Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the center of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

Kimmila walks into the training complex beside Th'ero, the bluerider pulling on her gloves and adjusting the riding belt around her waist. "I know," she's saying, mid-conversation to the Weyrleader, "but as long as we're going around, might as well see if there's a weyrling or two we can take with us, right? They need to learn the locations anyway. Then maybe they can teach them to the others…sort of a ripple effect of knowledge." The morning is clear and cool (so far), though the pattern of weather promises showers in the afternoon and a continuation of the sea of mud that squelches throughout the bowl and really irritates Wiyaneth. Varmiroth, though, doesn't seem to mind as he pads after his lifemate, rumbling and eager to be off. His wounds have healed to thin scars that will likely fade over time but never go away, and he is eager to be cleared for flying again.

As'tre had spent a good amount of time on punishment duty with Zeltenith after that fiasco with him trying to fly out of the Weyr the moment he achieved liftoff for the first time, though fortunately it wasn't too bad. It's not like they were beaten with sticks or anything. As'tre had been determined to get their 'sentence' shortened with good behavior, at least on his part, and he's been able to at least get Zeltenith more interested in behaving himself. The bronze is penitent, most likely due to constant reminders, and has also made an effort. For now. The two of them are working together, fitting together an overlarge puzzle that As'tre carved in his free time to help them with visualization. The weyrling is blindfolded, the bronze peering over at the pieces to guide him towards putting it together. It was originally a wooden carving of Tillek Hold, so the more the puzzle was put together, the more the bronze got to see somewhere he's never been, even though he can see the image in As'tre's mind.

Th'ero is walking along beside Kimmila when he isn't trying to dodge some of the deeper puddles of water and thicker patches of mud. Eventually he just gives up and slogs through it all with a faint grimace. Could be his grimace too is one of thought as he ponders over the discussion between him and his Weyrmate. "When you put it that way, I suppose there isn't any harm in it…" he mutters, while behind him Velokraeth snorts and whuffles, bringing up the rear as he lumbers awkwardly behind Varmiroth. Walking on the ground has never been easy for the pale bronze as his stunted form is NOT made for grace when dragons are already awkward enough. The Weyrleader rolls his eyes, "Velokraeth agrees. And says he spots a likely Weyrling already." Th'ero lifts his gloved hand then to point to where As'tre and Zeltenith work and smirks crookedly, eyeing Kimmila first and then looking over his shoulder to his lifemate. Really? Really. Velokraeth only rumbles again to confirm this and to Varmiroth as well. The blue agrees, right?

Varmiroth agrees, yes. No doubt about it. Stopping, the blue turns to nuzzle the larger bronze, affection and brotherly love tight between these two. Kimmila spots As'tre as well, and she pauses before she grins. "Sure! Why not. As'tre!" she calls as she approaches, gesturing for Th'ero to join her. "Ready for your first between lesson?" She stops though when she finally notices he's busy with something else, peering curiously at the puzzle they're working on. "Shards, that's brilliant," she compliments softly. And then she goes quiet, because interrupting a man at work is rude.

Zeltenith turns as soon as the others approach and croons a greeting to them, though his new change of perspective causes As'tre to fumble the piece of wood he's holding and drop it, complaining. "Zelt, we were still trying to… oh, hello sir, ma'am." he lifts up the blindfold and peeks out at them, then stands up, brushing off his pants and pulling off the blindfold completely, stuffing it in his pocket. At Kimmila's words, though, Zeltenith perks up immediately, eyes whirling fast, and he snorts in excitement, nudging As'tre. "Ah…. between? Already? Uh oh, you're never gonna get him to stay here now…." As'tre jokes, but he looks a little strained, worried. "Yeah, I think we should before he figures it out himself…."

