Who F'inn, K'zre
What K'zre confronts F'inn about his feelings.
When Summer-Autumn - Month 8 of Turn 2718
Where Weyrbowl, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

It's dark. And quiet. And K'zre is definitely up to something. While he, himself, can be rather sneaky when he wants to be, Yasminath is… very much less than stealthy. Borderline blatantly obvious. But as sneaking out to watch the moons has become a semi-routine thing (at least on those nights when said moons are especially bright) she's at least become adept at slipping out without announcing her exit. Hiding in shadows? Not as easily done when your hide tends to 'glow' a bit silver in the moonlight. But somehow, miraculously, Kez and Yasminath manage to slip out of the barracks, away from the weyrlingmasters, and far enough into the weyrbowl to be "safe". And that is where they are now. Yasminath is being *VERY* still as Kez practices those up-down exercises they've been doing for the past week or so. Head craned around, she watches as he scales up her neck, then back down again. « I /promise/ I won't trip! » she insists, her mindvoice a hushed whisper in deference to the midnight hour. (It's not actually midnight yet, but it sounded better to say 'midnight hour' instead of 'ten-o-clock hour').

While F'inn has made a point to get more sleep, today has been busy. After his own mounted exercises, and numerous trips around the bowl on Nymionth, the pair headed to the dragon infirmary to shadow the healers. And, while tiring, the day has been good. Long, but good. And they are finally on their way back to the barracks. It is the sight of a *VERY* still Yasminath in the distance that has them altering course, F'inn's head tilting to the side as he watches K'zre practicing mounting. He is NOT supposed to be and F'inn knows that. Rather then utter a word, he sends Nymionth off to situate his massive form between the pair and anyone that might be coming from the direction of the barracks. Watch. Nymionth is definately keeping watch. Once the bronze is settled and his Empathic Senses are on High, F'inn nods and continues toward the pair. It is only when K'zre is on the ground (startling him on Yasminath or in mid-mount being a bad idea) that he lightly clears his throat.

K'zre is probably not supposed to actually mount Yasminath, but climbing up and down her neck is probably alright. Gotta build those muscles, right? Sure… Either way, his intentions are definitely less innocent than just climbing up and down. He fully intends on actually swinging a leg over her neck and letting her walk around with him. At least, it was his intention before F'inn approaches and lightly clears his throat. On the ground, there's little in the way of startled response from Kez. A sudden stiffening of his back and shoulders, a clench of his jaw in defiant expression as he turns to confront whoever it is, and then a somewhat surprised frown at discovering the bronze-weyrling and not a weyrlingmaster. Yasminath? She about jumps out of her skin, wings flaring slightly, a startled « Eep! » and vocal squeak. And then a dramatic sigh of relief. « Don't scare us! » Of course the words are for Nymionth, even if her snout is pointed at F'inn.

«We're keeping watch for you, » Nymionth points out in tones that are only slightly disapproving of the whole affair. « You must be very, very careful and pay close attention, alright? » Glancing at Yasminath when she starts, F'inn offers her a sheepish smile. « We are both sorry to have startled you. » Nymionth assures. For his part, F'inn nods to K'zre, pale eyes sweeping the dark bowl before returning to the other weyrling. "Don't look at me like that," he notes in reaction to the defiant stare. "If you get caught, you'll both be grounded and neither of us want that. Nym's keeping watch, so just be very careful and go very slow. And the moment Nym thinks she's straining, it's got to stop. Deal?" While he's not crazy about breaking the rules, he'd much rather K'zre do it (and he knows he WILL do it) when he's there to watch his back.

"You think I would risk her health or safety?" Really, it's the idea that he might allow Yasminath to be hurt that upsets K'zre more than the idea they might be caught and grounded. For moment, there's a injured look to him before it's wiped away to be replaced by stubborn resolve. "She's strong. She's ready. And we're no better than grounded as it is." Resolved, he turns and reaches for the straps once again. « I will be very careful! I would never let K'zre be hurt. » And while Yasminath is just as absolute in that declaration, she is not at all offended by Nymionth's assertion. There is only the brimming anticipation that she will finally get to be a 'real' dragon, and the utter determination not to get it wrong. « We will not get caught. We will be brilliant! » And even so, there is more than a little gratitude for Nymionth floating in the moonbeams of her mindvoice.

