Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

Dawn arrives in a splash of vibrant colour in a partly cloudy sky. Breathtakingly beautiful, it almost takes the sting out of waking up so early to witness it. It will fade in time of course but for those who are out and about they are treated to natures beauty for their sacrifice of waking up to greet the dawn. Th'ero has been up well before the sun even graced the horizon, but the Weyrleader looks refreshed and awake. Dressed in his flight gear, he stands patiently by Velokraeth's stunted forelegs where the bronze has settled himself on his wide and boxy haunches. The bronze rumbles low and his rider looks up with a twisted smirk. "Be patient. M'icha only just woke them half a candlemark ago. I've asked him to select one Weyrling today since it will be just you and I for this venture…" he murmurs softly and out loud. No one is nearby to witness that exchange, as the northeast bowl remains sparsely populated with traffic.

Always dawn isn't it? Anique is awake though for Typriaeth wanted to feed early today so the witnessing of such a beautiful morning helps put Anique into a more cheerful state of mind. On their return to the barracks they are informed by M'icha of the planned activity with Th'ero so grabbing her gear she scrambles up Typriaeth. Launching upwards for the sheer joy of flying the green backwings to a landing near the bronze. From atop Anique snaps a salute. "Sir!" she calls down. Typriaeth warbles a cheerful greeting to the pair.

Velokraeth warbles cheerfully in return, the bronze far to smug and pleased to see the vibrant green flying towards them. He holds himself proudly, wings tucked neatly and with the air of a gentleman greeting a young lady. « Good morning, Typriaeth! Isn't the weather just wonderful? I am glad to see that it is you and your Anique that M'icha has given us the pleasure of joining us on our task. » Ever the one with words, he's laying it on thick and sweet from the start! Enough that Th'ero just eyes his lifemate and almost misses Anique's salute and greeting. "Morning, Anique! How're you?" he calls up as he salutes back, stepping closer to the green's side for a moment so as not to have to raise his voice too much. "All set then? M'icha's cleared you in his tests for Between?"

« It is always a glorious morning in which myself and mine are in the company of such handsome males. » replies Typriaeth in kind. Upon her back the normally tanned Anique is looking a bit pale today once Th'ero's greetings and words of 'Between' are uttered. "I'm good, sir!" mostly good. A bit of a case of nervousness that she attempts to hide. Typriaeth's words of assurance are uttered with intentions for just Anique but sometimes the green doesn't know the strength of her mind voice for Velokraeth is included in the exchange as well. So much for secrets? « Do not worry Anique I have confidence for us both! Our bond is strong to see clear images where we go. And Between sounds fun! » fun? Anique nods weakly. " All set." she remembers to add in reply to his question. " And cleared, yes. We've been practicing our visualizations." something she's been throwing herself into 110 percent every day.

Velokraeth whuffles and his mind ripples with amusement. « My, my. Aren't we a most generous lady! Handsome males, indeed. You are too kind, Typriaeth. » And he is so clearly flattered and loving it. As much as Anique may try to hide it, Th'ero is no fool and though he nods his head to her replies he is quick to add with a gentle and reassuring smile. "Good! Try to relax, Anique. You and Typriaeth will be fine. Velokraeth and I will be guiding you through Between, you won't be alone in visualizing to where we're going today. Only when we come home will we test your ability." Since it is always so much easier to think of 'home' than somewhere unfamiliar! "IF we think you are capable!" They learned the hard way with As'tre to be triple certain that they are prepared. Th'ero steps away then and turns to his bronze to mount up. Settling into the saddle, he straps himself in while Velokraeth takes over the conversation. « Between is dangerous. » He warns Typriaeth. « And should always be handled cautiously. It certainly leads TO fun, but only if you do it right. There is not much room for error, little lady. But enough chit-chat. We've tasks to do! Look to me now and I will show you where we are to go. »

Velokraeth links his mind with Typriaeth's, strengthening it well past what the bronze normally would for idle conversation. An image begins to form, slowly taking shape in an amazing array of colour and detail. Nothing is left uncertain and all clearly focused. It is a rolling plain, scarred with a complex but easily identifiable criss-cross patterns. Low, slate-roofed stables and buildings appear in the distance, spread out under a clear sky and a sun that is higher on the horizon than the one in Fort. « This is where we are to go. Do you understand? » Once he gets the affirmative, the bronze will spread his wings and launch into the sky to soar high above the Weyr, calling to Typriaeth to follow him and fly ahead before he gives the signal to Between…

Deeeep breaths. Anique uses several to indeed relax as suggested by the Weyrleader. No biggie right? She can do this. Between's never been a comfortable place for her and perhaps has been a core of worry since Impression that she's admitted to no one. Now though it's the time for lessons and she can't hide it very well any more. "Right. We'll be fine." is repeated more to herself. Typriaeth cocks her head to the side a bit in an amusing imitation of Anique when she's listening and indeed she's listening to the bronze's warning. « I understand! » she assures him. « Pictures must be perfect in mind. » she's got it! With the link strengthened the image is gotten clearly. « I see it! » she carols out with her mind voice impressed at the image gotten. Crouching low she leaps up with her wingsails snapping out as she gets high enough, Anique buckled in and goggles on. She's ready! The signal is received and one more deep breath taken and held as they go….