Th'ero follows Kimmila and comes to stand beside her as he too peers curiously at the puzzle game and coming to the same conclusion as the bluerider about it. "Brilliant and not the usual tools. Did you make this, As'tre or did one of the other Weyrlings?" he asks, not as quietly since Zeltenith has already become alert to their approach. With his arms clasped behind his back, the Weyrleader listens and observes As'tre's reaction to Kimmila's offer and he focuses sharply on the Weyrling. "Have you been cleared by M'icha, then in your testing?" Something in the bronzerider's tone hints that his answer best be a 'yes' or they'll have issues. At least, issues for as long as it takes the Weyrleader to discuss things with the Weyrlingmaster and have them overridden.

Kimmila grimaces slightly in apology when their arrival messes up the puzzle. "Sorry about that," she murmurs. "That's a really, really good idea," she adds, nodding down to it. She's about to ask after its origins when Th'ero beats her to it, and she just smiles at him. Then her eyes shift thoughtfully to the bronze, and she laughs, though there's a note of seriousness there too. "No, we don't want him trying to do it on his own…" she murmurs. "Hopefully you have, because we're about to head out to Boll and wanted a weyrling pair to join us." Inviting As'tre along on a romantic outing perhaps? Hardly. Are these two ever romantic? Tugging on her gloves, Kimmila grins at the rider and then at the bronze, thoughtful.

"Oh, uh, I made this myself…. the Weyrlingmaster said we should work on our er… working together thing, so I decided to make this. Zeltenith wants to be able to see the picture, you see, so it's a good goal for him to aim towards and keeps him interested." at the question, As'tre nods and salutes. "Yes, sir!"

They hardly appear as a romantic couple, but Th'ero may give a little hint when he finally unclasps his hands and slips one arm loosely around Kimmila's waist. "Brilliant," he echoes again as he glances down to the bluerider beside him. "…Wonder if we shouldn't look into implementing puzzles like that as actual exercises." he muses before pulling his attention back to the task at hand. "Good! You had me worried there for a moment that perhaps you hadn't been cleared…" And then there would be awkward! "Looks like we've found our Weyrling, Kimmila. Any last advice for him before he takes his first trip to Boll?" Because THAT doesn't sound ominous at all! Last advice? Sheesh, the Weyrleader could have used better words!

Kimmila is still staring down at the puzzle. "Mind if I steal your idea? Have a bunch of these made for Weyrlings to work with in future classes?" She nods up at Th'ero with a smile. "I was thinking the same thing. I think it's a brilliant idea." Then she eyes him, giving him a little nudge. "I'm always full of advice. It's never my /last/ advice." Eye. Grinning though, she turns to look at As'tre. "Just stay focused." How comforting. "Want to go get ready and we'll meet you back out here in a few minutes?" Varmiroth croons softly to Zeltenith, tail swishing the ground behind him as he opens his thoughts to both bronzes, beginning to compose an artist's depiction of Boll. Only there is no flair for this image. It is perfect.

"So long as I don't have to carve them all! This was a lot of work, hahaha… er, well, if you need me to I would, but I only carve for a hobby, not so much professionally." when asked to get ready, he nods, then looks towards Zeltenith, who's already headed towards the barracks where straps are located. "Heh he's more ready than I am it seems!"

Th'ero chuckles, "So'l is a woodcarver too but I don't think we'd drop something like that on either of your shoulders." he murmurs reassuringly to Kimmila, though he flashes the bluerider a faint grin. "You could draw up the plans though? Sketch a few ideas for the woodcrafters posted here. I'm sure there's a few of them up for the task." And skilled enough for such details! He grunts slightly for the nudge and is slightly perplexed. What? "Best catch up to him As'tre. We'll be waiting here. Dress appropriately too!" Velokraeth has come to rest by Varmiroth, the bronze looking far too smugly amused over something as he waits there and his mind opens up to the blue's image, linking in with Zeltenith as well.

Kimmila shakes her head with a laugh. "Oh no, we'll get the Woodcrafters to make them. But…I want to steal your idea. Thanks!" When the bronze heads off so eagerly, the bluerider grins. "We'll be here." She leans against Th'ero and grins up at him, tapping her skull. "Great minds think alike, wingmate. If he gets me those sketches I'll send them to the woodcrafters." Varmiroth rumbles back at Velokraeth, eager to be off, his mind vibrating with energy.

