Who F'inn, K'zre
What Yasminath and Nymionth fly.
When Summer-Autumn - Month 8 of Turn 2718
Where Training Complex, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.

Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.

It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the centre of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

Success! The weyrlingmasters remained true to their word, and Yasminath has not only joined the other weyrlings with mounted drills but is now keeping pace with the rest of the class in terms of milestone lessons. Which means, she's cleared to begin unmanned flight along with all the others! K'zre has kept her diligent in performing those mandatory strengthening exercises, and as she's not expected to carry a rider into the sky just yet, she's perfectly strong and healthy enough to take to the skies for her first flight. And she's beside herself with excitement for it. And has been for the past day. Or two. Or even three. Which means Kez has gotten exactly ZERO sleep, and is looking a little worse for wear.

The day dawns bright and crisp, with clear skies and a light breeze. In the weyrling's training complex, the ground has been stripped of debris (probably at the hands of the weyrlings themselves) in an attempt to eliminate any tripping hazards. Yasminath cannot stand still. She's where she's supposed to be, tucked out of the way near the weyr wall, and trying very hard not to wiggle around as Kez attempts to spot-oil her. But she just can't! She knows what's going to happen. SHE KNOWS IT'S TODAY (or, rather, she really, really, reeeeeeeally hopes it is!) and the glee is just too much for her little green body to contain.

Nymionth has been experiencing both his own excitement AND the excitement of ALL the other weyrling dragons and riders. Which, of course, means F'inn is experiencing it, as well. It has, in fact, been a serious case of sensory overload and F'inn? Just a little bit exhausted and twitchy as he walks with Nymionth toward Yas and Kez. It is DEFINATELY today and he knows that for a fact. Not because anyone told him, but because the weyrlingmasters are all TENSE and on high alert. Still, he's trying to down play the emotional rollercoaster he's riding. That is a bit easier since K'zre is really the only one who knows what is going on with the bronze pair. He's tense, though, and it shows in the tightness of his smile as they draw closer. "Hey you two, excited?" Clearly, Yasminath is excited, and tension aside, he can't help smiling broadly at the young green. « You are shining like the moons! » Nymionth's compliment is coupled with a bugle of welcome, his pace picking up as he all but bounds over to Yasminath. That, it should be noted, is a LOT of dragon to be bounding.

Nymionth is a BEAST. And even Kez is a little taken aback at the bounding dragon headed toward them. Yasminath is not exactly small (though she is, for a dragon) but beside him? Positively miniscule. « K'zre has oiled me! » Actually, K'zre is trying to oil Yasminath, a task that would be much easier if she would just, "Hold still," for another minute or two. But no. Not gonna happen. Especially with Nymionth bounding over and adding to the green's anticipation. And so Kez gives up. He wipes his hands on a rag pulled from his pocket, spares a final glance for Yasminath, and then steps away to allow her to wiggle and squirm to her heart's content. "I'm… nervous," he admits, stepping toward F'inn. A subtle tip of his head, a brief tightening of his gaze as it sweeps over the other weyrling. "You don't look excited." Kez might not be the most socially aware individual, but he is extremely observant and he has come to expect certain expressions from F'inn. Tight smiles and tension? Not typical. "Are you alright?"

Nymionth, while massive, is still nimble and neatly dances around K'zre to nuzzle at Yasminath with an adoring croon. « I see that he has done an amazing job. Are you excited to fly? » Of course she is. EVERYONE is. Watching the dragons, F'inn's gaze slides to K'zre, his brows twitching mildly in response to the question. "Everyone has very HIGH emotions right now," he points out. "It's like a vibration running through my entire body that I can't stop." And yes, he's shielding as hard as he can. "I am excited," he assures. "I'm very pleased that Nymionth wll finally be able to be everything he was meant to be. I just…. Ooof." Scrubbing a hand over his face, he offers K'zre a wan smile, his lips twitching in a ghost of his lopsided smile.

« Yes! » Yasminath is undeniable, overbearingly excited. And probably not at all helping with the overload of emotions bombarding F'inn right now. But she can't help it! Even with K'zre's attempts to get her to tone it down, she's just… way too excited. « I want to fly to the moons! Or at least the rim! » Because despite Kez telling her, repeatedly, that they would undoubtedly be limited in duration and height for this first flight, she's got grand dreams of soaring effortlessly into the sky. He can't really ignore her, but Kez does try and focus his attention elsewhere. Walls. They are important, and he's beginning to appreciate them a bit more. And so he is rather sympathetic to the plight of the bronze weyrling, though he has no idea what to do about it. "Can he… dampen it?" he wonders, glancing toward Nymionth. "Maybe they can go first…"

