Who Aignes, F'inn, K'zre
What The dragons play Follow the Leader with Czarduinath.
When Summer-Autumn - Month 8 of Turn 2718
Where Training Complex, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.

Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.

It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the centre of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

True to his word, F'inn actually did get sleep after sneaking back into the barracks. In fact, he slept hard. Hard enough that despite having over a full night's sleep, he'd woken groggy and out of sorts. The offer to actually mount and ride Nymionth, albeit on the ground, proved more then enough inspiration in shaking off the funk. With the addition of a cold bath and an entire pot of klah? He was his back in action and just as eager to get busy as Nym. Unfortunately, while they were allowed to ride for a bit, it was no where near long enough. Despite that fact, M'icha had insisted that F'inn go over every inch of Nym's straps to see if they need repairs before cleaning and oiling them to keep them conditioned. It is that task that the pair are in the midst of now. Or rather, F'inn is working while occassionally having to pause to push Nymionth's snout out of the way. "That is not a tear, Nym, it's oil, see?" In the wake of the words, he rubs at the spot before twisting the leather around to show the bronze.

At some point, K'zre did managed to finish his straps AND get them approved. But he has yet to put them to use for anything but display. They have not yet been cleared for actual riding yet, which has Yasminath pouting just a little (mentally at least) and Kez looking… well. Not altogether any different than he typically looks. A little bit weary. A little bit stressed. A little bit frustrated. While Yasminath doesn't begrudge Nymionth his opportunity to be a "real" dragon and actually carry his rider while she's left out, there was still a little bit of sulking. To console her, Kez took her on a walk around the Weyrbowl to try and find the last of the flowers stubbornly holding on even as the summer starts to wane. It's worked, at least, and the Yasminath that returns is a much more cheerful one than the Yasminath that left. « Nymionth! » is called as she bounds (carefully!) across the field toward the bronze. « We found some flowers! » Bouquet in hand, Kez follows in her wake.

Yasminath's call has Nymionth's head immediately raising, a warm croon sent her way as he moves to meet her in her return. « You should dry them so that you can keep them through the winter, princess. » The suggestion is accompanied with a mental shower of yellow and orange roses, a smattering of red finding thier way into the mix. As soon as they are close enough, he chuffs a greeting at K'zre, his eyes whirling a contented blue that neatly matches F'inn's natural color. On the bench, F'inn glances up at Nymionth's croon, a lopsided smile tracing over his lips as he pauses in oiling the straps to raise a hand in greeting to the approaching pair. "How was the walk you two?" Glancing down at the straps, he deems them as good as they are gonna get and sets them aside in order to stand up and indulge in a bone-popping stretch.

« K'zre can do it! » She's pretty sure he knows how to do such things and if not, he'll find out. « We only found a few, though, » she laments, twisting her head to peek once more at the bundle of flowers that Kez is carrying around for her. « But he says that the leaves will turn to colors just as pretty as the flowers are. » Yasminath is not entire certain how that could be, but is excited all the same. Kez? Probably not as excited about drying and hanging flowers all over their space in the barracks, but he'll do it. For her. "It was… nice." Because it was. A curious peek at the straps for their oiling, a not-as-curious peek at the weyrling for his stretching, and then a sigh as Kez drops down to sprawl in the grass, the bouquet still safely in his hand.

« Then we shall have to make sure to dry some of the leaves, as well. » The decision made, Nymionth settles comfortably where he is, his head turning toward F'inn as his lifemate steps over to smooth a hand over bronze hide. "Nice is good," he notes with a wry look. "You planning on getting your straps approved for riding? And what did they say about Yasminath's size?" He's curious. Of course he is, and making no attempt to conceal it. Folding himself down to sitting, he draws one knee up, his arms looping loosely around it.

Making mountains out of molehills might be a favorite past-time of Czarduinath, but today the tiny green is doing her best to impersonate a molehill herself. Or maybe a mountain. Either way, she's become completely stationary, complete with foreleg frozen mid-stride from her circuit around the complex and then a flash as she whips around and begins heading in the opposite direction. « We really simply must go this way. Nymionth, Yasminath, come this way tooooooo!!! » Her voice is sing-songy and the flocks of bedazzled firelizards glittering in the light as they practice their flights in a direction that's any way but that way. Aignes is much slower in turning around as she peers at the path they had been headed suspiciously and then shrugs. Turning around she spots F'inn with his straps which is normal enough, but K'zre and those flowers get a double take. "Do you think you found enough?"

« You can dry leaves? » wonders Yasminath, head lifted to try and seek and find some leaves to investigate (sorely lacking in the field, sadly). « I thought they were already dry! » But really, this news is just /delightful/, and has the green giddy and gleeful once more. Czarduinath's declaration that they should go this way is met with curiosity, and after a moment's hesitation, she's doing just that. A little nose-bump for Nymionth before she declares, « Let's go that way! » and bounds (carefully!) off to follow Czarduinath. Why? Because it looks fun! « Where are we going? » she wonders curiously, though even the lack of an answer will not bring suspicion from Yas; just mounting anticipation. As for Kez? He'll pick his head up, squint in the direction that Yasminath is heading, decide she's not about to hurt herself (again) and drop back to the grass with a grunt. "She would have had be bring back the entire field if it were in bloom," comes in answer to Aignes. "This was all I wanted to carry." A twist of his head, and he watches F'inn for a long moment before answer with, "My straps are approved. It's Yasminath that's not," in a voice that is hushed despite the green in question being distracted and not near enough to hear. "I don't think it's her size that is the problem."

