Who F'inn, K'zre
What F'inn and K'zre hit a (small) stumbling block.
When Summer-Autumn - Month 8 of Turn 2718
Where Shady Glade, Fort's Forest

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Fort Weyr - Fort's Forests ~~ Shady Glade
Covered by a canopy of interlaced branches, this secluded spot in the forest is shadowy and cool. Patches of sky show intermittently through the greenery above, creating dapples of diffused light that dance on the carpet of dry needles and leaves below. A scattering of tiny wildflowers adds a touch of bright color here and there.

Summer is finally moving on to Autumn. It's comfortably cool, with enough of a breeze that being outside without a light jacket is the best route to a cold. With a picnic in their future, F'inn has thought ahead. In this case, thinking a head comes in the form of two jackets and a pair of blankets. Course, in the case of the blankets, one is for sitting, the other is for draping over shoulders if it gets to chilly in the shade. A picnic basket filled with meat and cheese and fruit, along with fresh rolls and a steaming thermos of klah is draped over F'inn's arm as he walks alongside Nymionth toward the trees. Course, Nymionth falls back after a few steps, nuzzling F'inn affectionately before slipping over to stroll with Yasminath. The act inspires a wry smile from F'inn, a quiet laugh escaping his lips as he shrugs and moves to walk alongside K'zre. "Are you still condemned to stable mucking? Cause, you know? I'm more then happy to grab a shovel and come help you later?" Really, he kinda feels like he should do that, particularly since was technically an accomplice.

"No," offers K'zre, twisting around to regard the dragons briefly. "I suppose they feel I've learned my lesson." Which is an inaccurate assessment, considering Kez does not feel as though he was in the wrong to begin with. "I've been promised we can start mounted drills tomorrow." Which is the only thing keeping him from attempting them on his own again. Behind them, Yasminath is beside herself with delight at the changing leaves and the crisp, autumn breeze. She's trying very hard to walk sedately, if just to avoid tripping over her feet. But it is HARD! She wants to wiggle, and bound, and prance around with glee. « It's so PRETTY! » she declares, turning her head to bump-bump affectionately at Nymionth's shoulder. « That one is the same color as you! »

A bugle of amusement comes from Nymionth, his head swinging around to exam the bronze colored leaves. « It is pretty, » He admits. « F'inn says in the spring they will match your hide, as well. » Which he finds fascinating. Still, he KNOWS she's a bundle of energy and wants to bound. That being the case, he very gently and carefully nudges her toward an open spot in the clearing. « Bound away, princess. >. The words are coupled with a warm wash of red roses and a flexing of Nymionth's wings that makes it clear that he's ready to catch her if she falls. « But bound carefully, you are doing mounted exercises tomorrow! » Glancing back at the dragons, F'inn grins, his head giving a wry shake. "He'll catch her if she falls," he assures K'zre. In the wake of the words, he steps over to a largish tree, setting the basket down before spreading a blanket on the ground. "I brought an extra jacket and blanket, just in case," he assures. "Are you excited for tomorrow?" He damned well KNOWS Kez has not learned his 'lesson', but he's also of the opinion there was no lesson to be learned.

« But first, they will fall off and the trees will sleep, and snow will come. » Yasminath is not sure what snow is, beyond the understanding gained from K'zre's memories and their conversations about it. But she is nonetheless excited for it. A twist of her neck and she gently wuffles at a few leaves, sending them fluttering on their branch. « Race me! » she declares, turning to spring forward after both Nymionth and K'zre assure her that leaping through the glade is acceptable. Despite those reassurances, there's still a longer look from the weyrling and a bit of a frown. His attention turned to the dragons, it takes Kez a little longer to recognize that F'inn is speaking to him. "Hm? Oh…" A glance for the jackets, the blanket, and then F'inn once more. The latter inspires a fleeting, almost timid smile before Kez is looking at Yasminath leaping around the field. "Excited…" he repeats as though testing out the word, attention briefly turned to navigating himself down to the blanket. "I don't know if excited is the right word. More… relieved," he decides. "It's… hard. Watching everyone else ride around…" Harder still to watch F'inn and Nymionth and know that they could not join yet.