« We need to practice going up and coming right back down, first, » Nymionth reminds in gentle tones. « If we are to fly to the moons, it is important you land when K'zre calls you down. Even if you do not want to land. They will be watching us. » And Nym? He KNOWS that beyond a shadow of a doubt. "We're both trying," F'inn assures in quiet tones. "Very, very hard. There is just so MUCH emotion going on right now." It's like being caught out in the center of a massive storm with no shelter in sight. Giving a rapid little shake of his head, he scrubs a hand over his face before lightly clearing his throat. "Nymionth is refusing to fly until Yasminath has had her turn in the air." At the words, the bronze raises his head and chuffs, making it clear that that is, indeed, the case. "Hopefully, once everyone has gotten it out of their system things will be calmer."

Sighing dramatically, Yasminath declares, « I know, I know… » in a tone just shy of being whiny. She KNOWS this, because K'zre has been repeating it over and over for the past day or two. But still… she's got grand dreams and she's not about to let them go. « They aren't always watching, » she notes, tone gone conspiratorial as she considers those nights they've snuck out to watch the moons, her mind a sudden wash of smug satisfaction and giddy glee at their sneaky-sneaky behavior. Still, right now is the time for FLYING, not sneaking! And when she simply can't contain herself anymore, she goes bounding around Nymionth, wings flared slightly. She does not make a single attempt to take off, because she knows that would get her yelled at by… everyone. Kez is not worried. He's got an eye on her, but he also trusts Nymionth to step in when he can't (namely, in catching her when she inevitable stumbles). His concern is for F'inn, and it manifests itself in a deeper frown, a press of his lips flat together and a critical look. A very 'healery' expression as he studies him. For a moment, he looks prepared to say something, but it passes and he ends with, "I will see if they will let her go first…" so that at least she can be done, and stop adding to the stress. A moment of hesitation, and then he reaches out to offer a quick squeeze of his hand to F'inn's before he's marching off in search of a weyrlingmaster.

Nymionth's mindscape is awash with draconic amusement, his laughter coloring the roses in his mind in dizzyingly bright hues. « Yes, princess, they are not always watching. But you? When you fly /every/ eye will be on you. » As she circles him, he watches her carefully, her joy infectious even as he stands ready to catch her, should it be necessary. « Today is about proving that you can do exactly what is asked of you. Once you do, they will give you far more leeway to do as you please. » And it is not that Nymionth is not excited, himself. He is. Impossibly so, but he is also well aware of the fact that he must be the example to the others. It's just the way it is. F'inn knows K'zre's watching him. He can /feel/ the LOOK even without having to see it. It's the offer, though, and the squeeze of his hand that serves to bolster his shields and bring a more relaxed smile to his lips. "I would like that," he admits. He wants to see Yasminath fly just as badly as she wants to fly.

Yasminath will, no doubt, trip at least once. She's far too excited to be careful, and she's still growing enough that her limbs get away from her. It's a combination that is sure to end in disaster. But while she will stumble now and again, sheepishly apologetic, no injuries occur. On the third trip, there's a bit of a squeak and she settles down, head turned to point toward K'zre (where he is scowling at her and issuing firm instructions to calm down). He's not really upset. She knows this. He knows this. It's just his serious face. The conversation with the weyrlingmaster is a short one, and when Kez returns (at a jog) there's a tight sort of smile threatening his expression. "He said yes." And it's got him mixed up between excited and suddenly incredibly nervous. "We can go now…" and he bobs his head towards the open part of the field. "I asked if… if Nymionth could come with her." It isn't a far distance, but Kez figured both Yasminath /and/ Nymionth would appreciate being within close proximity.

F'inn smiles broadly at the news, one arm swinging out to briefly clasp K'zre's shoulders as he gets close. "Great, lets do this!" It does not even take a glimpse at Nym before the bronze is on his feet, gently urging Yasminath to her feet to follow their humans. « It is time, princess! » He's excited, that much is clear from the whirling of his eyes and the constant lash of his tail behind him. « We are going to see you soar! » With the moment at hand, all those emotions washing in on F'inn? They just fall to the way side, his own excitement, and the excitement of his immediate 'family' overshadowing the rest. "She's going to be amazing," he assures K'zre as he nudges him to lead the way toward the field.

