Fort Weyr - Gemstone Tavern
The dim lighting by the flicker of candles lining the walls is enough to offer a view of a room decorated in such a way as to be tastefully appealing. Each piece of furniture and decoration is chosen to accent another piece, and so on and so forth, matching and tying the whole room together in a theme that's separate, and yet at the same time unified. Tables line one wall, dimly lit by candles hanging in sconces all along. The bar along the far right wall is made of richly toned mahogany, tooled by a master and polished to shine with the soft glow of wood at its finest.
Candles strategically placed add to the atmosphere, accenting, punctuating. Towards the back is an open fireplace, constantly burning with a bright light, warming the tavern on cold nights and serving as a gathering place for patrons' story-tellings. Across the room, lush pillows and soft-covered floors promote relaxation at ease. Just before the pillows is a long stage, so full of its own vigor and memory - nicks here, marks there, scuffs from footware and other things - that it's possible to imagine the shows put on for the patrons without necessarily seeing the performances.

NOTE: Suggestive themes and swearing ahead!

It's an early evening for drinking, but Ha'ze seems to be well settled for the night. He's got a mug in front of him, and he's settled back into a corner of the tavern, downing it slowly. A map is spread in front of him and he circles things on it, perhaps an assignment from Abigail for the wing, or something else entirely. Never know if never ask.

While there is plenty going on in the Gemstone Tavern to keep one occupied, there is one soul within who has their focus on a different sort of entertainment. Waiting, of course, until Ha'ze has settled comfortably for a time, Jajen keeps to herself until she feels the time is right. And where's the fun in asking? That's just too simple! So are basic manners. The goldrider quietly steps up behind Ha'ze or attempts to at least. Maybe she's sensed before she has the chance to, but her aim is to lean over Ha'ze's shoulder and drawl in an obnoxious, even if quiet, sing-song tone: "Whatcha doin'?" As if it's not obvious! And though she'll flash him what's supposed to be a flirtatious smile, her eyes really are for the map. Jajen, youngest of the goldriders at under twenty Turns, she's known for her often abrasive behaviour. Plain featured, her mousy coloured hair has been left unbound and falls just past her shoulders or in this case, over Ha'ze's too if she's managed to get that close to sneak up behind the bronzerider.

Ha'ze isn't one for being snuck up on, but his policy with the other camp-kids-turned-riders is one of blaitent IGNORING. They leave him alone, he leaves them alone. So when Jajen's arms curve around them he doesn't flinch once, but just freezes. Silence for a few paces, before he reaches up to peeeeel her arms off of him. "None of your business." Abrupt.

Aww! Jajen was enjoying being draped on Ha'ze's shoulders! She genuinely pouts when he peels her off of him but she's not so easily rebuffed. Instead, she simply leans against the table's edge and cozies up beside him instead (and consequently, half blocks his view). "Isn't it though?" she replies dryly and with a smug little smirk. Hello? Goldrider!

Jajen should ask Thys how Ha'ze responds to goldriders. It's part of why he's actually very bad at this whole dragon-rider thing. She doesn't seem to be going away though, and so with an inward sigh Ha'ze reaches AROUND her for his mug and settles back into his seat. "There somethin' you was wantin'?"

Jajen doesn't care! Jajen does as she pleases. Ha'ze could have a well known reputation for his response to goldriders and she's still try to get to him. Like she is now, despite his obvious 'scram' signals. Grinning as he reaches around her, she stays put right where she is though still with a flirtatious air about her. That or she's up to something. "What makes you think I want anything?" she asks him with a light chuckle and a little flip of her hand. Oh you! "Can't a girl just come say hello?" And totally pry into your work and interrupt it?

"Sayin' hello aye? That all?" Ha'ze's eyebrow is arched upwards as he brings that drink up to his lips. With Jajen here his drinking is probably about to take an abrupt uptick. He's almost resigned to her being around though, as he's not doing anything to PUSH her away. "Then be sain' it." Note, she hasn't actually said hi. Just flopped.

Jajen just smiles an overly sweet smile to Ha'ze that doesn't quite meet her eyes. Nope! Not going to answer him. Just deal with her stuck up attitude instead! It'd be an amazing feet if the poor bronzerider managed to stay sober. Even Th'ero has to have a drink (or three) to handle Jajen for a prolonged time. "Why should I? Doesn't it bother you that much?" As in: who cares? She actually rolls her eyes too and shifts a bit on the table's edge. Did she just wriggle a little closer to him? Yes, yes she did. "Do I have to have a motive? What if I'm just bored and you looked lonely so I came over?" To say hello. See? She's still not saying it and her little grin says as much. She KNOWS! And she's purposely rubbing it in.

