Fort Weyr - Th'ero and Velokraeth's Weyr
This weyr is opulent and almost as large as one of the ground weyrs and the ledge outside can easily fit two large dragons. The broad shelf ties in directly to the stairs leading down to the bowl below and over to the administration complex, making it easily accessible from both levels and the other end of the ledge curves around as it meets the stone wall of the Weyr and then turns inwards. Carved and smoothed by time, the covered wallow offers more ample space for the residing dragon and one more should a companion be welcomed in. Sheltered by the worst of the elements, it's a perfect hideaway from winter cold and the slight lip allows for large blackets to be draped over it without sliding downwards.The stone floor is smooth, having been worn down over the Turns. Toward the back of the dragon area, there is a wall with a small entranceway leading into a tiny alcove and nook, where several chests, supplies and pegs to hold the straps rest. Beyond this is a narrow hallway, hidden and secreted from view by a grey hued rug, but allows a secondary and private access to the main living area.
Accessible from the ledge outside, two large wooden double doors lead into the wide and spacious living area. Raised like a natural formed dias, a tiny foyer opens up just steps past those doors, gradually and subtly inclining down into the rough semicircular shape of the room. Along the same wall of the doors but further in is a large stone hearth and in front of it lies a very large and well woven rug. Placed on top is a low, dark wood table and behind it is a long, deep cushioned and equally dark leather couch. Thick pillows rest at each end and there is a matching chair to go with the set though it rests to the side and facing back towards the doors. Shelves have been carved into the wall, little recessed pockets that allow for a variety of items to be placed, though most commonly used for glow baskets. The smoothed wall curves at the right handed side, extending out to create a semi-partition, an illusion that the room is in fact made of two pieces.
Following the hallway back deeper in the weyr, another entrance opens to the left and one directly ahead with both covered by a thin hanging rug that can be tied back if privacy is required. The left side opens up to the bathroom, large enough for two people. The last entrance set at the end of the hallway leads into a bedroom of a slightly more modest size. Pushed against the far wall, the bed is low and large enough to comfortably fit two grown adults. It's piled with pillows and cushions near the dark wooden headboard and a thick blanket rests overtop, with more furs and spare blankets folded and resting on top of an old and worn chest at the foot of the bed. A dresser has been set to the right of the entrance and across from it a full length mirror rests. Like the living area, shelves have been carved into the stone, as well as more of the small recessed alcoves that hold more glow baskets. No decoration or tapestries hang here, leaving the bedroom rather sombre and neutral for color, save for the dark green vine like plant from a high shelf just below the low ceiling and has been trained to grow along it and then down either side of the wall.

"Good." Th'ero murmurs and stifles a yawn now as well. Satisfied that he will not keep her away from Varmiroth, he pulls her in close and tight against his body and once comfortable he will begin to drift asleep. A true, deep and soundless sleep with no unsettling dreams to plague him and no restlessness to keep him awake. He may not even rouse if she has to go see to Varmiroth, though he will not recall his soft voiced protest at her absence. When she returns, he will likely nestle against her again as though she was never gone but subconsciously having missed her presence. …

On into the night they will sleep and it won't be until the usual pre-dawn hour that Th'ero wakes. Routines are routines and Velokraeth helps in keeping his rider on track with them. Now it is his turn to leave Kimmila's side and he does so very carefully (and reluctantly), not wishing to wake her quite yet. He will murmur a few sweet spoken words, very unlikely to even be heard by her but it is another of his little routines before he's dressing and slipping out. No fires lit, as the summer months are finally here and the weyr is comfortably cool. Gone is the Weyrleader to survey his territory and as the candlemarks pass and dawn truly approaches he returns. Quiet again, he does not return to the bedroom but remains elsewhere in the weyr. And so long as Kimmila does not wake…

Soft footsteps approach, barefoot against the stone. Pitter pat, pitter pat. Pause. A quiet sound of struggle and then a shift in weight on the bed. Something has come to settle on it and proceeds to wriggle and squirm its way over to where the bluerider is sleeping to cuddle and it is not Electricus. No, this visitor is too heavy for a firelizard but too light for a full grown adult which could only mean…?

Kimmila is…naked. Sleepily, the bluerider murmurs something and then curls her arm around their son, hugging him close with a muttered word of hello. Nope, she doesn't yet remember that she's naked. Does it matter? Time is going to tell.

Kyzen doesn't comprehend nakedness. He's aware she's nude but doesn't have the knowledge that it's a possible 'bad' thing or an 'awkward' thing. He's more focused on the fact that she's curled an arm around him and he burbles something in delight as he snuggles down into the bed and against her. It might've been a hello back? Or maybe he's trying to wake her up. Maybe that explains his little hands nudging at her. Poke. Poke. Nudge. Nudgenudgepoke? And being so young, he won't be aware that his hands shouldn't go certain places. Especially on a nude person. "Kiiiimmmmmiii-!" he calls her name, dragging it out. "la." There's the rest of it.

Kimmila murmurs something back to the boy, pushing playfully at his hands with a little laugh. "Mmmmph, Kyzen, how'd you get here?" she murmurs sleepily, opening her eyes to peer at her son. When his hands go awkward places she doesn't seem to care, just subtly shifting her body until it's not awkward anymore.

Now it's a game! Kyzen giggles in that childish way and begins to push back at her hands when they bat his away until he tires of it (and she is shifting away). Rolling on the bed, he sits up but leans against her as his own personal pillow. Flop! "Awake, now?" he asks, peering back at her with those blue, blue eyes of his as he has turned to face her. Then he beams, pleased as punch. "I climbed up all by myself!" he brags, chest puffing out proudly. And… totally doesn't answer her question. That's how he got here in his logic!

Kimmila makes a nice pillow. Well. Parts of her do. "Mostly awake," she mutters. "I need klah." She squints through the dim light to see those eyes, and she reaches up to ruffle his hair. "All by yourself? That's pretty good, Kyzen. I see your father forgot to lock the door again…" Oh well. She stretches with a grunt and exhales, snuggling deeper under the covers. "Want to sleep more?" Hopefully? Please?

Kyzen discovers just how nice a pillow Kimmila makes and wriggles against her. "Klah?" he echoes. "Why? It's hot and burns. And smells icky." he mutters with a wrinkled nose, as if speaking from experience in handling the drink. Then he's giggling again and batting at her hands when she ruffles his hair. "All by myself! I can climb the bed!" he goes on to babble, hands waving excitedly. The bed. He meant the bed, not up to the weyr itself! "Nuh-huh. Th'ero locked the door! I saw him. No door here?" He points. "I not good at opening doors." This earns a scowl from Kyzen. Oh, he'll figure it out and then there will need to be locks. Many, many, locks. Cause he'll figure those out too. He laughs when she stretches out and then immediately tries to emulate her but only succeeds in flopping over onto his side. Energetic toddler is energetic! While she's snuggling, he's squirming about again. "Nope!" he announces oh-so chipper like. Sorry, Kimmila. No sleep for you. "Time to be awake! Th'ero," Which sounds more like 'Tei-roh' the way he pronounces it. "Has breakfast!" FOOD. And probably her klah (and an apology).