More than climbing aboard Yasminath for the first time, this is the moment that K'zre has looked at as the beginning. The first real milestone toward becoming a dragonriding pair. Flying is what Yasminath was /made/ for, and while she is unbelievably excited and ready for it, Kez is… not. He's putting on a brave face, and he can't help but to be affected by the emotions of his green. But his heart is racing and his palms are sweaty and he's trying really, really hard not to call a halt to things before they've even begun. "She's…" but he can't speak. He can't form the words to voice his thoughts and fears. And so the sentence dies almost as soon as it's begun, and he offers just a curt, quick nod of his head in response to F'inn's assurances. Yasminath leaps to her feet, bugling triumphantly even before she's had a chance to test her wings. Racing forward, she redeems her earlier stumbling by being foot-perfect as she bounds toward the invisible line that marks the starting point. « I will be wonderful! I will be amazing! » It is not selfish pride that brings the words to life, simply an overabundance of absolute certainty that this is something she can do! « I will fly, and you will fly, and we will race to the moons! » But first? First they must listen to the instructions of the weyrlingmaster, who leads them through a series of exercises first, and then a stern lecture about "Three flaps and not a flap more," and "Glide to a landing. Straight lines only," to which Kez follows along with an expression devoid of emotion lest he look as stricken as he feels.

F'inn can feel it, every gut twisting worry washing through K'zre echoed in his own body. He is, however, familiar enough with his new circumstance to understand that the emotions are not his own. And while he feels them, they do not become a part of him. Rather then offer further reassurances, he contents himself with being close to hand, present and there, should he needed. Nymionth follows Yasminath closely, but stays back from the starting line. This is her moment and he is NOT about to do anything to take it from her. Instead, he watches from as close as he can get without crowding, his talons digging into the ground underfoot with each excited flex. Like F'inn, and K'zre, he's listening intently to the weyrlingmaster, following along with the exercises just to make certain that he has them right. He does. He's been prepping this for this moment for weeks. Course, when the instructions are given, F'inn slants a glance at K'zre, absolutely certain of how he feels despite the lack of emotion in his face. "He's got it," he assures the weyrlingmaster.

Thankfully, when K'zre offers a quick, "Yes," to echo F'inn's words that he's 'got this', the weyrlingmaster believes him. He does have this. Or, at least, he absolutely understands the instructions. Yasminath, while a wiggling, squirming, giddy little ball of green, has also listened intently and completely understands the instructions. And she's done the exercises. And she's demonstrated that she is not going to blow off the rules and limitations imposed upon her, even if she's bursting at the seams. Twisting her head around, she offers a low croon and an affectionate nudged of her nose to K'zre before warbling once to Nymionth. « I've got this, » she states, mind brimming with excitement but words utterly serious. A deep breath, and Kez steps away to allow her room to start, stepping toward F'inn in unconscious attempt to leech some of that confidence from him. His eyes are glued to Yasminath, his entire being focused upon her despite the fact that he can do nothing but watch. And perhaps it is this that has him worked up the most; that he must remain an idle bystander, and simply watch. A final stretch of her wings, and suddenly Yasminath is still and calm and focused. A second or two of pause, and then she's off. Bounding forward, she leaps into the air and sweeps her wings out for the first stroke through the air. One. Two. Three, and with a gleeful cry, she glides through the air and back to the ground for her first landing.

« You will be glorious. » Nymionth's response to Yasminath is uttered as F'inn rests a reassuring hand against the small of K'zre's back. It is a firm presence, but demands nothing. Instead, his gaze remains on Yasminath, his smile broadening as he watches her bound forward only to spring into the air. For a moment, both F'inn and Nymionth hold their breath. It is until Yasminath is back on the ground that F'inn WHOOPS loudly, the sound drown out by Nymionth's triumphant bugling. "She's in her element," he laughs in quiet tones. And he's certain he's correct, from here on out? He KNOWS Yasminath is going to shine as brightly as the moons.

That hand on his back is a small thing, but it is also everything. Even if K'zre does not acknowledge it outwardly, it is the reason he takes a deeper breath and makes a conscious effort to uncurl his hands from the fists they have balled up into. Yasminath is definitely in her element. In the air, she is perfect. She might only be flying straight, and now gliding down to the ground, but it is graceful and elegant and everything that she is meant to be. Her landing? Ehhhh… not so much. A stumbling stride, a startled, « Eep! » followed by a sheepish, « Oops! » as she trips over her feet. But she catches herself before eating dirt, brimming with delight and accomplishment as she turns to lope back. « I did it! It was wonderful! Nymionth, did you see? K'zre!! Why are you so pale? I did it! » She's so damn pleased with herself that, after the shock of her stumbling has worn off, Kez can't help but to burst into laughter as all that stress and tension converts to giddy delight.

