Drake's Lake - High Plains
The high plains here rise to the Southern Barrier Range from the shores of Drake's Lake, which can be seen shimmering in the distance to the north. Wild and rough, somewhat arid, the rocks, scrub brush and waist-high grasses whispering dryly in the prevailing winds do little to obscure the untamed beauty of the shining snow-clad mountains rising to the south. Numerous beasts, those native to Pern an well as those brought by the colonists, flourish here. Bovine, both wild and feral graze the plentiful grasses along with feral runners, shaggy-haired porcine root the hard ground with deadly tusks, turning over the soil for new growth, which is inturn picked over by flocks of wherries. Overhead solitary raptors ride the wind while in hidden ravines, rocky streams, winding around boulders provide water and shelter for other creatures.

Away from the islands in the centre of Drake's Lake and further inland down the plains and where the sparse settlements built for those few families who tend to Fort's backup herds here in the south are the untamed jungles. Within these jungles is a modest dwelling and it's here that Jajen has claimed her new "home". Where else does she have to go? Ask the few who live here about the goldrider and they'll simply shrug their shoulders. Its only been a few days since Iaverulth and Jajen were banished from the Weyr but they folk here will say that the goldrider has hardly said a word and they've left her to her own for now. Today, in the late afternoon sun, Iaverulth has curled up just by the tree-line of the jungles, head tucked against her crossed forelimbs as she basks in the southern heat. Jajen is no where to be found but presumedly she's hidden away in her new housing which can be accessed from a narrow path leading through the trees.

During those few days plenty has been going on back at Fort, comings and goings and the like. Niumdreoth appears from between, a bugle from the large brown sent to the area while he soars overhead, large wings stretching out to catch the air that greets him there. Abigail is settled upon her dragon's shoulders and the two are moving over the area looking for someone it seems. The brown is carrying boxes, packages and the like for the gold and her rider that are out here it seems. Well the pair are still part of Fort and they wanted to make sure they had everything that needed after all. Niumdreoth catches sight of Iaverulth and turns, swooping downwards and soon landing with a slight hoping to his step before he slowly moves forward. A soft croon escaping him to the gold. « Good afternoon Iaverulth. » This said with his best purr of a tone.

Iaverulth lifts her head when she catches a snippet of Niumdreoth's bugle over the winds. Her nose lifts and she "scents" the air, her eyes whirling faster with sparks of yellow and red. Even when the brown lands, the gold has risen to a half-crouch, looking defensive and wary. « … Good afternoon, Niumdreoth. You are far from home. » she greets back tentatively, her voice silvery and chiming like bells in the otherwise empty void of her mind. « Why have you come here? »

Abigail gives her dragon a soft pat as she undoes straps and is hoping down after a moment, her gaze drifting over the area, and to Iaverulth at the position she is taking. Though she will let Nium speak and deal with the dear gold while she stands quietly, merely watching. « I have not come to cause you problems Iaverulth. » Niumdreoth offers and there is even a bow of his head seen, he is calm and collective while his swirling gave rests upon the gold. « We have brought you and yours items from home. May mine speak with you rider? »

Iaverulth doesn't spare a single glance to Abigail as she dismounts. Her attention is on Niumdreoth and her tense posture relaxes as she sighs gustily. No, she trusts the brown and while she doesn't recall it too well, part of her remembers that he was once cunning enough to catch her in flight. « That you come bearing such kind offerings will be remembered, » she tells him as a thank you. His offerings are satisfactory! Iaverulth's next answer is a long time in being spoken and the gold's head swings briefly to the pathway leading into the trees. She shifts restlessly and rumbles uneasily. « She can try but I cannot guarantee that she is too keen on guests. »

Niumdreoth did indeed catch Iaverulth during a flight, he croons out as she seems to agree to the offerings that have been brought. To the point that Abigail is busy undoing the ropes so the crates and now on the ground. The large brown shifts forwards lightly as he settles there upon the ground his tail curling to his side and wings tucked close to his side. « She will try. I will stay here and speak with you during their talk then. » Abigail brushes her hands off and turns heading down the path to look about for where Jajen may near the end of such path. The Wingleader isn't looking forward to this talk, but she might as well get going with it.

