Who Sephany, Kierdanyu
What Sephany and Kierdanyu meet and discuss hair and food.
When Summer-Autumn - Day 17 of Month 8 of Turn 2714
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It is not so early as to be considered ridiculous, by most folks at least. The sun is well into the sky, though the early morning light still holds that ethereal quality that speaks to quietness and self-reflection. The Living Caverns has set out breakfast, but the crowd is slim, empty seats plentiful, quiet conversations hushed as those here respect the apparent sanctity of a quiet morning. Sephany has already secured for herself, not only a plate of breakfast items, but a lovely seat far enough from the buffet as to be quite alone. She does not appear particularly antisocial, soft expressions on her face as grey eyes follow the coming and going of Weyrfolk with mild curiosity. Nimble fingers pluck and pick at a pastry, though none of it seems to be making the journey from plate to mouth. Now and again, she will pick up a piece of what looks like breakfast sausage, and pass it up to the little green firelizard settled at her shoulder.

Kierdanyu wanders into the caverns from outside, followed by a bit of fluff that is mostly white, though the tips of the fur are still showing a pretty pink, even if it has faded a little with time. While Dani is filling a plate with a variety of breakfast meats and gravy covered biscuits, Kismet is idly sniffing around. Plate is taken as if to go, as Dani seems to be heading towards the lower caverns but Kismet is distracted. The small canine is staring at Sepany with a look of, where's my sausage? If anyone feeds one critter, don't they feed 'em all? There's a whistle from Dani and Kismet gets the look of, do I have to? Green eyes roll and Dani strides on over. "Sorry if he's buggin ya." is noted as green eyes regard plate a little "Food not so hot this morning?"

Grey eyes slide over the entering figure and flit very quickly to the accompanying canine. A smile plays at the edges of Sephany's mouth, and she marks the progress of the owner before diverting her attention to the small bit of fluff that has come to beg a meal from her. "Hmm," and she drops her hand, sans food, to at least let him have a lick of her fingers and a taste of what might have been. The whistle gets the attention of both canine and weaver, who glances over apologetically as she removes her hand from the little pet and settles it into her lap. But it is a polite smile that greets the approach, a shake of her head and a pleasant, "not at all. He's adorable. And rather well mannered, considering he did not jump right into my lap." A brief moment of confusion, and then a glance to her plate seems to settle the matter. "Hm. Lost in my thoughts I suppose. But I am sure the food is delicious." But just to settle the matter, she picks up one of the bits she's torn off and decidedly pushes it into her mouth to be quickly consumed. "Would you care to join me? I don't mind the company. Though I understand if you have places to be."

There's a smile that lights up the green eyes, even as Kismet sneaks some licks in of sausage flavored finners. "He's a good boy, so friendly. But sadly, getting heavier to carry around, but still fun to do." Plate is set down across the table and Dani takes a seat "I, my dear, have no where I need to be until later this afternoon. And then I've a date with a few kidlets to get their hair trimmed, so my company is yours to command." A bite is taken of the food and another smile "Ahh, good as always. I do certainly enjoy the food here, the cooks have a good hand when it comes to seasonings."

"Hmm, a few too many treats, I suppose?" and Sephany's gaze darts back to the little pup, all fondness and affection, but no treats. "Suppose your look works on many more than me, but I am strong in the face of such charm," is told to the little beggar, a wide grin spitting her face before she politely turns her attention to her table companion rather than the canine. That wide, affectionate look drops into something much more socially acceptable toward an individual whose name she does not yet know, though there's a lingering brightness to her gaze. "Hmm," and a quick of her eyebrow, a twitch of her mouth at the corner that is distinctly playful in nature. But it is a much more mundane topic that is chosen, a curious, "You cut hair?" inquiry as Sephany plucks a piece of fruit from her own plate. "It can be quite good," in agreement for the food, even if her own plate contains very little of it. And then, in a sort of afterthought, she offers, "I'm Sephany."

