Who Nymionth, Yasminath
What Nymionth and Yasminath set a trap for their riders.
When Summer-Autumn - Month 8 of Turn 2718
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

It was inevitable that K'zre and Yasminath would be found out. While they had done well to slip out into the night to practice and looked to be in the clear, ultimately it was Yasminath's overflowing delight at having carried Kez around that found them out. Because she couldn't help but to tell everyone that would listen. Including those weyrlingmaster's… So now Yas is sulking, loitering on the beach near the lake while Kez toils away at some sort of drudgery in penance for his disobedience. Probably mucking out the barracks, or cleaning the middens or something equally gross, mind-numbing and sweat-inducing. And while Yasminath might have technically been able to come with him, he's gently kicked her outside to enjoy the sunshine while he cannot. And so here she is, sprawled out on the grass and staring wistfully toward the water, effectively pouting and looking like someone's kicked her puppy. She's even brought Luna with her, the giant pink bunny looking /very/ well loved by this point.

F'inn on the other hand has been laying low since getting 'yelled' at by K'zre. While there was no yelling to really be had, the conversation has left him annoyed, flustered, and desperately trying to pretend that it's /all/ good and he's fine. Course, that's made so much easier by the dragon infirmary. And it is there he is hanging out, suitably distracted, but still muttering under his breath upon occassion. Fortunately, with the dragon healer on duty, that just works out. Nym, however, had tried to get F'inn to talk about it all, over and over and over until F'inn finally shooed him outside to play, do laps, or otherwise occupy himself. Unfortunately, Nymionth does not have a gigantic pink bunny to love on. He does, however, come upon Yasminath at the lake. Way better then a giant pink bunny in his estimation. « Are you still upset, Yasminath? » The question is asked as he slips over and settles next to her, one massive molten wing draping across her back. « It will be fine, » he assures.

« How? » because from where Yasminath sits (lays), it's all looking rather hopeless. It's almost a whine, though she contains herself enough not to get high-pitched and squeaky. A little wuffle, and she nabs Luna with one paw and scoot-scoots herself over to snuggle against Nymionth's side beneath his wing. Snuggles with Luna are good. Snuggles with Nymionth are better. Snuggles with BOTH?! The best. « K'zre is in trouble, » she confesses. « It is my fault. He says he is not upset, but… » she can /feel/ that he is not happy. Not angry, just… broody. « It is not like it was, » and she's pretty sure it's her fault, somehow.

Nymionth is happy to make more room for her under his wing. He's more then big enough to be a comfortable resting spot and even goes so far as to tuck his tail around her. « The Weyrlingmasters will relent, eventually, » He assures. « They will not hold the two of you back forever. Just long enough that it is understood that they make orders for reasons. As for K'zre…» He really doesn't know what to think about that. While he enjoys Yasminath's lifemate, he is well aware of the fact that his own lifemate is currently grumpy on the topic. « It is /not/ your fault. And he's probably grumpy, mine is grumpy, as well. Even so, it will pass and they will be none the worse for wear for it. »

A dramatic sigh on behalf of the green as Yasminath sort of wilts. « I guess so. » For weyrlingmasters and relenting. Right now? Yas isn't so certain. Everything feels like the end of the world, and it certainly doesn't help to watch clutchmates performing mounted drills while she sits on the sidelines. « Why are they grumpy? I don't understand, » she asserts, irritation creeping in. But this is Yasminath, and her irritation is the stuff of puffed-up kittens, and vanishes almost as quickly as it came. « Everything was fine. Everyone was happy and then… » And then it wasn't, and she's still confused. And K'zre is confused, which only makes her MORE confused. « When will it pass? »

« That, » Nymionth admits. « I could not begin to guess. » Silent a beat, his head sweeps around to glance back toward the barracks, a low rumble in his throat making it clear that he is not particularly pleased with the way things have turned. « F'inn is… He is upset… Unfortunately, I do not know that that part of it will pass. I hope it will, but it seems that humans are not so relaxed when it comes to matters of the heart. » Grumping, he lowers his head until his chin is resting on the sandy ground. « He does not.. I do not know what to think. » He admits. « He was fine with his feelings being onesided, /until/ it was addressed as such. » Humans. They clearly suck.