Nymionth immediately bounds off after Yasminath, her progress followed carefully as he remains ever ready to catch her should she stumble or trip. « You are as fast as moonlight! » The call is uttered gleefully. Course, he does not know where they are racing to, but it doesn't matter. She is absolutely going to win. Following the line of K'zre's gaze, F'inn's smile softens, his brows twitching playfully as he settles down on the blanket and patting the ground. In the wake of the gesture, he twists around to start laying out the mugs, klah and food. "Tomorrow," F'inn assures. "Today, no riding for us." Cause he's sticking close by Kez and Yasminath. "Tomorrow, though? We are going to crush you two in a foot race." And that? That earns a broader smile as he leans back on his arms and turns his gaze up to the changing leaves. "It's beautiful out here."

Yasminath is not even sure where they are racing. They are just racing, for the thrill of it! For the freedom that comes from leaping and running, awkward gait that it might be. When they are finally free to fly, she will race Nymionth through the air as well. That, at least, will be a graceful display. But his compliment on her running is met with joy and draconic laughter nonetheless, affection washing across her mind as she twists her head to regard the bronze. Of course, as it always does, the moment Yasminath takes her eyes off of where she is going, she's tripping over her feet and tumbling forward. The stumble has Kez sitting upright for a moment, until he's assured that Nymionth has caught her. Relief and a bit of begrudging amusement, if just because Yasminath is all giddy delight in his head (she's not hurt, and she thinks it's kinda fun to be caught by Nymionth's wing). "Undoubtedly," he agrees, for being beat in that race. "Considering she is not going to be running anywhere with me on her neck." She'll move like a turtle, he's pretty sure. The thought actually inspires a smile, and a flash of his eyes toward F'inn. "But once we can fly? I hope you are not a sore loser." Because Kez is certain that Yasminath will be able to fly circles around Nymionth. At the last, he turns his gaze up to the trees and the changing colors, agreeing with a shallow nod of his head.

Nymionth pulls ahead when Yasminath looks back at him, one wide, cloak-like wing there to catch her and put her back on her feet the moment that she stumbles. « You are falling behind! » The call is crooned, fully intended to keep her running rather then worrying about an accidental trip. He'll /always/ be there to catch her, whether it's on land, in the water, or in the sky. Watching them, F'inn's smile broadens, a mellow laugh humming in his throat as he drops on to his back on the blanket. "I dunno, she likes to run with Nym," he points out. It's the mention of flying, though, F'inn's smile softens, his gaze flicking from the dragons to K'zre and back. "We'll catch you when we need to," he assures. "There is no male that is going to beat Nymionth in Yasminath's flights." And that? Just true facts as far as Nymionth and F'inn are concerned. "She's gonna be something in the air, though." He has no doubt of that, at all.

« Never! » and without missing a beat, Yasminath is after him again. She has all but forgotten her injury, though it still plagues K'zre from time to time. But with Nymionth there to catch her, he's able to relax a bit more and let her play without undue worry. "She does…" he agrees, gaze turning back to F'inn. But trepidation flickers at the mention of catching, and flights, and he chances a quick glance at the pair before he's regarding the weyrling on the blanket with a longer look. "That is not something I have allowed myself to think about," he admits. "It seems so far away, and I didn't want to worry about it. But…" But regardless, he's thought about it at length. Ever since Kassala mentioned it in the infirmary, it's plagued him. "Even before…" and here he looks almost… embarrassed. Awkward enough that his gaze shifts to the blanket. As though the pattern found in the fabric is fascinating and necessitating his complete attention. "I want Nymionth to catch her. And not just because…" but the words trail off, and he spends a moment contemplating his thoughts before he states firmly. "He would be kind to her. He wouldn't hurt her. He won't treat her like a notch on his belt." And even now, Kez is certain that Yasminath will be the sort to want affection beyond being caught.