Kierdanyu affects a touch of hurt as fingertips touch upon chest "Cut hair? My dear, darlin' I do much more than cut hair. I breathe new life into old styles. I repair catastrophes wrought by dull knifes or inexpertly applied scissors. I create style! I do oh so much more than just cut hair. Any twit with a blade can cut." Still, the affront is most certainly affected for all the dramatical gesturing and green eyes do not lose their sparkle. Tone drops just a little and there's a wink "I also do a mean scalp massage during the shampooing." Then a glance is cast towards Kismet "Alas, the littles do tend to love giving him treats."

Sephany looks appropriately chastised, though there is mirth in her expression, and a wide smile that speaks to amusement and barely contained laughter of only the best sort, with and certainly not at the other person. "Well. My apologies for the unintended insult," she offers with all care and seriousness of tone to continue the pretense, delicate hand lifted to place fingers and palm over her heart as though she is deeply concerned that her words have had accidentally wounded. "That sounds rather… exotic," she continues, much more truthful, clearly curious. Finger and thumb pluck at her own hair, draw a small lock over her shoulder, slide to the bottom to examine the ragged ends. "I cannot recall the last time I have… how did you say it… 'had new life breathed' into my hair." The long lock is quickly flipped back over her shoulder, left to hang to her waist with the rest of her length. "What sort of things must one do, to receive such treatment? Other than, I would assume, ask?" And though he is clearly adorable, and Sephany continues to cast little glances toward the pup, no treats are given.

There's a look for the hair and then a sad shaking of the head "It is sad how little people truly take care of their hair. They belive it to be too much work or too much time, but really, it's just little steps that can help save the beauty and luster of hair. A little cider vinegar can do wonders to help control hair that frizzes out. And once it dries there really is no smell to speak of." is noted. "Or the milk from a coconut, a little left in overnight, course its best warmed but the kitchens can do that well if you don't have a hot plate in your room. But as for how to get such treatment? Why my dear, simply ask. I can shedule you in and have your hair and scalp practically singing." Kismet, with no hope of a few goodies as laid down, head upon paws, ready to take a nap if Kierdanyu takes too long to eat and all.

"Oh, I do," protests Sephany, of taking care of her hair. It is a very mild protest, and quickly loses weight in the face of such expertise. She is clearly taking mental notes, her gaze far more intense than strictly necessary for someone who is simply enjoying polite conversation. "There was a delicious smelling salve I would use when I lived at Igen," she offers, as though this might absolve her of the great crime of not properly nourishing her long locks. A nibble of her fruit, idle more than anything else, and a quick, "Oh! That would be fantastic," for setting an appointment, and though her eyes are bright, and the playful upturn to the corner of her mouth remains, there is seriousness in her tone. "I am sure I shall be putty in your capable hands."

Kierdanyu is almost delighted to hear about the salve "Oh, that is wonderful news. You wouldn't happen to have the recipe, or be able to put me in contact with the person who does know? I am always on the lookout for new things to try. After all, what works for one persons hair, doesn't always work for anothers." There's a playful smile "I can make even the most grumpy feel soothed and relaxed. A happy scalp, makes for happy hair and a good massage will help work the natural oils along the shaft of the hair." Sitting back in the chair Dani gives a little head tilt and regards Sephany thoughfully. "Quite the climate change, what decided you on coming here from Igen?"

"I very likely could," Sephany assures her, looking delighted to be able to provide such knowledge. "It worked rather well in the dry desert," she continues, happy to display some sort of knowledge in the presence of an expert. More fruit is nibbled, though quickly enough the piece is set back on her plate, conversation favored over food. "I do enjoy a good massage," she offers a bit too innocently. As for her change in location, she offers a truthful, "It was," quite the climate change. "But it was not to Fort that I moved. I apprenticed to the Weaver Craft. I moved to the Hall down in Southern Boll, where I spent a Turn before I asked to be placed at Fort Weyr. I will admit," she continues, "that the climate was a motivating factor for the request." A bright grin, dancing grey eyes, as she recalls, "It was the first time I saw snow, this past winter."

