent S'ndri is Re'a less as she goes to try to get M'eo to bust a move. S'ndri leans back against the food table just watching. Though his attention is drawn away by Ailaeth who decides that she's had enough. The green patiently endured alot and he is so very proud of her. Cenvath will open his wings and take to the sky after his mate. He knows where she's going. « I'll follow. » S'ndri offers a wave to those who seem to be on the verge of departing and calls to them, "Don't hesitate to come back!" Because Ierne is the party capital of Pern.

Challenge issued and accepted, Re'a but laughs as M'eo approaches with wild movements. "Oh, come on, seriously!" A roll of her eyes is given as she studies the bronzerider, "If that's as good as you got.. I pitty the riders who's flights you win.. no rhythm, no sense of timing at all.." Those leaving will get a wave from her, at least those she hears giving their departing goodbyes, her attention upon the bronzer as she quirks a brow upwards again, as if to challenge him to a serious dance competition.

M'eo laughs brightly at the reaction his 'dancing' gets. "What? I don't get any points for confidence?" He chuckles. But now the challenge is getting a little more serious, and he'll do his best to meet it. Maybe after the initial warnings from S'ndri and such, M'eo figured a more jokey sort of dance was the safer bet? Monaco made him paranoid, maybe. But hey, this is a beach party. How much danger can there be. "Alright, alright. As you wish." And so the dancing turns to something more skilled, with a better sort of rhythm and, yes, a more sensual air to the movements. It turns out he actually has timing and grace in there somewhere. He's just very selective about when he deploys it. Best in small doses, and all that.

M'eo is there, and Fioreyla maybe looks a little startled to be getting the bronzerider's help before she manages, "Y-yes. I'm okay. I just" Sohzen's there too, and Fioreyla startles at his hand on her shoulder as violet eyes blink up at him and then brows furrow for his instructions. But she does still, with a faint whisper of, "I'm sorry," breathed out in humiliation, even though he tells her not to be. M'eo's smile is returned weakly, a timid, "Thank you again, I'm s-sorry to interrupt your d-dancing," offered as the bronzerider moves up and away. Away he goes, to join the festivities, and Fire presses her shoulder to his where she rests just a moment - "No, but you can - " Wait. That's his bad shoulder. Fire jerks to the side, hands coming up as if to placate as she says, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'll check it, just - " Yep, Fioreyla's stumbling to her feet and pretending like she's strong and big enough to help Sohzen up. "Let's go find the infirmary, okay? And if you want to dance," a glance for Sephany before her attention is back on Sohzen, "We'll come back." She's too embarrassed, but she dragged him.

S'ndri did warn. To true, to true. Though for the present moment he stays put at the table with the food. He's watching closely, but he's also throwing various bits and bobs into his mouth. The Sind knows how to multitask. He lifts a hand to wave to Re'a should she be looking his way. Though when it comes down to it he trusts Re'a completely and dancing is just dancing. He does wander away from the table eventually to grab another drink which he quickly pops open and returns to his new food related lounging spot.

When Me'o puts forth the effort, and truly starts to strut his stuff, Re'a nods and smiles, her steps taking her closer to the bronzerider until they're dancing together. Hips sway as she leans in closer to him face to face, the brush of fingers lightly rising along the outside of his arm to his shoulder, even as she turns about til she might dance before him, letting the music guide her steps, lead her further along the path of entertainment. S'ndri is seen, and even waved to, but in the next moment, she turns back around to face M'eo, blue and green eyes to flash in the firelight of the bonfire.

Sohzen sighs for Fioreyla's stuttering. It's a noise meant to be exasperated, yet falls far short of the mark. "You worry too much." It was his bad shoulder, but a little lean from a little girl isn't likely to cause much impact. "But if it will make you feel better to check it, then that is what we will do." The attempt to raise him is borne with patience, humoring her nervousness even as he does most the work of standing himself. "Okay." Dark eyes follow Fioreyla's out towards Sephany, and there is a flicker of something there - enjoyment? wistfulness? - but it is lost with a blink. "I don't think so. She looks very free. I would be remiss, to take that from her." And so he'll nod to the farewells afforded them before leading the diminutive Healer towards the weyrhold to seek its infirmary.

M'eo is clearly pretty impressed by Re'a's dancing. Now more comfortable that this isn't going to turn into a horrible repeat of his Monaco visit, he continues with his more controlled, rhythmic dancing, an almost playful sort of smile on his face as he looks to his new dance partner. "You're impressive. Can't argue with that." He says with a chuckle and a wink back at her.

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