Humans totally suck! Except for K'zre. Because K'zre is Yasminath's entire world, and nothing about him could ever be bad, ever! Except for right now, because he's upset and he won't say why, which is confusing and frustrating and heartbreaking and… *sigh*. Yasminath spends a moment pouting once again, nudging her nose against Luna in an attempt to snuggle closer. « What does that mean, onesided? » she wonders. « K'zre would not explain it. He wouldn't explain any of it, » she confesses. « Not because he doesn't want too! » comes quickly on its heels, lest Nymionth get the wrong impression about her wonderful K'zre. « He is just… confused. » Yasminath understands it, but just as Kez struggles to put words to thoughts, so Yas struggles to adequately describe what it is her weyrling is feeling.

Nymionth croons in an attempt to sooth Yasminath, the question considered for a long moment in silence. « I think it means that only one of them have feelings for the other. Romantic feelings, » he ammends. « The kind of feelings that lead to mating. » At her reassurances, he gently bumps her with his nose, his amusement clear. « F'inn has strong feelings and is sad that they are not returned. But the strangest part, » he admits. « Is that he was not sad about that until it was discussed. Before then, he was content with it. » Which makes no sense to Nymionth, at all. « I think he is most upset at the thought that he upset K'zre enough to mention it. » Which also makes no sense, to Nymionth. Enough that he snorts and thumps his tail against the ground in irritation.

As Yasminath listens, her mental pout starts to fade but the confusion does not. « But K'zre has thought about mating, » she offers, seizing upon something that she at least /somewhat/ understands. « He had to explain it to me, » she continues, « Because he woke up and— oh. I don't think I'm supposed to talk about it, » she amends, somewhat sheepishly. « He says it is /private/ and it is not something people discuss, » and she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would not be happy if he knew she was doing so. Thankfully, those budding walls are working both-ways now, and Yas will just ever so sneakily keep Kez ignorant of this conversation. He's busy anyways. Working. Her attention turns back to the topic at hand, a whisper of worry coloring her mindvoice at the mention of F'inn being upset. « He touched his cheek, » she recalls. « He thought about it a long time. »

« He is very fond of him, » Nymionth points out. « Which seems to make him even more upset then if he were not fond of him, at all. » At Yasminath's announcement, Nymionth does the draconic version of a double take, his head turning to regard her curiously. « Why would touching his cheek upset him? And what does that have to do with mating? » He's fairly certain there is not a great deal of cheek touching involved in mating. « I suspect that K'zre spends to much time thinking and F'inn not nearly enough, » He grumps. « I think they are not very clear with one another when they do talk, as well. But you are right, it is foolish. They have been very happy and having fun. And now.. » Now.

And now there is confusion, and regret, and frustration and loneliness. Yasminath considers the question, eyes whirling a touch faster in response to inner anxiety or uncertainty about how to best explain it. Mostly because she does not understand it herself. « Because it felt nice? » Which is incredibly confusing for the green. Why would something that felt nice be cause for anger? A huff, and she shoves her nose into the squishy belly of her pink bunny. « It made him… happy. » She doesn't know another way to describe it verbally, and so she shares the feeling instead. The fluttering flip-flip in the pit of his stomach; the lingering warmth and sensation of fingers after they're gone; the distracting quality of closeness that lingered even after Kez had climbed up her neck and they were supposed to be practicing. « I don't know, » she confesses, « Why he got mad. Why he said those things. And then F'inn said his words, and now K'zre won't talk about it. » A soft little creel and she shoves her head into Nymionth's shoulder. « We are still friends, even if they are not, right? »

« Of course we are! » Nymionth's response is instant and accompanied by a low croon as he nudges at her head with his snout. « There is nothing that could take me from you, Yasminath. » He has no doubts of that, at all and the assurance comes hand in hand with a shower of bright yellow and orange roses. « But, given what you have said? We cannot allow this to stand. They are both sad and upset and there seems to be no reason for that. » And that is just to close to breaking some great cosmic rule for Nymionth to be willing to tolerate. Falling silent, his head turns toward the stables, great blue eyes whirling rapidly before his head swings around toward the infirmary. Chuffing in annoyance, he tucks his wing more securely around Yasminath before resettling on the ground. « We need a plan, » he decides.

Yasminath is still very confused about why the pair of humans are upset in the /first/ place. It all seems very simple to her. Except for the parts that are complex. At least her worry over Nymionth is soothed, the young green taking that assurance entirely to heart and crooning out happily in response. « Yes, » she agrees, for the nonsense that is F'inn and K'zre being miserable for no perceivable reason. While the bronze scopes out the stables and the infirmary, Yasminath gently nudges at Luna until she is satisfied with her position before raising her head to regard him. « What sort of plan? » she wonders. But even the suggestion of one has her perking up, familiar giddiness and light coming back and chasing those shadowy doubts and uncertainties away. « I love it! » She doesn't even know what it IS yet, but she's sure she'll love it.