"Nymionth worships her, Kez," F'inn assures. Falling a silent a beat, he twists on the blanket, closing the distance between in order to catch K'zre's chin in his hand. "He will treat her like the princess she is," F'inn whispers. "There will never be a time that Nymionth is not there to protect or love her." In the wake of the reassurance, he leans in and brushes a whisper of lips over K'zre's the touch just barely enough to be felt. "We'll be there. Always." And for both F'inn, and Nymionth, that's nothing more then a confirmation of what they both know to be utterly and completely true. And, despite the fact that Nymionth is making a point to catch up with Yasminath, he's still paying attention to what is going on on the blanket behind them. « Look, » he whispers in her mind. Course, the word is accompanied with the flair of one wing readying to steady her if she stumbles.

The hand at his chin is enough to catch his gaze as well, brown eyes flashing up to F'inn's face even before he speaks. He has no doubt heard the words, but even if there was time to form a response, it is unlikely that K'zre would be able to manage anything coherent. But there isn't time, because F'inn is leaning in and all Kez can think about is how close he is. His gaze drops to his mouth, to the fullness of his lips, before his eyes close almost entirely. Breathing stops. Everything stops. And for one heartbeat, Kez isn't even sure if he's awake or dreaming. That it is just a brush of lips, the barest hint of contact, pulls a soft sound of longing from him and prompts a reach of his own hand, fingers curling into the fabric of his shirt. Yasminath does not need to be told to look. The surge of emotion from K'zre is enough to send her tumbling right into Nymionth's wing once again, head swinging around to regard the pair on the blanket. The race is forgotten, surprise and mild confusion taking place as she reconciles what she sees with what she feels from K'zre. He is not thinking of her; he is not thinking of anything but F'inn and that is… shocking. Alarming. Almost scary!

« That is perfect, » Nymionth decides as he sets her gently on her feet and steps in to drape his wing across her back. « That is a kiss,» Nymionth explains in quiet tones. « It is a show of affection for humans. » Nymionth? Not the least bit disturbed and he soothes Yasminath with a wash of red, yellow and orange roses as he croons to her. F'inn? Not thinking about Nymionth at the moment, either. He's there, in his mind, but at the moment, Nym's attention is on Yasminath as much as F'inn's is on Kez. It's the hand in his shirt that has his lips returning in a firmer press, the kiss, though, is slow and gentle and utterly thorough. As it ends, his hand slides up to gently brush his fingers over K'zre's cheek, blue eyes crinkling at the corners.

« I know what it is! » snaps Yasminath, for the first time ever. But perhaps she can be excused for it. She's confused, almost frightened, at how engrossed K'zre is in human affection when she is right here! She knows what a kiss is; she has seen them in memories and dreams. But it is a far different thing to have it happen in real life. For the feelings rushing from Kez to be directed towards an actual warm body in the here, and now. For K'zre, there is disorientation and conflicting emotions, head swimming from the press of lips and the slow, thorough kiss that leaves him breathless and wanting more, the urge to pull in close and lose himself entirely in the touch of fingers and the warmth of F'inn's gaze distracting him from the mounting anxiety in Yasminath. And it's enough to send her moving across the field and shoving her head at K'zre with a low creel. « He is mine! Mine, » she asserts, wiggling her snout between them and nudging Kez back against her.