The two are gone only long enough for As'tre to attach the straps around Zeltenith's neck, get into his own riding gear, and to give both a hasty inspection before they hurry out, the bronze visibly fidgeting. He comes out and salutes to both of them again, standing next to Zeltenith as he waits for further orders.

"So they do," Th'ero agrees as he grins back to Kimmila, nodding his head. "It's too good of an idea to let it pass. Hopefully it won't be long before you can get those sketches…" Velokraeth chuffs in amusement at seeing not only Zeltenith but Varmiroth both filled with energy. The pale stunted bronze is the complete opposite, looking calm and collected. However, that could all be a ruse! One never knows with Velokraeth. Returning the salute, Th'ero will let his arm slip from Kimmila's side as he steps back. "All ready, then? Kimmila, Varmiroth is still sharing the image? Good. As'tre, mount up and buckle in. Have Zeltenith take the image from Varmiroth and be sure you BOTH understand where we must go. Kimmila, you're flying point and lead, As'tre you are to follow behind her." He will take the rear, it seems. "Seeing as we're a small group, we'll fly echelon formation. Understood?"

Kimmila returns the salute with a grin, and she nods to Th'ero before moving to Varmiroth's side, giving the blue a gentle nudge. "Relax," she mutters, to which he just rumbles. No. The bluerider lets Th'ero take charge of this part, since he /is/ the Weyrleader. "Yes, sir," she says formally but with a grin. Not teasing - it's genuine! - but not stiff either. Varmiroth continues to project the image to both dragons, waiting for Zeltenith to share it back with him, scrutinizing the bronze's visualization for any errors. Mounting up, Kimmila buckles in and turns, waiting for the others.

"Yes sir! You hear that, Zeltenith? No going off on your own!" As'tre sternly frowns at the bronze, who gives his most innocent expression right back. Who, him? Sighing a little, he mounts up, buckling himself in and then pulling on his gloves, and both of them turn to look at Kimmila and Varmiroth, waiting for their cue. As they receive the image, As'tre makes SURE that Zeltenith is thinking the same one and has him send it back.

Th'ero gives Kimmila a funny look when she 'yes, sirs' him, but realizing it was genuine and not stiff leaves him nodding his head and smiling to the bluerider. One that he extends to As'tre as the Weyrling chimes in as well. "Good! Lets get going then. Only so much time we have to get our business done in Boll!" Whatever that may be? Velokraeth rumbles now, a touch impatient as the Weyrleader continues to linger while checking his straps. He keeps sending side glances to As'tre and Zeltenith. Second thoughts? Maybe but it's too late now. Mounting up and buckling in, Th'ero signals to Kimmila to take her place as lead. He may be Weyrleader, but he's given her the task of 'Leader' for the flight to the skies and the jump Between to Boll. Velokraeth steps back, unfurling his broad and massive wings of spun copper-red and golden-bronze. Shall we?

Varmiroth waits until they're all ready before he crouches and springs into the sky with a joyful bugle. Circling higher he waits for the others to join him, confirms their location again and then vanishes *between*.

As'tre gives Zeltenith the signal, and the bronze is up in the air almost before the blue's more than a few lengths up. Of course, his huge wings help a great deal with this, and after making sure he's got the right image, and that Velokraeth is behind them, As'tre sends him *between* after Varmiroth.

Velokraeth springs aloft once Zeltenith has taken to the skies after Varmiroth. Wings sweep in powerful strokes and the bronze slips right into formation as though it was effortless. He knows the image well but he holds it firm through the shared link between the blue and young bronze. An extra boost of confidence! As'tre and Zeltenith are in good hands for this jump Between. Varmiroth goes first, then Zeltenith and last Velokraeth. The same order should occur as they all appear over Southern Boll and once they're in the warmer and more humid air, the pale bronze lets a cheerful warble escape him. Well, that wasn't so bad, now was it! « How is you and your rider fairing? » Velokraeth calls out to Zeltenith, hooking Varmiroth into the conversation as he does.