A warm burst of adoration floods out from Nymionth at Yasminath's last, the croon that rises in his throat making it abundantly clear that he does, indeed, adore her. « The sort of plan that has the two of them being honest with one another. And stopping this… whatever this is they are doing now. » Again, he's momentarily annoyed and chuffs. « The sort of plan that will have the two of them smiling and enjoying each other instead of hiding from each other. » With Yasminath perking up and her giddiness returning, Nymionth relaxes, his wing drifting over her back. « You are all love, Yasminath. I would be interested to hear your ideas, » He admits.

And right now, she is all GLEE! So much so that Kez is definitely feeling it, despite those shallow walls built between them. But while he might be a little confused and maybe a little concerned (suspicious of what it is that has Yasminath beside herself with delight), he's reassured enough not to come check on her. The brief conversation is enough to sober Yasminath enough to dampen her excitement to a warm glow instead of the raging bonfire it had briefly become. « My ideas? » The suggestion is at first flattering, and then a little bit intimidating. « I don't know… » because plotting things is not her strong suit. Neither is being subtle. « What if… what if… » but she's got nothing, and after a huff, she wonders, « When were they last… happy? What does F'inn like? K'zre likes books. He likes runners. He likes… healing things. » She's not sure if any of that helps, though.

« They were last happy here at the lake, » Nymionth reminds. « F'inn likes books. But I think the books that they like make it difficult to… » Well, maybe not, he allows. « Runners! Oh. F'inn has never ridden a runner… » And he's not really sure he wants F'inn to ride anything that is not him. « Surfing? » But there are no waves in the lake. Unfortunately, healing things would mean hurting things and he is not at all interested in that. It's hard. Hard enough that Nymionth puts a lot of thought into it, going very still for a very long measure of time. « A picnic? But no, they would eat and not talk, at all. Hrm. Why does K'zre think that F'inn is being dishonest with him? » Perhaps it is better to start there?

The books they like are probably not the sort of books that ought to be read aloud, which is definitely what Yasminath was thinking when she mentioned reading. So no. Probably not a good idea there. « K'zre says I cannot go near the runners because I will scare them, » she remembers, feeling both pouty that she's been told 'no', and sad that the runners would be scared. Poor runners. « And he cannot ride runners right now. The weyrlingmasters said no riding! » They meant no riding /her/, but Yas will just apply it to all things. The idea of hurting something does not even cross her mind, and she would be utterly appalled at the very notion of it. « A picnic! » She loves that idea, until Nymionth points out the lack of speaking. « I do not know where to get the food, either… » Sticking her head into the living caverns is not a good idea, she's been told. Her mind switches gears easily enough, but there's a wash of confusion that comes for the question. « He does not think F'inn is dishonest, he thought… He thought F'inn was confused, » she decides. « And he didn't like it. But now it is K'zre who is confused, » she explains in tones that have gone wistful and somewhat sad. « He was very certain, » she remembers, « That F'inn did not really feel for him the way he said he did. »

« Why? » Nymionth does not understand and that is starting to get him a little flustered. « And why is he confused? F'inn is just sad that K'zre does not seem to want to be around him. » Of course, F'inn is not helping by running off and staying away, but boys will be boys. « They need to talk, » He grumps. « So we can /all/ go back to having fun and enjoying each other, again. What will make K'zre talk? Does he /want/ F'inn to like him? Or does he not? Does he even like F'inn in that way? If he does not, then we should just insist they stop being foolish and talk to each other. » Course, Nymionth is of the opinion they just do that, anyway.

Asking Yasminath to summarize why K'zre is confused is equivalent to asking a child to explain the theory of relativity. Very challenging. But she is definitely going to try! Especially in the wake of Nymionth's being flustered. « Because… because… I don't know! »Her glee is dampened, her mood tanking at the thought that she cannot provide what is being asked of her, and for a moment she curls into a tighter ball and sort of… whines. It's not quite a whimper, but it is certainly a sound of mild distress. A moment later and she rallies, if just because she CAN answer that last question. « He does! I think he does, at least, » she amends, suddenly uncertain of herself. « He thinks about him, and they are happy thoughts. Different from the way he thinks about the others. He thinks about him when he is not there, and he likes it when he is there… » As for talking? « Sometimes talking is hard for K'zre, » she says, defensive of her lifemate. « He has all these thoughts, and feelings, and he wants to say them, but he can't. It is as if they stick in his head, and he cannot make them come out of his mouth. And then he gets angery because he can't speak, but he knows he should speak, and it just makes it even harder, and it's just awful. » It is a terrible feeling. « But I can hear him, even when he cannot talk. And it makes him feel better. » She does not know if this is helpful to Nymionth, however. « What will make F'inn talk, » she asks, attempting to turn the question around and utterly failing at making it sound anything other than sad.

