Fort Weyr - Gemstone Tavern
A private room on the upper floor…

NOTE: Suggestive themes and swearing ahead!

Ha'ze had led Jajen back to one of those more 'private' areas. Ask him later and he'll blame the drink for what happens next, how the pair of them end up losing all of their clothes and twining on the bed together. He's a gentle lover, managing to keep himself in through pure stubbornness as long as possible. But the release does come eventually, as it happens and Ha'ze rolls off of Jajen, spent for just a moment. Some small part of his mind is going to wonder what the hell he just did, while the rest of it rests in a far away cavern where Kainaesyth is giving FULL approval for what just happened.

Ask Jajen later and she'll say nothing of Ha'ze's drinking and claim that it must've been her he was interested in. Poor, poor deluded girl. Part of her may wonder how she managed to get him to twine with her in that strange bed or how she lucked out with a gentle lover! Gentle is not what she's accustomed to and it takes her a few fumbling moments to realize it (moments that may be forgotten) and settle into his lead. Release is sought and gained and Jajen does not immediately snuggle up against Ha'ze once he's rolled off. Some small part of her may be whispering at her now just WHAT she has done and it takes her a moment to silence it. What does it matter? Iaverulth must approve or be indifferent to her rider's choice in bedmates.

It's the moments after that Ha'ze finally comes to his senses. What did he just do? Not that it wasn't fun, but it wasn't what he had meant to have happen. He's got someone who would have him in her bed if he sought it out, he doesn't need annoying goldriders there unless KAinaesyth had caught that gold of hers. "S*it." He rolls himself off the side of the bed and reaches for the pants that lay abandoned at the edge of that narrow bed.

Never say never! If Iaverulth is to rise, her preference may be swayed to Kainaesyth and Ha'ze may very well find himself in bed with Jajen again. In this case though? He fell to her toying games which really is none of his fault and mostly hers. "Mhm," she mutters sleepily as he swears and its not until she feels his weight shift to the end of the bed that she rolls over and props herself up on one elbow and the smile she gives him seems a lot less edged than before. "What is it?" Another small yawn and she hasn't bothered to cover herself. No point, right? "… something wrong?"

Ha'ze'll cross that bridge when he comes to it, and sleeping with Jajen because of a flight is a TOTALLLY different mater altogether. IT was an abrupt and hasty decision, one which Ha'ze is going to regret a bit. A lot. "I have to be gettin' gone." All of Ha'ze's defenses are right back up as he shoves a leg into the pants, yanking them on one leg at a time. Shirt…. that's no where to be seen. He doesn't look back at Jajen, she's still naked.

Poor Ha'ze. Jajen won't regret it and if she does, it's a small enough piece of her that she can squash it whenever it tries to speak up too loudly. "What?" Reaching for the blanket, she pulls it up against her naked body. She scowls at him, looking thoroughly disappointed and probably stung too. He was so gentle before and now this coldness? It puzzles her and frustrates her. "Why? It's late. Why not stay here?" With her. It's not like it was a flight or anything!

The fact that it wasn't a flight is the problem. Ha'ze has very little nobility, but he's pretty sure that you're only suppose to sleep with one person at a time. "Shardin' mistake." It gets muttered under his breath as he tightens the belt that holds his pants up. Only then does he turn back to Jajen. "I ain't got no interest in stayin' here with you Jajen. Tha," he makes a vague gesture at the bed, "shouldn't have happened."

It would depend on the nature of those relationships though Jajen is no expert on relationships. She has no nobility and very little shame but that doesn't mean she doesn't have any feelings. Feelings which are hurt by Ha'ze's reply. Isn't it the truth that they say hurts the most? Her eyes narrow as she catches the word 'mistake' muttered by him and further confirmed when he gestures to the bed. By now she's sitting, her knees tucked up to her chest and the blanket more or less covering her body. "You don't have to be such a bastard about it," she mutters back at him, watching him through a glared look. "Why bother with me then if I'm so repulsive? Didn't hear no complaint out of your lips before!" And he had ample time to send her packing!