Ha'ze has no intention of dealing with Jajen for too long. Unless she puts herself right into his lap, he'll eventually just get up and leave. Best and simplest solution to the problem. (even though he's pretty sure that would piss her off.) "Does it bother me that you are decidin' to sit on my map? Do you care?" He arches an eyebrow upwards, he knows the answer to that question.

Never say never. Jajen is the type who may very well invite herself to sit in his lap if given the chance and time. Walking away is a bad idea too, less he wish to have her hound him relentlessly. If there is one thing she cannot stand is to be ignored. "Sitting on… Oh!" She giggles. "So I am." Feigned innocence, she'll pick up that map of his and act as though to pass it to him but it's obvious she's half a mind to just dangle it temptingly. "Care about what? This? Maybe. I was curious what you were doing. Let me guess…" She does a rather overdone look of thought before smirking at him as her eyes lower to his. "… it has everything to do with Ustrr?"

Ha'ze meets Jajen's eyes without a second of hesitation. His eyes don't even flicker upwards to that map in her hands, though the drink DOES move up to his lips as he drinks the last of it. "Got a problem with that Jajen?" He pointedly puts down that mug on the table with a dull thunk. "Because I have serious doubts you really got any interest in what I was doin'."

"Got a problem with what? That you're obsessively chasing yet another madman?" Jajen mutters with another knowing smirk to him, the map still being waved side to side lazily in her hand. She pouts again, giving him a slightly annoyed look. "And maybe I did! Jays, you were always so prickly and uptight!" Can anyone really blame him? Apparently she can (and will).

Obsessively chasing another madman? Excuse him, this is Ha'ze's first madman. His scowl deepens as she sends that pout at him. "If'n I'm such a prick," not her words, but CLOSE ENOUGH, "then mayhap you should be goin' and settlin' that rump of yours elsewhere. Hey!" His attention turns past her as he raises his voice just slightly and holds up his glass. If he's going to have a conversation with Jajen then he's going to need more of that liquid. Probably a lot more.

Given Jajen's past with screwing up inventory figures, is it any surprise she can't count? Sad. So sad. Her eyes narrow and she huffs, "I settle my rump where ever I please!" She exclaims haughtily and hey, it's Ha'ze's (un)lucky day, because the goldrider has chosen HIM specifically! That map? She leans forwards, just enough to reach across and smack it against his chest. HERE! "So you gonna stop being such a prick and actually give an answer?" She doesn't even seem to notice him call for another drink, which a server hurries over to settle.

Ha'ze was totally ignoring Jajen quite successfully when that map thumps him in the chest JUST as the server arrives to start pouring liquid into his mug. The abruptness has Ha'ze jerking to his feet which, of course, sends the liquid onto the floor instead of his mug. "F*ck it Jajen." It's not quite a growl as Ha'ze puts down the mug so that the server (who doesn't look happy now) can finish filling it as Ha'ze shakes the liquid off his hands. "No, I wasn't lookin' to be givin' you an answer." More to himself, "f*ck it, I'm gonna be gettin' a new shirt."

Jajen starts and a hand goes to her mouth when Ha'ze jerks to his feet and a bit of chaos ensues. Does she look apologetic? Nope. She's giggling and snickering, only to roll her eyes when he swears and growls at her. Please. She ignores the server, her attention solely on Ha'ze. "Didn't think so. You're so fickle, Ha'ze!" Pout. "And relax. It's just a bit of drink. You're not gonna melt, are you?" Because she's so not done with him yet!

"No, but that bit of drink ain't goin' inside me now." Ha'ze looks for something to was his hand off on, and comes away empty. Stupid bar seems to be lacking in clothes. That leaves… well. His shirt. Grumbling still he pulls it off, it's not like it wasn't already dirty, and uses it to wipe the drink off his hands. Jajen? Just ignored for a bit.

"So you're crying over a bit of spilled… whatever that was?" Jajen drawls in a dry voice and is no stranger to being ignored. Her brows do lift when Ha'ze takes his shirt off though and she's reduced to annoying giggling again. "Oh, how nice! A bit of a show, then, is it?" she snickers, head tilting as she takes a look, completely unashamed of the way she stares, still sitting on the table's edge. Go on and ignore her!

Ha'ze looks good without his shirt on. Well, good enough except for those scars that peak out from over his shoulders, and the long wicked scar on his arm that is much more recently aquired. "Only if you insist on lookin'." The server takes himself away and Ha'ze settles back into his seat again, and reaches for that mug. Lift, ignore Jajen, where did that map go…..