Nymionth tilts his head as he watches Yasminath, his own advance slow and steady and coupled with a low croon toward the little green. For his part, F'inn smiles at K'zre as he draws back, his head lowering in a slow nod of apology to Yasminath. "Forgive me, Yasminath," he murmurs in low tones. "I would never come between you and K'zre." He understands her reaction, fortunately, with Nymionth filling him in on what he cannot hear, he understands it entirely. Drawing back a bit further, he pours two mugs of klah, his expression remaining warm and calm as he sets one within K'zre's reach. « He loves you no less, Yasminath, » Nymionth points out as he settles alongside the blanket. « But F'inn is very sorry that he's upset you. »

"It's okay," comes in a quiet murmur, though whether it is for F'inn, Nymionth or Yasminath is unclear. Perhaps all three of them. K'zre's fingers sooth silver-kissed eyeridges, and for a few seconds his attention is entirely devoted to the miserable, confused little green trying to tuck him against her side. A sigh, from both, and Kez finally peeks up toward F'inn with a look that leans towards apology. "She… she didn't… she's just confused," he attempts to explain. "But she'll be alright," he assures. And she will be. Even if she's going to be a little bit clingy right now. « You are forgiven, » she decides. And while she means it, shes not ready to offer her own apology. Kez is HER human, and she's not ready to share him. But she deigns to withdraw her head from between them at least, settling it down against K'zre's side so that he can continue scratching at her eyeridge. And Kez? He's unsure how to navigate this altogether unexpected situation and settles for picking up that mug of Klah and sipping at it instead.

F'inn gives an immediate shake of his head at the apology. "No, she's fine. She.. You're perfect, Yasminath," he assures the dragon. "I didn't think about how it would effect her," he admits in quiet tones. More then willing to give Yasminath all the space she needs, F'inn settles his back against Nymionth, his own mug of klah held between his hands. It is in the wake of a slow sip that he turns a warm smile on K'zre, one eye closing in a quick, playful wink. He's not upset, at all. And if Yasminath is fine and calming down? More then better. "They'll be flying soon," he points out in warm tones. "I am so looking forward to seeing them both in the air." The observation has Nymionth crooning, a relaxed chuff exhaled as he settles his head on the ground to watch all three of his companions.

Yasminath, thankfully, is not a jealous dragon. A little confused and worried, and liable to be a bit clingy in response to that confusion. But not jealous, or angry. K'zre's attention is soothing, and while a more thorough explanation will come later (and complete confidence will grow with time), she is calming down and feeling better. Enough that she sort of inches the bulk of her body toward Nymionth to seek him out as well. Once she's settled, Kez's attention shifts from the green head against his side, to the weyrling that shares the blanket with him. He watches him over the rim of his mug, gaze flicking briefly to Nymionth and then back to F'inn again. Whatever he finds there, whether it is the wink or the smile, at least eases a bit of the strain from his expression. "Me, too," he agrees after a somewhat lengthy pause. "I hope they don't keep her grounded. I know she'll be fine in the air." Even if she still trips on the ground.

Nymionth's response is drape one massive wing over Yasminath's back, his head lowering to touch his snout to her own as he exhales a soothing croon. « You are beautiful and graceful and have the purest of hearts, » he assures in warm tones. It is with his neck draped over Yasminath's and his head resting against her own, that chuffs at K'zre before settling. He's calm and cuddled and utterly relaxed. "They won't," F'inn assures as he glances at the pair of dragons. "And the moment they see her in the air? You'll have nothing but smooth sailing." In the wake of the words, his expression softens, pale eyes warming as he takes another sip of his klah. "I look forward to the day we are free to go where we please. There is so much I want them to see."

Not entirely certain that she agrees with that assessment, Yasminath offers timid little croon in response. « I am… I am… I don't know. » She feels badly now, but not enough to give up her claim on K'zre's hand and the press of her cheek into his side. Nymionth's chuff brings brown eyes up, and Kez regards the bronze with a curious expression before dropping his gaze to F'inn as he speaks. "If they do," he counters, because he does not trust that the weyrlingmasters will not be overly cautious, "I intend to…" he lets the words fade off, jaw briefly set as he glances down at his mug of Klah. "I won't let her fall behind." Apparently, Kez has become something of a rebel. "Once they see her," he agrees, "they will know she is ready." It's getting them to see her that Kez isn't entirely sure about. "Where do you want to go?" he wonders, idly tracing his finger along Yasminath's eyeridge.

