Who Sephany, Riohra
What Riohra needs help with a wardrobe issue; Sephany receives a gift.
When Summer - Day 8 of Month 8 of Turn 2714
Where Fort Weyr - Weaver Craft Workroom


Fort Weyr - Weaver Craft Workroom

A quiet workplace, this is not. A large, bubbled cavern, the Weaver Craft's area is a hustling, bustling, organized chaotic mess of activity. Work stations litter the room, tables with scraps of fabric, bits of patterns, notes and sketchbooks crowd the desks adding distinct personality depending upon the occupant's preferences. Several dress forms can be found, of various sizes and shapes; male and female, adult and child. Along one wall, bolts of fabric are stacked in a manner that likely makes sense to the crafters who work here, but may appear jumbled and incongruous to those outside the know. Light and dark, patterns and textures, weights and weaves, all jumbled in such a way as to look like a clash of color and chaotic mess.

Along the wall are a series of doors, leading to various private work stations, offices, or dressing rooms. Toward the back, in what may be a quieter section, stands a low platform and tri-fold mirror, affording the customer an opportunity to examine their garment from all angles while allowing the Weaver to tweak and tuck as necessary.

It is early morning, not crack of the dawn early but still most normal people are eating breakfast. But Riohra has never been in the normal category, nope the tall hunter is here in the weavers room waiting for someone to come and do the alterations of his dark green vest that has gotten a little tight in the shoulders. Seems the young man has had another growth spurt but this one is wide not tall.

Naturally, Sephany is awake, alert, and already at work in the Weaver's craft room. So the arrival of Riohra is met with a glance and a smile, a quick lift of her hand in a small wave. She applies a few more pins to the hem of a dress she is working on before she stands, stretches and makes her way over. "Hello Riohra," and her eyes go to the vest at hand. "Are you waiting for someone specific?"

Riohra gives the young woman a warm smile "Hey Sephany, Good morning" When she inquires he will shakes his head "not really just needed this adjusted". The vest he holds up is ripped at the seems of the shoulders and upper arms and the tall hunter looks rather embarrassed as he adds quickly "I think it might of shrank in the wash or somehting. Fit fine a while ago.." How long is a while? No body knows..

Quiet consideration is given to the offered garment, Sephany reaching out for it politely. She's all business in this moment, fingers traveling along the seams and then along the tears, feeling the texture of the weave and the way it ripped. "Hm. I don't think it shrunk," she tells him, glancing up with an amused expression. "I think you grew." But she will go ahead and show him what she means, offering up a seam. "If it has shrunk, there would be a pulling of the fabric at the seams, but there isn't. Unfortunately," and her expression softens a bit, "It's going to require the addition of fabric, not just a repair to the seam. Otherwise, you will just rip it anew when you put it on again."

Riohra nods and glances quickly down at himself, but is back to looking at the garment saying "is that something you can do? I really like that vest" Then again he really likes everything but he does seem rather worried that it can't be repaired.

"Mm," in thought, Sephany looking over the fabric. "Probably," she decides, glancing up to give him a reassuring smile. "It's a common enough color, and there's no pattern to try and match up. We can probably add a little to the sides and make the additional seams look like an intended decoration rather than the addition of new material," she continues, musing to herself as she heads back towards a work table. It is clear she expects him to follow, sparing no look over her shoulder when she asks "When was the last time you were measured?" The vest gets draped onto a dress form, and she reaches for a soft measuring tape in anticipation of the answer.

Riohra thinks about that as he walks over "Um probably some time before I met your brother…" Yeah this guy doesn't really do the clothes shopping thing, He follows her over to her working table. Looking over her work station he says "are all of these yours or do you share with everyone here?"

An upward eyebrow, and a glance towards the hunter, though Sephany does not comment verbally so much as in her expression. A very 'really Riohra?' look about her. "Well. Then it's probably time you get measured again," though she's not at all surprised, seeing as how she was already prepared with a measuring tape in hand. "You really didn't get measured since candidacy? How did they fit you for… oh never mind. Arms out, please."

Riohra holds his arms out and will be still but answers her question "I made it my self, the robe if that is what you mean. Hence why it looked like something a wherry slept in" he grins at her. "And no I haven't been since candidacy I wasn't expecting to change soo much"

"I meant the ensemble you wore to the Games party," says Sephany, referencing the earlier S&R games and the dance at its conclusion. She is all business as she steps into his personal space and wraps her arms around to feed the measuring tape from one hand to the other behind his back. A quick pull of the two sides together, narrowed eyes for the number she finds, and she lets it drop as she turns to make a notation in a small notebook. "Though I can't say I am surprised," she notes, moving to measure his waist next. "You seem to wear the same two shirts and that one jacket."

Riohra grins down at her as she measures saying "And you noticed I did do much moving around at all either" He looks around the room as much as he can with out moving saying "everything here seems like chaos, how do you make sense of it all?"