Kimmila ahhhs. It's all starting to make sense now. Her sleepy brain thought Tlazio had dropped Kyzen off, just opened the door and sent the kid in. But Th'ero bringing him back makes /so/ much more sense. "Ah. Klah is good," is her simple argument as she reaches out to try and playfully swat the toddler's behind. "Go see daddy. I'm going to get dressed," she murmurs, rubbing a hand over her face.

Would her brother just drop Kyzen off without checking to be certain his parents were within (and decent)? Oh, sleepy brain logic! Almost as good as toddler logic. "Klah is icky!" Kyzen counters with a stubborn air. He KNOWS THIS! Don't try to fool him! He proceeds to make a face and rather disgusted noises. When she swats at him, he squeals with laughter and shimmies away! "Daddy is buuusy." Read: boring. "Wanna stay here!" he protests with an exaggerated sigh, rolling about on the bed. He's full of energy though and it won't take him long to wriggle his way over to the edge of the bed, planning to go off with his feet pointed down first. But he looses his grip in his haste and falls with a thump to the stone floor. Mercifully not on his head (this time) but on his butt, which still smarts as hell and he makes a startled sound before going quiet. Kyzen just sits there, stunned with his eyes watering and lip quivering as he stares up and up in hopes of seeing Kimmila. He seems so pitifully confused. Does he cry for this? That HURT. But he's not hurt-hurt. SNIFF. Her reaction will likely tip the scales and either lead him into a screaming fit or just have him get up and brush the whole thing off.

Kimmila's reply is a little laugh and a, "Whoopsie. Be careful there, big boy." Big boy. He's a big boy, right? Kimmila slides off the bed on the other side, not even going to check on him. He's not screaming so he must be fine, right? She'll use that quick moment to pull on her panties at least, and then pants and a tunic. "Aren't you hungry?" Distraction!

Damn right he's a big boy! Kyzen sniffles and then juts his chin up. He's fine! Scooting onto his knees, he uses his hands to push himself up onto his feet and wobbles unsteadily for a moment before gaining his balance. Distraction works! "Yeah!" he says brightly and she'll be thankful that she's dressed because he's toddling his way right over to her with his arms outstretched. He expects to be lifted and brought to food! Tout suite! "Daddy brought LOTS of food! Made him grumbly. Says it's Cooks fault we all gonna get fat…" Kyzen babbles as he stands there expectantly. How much of it is coherent is left to guess. He's still mastering speech!

Kimmila doesn't understand much, but she smiles and nods and of course she understands the universal request of 'up'. Bending, she lifts her son with a grunt, planting him on her hip and walking into the main room. "That was a fun wake up call," she drawls, looking around for Th'ero with a crooked, amused grin. Yawn.

Kyzen just makes a delighted and happy sound when she lifts him and automatically settles into place the moment he's braced against her hip. His head rests against her shoulder and he clutches at her firmly but gently. Th'ero has been busy while their son acted the roll as alarm clock. He's set the table by the couch with all the food and Kyzen wasn't kidding. There is a bit of everything there, including fresh cooked eggs and bacon, a piece of which Th'ero is midway through eating. Pausing mid-bite, he stands and turns to face her and then promptly finishes it off and dusts his hands clean. There's an apologetic smile and he holds out his arms in the universal 'here, I'll take him' offer. "Sorry. He was just so full of spunk this morning that he was getting into things. So I gave him a task." Go pester your mother! How… sweet of him? "Klah is fresh brewed. Help yourself!"

Kimmila passes over the kid with a knowing smirk. "How nice." Thanks for that. "Mmm, klah." She winks at Kyzen and pours herself a mug, making a biiiiig show of drinking it. "Yum! So delicious! Shards, wingmate, they think we have twenty kids up here…?"

Th'ero takes their son without protest, knowing that he owes her that much after the little stunt he pulled. Kyzen doesn't seem to mind which parent he's with. His eyes are on the FOOD. Next come the grabby hands and the whine of protest and Th'ero sits on the couch with the toddler in his lap. "You're welcome." he drawls with a smirk in return and leaning forwards he grabs one of the soft buttery pastries and hands it to Kyzen. The toddler's eyes are watching Kimmila's big show and his face wrinkles in disapproval. Followed by a very loud raspberry. PFFFBTB! Th'ero just laughs, "What brought that on?" he says between snickered breaths. Kyzen, satisfied he made his point, chows down on the bread. "You know how Cook is, Wingmate. She saw me with Kyzen and…" He shrugs, gesturing with a free hand. The feast happened? "Maybe we'll send the leftovers home with Tlazio."

Kimmila laughs. "Oh, we had a little disagreement about how good klah is. He doesn't think it's very good at all. I think that's a good idea though, sending food home to Tlazio. Sure they'd love to not have to cook for a day..or a sevenday." Snicker. She sits down and fills a plate for herself to start eating, doing so swiftly just in case Kyzen needs anything from her.

"It's ICKY!" Kyzen interjects with a full mouth and sends a spray of flaky pastry cascading all over himself and parts of the couch. Lovely. "Chew your food and swallow before talking." Th'ero corrects the toddler, who simply peers at him and does just that but rather than speak he just shoves more food in his mouth. Om nom nom! "Not surprised. Klah is probably bitter to him. I remember hating it as a child. But now…" Th'ero's eyes drift to the kettle and then to Kimmila with a pleading look. "Mind pouring me a mug? Starting to get a headache." He snorts and Kyzen giggles when he's jostled a bit as the bronze rider leans forwards for more bacon. The last bite is offered to the toddler though, who accepts it happily. Seems Th'ero has Kyzen under control for now. "Between four of them? This food will last a good few days. Maybe that's where we should send all our "feasts" from our "well meaning" Cook."

Kimmila just laughs at Kyzen, amused and maybe even a little vindicated when Th'ero is showered with pastry flakes. Ha! Grinning, she does pour him a mug of klah though, ever so nicely, and passes it to him. "I think that's a fine idea…though is it weird to send them our leftovers? Maybe we should start getting them dinner one night a week or something. Help out…" Her brother's family is certainly well off, but not as well off as the Weyrleader.

Th'ero sweeps the crumbs away as best he can and leans forwards again when Kyzen begins to squirm in protest for more food. Pastry has been devoured and now he wants some more! A small dish of fruit is nabbed and set against his leg where the toddler can easily reach to help himself. Th'ero will just have to ignore the stickiness that will occur for now. "Mhm, maybe you're right about that being… odd. Dinner may be a wise alternative." he murmurs and gives her a grateful look when he takes the mug of klah. After a generous sip, he sets it safely aside and reaches over to also grab some folded papers, only to have to dart them up high when Kyzen tries to make a grab at them. "Oh no you don't! These are for you, they're for your mother. Eat your fruit." The toddler pouts but settles again and the papers are offered to Kimmila. They're folded maps, some unmarked and others being hastily sketched copies are coded in colours. Plans. "M'icha had these dropped in my office this morning. Wants to know what parts, if any, of the forests he's sectioned out hold any use for us for the Weyrling Games or testing grounds."

Kimmila quickly takes the maps so she can lean back and spread them across her lap, gazing fondly at the well known drawings. "Well, they could all be used for something," she remarks thoughtfully. "Here, for example, by the river? Good place for a rescue scenerio. Maybe with beasts and a raft…just an idea," she says with a crooked smile and a wink of amusement. "Here could be a nice drop off point for something they need to pick up. Tricky winds there and a narrow landing site between the trees. Not too dangerous but still challenging."