Between Yasminath's bubbling enthusiasm and K'zre's laughter, it is impossible for F'inn to smile any broader then he is. And while there is a breathless moment for the stumble? She catches herself and all is well. « You were /perfect/ » Nymionth's response is joyful, but smug. He KNEW she would be perfect. As Yasminath gets closer, Nymionth croons, the sound low and husky and thrumming with adoration. F'inn though, has been paying as close attention to Kez as he had Yasminath, the relaxation inspiring a warmer smile as he lightly curls his fingers in the fabric of K'zre's shirt. It's a huge moment, for the green pair, though. And rather then interfere, he remains silently grinning from ear to ear as he watches them.

Yasminath is beside herself with glee. Full of satisfaction at her accomplishment, while maintaining that subtle bit of wonder for it that turns her entire demeanor away from boastful and into simple, pure joy. She knew she could do it, but she didn't /know/ she could do it! And now she HAS done it, and it was just as wonderful as she had imagined. Her head drops, nose nudged into K'zre's middle for celebratory eyeridge scritches before she's bounding over to cuddle up with Nymionth. Kez's gaze follows her progress, and then slides to F'inn, his laughter tapering off, but his smile still brilliant for another moment or two. "She was perfect," he agrees, his relief evident both in tone and expression. It's as reality sort of comes back to him, and Kez seems to remember that there are /other people/ (like that weyrlingmaster over there) around them that has him schooling his expression and reining in those emotions of his. "Nymionth is next." And then, a bit quieter, an honest, "Thank you."

F'inn doesn't really give a damn who is watching them. The moment that K'zre turns that smile on him, he steps in and hugs him tightly before drawing back with a broad smile. "She /is/ perfect," he agrees in firm tones. At the thanks, F'inn winks, his brows twitching playfully before he draws in a slow breath and sweeps his gaze toward Nymionth. Nym, however, is doing his level best to bestow as much affection on Yasminath as is draconically possible. At the moment, that comes in the form of a drape of one massive wing and enough crooning that he sounds like four dragons instead of just one. « You were perfect! Glorious! You belong in the skies! » There is nothing in him but the desire to bolster that boundless joy spilling from the little green. Giving the pair a moment, F'inn nods at the weyrlingmaster when he's told to get Nymionth up, one hand raising in a 'hold on' gesture before he looks back at K'zre to make sure that he's good. Once he's certain, Nymionth draws slowly away from Yasminath, bumping her lightly with his nose, before assuring. « I will be right back. »

K'zre might be a bit tense beneath that embrace but, for a moment at least, he is entirely reciprocating it. But there are things to do, and people watching, and he cannot allow himself to be swept away on even /more/ emotion right now. Yasminath has more than enough for the both of them, gleefully and affectionately nuzzling at Nymionth's neck and wiggling in under his wing, while simultaneously encouraging him to « Go fly, go fly! ». As if he can do both at the same time: snuggle and fly. He cannot, and she knows this, and so she eventually wiggles out from beneath his wing so that he can go and have his moment in the sky. « I will watch! » But she knows he will do it perfectly. And Kez? He's fine. Now that Yas has done the thing, and is safely on the ground again, all of that anxiety is sort of melting out of him into a puddle of relief. He's incredibly proud of Yasminath, and just as excited for F'inn and Nymionth. Maybe more so, because he's not at all worried that the bronze will stumble or strain himself. And so the look on his face is one of confidence rather than concern, a little upturn to the side of his mouth as he watches F'inn and then Nymionth.

F'inn is nervous, although he's not about to show it. Oh, he KNOWS Nymionth will do fine, but there is still that realization of, this is the moment at which they no longer need you to survive. And, while he does not let the thought form, Nymionth knows it is there and glances back to whuffle at his lifemate before moving to the line. Stretching slowly, the massive bronze takes his time, making certain that everything is loose and ready before loping forward into a bounding run. When those wings snap outward there is an audible *whomp* of sound, the massive sails billowing as he launches himself into the air. The first wing beat sends him soaring high, the very tips hissing over the ground as that molten form shoots into the sky. By the second sweep of massive wings, Nymionth is dazzlingly far over head, the third having him just a breath away from being even with the edge of the bowl before he's gliding down to a neat landing. It is only when Nymionth is back on the ground that F'inn remembers to breath, a sharp breath sucked in as he scrubs his hands over his eyes. "I'm good," he murmurs as he drops his hands and steps forward to meet Nym at his return. Whatever is exchanged between the two is silent, though, F'inn's head leaning in to rest against Nymionth's shoulder before the bronze slips away to croon at Yasminath. « It is very easy to go much higher then intended, » he observes. Course, with his wings? That's a given.