Fort Weyr - North Sky
The northern sky of Fort Weyr, dotted in the cliffs are entrances to various 'weyrs' of all the posted riders. A larger opening leads the way into the hatching caverns upper viewing ledges. The large Tooth Crag is also visible, a single spire rising up to pierce the sky.

Velokraeth suddenly disappears -=* BETWEEN *=-
Darkness and cold like you can't imagine. Nothing to see, feel or hear, except the beating of your heart.
Then, as suddenly as you entered the emptiness…

Sky - above Keroon Hold
High above Keroon Hold, the first thing you notice looking down is the complex of patterns criss-crossing across the fertile plain. After a longer gaze, you can also make out the quadrangles of low, slate-roofed stables. You can also make you the shapes of people and runners, the size of trundelbugs, going about on their daily duties.

Velokraeth appears high above their destination and at the first possible moment he can, he swivels his oversized head around to begin scanning the skies. Th'ero sits tensely in the straps, counting the seconds in his head with his mouth set in a grim line. One, two, thr— And there's Typriaeth and Anique, appearing safely and right where they should be. Velokraeth warbles in delight, his mind reaching out to the green in rolling waves much like laughter. « Well done, little lady! Well done. You have made it safely to Keroon Hold! Half way across the world from Fort Weyr. Come, we must land on the fire heights. There is a quick bit of business to be done here and it will be your rider's second lesson of the morning. Meanwhile we get to enjoy the sun! » Folding his wings, Velokraeth begins to lazily spiral down towards the heights below, back winging to land on the larger portion and then hastily stepping aside to allow the Weyrleader to dismount.

A bugle erupts from the dainty green once they've emerged from the depths of Between. « We are! We did! » happily the green spirals down to follow the bronze, clearly pleased with their first attempt going so well. No mistakes. From her perch, Anique is clenching onto the straps tightly but with their first successful trip between with no harm done she's slowly relaxing. « This is Keroon. How fun we are so far from home in mere moments! » this clearly will now be a fascination of Typriaeth while the newness is here. Once she lands Anique unbuckles to dismount. "We did it." she beams!

Keroon Hold - Fireheights
High above the hold, you can see far beneath you. The pastures spread at your feet, runners prancing and galloping, bovines kicking and mooing, and other creatures just having a good time. A few dragons lie about on the 'heights, warming themselves in the light of Rukbat.

Velokraeth's mind ripples again with that rich laughter. « Now you know the freedom that Between offers. So long as you remember the most important responsibility in wielding such an ability, no harm should come to you or Anique. » Th'ero has dismounted by now and once Typriaeth has landed and settled, he will walk over to the green's side, careful on where he steps as the fire heights allow for some movement but not much. "Not so bad, is it?" The Weyrleader calls up to Anique, gesturing for her to dismount as well now that there is enough room and both dragons act as a shield against the winds at this height. "Is this your first time ever to Keroon? Or did you manage to go to the Beastcraft Hall in your excursions as a Candidate?" he asks curiously, though his eyes begin to scan the skies as if waiting on something. It turns out he's waiting on someone and another dragon riding pair arrive on the heights. An aged blue with and an equally aged rider land, passenger in tow, with the blue rumbling gruffly but politely to both Typriaeth and Velokraeth. While the rider stays mounted, the passenger dismounts. He's a middle-aged man and his knot says all: he's the Steward. "Keroon Hold's duties to Fort Weyr and her queens! Morning, Weyrleader Th'ero. What brings you here this day? I'm afraid the Lord and Lady Holder are quite preoccupied, unless your business is urgent?" When Th'ero shakes his head, the man looks relieved and his keen eyes shift to Anique. "And who do we have here? Good morning to you." And he half-bows respectfully to Anique, while Th'ero simply waits on her reaction before speaking. Poor Weyrling! Does she remember her etiquette lessons?

Anique slides down, eyes twinkling brightly at the success of a first jump between. "No, never been actually. Candidate trips never took me out here." she turns slightly to peer about herself. "It's not so bad. It seems different being the rider now." she admits candidly. Upon seeing the Weyrleader's gaze scanning the sky she too looks and soon sees the aged blue. The goggles slide upwards on her head and hands get clasped behind her as the dragon lands. Politely she greets the ridder. "Weyrling Anique sir." she offers up her name first before returning his greeting. "Fort's duties to Keroon. I hope the Lord and Lady are fairing well?" being the assistant head woman she was for the turns she held the position before Search plus the etiquette they are firmly enforcing during Weyrlinghood has hopefully produced what she thinks is a near perfect response and memory of said lessons.