Ha'ze isn't really caring that he's hurting her feelings. He's mad at himself for that moment of weakness, that lapse in his metal walls of self-restraint. He's had a taste of that kind of pleasure, and now it's a weakness for him. "I didn't say you was repulsive. Just that this was a mistake. Shou'dve shoved you off before I was gettin' all excited."

How is that supposed to make her feel any better? Jajen scoffs and rolls her eyes, "So I guess it's my fault then?" She who tempted him and exploited that weakness. Not that she knew it! She figured he was interested in her and, well yes the sex too but sex with her! Still glaring at him, she will scoot to the edge of the bed and fumble to find her underthings at least and her slip.

"Why do you always have to twist what gets said?" It's not actually a question that Ha'ze is looking for Jajen to answer, because he's moving right on as he sits back down on the edge of the bed to pull back on socks. "I got someone to be sleepin' with, I shouldn't have done it with you."

Jajen has no answer for that. Not even a witty and snarky remark to fire back at him. Could be she has nothing to answer with because she isn't so certain WHY she feels the need to scrap and fight with everyone. What he says next though has her flinching and then bristling, eyes glaring and mouth twisted into a thin line. She can move fast too and unless Ha'ze has great reflexes (which he probably does given his past), he could evade most of the slap she aims at him. Mostly because she's at a bad angle, coming more from behind than facing him. At most, she'll clip him upside his head or to his shoulder. Enough to smart and sting a little but not really inflict any lasting damage or pain. "Bastard!" she hisses at him, furious now. Yeah, not exactly flattering to tell a girl she's the other one.

Ha'ze isn't even going to stop her from slapping him, because at least in this, he's going to figure he probably deserves it. He may be gentle in bed, but once outside of it he's back to his reserved self. Especially when he has to think about telling Abigail about this. Unless he doesn't tell her. Which… might be worse. So no, he's going to take that slap. "I've never claimed to be anythin' but. You was wanting that, be happy you got it."

That answer will very likely earn him another slap and this time Jajen puts a bit more force behind it. He may as well called her a whore or that's how she's taken it, at least. Not that that hasn't been whispered but to actually think it's implied by the very rider who just slept with her? Any of the other men she managed to take to bed would have had more tact than that! Jajen's on her feet now, furious and hurt as she storms about looking for the rest of her clothing. "I figured you wanted it too!" she snaps at him. Clearly, she's not happy at all. Hastily she slips her dress back on, glaring at him once the fabric no longer obscures her view.

Ha'ze'll take that second slap like a man, well, until he reaches out to grab her arm and yank her around to force her to look at him. There's a chill in his eyes when he focuses on her, a hint of what he could be if he let the experiences of his past overcome who he has become. "I wouldn't have slept with you if'n I didn't want it. But that kind of thinkin' doesn't make it less of a mistake."

Jajen's arm is grabbed and she finds herself yanked back and forced to face Ha'ze and she's ready to hit him again only her hand falls back to her side at the sight of his eyes. Hers flicker briefly with what looks like fear or at the very least, uncertainty before they're filled again with anger and hurt. She tugs at his grip, all while glaring down at him. "Fine!" she snaps at him, her voice thick and gritted through her teeth. "I get it, alright? You wanted nothing to do with me, you regret it and I am nothing more to you than a quick lay, which never should have happened in the first place!" Another sharp tug and she tries to break his hold on her.

"What were you expecting Jajen?" Ha'ze is frustrated, more than a little by her anger. Even if he probably deserves every second of it. It's probably good she doesn't try to hit him again, surely he wouldn't allow that a third time. He doesn't let go though, his hand tightening on her arm, though hopefully not too tight.

"A bit of fun! Some companionship… but not to have it shoved in my face that it was all a regret and mistake! You should have shoved me off! I thought…" Jajen never finishes the sentence, bitting back her words and while she doesn't hit him again, it's clear she wants to and has to struggle against that urge. His tightening grip on her arm just has her struggling all the more and if her next few tugs and attempts to pry herself loose do not work, she'll look at him again and again her eyes will flicker briefly with fear. "Let go of me!" she hisses in a voice that isn't so confident as she'd like.

