Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

Summer is glorious, the warm sun shimmering off the rocks. In this warmth Kayeth basks, her fiery hide a beacon for the attention of the males of the weyr as she rests in proud repose in the northeast bowl just outside the hatching cavern. Trilling a sweet hello to a bronze up on his ledge, she fans her wings and folds them again. Nyalle is not yet in sight.

Zuvaleyuth pops in from *between*, her arrival quiet and unannounced. The arrival to the bowl is just as quiet, graceful as she comes to land and allows her rider to dismount. Kayeth, is noted, with a gentle warble of greeting… Only after a gentle prod from Dtirae. The goldrider takes a moment to remove her riding helmet and gloves before she's nodding her own greeting towards the sunning Kayeth. Once she settles her helmet and gloves down, she sets to work on removing the straps from her lifemate while the gold begins to pose, prettily, while her lifemate works.

Kayeth lifts her head and arches her neck with a low rumble when Zuvaleyuth arrives, the Senior queen spreading her wings wide. When the bronze also offers the other gold a greeting, Kayeth chuffs in his direction, clearly chastising him for giving /her/ any of his attention. The pose of the other queen has Kayeth pushing to her feet, rumbling softly as she strikes a pose, the sun hitting her glittering hide /just/ so, glorious in the afternoon light.

At the greeting offered, Zuvaleyuth trills ever so sweetly towards the bronze. As Kayeth poses, Zuvaleyuth shifts, just so. Oops. Sorry Dtirae. The poor woman is jostled as she works on the straps. "Y'know, if you want to look silly and foolish with your straps half on, you certainly can." Whether or not there's an apology, however, is hard to determine as the goldrider continues to grumble. With the last of the straps freed, however, Dtirae is off her lifemate and setting to fold the straps neatly. With the newfound freedom, Zuvaleyuth outstretches her wings in an attempt at an impressive display.

Kayeth hisses softly at Zuvaleyuth, and that's when Nyalle comes bustling in from the administration complex. "Kayeth!" she calls, scolding and shocked at her queen's behavior. "I'm sorry, Dtirae, she's been…so touchy lately…" The Senior queen huffs, snorting and glaring at her rider, shifting her weight and fanning her wings. Then with a low rumble she kicks into the sky in an impressive take off to circle the bowl once and then settle moodily on the Star stones to survey HER weyr. The bronze on the ledge flies to join her, perhaps prompted by his rider to go soothe the irate queen.

Zuvaleyuth does not hiss, but she certainly looks haughty. The gold folds her wings, and walks calmly to another side of the bowl where she basks in the sun. Dtirae shakes her head and offers a smile towards Nyalle, sympathetically. "It's not your fault. I… Zuvaleyuth isn't helping, I'm sure." There's a frown towards her lifemate, scolding. "There are so many golds in the Weyr. It's probably stressful."

Nyalle shakes her head a little bit. "The number of golds really shouldn't matter. She's still Senior, there's no threat to her position. And there's no excuse for acting so rude." She looks upwards. "At least Jexivoreth is with her now. I might have to ask the Weyrleader to have Velokraeth stay close to her, he's able to soothe her ruffled feathers.

Dtirae hums softly, "as you say." She agrees easily, her gaze tilting upwards. "She is free to be rude. Zuvaleyuth could be considered an unknown, an intruder… After being gone so long." A tilt of her head brings her gaze back to the other woman, grinning. "Velokraeth is good at soothing his Seniors. I'll try and keep Zuvaleyuth away during such times."

Nyalle frowns slightly, silent a moment before she just licks her lips and nods. "That he is. And thank you, I would appreciate it. How are you doing? Settling back in alright?"

"You're quite welcome. We're not here to disrupt things. I'd like to help make things go as smooth as possible." Dtirae offers. And that does mean a battle of wills with her lifemate, when the gold pushes too much. "I'm doing wonderfully. It's taken some time, but… I feel as if I've settled. I'm becoming less bothered by the sounds of the everyday." The woman shifts to settle the straps under one arm as she falls into a more relaxed stance.

Nyalle tilts her head a little bit. "After how things were on the island, you mean? It must be a shock, coming back to so many people in such a confined space." Relatively speaking. Fort Weyr is big, but it's not as big as a sea.

"Yes. Exactly. And, I tended towards more quiet areas when I was not working with the settlement." Dtirae notes, her gaze lifting skywards. "But, it's nice being home. And, being used to it again." She directs her gaze towards the other woman again. "And, speaking as such. I'm free to take on additional duties, as needed. If you see it fit to use me, ma'am."

Nyalle nods slightly, and then her brows lift. "Thank you for the offer, Dtirae. I will keep that in mind." She is still figuring out her new Junior's strengths, and what duties are best to put her in charge of.

"Of course." Dtirae inclines her head in a sort of thanks. "How are you doing? Are… Things treating you well?"

Nyalle smiles slightly at that question, as if amused by it. "I am doing well, thank you." Other than Kayeth's near constant tension. "It's summer, harvests are coming in, and we prepare for the winter as always."

"That's good." Dtirae nods as she listens, thoughtful. "Hopefully, winter will treat us well." Her free hand is stuffed into her riding jacket and the goldrider considers silently. There is a furrow of her brows, for a moment before she looks quietly upwards once again.

Nyalle nods, with another small smile. She's not too great at small talk, and so an awkward silence settles.

And then, they simply lingered in awkward silence as they're both awful at small talk.