"The river? I was wondering what we could do with it…" Th'ero murmurs and then snorts, giving her a sidelong look and a mock frown. "Just an idea, huh?" Chuckling at her wink, he reaches over to give her a playful nudge to her leg. "We'll consider it. Could do a few things involving water, as we've the entire coastline…" And he'll shuffle over awkwardly, trying to balance Kyzen in his lap as he does. The toddler just babbles to himself and continues chowing down on that fruit. Tracing with his finger, he'll outline the coast closer to where Southern Boll Hold lies. "We've a good range of land. Mountainous, forest, plains… of sorts. Hmm," He peers closer at the area she mentions, brows knitting as he considers it. "I like that. Very flexible for different scenarios."

Kimmila grins, nudging her leg back against his hand. "Oh yeah, just some random idea. Not sure how I thought of it…" Okay, that's laying it on a little thick. "Sure, there's a bunch of things we could do. From…a capsized ship that needs righting - more tricky flying - to the scavenger hunt stuff we talked about, right?"

That is laying it on a little thick and Th'ero just rolls his eyes as he straightens against the couch again, reaching now for his klah to take another sip. "Oh, I think I know exactly how you know." he drawls with a good humoured smirk. "Not sure about the capsized ship, Wingmate. We could see about a sea 'rescue' though? Might be too much for so little time. May have to just keep the tests simple. Challenging, but simple. And yes, the scavenger hunt!" Gesturing with his free hand, he points to another stack of papers closer to her. "M'icha has listed a few areas he's considered. Weyrs and one Hold per area and the Halls. We don't have to use them all but… much to consider." Th'ero murmurs and unknowingly he's lowering his other hand, the one still holding the mug of klah. Kyzen sees it and thinking of the game he played earlier, he scrunches up his face. "ICKY!" he protests loudly again and promptly shoves at the mug. Th'ero only manages a strangled sound, a single 'No!' spoken too late as his grip twists and fumbles to hold but his hand rebels and fingers loosen enough that the hot drink spills. He tries so hard to keep the worst of it from falling onto their son, but it splatters across Kyzen's leg and over his hip, most of Th'ero's thigh, causing him to jerk and twitch. It's the sudden double jolt of surprise as hot flares over his leg and being thrust to the couch cushion that has Kyzen spiralling into a fit of tears and crying. Their kid just doesn't catch a break, does he?

Kimmila is on her feet the instant she sees that mug begin to tip, papers scattering to the floor as she scoops up Kyzen into her arms, hastening him towards the bath. "It'll be okay, it'll be okay," she whispers, plunking him down in the tub and opening the cold tap on full. "Let's put cold water on it, okay? You're going to be okay…" Th'ero…is left on his own. For now at least, since he's a grown up.

Kyzen clings to Kimmila when he's not squirming and his cries continue, escalating a bit when he's plunked into the tub and he begins to grow fearful of the cold water, not able to entirely comprehend that it'll help him. He clutches at her arms, struggling and protesting until the cool water begins to soothe rather than bring more hurt. Her steady whispering helps too. He's not badly burned as the klah had cooled a bit since being brewed and poured so it's mild at best but his skin will be irritated and pink beneath his clothes. Something numbweed and a gentle wrap won't fix and he'll be right as rain. Between sobs and congested snuffled gasps, Kyzen babbles. "Won't do again! Won't touch bad hot, icky, ICKY drink!" Meanwhile, Th'ero is a grown up and left alone. He's a very, very guilt ridden and ashamed adult. He got the least of the klah, his clothes only slightly dampened which somehow makes his guilt even worse. Kyzen's cries from the bathroom do little to help either and so Th'ero stays away for now as he cleans up the mess in the living area.

Kimmila doesn't put a lot of water in the tub. Just enough so she can splash it over his leg and hip with one hand, while the other is curled around the toddler's shoulders. "You're going to be okay, see?" she whispers. "It feels good, you're okay, you're okay," she murmurs. "Let's get these clothes off so Mommy can see, okay?" And she peels off his pants to look at the burns, relieved they're not as bad as she feared. "Yes, klah is hot…" she agrees softly.

Kyzen wriggles and squirms but not enough that her hold on his shoulders will give. Held in place, he settles again and allows her to scoop water over his clothed leg and hip. His cries die down to whimpers, tears still falling though he bobs his head a bit. "Yeah." he sniffles. It does feel good, actually? There's only one brief moment where he begins to fidget and panic a bit when she goes to peel his pants off, twitching under her touch. "No! No touch!" He's scared and irrational but when his clothing is removed and no pain comes he calms down enough again. Sniff. "Klah hurts." he mumbles. It is quiet in the rest of the weyr and Th'ero has finished cleaning up the spilled klah, covered and packed most of the food and reclaimed those scattered papers. On silent footsteps, he approaches the bathroom and lingers in the shadow of the doorway. Concerned and worried, but still so very, very guilty.

Kimmila patiently coaxes the toddler out of his pants and continues to soothe those little burns. "You shouldn't wiggle or thrash when someone is holding something hot," she says quietly. "Okay?" And she looks at him, waiting to see if he understands his own responsibility in this accident. Still, she runs her fingers through his curls, giving him a gentle and loving smile.

Kyzen only stares up at Kimmila with his blue eyes, now red rimmed from crying. He swipes at his nose, hiccups and then nods his head. "No touch hot drink and sit still?" he parrots back and peers at her. Right? Tilting his head up to her fingers running through his hair, at her loving smile he will smile shyly back. At the doorway, Th'ero hovers and listens in, head bowed slightly and his expression unreadable. Just as it seems as though he'll never step inside or even turn away, he does move forwards despite the guilt clutching at him. "How is he?" he asks softly once he's close enough.

Kimmila nods, smiling at him and bending to kiss his hair. "That's right," she whispers. "That's my big boy." She gives him a brief but fierce squeeze, and then leans back as Th'ero enters. "He's fine," she says, looking him up and down. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I am!" Kyzen states proudly but not with the same boastful air as before. He allows her to squeeze him, clinging to her again in return before lifting his head to stare up at his father with those wide eyes of his. There is uncertainty in them, remembering how the bronze rider had just shoved him aside so abruptly. Is he mad? "Does he need anything? Numbweed? Bandages?" Th'ero murmurs and then waves a hand dismissively. "I'm fine. Didn't really soak through…" he falters there and his eyes slide to their son and then away. Yep, it's guilt alright.
Kimmila glances at their son, and then at Th'ero. "He could use a hug," she murmurs softly. "Come sit with him, I'll go get some numbweed. Okay?" she says to the toddler. "Remember numbweed? It smells icky but it feels all tingly and silly?"

Th'ero appears to shrink back when she asks him to come sit with Kyzen but in the next instance he is inhaling slow and deep as he wrestles his guilt aside and takes a seat, arms held out to take the toddler from her. Kyzen will go willingly, though his eyes will follow Kimmila with a few nervous darts to Th'ero. The bronze rider hasn't hugged him yet, but he does hold him firmly. "Yeah?" the toddler agrees, uncertain. "Tastes icky too?" Of course. "You don't eat it, Kyzen. It goes on your skin and makes the hurt go away." Th'ero murmurs softly and the toddler frowns before he's nodding his head in agreement. "No hurt is good."