Having just gone through the same thing, it is not difficult for K'zre to recall those nerves. But to be in the supporting role is easier. At least, it is right now, when all he need do is step forward and mimic the very same support that F'inn had given him; a hand to the small of his back and the knowledge that he is there. It worked for him, and so Kez is assuming that it will work for F'inn. Both he and Yasminath watch as Nymionth takes off, soaring higher and higher, the green unusually silent in an effort not to distract him. When he is back on the ground again, there is a whoosh of a sigh from Kez and a triumphant, gleeful sound from Yasminath. While F'inn goes to share a moment with his bronze, Kez hangs back. « You were amazing, Nymionth! » she croons, utterly besotted. « You could have flown all the way to the moons, if you had wanted to! »

F'inn nods, blue eyes slanting a grateful look at K'zre before he exhales a shallow breath. "Didn't expect that kind of emotion," he murmurs in low tones. "He went higher then I was expecting…" Which had, admittedly, given F'inn a bit of a start. Draping his wing over Yasminath's back, Nymionth turns his head up to the sky, the longing to go again vibrating all the way through his massive frame. « We will fly all the way to the moons, » he whispers before tucking himself around Yasminath with a pleased croon. « When can we go again, do you think? » In that moment, containing his excitement is just not possible. F'inn can feel it, that vibrating /need/ to be back in the sky. "It's gonna be hard to keep them on the ground," he murmurs.

"Which one, specifically?" wonder's K'zre, who is utterly certain that he felt every emotion possible watching Yasminath fly. And has been operating under the assumption that Nymionth was still feeling and sharing them. But really, it is a rhetorical question. Relief is making him almost giddy, though he's trying very hard to contain it. "Are you alright? Do you need to sit down, get something to drink?" That would be the healer kicking in, assertive gaze studying F'inn for a moment before he seems to decide he's fine. Yasminath is just as interested in getting back in the air, the sheer joy of flight and the freedom that comes with it, nevermind her ability to do it /gracefully/, has her eagerly eyeing the cloudless blue above them. « Soon, I hope! They can't keep us down, » she declares. « We are dragons! We are meant to fly, and we must practice. » She's going to seize on that oft-irritating word and use it for her advantage right now. "It will… but I think they might let him go again…" Kez isn't so sure he can handle Yasminath flying again so soon, much to the green's dismay.

"Right? All of them," F'inn admits with a shakey laugh. "I just.. I didn't expect to be slightly sad seeing him soaring." And he doesn't explain that, cause he's /sure/ that K'zre will understand what he means. At the continued questions, a smile blossoms over his lips, one arm slinging over K'zre's shoulders in a companionable gesture. "I have everything I need right here," he admits as he guides them toward the dragons. « Practice is very important, » Nymionth agrees from his curl around Yasminath. « But we must be very careful not to go to hard, to soon. I would not want to be grounded because my wings were sore. » That would be the worst. When the weyrlingmaster informs F'inn that Nymionth can go again, the bronze glances at the human then over to Yasminath before politely declining. F'inn snorts quietly, his head giving a wry shake as he reaches out to brush his fingers over Nymionth's hide. "He's stubbornly refusing to fly without her."

"Without Yasminath?" It's not a question that requires an answer. Kez knows exactly what F'inn means, and it has him looking awkward and uncomfortable and a bit nervous all over again. "I don't… she can… She /can/," he adds a bit more firmly, though he is obviously not at all comfortable with the thought. Yasminath? Definitely wants to go again! It's not /as/ scary as the first time, but the idea of her flying is still… scary. But she's already squeezing out from beneath Nymionth's wing, intent on doing this. « Come! » she encourages, bumping her nose to Nymionth's hide. "Just… one more time," agrees Kez. "And then? and then a break." And maybe a drink for Kez.

F'inn frowns faintly as he studies K'zre's face, his nostrils flairing before he nods his head. "One more go then." And while Nymionth stays put until F'inn gives him leave, he's quick to bound after Yasminath the moment they are cut loose. « After you, princess, » Nymionth calls as he bellies up to the line to wait for Yasminath to go. Behind them, F'inn half turns to watch the dragons, asiding to K'zre in quiet tones. "That was not intended to guilt you into letting her fly." He's pretty sure that K'zre already knows that, but better safe then sorry.