"Still. You should get measured at least once a Turn until you stop growing," Sephany admonishes. "Though you must be just about done. You'd certainly better not get any taller!" Waist number jotted down, there is a quick measure of length from collar bone down, a jot of the note, and then both arms from shoulder to wrist. "You can drop your arms now," she tells him, pencil moving furiously as she records the numbers. "I'm going to go ahead and get your neck, wrists, and everything else necessary to make a decent wardrobe for you," she tells him with a no-nonsense tone of voice. "That way, when you finally decide to get some clothes we'll have these on file." As for the chaotic mess that is the workshop? Grey eyes pass over the room with a grin. "Organized chaos, I assure you. I know where everything is, and so does everyone else."

Riohra puts his arms down so he stops looking like a bird trying to fly, "so wait this isn't just yours and your journeymans?" He has a lot to learn about how crafts actually work it seems. "I hope to stop growing, I am the tallest in my family. And I don't want to be to tall I can't find Kass in a crowd." he says with a wink.

Sephany is still working away, fussing around Riohra with her measuring tape, pencil in her mouth or behind her ear when she doesn't need it to jot down her notes. Arms stretch up to measure around his neck, pincing at the number on the tape so that she can bring it back to eyelevel to read. "It is. But there's more than just him and me, here. There're two journeyman stationed here, a third visiting, plus several apprentices," and a look for him, a tilt of her head as she meets his gaze with a grin. "This is a Weyr, Riohra. Do you really think one Journeyman and his lonely apprentice could handle the clothing needs for this place? Not to mention all of the tailoring…" a shake of her head. "There are also several seamstresses and general stitchers that will use the workspace. They aren't craft trained, but they do some of the easier stuff; like hemming pants and sewing buttons." A laugh for his height, and she tells him, "If you get that tall, you won't need to find her, she'll be able to find you because you'll be heads taller than everyone else. Though she's not exactly little, either."

That makes the tall hunter chuckle but he is mindful not to move to much, "Well i hope they don't get to use all of your stuff. Your gift should be arriving any day now." Riohra says with a hint of mystery "I can see why you want to leave here when you get a chance so much work would drive me to other places too."

"It's not as bad as it looks," she assures him, glancing around the cavern. "We share the supplies, but we each have our own stuff as well. This space," and she pats the desk she is working on, and then the dress form that his vest hangs off of, "belongs to my Journeyman, and so it belongs to me as well. But there," and she points across to a long table covered in lines, horizontal, vertical, and even diagonally across it, forming an intricate grid pattern, "is for everyone to use, and those," over to a pile of fabric bolts, piled high on a table, "are weyr supplies but these," and she motions to a smaller pile closer to where they stand, "are specifically brought in by the other Journeyman… It makes sense if you work in here, but I can see how you may not understand it…" a bright smile, a shake of her head, and she continues with, "I love it. I love it in here. Usually there are only a couple of us working at one time, and some of the Journeymen use their private quarters as well. During the busy periods, like when there is an upcoming Gather, it can be very noisy and busy."

Riohra grins and nods looking at the places she describes "well hopfully you can be pulled away from your work long enough for when the eggs hatch. Kassala seems to think it will be any day now." He looks at all the writing she has done "So you take just some numbers and then make these dresses and clothes? Doesn't your mind want to run out of patterns?"

"I have already informed my Journeyman of the Hatching, and he has accepted my request for time off," Sephany says confidently. "And he understands the nature of Hatchings; he knows there will be very little warning when I am pulled away. He has me working on busy tasks that do not have a specific timeline, in case I must leave in the middle of something. I won't be assisting with clients until after the Hatching," she explains, quickly tacking on, "Present company excluded, obviously," with a grin for Riohra. She waves him to a chair, if he should wish to sit, as she wanders to the pile of fabric bolts, peering around as though she knows exactly what she is looking for (which she does). His question gets a laugh and a glance over her shoulder, eyebrows raised. "Not exactly," she drawls, slightly teasing. "With your vest, all I really need is measurements because all I am doing is adding fabric to make it fit. But if I were to create something from scratch? Well… it wouldn't be me doing it yet, but nevermind that," a bolt is selected, pulled from the pile and set carefully on a desk nearby. Back to scanning fabrics. "First there would be a sketch. Several, actually. And then an approval process between the designer and the client. Once the design is solidified, there is creating the pattern. Then there is measurements and cutting. Multiple fittings to ensure things were coming together properly… adjustments as necessary…" she could go on and on, probably, but thankfully three more bolts of fabric are added to her pile and the effort of carrying them back momentarily pauses her monologue.

Riohra sits downs and puts his chin on his hand listening to her go on with a smile as he is wrapped in understanding her passion for her craft. He to gets that way when talking of the hunt and and other things he loves. He will glance over to the door way when a messenger arrives and walks over to Sephany waiting till she is done with a sentence he will interject "Excuse me i am looking for Apprentice Sephany?" Her black hair is pulled back in a bun and she wears the clothes of a dragon rider from the smith hall.