Kimmila bends to whisper something softly to Th'ero before she ruffles Kyzen's hair and departs. What does she whisper? "Love on him, cuddle him, he's scared and thinks you're mad." She knows that look!

Th'ero starts a little at what she whispers, tilting his head to look down at their toddler son, who is now sucking at his thumb as he peers up to look between his parents expectantly. "But I'm not…" Th'ero begins to protest and then just sighs, watching her as she departs. Now Kyzen is looking up at him and the bronze rider carefully shifts the toddler in his lap, cradling back in his arms with his injured side exposed to avoid touching it. Awkwardly, Th'ero just stares down at his son for a moment. Uh. "I'm not mad, son." Son! Now he's cuddling Kyzen and lowering his voice to a soothing murmur. "I was just scared too. But you're pretty brave, aren't you?" Kyzen nods his head and smiles tentatively. "Yeah! You scared too?" "Mhm." Th'ero agrees and a few more quiet words are whispered. By the time Kimmila returns, Kyzen is calm and almost sleepy and Th'ero doesn't quite look ready to crawl into a hole and die from guilt.

Good! Kimmila isn't gone too long, but long enough for the boys to relax and soothe each other. She returns with a sweetstick and a tin of numbweed. Sweetstick is offered to the toddler before she starts to gently dab the numbweed on with her fingertip. "We'll be numb together," she says softly, wiggling that finger at their boy. Her other hand briefly touches Th'ero's arm, giving it a firm squeeze.

Kyzen has certainly been soothed. Th'ero? Not so much but enough that he hasn't shut down entirely. Sweetstick trumps sleepiness and the toddler jerks to an alert state at the sight of it. His face lights up and who cares if he's got a boo-boo? SUGAR! With the candy in hand, he goes to town on it and does not even so much as twitch as Kimmila applies the numbweed. There's only a faint giggle when she wiggles her finger, but he's absorbed in his treat. Th'ero has gone quiet again, holding Kyzen still while Kimmila tends to him and he starts at her touch, his dark eyes darting to meet hers. "I'm sorry, Wingmate." Of course he'd be apologetic!

Kimmila nods her head at Th'ero as she wipes her finger clean on her pants. "I know," she says softly. "It's okay. C'mon, Kyzen, let's get you changed into some different clothes and then you can play okay?" Hefting the boy into her arms, she leaves poor Th'ero again to go find something for Kyzen to wear.

Kyzen makes a series of happy sounds and noises around that sweetstick and willingly goes into Kimmila's arms again. She may want to watch it that she doesn't wind up with the candy tangled and stuck in her hair! "Play!" he says, while Th'ero is just left looking a bit baffled as he's left behind again. Pushing to his feet, he will follow after them and find that change of clothes. Not that its hard, as his bag is usually sent with him wherever the toddler goes. Fresh and dry clothes in hand, he joins Kimmila and Kyzen. "Want me to dress him?"

Kimmila glances at Th'ero and then their son, and she nods. "Sure, if you'd like to," she says with a warm smile for her weyrmate. There is no anger in her demeanor, no upset and no judgement.

Th'ero should know that there would be no judgement and no anger, but he acts as though he expects it any moment. Some blame, some comment to lay the guilt and fault on him. While Kyzen is finishing the last of the sweetstick, he will quickly dress him in the dry clothing. "There. All set to right again. Better?" The toddler only babbles cheerfully and begins to wriggle in Kimmila's arms. Yep, he's definitely feeling better! "Play! Play!"

Kimmila sets him down with a gentle pat to his behind. "Go play then," she encourages. "I've hidden your dragon toy somewhere in here, see how fast you can find it." Destructive. Good game, Mom. As he tears off she looks at Th'ero and steps to his side, an arm tight around his waist. "You okay?" she whispers. "He's fine…"

Destructive but effective! Only so many toddler level places a dragon toy can be stuffed in and Kyzen tears off to find them all though he won't venture too far. Either because he knows not too or doesn't think to. Th'ero will watch their son as he stands by the couch and his focus is only drawn away when Kimmila's arm slips tight around his waist. "I feel so… stupid for being careless enough to drink hot klah over our toddler son." he admits in a low and tense whisper. "He's fine but what if it had been fresh from the fire and kettle? He'd be burned…" Enough to scar. Grimacing at the thought, Th'ero steps to the side and settles himself heavily on the couch, reaching out to draw Kimmila with him. Kyzen is occupied now and the bronzerider is not against a bit of cuddling with his weyrmate in the toddler's presence.

Kimmila shakes her head. "Now we know," she says quietly. "And it was partly his fault too weyrmate. He's learned. He's fine, don't beat yourself up over it." Like she knows he is doing right now.

"It wasn't a lesson he needed to learn quite like that…" Th'ero protests and she knows him well enough to know he will beat himself up over it regardless. Maybe not so heavily with the guilt, but it will hover there until the memory begins to fade a little. "It was an accident, I know." he mumbles next and gestures for her to pick up the papers from earlier. Back to work? You bet! Kyzen meanwhile is babbling to himself and calling sing-song like as though the toy dragon is going to heed his voice.

Kimmila nods, looking from son to weyrmate and back again, keeping an eye on the toddler. "Right," she agrees softly, with everything Th'ero has said. Then she bends to pick up the papers, giving him a curious look. Back to work, really? "I need to go change first," she murmurs, since she's all wet and stuff.

Apparently it is time for work again as Th'ero simply holds out his hand for those papers. No rest for the wicked? "Let me resort this then while you go change," he murmurs as he looks up at her. His gaze then slides to where Kyzen has now crouched by some of the lower alcoves and is reaching in with his tiny arms to see if his toy is hidden within. "I'll watch him. You… did hide his toy somewhere, right?"

Kimmila laughs. "Yes, of course I did." She's not /that/ mean, as she gives him a /look/ and turns to vanish into the bedroom. This time she closes the door. No seeing mommy naked again!

Kyzen isn't even aware that Kimmila has left and closed the door behind her, so focused is he on finding that toy! "Then where did you stash it?" Th'ero whispers quickly to her, only to give her a baffled look for the look she gives him. What? Then she's gone and he busies himself trying to sort the papers back in order after they had been dropped to the floor earlier. He's careful to keep an eye on Kyzen though and when the toddler begins to wander again with a frustrated scowl on his face, the bronzerider sighs and shakes his head. "Try under the table?"

From inside the bedroom there comes another hint. "Look in your bag!" Smart Mom hid the toy…in the bag. Or did she just leave it there? Hard to tell if she was sneaky or just lazy.

Th'ero turns his head as Kimmila calls from the bedroom with her hint and only rolls his eyes. Some hiding skills there! Kyzen however is just pleased as punch to crawl over to his bag after flattening down on the floor to peer on the table. Rummaging inside of the bag, he at last pulls out the dragon stuffy with a delighted sound as he holds it up for Th'ero to see. "Well done," the bronzerider praises with a gentle smile, to which the toddler just hugs his favourite toy to his chest and wanders over to climb up on the couch again. Th'ero allows it, though he grimaces a bit at how sticky Kyzen's hands are and makes sure to hold the paperwork well out of reach.

Kimmila is a master hider. Kyzen will wise up to Mom's tricks eventually. Walking back to Th'ero, Kimmila doesn't seem to notice or care about the sticky stuff. She just flops down and gently hauls Kyzen into her lap. Mommy wants to snuggle too it seems!