If Dani's eyes could light up even more, then they certainly do. "Weaver craft? Do tell more! My twin is in the craft as well. He keeps me well supplied in clothes and things." There's a dramatic sigh "Alas, I can not wear them as well as he does, he's got a a certain flair that I just don't quite manage." There's a shrug and a smile "But, he cannot do with his hair what I can do with it." Then a forlorn look "I do fear for him now that I am no longer down at Monaco, but I needed a change of scenery and he was enjoying himself." There's a soft smile "Snow is quite fun, and skating on ice. That is glorious fun, even if I did end up more on my tail than not."

Sephany is only too happy to discuss her craft, plate pushed aside so that she can settle her arms on the table in its place, leaning just slightly forward as weight is rested there. "I love it. It is amazing. But I am just an apprentice, and I do not have much to do with the actual design process. Though I do sketch… in my spare time," is offered with some mild deferment. "Though… I am not certain my taste in design…" and there is an inclined head towards the hairstylist chosen attire, what she can see of it, at least; shirt and jacket. "I am much more whimsical and ethereal and fluttery in my choices," case in point, her current dress which is all things feminine and girly without being young or childish. "And I haven't enough sway with the Journeyman to be offering any sort of discounts," apologetically. "Monaco… is tropical. Humid." Therefore, to be avoided. "Oh, yes! I love ice skating! I am actually rather good at it. Or I was, before the ice melted."

There is a bright chuckle "Well, if you can skate on melted ice." Then there's a pause "Well, I suppose you can. Be more surfing then, but I doubt the lake here would be much good for that. And a might cold to boot." As for Monaco "Indeed, quite humid. Though there are some spectacular storms that I do miss. Sometimes. Well mainly when they are not happening." There's a thoughful look "Well, etereal and fluttery could be quite nice indeed. Especially for a gather." As for being an apprentice "And well, we all must start somewhere and an apprentice is still learning much, but does not mean there's naught to be learned from the apprentice. I would love to see your designs sometime. THink you could do something for this poor frame? I would love a set of pants and tunic that would just flow. Something I could move easily in, to dance even."

"Mm, I have not found the nerve to try surfing," admits the blond, not looking at all concerned about this missed experience. "But skating… it was amazing," Sephany reiterates, following the sentiment with a wistful sort of sigh. "Oh… do you mean thunderstorms? They can be rather nice, if you have the proper protection and therefore, no fear of the dangers such storms may bring." Another of those half-smiles, playful and amused, for ethereal gather dresses. "Someday, perhaps. I am nowhere near that skill level, yet. Though certainly you are welcome to take a peek at my sketchbook… I am not terribly shy about it, even if my visions remain just that; a vision. And while I am not certain I would be able to produce what you are wanting, I could certainly design something," she offers, "even if you would need to have a Journeyman bring it into reality…" There is a different sort of look about her, studious glance as she considers the figure across the table, wheels spinning as the possibilities begin, only to be thoroughly derailed by the topic of, "Dancing? Do you enjoy dancing, then?"

Kierdanyu smiles and then shrugs a little "Dancing can be a lot of fun. Especially with a good partner. Course, I miss my usual. Used to partner with my twin all the time. But well, what can ya do?" Then there's a head tilt "Well, thunderstorms can be fun too. I love the sound of thunder, but I was thinking more along the lines of the tropical storms, the hurricanes. Course lightning can be pretty trippy on it's own. Did you know there used to be this great big tree in the clearing? Blue skies as far as the eye could see and then bam, lightning hit it and shattered it to bits." There's a smile "Course, I'd love to see what you can design. And there's no rush. Beauty should never be rushed."

"Hmm," and grey eyes dance with delightful mischief as Sephany drops her chin into one of her hands, elbow propped on the table. "I have been told I am rather good at dancing," she offers, "both classical gather dances and the more… free form style." Thunderstorms, hurricanes, these things get a small frown from the weaver apprentice. "Thunder is amazing, rolling and rumbling and rattling things off of shelves and setting your heart to trembling," she says rather dramatically, "But hurricanes… I would imagine those to be rather frightening. I experienced one or two, at Ista," as a point of reference, "and I would rather… not repeat the experience," she decides. "Wind and rain… flying debris…" nope. Much safer topic would be her sketchbook and impending designs. "Have no fear my dear… um…" and pale brows furrow. "I don't believe I know your name," apogetically." But regardless, "Have no fear. I shall not rush your designs in the slightest. I take my craft especially seriously. I would not do anything sub-standard, certainly not for a prospective client."