Three bolts of fabric aren't exactly heavy, but they are awkward, rendering Sephany rather cumbersomely occupied as the messenger arrives. "Oh, um… that's me… hang on a second," and she quickly places her items onto the table she has been working at with Riohra, making sure they are settled and safe before turning toward the visitor. There's a glance for the hunter, suspicion coloring her expression as she heads for the dragonrider. "Last time I got a mystery gift, it hatched into a firelizard," she notes dryly.

Riohra is innocent of any hatching gifts, though that isn;t a bad idea Sephany he might remember that for later. The smith rider hands her the package that is about seven inches long and four inches thick wrapped in a brown packaging she will smile at the young lady saying "I hope this doesn't turn out to be that. If you get off early maybe you could by me a drink at the bar?" She openly admires Sephany and then turns to walk away with out waiting for answer leaving the Riohra to raise an eyebrow at the young weaver and say "friend of yours?"

Sephany will go ahead and spill the secrets of her mystery firelizard with a quick, "it was S'van's Turnday gift. And apology gift." But soon enough she is occupied by this new item, accepting the package with careful hands and an arched eyebrow for the admiration. "Um…" but that is all she can really say before the dragonrider is slipping out and Sephany is left with more than one question rolling around in her head. "Uh… no…" she hesitates to answer, turning back to Riohra. There's a quick glance cast at the door where the messenger vanished from, and then a shake of her head. "I don't recall ever seeing her before. And she didn't seem to know me," which would likely nix that 'friend' thing right out the window. "That was odd." And so is the parcel in her hands.

Riohra shrugs and shakes his head and has no idea but does watch her hold the package "Was that when you injured your foot kicking? him becuase apology gifts are always a great idea" He will motion to it saying "if that is something private I can leave you too it?"

"Yes," for kicking S'van. "It was. It was his way of apologizing for losing his head and yelling at me." But Sephany has forgiven her brother, clearly, and adores her new pet (who is currently curled up and sleeping on a pile of fabric scraps, no doubt). As for what she holds in her hands? "I have no idea what it is, or who it is from," she tells him, moving back to the table so that she can sink into a chair and work at opening the mystery package.

Riohra nods and says "you two looked in better spirits at the Weyrmating ceremony for Baylee, and Krenn." Yeah he still has that far away looking when he talks about it as he leans back probably lost envisioning his own which hopefully won't be to far off. But we all know fate is a fickle thing.

A curious expression plays across Sephany's face as she unwraps the first package, though understanding dawns as she opens the leather and finds the tools of her trade. A soft 'Oh…' as she brushes her fingers along the different implements. "This is fantastic!" she declares, quickly rolling it back up and setting it somewhere safe before it can get lost among the chaos. The smaller object is equally curious to the weaver, and she opens it with care. A small laugh, and a glance towards her sleeping green, though she's not quite big enough to wear it just yet. "Riohra…" and a look is given the hunter that is equal parts delight and annoyance. "You really should not have."

Riohra looks innocent which is to say he is grinning like the fool boy he is and just sits. "Oh did I do something inappropriate? I mean if you don't like them I guess you could return them. If boundaries were crossed and such." He crosses his arms over his chest and waits to see if she will respond or just out right slap him for being a tart and a sneak.

Sephany is certainly not about to return the gifts, not with the way that she's placed a possessive hand over that tailor's kit, and is still holding the little bag in her other hand. But there's mirth in her expression, and she just shakes her head at his foolish grinning. "You tell me," she retorts, rolling her eyes. "On what occasion are these gifts being bestowed upon me? Tell me that, and I will tell you if they are inappropriate." Though she is likely teasing, and not at all concerned about lines being crossed. "But thank you, all the same. They are lovely."

Riohra grins and leans closer saying "they are a bribe, i was serious when I asked for your help with my own Weyrmating ceremony. This is just a little incentive to help keep your schedule open." Seems he has learned alot from hanging out with traders and in the bars near half moon when he was there.

Sephany's amused laugh just grows, and she reaches over the table to try and push at his arm affectionately. "You don't have to bribe me. I am happy to help with that. I simply need to know when and where, so that I can ask for the time from my Journeyman. He has been rather accommodating, so I do not think he will object, so long as my lessons and craft chores are done. But as I said," she repeats, "I am happy to help. But right now, I need to work on your vest. You can stay," she assures him, "But I am going to be concentrating on getting this matched up. It should take no more than a few days to finish."

Riohra grins and shakes his head "I would love too but I already have a date with a fishing pole and a quiet spot. And if i don't go now i miss my ferry and then Kassala will get me for not taking time off." He gives her a little wave and will head out of the cavern huming happily to himself.

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