Kimmila is a master hider. Kyzen will wise up to Mom's tricks eventually. Walking back to Th'ero, Kimmila doesn't seem to notice or care about the sticky stuff. She just flops down and gently hauls Kyzen into her lap. Mommy wants to snuggle too it seems! "So. Where were we?" she asks Th'ero with a little smile. Everything is back to normal right?

One day Kyzen will be too clever for his own good and worse than he is now! He will figure out Kimmila's tricks for certain. He does not protest being hauled into her lap either, laughing out loud as he's settled and promptly goes back to 'playing' with his stuffed dragon toy. Which may include a lot of bopping it against her arm or legs. Apparently his 'dragon' can't fly very well. Everything appears back to normal, as Th'ero shuffles closer to Kimmila's side so that she can read the papers he holds in his hands. "We were about to discuss the locations for the possible scavenger hunt?" he murmurs. "M'icha listed a few possible ones here. Weyr, Hold and Hall. Personally, I think we should keep it to Weyr? What do you think?"

Kimmila shakes her head. "I see no reason to limit it. Once they know how to between, they /should/ be traveling around Pern. They're going to do it on their own time anyway, why not make it more structured? Simple things though. Nothing that /should/ cause diplomatic issues, and of course we'll notify them ahead of time to expect some weyrlings." Bop, bop, bop…she doesn't seem to mind at all, feeling rather attached to their son at the moment, and wanting to snuggle him close - for once. "They should bring back a piece of jewelry from Boll. Something that costs no more than a quarter mark."

"I suppose you have a point. Gives them the practice, as they should have. Yes, I agree." Th'ero murmurs as he shuffles a few of the papers around in his hand and discards some. "Faranth, no! No political issues with the Weyrlings! We had enough of a headache with the last bunch and Gold Hill Hold." he mutters with a grimace for that memory. Not that it was the Weyrlings fault at all! He laughs then, giving Kimmila a long look. "A piece of jewelry, hmm? Looking to expand your collection? Should they snatch a pretty scarf and a new dress too from Weavercraft Hall?" he teases gently. Kyzen does not protest to the snuggling, leaning against Kimmila and content to use her arms or sides or any part of her body as his stage for his toy-dragon. Eventually though whatever grand adventure he has playing out in his head requires movement and he will squirm his way free and start alternating between using her and Th'ero too. Bop, bop, thump, bop! Noises start to follow, mostly incoherent nothings.

Kimmila lets Kyzen go, watching him move around with a little grin, before she smirks at Th'ero. "No. Just…something cheap, something that might be hard to find. Something to /do/ rather than just show up and jump right back home again."

Th'ero quirks a brow at her and chuckles, "I was teasing you, Wingmate. We had discussed that I believe…" Back in the nook off of the Hatching Sands. That brings a crooked smile to his lips and he lifts a hand to ruffle Kyzen's hair, which has the toddler ducking his head and 'roaring' at him with the toy-dragon. Don't touch! "… they find some unique item to the area. Makes them have to talk to the locals." Right?
Kimmila nods, "Exactly. That's the idea anyway. It sounds like fun, I wish we'd done something like this during my weyrlinghood. So maybe tomorrow I can go to a few places and talk to folks, make sure it'd be okay for us to send our Weyrlings there."

"It's not meant to be all fun, even if we're calling it 'games'." Th'ero points out with a smirk. "Though I suppose this part of it is…" Can't all be seriousness, now can it? Somehow he'd probably strive to make it so. "I do too. At least we will be able to enjoy it through them? It will be all our ideas, our hard work that gives them this opportunity." Just as good! At least to Th'ero. He peers at her, hardly seeming to notice as Kyzen begins to crawl and climb all over him now. "Is Varmiroth cleared for flight and Between now?" he asks, only to snort. "Ah, so you get all the fun then?" he teases. "What shall I do, while you zip around Pern on our Weyrling's behalf?"

"Stay here and work," is Kimmila's dry grin and wink. "He is, and I intend to take advantage of it. Tomorrow. And no, and it won't be all fun. But some of it should be. Especially the between part at first. Have to keep them calm through it, and not have too much on their mind. Can't expect them to do more than just go somewhere to start, and finding a knick-nack is a pretty stress-free task to complete, isn't it?"

Th'ero snorts again and jerks his chin towards the peg holding his riding jacket. "Would you like my knot while you're at it?" he drawls. He's… still joking around, right? "Stay here and work. Right." he mutters and scoffs under his breath. Flipping through the papers in his hand, he rearranges a few more and at last seems satisfied enough to set them aside. "It is a pretty stress-free task to complete and I suppose it won't need a time limit. Something they can do for the duration of the Games or remainder of their training?"

Kimmila snickers, shaking her head. "Oh, shards no. You know I don't like responsibility." She winks at him. "I just like to have fun and reap all the benefits. But. I guess you can come with me. If you want." He wants to, right? "And we could do it that way. Or send them all to a different spot and see who gets back first. But…that's probably bad to rush them through between…"

Th'ero laughs, "You just asked for a whole lot of responsibility by volunteering to single handedly visit each location on a diplomatic ground!" he points out, giving her a long and lingering look before smirking. "Oh, am I burden now? I would enjoy to come with you. I'll try not to get in your way of having fun and reaping all the glory." Shaking his head, he has to hastily grip Kyzen by the back of his pants as the toddler starts to venture too far towards the armrest of the couch. Pulled back into place, Kyzen quietly resumes playing but he's peering curiously at his parents. What are they talking about? "I'd think that may rush them. Or get them too riled up competitively and one of them will do something stupid…" Th'ero mutters and lets that sentence fall unfinished.

Kimmila grins, "Well yeah but I'm choosing it." It makes a difference, really. She never complains about her cothold rounds, because it's her choice. It's a fine line to walk but Th'ero does it very well in his handling of her. Then she's laughing, reaching over to pinch his arm when Kyzen isn't looking. "Jerk," she hisses, but it's fondly. "Yeah, I agree, that was a bad idea. So no race for that. Maybe we just give them a really long list of things to find in their spare time, and whoever has the most by graduation wins."

"Choosing what?" Th'ero drawls as if he has no idea what she is speaking of when truthfully he knows exactly what she is referring to. He knows how much her freedom to choose concerning the cot holds means to her and he would never take that away from her. Not unless he meant to truly hurt her and he'd rather face Threadfall unprotected than ever do that. "Ow!" Th'ero protests jokingly when she pinches him and grunts at her (fond) hiss. "I'm the jerk? You're the one taking the glory and whisking off on a solo mission! And not even being kind enough to offer for others to join! Some who may have been looking forwards to an excuse to visit other areas and not be a harbinger of bad news?" he drawls as Kyzen shuffles back to Kimmila's lap and settles there for a bit. "I think I like that idea for the scavenger hunts. A relaxing task among the stressful ones." Makes sense? Of course, now that they're on a roll, things have to grind to a halt again as Kyzen pipes up right then. "Hafta pee." RIGHT NOW. Squirm! Have fun with that Kimmila? Or it's Th'ero to the rescue! "Come on." The bronze rider scoops up their son and carts him off to the bathroom. Crisis adverted.