"They will see her," F'inn assures in confident tones. "M'icha is not a stupid man and I'm sure he's already seen how careful she is with you." Of course, F'inn will be right there, with whatever Kez does. Both he, and Nymionth, invested in making absolutely certain that this particular pair are utterly safe. It's the last that has him smiling broadly, the mug of klah set down as he sits cross-legged and leans forward eagerly. "The very place we /have/ to take them is the Yokohama. Can you imagine Yasminath's glee at being /in/ space? I want to take them to Igen, as well.. I can't even wrap my mind around a sea of sand. I /have/ to see that. And, of course, we /need/ to go back to Monaco and go surfing. And the glowing beaches, I can't remember where those are, though…" « You are fine, » Nymionth assures in gentle tones. « We are all fine. »

« /You/ are fine, » agrees Yasminath, who is not so certain that she is fine, yet. But the subject of flying, and visiting interesting places, is a good distraction. « A sea of sand? » She wants to see this, too! « K'zre has not seen this place, » and therefore, she cannot pull the image from him. "I have never seen it, either," he offers, a bit of a smile whispering across his face at the thought. "I have spent my whole life in the north. Telgar, and then Fort territory," he explains. "But all of those places require going Between. We won't do that for a while…" But glowing beaches? That has him looking a bit skeptical, eyes narrowed briefly as he studies F'inn. "How do they glow?" He's not sure he believes this.

« None of us have seen it, » Nymionth agrees. « The book said that it stretches for as far as the eye can see and beyond. » "I'll see if I can find the book, again," F'inn assures. "But apparently, there is algea in the water that makes it glow in the dark. I /think/ it is near Half Moon Bay, but I can't remember. And yes," he agrees as he reaches for his mug. "They all require going Between. But really? If you think about it? It's not that far off. Certainly a good deal closer then when we started." Chuckling at the narrowed eyes, he leans forward and snags a chunk of cheese and a roll, taking a bite of the roll, first. "Igen is supposed to have a massive outdoor marketplace."

"And you aren't nervous about that, at all?" surmises K'zre, the question more of a statement. He studies F'inn for a long moment before dropping to the spread of food. A little shift, the shove of Yasminath's head off his leg so he can move, and he reaches forward to grab a roll for himself. She has calmed down considerably, comforted by K'zre's attention and distracted by the description of places she finds unfathomable and utterly wonderful. Utterly romantic, if she could conceive of the term. « Such a big world… » And she definitely wants to see it all. "You make it sound so… easy."

"Not even a little bit," F'inn admits. "But you know, I think that is because… Look at everything that has happened to me, Kez. Nym. Yas. You. I've never been happier in my life and this is already far more then I thought I would /ever/ have. Now? Everything is open to us, the world, is open to us and I am looking forward to exploring every single part of it." Breaking off a piece of cheese, he pops it in his mouth, chewing and swallowing as he watches the green pair. "It is easy," he assures. "We have a very bright and wonderful future." « It is, » Nymionth agrees. « And it is very exciting to think about it. » "Besides," F'inn adds with a chuckle. "The thought of you naked and dripping glowing water? More then enough to keep me positive."

"How?!" It is unfathomable to K'zre, how anyone could be so fearless in the face of the future. Especially one in which learning to navigate Between is fast approaching. The roll is held but not eaten, more or less ignored as Kez studies F'inn and tries not to look as apprehensive as he's feeling. "It's not… It's /not/ easy. Life is a struggle. It's hard. It's… it's not easy." He's never known it to be, and he's pretty sure that will not be changing, even if Yasminath is on board with this. She will be his optimism for him, happily humming her agreement that the future is *exciting!* even if Kez is uncertain. But the last there? Perhaps it is a good thing he is not eating that roll, as he'd undoubtedly choke on it from sheer surprise at hearing such a thing. And Kez? He definitely blushes. And since he can't think of a worthy reply (other than to briefly glower and look utterly awkward), he'll just throw his bread roll at F'inn's head.