"I know," comes in a low murmur, K'zre's gaze flitting from dragons to F'inn and then back again. "But she… she wants to go and I'm not—" he cuts off briefly, sucking in a sharp breath as Yasminath bounds forward with a squeal that is pure delight before launching herself upwards. It is as if things are on pause, as Yasminath flaps her wings in three mighty sweeps, doing her darnedest to get as high into the air as she possibly can in an attempt to match Nymionth's previous record. She does not come close, but she does go high-high-HIGH before coasting back toward the ground. While Kez was breathing through the flight, he is definitely /not/ breathing when she lands. This time, however, Yas takes a few gallumping steps forward and avoids tripping altogether, prompting a low "Thank Faranth," for Kez and a bugle from the green. A few seconds later, once he's cleared his throat and composed himself again, K'zre finishes his earlier sentence with a firm, "I won't hold him back, either."

Nymionth bugles triumphantly at Yasminath's flight and landing, his wings unfurling to snap and flair in the air. « WELL DONE! » "I'm not worried about it," F'inn notes in warm tones. "Nymionth is right where he wants to be." And F'inn is just dandy with that. With Yasminath galumphing back to them, Nymionth stretches before breaking into a loping run. This time he takes off like an arrow loosed from a bow, the first mighty pound of his wings sending him soaring into the air. With the second wing beat, he is even with the edge of the bowl, the third taking him high enough that he feels the need to release a triumphant bugle before gliding back to the ground. F'inn is silent during the 'flight', every part of him thrilling right along with Nymionth. It is only when the bronze is on the ground and heading back to them, that F'inn exhales a breathy laugh. "That is… pretty awesome."

K'zre eyes F'inn with a sharp look, a quiet, "But you said… You've /said/ you don't want to hold him back…" And that is all Kez was doing; making sure that Nymionth was not restricted because of him. Because of Yasminath. Even if the green is not entirely certain what is going on, she can sense the tension and it slows her pace. As she joins them, Kez contents himself with dolling out silent praise and copious affection while watching the bronze. Yas is still and quiet as he soars, the awe and delight clear in her mind. His bugle is echoed by her own, head tossed to the sky as she cheers him on. It makes Kez wince, if just for the volume of it, but he can't help but be pleased for them both. « It is amazing! » she declares, to which K'zre murmurs an agreeing, "It is."

"It's different now," F'inn admits. "We will be who we are meant to be, there is no reason to drive ourselves to hard." He was making himself sick. He knows that. "I'm comfortable and happy and Nymionth… Nymionth is ecstatic." And at the end of the day, that is all that matters. "Besides, Yasminath is not holding Nymionth back, she's propelling him to new heights." Stepping forward, he reaches out to smooth a hand over Nymionth's hide, his expression impossibly warm. "We're happy, K'zre, that's all it is."

"Different," repeats K'zre. His hand on Yasminath's cheek, he studies F'inn for a while longer before he turns to head back to the edge of the field and out of the way. It is obvious enough that those words are truth, but it leaves Kez mildly confused and attempting to piece together when, exactly, things changed. Yasminath is happy, too. Even if Kez is doing his emotional roller-coaster-thing, she's far too delighted with her recent success, and Nymionth's as well, to be overly concerned (and those walls are definitely helping). « You were brilliant, Nymionth, » she declares. She'd be swooning if it was a thing dragons did. « And soon, » she continues, quickly catching up with Kez and playfully bumping him forward with her nose, « You will fly with us! » She cannot think of anything better, and only wishes it could happen now. « Do you think… » but no, even before she finishes the thought, she knows the answer will be a resounding 'no'.

"Different," F'inn agrees. "Better." And, just as quickly, he adds. "Stop over-thinking it, K'zre. We're happy, we're all happy, lets not dig for problems when there are none." When K'zre looks away, F'inn steps away from Nymionth, moving directly into K'zre's line of sight and crossing his eyes. "Smile, or my eyes will get stuck like this." It's juvenile. It's utterly ridiculous and impossible, but he's determined. Nymionth snorts at the humans, his eyes whirling his delight as he turns his head to chuff adoringly at Yasminath. « Very soon they will be flying with us. Sooner then we think. And we must practice and get very strong so that we can fly very far. » At the truncated thought, he nose boops her, crooning before hunkering down to sling a wing across her back. « You were so graceful in the air, Yasminath. And your landing was spot on. »

"Stop," counters K'zre, fighting damn hard against doing as told . "Your eyes are not going to get stuck like that. You forget who you're talking to," he chides, though there is no actual irritation in his voice. "You might fall on your ass, if you don't look where you're going," particularly because Kez is going to reach out and poke his fingers into F'inn's stomach. "I am just trying to keep up," he explains. Yasminath would like very much for that day to be today. Or yesterday, if such a thing were possible. But she'll settle for « Soon, » and try not to pout too much about it. She's in a great mood; pouting and sulking is not really on the table. « I will practice every day. We will fly high, and fast, and far, and soon, » she repeats, « They will fly with us. I want to fly with K'zre. He wants to fly with me, » she argues. « We should be flying together. » Her landings tho? Even she has to giggle a bit at that. « The second one, at least. And I did not hurt myself! » So, winning.