Jajen laughs again and in a mildly irritating way. Her laugh is not a pretty one. Very little about her is 'pretty'. "Kind of hard not to look when you're flauntin' it," she fires back. She spies those scars, including the fresher looking one and for a moment her brows knit into a frown. As for that map? She finds it at her feet and with a sigh, she bends down to scoop it up and waiting to be sure his drink is safely aside, she smacks him with it again. It's an excuse for her to get closer too and she looms a little above him. "That looks like it hurt," she points to the fresher scar.

Well, at least one of them is attractive. When she STILL doesn't leave Ha'ze lets out a long suffering sigh and drops his gaze down to his arm. "Aye." Maybe one word answers would satisfy her curiosity, and then she can go bother someone else. Surely somewhere there is a Bronze going 'be nice, she's a nice girl!' but everyone knows how well Ha'ze listens to Kainaesyth. The shirt is flicked onto the table as Ha'ze settles himself back in his chair to take up the drink again. See how quickly he can drink this one.

Jajen is attractive for those who don't mind plain and comely. She'd be pretty even… if she wasn't such a pain in everyone's backside! And of course it doesn't satisfy her at all! With another huff, she crosses her arms over her chest. "Really? Do I have to pry any sort of answer out of you? Faranth, you Wingmates must love working with you," she snipes at him.

If only Jajen knew, Ha'ze's clutchmates had to go through a lot of hoops to come to terms with their taciturn clutchbrother. It's a good think Kainaesyth was so loving, or they might have just decided to disown him! His silence is so very very deliberate this time, his eyes fixed just right over her head. Jajen? Who is that? Ha'ze is totally all alone here in his bubble.

FINE! Is this how he wants to play then? Jajen refuses to be ignored and isn't about to let Ha'ze win either. His clutch siblings may have figured him out, but so far he's an infuriating enigma to the goldrider. Lesson to learn? NEVER pretend to ignore her. It gives her an advantage to move in and she does so without hesitation! One moment she's looming, next she's… straddling his lap. It takes but a second for her to hike up her skirts and plunk herself down, hands braced on the armrests of his chair. "Gonna pretend to ignore me now?" she smirks. "Or you gonna finally start talkin'?"

Ha'ze is slightly shocked when Jajen abruptly is IN HIS SPACE. And not just in his space but oh so very very very much there. This Kainaesyth is so very very interested in, though he knows better than to make ANY suggestions. (Ha'ze likes to make up his own mind about stuff.) But can't he feel how warm she is? And soft? Wouldn't it… Ha'ze has to slam shut that door between himself and bronze with a slight shake of his head. Bad Kainaesyth. He lifts the drink to his lips and just starts drinking till the glass is empy, just to give himself a moment. "Figure I don't got no other choice now, do I Jajen?"

Don't ever turn your back on Jajen or… look the other way. It just encourages her to go to lengths such as these! Though it's anyone's guess as to what the goldrider wants. Maybe even she's unsure and is just… pathetically lonely (aside from having Iaverulth, of course). She has no idea of what's going on in Ha'ze's head or Kainaesyth's sparked interested. "Nope," she answers him and her grin is back, almost wolfish as she wiggles a little further onto his lap. How'd that feel? "Afraid not. But I'll be nice and start again from the easy question. That scar," Her fingers lightly graze below it on his arm if she can reach. "Ustrr's doing?"

How does it feel? Ha'ze can't quite hide what her wriggling is doing, even if it is also slowly pissing him off that his body is just going to be oh so obvious about it. There's only one girl he wants to be wiggling about down there and it isn't Jajen but… well, he can't really push her off. Even Nyalle would probably have issues with a bronze rider pushing a goldrider. (Even if it was Jajen…) He reaches up to brush her hand away, why did he take his shirt off again? Bad choices. He licks his lips slightly, "The one what did that is dead. Ustrr's not. Big difference there."

Mercifully, Jajen doesn't quite pick up on Ha'ze's response right away and so he's safe — for now. He'd be well within his rights to shove her off of him and she likely expects it! This isn't the first time she's pushed herself on a bronzerider (or a man, for that matter). "If the one who did it is dead, then why you so keen on getting Ustrr? If you're not careful, you'll end up like Th'ero. Obsessing." Too late? Jajen seems to roll her eyes at the mention of the Weyrleader and she goes to shift against Ha'ze lap again. THEN she notices and actually looks… dumbfounded as she stares at Ha'ze. Uh. Unfortunately, it only lasts for a half second and then she's snickering under her breath. Helllooo! "Hmm. So you're not made of ice!" Nope, she's not moving off his lap!