The thrown roll konks F'inn in the head and is met with a bright smile and a warm laugh. "It's true. You look pretty amazing wet." Hey, he's just being honest. "But that's just not true," F'inn notes to K'zre. "I mean, I know you feel that way. And I am willing to admit that maybe that has been your experience. But, Kez…." Pausing he, slants a glance at Yasminath, assessing her mood before setting aside his roll and sliding over to sit next to K'zre. "I want you to make a promise," he states in serious tones. "I want you to promise to /try/ to let me show you how wonderful life can be? I want you to promise me to try to show you how we can look forward to the future with excitement and wonder. Life," he adds with a pointed look at Yasminath. "Is wonderful and full of the best surprises."

K'zre is just… not going to discuss how he looks naked. It is not out of a sense of modesty — he is well aware that he is considered by many to be physically attractive. But right now? He is not prepared to go there. Not with Yasminath's recent reaction to Kez feeling a bit… amorous. But while she might be disinclined to allow much in the way of kissing, sitting near? Even touching? So far, so good. It is K'zre that looks a little apprehensive when F'inn scoots over to sit beside him, and not because of his proximity. It is the words. The assertion that his interpretation of life is… not entirely accurate. A search of F'inn's face, and then a drop of his gaze toward his knee instead. "I don't know if…" but he lets the words trail off, a flick of his tongue darting out across his lip before he offers a shallow nod and a low, "Alright." Because F'inn has a point in Yasminath; in the living, breathing representation of love that is cuddling up on his other side, brimming with optimism and excitement for a life yet to come.

F'inn tilts his head, ducking down to catch K'zre's gaze. "Yeah? Really? Good. Excellent." That is really all he needs, the promise that K'zre will open himself up to the positive. "We have an amazing future," he notes. "The four of us are going to have glorious time." Of that, he has absolutely no doubt. Of course, F'inn? He's just prone to making things fun and now that he's sleeping? He's finding the joy in life easier to find, again. "I think the first thing we need to do? /Right/ after graduation? A surfing weekend." He has the fondest memories of seeing Kez smiling for the first time at the beach. Surfing? Absolutely one of his favorite things, now. "You and I can surf our hearts out, Nym and Yas can swim and play in the water to their hearts content." It. Will. Be. Glorious. "After that, we take Yasminath to Igen to see the seas of sand. She'll love that. I hear that the fullmoons over the desert are breathtaking."

He doesn't want to argue, but the dubious expression says it all. K'zre is not nearly as optimistic as F'inn. Or Yasminath. But he will offer a firm, "Yes, really," even if the question was rhetorical. He does not give his word lightly, and while Kez is liable to remain skeptical until thoroughly proven wrong, he will try to be openminded. He does not intentionally seek to see the bad in each moment. It is simply that he does not hold much hope for the future being anything other than what his past has been. And it has not been easy. But there is a flicker of a smile for the mention of surfing. For the idea of crystal clear waters and sparkling sand beaches and sun and salty air… for the happy memory and the prospect that it could happen again. "I am terrible at surfing." But he'll still do it. And it WILL be glorious. Yasminath is convinced of this as well, and barely contains a crow of delight at the prospect of fullmoons over the desert. « We will go everywhere! We will do everything! To the moons and back! » The idea at least has Kez laughing, just a little. Because Yasminath's joy and childlike optimism is infectious.