F'inn immediately grins, his smile blossoming like one of Nymionth's roses as he faux doubles over the poke. "Ow!" When he straightens, the laughter is clear in blue eyes, the joy bubbling off the dragons more then a little infectious. "You'll surpass me in no time," F'inn points out with an easy. Falling into step with K'zre, he lets his gaze sweep toward the sky, blue eyes tracking the other dragons as they practice. "Have you given any more thought to dragon healing? The extra classes are starting this week." And F'inn? He's already signed up for that. « True, » Nymionth agrees with Yasminath. « But the first can be attributed to being excited. You will master landing in no time.» He's utterly confident of that and it shows.

A snort answers that 'ow', and Kez even goes so far as to roll his eyes are the ridiculous display of fake pain. "I didn't hit you that hard," he argues, pretending to be disinterested in entertaining the notion that F'inn was in distress. "No," he continues, the word a sigh as moves forward once again. "You will become something great. I will be… Yasminath's rider and a Healer of Fort Weyr. And that is fine." At least right now, that is enough. But his hand snakes out, fingers catching at the tips of F'inn's in a gentle touch. "I… not really," he admits with a frown, twisting to look at Yasminath before his gaze goes upward to likewise follow the path of clutchsiblings. "But I should," he murmurs. "For Yasminath." « I don't know about that, » she answers, somewhat shy. « I trip all the time. » She knows it. She can't really help it — it's like the ground just heaves beneath her and suddenly she's falling. She can try to be better, but it still… happens. « But I will try harder! K'zre says that it will be easier, once I stop growing so much. »

"I am hoping that you'll decide you want to be more than that," F'inn admits in quiet tones. Giving K'zre's fingers a squeeze, his expression softens, although he keeps his gaze on the sky. "As for what I will become? We'll see. We will meet our potential, all four of us." And that is all he has to say on that. He does, however, glance back at Yasminath and smile wryly. "It certainly can't hurt. And you'd be good at it." « Tch. » The sound is more snort then anything else, Nymionth's amusement clear as he cuddles in more securely around Yasminath. « When you are fully grown, you be grace in action. As it stands, you are impossibly graceful in the air and that is what counts for a dragon. »

"What should I want to be?" wonders K'zre, the question honest rather than sarcastic. "Nymionth will go very far. He is a natural leader," he continues, having learned enough through his own observations as well as how he handles Yasminath and the other weyrlings. "He could easily become Wingleader, or even Weyrleader if Kayeth ever permitted another bronze to catch her," he muses. "And you are smart. Strong. Hardworking. You could do well, despite being utterly ridiculous at times," he adds, though he's /mostly/ teasing with that last one. "I had given it some thought, before I was Searched," he admits, of dragonhealing. "Now with Yasminath… yes. It would not hurt to learn more. For her sake." Because Kez does not necessarily share Nymionth's opinion that his beloved green will ever become graceful on the ground. But his praise is flattering and, despite having heard such things before, Yasminath will still offer the dragon equivalent of a blush in the timid delight in her mind and the nudge of her nose to his shoulder.

F'inn listens, the easy smile remaining on his lips as his gaze sweeps from the sky to K'zre's face. "Oh, I don't know," he muses. "Maybe someday you may decide that there is someone here worthy of being a weyrmate to? Bu a dragon healer? You'd be outstanding at that, and you know it." He has no doubts of that, at all. "You know, you just described a person most people call a 'keeper', right?" Winking, his brows rise and fall in a playful twitch, his thumb brushing lightly over K'zre's knuckles. "I wouldn't turn my nose up at any of those possibilities," he admits. "But I am just as content being Nymionth's rider. You were right. There is no point in comparing myself to the other bronze riders." Nor one in particular.

Weyrmate? Cue instant tension and apprehension and all those other emotions associated with someone who MIGHT be about to have a panic attack. In K'zre's defense, /most/ of them do not make it onto his face. But it's enough to bring Yasminath stepping closer and pressing her nose to his back once again. He's still listening, but it will take a moment or two before his brain can catch up with what he's hearing and he can find his voice again. "I was describing you." It's all he can think to say, even though he /knows/ it was obvious and didn't need to be said. "About your potential as a /leader/." Just to clarify. He might be looking a little flushed, and he's definitely finding the field, or the other weyrlings, or even that rock over there, more interesting to look at for a moment or two. "Good. Because… you shouldn't." Again, with the unnecessary repetition of things… sigh. "I'll study dragonhealing," he finally decides. "And if Yasminath is… able to handle it, then I'll continue."