F'inn shakes his head, a frown twitching his lips. "I don't think that at all," he assures as he steps closer. "I just don't want to see you held back." Cause then he'd have to hold Nymionth back and neither of them want that. It's the injured look that has him striding over, his arms unfolding from his chest to lightly touch K'zre's cheek. "I /always/ have your back. And I know she's strong and more then ready, Kez." He just can't help worrying and the thought of either of them hurt? It hurts his heart. "I know you gotta do this," he assures. "And we're going to be right here with you both." « Of course you will be brilliant, » Nymionth agrees. « You couldn't be anything but brilliant, Yasminath. »

"Then why," asks Kez, twisting to peer at F'inn through the dark, "would you insinuate that I wouldn't stop if she was feeling strain? I can feel her just as well as Nymionth can. And perhaps better," or so Kez would like to stubbornly believe. But whatever argument might come, it's deftly halted with the touch of fingers to his cheek. For a moment he's just standing there, frozen against Yasminath's side and utterly at a loss for what to do or say. And then he's twisting away and hauling himself up the side of her neck. It is only once he's swung a leg over her neck that he can breathe again. True to her words, Yasminath is stock still and immobile through it all, her head swinging back to regard the pair of humans with swiftly-whirling eyes. But it's confusion that colors her mind for a moment, until Kez is settled and she's utterly distracted by the fact that he's up there at last! She barely contains a crow of delight and can't help but to wiggle *just* a little in excitement. « We did it! Look, Nymionth! I'm a /real/ dragon! » As if somehow, having wings and a tail and the ability to breathe fire wasn't good enough.

F'inn doesn't know how to respond to that, or to K'zre's jerking away. For a moment, F'inn actually looks embarassed, his head giving a mild shake as he shoves his hands in his pockets. "I… We are just worried.. I wasn't insinuating anything." It's only a silent inquery from Nymionth that has him glancing toward the bronze, his head giving a mild shake as he draws back a few steps after assuring him he's fine. « You were always a real dragon, Yasminath, » Nymionth assures in soothing tones. « The weyrlingmasters simply do not understand that you are perfect. » They will, though, he has no doubt of that. Rather then remain where he is and risk upsetting either rider or dragon, F'inn retreats, crossing the bowl to settle in a lean against Nymionth's side.

Yasminath is a barely-contained bundle of delight, excitement pouring out of her so brilliantly she might as well announce to the entire /Weyr/ that they are doing something they ought not to be doing. Nymionth's assertion that she's perfect is met with flashing moonlight and twinkling bells, a giddy sort of joy that has no room to be bashful. But the moment is tempered by K'zre's own mood. He's certainly pleased. Maybe even a bit smugly, stubbornly satisfied. But it is contrasted by conflicting emotions; confusion and almost childish spite. As if he wants to be stubborn and rebellious for no reason other than to be stubborn and rebellious. It is not how he envisioned his first ride on Yasminath going. And they haven't even taken a single step. And eventually, it even dampens the green's enthusiasm, though not by much. A moment of silent conversation, a low croon from the green, and a moment later they're finally moving forward for a few steps.

Despite the distance, both F'inn and Nymionth are watching closely, the emotions unabashedly monitored by the pair. "I don't know," he murmurs to Nymionth as he slides down the bronze's leg and sits on the ground to watch. Whatever they discussing has Nymionth's head turning to nuzzle F'inn's hair before he returns to watching Yasminath with an encouraging croon. When they are moving, F'inn leans forward, his arms draping over updrawn knees. "You got this," he murmurs under his breath.

To be fair, there is very little that K'zre is required to do other than hold on. And he's doing that brilliantly. His hands are so tight around those leather straps, it might be the weyrling that strains a muscle instead of the green. Yasminath, despite being beside herself with joy (when it's not contrasted with Kez's sudden, sullen mood swing) is moving slowly and minding her steps very carefully. She will *NOT* trip while K'zre is on her neck! It should be no great surprise that her steps are taking her unerringly toward Nymionth, even if it isn't entirely intentional. A few more steps, and she stutters to a stop and twists her head around so that she can peer at K'zre. A sigh, and she settles herself on the ground to allow him to climb down. « I don't feel tired, » she insists, in the wake of a private conversation. But regardless, Kez is sliding down from her side and looking very much like he's done for the night. There's still that set to his jaw, those roiling emotions that alternate between being rebellious, confused, and then being pissed off for being confused. Which is probably why he's all but stomping toward the bronze and his weyrling, Yasminath waffling at his back as he goes.

Both F'inn and Nymionth are watching closely, the bronze crooning his encouragement, F'inn remaining silent but for a dopey and entirely to pleased smile playing on his lips. Even the confused jumble of emotions doesn't cause that smile to falter, nor does it stop him from flashing a triumphant wink at Yasminath. « Well Done! » Nymionth's congratulations are offered in a warm wash of roses, although the triumph sobers marginally at the weyrling marching toward them so purposefully. It's the brush of anger that has F'inn's smile fading and his arms unfolding from atop his knees as leans back against Nym's foreleg. Really, he doesn't know what to do at the moment and is not really sure why that anger seems directed at him. That being the case, he remains calm in the face of the approaching storm and waits.