"Hello to you, too, Aignes," F'inn notes with an amused smile. Course, Nymionth is trailing along in Yasminath's wake, a chuff of welcome exhaled at Czarduinath. « What is this way? » Really, he doesn't care what is that, he'll happily play follow the leader with the pair. « We shall find out, » he decides as Yasminath echoes the question. Resting his chin atop his updrawn knee, F'inn frowns mildly in response to K'zre. "What do you mean? What could possibly be the problem?" Even as the words are uttered, though, he's glancing over his shoulder to warn Nymionth that this is a private conversation. The warning, of course, has Nym's head swinging around to regard the humans before he forces his attention back to the greens.

Czarduinath has been practicing this whole walking thing. And while sure most young dragons would be more concerned with just not tripping over their own feet, she's also been practicing the perfect way to flash those talons so they catch the light just so and so it's more a fancy trot. « It's better this way. » It's a none answer, but she sounds incredibly sure of the fact. As far as where they're going, there's a momentary pause in the firelizard cast as they search for their next lines… « Uhhh…. something!!! » Aignes crosses her arms and gives a nod towards the flowers. "Maybe you should practice your garland making. Then you can just bedeck her instead of carrying them yourself." As for the more serious topic, she gives a sympathetic ahhhh. "We just got the go ahead to try tomorrow for Czarduinath, but not for too long. Strain is definitely a concern…"

Yasminath probably ought to be more concerned about tripping over her own feet. Sadly, she is not. And while she's learned to be careful, at K'zre's insistence, she still routinely stumbles. Often for no reason at all. Trips over air. Bumps and mild bruises? Definitely becoming a common occurrence. « Oh. Okay! » She'll accept Czarduinath's assessment of the destination (or at least the way of traveling there) with cheerful delight. « I'm excited! » she decides, wiggling a little as she trots along behind her green sister. Of course, wiggling, and trotting, and distraction (because now she's twisting her head to regard Nymionth) makes for less stability and, perhaps predictably, there's a bit of a tumble. A squeak, and a quick, « Oops! » and she recovers without incident. It still has Kez shoving up onto his elbows and looking across the field toward where she prances, a long exhale given. "That," comes with a gesture toward the trio. "She's… unstable. Physically. Their words," not his. "She trips all the time," he notes, a low murmur more to himself than meant for the group. A glance at the flowers, and he seems to almost consider Aignes's suggestion with some seriousness before a shake of his head. "Would take too long. Easier to carry them. But I might get a basket." Because /that/ would be manly and attractive. Kez, toting a basket of flowers. At least he doesn't skip? "Yes," he agrees, regarding strain. "And with Yasminath just coming off a mild one…" Makes sense that there would be some reluctance on the part of the weyrlingmasters.

F'inn is not about to rub in the fact that he and Nymionth have been doing mounted exercises of some kind for most of the day. Course, Nymionth is a behmoth and they have been working out incessantly. Nymionth, however, is aware of Yasminath's tendency to trip and one of those massive cloak-like wings is there to catch her and nudge her back to her feet with an accompanying croon. Course, he's also listening to the conversation courtsey of F'inn. « Tomorrow we should start practicing the obstacle course. » It builds strength and agility, after all. F'inn, however, nods in response to K'zre, pale eyes flicking back toward the dragons. "Did they have any suggestions for how we should work on that?"

At the stumble of her sister, Czarduinath turns around and flutters her wings a bit as she watches and nudges her head closer, both for a peek and a bit of a comforting nudge. « Dahrling… your feet go on the ground. One in front of the other. The whole tangling thing… » She doesn't quite tsk-tsk, but there is a full body shudder. Aignes has turned her attention to the draconic-trio. "Some people take longer to grow into their limbs. Maybe some dragons do too and she's just not caught up yet?"

A pleasant hum for the assistance, a cheerful, « thank you! » to Nymionth given, and Yasminath is on her feet and good to go. She will, of course, consider those wise words from Czarduinath and decide, « It's not tangling. They're not tangled, » in a very Kez-like manner of being /practical/ rather than sarcastic or deliberately contradictory. « See? » And she lifts on, then lifts the other, « Separate. Sometimes the ground just… moves. » That's her explanation for it. « Ooh, the obstacle course?! Yes!! » Delight! Glee! FUN TIMES! And thankfully, Kez has been working on those mental walls and, for the moment, Yasminath is utterly unaware of the conversation happening among the humans. "Maybe," concedes K'zre, a contemplative frown etched across his face as he turns his gaze from Yas to Aignes again. "She… well… she /is/ better when she's being thoughtful. When she gets excited or distracted…" then it all goes down. And she goes down. "Being slow and careful," answers F'inn's question, and there might just be a note of longsuffering in that tone of voice. "Being mindful…"

"Well then…" There really isn't anything that they can do about that. "We'll just have to make a point to be very encouraging with her. She'll get there." He's pretty certain she'll outgrow the distraction phase. It would be unreasonable to think otherwise. « But, » Nym adds in very deliberate tones to Yasminath. « You have to pay attention and be very careful on the course, Yasminath. Or we will not be allowed to play there. » Because rules. And he has no intention of letting her get hurt again. « You should come with us Czarduinath, » He adds in graciously formal tones.