Kimmila snuggles Kyzen and maybe she squeezes him a bit too hard because it's right after that snuggle that he announces he has to pee. Whoops. While they're gone she grabs a stylus and makes some notes on one of the maps, a few circles and a few jotted things in the margins. Hopefully she can write on that one.

Oops? No matter. At least Kyzen announced he had to go before… going. The maps are copies and so any notes Kimmila makes on them are fine (and probably welcomed). They are not gone long, with their son returning first in an awkward loping run that is favouring one leg since part of his is numb still. "Slow down, Kyzen!" Th'ero calls as he follows his son, but the toddler only slows once he's climbed his way back onto the couch and plunked himself right back in Kimmila's lap. His hands are no longer sticky and it looks as though Th'ero's made a valiant effort to clean Kyzen up while they were back there. "Making notes?" Th'ero drawls as he settles himself down on the couch and right against Kimmila's side.

Kimmila snuggles their son again when he returns, happy to see him and in a rare cuddling mood. Cuddling with the kid that is. With Th'ero she always wants to cuddle, but it seems that right now he needs to share her. "Yeah, just a few thoughts about what could be found in different places."

Kyzen does not mind this cuddling mood of Kimmila's! He soaks it up like a sponge and cuddles right back, toy dragon pinned under one arm. The toddler is finally winding down, despite having had a sweetstick not long ago. Curling up against Kimmila's body, he will begin to drift off but struggle against it. Th'ero observes this with some amusement though deep down he is pleased and touched to see her so cuddly with their son. He does not care about sharing her for this morning and simply nestles in comfortably against her side as he looks down at the map. "Care you share your thoughts, Wingmate?" he murmurs.

Kimmila leans back against Th'ero, happy to lean against his side and snuggle their son. "Well, the jewelry in Boll. A rock from Red Butte. A leaf from a tree in Keroon. Volcanic glass from Ista…what else? Where else should we send them? Location first, then item."

Th'ero supports her easily and will even slip an arm around her at some point while Kyzen dozes in a light sleep in her lap. Just to be certain not to wake him, he keeps his voice down to a low murmur. "Clever ideas," he tells her and turning his head he gives her a broad smile. Seems that his good mood has returned, the guilt from earlier pushed aside. "What else? Hmm." Thoughtful, he ducks his head down for a moment and his eyes roam that map. "Skybroom wood from Lemos, non-precious gemstone from Crom… What about Xanadu? There is Eastern and Western's territories as well."

Kimmila nods, carefully jotting those ideas down on the map, shifting Kyzen just enough to do so. "Xanadu…sand? Or…I still say something from Thea. I'll bet she'd get a kick out of that." Smirk. "Western." She snorts. "Zi'on's balls?"

Kyzen makes a sleepy sound of protest when he's shifted but with a bit of squirming and wriggling he makes himself comfortable again as he uses Kimmila as his own personal cushion. "Perhaps. But we best warn her and her staff before sending the Weyrlings on them? Otherwise there WILL be some awkward confusion when they're all seeking audience with Thea and… trying to gain something from her." Awkward but hilarious? He smirks back and then chokes back his laughter. Barely. "Shards, Kimmila! While I'm sure neutering Zi'on would have benefits… No."

Kimmila is more than happy to have their son dozing against her. More than happy. "Of course. Which is what we'll do tomorrow," she grins. "Go ask and warn people." Then she snickers, but gives him her best innocent look. Which isn't all that good truth be told, but she tries. "What else is there worth getting in Western?"

Kyzen sleeps, curled up in a content little ball against his mother who is more than willing to hold him and the moment is noted by Th'ero, enough that he reaches over to gently smooth the toddler's hair back as he leans in to nuzzle and kiss Kimmila. "Tomorrow then," he agrees with a low chuckle as he leans back and the look he gives her tells all: he does not buy her innocence for a second! He knows her too well for that. "Where would you like to start?" he asks, only to snort and frown as he thinks. What is there in Western? "They've the open market. Lots of curious trinkets there that aren't normally shipped North. Also… if I haven't muddled my seasons, the jungle paths would have those blossoms right about now. You know, the big white ones?" Because there aren't a dozen or more of flowers by that description!

Kimmila smiles at the nuzzling and kissing, returning the favor as best she can without waking their sleeping child. "Tomorrow." Then she shrugs, looking at the map. "Doesn't really matter, but let's start with the hottest areas first and last, and the cooler ones in the middle of the day. It'll be a long day. Lots of jumps. Oooh, yes. I love those flowers. They'll find those down there."

Th'ero lowers his head to peer thoughtfully at the map, brows furrowed as he quickly plots out their route. "Igen first then, since Keroon is within distance of it. Then Ista, Eastern, Xanadu…" He leans forwards and places his finger on the map to trace along the various locations. "Across to Western and back up north to Benden, Lemos, Crom, High Reaches… Wait. Shells, I've this backwards…" Grumble. He mutters under his breath as he recalculates. "Should start backwards… Or does it matter?"

Kimmila shrugs, "Doesn't really matter. We can start in Ista and then figure out where to go from there." She smiles at him, leaning over to give him another gentle kiss. "You okay?"

"Ista? And not Keroon?" Th'ero murmurs with a hint of amusement in his voice, his gaze lifting to her for a moment before sliding back to the map. "I suppose the circuit would work that way. We'll have to rest at times, if not to just avoid putting more hours into our day by all the timezone shifting. It's been awhile since I've ever thought of doing so many jumps Between." he admits and returns her kiss, only to look a touch perplexed by her question. "I'm fine, Wingmate. Why would I not be?" Just ignore the lingering guilt and all that from earlier. He looks down to Kyzen in her lap, sleeping and then to her and now there is no chance to miss the pride there. She's been so good with him, something not gone unnoticed by the bronzerider. "He'll be three Turns soon." he says softly. Random much?

Kimmila blinks, a bit confused for a moment. In the end though she just sighs. "Whatever you want, wingmate. It really doesn't matter to me." Then she gives him a look. "I know you too well, Th'ero," she reminds him pointedly. "Three? Already?" And she looks down at their son in surprise and…sadness? "That's too fast."

Th'ero is confused now as well as to what he may have said (or not said?) to have made her sigh. Normally he would just brush it aside or brood over it quietly but instead he shifts on the couch and turns to face her as he rests a hand gently against her thigh. "What is it, Wingmate? Did you have your heart set on something…?" Was he being oblivious again? At the look, he simply holds her eyes with his. "I'm fine. I wasn't earlier but I am now. He's obviously recovered and no worse for wear for the accident with the klah. I'll get over it." Eventually. "Yes. In three days." Th'ero's memorized the day or at least close enough to it to know. How could he forget that day? Both joyous and traumatizing. Hard to let that go! "Isn't that what most mother's say?" he murmurs and leans in to nuzzle against her neck.

Kimmila shakes her head. "It's nothing, I just got confused." The sigh was directed at herself. "We can go in whatever order you want." Shifting slightly, she strokes Kyzen's hair. "I guess. I couldn't wait for Ziani to get bigger, but.." That was diferent. "Three days…should we do something?"