Varmiroth emerges and peers behind him as he flies slow and steady above the bustling hold below, rumbling in relieved pleasure when there seems to be no incidents. Right?

« Excellently! We are somewhere else now! Something new! » the bronze is way overexcited about this, bugling loudly as he looks around avidly, and As'tre grins, thumping his side. Hopefully this will calm him down and not make him want to go off on his own.

Th'ero breathes a heavy sigh of relief when As'tre and Zeltenith appear ahead of him. Safe and whole! The Weyrleader is pleased and he signals 'well done' to the Weyrling pair before adding a different signal to Kimmila. Orders to the bluerider for her to proceed! « You've both done well for your first assisted jump Between! Soon you will be able to go where you please. » Velokraeth rumbles to the young bronze. Soon! But not yet.

« But not yet, » is Varmiroth's interjection as he begins to circle down. « Keep in formation, we will land down there, » he instructs, the small and nimble blue swooping down to land neatly in a clearing set aside for just this purpose. Dismounting, Kimmila stores her riding gear and stretches with a grin as she waits for the men to join her.

Zeltenith is taking his own sweet time landing, circling widely as he takes a gander at the scenery. Judging by As'tre's expression, he's getting bombarded by questions that half the time the bronze answers himself. Eventually, the two land near Varmiroth, and As'tre follows her lead, which is good because Boll is hot no matter what time of the year it is.

Velokraeth will almost impatiently nudge mentally at Zeltenith when the young bronze takes his sweet time at landing! They're to keep formation, so the older bronze has to follow along behind until the other lands. Down they spiral and back winging to land, Velokraeth rumbles deep in satisfaction. Th'ero unbuckles and dismounts, storing his helmet, googles, gloves and riding jacket within the lower pouches on the straps before he strides over to join Kimmila and As'tre. "Well done, As'tre! How was it?"

Kimmila approaches the others as well - converging on As'tre - and smiles. "Nicely done!" You didn't die, congratulations! There is no 'almost' in between. "Shall we? Think we should talk to the Steward, wingmate? Or try and find the Lord or Lady?" She peers around the morning hold, with folks bustling on their tasks and a few pausing to peer at the dragons - two bronzes? and that blue thing - and salute before hustling on.

"Oh, uh…. what are we supposed to do here? I mean it wasn't just for our lesson, so…." As'tre should've asked that before he left! Now people will wonder what that one bronzerider is doing. "It was great! I mean, obviously I've been *between* before, but this was my first time going alone… with Zeltenith of course."

Isn't that oh so comforting? Do this right or die. Th'ero keeps the congratulations to a minimum and as he turns to glance towards the Hold's courtyard, he catches those few folk wandering by the stare and keeps his expression carefully schooled as he dips his head politely to them. Nothing to see here, carry on with your work! Just two bronzes and a blue (who's just as important!). "Steward, I believe, Wingmate? Our task isn't so urgent or important that we need to seek an audience with the Lord and Lady. Especially not on such short notice." he murmurs with a smirk to the bluerider before turning his attention back to As'tre. "It's quite the experience to go Between with your own lifemate. As for our business here… we can't tell you the details but this will be a good exercise for you on how to behave in a Hold when you are all cleared to Between on your own." And Pern becomes theirs to explore!

Kimmila just winks at As'tre, and that's all the reply he gets from her. Thankfully Th'ero is a bit more elaborate. "Right then, let's go," she says, leading the way with long strides towards the hold, into the courtyard and up through the big double doors. They're open to invite the sea breezes, Boll built as an airy hold to do just that - light and air are treasured here. Just inside, the bluerider peers around and gestures to a drudge. "We're from Fort Weyr, is your Steward available?" With a dip of his head and an 'I'll go see, ma'am', the boy rushes off.

As'tre follows selfconsciously. After all, he's just a weyrling still, and he's got people showing HIM respect. That's new. He nods in response to the explanation, scanty as it is. It isn't really his business, he's still learning how to not shame the Weyr right now. "Yes, sir." he falls silent, watching the drudge go off, and shrugs. He'll just observe.