"Because it's the likes of him what are going to keep screwin' people out of the lives they could have been havin." Ha'ze tries to cover the obvious response of his body to hers, trying to repress the purely physical reaction by reminding himself of how much he really doesn't like Jajen. (Note, it doesn't seem to help much. Apparently years of sexual repression is hard to keep up once the streak has been broken… and one's other half of the soul is soooo interested in this particular act.) He doesn't deign her last question with a response, instead just attempting to stare impassively upwards.

"'Suppose you've got a point there," Jajen agrees with a crooked smirk as she wiggles herself a little closer to his body and more firmly into his lap. Now she's just being awful in her teasing, allowing the almost silky feel of her dress brush against his otherwise bare chest. Very poor choice to take off his shirt! Even though she's leaning closer to him now while he's gazing impassively upwards, because he hasn't shoved her away or told her to scram otherwise, she figures it's part of a "game". Jajen has never been overly bright or good at reading cues. When she wants something, she goes blind to everything else but what she seeks. "And that's why you hunt him then? So he can't go and ruin others, as he's done to you? Or like Laris did to both of us?" Wait, what? Jajen's really close now, her head tilted in a way that she's clearly (and not shyly) giving him a look over as both her hands come to rest by his shoulders, oddly gentle but warm against his skin. She probably expects to be turfed now, shoved off and sworn at.

Jajen's wiggling is making Ha'ze's act of impassivity a bit harder, as he inwardly curses the fact that rather than get wonderfully loose tonight drinking he's going to have to go find a nice cold spot to soak in for a while. The feel of her hands against his shoulders causes him to twitch, just a bit, away from her hands. He's seriously considering the turfing, but he stays himself. Still a goldrider. And it's not like she'd actually done anything but be a forward little tramp…. and her words catch him a bit off guard. "There somethin' wrong with wantin' to be keepin' others from goin' through what we did?"

He could still get wonderfully drunk! Though it'd certainly be awkward. Jajen's smirk broadens when he twitches but again she reads the hints wrong and only proceeds to slide them down closer to his chest as she lowers her head a little closer to his. Yes, she's still a goldrider and a spoiled brat and a tramp but he could still just pick her up and set her aside. Th'ero did it (and no, he wasn't nice about it at all, though she was a stupid, stupid girl to try and seduce him) and Faranth only knows how many others. The longer Ha'ze keeps impassively trying to ignore her, the more he'll "suffer". "No, there isn't anything wrong with that." she agrees with him. Genuinely too! "Takes considerable nerve to go after them and they always do meet their ends. Laris did. You'd think he'd have died a lot earlier for the brazenness of what he did." She being a prime example. "Ustrr will screw up eventually too. They always do, these types. "

Th'ero's the Weyrleader, and Ha'ze is just a wingrider. And it's not like his body is really objecting too hard to Jajen sitting right there. She's doing all sorts of things to his male libido that make it that much harder for him to push her away. And she's… being nice? Ish? Complimentary? Or maybe Ha'ze is more drunk than he thought he was. "Eventually. That's the goal…." Her lips aren't that far away and Ha'ze doesn't actually think through the thought that has him leaning forward to kiss Jajen.

Jajen can be nice… to a degree (and often with a price). Complimentary is a rare thing and often only when she's trying to soften someone up. Maybe Ha'ze is drunk or maybe for once the goldrider is being sincere or maybe Iaverulth is nearing her time. Who knows? "And you want to be the one to do it…" she starts to say until he's kissing her. Now it's her turn to twitch a bit, as if caught completely by surprise before she's returning it and allowing it to run its natural course. Once it breaks and she draws back, looking a touch flustered, her head then subtly tilts towards the tavern's stairs and undoubtedly were there are some private rooms. "… want to go talk elsewhere?" She brazenly offers. Yeah, right. "Talk".

Ha'ze hasn't meant to do that, but once his lips are against hers and the kiss deepens, his resolve snaps. There's something his body wants very badly right now, and to hell with the consequences. Kainaesyth would support him, and he doubts Jajen is going to attempt to turn a one night stand into something more. The thought that maybe Iaverulth is nearing her time doesn't even brush past his awareness. Instead he just wraps his hands about Jajen, and if she hangs on will totally stand up.

Jajen's grin says it all when his hands wrap about her and though she still looks rather surprised by his reaction and forwardness, she's also very pleased. Given his initial "warmth" towards her, this is certainly not the result she expected! So of course she'll hang on to him and follow his lead (for now). She'll probably look rather smug too, to anyone who dares to look at them. Surely the tavern isn't completely empty but at least they're not actually in the Weyr?