"Kierdanyu, me dear, course most just call me Dani." is offered with a grin "And that cheerful." A pause and a hmm. "And sleeping fella there, is Kismet." The colorful canine is indeed sleeping quite peacefully. "Well, perhaps one of these times, you may partner me in a dance." Is offered up cheerfully. "But indeed, massive storms can be rather, how would you say, disconcerting. But, there is still something to be said for the feel of the raw power." Then there is a tilting of the head "And your name, my lovely, would be?"

"Keirdanyu," repeats Sephany in a soft murmur, as if to commit this to memory. "Dani," a bit louder, but perhaps for the same purpose, as grey eyes trace the lines of her face to match name to person. "Raw power can be…" any number of words that are likely not appropriate for the time or place, and so she settles on, "exhilarating," she agrees. "Makes you feel small, as though you are a speck in a great, big world that is so much more vast… but that is why I do enjoy thunderstorms. All of that primal energy without… trees going through your living space." Hm. "Sephany," she supplies easily enough. "Or Seph, if you are so inclined."

"Sephany" is murmurmed, the name tasted on the tongue "Tis a beautiful name indeed, fitting." There's a charming smile given "Indeed, it does make you feel almost helpless, much like the vast sea. That is one thing I have missed, being all tucked up here in this old relic of a volcano. It hides the view of the ocean. But, thwas my choice. "There's a light shrug. "I do admit, it is nice not having to clean out the quarters of plant life, and occasionally sea life."

"Thank you," for the compliment on her name, Sephany offering a flash of teeth in a wide smile. "Hmm, I do miss the sea," she seconds, silent agreement following for all that is spoken regarding that vast body of water. "However, I am rather enjoying the forest. It is still a novelty, how tall the trees can grow. And you can get just as lost within the green and growing land as you might on the ocean; which I cannot stomach," a pause, and a quick clarification. "I get sea sick. Though I rather enjoy sitting on the beach, and listening to the rush of waves," and then a playfully accusing look for the hairstylist across the table. "You are making me long for things I cannot have right now. Stop." So instead, she will turn the topic back, to something safer, perhaps. "Why did you choose Fort?"

"Why I chose Fort?" There's a thoughtful hmm "Climate is a nice mix of things, but I must admit, the baked goods and the fine food won me over really. That and I was tired of traveling Pern so here was as good as any. And the people are rather fun too." There's a playful grin. "Certainly there is quite a few rather, interesting characters about. Just makes me want to know them all the more."

"Have you tried Igen's food?" Sephany wonders. "I would also be lauding the amazing options that Half Moon and Ista offer, but it is clear you are familiar with the bounty of the ocean. But the desert… there is where you will find the strongest spices, unique flavors… if you are not afraid of a bit of heat," she offers with a rather straight face, betrayed only by the twinkling of grey eyes that speak to mischievous intentions. A soft 'hmm,' and the index finger on Sephany's unoccupied hand pokes at her abandoned plate, picking up a crumb or two in idleness. "There are some rather interesting people, certainly. But I find that is true of any location. Though I will agree; there are some unusual personalities here at Fort. Any you have met, that I ought to know?" she wonders.

There's a mischievous grin "Oh indeed. There is one, a rather grumpy Harper. Rather cute too if you ask me. Gruff, but well, there's more to him than he lets on if you ask me. Course, I'm not really much of one to pry into peoples affairs. Shards knows I don't much like it myself. A person is as a person is, but don't let Reksler fool ya. Course, he's got a twin as well, if you can help it, don't mistake him for V'sri. Much horror can ensue. THen there's X'fyr. He's one of V'sri's weyrmates and all, the other's Leia, but I haven't been around her as much." There's a thoughful pause "There's Riohra, iffen yer out in the woods much, you'll likely run into him, he's got a girl, but I've heard tell she's got herself a gold at Igen. ANd indeed I've tried their food. Bit much for me, and the dryness. So terrible on my complexion. I fair wilted there."