Th'ero gestures for As'tre to step forwards and he will slip in alongside Kimmila, placing the bluerider between them. Into the Hold they go and if the Weyrling was self-conscious then, well… he may get a little more? The holders all nod their heads respectfully as they pass by, no matter of rank. There a few murmured greetings, which Th'ero answers in some cases. As'tre may even find himself the subject of a few wistful stares and looks from some of the more daring holder girls. That has the Weyrleader chuckling under his breath until Kimmila is asking the drudge to send for the Steward. Now it's time to be a little more serious. "Our business here shouldn't take too long, As'tre. Do you remember your lessons in etiquette?" Th'ero asks in a low voice. A quick check before that Steward arrives and no doubt lays on the formalities.

Kimmila is flanked by bronzeriders. Sexy. Stopping inside she waits patiently until the Steward arrives - a tall, thin man in fine but not extravagant clothes. "Boll's duties to Fort and her queens! To what do we owe this visit?" he asks, tipping his head and half bowing to all the riders, though his main focus is on Th'ero.

As'tre is taken aback, though by the way he's returning some of the looks, well, that's not his fault, nope, not one bit. He shifts in place when the Steward shows up, and starts paying attention here, and not to flirty holder girls.

Th'ero gives As'tre another lingering look and before the Steward returns, he will lean back to whisper in a warning tone to the bronze weyrling. "Not until you've cleared the flight lecture." Yet it's not a true warning, since the Weyrleader is half-smirking, half-grinning then. Poor, poor Weyrling. Is this a test or is it torture? One of those girls is giving As'tre the once over and that may have been a saucy little wink. Or was it for Th'ero? … surely not Kimmila? Kimmila is probably a source of envy! The Steward arrives and Th'ero dips his head in formal respect and returns the half-bow as well. "Fort's duties to Southern Boll. How goes the summer season? Crops fairing well? Any issues?" he asks in a polite tone. "Ah, yes. Wingrider Kimmila," Th'ero gestures to the bluerider. "And Weyrling As'tre are joining me today on a rather simple task. We just wanted to drop off this letter here, to be passed on to your Lord and Lady Holder when the chance permits. You may read it as well, if you so wish."

Kimmila pulls the letter from a pocket and passes it over with a smile. "It's in regards to something we'd like to do with our Weyrlings - with the Hold's permission of course." Glancing over at As'tre, she winks at the poor boy. Drug along on an errand he can't even be told about? How lame. She then spots some of those holder girls, and gives them a little kissy face while the Steward is looking down at the letter. Flirting can be fun.

As'tre clears his throat at the little 'warning' from Th'ero, and eyeshifts at him and Kimmila. Oh yeah, of course, he knows the rules. But looking's fine, right? He turns his gaze firmly away from the girls with a faint blush, looking to the Steward with the letter instead.

Th'ero coughs a little and gives As'tre a sharp and significant look. Your manners, boy! The Steward is looking expectantly towards the Weyrling, having not heard a single peep from the young man. Luckily he's distracted when Kimmila hands the letter over and holding it curiously between his fingers, he glances between the Weyrleader and Wingrider. "No issues of late, Sir. And the spring has favoured us well. Southern Boll prospers well this Turn." he says with easy pride. "I'll see to it that this is delivered promptly then." Make no mistake, the Steward is itching to open that letter but some instinct of his is telling him to save that for behind doors. "Is there anything else I can help you with? Some food perhaps or a drink?" Ever the host! Th'ero glances towards Kimmila and As'tre both, though the Weyrleader looks hesitant. More to do, perhaps?

Kimmila smiles warmly at the Steward, shaking her head. "Our thanks for your hospitality, but we must be returning to the weyr. Thank you," she says, dipping her head respectfully and glancing at As'tre. Speak up!

"Ah… Fort's duties." As'tre blurts out after the look from Th'ero. Yeah, he totally remembered, or at least, he hopes he did. Right, he's totally failing at this, he's not used to being anyone important yet.