"Over what?" Th'ero will press gently, still assuming he's missed something crucial in their plotting of tomorrow's task. "And it shouldn't always be what I want, Wingmate. You know this." Because it is the truth. Kyzen stirs a little under Kimmila's stroking hand, whimpering in slight protest as he squirms and then stretches out comfortably again and settles back into a deep sleep with a little sigh. "I'll admit that I've been anxious for him to grow up a little. I find this toddler stage awkward." he murmurs softly and he kisses her cheek at the mention of her daughter. That was different, yes. "Up to you, love." Th'ero whispers in a low hushed tone by her ear. "We could keep it low key and quiet. He probably is not of an age to understand the meaning…"

Kimmila is starting to get irritated at his persistence, and she eyes him. "Nothing. Let it go, Th'ero. It's fine. I honestly do not care one bit." Quiet for a moment, she shrugs. "Maybe we just take him somewhere. Somewhere fun, like Ista, where we can swim and play in the ocean. Just a nice outing, instead of a big party."

Th'ero starts at her sudden irritated mood and he backs down. His eyes linger on her and he almost protests in his usual apologetic way but wisely he keeps his tongue in check and looks away. Right, let it go. As if he'll let it go! Already he's mulling through his thoughts of what to do to 'correct' it when there is nothing at all to correct. "That may be a perfect idea," he murmurs as his eyes seek out the map and the Istan islands. He smiles softly. "Somewhere fun and quiet. For all of us."

Kimmila nods, "It'd be a nice little day trip. Get out, relax, enjoy some sand and some sun. He likes the beach, right?" She doesn't remember, she spends so little time with the kid.

Th'ero is equally as clueless and can only shrug his shoulders. "What child wouldn't enjoy the black sands and clear waters of an Istan beach? He'll probably be over the moons just being somewhere away from Fort. We'd probably even get away with going to High Reaches and he'd still be thrilled." he points out and chuckles lightly. Shifting against the couch, he allows a moment of silence to fall as he looks down at her and their son and again he will nuzzle at her neck and kiss her cheek and hair. Then he is slipping away, settling more towards the edge of the couch cushion as if preparing to stand. "Then it is all settled?" he asks.

Kimmila closes her eyes, leaning into his kisses and nuzzles. "It's all settled," she agrees softly, with a smile. "But…I kind of just want to hold him for a while longer…"

Th'ero has reached forwards to begin rolling the maps and gathering all the pieces of paper on the table, pausing only when she mentions holding Kyzen for a little longer. His expression flickers with many emotions, all too swift to pin or read but in the end he smiles and that same pleased and prideful look settles into place. "You'll have an entire candlemark yet, Wingmate. Tlazio isn't meant to return quite yet for him." he murmurs, pushing to his feet with the paperwork tucked under one arm. "So spend all the time you wish. He seems comfortable with you." Comfortable enough that Kyzen is in so dead asleep that the Weyr could fall down around him and he'd probably not wake up.

Kimmila smiles at him when he moves to gather up their materials. "Thanks," she says softly, a light blush touching her cheeks as she shifts to lay down on the couch. Pulling Kyzen gently against her chest, she wraps her arms around their boy and just rests with him, stroking his hair, gazing at his precious little face, and just /loving/ on him in a rare, /rare/ moment of maternal instinct. Her eyes follow Th'ero around as well, because she's not napping, she's just relaxing with their child.

Kyzen is moved and held easily, oblivious to the world as he sleeps on and soothed to remain as such by Kimmila's loving. Nothing like feeling safe, comfortable and loved to sleep the morning away! Th'ero has stepped away and into his personal office to stash the paperwork in a safe place. He's gone only for a few seconds before he returns and begins to pack up the left over food and tidy up the table. Quiet for sometime, it's not until he glances towards the couch and sees her laying there with Kyzen that he smiles softly. "Comfortable?" he asks.

Kimmila watches Th'ero until he vanishes, and then when he returns he'll find her stroking Kyzen's hair again. Oh, those curls. She is so glad their son got his curls. Glancing up again at her weyrmate, Kimmila's expression is relaxed and loving. "Extremely," she admits with a slight blush to her cheeks. As if she's not /supposed/ to be comfortable laying on a couch with their child. "Join us?" she asks softly, sitting up enough so that he could find room on the couch as well.

Kyzen will be a heartbreaker when he's grown and mature. Those curls, the eyes… The girls are doomed. DOOMED. For now though he's just a curly haired toddler who snuggles deeper against his mother as she lulls him into a heavier sleep. He'll be as limp as a rag doll too when she moves to sit up. Th'ero quirks a brow at her blushing and he steps over to join them, sliding down to sit on the couch as he did before with Kimmila nestled against his side. "You look very relaxed," he tells her honestly as he turns his head to kiss her hair again and she will likely feel him smile rather than see it. "Don't think I've ever seen him so dead asleep either."

Dooooomed. And so are his parents, having to deal with all those heartbroken young ladies. Sigh. Kimmila snuggles against Th'ero's side, smiling happily. "I am," she admits. "Kind of surprised, but…I /want/ to hold him. So I will." Until she doesn't want to anymore. Then she won't. She smiles at his kiss, breathing deeply. "Really? Well he's had an exciting morning."

Sigh, indeed! Th'ero shifts so he can lift his arm up and slip it around her shoulders, pulling her closer and smiling down at her and laughing softly. "Why are you surprised, Wingmate? And hold him all you want. He's your son." And Kyzen isn't protesting. Zzz. Th'ero frowns a little, but he nuzzles at her hair again and she will feel his lips brush against her again as he inhales deep and exhales slowly. "He has. But if he wasn't comfortable I don't think he'd nap so well." Pause. "I think he's really starting to bond to you."

Kimmila snuggles deeper into his embrace with a gentle smile, making herself comfortable. Safe and secure in his arms, she is happy. "Because I don't usually feel this way," she admits honestly. "It's odd for me to want to, and not just feel like I have to. And no, if he wasn't comfortable he wouldn't." Then she tilts her head to look up at her weyrmate - at Kyzen's father - and smile. "He's bonding to you too, Th'ero. When he got burned his second biggest worry was how you were reacting. He needed to know he wasn't in trouble. From you. Your opinion and your feelings mean the world to our little boy."

Th'ero feels safe and secure as well and another emotion he never though he'd ever experience. A sense of family. He has a family. "This is good that you want too though, Wingmate!" he tells her, leaning his head down a little lower and just enough to draw her into a gentle and loving kiss. He does not praise her outright, knowing that that may just make her uncomfortable but the kiss probably gives that away. Leaning his head back, Th'ero looks surprised by her words and blushes faintly. "I didn't know…" Oblivious. "I figured he'd be afraid of me. Since nothing I do with him seems to go right."

He does. Kimmila smiles at him, leaning up to return that kiss, feeling and returning all of his shared emotions. She's a bit embarrassed by her wanting to snuggle Kyzen, but not enough to make it awkward. "Afraid of you? I don't think so," she murmurs, brushing back Kyzen's curls. "He idolizes you. He only wants to do right in your eyes. And that's not true, Th'ero. You're a wonderful father."

Th'ero's eyes remain focused on Kimmila and they are bright with emotion but too many shades to know exactly which to pinpoint. Proud, happy, delighted, loved and loving, admiration (for her), uncertain, nervous, afraid… and so much more. "Do these things happen to all parents then?" he asks her softly. He means the accidents and bad luck, how their son always seems to find trouble or get into it. Glancing down at the sleeping toddler, he will loop his arm around Kimmila even more as he seeks to draw her into his embrace and against his body but also have it that his hand can rest against Kyzen's back. Quiet, he knows he should just let the moment go untouched, savour it as he is now. Yet the question pops into his mind and will not cease to nag. Hesitantly, he broaches it in a soft spoken tone. "Have… you ever thought of trying for another child, Wingmate?"