Iaverulth seems surprised when Niumdreoth settles nearby but the pale gold does not chase him off. It'll take her awhile to settle down again, edgy and likely half from her rider's suspicions. Jajen's been informed of Abigail's arrival and there is a soft whuffle from the gold. « She can follow that path then. » As for conversation, Iaverulth will answer politely but she has never been one to talk much and if Niumdreoth pushes too much the gold will answer only in blackness and emptiness. Abigail's search won't be a difficult one. The path leads up to a modest cottage set in a small clearing. Jajen must be inside as the goldrider is nowhere outside. The windows are open to allow a breeze inside but the door remains closed.

Niumdreoth still has a connection to some degree with Iaverulth, maybe because they are both from Fort, or the fact that he did win that flight. Either way he will not push the matter and is only there to offer some comfort if she wishes to take it. He is also not a big talker. His mind is calm, snow covered forest with a few stars twinkling within the sky. There is a soft rumble while he nods to the answer given from Iaverulth. Abigail continues on the path up to the cottage which she eyes a moment before giving the door a slight knock. She ponders if it will be answered or not now that she is here.

Iaverulth does enjoy Niumdreoth's company. For all her rebelliousness and disgraceful behaviour, she is a social creature and is already beginning to pine and miss her 'home' and the company of her kin. She is not daring enough to challenge her banishment though. Not yet (if ever). Up at the cottage, Abigail's knock isn't answered. Come on! Did she expect it to be so easy? The door is open though and it doesn't seem to latch properly, popping open a slight crack from Abigail's touch.

Niumdreoth will hang around as long as his rider does at the moment, though who knows the brown may come back later on for a visit if able as well. Abigail could hope for such a thing, couldn't she? As the door pops open she eyes it a moment before slowly pushing the door open and looks inside. "Jajen..?" Is questioned after a moment, she doesn't want to just wander right in after all.

Abigail is greeted by a rustic interior that is lit only by the light filtering in from the windows. It's dim but not so dark as to make it impossible to see. The few pieces of furniture are simple and roughly made, likely from inexperienced hands rather than those of a master. They serve their purpose well though and its on one of the cushioned chairs that Jajen has tucked herself in tightly. She doesn't get up, only eyeing Abigail as the Wingleader comes walking in with as much wariness and suspicion as Iaverulth first greeted Niumdreoth. "Why…" Jajen begins in a voice that is hoarse and thick and there's a hesitant pause as though she is rethinking her words. "Are you here?"

Abigail pauses as she hears the voice and loks to Jajen now. She lifts a brow slightly before a soft breath escapes her and she points back the way she came. "I brought fresh supplies from Fort.. We wanted to make sure ye have everything ye needed out here." She has never held a good relationship with Jajen, they talk if needed and well flight things. Though honestly Abbey isn't the biggest talker if they where to get right down to it.

Jajen is instantly sceptical and her glare says as much. "How kind of you," she mutters, voice dripping with dry sarcasm. She's still tucked away on her chair, making no effort whatsoever to greet Abigail or offer her anything. "So what's the catch? Hmm?" What is she really here for?

Abigail smirks a bit while watching Jajen, a slight shake of her head seen. "There is no catch Jajen." A faint breath escapes her at the thought. "If'nn ye want the help while I'm here I can get some stuff in here for ye." Abbey is attemping to be nice here. She feels a bit bad for what happened, even though given /what/ took place between Jajen and the rest it was the only outcome that could honestly happen. At leat for now. Also, if she had something to say she would have came forth and said it. Luckly, no she doesn't know (yet) about Jajen and Ha'ze or words could have possibly been flying.