If Th'ero could, he'd likely give As'tre a slight smack upside the head for that little blunder but the Weyrleader keeps his hands at his side and his temper in check. The Steward however looks pleased both by the Weyrling's (belated) greeting and Kimmila's respectful decline of hospitality. "Another time then, perhaps. Fort Weyr riders are always welcomed! Take care and clear skies! Safe flight home." With that, the man half-bows again and excuses himself, turning to briskly stride back down the hall. "That went well." Th'ero mutters, giving another look to As'tre. "Come along, then. We've best get back to the Weyr."

Kimmila laughs at As'tre, and it's not unkind. She understands! Truly. "Thank you," she says to the Steward, turning and giving As'tre a nudge. "Not bad, at least you didn't break anything?" she teases, winking at Th'ero as she leads the way out.

"Thank you." As'tre hastily adds, wilting a little. Yeah, he totally messed up. Too busy looking at girls, whoops. "Eh… I at least know better than that…"

"Part of being a rider is learning to focus. Most of the time your duty here won't allow for any, ah… recreation." Th'ero drawls. "Just a quick visit to deliver or answer a summons or what have you and you're gone. So you need to be quick with your greetings. Formal if necessary or semi-formal even." Following after Kimmila, the Weyrleader snorts. "Yes. At least nothing was broken and no serious political blundering made. You've done well, compared to some in the past." Not that it was the fault of those weyrlings! Gold Hill Hold was… corrupt at the time.
Kimmila snorts. "No recreation. Right," she drawls, /eying/ Th'ero and then giving him a wink. "You did just fine, As'tre. No problems at all. Let's hop on back home okay?" Out and back to the dragons, Kimmila climbs up into the straps and buckles in, pulling on her riding gear and having Varmiroth share the image with the others - but it's home, they've drilled it a thousand times.

As'tre sighs and shakes his head. He's going to have to work harder! He can't shame the Weyr like that! He follows them out, then mounts up on Zeltenith. Yeah, he knows the image of Fort, and so does Zeltenith… though the bronze seems to be a little disgruntled that they're going back ALREADY.

There wasn't any shaming, per say but it could have happened! Luckily for As'tray, Th'ero and Kimmila had too tempting a distraction for the Steward to take true notice of how quiet the weyrling was until the very end. Done is done and all is well! Velokraeth rumbles as his rider comes into view, already crouching down so that the Weyrleader can mount up and buckle in. « Varmiroth, if you would take lead again? Zeltenith, you're to follow. Same formation as before. Let's go home! » The pale bronze relays to both bronze and blue and like before the image is sent. One they all know so very well! Th'ero gives the signal and Velokraeth will launch up into the skies after the others, gaining enough altitude before he vanishes Between.

Varmiroth soars upwards, checking the location once more with both bronzes before he leads them between, emerging over Fort weyr the center bowl…

And meanwhile, all the way over at Tillek, a weyrling bronze and his rider appear over the ocean. As'tre is not pleased.

As'tre is about to get a whole new definition of 'not pleased' in a few moments. Out pops Varmiroth and a few seconds later out pops Velokraeth. The pale bronze warbles in surprise. He's ahead of Zeltenith? How'd that happen? Three seconds… Four… Five… Six… Th'ero has gone rigid in his straps, knuckles white under the gloves they grip so tightly as dread lances through his body. Any moment now he expects to hear that dreadful keen and Velokraeth veers sharply, twisting midair as he circles to face the way they've come. The bronze's eyes are whirling a mixture of yellow and red. « Zeltenith? » His mind reaches out to Varmiroth, roiling with concern and fear, dread and anxiousness making his usual sweet and mellow wine-like thoughts turn sour and sharp like vinegar as it expands further. That's the first call. The second is more of a "yell" that broadcasts further. « Zeltenith! Where are you! Answer me! » Some of the dragons in the Weyr, including the watch dragon warble out in curiosity. They may not 'hear' the message but they get some of Velokraeth's agitated feedback. What's going on out there?

Varmiroth turns nimbly on a wingtip to soar back to Velokraeth, the blue's mind linked tightly with the bronze's, though Varmiroth has never been able to project very far. All he can do is hover, Kimmila as rigid as Th'ero and as pale as Velokraeth as they wait.