Likewise, Yasminath is rather confused as well. Probably because Kez himself is confused about where all of this anger is coming from. And if HE can't sort it out, how could SHE possibly do so? So there's soft little wuffles and a low croon as she trails along slowly in his wake, and stompy-strides that take Kez right up to F'inn and Nymionth. There might, at least for a moment, be some hesitation in the weyrling as he considers approaching such a massive (and still growing!) creature with potentially hostile intent toward his rider… But only for a moment. Once he gets there though, there's a moment of hesitation and uncertainly before he huffs in frustration and demands, "Can you stand please?" Because, "It feels weird to… I can't yell at you if you're on the ground!" He's full of some sort of righteous fury now (and to heck if he knows where it came from in the first place), but yelling /down/ to someone is just… awkward. « I'm confused… »

F'inn regards K'zre for a long moment before rolling slowly to his feet. Course, he's tall and he's not sure that that is going to be better for yelling purposes, but… For his part, Nymionth is closely monitoring the roiling emotions, watching K'zre for a moment before turning to whuffle at Yasminath. « They'll be fine, once they figure it out. » he assures. « Strong emotions are tumultuous for humans. » He's pretty certain that everything is fine. F'inn, at least, is calm and that is a good sign. With Nymionth easing away to soothe Yasminath, F'inn slips his hands in his pants pockets, his head tilting mildly as he regards K'zre's face. "Better?"

"Yes." Because yelling /up/ at F'inn feels somehow… more righteous. But now that he's there, and Kez is here, he's finding it somewhat difficult to actually get to the yelling part. There are a few false starts; a few times where K'zre opens his mouth just to close it, takes an inhale to prepare for speech and just… lets it out again. Yasminath shuffles herself over to snuggle up with Nymionth, though her attention is assuredly on K'zre. She's just super confused and not even going to try and figure it out, trusting that Nymionth somehow knows more than she does in these matters. A sigh, and she drops her head to the ground as she watches the drama unfold. Or… go nowhere, as seems to be the case. But after another awkward moment of silence, in which Kez glares in the face of all that calm, he finally manages to state rather firmly, "You don't like me." Because yeah. That makes sense. "You don't. Not… the way you think you do." It's less yelling and more stubborn affirmation.

Nymionth is most assuredly watching the exchange, one wing draping securely over Yasminath's back in a gesture of calm comfort. F'inn, however, gives K'zre all the time he needs to get out what he wants to get out, one blond brow twitching mildly when the words finally come. "And you know that because…?" Curious, only mildly irritated at being told how /he/ feels, he makes a point to keep his tones calm. "I think between years of practice at knowing how I feel, and Nymionth? I have a pretty good handle on how I might be feeling," he points out. "For what it is worth, however, I get that it is not reciprocated." And that's fine, but it really changes nothing as far as F'inn is concerned.

"That is exactly my point." Which would make a lot more sense, if K'zre actually stated what his point was in the first place. "Nymionth." And now there's a glance toward the bronze, though Kez refrains from glaring at him. He's not /upset/ at Nymionth. Not even a little. But his gaze lingers there for a moment longer before flitting to Yasminath tucked beneath his wing. "Don't you think… isn't it a little…" a sigh, and he crosses his arms stubbornly over his chest and sets his jaw as he lapses into silence once more to ruminate on what he wants to say. On how he wants to say it. "You didn't like me before. And now you do? I don't believe it," he decides. "I think Nymionth adores Yasminath," he continues, "And I think it's bleeding over and making you think you feel something for me that you don't." And now, having said his piece, he falls silent once more. Arms crossed, jaw set. Stubborn and steeling himself against whatever might come of what he believes to be a logical conclusion.

F'inn blinks once, then twice. "I didn't? Are you sure of that?" Still calm, he follows the line of K'zre's gaze to Nymionth and Yasminath, his expression softening as he regards them for a moment. Dragging himself back from the distraction, his gaze sweeps to K'zre. "I've been pulling you proverbial pigtails since candidacy," he points out. "Nymionth's fondness for Yasminath has only made it easier. But you are free to believe what you wish, I know better then to try to change your mind when your jaw is set like that. Understand though, that just because you insist on something does not make it fact. Besides, even if Nymionth has influenced me, he has not led me astray and he KNOWS me better then anyone ever has. I really don't know what you need me to say," he admits with a sigh. "And like I said, I understand that your…. that there is a person… It's cool," he promises. Next to Yasminath, Nymionth snorts at the pair.