« F'inn will talk until he can't breath, » Nymionth notes with a hint of laughter coloring his thoughts. « But he does not know what K'zre is thinking or feeling and with K'zre getting upset because I can feel his feelings? F'inn has made me promise not to do so. But, » he adds. « If you can hear his thoughts and maybe help him communicate them? Is it fear or something different? There is nothing in F'inn that he should ever be afraid of. He's really very gentle. » Which F'inn would be mortified to know he shared, but still, he's sharing cause the humans are being difficult. « Would he be upset if you talked for him when he cannot? Between the two of us, you and I, we can help them communicate. I do not think F'inn would be very upset with that. Unless K'zre got upset. Then he would be upset. It's a mess, » he adds with a snort. « But it is a mess we can clean up. » He's convinced of that. « How long will K'zre be in the sta- The baths!!!! » Excited, he twists around, all but coiling around Yasminath. « They will both need to bathe! »

« It is fear, but it is not fear. » Which is very helpful. Yasminath huffs in a very Kez-like way before she declares, « If F'inn is very patient… if K'zre knows that it is alright if he takes his time, and that F'inn will not be upset or make assumptions… That is what K'zre is afraid of. People do not understand, » she laments. « He is not silent to be difficult. But I can help him! » She seizes on that idea with gusto, a trill of delight vibrating in her throat as she lifts her head, eyes whirling brightly. « I can help him find the words. » Speaking /for/ him feels invasive; a thought she is not at all worried about sharing with Nymionth. The bronze is more than welcome to her thoughts and feelings. But helping K'zre find and speak the words for himself? That she can do! « They will! » And once more there is bubbling glee and brilliant moonbeans from her mind, Yasminath fairly wiggling in her delight at this idea. « He… I don't know, » she admits, for how long he will be there. « But, I will ask. » And so she does just that, a quick inquiry in which she attempts (and fails MISERABLY) to contain her giggling delight and building excitement, and inquire as to how long he will be. « He says, 'one more hour and what are you up to'. I didn't tell him. »

« Good. Do not tell him! And I will make sure F'inn knows that he just needs to give K'zre time to get his thoughts out. THAT he will understand. He is very patient, » Nymionth assures in quiet tones. « He just needs to know that is what is happening. » Going silent, Nymionth reaches out to F'inn and makes sure he knows he is going to want to nap in an hour and a half and that, if baths are happening, it should be sooner then later. Fortunately, he has no problems containing his glee during the exchange. When it is over, he resettles, lightly bumping Yasminath with his nose. « One hour they will both in the bath. Hopefully they will talk to one another. »

« They will! » Yasminath is certain of this. « They will have too! » Because sitting in the bath awkwardly avoiding each other sounds utterly ridiculous to the green. « I will not tell him, » she assures. « He will have no idea. » Which… is not entirely true. Yasminath will not speak a word of it but having the green bubbling like a small spring in the back of his head, prone to twinkling giggles and spontaneous bursts of moonlight and mischief will certainly have him somewhat suspicious. Especially when she shows an undue interest in when and where he is taking his bath. At the moment, Yasminath is utterly confident in their plan, happy to snuggle up with Nymionth and wait out the time it will take before their silly humans are face to face and fixing everything.

Nymionth is relieved and it shows in the immediate sigh that the bronze breaths. « If they do not talk we will have to think up a better plan. » But this? He thinks this is pretty perfect all things considered. That being the case, he rests his (massive) head next to Yasminath's a husky croon sounding as he raises his gaze. « The sun is setting, » he notes in warm tones.

And Yasminath? Beside herself with excitement for a plan that she believes to be utterly foolproof. Admittedly, she has not considered all the variables. Nor will she. For now she will live in blissful ignorance of all the ways this could go wrong. « I hope the moons get brighter soon, » she declares, twisting her head toward the still-bright sky. « I like it when they shine. I don't like it when they are dark. » New moons. « But K'zre says we cannot sneak out anymore. That the weyrlingmasters will be watching us… » They'll probably still do it, eventually.

« Soon enough we'll be able to come and go in the weyr as we please, » Nymionth assures as he settles in next to her. « And when we can, we will be here every night watching the moons without fail. » And he is absolutely delighted at the thought. For now, he's content watching the sky slowly changing colors.

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