As'tre just knows he's going to be in a lot of trouble for this, worse because it's messing around with Between, and everyone knows you can easily die that way. "ZELTENITH! What the shards are we doing HERE? It was just a puzzle, we're not supposed to be here!" he's pretty damn upset about this. Zeltenith hears an echo from Fort, and grumbles. « I wanted to see where YOU came from! »

Back in Fort Weyr, Velokraeth is damn well close to panicking, an emotion rarely felt in the bronze or his rider. Th'ero is so wrapped up in his concern and anxiety that he can't even be angry. By now several seconds have passed and a minute ticks by. No Weyrling, no sign of Zeltenith. Yet the dragons do not keen and that shred of hope is what keeps the Weyrleader focused. No keening means they're alive! Right? His mind reaches out to Varmiroth and winds around the blue's like an iron vice grip. He may need the blue's skills, after all! Most likely his support too. « Zeltenith! » Velokraeth makes one last mental push, a good forceful rush as he sweeps his mind out northward while physically he roars his frustration. Which only brings more curious and alarmed warbles and cries from down below and more dragons are coming out to their ledges to see.

Varmiroth tightens his mental link with the bronze, and down below Wiyaneth is one of the dragons to lift her head and roar in reply. Her mind links with Velokraeth's and Varmiroth's, an in an instant her dry summer winds are arcing across the planet, brushing against dragon minds until she finds… « Zeltenith. » She's not angry. She's calm. Very. Very. Calm. « Let me guide you home. » And an image is given.

This time, As'tre hears the echo through Zeltenith, and the former handyman is now angry at his own lifemate. "I don't care about that, we would have done that with permission if we just asked! Now! Get to Fort! That could have killed us, Zeltenith! What if you didn't see it properly when you tried that? We could have both died!" alarmed at the anger and fear from As'tre, and prompted by the mental image the weyrling is sending to him as well as the one from the other dragons from Fort, Zeltenith hurriedly goes *between*, finally appearing above the skies like he was supposed to.

Velokraeth does not struggle against Wiyaneth's mind joining his and Varmiroth's though the Weyrleader balks and cringes when he knows that Elara is aware now of the situation. Then at last the young bronze is found and brought home. Is it a loving and happy greeting he gets? Not… exactly. The moment Zeltenith appears in the skies, safe and whole, Velokraeth is suddenly soaring right for the pair, zipping right by Varmiroth as he does and it's not for hugs with the bronze! « WHERE have you been!? Do you have ANY idea of the fear and worry you've put us through! Of all the stupidest, most riskiest things you could have done! » That may be more Th'ero speaking through Velokraeth than the bronze himself but the message is clear and meant for both As'tre AND Zeltenith. « Land this INSTANT in the training complex! » That's an order! Velokraeth veers sharply away and then back again in a tight circle, intending to "guide" the bronze back.

Varmiroth hangs back. He is a small dragon and small dragons don't like it when big dragons run into them. So he lands after the others, wings flicking tightly against his sides while Kimmila dismounts. Wiyaneth is still there, mentally present, but she hangs back for the moment. She won't step in again unless she's needed.

Zeltenith is majorly alarmed as the older bronze rushes his way, and with both him AND As'tre angry at him, he meekly flies down, escorted by Velokraeth. He touches down, and when As'tre takes off his helmet and dismounts, it's clear from his expression that Zeltenith is getting a mental tonguelashing as well. Then As'tre winces, and turns to face his punishment. Zeltenith's definitely got a hangdog look about him as well.

Velokraeth will land once Zeltenith is on the ground and stays there and the pale bronze takes his place next to Varmiroth. Wings fold tight to his side but flick with agitation and the Weyrleader dismounts shortly afterwards. Helmet and goggles are pulled off as one, still held in his hands as he storms forwards. Kimmila is given a sharp look and then he's zeroing in on As'tre. "Explain!" he barks and while his tone is level and sharp, not exactly yelling, his eyes flash with anger and…relief? Odd mix of emotions but there you have it. M'icha has come out of the barracks as fast as his injured leg will allow but even the Weyrlingmaster hangs back for this.