Aignes starts to chew on her lip as she considers, although only briefly before she's crossing her arms again. "She does focus on you though. Most of the time. Once the weyrlingmaster's are willing to let you mount, I'm sure it'll be fine. She wouldn't want to possibly slip when you could get hurt as well." And while there's an offer to go to the obstacle course extended to her, Czarduinath will extend her foreleg and give a graceful half bow. « It'd be an honor! I'm sure we'll be able to do the best! » Aignes peeks at her lifemate and finding her suitably occupied, she lowers her voice and even lifts her hand to shield her voice. "Don't let Czardi fool you. She's been practicing, just not in class. Getting up before dawn to practice when nobody is watching."

A moment of contemplation, a frown etched across his face and a very serious look pinned on Aignes, and K'zre decides, "You're right." But that's all he'll offer, despite looking suspiciously as if the cogs in his brain are turning a bit faster. A quick little glance at F'inn, another, "You're right," that is more agreement than mysterious decision-making, and he turns to study Yasminath. "She'll get better. Once she's in the air, she'll be brilliant." He's certain of it. There's nothing to TRIP on in the sky. Right?? « I will be very careful, » asserts Yasminath, sounding just a touch put-out. It's not enough to steal her glee, however, and her attention rapidly turns away from obstacle courses and rules at that bow. « Oh!! How pretty! I want to do it… » A faster whirling of her eyes and, if she were a human, there might just be a tongue stuck between her teeth as Yas attempts to copy Czarduinath's gesture.

« Of course you will, princess, » Nymionth assures. At the attempted bow, he makes a point to be distracted looking back toward the humans, that massive bronze head tilting as he regards the three for a long moment before looking back at the greens. K'zre's up to something and F'inn KNOWS it. He can feel it in his bones. Okay, he can feel it courtsey of Nymionth, but still. He just smiles though, his chin dipping in a reassuring nod of his head. "She'll be brilliant everywhere before you know it." Looking up at Aignes, his lips twitch in a wry smile, blue eyes flicking toward Czarduinath. "It has paid off, she's very graceful."

Czarduinath sits back on her haunches to watch her sister's attempt at the bow, giving a pretty good impression of an imposing school dame for a young dragon before she settles back down and she's back to her own nearly bouncing trot, even when standing in place. « Close. We'll simply just have to practice more until you get it right!!!» And then there's at least some attempt to lower her mental 'voice' and obscure the words in ribbons and pillows and all things green. « I bet Nymionth will love it when you do as well! » And then the air turns and Czarduinath straightens up. Is that a brief speck of panicked orange in her eyes? A headshake as she composes herself. « Anyways, onwards as they say! Weren't we going over this way? Come on! » Does anybody smell eggs on the air? Aignes' own nose is wrinkling just a hair, but she nods in agreement. "Just have to get through this first. But the air was what she was made for. What they were made for. » And one day they'll all be defying gravity!

Yasminath's got this! She's totally got this! She's… totally falling over. A startled « Eek! » and she eats dirt, somehow managing to twist her forelimbs with her hindlimbs and… yeah, her tail somehow got into the mess too. For a moment, she's a ball of green dragon. « Owwww… » At least she's not screaming her head off, like last time. It's enough to get K'zre pushing to his feet in a hurry, flower bouquet thrust toward F'inn in the expectation that he'll take it (or end up with a lap full of flowers). "She's fine!" he declares, just in case any are worried. But he's still going to be checking her out, hand rubbing at his nose. « Yes! Practice! We should practice it. I want to do it right… » except her nose is kinda hurting, and there's a ticklish sensation as a bit of ichor trails down her snout. A little whine as Kez comes to check. A little conversation between them and there's a collective sigh as Kez decides, "We should get it checked out…" nose wrinkle. "What is that smell?!" Either way, they're fixing to head that way (sorry Czarduinath, it's the exact opposite way you wanted to go…) and toward the infirmary.

F'inn has the flowers and is on his feet as K'zre heads toward Yasminath. Fortunately, even with the presence of ichor, Nymionth is assuring she's fine. Course, Nymionth is also entirely determined to follow them to the infirmary. F'inn is neither surprised, nor upset at that. "I'm going to get these set to dry," he states to Aignes. "I'll meet you there," is called toward K'zre before he's heading into the barracks to handle the flowers. If nothing else, it will cheer Yasminath up to see them last.

And when everyone else runs away, Czarduinath will go back to being a molehill, or a mountain, as she wallows in her own mortification. Aignes will go over to comfort her little green with some headscritches. "It's alright, some flatulence is natural. At least it wasn't right in front of Aycheth's nose this time…"

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