Ha'ze meets her gaze for long moments before finally he does drop her hand. "Maybe you should treat people decent and I'd not be so upset at betrayin them what mean a lot to be by doin' this. Ask, don't try to be seducin' someone, especially not when they've been drinkin'." Ha'ze finishes his lecture as he shoves his feet into his boots. No time is spent trying to lace up his shoes, instead he'll push past her and head towards the out.

"And why should I treat people decent when I'm never given the same in return?" Jajen fires back just as she yanks her hand away from him and still glaring at him, steps back and away until there's a safe distance between them. "I have never been wanted here or treated decently! I am a mistake as far as they're concerned! So why bother, hmm? At least they welcomed you." What's that supposed to mean? As for seducing? Jajen actually looks guilty at that and her gaze lowers to stare at the floor instead, fingers rubbing at her wrist. "It's all I got." she mutters with a grimace. Seducing may very well be all she knows, not that it gives her any excuse for it.

Ha'ze pauses at the doorway when Jajen mutters that last. A sigh and he finally turns around. "I paid my dues. If you want a place you have to do what I did. Stop bein' a brat and actually try to make a few connections. Don't have to make a lot of them but so long as you hold yourself above them, you'll never get anywhere. You got your dragon, just the same as I got Kainaesyth."

Jajen has moved to sit back down on the edge of the bed and she'll look up again, brows knitted in a heavy frown. At least she's not glaring at him anymore? "What'd you think I've tried all these Turns? They won't get over it. I'm nothing but a vapid screw up and an immature brat and I tried to fix it, to get better!" She spreads her hands out with a shrug of her shoulders. "And nothing! Got nothing for it. No trust and no respect and I get tired of it, okay?" So she acts out, behaving as she figures they expect her to, as any rebellious teenager would. Only she's a goldrider and one that Impressed too young and under poor circumstances. Jajen is the product of a lot of oversight and poor handling and maybe, maybe she will sort herself out when she matures a little more. Maybe. "Yeah, I have Iaverulth." There's no mistaking the sudden love and fondness that creeps into her voice but she gives him a puzzled look. What does her gold and his bronze have anything to do with this?

"So long as we got them, the rest of the world can be fallin' off and it don't matter either way." There are few enough people Ha'ze allows to see the depth of bond that he has with his bronze dragon. He knocks a hand gently against the doorjam. "Each of us from the camps are screwed up and ain't gonna be gettin' better any time soon. Act like a person and mayhap you'll be gettin' that respect. There's enough of us what get bein' treated like dirt."

Jajen may sense that she's been given a rare look in and it might unsettle her a bit, causing her to look away abruptly from him. Her eyes close and she shakes her head. "It's not as easy like that…" she mutters stubbornly. As for 'them' from the camps? Something in her clicks and she peers at him, distrustful now. "You can say that because they've come to like you and trust you! You've even someone else close enough to you to consider bedding me a regret so… don't you go telling me you've been treated like dirt here!" Ooh and she was doing so well! He almost had her thinking on it! While coldness is Ha'ze's defence, Jajen's is snark and venom and misplaced anger. She turns her back to him, looking over her shoulder just long enough to snap one last retort. "Just go, already!" Leave her be.

Maybe they'll be friends later, though Ha'ze doubts it. His anger has an outlet in revenge, though what will replace it once Ustrr's death will be anyone's guess. He opens his mouth, maybe to say something else, before he shakes his head. There's no use, she'd think what she would think. Instead he turns away and disappears out the door, leaving Jajen behind.

They'll have to play nice at least once Jajen sorts out that she's pregnant by him. Faranth only knows how she'll be after what's to befall her and perhaps helps in triggering her future attack on Dtirae, prompted by this failed night (which is, honestly? All of Jajen's fault and none of Ha'ze's) and brings down Kayeth's fury on her and Iaverulth's head. For now though, Jajen remains on that bed even as Ha'ze turns away and his parting "gift" is no more snark snapped at him but rather a quiet, choked sob and what sounds like a pillow being whipped against the wall. Probably for the best that he leaves and hurries back through the Weyr. Never mind that feeling of being watched either. That's just Iaverulth radiating her displeasure, yet the gold is unmoved to do anything about it and thus the bronzerider (and Kainaesyth) are safe.