Kimmila strides forward to stand beside Th'ero, frowning at As'tre and looking…disappointed. More that than anything else as she takes some calming breaths and color returns to her face.

As'tre gulps, and then fixes his gaze on the Weyrleader's…. knees. "I visualized Fort, but Zeltenith took us to Tillek instead. He wanted to see where I came from." he sounds a little bitter, and sighs. "He pulled the image from my mind, and got the idea from that stupid puzzle we were working on. I should have been firmer, he didn't want to go home yet and I should've known that. It's my fault, I'm sorry."

Th'ero's knees aren't terribly exiting but it's probably better than looking into his eyes right at this moment. If the expression he has frozen on his features is enough to stop M'icha in his tracks, well… probably best As'tre keep looking down. The Weyrleader listens, his body tense and hands clenched into tight fists at his sides. Like Kimmila, he too is trying to slow and calm his breathing, shake off that awful feel of dread that they'd lost the Weyrling pair Between… With the explanation given, he exhales heavily and some of that tension snaps as his shoulders drop. "You have no idea how sharding lucky you both are that BOTH of you were so damn familiar with Tillek as a visualization." he says, words clipped and stressed. Oh, he's still angry and disappointed in them! Which means… "And you both will face punishment for this. Sorry as you are and as much as you realize your mistake it doesn't change things!" M'icha has approached for this, as the Weyrlingmaster needs to hear the details and his expression is stoney and also disappointed. So disappointed! Glancing to Kimmila, Th'ero gathers himself and doles out As'tre's fate. "You and Zeltenith will resume your Between training with your fellow Weyrlings as normal by M'icha's schedule. Seeing as you enjoy zipping off, you will be assigned errands with Roc Wingriders for transport. Extra duties. If they find any fault with your visualization or if you veer slightly off course you will be knocked back to straight flight runs only until you build yourselves back up and prove that you have the restraint necessary to be trusted!"

Kimmila nods her head as Th'ero dolls out the punishment. She agrees with this completely. Make them work until they get it /right/. Restrictions will do nothing but make them rebellious at this point. She says nothing, but the look she gives to Th'ero speaks it all. Nice job.

As'tre droops after hearing the sentencing, and takes a deep breath, sighing and nodding. "Yes, sir. I will make sure nothing ELSE happens." meaningful glance at the bronze, who does appear suitably chastened by now. Hopefully this will last a while longer, given how As'tre was angry this time too.

It could have been worse? Th'ero could have restricted them from Betweening at all! It's still a difficult punishment to take but at least As'tre and Zeltenith retain their freedom… sort of. "See that you don't! You've two strikes against you. Neither of you want a third, I'm sure." he says and he lets that warning hang in the air. Taking another calming breath, the Weyrleader straightens and looks down at the Weyrling. "It's obvious that Zeltenith is a talented and well skilled bronze. And you've enough common sense in that head of yours too As'tre! You've the chance to be a formidable pair… Don't disappoint us again. Now. Go get Zeltenith's straps off and tend to him. He looks well chastised but despite his willfulness he DID get you safely home. Praise him for that at least." M'icha is still silent in the background, but he crosses his arms after jerking his head towards the barracks. Time to go back inside and likely suffer through a very long lecture about the dangers of Between. Again.

Kimmila stands beside Th'ero still, just nodding along and listening. Th'ero is the brains and she is the brawn today. Or something.

As'tre nods and goes to face the real punishment…. a M'icha lecture.

And Th'ero will also turn to leave, hooking his arm around Kimmila's waist as he seeks to pull the Wingrider in close to his side. Closer than he normally would while out in public but perhaps it's because he's leaning down to whisper something in her ear. "… need a drink." Would be the only words overheard by anyone passing them in the northern bowl as the Weyrleader stalks his way back to their weyr. No doubt he'll hear about this later from the Weyrwoman, if not from Elara. News will no doubt spread too of the second unfortunate adventure for Zeltenith and his rider.