Typriaeth settles onto the perch as both riders now chat with each other. Then the blue arrives and she arches her neck to offer him a coy greeting. She does though still reply towards Velkraeth. « Freedom always comes with a price. My rider and I shall ensure that we earn such freedom. She looks forward to visiting a man-friend who resides in Eastern Weyr. »

Th'ero quietly listens while Anique handles herself in the Steward's presence and the Weyrleader looks very pleased by her understanding and comfortable nature with formalities. As for the Steward, he looks both surprise but also pleased by the Weyrling's tone and reply. "They are both fairing well, thank you for asking. We had a bit of a hard winter, but Keroon prospers now in the warmer seasons. This is your first visit beyond Fort Weyr?" He will wait for her answer, a gentle and warm smile on his features. "You are both welcome back anytime you wish." Apparently Anique has done well by her knowledge and lessons, as the conversation moves on without a hitch. Business is business though and the Steward's attention soon drifts back to Th'ero. Without hesitation, the Weyrleader reaches into an inner pocket of his jacket and withdraws a thick looking letter bearing Fort Weyr's insignia. Handing it to the Steward, he murmurs. "For your Lord and Lady Holder to read when they have the time. You may as well. I will require all your input by the end of the month, but it is not urgent. It merely… gives a little insight as to what may come to pass." Cryptic messages! There is something Th'ero isn't saying out loud and there is a quick glance given to Anique before his eyes focus on the Steward again. The Steward looks between the two of them and comprehension dawns. "Of course, Sir! I will see that this is delivered immediately. Will you be staying? Lunch will be served shortly." At this, Th'ero politely declines and the Steward bows again. "As you wish. May the skies remain clear and in your favour! Safe flight to Fort!" With that the man turns back to the aged blue and mounts up again and they take wing, flying back towards the heart of the courtyards far below.

Velokraeth watches as the blue leaves before giving his full attention back to Typriaeth and when he speaks his tone is still amused but a touch subdued, if not a bit drowsy from the sun. « Soon you will be free to go see this man-friend in Eastern Weyr or any friend outside of Fort Weyr. It won't be much longer now. »

After answering that yes this is her first visit, as a weyrling, outside of the weyr she then falls quiet to listen to the men chat…so cryptically. Her eyes are staring off in the distance as if she's not listening. Or perhaps not listening closely. Certainly anything she does hear it isn't really making sense. As the conversation draws to a close she now does look back to Th'ero. Typriaeth replies with a hint of amusement. « This will be good. We can wait though she is excited at the possibility to go drawing closer. »

With business done, Th'ero's gaze lingers on Anique for a moment as the Weyrling goes silent. She will discover later what this was all about, but the Weyrleader will not elaborate for now. Something is certainly afoot though and somehow involves the Weyrlings. Why else would they be painstakingly taking them out Between to Holds and Weyrs, aside from seeing how they can handle Between and a brief introduction? "We're finished here, Anique. If you'll mount up? I want you and Typriaeth to visualize Fort Weyr's center bowl and share it with Velokraeth. If he gives you the all clear, you may Between." Stepping back, Th'ero gives her a reassuring smile. "You can do it. Just keep your mind focused!" With that he will mount up Velokraeth's straps while the bronze begins to extend his wings, readying for flight but his mind reaching out for the green's.

Mounting back up Anique slides her goggles back down. Naturally she's curious as to what just went on but she's wise enough not to openly question it either. Perhaps later when she speaks to the other weyrlings about this lesson she'll mention her own ideas on what it could be. But there's not a peep from the greenie right now though! Then she's focusing on Th'ero and his instructions. Focus! Together she and Typriaeth put there minds together to create an image of the center bowl keeping in perspective the shape and size of the sides of the bowl as well as the position of the star stones seen from the angle there. Finally Typriaeth projects that image towards Velkraeth silently for she right now is on best behavior and focus when it comes to this.

Velokraeth absorbs the image shared by Typriaeth and satisfaction is sent through the link with the green. « Very well done. Do not be shy in adding more though. » he says and adds a few minor tweaks to the image, setting the time of day and the play of shadows on the rock walls below. « Such as the sky itself and how it affects the land below. It will help you to keep on time. » Wait, what? The bronze seems very amused by this but he does not elaborate. « You are cleared to return home, little lady! Keep your image focused and your minds calmed! » With a powerful leap from the heights, Velokraeth soars above the plains and waits for Typriaeth to make the jump first before following.

Fort Weyr - Center Sky
The central skies of Fort are usually high traffic areas as dragons are taking off and landing, or ferrying passengers to and fro. The cliff walls stretch up, dotted with the 'weyrs' of the dragon pairs that make their homes here.

It's with a focused and clear mind that Typriaeth takes the slightly altered image of home and then Jumps between. Another safe arrival and she can't help but bugle out her joy at arriving home. « Home! And on..time? » she is perhaps puzzled over that tidbit of wording that she picked up from the bronze. From her perch Anique is grinning from ear to ear.

« Later, little lady. You must become masters of Between before that lesson is ever shared. » Velokraeth replies and his tone carries a vague warning too it. An implied one that the green and her rider should not attempt it or push for it. In fact, he may catch a lot of trouble from Th'ero for even seeding the idea. Instead, he focuses on praise. « Well done! Two successful jumps and your visualization leaves no concerns. Keep practicing and you will pass your final exams under M'icha will little trouble. Mine says you are to return to the training complex now and resume your normal routine and duties. We are proud of you! »

Anique snaps a salute to the Weyrleader before Typriaeth launches up, her hide a bright spot of green in the bowl.