Between that hint of a smile and K'zre's laugh, F'inn has to force himself NOT to kiss the healer turned weyrling. Out of respect for Yasminath, he contents himself with a flashing smile and very pleased laugh. "Absolutely, Yasminath. To the moons and back, as many times as you desire. And just wait until you see K'zre surfing, he's really very good at it," he assures her in tones that are pointedly warm. "You and Nymionth will love the beach there, the water is warm, the sun is hot and the waves are as high as you can possibly imagine." It is glorious. Looking back to K'zre, his smile remains pleased, one knee drawing up to provide a platform for his arms. "We can get one of those little huts on the beach so we're never more then a few steps from the surf."

And Yasminath would appreciate that, if she knew that F'inn was taking her into consideration. She is, however, very distracted by the thought of flying around Pern, and definitely flying to the moons, to bother with anything else. It would be another thing entirely if K'zre's thoughts went wild but… he's fine. She's fine. It's all good. "I am /not/," counters the weyrling, a scowl briefly hiding that hint of a smile. "I fell each time," he recalls. "Don't give her false hope," but too late, Yasminath has already decided that Kez is THE BEST SURFER EVER and nothing will sway her. « Of course he is! He is mine, and he is the best at all things. » Brimming with delight, Kez can do nothing but sigh. "It is beautiful there," he agrees. "A hut on the beach? That would be nice…" he muses, allowing himself the luxury of envisioning it, despite many, many months of training (and a lot of scary lessons) standing between them and such a vacation. "I had never seen anything like it… The water off the coast of Fort's territory is… dark. Freezing. Beautiful, but not… not the same."

F'inn agrees with Yasminath on all points, the twinkle in blue eyes making that unmistakably clear. "There are trails we can hike," he whispers. "That go off into the jungle to pools of clear, clean water fed by soaring waterfalls." Clearly, he's done some reading since they came back. "We can pack some food, take some camping equipment and spend days basking in the sun and playing in the water." It's the mention of K'zre not being good at surfing that has his head shaking though, a contented sigh spilling from his lips as he falls back to sprawl on his elbows. "You will master it in no time. You had the balls to /do/ it and keep at it. I have complete faith that you will excell when you are not exhausted from fishing and worried about hatchings. I've never been to the coast here," he admits. "Now, skiing? That I've done." F'inn loves to ski. Course, F'inn loves most things that are adrenalin fueled and dangerous.

"Are you determined to injure yourself?" Kez is pretty sure F'inn might have a (small) deathwish. "Skiing is… I have done cross country skiing. Downhill…" Not so much. Because downhill would be fun and Kez did not have much fun in his life, prior to Yasminath. "You would careen down a mountain at breakneck speed," he accuses, "But you won't ride a runner?" Because that he most assuredly remembers. "I will do it," he agrees, for surfing, "because I did enjoy it. But I doubt I will master it." And he is perfectly fine with that. Yasminath, though, is imagining waves the size of mountains, swells big enough to drown a full-grown queen, and is utterly delighted at the idea of K'zre contouring such a thing. It's enough to make the weyrling choke a bit on his Klah and decide that drinking or eating is best left for a time when they are not discussing risky behavior.

F'inn exhales a quiet laugh, pale blue eyes twinkling as he flashes a smile up to K'zre. "/I/ control the pace and direction when I skii," he points out. "With Runners, they can decide to do anything. I'd try it, though, if that is something that makes you happy." And he means that, that much is clear from a glimpse at his face. Stretching his legs out, he crosses his ankles as he turns his gaze up to changing leaves, a contented sigh spilling past his lips. "Skiing is just like surfing, only on snow," he points out. "I think you'd really enjoy it." Cause F'inn is pretty certain that K'zre is not entirely immune to the joy of the adrenalin rush.

K'zre is not at all immune to the joy of an adrenaline rush. He simply finds his in the thrill of the hunt; in the perfect shot; in the feel of a galloping runner across an open field; in the heated kiss of a lover. Skiing? Not where he finds his joy. And his expression suggests that he is doubtful that sliding along snow is the same as surfing across water. But he still says, "Fine," and, "I'll go skiing," because it is clearly something that F'inn enjoys, and there is a profound desire in Kez to make F'inn happy. Or at least, not to disappoint. "You can control the pace and direction of a runner," he argues. "And a runner," he continues, "knows better than to run off a cliff." Cannot say the same for impartial, lifeless ski's.