"I…" because suddenly Kez isn't so sure of that at all. And the idea that this did /not/ start with Nymionth? It's throwing his entire hypothesis out the window. Something K'zre is having a hard time reconciling. Which one more renders him almost entirely mute as F'inn speaks and Kez just… doesn't. Not more than a few words, at least. A quiet, "But…" and "I thought…" because everything he *thought* is suddenly being called into question. That he is startled? Surprised? Utterly and thoroughly confused and not at all certain how to proceed? Completely obvious because he's devoting absolutely no attention to the schooling of his expression. Yasminath shift-shifts in her spot beside Nymionth, but while she might want to come and cuddle on K'zre, she doesn't move from beneath the cloak of that bronze wing. « What person? » because OH MY FARANTH is she confused. « I don't understand! I want to know what's going on! » She's just about to start /whining/ about it, too, and it's enough to break Kez free of his silence if just to close the distance between himself and Yas to assure her that, "It's fine. It's alright…" « It is NOT alright! » She knows enough to know that at least!

« It really is alright, » Nymionth assures Yasminath in soothing tones. « F'inn has feelings for K'zre. K'zre thought that those feelings were because I am devoted to you. F'inn has corrected that misconception. K'zre is surprised and confused. F'inn has assured him that it is alright that he does not return his affections. » Nymionth's explaination is offered in the same soothing tones despite the fact that his gaze remains on the humans. « Humans are less… certain in their emotional attachments, » he decides. The dragons are not spared so much as a glance, F'inn's gaze resting firmly on K'zre's face as he speaks. "You thought I was feeding off Nymionth," F'inn finishes. "I am not. Sure, I can feel what he feels for Yasminath and that certainly flavors things, but that pot was thrown long before he broke shell. Look," he sighs as he tugs one hand out of his pocket and gently rests it on K'zre's shoulder. "I don't want /any/ of that to color our friendship, K'zre. I'm not going to pretend that I am not attracted to you, but I'm a grown ass man, I /can/ actually control myself."

« But… » Yasminath is still confused, and she is NOT soothed, despite K'zre and Nymionth's attempts to comfort her. Her eyes whirl swiftly in the dark, a twinge of anxiety drifting amongst all the blue-green. A press of his brow to her cheek and soft words murmured too low to hear, and she starts to settle once more. And Kez uses this as an excuse to keep his face turned and his eyes closed. But he will admit, "I did," in answer to that statement about where he thought F'inn's affections were stemming from. It is a moment or two after the words trail off and silence settles between them, that hand resting upon undoubtedly stiff shoulders, before Kez can manage to speak again. "Just… forget I said anything." A trail of fingers across the crescent at Yasminath's brow comes as he turns once more to face F'inn.

F'inn remains silent as he watches K'zre soothing Yasminath, his hand slipping back into his pocket. It is not until K'zre speaks that he offers a single nod of his head. "Sure." With Yasminath clearly upset and confused, a frown dances on F'inn's lips, blue eyes flicking up to Nymionth as he tilts his head toward the barracks. "We'll leave you alone," he states as he steps away. For a moment, Nymionth remains stubbornly where he is, only reluctantly withdrawing his wing from around Yasminath to follow F'inn. « You did well tonight, » he assures her. This time, however, there is an odd blue tinge to the roses coloring his mind, the bronze's steps carrying him over to F'inn as they head toward the barracks.

A whisper of regret comes as Nymionth moves away. But K'zre needs her more, and so after a nudge of her nose to the parting bronze, she twists around to shove her (MUCH too large for this) head into his stomach to demand cuddles. « Thank you, Nymionth, » she offers in subdued tones. Her confusion remains, but there's a heavy dose of discontent to go along with it. Kez watches the bronze pair depart, but he's exhausted his ability to voice his thoughts and feelings. A lean against Yasminath's head, a moment of silent conversation, and then a sigh from both. It is to the lake that they will head and, while he might have wanted to try again, Kez refrains from climbing aboard Yas and simply walks beside her instead. This was definitely not how he saw the night going.

« Always, Yasminath. » Nymionth's response comes as he glances over his shoulder at the other pair. F'inn? He doesn't risk it, he knows himself well enough to know that if he's going to keep his cool, he just has to keep on walking. "It'll be fine," he assures Nymionth. "A day or two and he'll have forgotten the whole conversation. It'll be fine." Nym is not entirely convinced but there is very little he can do about it. Humans. They just make no sense, at all.

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