F'inn can feel the tension. It was expected though and F'inn merely offers a reassuring smile while squeezing K'zre's fingers. "Good," he offers in the wake of the last. Personally, he thinks Yasminath would be a great asset to a dragon healer, but he's aware it will take time for her to get used to the idea. "Whatever you think is best," he affords in quiet tones. "Nothing but time." Which, really? With the way things are moving along? Not entirely true. When Yasminath moves closer, F'inn glances toward her, exhaling a breath before carefully releasing K'zre's hand. The last thing he wants to do is ruin her joy or upset K'zre by upsetting her. Course, now he feels foolish about the whole thing and shoves his hands in the pockets of his pants. "Ugh." Saying the wrong thing? Seems to be his specialty of late.

K'zre knows all about saying the wrong things. Admittedly, he typically inspires anger in his companions, rather than awkwardness. At least, that has always been his assumption and interpretation. Could be /entirely/ wrong. People are weird, complicated creatures, and while Kez might know how to fix their bodies? The rest is a complicated mess. Yasminath is not upset. Not at F'inn, or the holding of hands, at least. She is uncertain what it is that had her human briefly flustered and is going to do her best to soothe him, though. The loss of F'inn's hand brings a moment of confusion anew, K'zre's gaze dropping first to his hand, then to the missing one, and then F'inn's face before he's back to looking to where they are going. Which is, apparently, the bowl wall. Or at least somewhere near it where he can sit. "What do /you/ think," he asks finally, twisting to drop down to the ground and lean against a convenient boulder.

F'inn slants a glance at K'zre's face, a sigh spilling past his lips as he tugs his hand out of his pocket and firmly takes that of the other weyrling. "I think you should do it. I thi- I want you around as much as possible," he admits with a shrug. It is only belatedly that Nymionth catches up, padding along next to Yasminath without knowing where they are going. Really, he doesn't care as long as they are together. "I think," he adds as he joins Kez on the ground. "That we, all four of us, make a solid unit." Glancing down at joined hands, his lips twitch in an almost goofy smile, blue eyes shining as they sweep back up to K'zre's face. "Do you have any idea how long it has been since I've felt awkward around anyone?" Truth be told, he kind of likes it, alot.

As giddy as she was about flying, Yasminath is still young enough to get exhausted and need (even if she doesn't always appreciate) naps. So as the pair of humans settles down, she does the same. Wedging herself against Nymionth's side, she exhales a long sigh and pretends like she's not about to fall asleep. Two minutes later? Dead to the world. "A solid unit," he repeats, a curious frown drawn briefly across his face. He's not sure he knows what that means, but he's going to accept it nonetheless. As for feeling awkward? "I'm? sorry?" Definitely unsure of how to respond to that. "Is it something in particular? I could try to stop doing it," he offers, looking entirely at a loss.

Nymionth is more then happy to tucked one massive wing over Yasminath's back, his neck tail coiling around her until she is all but cocooned in bronze hide. And, as mature as he might like to act? He still succombs to the lure of naps and follows her to dreamland. For his part, F'inn's smile broadens in response to K'zre, his head giving a firm shake. "Don't apologize for that. It's a good thing. You…" Trailing off, he considers his words before providing. "I like that I have to work with you. It's worth it. As for unit? Team? We," he adds with a nod toward K'zre and the snoozing dragons. "We fit well."

"Work?" echoes K'zre, sounding undeniably skeptical. "That doesn't sound like a positive thing," he adds. "It sounds… difficult. Like I am difficult." It's not an accusation, so much as thinking aloud; puzzling through this altogether extremely unusual… compliment. If indeed it is a compliment. "I do not pretend to know people," he admits, "Or how they… think. But from my observations, it appears that most prefer things to be easy." His frown is considerate rather than negative. Thoughtful. "A team…" that he can agree with, gaze drifting to the pair of dragons. Though really, Yasminath is all but obscured by Nymionth. "He is good with her." And Kez has gotten accustomed to his ways.

"Anything worth having, or doing, requires work," F'inn explains. "You're not difficult, though. Different, yes. But difficult, no." Falling silent a beat, he draws one knee up to his chest, his free arm draping atop it. "I like that you don't play games. I like that when you don't understand what I am saying, you tell me rather then pretend that you do. I'm not," he adds with a lopsided smile. "Most people. Now, whether or not that is a good thing? I couldn't begin to guess." But he's content, clearly, and more then happy to put in the time. Stretching, he yawns, letting his legs stretch out. "We should take a nap, too."

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