"Fair point," F'inn concedes on the matter of runners. "I'd be willing to try. But you have to promise not to laugh at me when I fall off." Now the whole heated kissing thing? He can get /that/ entirely. Course, that's going to have to wait til Yasminath is more comfortable with the thought. "There are small runs we can take, for skiing," he assures. "I mean, it's not like we'll go directly to the top of a mountain the first time out. And I rarely aim for cliffs," he adds with a wink. "You still owe me a story, by the way," he reminds. "And did you get a chance to read the one I brought you in the infirmary?"

"I will not laugh," he promises, utterly serious. "And I will teach you to ride. It is not so difficult," he decides. "And you have already begun developing the muscles necessary to do so," he notes, nodding his head toward Nymionth. No, a dragon is not a runner. Not even close. But gripping with his thighs? Balancing and adjusting to a new way of moving? Very similar. "That can wait, however. I doubt the weyrlingmasters will allow us to ride runners, or ski down mountains," he adds with a pointed look to F'inn, "until we are near to, or having just, graduated." And he's perfectly fine waiting. "A… a story?" For a moment, he is entirely uncertain about what is being asked, though he answers the last with, "I… did…" with the sort of awkward, side-ways glance as to suggest he found it just as enjoyable as expected. Yasminath? Totally asleep during all of that, and therefore entirely confused as to what they are discussing now. « I like stories… » and yet, she has gotten the distinct impression that this particular story will not be told to her.

F'inn's smile broadens at the response, pale brows rising and falling in a suggestive lilt. "It was a good one, right? Did you notice the cover?" Cause seriously, the two riders on the cover? They looked exactly like F'inn and K'zre. "Just sayin. And yes, K'zre. I seem to remember you agreeing to read me a story." Pausing a beat, he slants a glance at Yasminath and his smile warms. "One that Yasminath would enjoy will suffice." He'll collect on the other the first chance that he gets, though. "Eh.. It won't be that much longer," he sighs. "Despite the fact that it feels like the rest of our lives. Soon enough we'll be cut loose to do as we please." Course, while Nymionth is listening, he's relaxed and soaking up the affection that surrounds him.

A soft clearing of his throat comes before K'zre admits, "It was," and "I did." Though he won't make mention of the likeness found. Oh, he noticed. But to put himself in the book, to put himself into the story with F'inn as the protagonist… It is more than he can handle. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that it is more than Yasminath can handle. Already there's a bubbling curiosity and a whisper of confusion, and the press of her snout against K'zre's knee because she hates being left out of things. "Ahh…" because yup. Now he's remember, and possibly regretting, that agreement. "Alright. But… not in the barracks." This has suddenly become something that Kez would like to keep private. Not because he is embarrassed at the idea, but because… it is something just between them. It is the mention of how very /short/ weyrlinghood is, in comparison to life, that has him dropping his gaze and offering a shallow nod of his head. "I know. But there are… things that I don't want to consider yet." He'd rather linger in this moment, than consider how quickly the next will come.

F'inn is perfectly content with leaving this between them and the accord is given with an easy nod of his head. "I think that enjoying this time is important, to," F'inn agrees in quiet tones. "But!" Rolling forward, he rummages through the basket, pulling out a book of children's fables and holding out for Yasminath to see. "I brought this, Yasminath. It's a book of stories. If you like, I'll read one to you after we eat?" He's all about spoiling the pretty little green. With both Nymointh and K'zre enormed of her? How could he not love her. "There are some good ones," he assures. "And I know there is one in here about a bunny." Fortunately, he brought more then enough food for them to linger out here as long as they like.

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