"Hm," and Sephany considers this information as it is given to her, offering small comments that may be more for herself than for her present companion. "I've enough grumpy in my life, I don't think I will be pursuing any more of it," for gruff harpers, though 'twins' gets a curious look, as does the "One of? As in… he has more than one weyrmate?" because that is new, even for the weyrbred lass, "Oh," for Leia, and a little scrunch of her nose. "I have met her. Well, I am not so sure 'met' is an appropriate term. I have had… an encounter with her," and lest the wrong idea be taken, she follows up quickly with, "She came into the living caverns and stood on my table… it was weird." As for Igen, there is a knowing nod of her head. "Indeed. Dry. And hot. And sandy," and yet, "beautiful and raw, and untamed. And you simply must go prepared; wearing the proper clothes and being properly hydrated."

Kierdanyu runs a hand along an arm "Indeed, must stay hydrated, but I drank myself to floating and having to well, only so much water the body can hold." THere's a wry little grin "But still I felt as if I was going to crack and peel all the time. No, too dry for me, being born and raised to have the air help hydrate my skin. I can see how it'd be a little odd, perhaps awkward to have her looming so over your table."

Sephany laughs at the thought, bright and bubbling and full of mirth and delight. "Ah, yes, of course. Well," for the amount of water an individual can consume. "There is that, unfortunately. And yes, it is dry. And the sun will burn if you are not prepared. Igen was dry. Ista was humid, and did nothing for my hair but force it to frizz and puff. It was not a good look," but then again, "you did mention something earlier being good, for humidity… coconut, was it?" She is certain she remembers, and does not spend much time on the thought before pursuing another. "She was rather… intimidating," decides the weaver. "Acting a fool and claiming to be the Weyrleader. And there were… men chasing her. As though she were a criminal." The look on her face is clearly a question; is this normal?

Kierdanyu gives a bit of a nod "Just a little bit of coconut milk, bout a couple tablespoonsful, warm it up in a pot, rub it through the hair, cover in a towel and go to sleep, and then just wash your hair as normal in the morning. As for Leia, she's well. She is as she is." What more can you say then that? "Things can be interesting with her around, indeed they can. As for your hair, I must say Fort is being nice for you, it's certainly not puffing it up all over the place, but you really don't want to get lax with carring for it. Hair that long, the tangles would be atrocious."

Another nod, a little satisfied smile that she remembered correctly. Sephany decides to leave the topic of Leia as it is; she is who she is. And she is not present, so Sephany is unconcerned about delving the depths of her psyche. And so she will simply nod her head in silent agreement, perhaps offer a vocal 'hm,' to the mix, to show that she was, indeed, listening. "Oh," for her hair, and she lifts her chin from her hand so that her fingers can touch at her hair briefly. "Thank you…?" because it sounded a bit like a compliment, even if it was followed by admonishment to take care of it properly. "And they are," for tangles. "It is often easier to keep it coiled in a bun, or a braid… but I rather prefer it long and loose."

"And sometimes just a small amount of light conditioner across the strands can help alleviate some of the more problematic strands. Though it will weigh it down some. But it can be handy of you're out in the wind a lot and all. Just a little extra layer of protection, but it will attract dirt, so it can have it's downfalls as well." Dani notes and then there's a sigh "Well, I'd better head on back." Plate is eyed. Well didn't eat as much as usual, but then much talk was to be had. "I've got to get ready for those coming in a little later for trims and all. But feel free to look me up, I'm around." There's clicking of the tongue "ome on Kismet, lets go home." Fluffy pup lifts his head and then he's off and heading down already.

"Not out too often," notes Sephany. "and try to pin it up, if I am," because wind is a terrible thing for long, fine hair. A little shift in her position, a straightening of her back as her table companion makes motions and words that lead to her departure. "Yes. It was nice to meet you! I will certainly track you down. Especially once I have your sketches, if not before…" and there's a little glance for the dog, a fonder smile for the pet though she does not attempt to distract him as they depart.

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