Kimmila laughs softly. "I don't know, wingmate, I've never really been a parent before. But I think they do. It makes sense that they do, no one is perfect. Especially not our darling little boy. She shifts, drawn closer into his protective embrace smiling when he touches Kyzen's back too. Their little family. His question has her exhaling softly, though her answer might surprise him. "I have."

Th'ero is quiet as he mulls all of this over, smiling a touch sheepishly when she laughs. "You've got a point there. He's a toddler and so young… of course he will find trouble." Darling boy? That has both his brows lifting in surprise but he only smiles lovingly down at her. They go even higher up when she drops that answer with no hesitation and his mouth works silently for a few seconds before his brain kicks back into gear and he can find his words again. "You have…?"

Kimmila chuckles softly, blushing a bit. "I have," she confirms, glancing at him. "Have you?" A simple enough question…though a complicated one, especially with Kyzen sleeping across her body.

Complicated in many ways! Th'ero looks almost awestruck by her response and he shifts against her, moving so that he can stretch out on the couch but pull her in between his legs so that she rests against his chest. It may require more reshuffling than he hoped and Kyzen will be jostled a bit. The toddler stirs, whimpering in protest and squirming until Th'ero's hand strokes his back. "Shh, Kyzen." It works and the child is lulled back to sleep. Not as deeply, but he's asleep. It may be winding close to the end of nap time. Holding Kimmila close, he nuzzles at her neck and through it he will whisper. "Yes. I have."

Kimmila shifts, sitting up a bit until Th'ero adjusts, and then she's happy to lay back against him, adjusting Kyzen until he does drift off again. Short little nap, because isn't it still morning anyway? Inhaling slowly, Kimmila's eyes close and her head tilts to one side to welcome the nuzzling. "For how long?" she asks softly.

It is still morning, late morning now and Tlazio should be returning any moment to collect his foster son. Th'ero however has forgotten about the time for now. His focus is drifting towards Kimmila and when she tilts her head to the side, his nuzzling resumes and firmly at that. "Awhile now. A few months? I was just unsure…" Of her reaction? "…of how to bring it up."

It would be very awkward and can still be awkward. Which is why Th'ero is treading carefully and trying to keep some of it at bay by contact. He nuzzles her again and kisses her skin, murmuring between. "I know it is. Which is why I don't bring it up. I don't want you pressured into this, just as I did not want you pressured into having Kyzen." He goes quiet then, nibbling along her neck before kissing her shoulder. "If only there was a way that you did not need to be locked into pregnancy for nine months…" he says and lifts his head to nibble just below her ear and is about to whisper something more when his eyes catch a glimpse of blue. "Awake, are we?" Yup. There's Kyzen, peering up silently at his parents and making an affirmative sound. Mhm! "What doing?" The toddler asks in a sleepy, groggy voice before yawning mightily. Th'ero has to think of something aside from 'putting the moves on your mother' as an answer. "Snuggling." Yeah, that'll work?

Kimmila snorts a soft laugh. "Well you're not sleeping with someone else. Hi, Kyzen." Hiiii, kid. "Yup, we're all snuggling," she says, pulling him up against her and giving him a squeeeeeze and a little raspberry on his neck. "Did you have a good nap?"

Th'ero scoffs, "Shards, no! That is not what I meant." he tells her and with Kyzen awake now he allows the conversation to slip away. The look he gives her will warn her that he's not finished discussing it yet. Kyzen squeals with delight when Kimmila raspberries him after a squeeze and quickly dissolves into a fit of giggling. "Yeah! Still sleepy." he mumbles, rubbling at his eyes as he wriggles against her. "Snuggles are good. I like snuggles!" To drive his point, he attempts to 'snuggle' them both by flattening himself out starfish style to hug them both. Using them as personal jungle gyms then, he begins to sit up only to squirm again in that classic 'I have to pee' way. Again? Th'ero sighs and just then there's a knock on the door. "You wanna take him this time, Kimmila? That's probably Tlazio."

Kimmila laughs when he wiggles, and then she's standing, scooping him up to rasberry him again. "Sure," she says. "You'll get the door?" Then they're off to the bathroom! Pee pee time!

Kyzen laughs again but promptly begins to squirm with more urgency! Don't make the toddler laugh! Or she'll regret it. Thankfully he's a good kid for the actual business end of things and she won't have much issues getting him settled and done with it. Or was Th'ero just lucky? "Yeah, I'll get the door." he murmurs, watching her go and pushing to his feet. Unlocking it, he pulls it open and sure enough Tlazio is there. "Come on in. He just woke up from a nap…" And he will quickly fill in Kimmila's brother of the events, including the burn though it pains him to admit it.

Tlazio isn't judgemental, he just grimaces. "Shards. Glad he's okay though. Guess that'll teach him not to thrash around when there's a hot beverage nearby, right? Might have been a good lesson just the same." He offers the Weyrleader a smile and shoulder clap, more 'father of my foster child' than 'Weyrleader of Fort Weyr' right now.

Th'ero doesn't mind the clap to the shoulder, having grown to respect and even truly like Tlazio. The man IS his son's foster father after all and brother to the love of his life. It'd be very bad and awkward if he never warmed up to him. "A good lesson but I hope his next one's aren't so shocking or lead to further injury!" he mutters, stepping over to gather Kyzen's bag and make sure all is within, including the toddler's favourite toy though he leaves that out. "Kimmila? Tlazio is here. Is everything alright?" he calls. "Sorry, Tlazio. He woke up and had to go. He's been good with that this visit."

"Everything is fine," Kimmila calls. "Washing my hands!" Kyzen chirps happily, before he's darting out of the bathroom and towards Tlazio, who scoops him up and plunks him onto one broad shoulder. "There we go. You have a good visit?" Kimmila walks out after, smiling a bit and looking almost sad to see Kyzen go so soon as she slips an arm around Th'ero's waist.

Th'ero smiles as Kyzen comes rushing out and is scooped up by Tlazio. "Yeah!" The toddler agrees and then begins to babble on and on about it, half coherent with his wording and even detailing his hard learned lesson with 'hot icky klah drinks'. Th'ero shakes his head and chuckles, pulling Kimmila close to his side when he feels her arm slip around him. "Want to come say goodbye to your mother and I, Kyzen?" he asks, giving Tlazio a 'do you mind?' look. He may have missed the sadness to Kimmila's mood.

Kimmila moves from Th'ero to scoop their son into her arms, giving him a tight tight squeeze. Though by now Kyzen is past the cuddle stage and quickly squirms, wanting to be put down so he can play or at least be handed off to Th'ero for good byes. It doesn't mean anything to him at this point - just a hug that's keeping him from play.

Th'ero takes Kyzen into his arms and hugs him swiftly before setting him down again and giving him a gentle nudge forwards to Tlazio. "Clear skies and enjoy the rest of your day." he says to them both, stepping forwards and looking to bring Kimmila along with him if she will go as he opens the door to see them out to the ledge. As Tlazio heads for the stairs, Kyzen will wave his little arm and hand. "Bye!" he calls and Th'ero waves back, standing there until the pair are out of sight before turning to walk back inside.