Jajen remains skeptical and her narrowed eyes remain fixed on Abigail. "Yeah, right. Iaverulth told me that Niumdreoth had some cargo. You don't have to bring it but I won't stop you either if you feel you've got to do this… act of kindness. As you can see," One of her hands lifts to flick to indicate the rustic and modest cottage. "I've been setup with lodgings." She won't bring up what occurred between her and Ha'ze simply because she's not aware Abigail is the one he referred to.

Abigail lets her pale gaze settle on Jajen, they narrow a touch. "Honestly Jajen.." She says with a shake of her head while a soft breath escapes her. "I am making sure then several from the wing will be around to keep a close eye on the area." There is stil the threat from Ustrr and his group after all.

"Honestly, what?" Jajen parrots back at her and smirks. "Out with it, Wingleader or don't bother. You mean well, I guess, by bringing that stuff here but as you can see I'm fine and not really much for guests right now." She's just turned her head to gaze out the window when something Abigail says has her looking back at her sharply. "Why? Did the Weyrleaders put you to that task? Going to babysit me, are you?" Uh oh. Ustrr and his men are still in the north and have never ventured to the southern continent or anywhere near Drake's Lake. At least not by the recent reports that Jajen was able to read! So immediately her suspicions are ignited again.

Abigail glowers at Jajen a few moments. "I'm not going to babysit you Jajen. Though like everyone else we want to make sure everything stays quiet and there are no issues out here." Of course Ustrr isn't this far, though she doesn't want to take chances thank you. "They won't be staying, they will come through and make sure the place is safe that is all." She turns with a sift breath escaping her. "If ye rather they don't come to speak now and I'll tell them not to bother with anything." There something left in her hands perhaps. "I'm on my way back to Fort. Any messages or anyone ye want me to tell anything too?" Now she gets to play messager if Jajen so feels the need it seems.

Jajen snorts but doesn't lash out again at Abigail though her eyes watch her cautiously. "Iaverulth and I are supposed to oversee that," she mutters stubbornly and sounds almost offended that Abigail is suggesting she cannot do even these simple tasks. Not that Jajen seems to have done much of anything since being banished here. Surely she knew that there are sweeps done occasional here? Or has the goldrider never bothered to pay attention (probably not). "Let them come if they want. I can handle their judgement!" she scoffs and as for messages? Jajen laughs in a brittle way at that offer. "Y'think anyone gives a wherry-ass about me back in Fort? No, I don't have anyone to write to and even if I did, Iaverulth can reach or I'd send a firelizard. I don't need anything, alright?" Yes she does but Jajen's too much of a brat and still nursing her "wounds" in being exiled to accept help right now.

Abigail turns and gives Jajen a pointed look, she smirks and then offers her a bow while still watching her. "So be it.." She won't offer it again that is for certain. She makes her way outside. "Y'd be surprized Jajen, yer still a Fortian. Have a good afternoon." She won't look back to the other and is heading out of the place as soon as possible.

Jajen says nothing and just glares at Abigail's retreating form and while it doesn't show, the goldrider does regret chasing the Wingleader away. Regret always tastes so bitter to the young goldrider and it only lowers her mood again as she's left to brood and sulk alone. Such is her choice and her payment for her behaviour! She has a very painful and rough lesson to learn. Iaverulth, however, is clearly disappointed and knows now with Abigail chased off, Niumdreoth will be going too. « She does not mean it. Her words are cruel and sharp but empty. A poor shield to cover her wounds. » she tells him by way of apology for how his rider was treated. « I did warn you though that mine was not feeling well towards guests. »

Niumdreoth is quiet while his rider makes sure the cargo nets are tucked out of the way, no need getting tangled in them. Though with that Abigail is indeed leaving, her task done and her attempt to be friendly as well. A soft rumble escapes Niumdreoth and he lowers his head to actually send a faint nosing to Iaverulth before he is turning and leaping into the air. « It is alright. Mine understands that yours is upset. With time perhaps yours will be more open for guests. She is not so alone that no one will not seek her out. Nor you Iaverulth. » He may be leaving now, but he will return later when his rider is busy or asleep. A bugle escapes the brown before he disappears between heading home to Fort.